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In defining 2015 two major planetary cycles stand out along with the entry of Saturn now into Sagittarius. The major impact has been the insurgent and recurring Uranus Pluto square. Although this moves away from exactness by April it returns to virtually within the degree in January to February 2016 and it’s reasonable to assume that the accompanying influences and issues will persist throughout the year.


To better understand these ongoing squares it is essential to examine their history. Between the years 1932 and 1934, the last time such an aspect played out, the world was battling economic depression. Populations were facing a future full of uncertainties. Faith in the establishment had been rocked to the core regardless of outstanding technological achievement.

Born out of this social chaos came authoritarian leaders, riding a rising tide of military dictatorships. The seeds of World War II were sown directly from developments during the Uranus Pluto square. Germany’s plutonic resurrection to remilitarize from the ashes of economic ruin was but one example. More importantly global alliances were changing markedly, just as they are today.

Today’s parallel began with the global financial crisis. Nationalist politicians are gaining increasing support. Russia, once a failing power, has regrouped under the forceful leadership of Vladimir Putin. The military industrial complex that Eisenhower feared for the US is now a reality. Keep an eye on all who are elevated during the aspect’s peak power period of 2012 to 2016 – like General Sisi of Egypt, or the rise of the Islamic State. Watching the current pattern unfold – especially when Mars joins the fray – adds further insight to its potential for 2015.


The current cycle began with a landmark scientific breakthrough. CERN discovered a new particle answering crucial questions about life the universe and everything. But then typical to electric Uranus encountering the black hole of Pluto, India suffered the greatest power outage in recorded history. Israel’s assassination of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari launched the deadly Operation Pillar of Defense, but the United Nations granted Palestine observer status.

The anarchistic nature of Uranus Pluto presents significant challenges to established powers, internally and externally. When the square returned with Mars in March 2013 North Korea threatened a nuclear attack on mainland USA. At the next Mars junction in July, Detroit, once the engine of the US economy, filed for bankruptcy, highlighting the economic malaise. And a controversial George Zimmerman acquittal raised the racism spectre in the USA which has since snowballed.

Mars along with Jupiter made added energy to the square from late December of 2013, climaxing with the planetary Grand Cross of April 2014. This period outlined the Ukrainian civil war and the US led economic sanctions on Russia. In turn Russia have moved closer to China new political and economic power blocks emerged – similar to the 1930s. The last crossing of Mars to the square accompanied the return of US troops to Iraq to battle a new Islamic militant group, ISIL.

These events reveal how this aspect is playing out. They offer a clue to future developments when Mars again ignites this revolutionary duo in the mid March and mid May of this year, or when Saturn also joins the fray in the mid July and September. Those time windows will feature escalating global tensions, especially related to the ongoing events above. Certain countries and individuals will field this energy more than most.


Game changing Pluto began its exact opposition to the USA Independence Sun in March through May of 2014. March to May became a standout period in bi-lateral relations, invoking simmering differences with an old adversary Russia with the Ukraine caught in the ideological power struggle. The crisis climaxed with the April Grand Cross and the USA placing economic sanctions on Russia triggering a new Cold War.

Pluto’s transit is a work in progress. It also affects internal politics and the authority of the leadership. President Obama’s Democrats lost control of the Senate in 2014. Republicans now control both houses of government. It’s not only Russian or Chinese expansion that Obama is dealing with, but also threats closer to home. Pluto returns to close opposition with the US Sun from August to November 2015 an extremely testing time for the President.

Pluto opposing the Sun suggests a major crisis in international relations. It transforms alliances and introduces powerful enmity. Australia found this in WWII when Japan invaded as Pluto opposed their Sun. That potent national threat was coincident with a new alliance with another superpower – the USA. Australia also underwent leadership change. Similarly the US may face greater challenges than before.


The Uranus Pluto square impacting upon the USA’s authoritative Sun/Saturn has meant increasing civil disruption and equal rights protests (Uranus) against the established order (Saturn). Uranus continues to square the US Sun and does not move away from the Saturn until after mid March 2015. Racial tension is a typical Pluto ‘sleeper’. At Pluto’s last testing aspect to the US Sun the confronting series ‘Roots’ premiered worldwide.

