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The Year 2010 Horoscope for Pisces

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
You are one of the more fortunate signs when it comes to heavenly assistance in 2010. Your classical ruler, Jupiter, a planet associated with general increase and fortuitous development moves back into Pisces from January 18, until June 6, and then re-appears from September 9 for the remainder of the year. Jupiter is your solar career ruler. It makes this the year for putting theory and plans into practice, and you should get ample assistance from the universe to do this. Any educational courses that you have completed over the last year or two, can really come to the fore now. As a result of this the financial picture can also pick up for you, with the mid year period looking the auspicious time for financial gain. Partners will need to be accommodating of your need for growth now, and if encourage you to follow your path it can be a win-win situation.

Romance and Relationships
Over the last couple of years responsibility and relationship have been married as one. Sometimes that has been a difficult act. That’s because the planet of independence and individuality, Uranus, has been moving through your own sign since 2003. So sometimes it was much easier to bypass the accountability of relationship, and just do your own thing. The one big plus was that you really learned who you could and couldn’t rely upon. You’re much more ‘mature’ in your choice of associates these days. So where does that bring us in 2010? Well Uranus is moving out of Pisces – and for many there will be a last move for independence. You will tend to move on quickly from restrictive or unsupportive circumstances, like on the last coach out of town. There will be a concentration on self-improvement and self-reliance that is great for career, and possibly challenging for relationships. The key is in integrating the self-growth (of Jupiter in your sign) within the partnership scenario. It calls for a tolerance on both sides, and occasional moderation from you.

Career and Finance
One of the first and most valuable lessons in financial planning is that the buck ultimately stops with you. Nobody else is going to do it if you can’t – and if you’re not moving forward, then you’re actually going backward in contrast. Moving forward usually equates with a regular and reasonably predictable money flow, which for most of us means work. From late last year the buck probably did stop – an old source of income may have literally dried up. You may also have found that without it, you can’t really get any useful credit either. So now it’s a matter of creating your own money flow, which you do successfully in 2010. Adversity acts as a spur to your career ambitions, and gets you taking chances and betting on yourself. And wealth creation flows from that wellspring of faith. That’s the broad picture of the year ahead – the rest is up to you. You may have some testing moments but by March it will be all coming together.

Self Improvement
Education is supposedly the key to self-improvement, but it can also be said that knowledge doesn’t necessarily equate to wisdom. Success can be brought undone by excess. Unlike like a batter who tries to hit every ball out of the ball park, moderation and selectivity can be the real key for success. Having the faith that the opportunity will come, you then have to be ready to bet on yourself when it does. 2010 can bring more than its fair share of opportunity, and if you choose the ones that you have the talent for your self-improvement is a guaranteed home run.

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