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September 16


In Douglas Adams classic sci-fi radio play – and subsequent book, series and movie – 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' the concept of quintessential capitalism is satirised via the legendary planet Magrathea and its laissez faire pioneers. Magrathea was the home of the richest beings of the universe – the human equivalent of today's one percenters.

Their all consuming success plunged the remainder of the cosmos into abject poverty. Having created a universal recession that destroyed an empire, and unwilling to suffer the consequences, these opulent occupants are placed on temporal life support, in unconscious hibernation, awaiting a galactic stock market recovery, to once again pillage and plunder.

Adams amusing portrayal of this undying aptitude for avarice has darker hint of underlying truth. The universe may have began with the Big Bang, but from the economic perspective, it's been boom and bust thereafter. Predicting when these periods are going to occur has kept economists and governments in constant suspense. This week's article looks at some of the more useful methods for relieving it.


September 15 2018 marks a decade since the collapse of Lehman Bros and the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's. In April 2008 I presented a lecture for the Federation of Australian Astrologers NSW branch in Sydney. My subject was financial astrology and the precise timing of the coming recession. The one and a half hour presentation was recorded on video and my reasoning is shown here. Click here to view the short video highlights.

One of the reasons I determined to deliver that April address was that at the beginning of the year I had been featured on national television forecasting the year ahead, in a five minute feature for Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair'. My calculation of the looming recession was cut from the broadcast. Deemed not suitable for New Years Day cheer. The economy, it seemed, must always be portrayed in a positive light. Whether, or not, it is.

Times have changed. Last week, J P Morgan Chase bank forecast that another recession is on the way. They've timed it for 2020 and anticipate that the US stocks market will slide around 20% with energy prices dropping almost double that and commodities by a similar margin. The good news – so they say – is that it won't be as steep as the last recession. What's the reality?


The irony of economics is that despite the different theories advanced across the years, historical records show that boom and bust is part of the rhythmic repetition of capital and not so easy to control. In order to study its timing and effects after the Great Depression hit, the US President Herbert Hoover, requested his Chief Economic Analyst, Edward R. Dewey, research its causes.

Dewey, who received conflicting information from his economists, instead studied cycles, from the biological to the financial. His initiatives resulted in the formation of the Foundation For The Study of Cycles by 1941 and a later book co-authored with Edwin Dakin entitled 'Cycles-The Science of Prediction' in 1947. Nevertheless, his work was considered pseudo-science by mainstream economists.

Dewey was not alone. Centuries prior, the English logician, Stanley Jevons, had proposed a sunspot theory on wheat prices that he'd gathered between the years of 1770-1808. He was repeating what the ancient Babylonian stargazers had done in the distant millennia, documenting agricultural commodity prices along with planetary positioning, in the earliest evidence of financial forecasting. The Amsterdam University has records dating from 365 to 61 BC.

Growth and decay are natural phenomena, as common as day and night, sunrise and sunset, yin and yang. They are also measurable phenomena. And although no moment ever repeats exactly, for each one is unique and new, there exists an underlying rhythm to life, from heartbeat to respiration, along with life spans of various species, breeding seasons, population fluctuations and so on.


The value of astrology in this sort of endeavour, is that it measures the multiple hands of the cosmic clock, from the Moon, through the inner planets and distant outer giants, to remote dwarfs such as Pluto.

There is a geometric aspect to consider in the harmonic division of any cycle. For example, a circle of 360 degrees can be broken down into the square of 90 degrees and both may be converted into years. This may work for invention (often the driver of economic growth) or financial forecasting.

Scientifically, 1609 was the landmark year of discovery in astronomy. It was the year that Johannes Kepler, revealed the formula for the elliptical orbits and precise measurement of planetary movement. It was also the year that the Galileo first turned his newly invented telescope toward the heavens. One complete cycle, 360 years later, equates to 1969, when Armstrong first set foot upon the Moon.


The difference between the two major US stock market blowouts of the 19th and 20th centuries were 1842 and 1932, exactly 90 years apart. If the 90 year cycle were to again prove precise that would make 2022 the future year to watch. However, such longer cycles usually have a greater orb, meaning that this period may actually have a slight variance of years.

What Dewey, along with other researchers discovered, is that there are always multiple cycles simultaneously interacting. This is much more like an orchestrated symphony than a solo instrumental. One of Dewey's most important finds was a wholesale prices recurrence pattern of 54 years, also coinciding with periods of war.

The famous Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, also proposed a 50-60 year cycle of western economic growth and decay averaging 54 years and now popularly known as the Kondratiev wave and reflecting technological innovation. The wave terminology was suggested by the Austrian born Harvard Professor, Joseph Schumpeter, himself a proponent of recurrence cycles.

Schumpeter with high ambitions to be the world's greatest economist, broke down the 54 year cycle into smaller harmonic components, being a business cycle of around 18 years, a 9 year cycle of fixed investments and a shorter 40 month cycle discovered in the 1920's by Joseph Kitchen. Almost all of these can be recognised by astrologers as representing planetary orbits, synodic cycles between two planets or bodies, or multiples of such.

