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The Year 2010 Horoscope for Leo

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
The most unusual occurrence for you this year is the elongated stay of Mars in your sign. Instead of the obligatory two months Mars is moving to and fro through Leo from its entry point on October 16 last year through to June 6, three times its normal duration. The warrior planet of Mars governs our self-assertion and ability to excel in the heat of competition. It is known for direct action and a certain impatience and impulsiveness. So while you should become known for a great deal of initiative here, you may also need to occasionally temper your temper so to speak. Those affected by Mars are Leo’s born around the very beginning of the sign – especially during the March April period, whilst birthdays around August 12 are probably noticing this at the very start of the year. The July born Leos are also open to travel opportunities across the mid year period. Many of the obstacles that you have faced across 2008/09 are moving away now, making way for an easier, more productive and supportive year ahead. Life is opening up.

Romance and Relationships
2010 can be a good year for figuring out just where you stand and establishing some surety around your closer relationships. For some this may still take a little while though as both the traditional and modern rulers of your partnership house, Saturn and Uranus have been in opposition since late 2008, and don’t begin separating until the second half of the year. This tends to present fluctuating conditions around other people. Sudden delightful surprises can also be followed by periods of loneness. Partners may not be on call as much as you would prefer. Additionally the classic confusion planet obtuse and ‘missing in action’ or ‘who do you trust’ Neptune has been opposing your sign, and impacting on the Leo whose birthdays fall around the middle to later period of August. These influences are gradually dissipating and you are also becoming more used to and discriminating around others. Mars in Leo, virtually for the first six months can find you more demanding or confronting than usual. If that is the case it is best to channel the Mars motivation into your own self-directed efforts outside of your primary relationships.

Career and Finance
From January 18 the planet of plenty, Jupiter, moves through your house of supportive resources heading out around the same time that Mars says farewell in early June. However Jupiter will return again in September. This is going to provide real motivation around money, which spells getting your financial act together. Jupiter the reward center of the solar system can see you finally turning the tide due to your dedicated efforts. In the past with the planet of unexpected Uranus dominating fluctuating fortunes could have become the norm. But September’s combination of bountiful Jupiter with Uranus may bring some unexpected goodies your way. Your increased motivation can make this a year of fast achievement.

Self Improvement
Over the last couple of years cathartic Pluto has inched its way into your health house. Pluto tends to dredge up deep-seated issues and almost demands resolution and adjustment to your habitual lifestyle. Pluto is the archetypal detox planet of elimination, and coupled with the energetic and explosive Mars, can lead to a leaner and meaner you. But it’s not only on the physical side that you’re moving forward. You may catch the travel bug over the next year, or yearn for faraway places. It’s time to spread your wings, metaphorically and on the physical plane.

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