This square is part of a developing cycle emanating from the conjunction of Uranus Pluto in 1965, when Martin Luther King led freedom marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The protests received worldwide coverage forcing a major change in US thinking and legislation. A film about this was released near the January 2015 Full Moon, spotlighting the current Uranus Pluto square.

This cycle also signals a generational change, similar to the sixties. The demographics of the USA are inevitably evolving, as Pluto opposes the Sun. In a little over twenty years non-whites will represent the majority of the population. The present Uranus Pluto square represents a significant turning point in the ongoing cultural evolution of the nation. The old order is inevitably changing.

It’s also affecting international influence. Today there is a global groundswell of opposition to the US intransigence on the Israel/Palestine debate. There is a questioning of the US dollar’s hemegony. There is a loss of trust in the wake of the NSA surveillance expose. This transforming world opinion saw the 2014 Win/Gallup worldwide poll of over 65,000 people return a verdict that the US was greatest threat to world peace. This is a far cry from the peacemaker image of the post WWII era.

Uranus and Pluto represent deep and cathartic change. It would be impossible to avoid these kinds of challenges under such a powerful ongoing planetary signature. The USA as the world leader can change with the times or be changed by them. There is little choice under such developmental tension.


The horoscope of the People’s Republic of China originates with Mao Zedong’s public proclamation of the same, shortly after 3 pm on October 1 1949. Here the Libran Sun is joined to socialist Neptune and square defiant Uranus. It symbolizes China’s initial struggle for self-determination and autonomy. The leadership Sun also trines the Aquarian Moon of the public. So far that has delivered political stability, although they too had their Pluto moments (Prog Sun squaring Pluto) with the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

With nine planets above the horizon China has a highly visible global presence. Their western hemisphere focus (like the USA) stresses strong alliances. The chart’s eighth house emphasis shows they are concentrated on trade and finance. China holds more foreign exchange reserves than any other country - three times more than nearest rival Japan. In 2014 the International Monetary Fund ranked China’s economy as the largest in the world.

China’s chart also displays a volatile Mars and Pluto conjunction in the seventh house of allies and enemies. Overall, they present as a nation determined to do their own thing, resentful of outside interference (mirrored in the text of Mao’s proclamation), with the potential to develop into a military powerhouse and attract both powerful allies and enemies via the Mars Pluto.


The progressed horoscope of China is in Full Moon phase in 2015. This is a culmination from the New Moon of 1999 occurring in their tenth house of international leadership. The 1999 New Moon occurred with Mercury, planet of commerce, trade and transactions. Mercury placed the emphasis on communication technology, dialogue, media and ideas. Chinese growth has exploded exponentially since the New Moon began.

As progressed Venus joins abundant Jupiter in 2015, China is enjoying record prosperity. However the Full Moon from February will square China’s seventh house (allies and enemies) Saturn. This may bring more centralized control over internal politics, plus economy and trade, with the possibility of a major international crisis brewing. The Full Moon also suggests a review and reshuffle of alliances.

At their New Moon of 1999 China's Serbian embassy was bombed by NATO warplanes. China later captured a US spyplane in a 2001 standoff. More recently the US has embarked on a Pacific pivot program designed to contain China’s expansion. This is indicative of China’s Sun squaring Saturn. But positively it engenders a commitment to sustainable development and controlled economy. Sun Saturn can also handbrake growth.

The president of the People’s Republic, Xi Jinping, was born June 15 1953. His father was one of the original revolutionary leaders. Xi’s Gemini birth Sun is conjunct forceful Mars and sextile powerful Pluto. All of his planets are contained in one half of the zodiac. This gives him a partial political view. When his progressed Sun joined power planet Pluto, in 2013, Xi assumed office. It is now attached to the progressed Pluto. It suits the purge of his administration and a military build up.

Xi Jinping will be more assertive in changing the system, which may have far reaching ramifications. Look to the start of May, plus the beginning of July and late August through September to be decisive times when he adopts more forthright measures. Some of this may also in reaction to resistance or pro-democracy protests earlier in the year. One of Jinping’s telling quotes is “Never allow eating the Communist Party’s food and then smashing the Communist Party’s cooking pots.”


Of all world leaders, none felt the dynamic 2014 planetary Grand Cross more directly that the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Born October 7 1952 @ 9.30 am at St Petersburg, the old imperial capital, Putin rose from relative obscurity two days prior to the greatest eclipse of the 20th century when appointed Prime Minister on August 9 1999.