The most obvious is the Moon's nodal cycle of 18.6 years, involving the opposing lunar nodes transits through the signs and their reversal every 9 years. They can be applied to political or economic forecasting, with the two often going hand in hand. For example the collapse of the Soviet Bloc occurred in 1989. One eclipse cycle later, in 2008, the western economic system also hovered on the brink of collapse. So what of 2025/6 and the Nodal recurrence?

Some might reason that the GFC, and its attendant debt, made way for a new age of nationalism, providing the prelude for the Brexits and Trumps, as an old global order breaks down. Professor Schumpter, who died over fifty years ago, reasoned that the eventual success of capitalism would lead to greater corporatism and then the decomposition of the capitalist structures toward a more socialist system. He insisted that he wasn't advocating this politically, merely analysing a trending pattern.


All of these patterns fly in the face of politicians claiming sole responsibility for economic success. Schumpter pointed this out in the recovery of the USA and Germany, using completely different methods, yet coincident with Roosevelt's New Deal and Hitler's ascension, both in the first quarter of 1933, or Stalin's parallel growth of the Russian economy. He wrote of Roosevelt's inauguration and the New Deal.

"It would be contrary to all experience and common sense, though of course no logical impossibility, that a process which can be strictly proven to have been running its course since at least the 16th century and right to the end of 1932, should have come to a stop suddenly on March 4 1933"

They can either be in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. Barack Obama inherited a broken America with the North Node moving through Aquarius, a time of business contraction, illustrated by Louise McWhirter in her classic 'Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting', published way back in 1938 .

Obama also came in under a Saturn Uranus opposition, another of McWhirter's prime negative indicators, and rated by financial astrologer Ray Merriman as the most powerful planetary economic cycle of all. The change that Obama promised you could believe in, became small change in the wash up. The stock market bottomed out in the second month of Obama's first term.

The Dow Jones then entered a long bull run, sufficing today. Now the lunar nodes have reversed, one wonders just how long it can last. Obama's successor, Donald Trump, points to his economic record as a measure of his success and a bulwark against his critics. For most of Trump's term the North Node has been moving through Leo, a recognised time of business growth and confidence, again noted in McWhirter's classic work.

The last time it was here spelt the dotcom bubble building and bursting as it left. The North Node will remain in Leo until November this year. Mainstream experts praise the current economic indicators. But will the current rate of growth continue or soon show signs of fluctuating instability? October 2018 could prove an interesting testing ground. Here's a month that has hosted 50% of the Dow's top ten tumbles.

Values planet Venus will station and head retrograde in Scorpio around the 5th. It is due to oppose erratic Uranus by the end of the month. Earlier, on the 10th Venus will square Mars, whilst trading Mercury opposes Uranus at the same time. The Full Moon of October 24 (the Black Monday of 1929) will fall on Uranus. The prior Full Moon of September 24 would have squared contracting Saturn. These are all minor patterns in the big picture. But they can provide a future indicator and trigger, of changing fortunes.

The J P Morgan Chase forecast of 2020 has to be taken seriously. There are converging planetary cycles between 2020 and 2026 that support other objective cyclic research, which haven't even factored planets in at all. Professor Schumpter may be right on the money with his future worldview. The principle cycle of socialism, the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, will form on the highly significant worldly axis, of zero Aries, in 2026. I'm guessing it won't go down so well in the avaricious world of Magrathea. More on this later.

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Aries or Aries Rising weekly horoscope: Your ruling planet, pro-active Mars, is now back into the more universal sign of Aquarius, which can find you more active in group settings. This is a positive indicator for the sports minded, especially in a collective setting. The first three weeks of this month have emphasised the work ethic and putting things into order, tidying up inevitable loose ends etc. If you have joined a new team or association earlier this year it may have taken a little while to get used to different conditions, but time and experience are now putting that behind you. To look at your own personal chart, organise a personal and/or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top 

