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June 17


Birthdays are extra special times of year. Astronomically, they mark the time that the Sun returns to approximately the same position it held in the heavens when you entered this world. A lot of cultural rituals have grown out of that day, with the bearing of gifts being the predominant western tradition. It's not only a celebration but a message of goodwill for your next orbit around the Sun.

June 14, last week was Donald Trump's birthday. Researching his chart, some time back, I noted a spike in the planetary placements corresponding with the calendar dates both on and opposite his birthday. That is, the planets seemed to emphasise 22 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius. No surprise really as his Sun and Moon are positioned closely around the same degrees.

Taking this one step further, I examined the birthdays when he had a New Moon occurring on the same day, or right beside his birthday. The study yielded rich results, especially regarding his political trajectory. It was the New Moon of June 12 1980, falling at 21GEM59 that began the journey. The same year he met up with backroom political trickster, Roger Stone.


Trump's a Gemini. His Mercury is Antiscia to his Sun. He's a natural for the media and fascinated by it. It's 1980 and a thirty three year old Donald Trump, first appears on NBC as a young ambitious real-estate developer, interviewed about New York and urban investments. He highly recommends them, reasoning that rising transport and fuel costs made big city living more logical and affordable.

During the same year he appeared on another TV show, where the interviewer, Rona Barrett, strangely asked him whether he would one day like to be the president of the United States. Trump declines and when further pressed to why he wouldn't devote his life to public service answers...

“I see it that somebody with strong views, and somebody with the kind of views that are maybe a little unpopular, even though they may be right..but maybe unpopular...wouldn't necessarily have a chance at getting elected against somebody with no great brain, but a big smile."


The New Moon at 23GEM31, with newsworthy Mercury and popular Venus attached, appeared for his 42nd birthday of 1988. Two months later, he was interviewed by Larry King. This time, it's on the floor of the Republican Convention. Trump is riding high on the success of 'The Art Of The Deal' and has been invited as a guest of Vice President, George Bush.

He is introduced as 'handsome in the Robert Redford mould' by a blonde female announcer. Trump is making a serious effort of appealing to the 'ordinary folk'. He claims, “The wealthy people don't like me, the people that really like me are the taxi drivers and the workers. I like to win.” When questioned as to why he is a Republican, he claims he likes their principles.

Larry King enquires why he is now attached to politics. Trump claims he enjoys the 'system' but doubts that he will ever be involved beyond what he is doing – raising money for the Republican candidate. He then makes an interesting comment in that he finds this 'system a beautiful thing to watch'.

King pushes on regarding rumours of Trump running. Trump denies them. He is further interviewed by another network about 'flirting with running for President'. As he laughs it off, he is reminded of full page adds he has paid for, outlining his polices in major New York tabloids. Trump is now an outspoken critic on political issues.

Again in '88, on the David Letterman show, he claims that the US is being taken for a ride by Japan and Saudi Arabia, (re defence costs) and is a country being ripped off by its own allies. Letterman says, “it seems to me that you are dying to get to some public platform to superimpose those feelings upon the American awareness.”

Trump smilingly demurs whilst looking toward the audience and replying, 'Well, mabye so...but I'm not. I would like to have the feelings known but have somebody else do it.” Trump's habit of curling his index finger to his thumb when making an important point is shown three times while making this statement.

He fields the same presidential queries on Oprah in 1988, espousing the same beliefs. The country is being taken for a ride by Japanese imports and that allies should be paying the costs. The views haven't changed – just substitute China for Japan. The 1988 Gemini New Moon came with a political bug attached and he caught it.


Trump would revive his presidential ambitions when the next New Moon of June 13 1999 fell at 22GEM19, the day before his 53rd birthday. Roger Stone was managing the affair. The New York Times headlined it as “The Ego Behind the Ego in a Trump Gamble”. Trump announced his candidacy, again via the Larry King Show on October 7. The venture ended abruptly on February 14 2000, when he pulled out of the race, with little chance of victory.

The New Moon at 23GEM40 occurred on his 61st birthday in 2007. The Republicans had lost the House and the Senate on the back of George Dubya and the unpopular Iraq War. A major recession was on the way. Trump had switched sides, now a donor for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton seemed assured of the nomination. They forgot to tell Barack Obama.

Trump's battle was now a showbiz one, with wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon. But 2007, was also the year Trump formed his professional association with lawyer Michael Cohen. The year that his Solar Return placed the Sun opposite underworld Pluto.

According to Stormy Daniels, 2007 was the year of their alleged affair. Also of Trump's financial ties with Russian oligarchs. By December 19, 2007, he was being cross-examined, having taken an author to court. It was an unprepared Trump, who was forced to retract multiple false statements, resulting in him losing the case.

It would take the New Moon of 25GEM07 on June 16 2015 and its association with motivational Mars at 24GEM35, to make his most serious bid for national leadership. One which again began with Roger Stone as campaign chief and would succeed all expectations. The orb here is slightly wider at two degrees, all of the others being within one degree either way. But it certainly furthers the pattern.


Now, in June 2018 the New Moon falls the day before Trump's birthday at 22GEM44. It is aspected to both the eclipsing nodal axis and again to battleground Mars. Trump is now aiming for a Nobel Prize. Again events have happened right around his birthday. But it is not only a contentious G7, where his protectionist policies rankled allies. Nor is it the historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Precisely on his birthday, Trump finds himself embroiled in a new legal affair. The New York Attorney General, Barbara Underwood has initiated charges against the Trump Foundation, for misusing funds and operating outside the guidelines of a registered charity. This New Moon is also reviving that of 2007, with a focus on people like Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen and investigations into Russian oligarchs.