He was sworn in as President at the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, in a month that every visible planet in the skies was in enduring Taurus. Fifteen years later he remains Russian leader. Last year pushed Putin further into the spotlight. It all happened as militarized Mars made a triple transit across his Libran birth Sun between early January and mid June 2014.

Along with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto the Mars was forming a Grand Cross on Putin’s Sun. And the last time a Grand Cross featuring these same planets had appeared in the heavens was 1648 – the year of the Ukrainian Revolution. The duplication of the same planetarey formation produced a second revolution as the Ukrainian parliament removed President Viktor Yanukovych from office.

The original 1648 Uprising defined the Ukraine and totally changed the balance of power in Europe. Under the Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the Ukraine split from western domination eventually melding into the Russian Empire. Right on cue the Ukraine exploded again over East/West allegiances – this time with a different slant.

The loss of a political ally right on Russia’s doorstep became an immediate security issue for Putin. With transiting Mars on his Sun and progressed Mars squaring his expansive Jupiter, he took the military option and secured the Crimean peninsula, via a referendum returning them to the Russian fold.

The reaction of the western bloc was to suspend Russia from the G8. In late April – right at the Grand Cross – the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia. A new Cold War had begun. Putin’s horoscope reflects the changing fortunes ahead.


Starting late October in 2014 Jupiter made the first of three passes over his Midheaven and Pluto union. On October 24 Putin delivered the controversial Valdai speech accusing the United States of issuing a ‘unilateral dictate’ to the world and damaging global trade via economic wars.

Jupiter is in retro motion to begin 2015 but will head forward from April and return to Putin’s Midheaven and Pluto in late July and early July this year as he pushes his own agenda. The erratic Uranus Pluto square still puts pressure on Putin’s Libran Sun early in the year, joined by a Mars opposition in March, which could heighten a military crisis.

Uranus opposing his Sun began in the March April last year and has spelt sudden surprises and rapidly changing allegiances. The Mars adds volatility here in mid July and also early December of 2015. Putin’s progressed Venus squaring Saturn is not simply a measure of declining wealth but can indicate easing popularity possibly as Russia’s economy contracts.

If solutions are not bartered by mid October the situation could turn dramatically as Mars and then Jupiter will square his progressing Sun and negotiating Mercury will move to join his assertive Sagittarian Mars. Putin’s progressed Mars is also moving to complete the trine to his Sun by 2016. In summation Putin's progressed horoscope suggests that if he survives these tough dynamics his power will grow even further.


Last years World Predictions 2014 for Japan covered two years ahead and they were as follows. The horoscope of Japan is set for the Meiji Constitution of February 11 1889 at noon in Tokyo Japan. Regardless of the time, the Japanese progressed Sun, symbolizing the leadership, is squaring the war planet of Mars in 2014 and moving on to square the progressed Mars in 2015.

The horoscope of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, born September 21 1954 in Nagato, Japan, currently has the progressed Sun semi-squaring Mars and squaring the power player Pluto. The ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto is also activating his volatile horoscope. Abe’s controversial visit to the Yasukuni war shrine, venerating some of the world’s worst war criminals, signifies his intentions.

Shinzo Abe’s progressed horoscope will field the April Grand Cross, but is active well before too. Abe is unsparing in his efforts to increase the country’s maritime strength and encirclement of China. But his extreme nationalism in attempting to rewrite Japan’s war history is isolating the nation in the eyes of his Asian neighbours. All of the Mars activity (lord of war and warriors) is playing out exactly as the astrology would suggest.


In 2014 over 75,000 people died in the Syrian Civil War, almost half of them civilians. The human disaster that began with Arab Spring democracy protests descended into a government crackdown and ended with the intervention of western funded terrorist groups. Since 2011 over 200,000 lives have been lost and Syrian refugee camps bear witness to this humanitarian disaster.

The western press paints this as a Sunni uprising against an authoritarian regime. It’s much more. Central to the Syrian conflict is a proposed Qatar to Turkey gas pipeline for Europe. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, rejected that plan. On July 25 2011 Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding to run gas from the largest gas fields in Iran through to Lebanon and the Mediterranean with a refinery in Damascus.

Immediately the terrorist attacks increased in Syria. The global planetary aspects for the signing were explosive. It was only three days after Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in the single worst terrorist attack in Europe. After the deal the Saudis, Kuwait and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors and Sunni money fueled militant insurgencies to replace al-Assad. The Syrian Civil War was on in earnest.