Taurus or Taurus Rising weekly horoscope: Motivating Mars is providing the competitive edge to your more worldly endeavours, where status and recognition are concerned. You can be making up for lost time on career objectives or be finally making headway after a period where some things had to be put on hold. 2018 remains a pivotal career time until mid-November. In terms of its two year cycle, the red planet has reached a culmination point that began from March and April of 2017. It may be asking a bit much for you to recall what was driving your desires back them but that may have a big bearing on what has been playing out lately. Something can be coming to fruition. To look at your own personal chart, organise a Skype and/or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Gemini or Gemini Rising weekly horoscope: Mars movement back into Aquarius from last week onward, can be driving your restlessness and giving you itchy feet about something. It is the planet of impulse and direct action and it's activating an area of your solar chart concerned with expansive adventures, particularly where related to travel or exploring foreign area and cultures. It can also provide the motivation for self-improvement, particularly when connected to higher and more meaningful studies and beliefs. The once impossible may not seem so daunting anymore. To look at your own personal chart, organise a Skype and or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Cancer or Cancer Rising weekly horoscope: Mars movement back into Aquarius, from the 11th onward, continues a theme begun back in May. It concerns joint holdings, shared resources within partnerships (business or personal) and actions taken regarding benefits through legacies or something owed to (or by) you. For example, if you've been having hassles with the tax department or chasing up debt or money owed, you may finally be getting some action happening now after earlier delays. Also the time for cutting a deal when it comes to assets/money and significant associates. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Leo or Leo Rising weekly horoscope: Mars movement back into Aquarius, from the 11th onward, places the red plant of competition and assertion opposite your sign. Therefore, you'll notice these traits in those around you and you can incorporate the same yourself. At its best Mars gives passion and mutual desires to relationship. Working together usually brings quick results and the tag-team title. Mars is great when you're fighting for the same cause, it can also be volatile when there's a clash of wills, or you won't share the title belt. Either way, it's where the actions of others tends to light your spark. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Virgo or Virgo Rising weekly horoscope: An ongoing Mars and Uranus square has been coinciding with changes to an area of your life that you once took for granted. The square recurs between the 18th and 20th. This is the final stage of an extra long stay relating to work routines and your everyday habits. The retrograde period of Mars from late June to late August may have seen some reviews conducted here, which can lead to a change of schedules further down the track. As the same area represents health issues it may also call for a more pro-active approach to fitness and exercise. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Libra or Libra Rising weekly horoscope: Mars is again moving through your house of pleasure, amusements and entertainment. The same area also deals with romance and speculation. Passionate and impulsive Mars is definitely working in your favour here, giving you the courage to follow your heart and act on desire. This is the sporting Mars, fired up with enthusiasm and ready for action. You've had quite a bit of the red planet positivity this year and extended transits usually come with a message attached. This one is fairly simple and straightforward – follow your bliss. Make it happen! To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising weekly horoscope: Mars moves back to the base of your chart from the 11th. It's spending some extra time here, beginning back in May and not finishing with until mid-November. This can have you busier around the home in a hands on manner. At the extreme this may have meant a crucial home move and the physical re-arrangement of your living area. Or it may involve being more of the do-it-yourself renovator, come innovator, around the home. The key to all this Mars stuff is taking immediate action to bolster security, possibly family, and certainly your future. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising weekly horoscope: Mars driving activities concerning communication and information, immediate learning, your local turf and even siblings. It can make you more forthright in expressing opinions, but for a generally unrestrained Sagittarius, you don't need the aggressive elements of Mars. You could use it's motivating qualities to fast track education, or take the initiative in neighbourhood activities. The same area of your solar chart connects with commuting and computing. As Mars is machinery, it represents the hardware of computers, or the car in transport terminology. The more mechanically minded Sagittarians may find they are required to be more hands on regarding either. Or it might be time to look at upgrading and updating. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details.  Top

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising weekly horoscope: Mars is back in your money house, where it's been for much of this year. This dual movement of the red planet through Capricorn, into Aquarius and then back into Capricorn before re-entering Aquarius again has a specific meaning for you. It's where you have to fight for what you want sometimes in a crowded market place. In Capricorn it was supplying the get up and go on a new initiative. In Aquarius it's consolidating your efforts and looking for the reward factor. That's going to be an important theme through to mid-November. Look at your own future prospects astrologically for the years ahead, organize a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin Click here for details. Top

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising weekly horoscope: Last week the message was all about having the courage to follow opportunity, especially where it involves building on a natural talent or strength. Enter battle hardened Mars back in your sign from the 11th. Mars can have you leaping tall buildings in a single bound, or at the very least taking the stairs rather than the lift. One proviso for its bravado! If your birthdays falls on or around January 21, take a little extra care on the 19th of September when the impulsive red terror clashes with unpredictable Uranus. No, it's not like an accident waiting to happen because 'you will' wisely take some extra precaution. To discuss your own future prospects astrologically for 2018, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed. Click here for details. Top

Pisces or Pisces Rising weekly horoscope: The red planet Mars, is finishing up its current cycle before heading back into your sign. But not until mid-November. In the meantime it's telling you where to think first before acting and where you need to let go of suppressed hostility. Whatever is bothering you here may actually be out of your immediate control. It's not easy and can be frustrating, but it's no use losing sleep over what you can do little about. You'll deal with it eventually. But time for diverting your energy into more productive areas. Mars is currently best utilised as a healing force. Body mind practises such as the Alexander Technique or Hatha Yoga come to mind as quieting the restless spirit, working towards balance and and taming the angry genie. To look at your own personal horoscope, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin click here for details. Top

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Sirius School of Astrology offers comprehensive astrological education in all facets of Astrology. Students can learn for personal improvement or attain professional qualification.




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