Trump's Solar Return of 2018 places the New Moon in the house of relationship. It's a focus on allies and/or enemies. Endings and new beginnings predominate in these areas. Already we see some of this playing out with the arrest of campaign director Paul Manafort and now possibly his lawyer Michael Cohen.

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The Moon usually indicates females, which makes it interesting that the New York Attorney General is a female, and one of the best legal minds in the country. Her birthday of August 16 1944 means that her Sun falls on Trump's Mars. The 2018 Solar Return (and new Moon) has again put the spotlight on Trump's future presidential hopes, even though he is already in the White House.

This biwheel is for the time that the Attorney General posted on her Twitter account the charges against the Trump Foundation.

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The priests of ancient Nineveh did not rely solely on celestial phenomena. They also noted unusual events happening on a terrestrial level, along with dream divinations in their quest to understand interconnectedness. They bridged connections between the past and the future. Omens acted as prophecies of things to come.

A modern example of similar prescience may be John Brunner's Hugo Award winning 1969 sci-fi novel 'Stand on Zanzibar'. Set for the future year of 2010, there are seven billion people on the planet, the Soviet Union is no longer a threat, the main rival to the US is China and it features a world leader named President Obomi. Some people seem to slide between the slipstream of the future and the past.

So let's slide back to August 18 2015 in New York, the time of a 'Time' magazine photo shoot. An unusual event occurs. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is attacked by America's national symbol, a bald eagle. It's name is 'Uncle Sam' the identity of American patriotism. Trump is genuinely in fear as the eagle lunges toward at his hand as reaches for something on his desk.

Could this be interpreted as some sort of threat that temporarily rattles the future president? Is it the stuff omens are made of? One method of timing could be to count the days between the eagle attack and when Trump actually became President on January 20 2017. And then add the same amount of days into the future onto that date. It's not the sort of thing I normally indulge in. But...

It takes us to June 2018. The month that Donald Trump is due for a meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans, having defeated the New England Patriots in the Superbowl final. Trump cancels the meeting after a number of the Eagles players pull out of the event. For some that might indicate an uncanny connection between eagles, patriots and the president. But he certainly wasn't afraid of the consequences and nothing really happened.

All of that transpired on June 06. Counting the days between the attack and adding them to his swearing in date, produces a later date. So perhaps the symbols are just indicating we're in the ballpark, as the actual threat date would be closer to June 25 2018.

That's the day that both the government and Michael Cohen's lawyers have agreed to review the documents seized during the April 9 FBI raid on Trump's lawyer's office. We might have to wait until June 25 to discover whether such omens can be taken seriously, or not.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising weekly horoscope: From the 13th, your ruling planet, logical Mercury has moved into the mor emotive element of water. It is also highlighting your house of friendships and group alliances. Mercury's major aspect is a Grand Trine pattern with Jupiter, from your house of communications and Neptune, from your partnership zone. It is strongest between the 19th and 22nd. It supports any connections on a spiritual or artistic level and it can also indicate travel partners or a potential group outing or holiday. You may find yourself 'psychically attuned' to others here and there can it may also be useful in a healing sense too. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

Libra or Libra Rising weekly horoscope: Intellectual Mercury has been elevated to the zenith of your solar chart from the middle of June. Placed here it is encouraging work related courses and any involvement with media, public presentations including all areas of information distribution and/or sales. If you're not concentrating more on the news, you can even find yourself in it, or acting as an intermediary or spokeperson for others. Between the 19th and 22nd inclusive is the time for putting yourself out there, job interviews and the like. A boon for all those working in the visual and auditory arts, film or photography. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or Skype consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details. Top

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising weekly horoscope: Your solar relationship ruler, Mercury, has moved from your relationship house into the area of shared values and deeper bonding. It's taking something to the next developmental level. But one where trust is implicit and it's essential to be on the same page. Due to that vulnerability and or co-dependency you need a certain amount of proof, rather than be driving in the dark, so to speak. It's really a matter of measuring mutual benefits. Assuring value systems match or are complimentary. And in cases where they are not, staying out of the deal. To look at your own personal chart, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin. Click here for details.  Top

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising weekly horoscope: Conversational Mercury moves to oppose your sign from the 13th onward. This promotes an exchange of ideas as the communication side of your relationships amps up. From the 19th to 22nd Mercury will form a fortuitous Grand Trine with opportune Jupiter and boundless Neptune. Jupiter represents the benefit of an educational friend, or someone who confers their greater experience or expertise to your situation. Neptune is working through communication channels or Internet related. Social networking can pick up dramatically as new contacts are made. Look at your own future prospects astrologically for the years ahead, organize a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin Click here for details. Top

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising weekly horoscope: Mercury, the thinker, is reminding you of skill through repetition - where practise makes perfect. It's a time of turning creative inspirations into practical applications. The same routine area of your solar chart also relates to health and habit. Between the 19th and 21st adept Mercury will form an accommodating Grand Trine with opportune Jupiter and chameleon like Neptune. They afford the chance of rearranging your routines and moving on from past habit patterns, in a manner beneficial to your well being. New approaches solve old puzzles. To discuss your own future prospects astrologically for 2018, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed. Click here for details. Top

Pisces or Pisces Rising weekly horoscope: The planet of non-attachment, Neptune, has been playing a prominent role for you since 2011. It's true benefits are not experienced so much on the material level, as it can appear to dissolve your dependence on the physical, focussing your attention on higher realms. From the 19th to 22nd, your partnership ruler, Mercury, enters the frame along with beneficial Jupiter, to form a a Grand Water Trine. The last time this combination appeared in the heavens was way back in April 1967. Time for planning something special and making the most of this. It's opening your psychic senses in an illuminating period of paying closer attention to inner messages. To look at your own personal horoscope, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin click here for details. Top

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