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You remember 2012. No reputable astrologer gave it a second thought, but even the modern Mayans couldn’t quell the new age media hype. But…2014…well that’s a different ball game. It’s not the end of the world – although it may be for some - but it will put you on the edge of your seat. Here’s your galactic guide to a rather attention-grabbing year ahead.

The key planetary cycle of 2014 is the ongoing and challenging square between insurgent Uranus in aggressive Aries and controlling Pluto in governing Capricorn. It is pitting the freedom of the individual against the control of the state, and the culture of nations against the monolithic steamroller of globalization.

As Confucius reasons, to understand the future – consult the past. The last square of Uranus and Pluto occurred between 1932-34 as the world climbed out of paralyzing economic depression. The fear dividing Europe was of being devoured by the polar political ideals of Russian collective communism or American unbridled capitalism. Both came to pass.

Aldous Huxley encapsulated this concern in one of the all time great novels. ‘Brave New World’ was released on January 30 1932. It depicted a spiritless one-world state, governed via operant conditioning and mass media misinformation with an economic model based on assembly line consumption of disposable consumer goods. Soma – or drugs – kept the people happy.

Huxley evoked the omnipresent fear of loss of individual identity and life purpose in an increasingly impersonal world. It was a prophetic sign of the times – art was imitating life. The Uranus Pluto square of the early 1930’s then saw the rise of a new order promising a perfect world under dictators such as Adolf Hitler, riding the ‘cult of personality’.

As Jupiter briefly came to join the Uranus Pluto square in the January of 1934 the sterilization law was passed in Germany. Nazi repression crushed political opposition on the way to world domination; in Russia secret police conducted Stalinist purges. Absolute power corrupted. As it was then, it’s a clear message of what we must avoid today.


Uranus and Pluto are back in square. The biggest headline of 2013 came via NSA contractor Edward Snowden. His revelation of the astounding degree of secret surveillance the US government was carrying out on its own citizens, international allies and world leaders was frightening. Fittingly, Snowden was born with Mercury the ‘messenger’ rising in the information sign of Gemini.

Snowden also blew the cover off an ongoing ‘Five Eye’ alliance of stealth, involving the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As well as compromising the privacy and freedom of individuals worldwide, the revelations revealed a network of global dominance.

Revelations flowed. And as they have, whistleblowers like Snowden, have been incarcerated. Confucius is on the money – and some people can’t handle the truth.


Snowden warns, "There is a huge difference between legal programs, legitimate spying ... and these programs of dragnet mass surveillance that put entire populations under an all-seeing eye and save copies forever ... These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power."

His chilling Christmas message was "A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. They'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. And that's a problem because privacy matters, privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be."

Resistance against such stealth and supremacy is classic Uranus Pluto stuff. Pluto is the dark subterranean deity of hidden agendas in corporate controlling Capricorn. Uranus is the rebellious freedom fighter, openly agitating against oppressive governance in the independent sign of Aries.

2014 will see legislation addressing this monopolistic mentality, as individuals fight state control. The planet of law, Jupiter, re-enters the square of Uranus and Pluto from late January through to the end of April 2014. It first went into the square in early August 2013, when Snowden was granted diplomatic asylum. The current Uranus Pluto combination, born in the sixties, is again addressing the issue of civil rights.


The predominant aspect building from this square is a planetary Grand Cross perfecting between April 20-24, in the action oriented cardinal signs. The planets involved are forceful Mars in normally diplomatic Libra, opposing insurgent Uranus in assertive Aries. Reforming Pluto in governing Capricorn, and fervent Jupiter in nationalistic Cancer complete the potent pattern.

If your head’s getting a little dizzy with the details, it signifies situations building to a crucial crisis point resulting in dramatic and accelerated actions. Simplifying, the whole formation is built around an ongoing T-Square involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. The latter are drastic reformers, whilst Jupiter adds a religious zeal or exaggerated sense of justice to the mix. History adds further insight.

