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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Gemini

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
Your career can really take off in 2010, and older Geminis may have to look back approximately twelve years to note advancement opportunities like the coming year. The reward planet of growth and abundance Jupiter is highlighting your career zone for most of the first half of the year and returning again from mid-September. Serious romance can also develop now, with the late January and early August periods the standouts. If you have a particular talent, especially along the artistic lines, now is the time to develop that. Structured self-expression - the kind of quality an author displays in a book, an artist in a painting, or poet in a poem – is something that you’re endowed with for the next three years. You will have the application, plus the self-criticism and objectivity necessary to polish your natural abilities.

Romance and Relationships
Saturn, the planet of planning and commitment has moved into your house of romance from late last year. When you have serious Saturn here, you tend to look long term at partnerships, and also eliminate the time wasters. You’re attracted more to substance than style, and while this does not necessarily spell an older partner, it does ask for more mature and responsible alliances. Saturn takes a holiday from early April to late July, which can also signal delays, or indecision around other people. When it comes to family you can be finishing something up here, possibly involving parental properties, or taking care of family affairs. If this is dragging on from last year, the mid year period should allow you to finalize the details.

Career and Finance
This can be a milestone year for the Geminis born around June 18 – 22 as they are able to fast track professional opportunities that seem to arrive almost out of the blue. Doing things different can be the key to your advancement now, so be willing to go with the new. Most Geminis have modernized their working life, and in doing so have become more independent than before. The last few years have been all about moving away from the staid and structured working environment toward that which offers greater flexibility. During 2010 Jupiter, the planet linked to opportunity and expansion will be moving through your career zone from January 17 to June 6. This is a period to bet on yourself as other people also show greater faith in your potential and abilities.

Self Improvement
Last year the growth planet of Jupiter was in your ninth house of travel, higher studies and different cultures. You would have expanded your worldview through moving around and mixing with different people. This year the king planet moves into your career zone suggesting that a lot of the cultural lessons, travel experiences and education can be put to professional use. Self improvement comes from moving from the student to the teacher, and having faith in your abilities to make that leap.

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