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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Scorpio

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
Just as there is a routine rhythm to the universe and a harmony of the spheres, so it is in your own life. At a base level this takes place with the function of your own respiratory system and the regularity of your heartbeat. In our life it becomes the routine behavior and automatic reaction, and the things we do the same day in, day out – like our work. It’s in this area of routine, work and habit that change is building for Scorpio. You are moving from the treadmill of existence toward creating your own unique path. Job changes will reflect your need to be an individual, and do it your way. As you are also changing your habitual behavior and you can find self-change workshops appeal. This can be the year of renunciation, and letting go redundant patterns, which have a positive reinforcement in areas of health and well-being. 2010 is the time you make your work and your way of life support a healthier lifestyle.

Romance and Relationships
The effusive ebullient Jupiter hooks in with your house of romance, recreation and pleasure from mid January to early June, and then re-appears from September remaining for the rest of the year. This good time influence should impart a newfound confidence attached to your own self-expression, and the realization that luck favours the brave. The combination of opportunistic Jupiter with the sudden surprise packet of Uranus can manifest with rapid and positive realignments in your relationship life. This is particularly apt where children are concerned, and concerning new relationships for those born from mid November onward. Although this is a prevailing trend from mid year onward, during the months of September and October it can be especially prominent.

Career and Finance
For many Scorpions, possibly including you, your home life has also impacted on your career, and there could even have been home moves tied in with work that support this. But sometimes finding a sense of security has been the real challenge. It is as if the ground keeps moving beneath you, people are changing the goalposts and just when you though it was all firmly established the ghost of transience re-appears. Your traditional ruler Mars spends a long time in your career zone – and he’s been there since mid October. Older Scorpios will have to look back to 1994 for a similar career indicator. You can get very busy during this time, and rediscover your competitive fire. You’ve realized that depending on other people is not the way to go as their words have not matched their actions in many cases. And you’re sick of making up for other people’s inadequacies. As this is a year of changing the routine, job changes are highly likely too – early June may be one window of opportunity. You can find greater job satisfaction any areas of creativity and education, publishing, law and travel.

Self Improvement
Your greatest growth area of 2010 is that of self-expression. It's the creative and spontaneous part of your life that can do with some revitalisation. That means following up or developing a natural talent, following your bliss, and finding the time to play again. On the physical level it can suggest taking up a sport, on the artistic it can lead to picking up a paintbrush or a guitar. I think you get the message. This is about recognising your natural talents and doing something with them. Remember it's the children that inherit the kingdom - so rediscover the child within.

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