The same T- Square operated throughout 1793, during the height of the French Revolution. It was the year of the public executions of Louis XVI at the first square and his consort Marie Antoinette at the last. Jupiter also formed an ongoing T-Square with Uranus and Pluto in 1648 the year of the English Civil War, which saw the demise of King Charles 1.

This portrays the fall of imperious leaders or former leaders, especially in countries of already profound political unrest. There is an increasing probability of revolutionary acts, peaking from 2014 and challenging the more oppressive government rule, with enduring repercussions. It is hardly inconsequential as the examples above were seminal moments of political shift.

The effect will vary consistent with the political climate of the countries involved. For example Pakistan, whose horoscope fields this Grand Cross, is now in the news over the trial of former leader General Musharraf.

The Grand Cross also impacts upon the horoscopes of the United Nations, the USA, Iran, Israel, China, Venezuela, Canada, Cuba, Burma, Somalia and perhaps not surprisingly the union of England and Scotland. It won’t all happen at the Grand Cross of course – it is just setting the tone.


The United Nations was born from World War Two with the goals of maintaining world peace and providing a forum of international debate furthering human rights and global unity. The organization began operations at 16.50 hours on October 24 1945 in New York, annually celebrated as United Nations Day.

Despite the noblest of intentions, any institute is only as effective as the commitment of its member states. Revealingly, the operational costs of the United Nations amounts to only 3% of global military spending. However, with its Sun at the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint, the UN remains a strident and vital voice of global issues.

The horoscope of the United Nations will experience the April Grand Cross impacting on the Midheaven, or the leadership and authority area of their chart. It will also field the October 24 2014 Solar Eclipse directly on its Scorpio Sun. Reforming Pluto will move across the Midheaven degree right across the following year of 2015.

All of this suggests challenging times ahead for the Security Council and the effectiveness of the United Nations in carrying out their role as global mediator. It seems to presage more serious international conflicts building over the next two years as regional differences reach crisis points?

Ban Ki-moon, born June 13 1944, in Eumseong County South Korea is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations. Fittingly, his negotiating Gemini Sun and peacemaking Venus sit right on the public Moon of the United Nations horoscope. In late April of 2014 his progressed Sun will also field the Grand Cross, further evidencing the importance of this time and the challenges ahead. His progressed chart shows further tests in 2015.


The birthday of the United States of America is annually celebrated from the Declaration of Independence. The oldest horoscope of the US was published by astrologer Ebenezer Sibley, and commonly accepted as coming into being at 17.10 hours in Philadelphia July 4 1776.

The US has a patriotic Cancer Sun, in square to controlling Saturn, in the justice scales of Libra and the tenth house of public authority. It contributes to the US being recognized as the global policeman. This role may be exacerbated during 2014 due to the spectacular Grand Cross formation. It is auspicious that this happens in April.


The third week of April is a decisive one in US history. It was on April 19 that the original US Revolutionary War began in 1775, and the same date in 1861 produced the first casualties of what was to be a long and protracted Civil War, claiming more victims than all other US wars combined. The list below shows the importance of April with important events in the national history.

1906 April 18 San Francisco earthquake
1947 April 16 Texas City Explosion - worst ever industrial accident
1961 April 16 Bay of Pigs invasion failure
1983 April 18 Beirut US Embassy bombed
1993 April 19 Branch Davidian Compound torched Waco Texas
1995 April 19 Oklahoma City Bombing
1999 April 20 Columbine High shootings
2007 April 16 Virginia Tech Massacre
2010 April 20 Deepwater Horizon explosion
2013 April 15 Boston Marathon bombing.

Already US security chiefs would be aware of such an unusual pattern, especially as the eclipse cycle is returning to the degrees it occupied in 1995, year of the Oklahoma bombing. It makes preventative vigilance doubly important to curb insurgent attacks upon the government, authorities, or embassies in 2014.


Significant too, is that the Jupiter Uranus and Pluto T-Square underpinning this Grand Cross began from August of 2013. During August of 2013 western intelligence sources picked up increased Al-Qeada communication of imminent attacks. The US State Department closed 19 embassies and consulates in the Middle East and North Africa.

