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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Libra

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
The major shift from late last year, plus most of this and beyond is the entry of the planet of pragmatic longevity Saturn into your sign. This is a landmark time of taking on new commitments and responsibilities. Saturn, a practical planet of stark realism favors building on rock rather than shifting sands. You are entering a period of greater stability, during which wistful dreams tend to be discarded for reachable realities. As a result of the moves you’re making now your life will become more secure and settled over the next couple of years. This is also the planet of self-sufficiency, and that balances out what is happening in your partnership life. It seems that those around you are going to be looking at more freedom and needing to do their own thing, which can mean you carrying more responsibility as a result.  

Romance and Relationships
From the end of May until mid-August, Uranus - a planet connected with unique, independent and ‘different’ associates - will cast it’s influence across your relationship house. Uranus will be accompanied in early June to early September by Jupiter, a planet linked with fortunate opportunity and growth. Together this dynamic duo are known for sudden release and dubbed the ‘thank god’ combo. All of which sets the scene for some of the most exciting and rapid-fire changes around relationships over the next year, and increasingly so for the September born. Librans living in restrictive circumstance may find somebody unexpectedly coming into their life. This is also a great signal for renewal within partnerships, doing something different and revitalizing an existing relationship. In certain cases it can indicate breaking free of restrictive alliances. The choice is yours – but one bit of valuable advice. The more you try to plan and control those around you, the greater the element of surprise for you. Recognizing others for who they are and allowing them be themselves will see you get the most out of your relationships. .

Career and Finance
With Saturn the planet of accumulated experience, you can be tasting the fruits of previous study and application. Saturn deals with seniority, management and executive positions. You make your way ahead by using practical vision, knowing how to organize and structure situations around you. Have the patience and forbearance to realize that the turtle usually beats the hare, because you’ll notice a few around you who have short-term success, especially in high tech occupations. But don’t be tempted to change tack simply because of others ephemeral ascension. The positive is that you may learn a few new things from their originality, as it is important to keep pace with the times. January, and especially June and July, can be important months.

Self Improvement
It’s hard to imagine self improvement meaning to stop, take stock and re-assess. We usually think of advancement as simply that – advancement. But not knowing whether your direction is right can see you repeating past mistakes. So now is the time of looking at previous regrets as real resources. Your past is teaching you something valuable about your future. And you alone have lived the life – no-one knows it better.

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