The US also saw this as an opportunity to displace a Russian ally, which explains the incongruity of the west in rejecting al-Assad’s offer of assistance in eliminating terrorist groups such as ISIL. The US also supports Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s pipeline proposal, but could be entering a deal with the devil in order to checkmate Syria on the geopolitical chessboard.


The al-Assad family came to power via the Corrective Revolution on the morning of November 13 1970 at a Full Moon – the Scorpio Sun was with Jupiter and the Taurean Moon with Saturn. This is the chart to use for the current regime, as at the Saturn return of this chart Bashar became the new leader upon the death of his father Hafez.

The Syrian Corrective Revolution chart has been undergoing its Uranus opposition coincident with rebellious insurrection leading into a civil war. Yet as Venus progressed across the Revolution Sun, Bashar was re-elected by a ‘predictable’ landslide. The mid March period of 2015 however may be a critical time along with August as the Mars of the Revolution horoscope is particularly active there. The chart also semisquares itself by solar arc in the first half of 2015, normally a critical climax.

Bashar was also born on a Full Moon September 11 1965. His Sun was positioned right at the beginning of the Uranus Pluto conjunction beginning the current cycle. It’s little wonder he’d have major trouble at the Uranus Pluto square, which still has not abated. His rebellious Sun was opposite establishment Saturn and he has been a constant thorn in the side of the west. As warlike Mars progressed square to his birth Sun in 2014 he brutally retook rebel held towns. Regardless, the aspect remains a dangerous one.


The burning issue of Israel and Palestine has long been at the heart of international terrorism and Arab unrest. It has been a stark example of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations, virtually since their formation. The peace process has been an endless maze of deliberate detours, delays and vetoes, marred by unjustifiable violence. All of which has culminated in global people power forcing action in the political realm.

On October 13 2014 the British House of Commons voted 274 for to 12 on a Bill stating, “the government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel". The French national Assembly followed suit by a vote of 355 to 191 joining Ireland, Spain and Sweden and the European parliament. All of this happens as Pluto favorably trines the Ascendant of the Palestinian Independence Proclamation horoscope.

The proclamation was made at 01.38 hours on November 15 1988 in Algiers. Symbolically and astrologically this date is opposite the Israel birthday of May 14 1948 @ 4 pm in Tel Aviv – meaning their Suns are opposed in the heavens. Developments in their relationship can be read from the current Jupiter/Saturn cycle beginning May 2000 at 23 degrees of Taurus - right on the Israel, and opposite the Palestinian, Sun position.

At the opposition point of the Jupiter Saturn cycle, Israel conducted a commando raid on an international aid flotilla bound for Gaza. Foreign media equipment was seized and destroyed in the operation in which ten activists were killed. The event polarized world opinion but sharply increased global support for a Palestinian state. In August 2015 Jupiter and Saturn will come into the first of three squares marking the next important developmental stage in this process.

The progressed New Moon phase of the Palestinian Independence Proclamation horoscope was highly significant. At 5 pm on November 29 2012 in New York the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, was handed a national birth certificate birth certificate. This was to commemorate the granting of observer status in the United Nations by a resounding 139 to 8 votes.

In 2015 peacemaker Venus will progress to the Palestinian Sun, becoming exact on their November birthday. Additionally the progressed Moon is heading for its first conjunction in early 2016. These progressions, accompanied by judicial Jupiter moving through Palestine’s first house by October imply that a long overdue justice may be afforded to the Palestinian people – the right to self-determination.


There are several horoscopes for Pakistan depending upon what is to be examined. The most favoured is the 9.30 am August 14 1947 Karachi time for Pakistan’s Independence, although the act formally came into being from the midnight leading into the 15th. This horoscope features warlike Mars at the Midheaven and is indicative of the succession of military dictatorships that have shaped Pakistan’s brief and stormy history. Pakistan is a country constantly divided by military interventionism fueling rebellious violence.

The 9.30 am chart angles appear to work not only for the 2007 assassination of three times Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, but also for the recent Peshawar school massacre that claimed 145 lives. On that occasion severe Saturn was transiting over the progressed Ascendant and sacrificial Neptune positioned at the progressed Midheaven. The insurgent Uranus Pluto square also impacted on Pakistan’s progressed Ascendant. The Uranus Pluto square is coincident to a more radical Pakistan.