Uranus in a testing formation with the USA Sun has seen the country on a war footing from Pearl Harbour, through to the Cuban missile crisis, first Gulf War and Iraq invasion. Uranus adds to the unstable conditions expected to prevail from the first half of 2014, and Jupiter supports this.

In 2014 Jupiter will come to join the USA’s Cancer Sun for a prolonged period between January and April. The last time Jupiter continuously met the Sun during a triple conjunction was from September 2001 through to May 2002. This timed the US invasion of Afghanistan on October 7 following September 11 2001.

The horoscope of 911 will be re-activated in 2014. It fields the Grand Cross on it’s Ascendant. The progressed Sun of the 911-attack chart comes to square Mars by July of 2014 with the progressed Moon joining, as the progressed Midheaven squares Pluto. Solar arc directed Mars also squares the Ascendant from late January.

As a result of the attacks on native soil, the controversial Patriot Act was established severely restricting privacy and civil liberties. This was indicative of the law, Jupiter, joining the patriotic Cancer Sun of the horoscope of the USA, whilst also squaring administrative Saturn. Either way we see the issue of individual surveillance coming back to the fore, or far reaching new legislation.

The USA may be repositioning itself, in a global sense, perhaps more now than ever before. The dwarf planet Pluto will be opposing the USA Sun placement throughout 2014 and 2015. Pluto, ruler of the underworld, signifies powerful cabals, powerbrokers and plutocrats. An opposition to the Sun implies a challenge to the central command. But in the positive sense it is the realization that things are moving in the wrong direction, and the wisdom to change, rather than the nemesis emerging to tell us.


In World Predictions 2013 I wrote of the growing rivalry between China and Japan reshaping Asian/Pacific geopolitical balance. Japan has embarked on the biggest military expansion since WWII under hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. China on November 23 at 10 am local time, declared a new air defense zone over the South China Sea and covering the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands.

In defiance of China’s challenging pronouncement the US flew B-52 bombers unannounced over the area three days later. This occurred as Mars in Virgo squared the USA Mars and the Moon of the United Nations. This is all an attempt to contain China’s growth and world power. Is it a conflict just waiting to happen?


The horoscope of Japan is set for the Meiji Constitution of February 11 1889 at noon in Tokyo Japan. Regardless of the time, the Japanese progressed Sun, symbolizing the leadership, is squaring the war planet of Mars in 2014 and moving on to square the progressed Mars in 2015.

The horoscope of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, born September 21 1954 in Nagato, Japan, currently has the progressed Sun semi-squaring Mars and squaring the power player Pluto. The ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto is also activating his volatile horoscope. Abe’s controversial visit to the Yasukuni war shrine, venerating some of the world’s worst war criminals, signifies his intentions.

Shinzo Abe’s progressed horoscope will field the April Grand Cross, but is active well before too. Abe is unsparing in his efforts to increase the country’s maritime strength and encirclement of China. But his extreme nationalism in attempting to rewrite Japan’s war history is isolating the nation in the eyes of his Asian neighbours. All of the Mars activity (lord of war and warriors) is playing out exactly as the astrology would suggest.


I use two horoscopes for modern China. My own studies support utilizing the Wuchang Uprising chart from approximately 8 pm on October 10 1911. It is a horoscope that I use exclusively, as it signaled the end of the Qing Dynasty and the movement toward a modern capitalist China. Double Ten Day is still celebrated by many mainland Chinese, as well as those in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The efficacy of this horoscope was evidenced via its progressed New Moon with technological planet of Uranus, also connected to flight. Last year’s World Predictions 2013 forecast. ‘China, once lagging well behind the USA and USSR, is coming of age in the space race. 2013 will clearly evidence that.’

The forecast was fulfilled on December 14 2013 at 21.11 hours Beijing time when China became only the third country to put a lunar explorer on the Moon. For the Chinese Yutu, the Jade Rabbit touching the Moon was folklore becoming reality. China’s rapid technological advancement is befitting its enormous economic growth. This horoscope implies rapidly changing conditions around international relations from the June period of 2014.

