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February 10

This week's article is profoundly different to the more immediate and topical I have been writing of late. It leans toward the technical but if you have the patience to get through that my hope is that it provides a rational explanation to the current turbulence, short term thinking and lack of political community in the global sense.

I want to begin by noting that the reasoning is based on planetary cycles as the long term timers of significant change. And go way back to the 6th century BC to illustrate how powerfully these cycles work on collective humanity. We'll start by taking three planets, totally oblivious to the inhabitants of the century then in question.

Between 578 and 576 BC, the distant outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all converged in a triple conjunction. The rarity of this is such that the next triple conjunction will not occur until between 3368 to 3370 AD - a gap of almost four thousand years. The rapid evolution of thought in the years surrounding is still a marvel and mystery among eminent historians. Not so to mundane astrologers.

The synchronicity of the original triple conjunction was a cross cultural explosion of knowledge and self-awareness. The 6th century BC, representing the peak of the Axial Age, witnessed the births of Buddha and Mahariva in India, Pythagoras in Greece, Confucius and Lao Tse in China and Zoroaster in Persia.

It was a golden era of Greek natural scientists with three outstanding scholars out of Miletus - Thales, Anaximader and Anaximenes,. They were considered the first scientific thinkers of the Western world, conceiving new theories, far removed from previous mythology and instead based on objective observation.

Thales is regarded as the first Western philosopher, Anaximander his pupil and successor, along with Anaximenes are the fathers of cosmology. Their use of mathematics, geometry and deductive reasoning was a welcome advancement over the subjective and superstitious thought preceding them.

The end of the 6th century BC saw the practical birth of a new political philosophy known as 'democracy' and championed by Cleisthenes, originally a mamber of the Athenean aristocracy. He was to lead a revolt against the inequality of the day, in what became the first time in history that a people's revolution overthew and replaced a ruling class

Worldviews dramatically changed during this time of the rare triple conjunction. It was as if a rapid enlightenement had descended upon humanity, regardless of location. The objective understanding of the Buddha, the sage advice of Lao Tse or logical quotes of Confucius. The same time frame saw the birth of a primitive globalisation and first empire – the Persian Empire – stretching from Egypt to India.


Since those ancient times, the long range synodic cycles of Neptune/Pluto (492 years), Uranus/Neptune (172 years) and Uranus/Pluto (varies from 113 to 151 years) have not simultaneously synchronised. That won't happen for another 1,349 years.

Yet the years of 1891 until 1993 did see all three of the big cycles renew, virtually within one century.
1891-92 Neptune/Pluto
1965-66 Uranus/Pluto
1993 Uranus/Neptune

The 20th century saw an enormous growth of technology, transport and mass communications. The longer Neptune/Pluto cycle was enabling mass media cultural consumption via the birth of film and creating new industries with the motor vehicle set to revolutionise the designs of cities and human relocations, with road networks and freeways as well as underpinning the lucrative petroleum industry.

Come the mid-sixties and the renewing Uranus/Pluto cycle saw the even more expansive space race providing the platform for the US Moon landing by the end of that decade. It also timed the birth of the micro-computer and the beginnings of the Internet, although that would not realize it's fuller potential until the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1993 and the birth of the world wide web.

The entire period stretching a smidgeon above one hundred years transformed our world in far greater ways than the centuries preceding. It may not have been as game changing as the 6th century BC for human evolution, but it runs a close second. Technology – for better or worse - now governs our existence. That's the big picture. What about now? And why the breakdown of social structures?


Wherever you look, across the world, the politics of polarity is now paralysing progress. It's as if we've hit the wall on the important things that give more meaning to life and instead turned to economic rationalisation as a prevaling reason for existence. Moral values and a deeper meaning philosophy of life runs a distant second. Ecology suffers the consequences.

The day of the statesperson, or visionary, has descended into a race of capitalistic cynicism; politicians in the pockets of corporate donors. Billionaires are running countries and rampant nationalism is born from this, fracturing the delicate balance required for genuine global co-operation and advancement. Take heed that it won't last.

The ongoing inequality that is suffocating democracies across the planet will inevitably produce a blowback, just as the Athenian aristocracy experienced back in the days of the rebellious people's champion, Cleisthenes. But to understand why this is happening now and the timing of change, it's useful to first return to another Greek philosopher.

Enter Plato and his theory of world change being attached to the conjunctions of planets. It's simple enough. Any conjunction represents the beginning of a new cycle, yet must also be the ending of an old one. The more of these conjunctions happening within a smaller amount of time, the greater degree of change prevailing. This was something taken up by a couple of French astrologers in the middle of the 20th century.