Religious extremism can be a by-product of righteous Jupiter and currently the Pakistan Ascendant is progressing across this planet. Transiting Jupiter is also regressing across the Pakistan birth Sun, mid January and late June this year, with the latter appearing the most volatile time. The early August 3 to 5th leading into their birthday also features a powerful Mars, Jupiter and Saturn influence. The negative cycle is drone attacks continuing to radicalize and Taliban ferocity continuing to shock.

The Pakistan Republic horoscope of March 23 1956 @ 07.05 hours undergoes a reality testing triple Saturn return. It also comes as purgative Pluto moves across its Mars and modernizing Uranus squares the same. This could lead to an important reshuffle within the top echelon of the military command. During their last Saturn return the current Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was elected as Chief Minister under a military regime.

Under this government the testing of Pakistan’s first nuclear bomb took place at 3.16 pm May 28 1988 in the mountains of Chagai, in response to India testing a nuclear weapon on May 11. The Pakistan bomb chart featured the Sun joined to aggressive Mars and opposite extremist Pluto. By 1999 tensions escalated and the US President Bill Clinton spent part of Independence Day warning Nawaz Sharif on the dangers of nuclear escalation.

The nuclear bomb has only been deployed twice in war. However the similarities between the first nuclear explosion in the desert of Alamogordo and the first Indian bomb test are significant. Couple that with Pakistan’s and the proliferation of the middle degree of cardinality in all of the charts leads to the conclusion that it may an escalating issue over the next couple of years. The tensions between the two nations may be increasing.


India achieved independence at midnight leading into the 15th of August 1947. This horoscope has Venus and Saturn at its base and Mars unaspected classically to the angles. This describes the difference between India and Pakistan, even though their independence arrived almost simultaneously. India’s chart based in Delhi at midnight, with a not so prominent Mars has never had a military dictatorship. In British India the majority of the army was manned in the Islamic north, which became Pakistan.

Saturn is currently moving in secondary progression over the Indian Sun. The same Sun is also experiencing a triple conjunction of Jupiter stemming from late last year. These two influences represent serious long term expansive future plans and fortification of strategic alliances. As Jupiter stationed on India’s Sun, on December 11 2014, India inked important new energy and defense agreements with long term ally Russia.

The deal included twenty new nuclear reactors and Prime Minister Narenrdra Modi announced "Even as India's options have increased today, Russia will remain our most important defense partner”. India is also now manufacturing its own military equipment including the new aircraft carrier the INS Vikrant. In addition India is an essential part of the new BRICS economic partnership.

Early July when Jupiter returns with Venus in tow may signal further important treaties and agreements. India’s medium to long term prospects concerning technological progress and improvements to their energy sector, IT fields, space and satellite technology are promising. The renewal feel about the country is embodied in their birthday chart which this year will be celebrated close to an initiatory New Moon.

India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born September 17 1950 in Vadnagar, India. This gives him a triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in analytical Virgo. Modi is a natural planner, a serious thinker, intent on building greater security for his country. His Sun also supportively sextiles a strong Scorpio Mars. Modi plans to substantially bolster India’s defense capability.

Modi’s swearing in was astrologically advised for 6 pm May 26 2014 but he actually took the oath at ten minutes past. In the swearing in horoscope the Saturn influence is unmistakably at the Ascendant, which also falls near Modi’s Mars. The ceremony took place with futuristic Jupiter fortunately trining Saturn and the Ascendant, whilst the Sun on the day also semisquares Jupiter. This is all about optimistic yet carefully planned growth, but the Sun’s square to Neptune may also bring up some scandal or significant challenge two years into his tenure.


In the shadows of the 1930’s Depression America’s then most decorated war hero, Major-General Smedley Butler, penned his classic book ‘War Is A Racket’. It was a revelation that corporations were covertly at the heart of US wars and government the pasty of big business. Americans, and most of the western world, began to revisit his thoughts as the 2003 Iraq Oil War was launched on a lie.

Capitalism floats on oil and energy. Seven of the world’s top ten corporations are oil and gas companies. They’re at the source of territorial wars. And it dates back to the original Middle East Oil strike on May 26 1907 at Masjed Soleyman, Iran. The critical planet is Jupiter, positioned at 8 degrees of Leo when the first gusher blew. Each time Jupiter returns to this area of the zodiac another Middle East power struggle explodes.

