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Taurus 2010 horoscopes


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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope  for Taurus

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
This year will continue on with the life directional changes from last year. You have been living by the principle of spirit over the material world. Money alone is not enough. You are also gathering those around you who share that philosophy, and this year you benefit you through their individual talents and resources. Success can come through your teamwork and networking. The home scene however, can be a little more challenging. Either there is plenty of work to be done via the home, or family members can be a little more confrontational than usual. Healthwise you have been adopting a more diligent and responsible attitude, which should be paying dividends as you strip away the excess in your life. The early May born have promising study and communications stars all year.

Romance and Relationships
The house of group associations and friendships is powerful for you throughout 2010, and especially during March. Your ruling planet Venus also has an elongated stay in your seventh house of marriage this year from September 9, until early January 2011. This is a great year for making new friends, and cultivating associations that widen your own horizons and influence. It’s also a time when a few cherished wishes may come to fruition. Joining educational groups, or mixing in more multicultural environments can be the key. You may also hook up with new people via workshops and/or travel. Children can also be important, which is positive news for newlyweds with family planning in mind. You get to know a few people in the ‘right places’ through your enthusiasm and future plans. In the middle of the year you may be required to do some woodshedding, especially if you’re working on something new.

Career and Finance
The first quarter is a stronger period for professional advancements or implementing change in your working life. It’s also a time of making fortunate contacts and finding support amongst friends for mutually rewarding projects. Larger organizations may look favorably upon your plans this year, or you can attract financial support from others. You also benefit by the pooling of resources, and through team efforts. It is important to be prepared where you can, or have a game plan laid out. This is not always possible as a lot of things may change at the last moment, but it helps ease the pressure of suddenly adjusting to new circumstances.  

Self Improvement
The eclipse cycle is highlighting the educational and travel houses of your horoscope. Many of your old ideas will literally be eclipsed, as they are making way for a new way of thinking about the world. January and July are the importnat months here. You have begun looking at greater scope for your work last year, and that continues this year with the new associations that you are striking up.

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