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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Virgo

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
The big change this year is Saturn heading out of your sign after originally entering back in September of 2007. The last couple of years have been a rebuilding stage where you have been laying down strong foundations for the future. You have had to learn to do a lot more for yourself, and occasionally faced obstructions or restrictions along the way. You have developed a greater sense of patience and timing and personal responsibility coincident with Saturn’s presence. The coming year is one of consolidation where you can certainly establish greater. In many ways your life is leveling out now, allowing you a clearer view of the road ahead. New people coming onto the scene offer greater support and encouragement, and may well be fast tracking their own future

Romance and Relationships
The nature of relationships has changed considerably for many Virgos over the past few years as planet of sudden change and autonomy, Uranus, has moved through your partnership zone. September last year could have been quite challenge in this respect, particularly of you were born around the middle of that month. Uranus will be eventually be moving on from this year, which should see relationships settle into a more predictable and reliable pattern. The exception to the rule here will be Virgo’s born near the Libran cusp of September 20 onward. The plus being that the lone Virgos may encounter new partners in the most unusual or unexpected situations. But the presence of the generous benefactor, Jupiter, highlighting your relationship zone for the first half of the year for all Virgos should bring more opportunity and growth through relationships than for many a year.

Career and Finances
The planet of structure and practicality, Saturn moved into your money house from late last year, and apart from a brief sojourn between early April and late July, will be spending the next three years here. Financial planning is a must and as Saturn rules blue chip stocks and long term investments, you’ll be playing it safe where money is concerned. You may decide to invest in property, and will be adopting a much more responsible attitude with finances. You can make your dollar go further, and reduce risky or wasteful spending habits, by committing to something long term now. You may also benefit through legacies or gifts through others, and this can be unexpected through union of the unpredictable Uranus and bountiful Jupiter in your house of inheritance and gain through others.

Self Improvement
You have spent the last couple of years becoming more self-sufficient and living more responsibly. You won’t want to sacrifice any hard won gains from that time – in fact you should be a lot stronger as a result. However over the coming year you may be able to take the brakes off a little, and free yourself up around other people. So it’s probably in the nature of relationships and opening up to new people and ideas that you stand to gain the most. 

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