Jupiter returned to the exact same Leo degree on April 25 1920 when the nations of Europe redrew the boundaries of the Middle East, following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The map was based on resources. Diplomatic cables of the day spoke openly that the protection of the British Empire depending on securing the Iranian oilfields and a compliant government.

When Jupiter returned in 1931, a census of Palestine was conducted by the British authorities and the right wing Zionist paramilitary group Irgun was formed, pivotal in the establishment of Israel. That move was a game changer. The Six Day War, and expansion of Israel territory by one third, was fought with Jupiter returning to early Leo.

The Iranian Revolution also took place with Jupiter in early Leo. The US entry into two Gulf Wars on January 17 1991 and March 19 2003 occurred with Jupiter in the same position in early Leo. Click here for the two war charts overlaid. It would make perfect sense that as Jupiter returned to Leo in 2014, the usual western countries would be back in Iraq. This time it was to battle the establishment of a new ‘caliphate’ selling bargain basement oil.


In World Predictions 2013 I wrote of the time window April 10-15 being highly volatile time globally. My reasoning was a New Moon and Sun conjunct Mars in Aries. It was also the Mars return of the May 2 2011 assassination of Osama bin Laden. On April 9 2013 the jihadist group ISIS took their name.

In fact this group was an expansion of one originating on October 13 2006 under the banner the Islamic State of Iraq. They were the Sunni remnants of Saddam Hussein's displaced army. That October 13 also a Sun conjunct Mars day and in the exact opposite Libran degree and the 2006 chart works well for prediction.

In the chart of the initial formation Mars is at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. The German cosmobiologist Ebertin defined this as violence, brutality, the necessity to fight for one’s existence and the death of a great many people. Their original purpose was to fight Shia and foreign oppression. By April 2013 and their dual Sun/Mars opposition, ISI had become ISIS and expanded into Syria with plenty of Sunni funding.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and western interests were all indirectly involved with the expansion of ISIS. On June 29 2014 just prior to Mars moving to their Sun they declared a caliphate and were calling for potential jihadists all over the world. Mars moving across their Mercury saw them release their first beheading video of a US journalist.

On October 13 last year – the 8th anniversary of the original founding – ISIS came to within 15 miles of the Iraq capital Baghdad. The key to their chart is combative Mars and highlighted in March (their Mars opposition month) and December this year. Again a time to watch is when Mars returns to Aries and especially the 23rd degree - which is around March 22. The chart of the organization now named the Islamic State seems more active in 2016 and 2017 than the coming year.


September 11 is a memorable date for both the USA and Saudi Arabia. It was on September 11 2014 that the US Secretary of State John Kerry paid an evening visit to the Jeddah palace of Saudi Arabia's aging King Abdullah. The subject was said to be combating the Islamic State, hence the symbolic date. It probably was. Some people have also reasoned that they might have mentioned the price of oil.

To understand the US-Saudi relationship, astrologically speaking, is to know the planet Pluto. This is the deity of dominant power and also ruler of underground wealth. A comparison of the horoscopes of Saudi Arabia with the USA brings Pluto unmistakably into the picture. Pluto currently opposing the USA Sun can also bring the Saudis right into the picture.

For the July 4 1776 17.10 hours Philadelphia horoscope of the USA, Pluto is positioned in the second house of finance and closely aspects the Ascendant/Descendant relating axis of the chart, depicting national allies and enemies. One country that has had an immeasurable effect on the USA and their power, from the 20th into the 21st century, is Saudi Arabia. It works both ways.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dates to the sunrise capture of Riyadh on January 15 1902 by Ibn Saud’s army on his 26th birthday. The Saudi Arabian horoscope has the rising Capricorn Sun adjoined to royal Jupiter and controlling Saturn. This powerful triple conjunction symbolically describes the kingdom – a country named after one family. It also falls precisely on the USA’s Pluto in their second house of wealth and power. Despite their national ideologies being virtually opposed, money changes everything. Check the two horoscopes here.

Their current Saudi King Abdullah ibn Abdilaziz is ranked the 8th most influential person in the world by Forbes magazine. His birth Pluto, in the 13th degree of Cancer, falls right uponthe USA's Sun. With the national horoscope now in a New Moon phase a change to the Saudi leadership would seem to be imminent.