One of the most effective ways of forecasting the immediate state of global political stability and instability, is the Andre Barbault Cyclical Index, named after the famous French mundane astrologer, taken from an original idea advanced by Henri-Joseph Gouchon. It is based on the cycles of the outer planetary pairings from Jupiter, through Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – ten possible combinations.

Barbault's index is normally represented in a graph form, covering a select span of years. It is calculated by adding the degrees of separation between the ten pairs of planetary outers starting from Jupiter/Saturn and ending with Neptune/Pluto. One can either use January 1, or March 21/22 start of the zodiac, as the beginning date of each year and then add the degrees of separation involiving the ten combinations.

At the heart of the theory is that the lesser the number of degrees of separation between the planetary pairings, the more out of balance the world becomes. That's because conjunctions are emphasising new beginnings. Barbault used the graph across the 20th century to map the significant dips, effectively marking WWI and WWII. But to elaborate briefly upon this.

If you look back to prior to WWI, there was a period of seven years with no outer planetary conjunctions, until 1914 when Jupiter and Uranus and then Saturn and Pluto both renewed their synodic cycles, Saturn and Neptune would do so by 1917. These important new cycles spanned the years covering WWI and the Russian Revolution.

There were also no outer planetary conjunctions from the low of the Depression in 1932, until a triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn kicked in by 1940 during WWII, whereupon Jupiter formed successive conjunctions with Uranus, Pluto and finally Neptune. Add to that the Saturn Uranus conjunction of 1942 and then the postwar Saturn Pluto union of 1947.

The final one was shaping Indian independence and creation of Pakistan, along with the division between North/South Korea, plus the failed partition plan of Palestine. All are still political hotspots with ongoing mistrust and enmity remaining.

The 1980's was a major low of the index. It didn't result in war, instead timing the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the rise of government deregulations, tranferring wealth and assets from the public to private ownership. It was the forerunner of today's economic inequality and corporate political control.

Now, as I write, seven of the ten outer planetary pairings are now in the waning or breakdown stage. Social infrastructure is bearing the brunt cycles winding down and impending new beginnings.


Jupiter is the natural planet of growth. Jupiter is now in balsamic or closing stage to Saturn, about to enter disseminating phase with Uranus, and closing square to Neptune, while also balsamic to Pluto. Jupiter has passed all of its waxing growth phases and is well into waning or giving way stages with all other outers. Jupiter's expansive role of progressive growth is therefore contained.

Saturn is in disseminating phase to Uranus, advancing through the closing quarter phase with Neptune and balsamic, plus moving toward conjunction, with Pluto. Having both Jupiter and Saturn – representing law and order - all in wind down phases to the other outers, and even to themselves. This is symbiotic of this old order falling way.

In these days of tumultuous change, where most leaders lack future vision and direction, the planets instead become the reliable marker buoys on troubled waters. They provide celestial guiding lights giving some assurance, even if merely through timing the breakdown and reconstruction. And it is their immunity from 'spin', at least in the political sense, that gives us a solid foundation to work with.


Examining Barbault's Cyclic Index for the 21st century, the graph shows a gradual dip around the beginning of the Iraq War of 2003, which bottoms out by early 2009, neatly timing the recovery of the Global Financial Crisis. The index then completes its upward climb in 2013 before again reversing downward. The lows exacerbate the instability.

The graph descends more rapidly from 2015 onward, correlating with the year of the Trump presidential campaign launch. This descent gains pace from 2017, after his swearing in and will bottom out in the 2021/22 period. We are now well into the dip which will not rise above the median markers until 2025/26.

The reason that we are in this sharp dip is that both Jupiter and Saturn are about to form conjunctions with Pluto and then begin a new cycle of their own all in 2020, plus Jupiter is heading for a conjunction with Neptune in 2022. Repeating that multiple outer planetary conjunctions, over a relativity short period of time, indicate a more concentrated time frame of change.

After the 2026 conjunction of the planetary outers, Saturn and Neptune, historically pivotal for socialistic politics and movements, there is a six year period with no outer planetary conjunctions occurring. This should be a pointer to a relatively peaceful period of new and positive growth, if past evidence is our future barometer.

The clincher here is the Saturn Neptune conjunction is right at the start of Aries and running in a favourable angle to the 1917 Saturn Neptune conjunction. It's extremely significant, as it shows the extreme right wing movements we're experiencing today are just part of the breakdown. They are reactionary, rather than future orientated. The new revolutionary social order will be far more balanced with a greater social awareness and equanimity. It will be worth the wait.

More on the immediate scene next week..

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