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The Aries Yearly Horoscope for 2010

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
All of the cardinal signs, of which you are the first, now welcome the opportunity to make the most exciting changes of their lives over the next few years. The reason being, that four of the five outer planets, (they coincide with the big and longer lasting moves we make), will be impacting directly on your sign. Adding to that the eclipse cycle which is doing the same. It’s time to examine your life, define where you want those changes to be, and to be pro-active in creating your own future. Many of you will be working in a different job, as well as changing close alliances during in the coming year. The March born Aries and those born at the very start of the sign are more open to these solar winds of change. It's commitment or absolution around relationships, only the strong survive, and many Arians may be going it alone as a result of this. Career will offer a lot of new potebtial, although for the majority it may take a year to fully manifest - but when it does it is major.

Romance and Relationships
A new era of commitment and responsibility around relationships is dawning this year. At times this may seem like hard work. You’re becoming more discriminating concerning your associates. There can be a merging of professional and personal relationships as part of this. You’re moving away from those who do not figure in your long term future - being attracted to the deep and dependable, and more removed from the good time friends. This can mark a year of new commitments and responsibilities tied to others in your life. The month of August, is a standout for your relationship focus. Anything that begins then candevelop quickly through late September and October. Howver you may feel like spending more time alone during early March, when your own space is more important.

Career and Finances
The very start of the year is the time to really get moving on the career front. While everyone else is asleep at the wheel, you seem to be charging out of the blocks. Through the month of January you have the powerful Sun, favorable Venus, and even a retrograde Mercury – good for a rethink and review – all highlighting the professional zone of your solarscope. Add to that a Solar Eclipse in the same area around the 15th, and you have all the cosmic fuel for take-off. The natural ruler of your solar career zone is Saturn, which has also been in opposition the planet of sudden change and modernization, Uranus, and it is continuing this year. Moneywise this is not one of the strongest periods, you're either in the money or out of it as fortunes fluctuate. That’s because this is all about change and moving in new directions rather than consolidating on the past. The dividends will follow from the initiatives shown now.

One area that may have provided some challenges last year was that of everyday well-being and health. You may have needed to make adjustments to your habitual way of living and bring yourself more in the moment. Your self-improvement during 2010 is attached to the ability to let go and release issues that do not serve you well. Learning how to do nothing is not something that comes naturally to Aries, but is a wise lesson at this point. Because sometimes the best thing to do is to stay out of it, and simply watch the grass grow - March can be importaat here.

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