The key to Saudi power is Saudi Aramco. It’s the largest company on the face of the planet. If you weren’t aware that it totally dwarfs Exxon or BP, that’s because it’s state owned and not on the regular stock reports. Saudi Aramco manages over 100 oil and gas fields and the world’s largest onshore and also offshore oil field. It is the Saudi Arabian economy.

The company began with an agreement between Standard Oil of California and the Saudi royal family on May 29 1933. The oil fields were bigger than any other. Enough for the US President Franklin D Roosevelt to declare, '"the defense of Saudi Arabia is vital to the defense of the United States".

In 1950 the Saudi King threatened to nationalize the oil industry and thereafter received a 50% share of the profits. Following the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and US support for Israel, the Saudi’s enacted an oil embargo, rising the crude price. They also bought into the company. They had acquired 60% by 1974 and by 1980 it was totally Saudi controlled.

Today’s oil price ‘anomaly’ can be best understood astrologically, by analyzing the original deal. On May 29 1933 the Sun was conjunct contractual Mercury at 8 degrees of Gemini and also square to Neptune in the 8th degree of Virgo. Neptune is the planet of oil. This was also the time of the last Uranus Pluto square during the depths of the Great Depression and is astrologically significant today.

Astrologers will note that the Sun of that day was positioned close to the USA’s Uranus, a planet that when activated has often featured in US wars. The first Uranus return synched in with the Civil War and the second return signaled the massive D-day invasion, and so it goes. But, back to the original oil deal and the current price spiral.

On November 27 2014 OPEC met in Vienna. The Sun was in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune. The significance being that both the Sun and Neptune of this OPEC meeting were opposed their original positions of the US/Saudi oil agreement in 1933. At that November meeting the Saudis, along with Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates pushed production in the face of falling prices. Venezuela and Iran rivals to the Sunni gulf states, were outvoted. Oil opened 2015 at less than half its price from six months prior. Click here for the two charts.


The oil war is like any price war. Lowering prices puts your competitors out of business. If you’ve got sufficient money in the bank and enough reserves to sell, it then becomes a waiting game. Already countries such as Russia, whose budget is so reliant on oil exports, plus Iran, Venezuela and Nigeria are feeling the pinch. But the move will also impact on the USA, who on the evening of July 30 sent their first oil export tanker since the 70's OPEC crisis from Houston to South Korea.

That OPEC crisis also involved Neptune. In 1973/74 it squared its original position and opposed the Sun/Mercury of the first US-Saudi Aramco oil deal. What resulted was an Arab oil embargo that led to oil rationing and shortages throughout the western world. Then followed a hike in the oil price, a western recession and much richer Gulf states. This time it’s working the other way around - a power play to pressure US oil and to blast away the opposition such as Russia.

The future significance is that from March of 2015 transiting Neptune will oppose the Neptune of the US/Saudi 1933 oil deal and also square the Sun and Mercury. All of which should make March 2015 a very interesting time regarding the price of crude and the global economy.

Additionally, on May 30th this year the Sun and Mercury will together return to the position they held when the Saudi Aramco company began. It’s highly significant for the USA, Saudi Arabia and the price of oil. You’ve heard that what goes up must come down, well in economics it can also work the other way around.


The Australian Federation horoscope of January 1 1901 @ 13.35 hours Sydney has a decidedly militaristic tone throughout 2015. Progressed Mars, the planet of war and conflict, is actively angled to the Australian Sun and will be for the next couple of years. This will see an increase in military spending, offset by cutting back on social benefits and a more aggressive international stance. This is the centenary year of the Anzac invasion.

The reformatory Uranus Pluto combination is affecting the progressed Jupiter in the ninth house of law and international affairs in the Australian Federal horoscope. The implication is of controversial new legislation or treaties – April and October may be significant – which could substantially change Australia.

Saturn, the planet of restraints, now transiting through Australia’s eighth house of shared wealth can be problematical for the economy and trade. The progressed Moon is also favoring the house of the opposition and the end of July early August will introduce greater challenges for the leadership. Last years World Predictions 2014 article tipped the toughest period for Prime Minister Tony Abbott as the November G20.

This eventuated as China and the US clinched a climate change deal on the eve of the conference. Abbott, determined to keep climate off the agenda, was further embarrassed when US President Barack Obama delivered a speech concerned for the preservation of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 2014 temperatures would make it globally the warmest year on record. Abbott’s competency polling was subsequently the lowest recorded for any Prime Minister on record.