The People’s Republic of China, declared by Mao Zedong from 15.00 hours CCT October 1 1949, with an alternative 15.15 time is also a widely recognized and very useful horoscope. The looming April Grand Cross will impact on the Mercury/Neptune combination in the eighth house of financial trade. Extra care may be needed to avert a trading or diplomatic misunderstanding.

The People’s Republic horoscope Sun is moving toward a square to containing Saturn. While this aspect may literally mirror US Japanese efforts at containment of China’s rapid expansion, it can also signal a slowing down of the Chinese economy into 2015. So saying, the Sun Saturn is more evident at the start of next year, than this one.

China will also make great advances in areas of defense and the military, with promising planetary alignments to the war planet Mars from September. Mars has worked well in the past. When Mars was strongly activated by progression in October 1964, China developed their first nuclear weapon. However the latter part of the year may bring greater tests for the Chinese government, leading into a difficult period at home and abroad for the first few months of 2015.


Between both Asian superpowers lies the rebel nation of North Korea. For any dedicated political astrologer, the long history of Korea and planetary cycles is an absorbing study. The 493 year Neptune Pluto cycle has at the last three conjunctions ushered in dynastic change.

The ancient Goryeo dynasty ruled for almost five centuries before being replaced by the Joseon dynasty in 1392, which then fell during the 1890’s following invasion by Japan.
This cosmic dynastic thread still applies to current leader Kim Jong-un.

Kim’s great grandmother Kang Pan-sok, an independence fighter and communist activist, was born on April 21 1892, only nine days before the last Neptune Pluto conjunction. Her birthday is commemorated each year with a wreath laying ceremony in Pyongyang.

The last Neptune Pluto conjunction features not only in Korean history, but also that of nuclear power. Planets on or around the 9 Gemini degree of the last conjunction continue to crop up. For example, Saturn was positioned here for the first controlled nuclear reaction; Venus at 9 Gemini for Alamogordo atomic explosion, and the war planet of Mars was at 9 degrees of Gemini when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

The People's Republic of Korea was founded by Kim Il-sung, on September 9 1948. The belligerent rhetoric echoing forth from the hermit kingdom in 2013 came as communicative Mercury progressed to semisquare militant Mars in the national horoscope. But early this year expands on that with both in aspect to zealous Jupiter.

The Grand Cross impacts with the nations Saturn. Saturn is the planet of stability, and North Korea with the youngest head of state in the world at the helm is hardly the most stable of nations. Predictable ongoing war games, flying stealth bombers over the peninsula, along with severe economic sanctions have failed to stop DPRK pursuing nuclear technology.

Kim Jong-un, at least to western media, is the paragon of Dr Evil. If his birthdate truly is January 8 1983, then he could be the most dangerous nemesis to South Korea since it was created on August 15 1948. This would place Kim’s Sun square South Korea’s Mars and South Korea’s Sun opposite his Mars.


Modern Turkey rose out of the ashes of the fallen Ottoman Empire after WWI. The three notable events forming the new nation were the First Grand Assembly of Turkey on April 23 1920, the Treaty of Lausane of July 24 1923 and the Republic of Turkey, which came into being from 20.30 hours on the 23rd of October 1923.

All three horoscopes strongly feature Mars, the planet of the military very strongly, and in all three charts the ruling Sun is placed at the beginning of a fixed sign. This speaks volumes for the role of the army in the governance of Turkey. The national horoscope also features the planet of revolution, Uranus, at the helm of the chart. Turkey has had military coups in 1960, 1971, 1980, and more subtly in 1997. Are they looking at another?

President Recep Erdogan, has been leading Turkey since 2002. He is the only Turkish PM to have won three successive elections, increasing his vote each time. Erdogan oversaw economic reform that has taken Turkey from owing over 23 billion to the IMF to now being in credit. Yet despite the country’s progress from debtor to creditor nation, and growing into a regional power, his increasingly authoritarian rule looks to be his eventual undoing.

