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On Friday August 10, Vice President Mike Pence announced the intended creation of a sixth branch of the US military - the Space Force. Pence born June 7 1959, in Columbus, Indiana, fittingly has his Sun and Mercury conjunct the USA's birth Mars in Gemini. Trump's Sun is also right on the US Mars, plus there are echoes of a past Republican President involved in this one.

On February 11 1983 Ronald Reagan met with his Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. He was shown a presentation by the naval chief Admiral John Watkins, promoting a contrary nuclear strategy to replace the Mutually Assured Destruction deterrent. It involved strategic missile defense. Something previously avoided by the scientific community, fearful that its success would inevitably lead to nuclear war.

Reagan ran with it. By March 23 he was addressing the world with an ambitious Star Wars plan. Earlier, in the year of his election, Reagan visited a space command center in a hollowed out mountain in Colorado. He was amazed that, ''They actually are tracking several thousand objects in space, meaning satellites of ours and everyone else's, even down to the point that they are tracking a glove lost by an astronaut.” But he was perplexed that there was no missile defense system.

One of the biggest lobbyists for the Strategic Defense Initiative was Edward Teller, known as the father of the hydrogen bomb. Unlike fellow scientists, Teller never advocated nuclear control and his character was parodied as the crazed scientist 'Dr Strangelove'. Teller met Reagan, reinforcing the fear that if the Soviets developed the technology first – world domination was inevitable.

Reagan held talks with a more moderate Soviet leader in Mikhail Gorbachev, culminating in the famous Reykjavík Summit starting from 10.40 am on October 11 1986 (as Mercury and Pluto rose at the Ascendant) and continuing the following day, in Iceland.

Their meetings eventually did much to reduce the global nuclear stockpile, but the sticking point was Reagan's Star Wars plan. Reagan held fast on this, offering to share the technology with the Soviets. Gorbachev, aware the US would not even share oil drilling technologies, remained unconvinced.


The astro-relevance of the Reykjavík Summit was Mars moving through the start of the sign of Aquarius, as it is today, and the Moon joining Mars during the meeting. Recently we had a lunar eclipse bringing the Moon back into alignment with Mars, again at the beginning of Aquarius and so virtually at the same position. The timing is reasonably appropriate that America is reviving its militarisation of space.

Mike Pence's official Pentagon announcement on August 10 2018, of the new US Space Force – continued the Trump administration's duplication of the Ronald Reagan play book that began by mimicking Reagan's original campaign logo of 'Let's Make America Great Again'. Both rely on an evil adversary.

Back in the 1980's that foe was the Soviet Union, branded by Reagan as the Evil Empire in an obvious reference to Star Wars. Reagan managed to justify the largest ever peace time spending on a military budget by playing on the Cold War 'us and them' division. For Trump, the nemesis is China. But it could be any country providing they become a powerful economic force.


At 21.11 hours Beijing time, on December 14 2013, China became the third nation, after the USA and Russia to complete a soft landing of a spacecraft on the lunar surface. The coincidence here was that Mars was conjunct the same position of the last lunar landing of August 22 1976. The Nodes were also conjunct here. China and Russia are conducting joint robotic exploration of the Moon.

The current cycles of both Mars, as the planet of war, and Mercury, the planet of commerce, are a repeat of 1939, the beginning year of WWII. We are entering the late August/September period when that battle began. What we are currently witnessing is the amping up of Donald Trump's trade war, part of the dominance strategy.

Trade wars, like economic sanctions, often lead to real wars. What they are now producing, is a fracturing of once trusted alliances, a rise in aggressive nationalism and an unco-ordinated global division. International protocols are dropping by the wayside, witnessed by the belligerent attitudes of Saudi Arabia against Canada, withdrawing diplomats, for any criticism of their royal repression.


The Space Force announcement also comes with Mars within two degrees, on the second of its three squares to the mythical sky god Uranus. Mars in square with technological and 'electric' Uranus is the perfect planetary formula for aerial or cyber warfare. The third and final square will occur on September 18.

The Mars Uranus square is also firing up unpredictability in equity and currency markets. The Dow Jones which returned a massive 24% plus gain last year has struggled in 2018, and barely registering one tenth of its 2018 gains. This erratic uncertainty is spooking investors, witnessed again last week with the nosediving Turkish lira.

Australia, caught between allegiances to its largest trading partner, China and military alliances to the US, will feel the effects of the trade battle acutely, by the next Mars Uranus conjunction which will appear on the Federation's Ascendant and the First Settlement horoscope's IC, or home and property area. It's due mid February next year.

Back in 1960 the USA accounted for around 40% of world gross domestic product. Today it contributes around half of that. Although the US remains the world's biggest overall consumer, China is now the world’s biggest market for cars and smartphones. To win a trade war with China, Trump would have to enlist the aid of Japan and South Korea, which brings us back to the 'Pacific Pivot' manouvering.

The Space Force announcement is sending obvious messages that the US intends to maintain its global military and economic domination. It's also playing on the old maxim that presidents garner greater support when playing on national security fears. And importantly it's providing a new narrative when the legitimacy of the administration is under threat. Ironically through co-ordinated cyber warfare.


I am leaving last week's eclipse article below for an extra week for new readers and it is important to keep it in mind. Plus it segues nicely with what you have just read. You might have to scroll a little more for your updated sun signs this week.



No, the end of the world isn't around the corner. Instead it's about to turn a corner. The coming partial solar eclipse of August 11 2018 peaking at 09.46.17 am, Universal Time, begins over the North Atlantic, moving east toward Northern Europe and Iceland. It's shadow can be seen in Russia, before descending onto Mongolia and northern China.