Tony Abbott was born November 4 1957 @ 4 am in London. His determined Scorpio Sun tightly squares individualistic Uranus. His direct approach can be measured via Mars together in his first house with Jupiter and Neptune. The latter duo also represents religion. Abbott came to politics via the seminary. His senior front bench, whether by chance or design, is almost entirely comprised of fellow Catholics.

Abbott’s abolition of the Minister for Science may be a clear indication of his worldview. But unless his public polling improves, wild-card Uranus that so ‘unexpectedly’ delivered power to him, may just as rapidly take it away. Look toward the October and November period to bring the challenges to bear. Abbott’s September 18 2013 swearing in chart also supports this prognosis, which is possibly connected to events originating from the mid-May and September period.

Just as Abbott became Prime Minister following a Solar Eclipse within a year of a solar eclipse on his birth Sun, so his former leader Malcolm Turnbull had such an eclipse last year. Turnbull was born on Sunday October 24 1954 in Sydney. Although the time is unknown, the fact that his progressed Sun came to conjunct progressed Mercury when he was appointed Communications Minister verifies his day chart.

Turnbull is much more the committed fighter than his smiling countenance suggests. He was born with his Sun squaring assertive Mars and also the ‘get lucky’ combination of Jupiter and Uranus. These have helped him become the richest politician in the Liberal Party. Turnbull is also hamstrung via a progressed Saturn in difficult aspect to his birth Sun. It is the challenge of conservatism – Turnbull being the progressive Liberal. At best this may lead to an agreed compromise, at worst the command of a sinking ship.

The Australian Settlement horoscope of January 26 1788 @ 5.23 hours is an accurate barometer of the nation wholistically. The progressed Sun also squaring Jupiter here can show concern with controversial legislation, overseas agreements and cultural affairs. Now the Uranus Pluto square is impacting on Australia’s Venus and Saturn, or wealth from the earth, agriculture and commodities. This is mirrored in the fluctuating mining fortunes and an overall tightening of the economy. This chart shows the August month as the most challenging with further political instability in the final quarter.


As 2015 began accusations involving Prince Andrew embroiled the Royals in unwanted scandal. This year will see recurring cycles that point to a tumultuous year of change ahead. While Queen Elizabeth II is approaching Queen Victoria’s long standing record of 63 years and 216 days as monarch, there are several pointers that the throne may well change hands in the process.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon of March 20 will also be a SuperMoon. The last time a Supermoon occurred at this precise degree was 1901 – the end of Victoria’s reign. Queen Victoria passed on January 22 1901 and the longest heir in waiting at that time, Prince Edward became King Edward VII.

2015 will also witness a repeat of the Mercury cycle from 1936. This was the year of the throne changing hands again – not once but twice! On January 20 1936 King George V passed and the throne went to the new King Edward VIII. However, the same year Edward abdicated on December 10 to marry his mistress Wallis Simpson.

The horoscope of Prince Charles is overly active in 2015, with the reformatory Uranus Pluto square potentially forcing an abrupt change to his status, and this cycle beginning from late January. There are certain periods such as mid July and early August that also standout as well as a week after his birthday. This is also the landmark year that his status indicting Midheaven will oppose its ruler Mars and progressing Sun will progress to square his birth Moon.

The Prince’s Moon is situated in his house of career, additionally representing his mother as it is placed on her own Taurean Sun degree. The transiting New Moon of January 20 2015 will fall upon the Prince’s progressed Sun, which is currently changing sign into Aquarius and quindecile his Pluto. The immediate implications of all of this are crucial changes of family or circumstance that place the issue kingship right in Prince Charles’s lap. The common belief is that with stoic Saturn on her Midheaven in fixed Scorpio the Queen would never vacate the throne. But this is the 21st century and 2015, when there will be many leadership changes.

Belatedly I’d like to say thanks for your support across the past year. For you and your loved ones I wish all the best for the coming year. May the planets be with you.

Ed Tamplin © January 15 2015

For those interested in exploring the predictive potential of political astrology even more, there is a massive page containing over 60,000 words on my weekly summations and predictions on all the events of 2014 as well right here on this website.

Copyright – Ed Tamplin January 3 2015

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