Perhaps Erdogan should have looked to the past, when another powerful Turkish President Adnan Menderes was overthrown on the evening of May 27 1960, and later executed. That date became very significant last year! On May 27 2013 protests began over the removal of Gezi Park, one of the few green areas of Istanbul. A sit in the following evening went viral, with protests spreading across the nation.

Turkey was also divided by the life sentence imposed on former military leader General Ilker Basbug, last August, on charges of trying to overthrow the government. The mixture of Islam, secularism and military influence was given a shake up. By the end of the year corruption scandals led to Erdogan sacking ten government ministers. It was his annus horribilis.

Recep Ergodan, born February 26 1954 in Istanbul, was experiencing his progressed Sun in opposition to sobering Saturn at the time of the widespread protests. This pits the individual against the establishment. He blames hidden hands and international meddling for his current crisis. His reasoning may be partly true, as covert Neptune moves to meet his birth Sun from May this year. But Neptune, the planet of sacrifice, also dissolves one’s ego and often one’s power with it.


Prior to the last yearly forecast, adverse rumors circulated about the health of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Based on his own horoscope, and swearing in chart, I wrote that Chavez would soon pass out of Venezuelan politics and hand the baton to his successor. After the death of the enigmatic Chavez on March 5, new Presidential elections were scheduled for April 14. The result was a closely contested win to Chavez’s former deputy, and now President, Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro was sworn in at 1 pm April 19 2013, in the capital of Caracas. The horoscope of the moment featured a Sun/Mars conjunction in martial Aries, semisquare judicial and successful Jupiter. Maduro survived a court challenge on the election result and his party increased their popular vote, in the end of year national council elections. The chart also depicts a government that will struggle with the economy, and yet still be able to communicate effectively with the public.

Prior to the more recent elections, Maduro received special powers from the national assembly to institute economic reform including price control. He ordered vendors to lower their prices by up to 50% in a move that proved a vote winner with the masses. Despite the vote-catcher, Venezuela’s oil-based economy labors under poor infrastructure, a lack of basic commodities, local production and unsustainable inflation.

For most of 2014 Pluto, lord of wealth, will oppose Venezuela’s patriotic Cancer Sun, whilst solar arc Saturn squares it. The country, that declared their independence from Spain on July 5 1811, is in desperate need major reform, starting with currency devaluation. Unless he confronts these problems directly and successfully, Maduro’s leadership will be seriously undermined in typical underground Pluto fashion.


There are two effective horoscopes for Iran, and they both fittingly overlap. The first is the untimed Iran-Majlis horoscope of October 7 1906, their first parliamentary system that still survives in 2014. The other was the Islamic Republic declared in a radio address, by the Ayatollah Khomeini, at 3 pm local time on April 1 1979. Appropriately the two Sun positions in Libra and Aries respectively, are tightly opposed.

The importance of this solar opposition is the degree area highlighted, falling between 12 and 14 degrees of cardinal. This is precisely where the Cardinal Grand Cross is lining up in late April of this year. The way this crisis period is negotiated will go a long way to deciding whether the Middle East is further fractured, or old rivalries still do not prevent intelligent negotiation.

At 4.30 am November 24 2013 in Geneva - Switzerland, the US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany signed a six-month nuclear containment deal with Iran. The new deal required Iran to freeze their nuclear development program, in exchange for more economic co-operation from the world powers. This historic paper theoretically buys time, allowing UN inspectors vital access into Iran’s uranium enrichments plants.

The Geneva agreement has a particular relevance to the horoscope of US President Obama. The Sun was at his status bearing Midheaven, and the Moon moving across his Sun the very moment it was signed. The consensus has been hailed as the most important diplomatic breakthrough for the USA and Iran since the 1979 Revolution.

But it’s not all so peaceful. Mars was also placed right on Obama’s Mars, and square the Mars of the USA horoscope on November 24 in Geneva. It is bound to create homeland opposition and put President Obama in the firing line. Already the sparks are flying. Israel and Saudi Arabia, traditional enemies of Iran, have made their fury known.


