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The Year 2010 Horoscope   for Capricorn

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
2010 is a potent year for Capricorns who are re-inventing themselves on multi-levels. The exceedingly rare cardinal cross, of the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, has picked you as one of the four signs most affected for the year ahead. It affords you the chance to make deep and lasting changes, starting with a reorganization of your career objectives. With your ruling planet Saturn entering your career zone from late last year, you may already be feeling the change. This is all about following a consistent and reliable path, and ephemeral occupations will pass by the wayside under this signature. Home changes are also a big possibility now, and you can move from more restrictive circumstances to an area that affords more opportunity and room, especially during the mid year period.

Romance and Relationships
With so much happening around you relationships may not be exactly the first priority for most Capricorns during 2010. You are probably going to be more focussed your own personal change process, and taking care of your immediate responsibilities. But there always exceptions to the rule, and with the eclipse cycle currently moving through your partnership zone, the nature of your relationships in general is changing. You can easily end the year with a very different set of professional associates than you began. In many cases this will trace back to October of last year. Two birthdays that are focussed more directly on relationships in the more personal sense are those near the Lunar Eclipse of December 31, and around the Solar Eclipse 15th of January.

Career and Finances
Saturn, your ruling planet, having moved into your career sector from late last year heralds a restructuring of this area of your life. First and foremost you will be looking for security, and perhaps be willing to scale back a little on ambitious plans to concentrate on those that deliver more assured reliability. Saturn is a planet born of experience that reveals what we don’t know, so you may return to something you have a natural mastery of. Saturn’s connections with administration and management make these favorable fields for advancement. But in the deeper sense they are talking about you managing your own affairs successfully. Keeping a sense of reality around your financial transactions, has been the biggest challenge as Neptune and Jupiter combined in your money zone for most of last year. They may have signaled some extra money, but often this is not so much a wellspring, as an oasis on the desert. You’re returning to a sense of realism, which means that you can actually start to find more constancy in your financial affairs. There are lessons in debt management up until the mid-March period whereafter money can become more plentiful through outside sources.

Self Improvement

With the vast majority of planets in the subjective first quadrant of your solar chart up until the middle of March, the first three months can all be about inward reflection and the taking in of new knowledge. It’s as if you’re rebuilding something. The presence of Jupiter in your third house of data, information and communication, definitely encourages undertaking courses, or mastering new subjects. Whether it’s book learning, or Internet study, increasing your knowledge base and mastering new skills are part of your expansion at this point.

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