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The Yearly 2010 Horoscope for Aquarius

(Written December 2009)

The Big Picture
Last year had spiritual and travel overtones and you may have grown in areas of spiritual understanding, or been on the move more than usual. This was due to the unrestrained Jupiter moving through Aquarius, with the boundless ethereal Neptune. The planet off growth and expansion, Jupiter, moves out of your sign by mid January 2010 and spends the next five months in your money and resources house. This can provide the opportunity to turn skills that you’ve mastered last year into real money. Remember that some things may start small first up, but have greater potential further down the track. This is also a potent year for study, as serious Saturn moves into your house of higher learning. It asks that you be diligent and structured in your approach, but again has the ability to assist long term changes to your education. It will also add a touch of realism to what you're learning - by that I mean you will dispense with anything of a superficial nature. Don’t be too concerned if studies have a stop start nature to begin with, things will settle into a pattern, if not this year certainly the next. The June to September period can be important for travel plans, and also in connection with educational courses, especially those, which widen your worldview considerably. Older relatives, or even friends, living overseas can somehow be of benefit to you now.

Romance and Relationships
The fire of Mars is resident in your partnership zone until early June – an inordinately long time for the red planet. Mars tends to increase the fire and passion in a relationship. People around you will be very pro-active, and there can even be a competitive energy around partnerships, which in the positive sense you can utilize to motivate yourself. It’s also great for finding sporting buddies, personal trainers, or gym friends. Physical attraction is part of the Mars potential, it can be a love at first sight planet, and you or your potential partner are not likely to keep this a secret. Real love of course is more than fascination, and flames can fizzle out unless there is something more substantial to keep the fires burning. During the August period there is a magnetic attraction between attractive Venus and excitable Mars, which occurs in the area of your solarscope connected with travel, overseas connections and/or higher education. These two planets continue here until September 9 opening a wide window of potential for growing relationships.

Career and Finances
The prevailing message over the last year has been to broaden your work choices. The days of training for one lifetime job are long gone. It's the person who can turn their hand to a variety of skills is seldom out of work. Jupiter, moving through your sign last year was encouraging further education, and also a wider perspective. This year is one of consolidating your recent initiatives. Remember that the best investment is ultimately in yourself. Hanging on for security in changing times is not the full answer. There can be a shift this year that leads more toward work in areas of education, communication and media, and that encourages you to develop your communication and language skills. This will impact on the January born initially, but will eventually flow through though the whole of Aquarius in years to come. Financially, having the planet of growth and abundance, Jupiter in your money house from mid January to early June, and re-appearing from September should encourage a positive expansion of your money making potential.

There is little doubt you would have already embarked on some kind of course, or new direction that is developing your potential. It is never to late to continue education, and there is always something new to learn. As I mentioned earlier, 2010 is a year of consolidating any ongoing initiatives. And it’s in the area of building your resources, and finding new financial opportunities that you can really shine. There can be some real ‘aha’ moments when it comes to establishing greater security overall, and especially from September onward.

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