Modern Israel was proclaimed from 4 pm on May 14 1948 at Tel Aviv. It’s earthy and security conscious Taurean Sun lies in the eighth house of shared possessions and foreign investment. Israel divides its land with the native Palestinians, although enmity between the two lies at the source of greater Middle East unrest. But the burning issue for Israel, leading into 2014, is Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and the possibility that the Middle East could host more than one nuclear nation.

Israel have been threatening a pre-emptive strike on Iran, but are stifled by US negotiations with the Islamic Republic. The Grand Cross of late April 2014 is hard angled to combative Mars in the Israel birth chart. Progressing Mars will also semisquare their Saturn, precisely between May and June. Israel’s 2014 Solar Return (their birthday horoscope for the year in question) also places Mars at the Ascendant and destructive Pluto at the IC, or home point.

Israel's Prime Minister, Bin Netanyahu, was born in Jerusalem on the morning of October 21 1949. From my work on his horoscope the time of 10.18 am seems the best fit, considering the key events of his life. Netanyahu is a leader whose horoscope interlocks very closely with the country he governs. He was the first Israeli Prime Minister actually born in the modern state and has held this post more than once.

Netanyahu’s focused Sun and Moon combination straddles Israel’s Libran Ascendant, as did the Sun of their first Prime Minister David ben Gurion. His Mars is also conjunct Israel’s Mars. The planet of war has played an integral role in Netanyahu’s life. When it solar arced to his Midheaven in July 1976 his elder brother Yonatan was the lone Israeli killed in the daring counter terrorist raid, Operation Entebbe. Such an event cannot help but shape one’s attitude to life.

Across 2014 Netanyahu’s progressed Sun will form an opposition to intransigent Uranus, and sesquisquare obsessive Pluto. This combination will deliver the most testing time of Netanyahu’s tenure. There is outside pressure for him to change and yet these are the signals of the determined revolutionary.

Netanyahu has modeled his entire political career on the defense of Israel. The less they are threatened, the less his political relevance. Impulsive Mars stationing on his Sun mid February to early March will sorely test his patience.


British monarchs simply don’t abdicate. Unless they’re King Edward the VIII, and fall in love with American divorcees. For that dereliction of duty, the once popular Duke of Windsor was royally ostracized, following his 1936 pre Christmas message that he’d had a better offer. It changed the order of succession and put a young Elizabeth of Windsor in line for the throne.

It would seem incredulous that QEII, an absolute bastion of British tradition, would dream of abdicating. Surely there would be more chance of her knighting a corgi than that. Wouldn’t Queen Elizabeth’s stoic Capricorn Ascendant, with ruling planet accountable Saturn at her fixed Scorpio Midheaven, have her superglued to the throne? Or does the Uranus Pluto square even affect the British Royals?

In May of 2013, the reformatory Uranus Pluto square formed a hard angle to QEII’s Midheaven. Surprisingly she announced that she would not be appearing at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. For the first time it was to be opened by her son, the interminable king in waiting, Prince Charles. As the Uranus/Pluto duo returned to QEII’s Saturn and Midheaven last November, CHOGM proceeded minus the Queen.

2014 will represent the Queen’s third Saturn return. It’s the planet of obligation and duty. It will also witness her Pluto opposition. This hard working planetary duo may be marking a turning point in her majesty’s responsibilities. She is expected to surpass the reign of Queen Victoria by September 10 2015, but is she also preparing for succession?


Saturn is a key planet in the horoscope of Prince Charles, born November 14 1948 @ 21.14 GMT in London. At birth Saturn was positioned at 05Virg16, both ruling and uncomfortably inconjunct his Descendant of 05Aqu24. What an accurate story this ultimately told, about responsibility, plus trials and tribulations, in his relationship life.

Outer planets are often overlooked when delineating progressions. They offer miniscule movement, but can have major implications. On the final day of 1980, Charles' secondary progressed Saturn turned retrograde. As Saturn reversed he became romantically linked to Diana. True to the inconjunct, it was to prove an awkward liaison.

