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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Cancer

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
Look forward to a dynamic year, increasingly so for the June born Cancerians, who are likely to make the large scale moves earlier as the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the reclassified Pluto impact on their solar chart. In terms of career, 2010 marks the year where you can break with tradition and start working more for yourself. It’s also a year to develop unique talents, which will be your selling point. Technology will greatly benefit you from the middle of the year onward. There is more pressure and intensity regarding partnerships and close alliances, with transformative Pluto now in your seventh house of marriage and professional partnership. You are bringing people into your life who are assisting your own change at deep levels, and may be going through the same themselves. Partnerships can really transform your life, especially during the August period

Romance and Relationships
The year starts strongly for you As the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and the Nodal axis are all in your partnership zone. This is a powerful line up that can signal important connections, or agreements made early in the year. It is also throwing a lot of energy behind making whatever you deem necessary changes in your close relationships. The Solar Eclipse linking with Venus in mid January can mark an important period of beneficial prospects connected to other people. Cancers who know their horoscope and have a late earth sign Ascendant will feel this most. As Pluto is in your seventh house you have to ensure that there is an even give and take in your relationships. You may find you’re attracting powerful people around you, but giving your own power way should not be part of the equation. Keeping things in perspective around close relationships will take some work on your part.

Career and Finance
This can be a landmark year concerning your career, and you may be asked to adapt to rapidly evolving situations, and make fast and spontaneous decisions. Sudden opportunity can spring up when you least expect it. Technology should benefit you greatly. The June born Cancers have tremendous prospects in the second half of February concerning new career directions – anything involving law, education, broadcasting, publishing or travel should be a winner. Things can take off from the second week of June, and you can make rapid re-alignments from that time onward virtually through to the end of August. The elongated stay of Mars in your money house makes you extra aware and competitive across the first half of the year. Late January and early February is ideally suited for trading, financing new ventures and working out deals with others.

Self Improvement
Your ability to see the big picture and the greater potential will guide your prospects during 2010. Travel may be an important component in your advancement, along with meeting people from overseas or other cultures. Sometimes this can be achieved as simply as using an Internet connection though. Those who work in the teaching and publishing fields can be in for a very busy and rewarding year.

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