As Saturn progressed backward so did Charles. The marriage, despite producing two potential royal heirs, was more test than triumph for both. In 1993, as his progressed Ascendant met his progressed Saturn, Charles and Diana separated. All of which makes 2014 another milestone year for Charles, as progressed Saturn returns to its birth position.

The game changing Cardinal Grand Cross, of late April 2014, will impact directly on Prince Charles' very public Midheaven. This will come as dutiful transiting Saturn stations on the Prince’s Sun. This stellar combination may accompany sudden family changes that move him closer to his destiny. As Saturn again returns to Charles' birth Sun for his November birthday, expect the events of early 2014 to be somehow also connected to the birthday period.


The angles of Kate and William’s Royal Wedding horoscope of April 29 2011 @ 11.20 am BST at the minute they exchanged vows are also impacted by the Grand Cross. This horoscope has the same angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) as that of Prince Charles.

The first Solar Eclipse of 2014, on April 29, will also fall on the Sun of the Royal Wedding chart. So it can be assumed that the events affecting the British Royals of the coming year, will also heavily impact on the partnership of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Eclipses are harbingers of change.

One of the most dynamic of all the royal horoscopes for 2014 belongs to Prince Harry, born September 15 1984 @ 4.20 pm BST in London. Harry, like his grandmother QEII, has Capricorn rising, with Saturn close to a Scorpio Midheaven. From November 2013, Harry will experience his first maturing Saturn return. It will pass over his Midheaven in December and retrograde back through his tenth house of career, from March 2014, returning again through late June and August 2014.

The rising responsibility of Saturn, for Harry, is accompanied by even more descriptive planets. Solar arcing Venus will reach his Midheaven in the English summer of 2014 from March, and Pluto will begin what amounts to a two-year transit conjunct his Ascendant. These are major indicators of relationship change for the young prince. Could we be witnessing yet another Royal Marriage in the summer of 2014? Will Harry meet his match?

The planetary indications for the year ahead signal royal reshuffles within the British royal family. The trigger may come unplanned early in the year, but the net result may be a modernization of succession. In a world of rapid modernization, which has affected the papacy and other royal families, change is the ruling metaphor.


European settlement in Australia began in earnest, when members of the First Fleet began clearing trees on the harbor foreshores, on the morning of January 26 1788. This moment was dutifully recorded in the diary of Philip Gidley King, “at Day light the English colours were displayed on shore & possesion was taken for His Majesty” The subsequent history of Australia supports a time of 5.23 a.m. on January 26 1788 – now nationally commemorated as Australia Day.

Australia’s Mars is its most active planet during 2014. This should ensure a growing military unity with the USA, and an increasing accent on territorial defence and internal security. The USA’s Sun ignites Australia’s Cancerian Mars, and Australia’s Sun sesquisquares the USA Mars – hence their brothers in arms relationship.

The red planet Mars is also the planet of tempests and fire. Australia, a dry continent, has just experienced its hottest ever year in 2013. The unseasonably hot spring resulted in devastating bushfires, destroying 200 homes in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Jupiter’s return to station on Australia’s Mars, in mid February, suggests a further time window when the fire watch becomes even more important.

Reformative Pluto opposing Australia’s fiery Mars will ensure the political arena is a hotbed. That was the case at Pluto’s last hard aspect to Mars, which produced the constitutional crisis of 1975, and sacking of a Prime Minister. Late February, March, August and November may also accompany increased strikes or public unrest due to political turmoil.

Pluto, the ruler of underground wealth, also angles nicely to Australia’s Moon, positioned in our house of international trading and tax. It may also signal changes to the taxation system. Yet Australia would also be well advised to diversify their banking away from the ‘big four’, to guarantee greater stability. Telecommunications, Internet and satellite technology will be areas of growth, along with medical research.


Australia became a Federation with the swearing in of a national parliament on January 1 1901 @ 1.36 pm in Sydney. Based on this chart, as well as the Settlement horoscope, World Predictions 2013 forecast a change of federal government, with the fall of Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, the rise of Liberal opponent Tony Abbott to national leadership, and the new opposition to be led by Bill Shorten. All of this came to pass. There were several standout reasons.

Solar eclipses represent new starts. The solar eclipses of May and November 2013 fell on the well aspected birth Suns of Labor’s Bill Shorten, and Liberal leader Tony Abbott. The eclipse cycle was a repeat of 1994, a successful career year for both. At this stage 2016 is the next election year. Shorten’s horoscope will then have transiting Pluto trining his Sun and forming a Grand Trine with itself. Assuming he’s still around he would have to be favorite to win. That would make Abbott’s post a short one.


There have been but two Australian Prime Ministers born with their Sun square sudden surprise Uranus. The first was Labor’s Frank Forde, a deputy who took the post upon the death of wartime leader John Curtin. Eight days later, in a leadership ballot, Forde was defeated. The other is Liberal Tony Abbott , born 4 am on November 4 1957 in London, according to his parent’s recollection.

Abbott became Liberal leader by just one vote, in a shock result, as his party divided on the issue of climate change. With responsible Saturn conjunct his Sun and elevating Jupiter trine, he emerged the easy winner of the September 7 federal election. He was sworn in as Prime Minister on September 18 2013 at 10.29 am in Canberra. This horoscope, with secretive Neptune opposing the leadership Midheaven, and the Sun in hard aspect to both Mars and Saturn, suggests a short, or one term, tenure.

The Abbott led government has already established an unwanted first, by becoming the only victor to be trailing in the polls within their first three months of office – traditionally a voter honeymoon period. It’s the result of an extremely secretive and authoritarian approach. Abbott has scrapped the science ministry, dismantled the climate commission and secrecy now surrounds refugee boat arrivals, a key Abbott policy.

Diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, including the major trading partner China, has cooled significantly, along with the economy. Humanitarian United Nations votes have been covertly reversed. Abbott has even hinted at privatizing the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to silence voices of dissension. Abbott is exercising the authoritarian approach in a time of Uranus and Pluto revolution.

Jupiter, the planet of success, is returning to the position it held prior to his election win, from February through to April, which may offer some relief in the polls. Abbott will also have confrontational Mars sitting on his own Mars from mid February to mid March. But toward the end of the year, in both late August and November, when Australia is due to host the next G20, Abbott’s horoscope is severely challenged by the insurgent Uranus Pluto combination.

Coincidentally, the man he defeated for the Liberal leadership, Malcolm Turnbull, born October 24 1954, will have a solar eclipse on his birthday Sun in this latter time period. It may suggest a significant repositioning. It will certainly prove once and for all, whether the Liberal Party can accommodate both continuing to serve in the same ministry.


The current Uranus Pluto cycle began from the union of the two in the mid-sixties. This was an accelerated period of generational change, invigorating people power and counter cultural movements. The spirit of youth challenged the establishment regarding humanitarian rights, racial and religious discrimination, environmental destruction and sexuality.

The 60’s produced seminal figures of a paradigm shift from Martin Luther King, to Nelson Mandela, Beatles to Bob Dylan. It gave birth to the Internet and the exploration of outer space. Looking back at planet earth from space began to offer an entirely different perspective and objectivity. As the Uranus Pluto cycle now negotiates its first challenging square from this starting point, similar issues are again dominating the headlines.

It was unimaginable in the sixties for the USA to have an Afro-American President. Or that he would be one of many leading world figures celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela - back then literally a prisoner of racial discrimination. It was inconceivable that the Internet would expand into instant global communication for the individual, allowing you to read this. Or that spacecraft would be drifting out of the solar system. But this is the Uranus Pluto square. Trust in cycles – they really do work.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2014 . May the force be with you!

For those interested in exploring the predictive potential of political astrology even more, there is a massive page containing over 60,000 words on my weekly summations and predictions on all the events of 2013 as well right here on this website.

Copyright – Ed Tamplin January 3 2014

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