China is one country whose national horoscope is targeted by this eclipse and the accompanying planetary formation. The eclipse falls in the seventh house of the People's Republic of China chart, declared at 15.02 hours China Coast Time, on October 1 1949.

A solar eclipse in the seventh house of alliance, is realigning China's international relations. This one falls precisely on the nation's Pluto and close to its competitive Mars. Having a volatile combination like Mars and Pluto, in their seventh house of allies and enemies, aptly describes China's relationship to the nuclear powers, the USA and Russia.

The August eclipse also squares China's Venus, representing its values and valuables, in the ninth house of overseas involvement. The eclipse Mercury, the planet representing commerce and merchants, is conjunct China's seventh house Mars, which neatly encapsulates a description of commercial conflict or 'trade war'.

From late June to late September 2018 (and again from April 2019) the planet of rapid realignment, Uranus, is squaring China's Ascendant/Descendant; the axis of relationship within the horoscope. China's Ascendant has been feeling competitive Mars in Aquarius, retrograding back and forth from late May, again around this eclipse time and further in late September.

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The recent long lunar eclipse with Mars fell right on China's Moon and Ascendant combination. It is also affecting the mood of the people and has a further correlation to home boundaries, particularly in light of the containment strategies being adopted by the US and its Pacific allies.

Part of the US President Donald Trump's plan in buddying up to Vladimir Putin of Russia, would be to test and undermine Russian ties to China and North Korea. On July 16 2001, Russia and China signed a Friendship Treaty guaranteeing mutual economic and military support. The planetary aspects of that treaty to the USA's birth chart are similar to those of 911 – making them potentially very dangerous foes.

Russia, via its expanded Tran-Siberian pipeline (the eclipse falls over this area) is China's leading oil supplier. By financially isolating Russia and working to contain China's growth, both economically and militarily, the US and its allies can reinforce sanctions on 'rogue' countries that do not defer to their dialogue. This eclipse in China's relationship house is timing the differences.

Recall that 19 years ago, the year the last August 11 total solar eclipse, a stray CIA missile exploded on the Belgrade Chinese Embassy, during the Kosovo War, killing several nationals. It created an international incident. The lines of communication between Washington and Beijing were down for several days. China's President Jiang Zemin refused to receive US President Bill Clinton's calls of apology.


The Embassy incident occurred May 07 1999, as the Sun cast an approaching square to the August 11 eclipse degree. This year Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was inaugurated for a fourth term on May 7. Putin was originally catapulted to the position of Russian Prime Minister two days prior to the August 11 1999 eclipse. There's a connection as this eclipse returns.

The approaching square from the Sun to the eclipse degree yields valuable insight into key the themes of the eclipse. May 7 this year also marked a meeting between North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un and the Chinese leader Xi Jingping. On May 08 at 14.20 hours Donald Trump pulled the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Two days later, Trump announced that he would be meeting Kim Jong for a June summit. These events, marry the relationship of North Korea, Vladimir Putin and Iran into this eclipse cycle. Iran is an obvious target due to the Israel/US relationship.

Some things never change. Iran and North Korea were named as an Axis of Evil back when Republican George W Bush was at the helm. There's no difference among Republicans today. But Russia and China don't march to that drum. And countries like North Korea, Iran and (also Venezuela) are dependent upon their financial support.


August 11 is the opposite calendar date of February 11 – the commemoration date of the Iranian Revolution. On this date, in 1979 at 14.00 hours, Iran radio declared their freedom from the powers loyal to the Shah. It marked the end of the Pahlavi dynasty. Today it's a national holiday as representing independence from imperialism.

The August 11 eclipse Sun and Moon are opposite the Sun and Mars of the Iranian Revolution. At the last August 1999 eclipse, the Prime Minister of Iran was a liberal reformer named Mohammad Khatami, elected with 70% of the popular vote. Khatami became famous for his theory 'Dialogue Among Civilisations' which was received international support when introduced to the United Nations.

Khatami argued for moralising the political system, advancing ideas where “culture, morality, and art must prevail on politics”. His work was considered a reply to the US author, Samuel P Huntington's 1993 article, “Clash Of Civilisations” (published at the Uranus Neptune conjunction) theorising that after the Cold War, Islam would become the next hurdle to western domination and precipitate the next war.

Khatami, a pacifist, served two terms, ending with the election of hardline conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by 2005 and a resumption of anti-western rhetoric. The western occupation of neighbouring Iraq helped harden Iran's political narrative, at a time when relations had been improving.

Trump's Saudi support, US embassy move to Jerusalem and ongoing criticism of the Iran nuclear deal have revived the enmity between the US and Iran. If we time travel back to the eclipse of August 11 1980 in the 19 year Metonic cycle it preceded the start of the Iraq and Iran War. The Reagan adminsitration backed Saddam Hussein, even supplying the components for chemical weapons.

August holds a special place in Iranian history. On August 19 1953 a joint coup of the CIA and M16 replaced and the imprisoned their Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh for nationalising Iran's oil industry. It led to the Islamic Revolution, considered the most important since Russia's, and established under an Aquarian Sun/Mars conjunction, squaring renegade Uranus.

The chart of the Revolution, will be fielding not only the opposition of the eclipse but also the ongoing Mars Uranus square of 2018. Trump's capitalised tweet against Iran threatening, “CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE” came as Mercury, 'the messenger' in Leo, stationed opposite the Revolution's Sun.

The Secondary Progressed Sun of the Revolution is also moving to semisquare its natal Mars. This comes as Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with the US, seek to isolate Iran economically in order to force the country toward regime change. This power-keg meddling could easily escalate.


The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, born July 15 1939 in Mashad, is experiencing the 2018 Mars/Uranus repeating square as a 'Mars' return both now and on September 18. It's a combustible combination. Khamenei has already survived one assassination attempt, back on June 27 1981, when a bomb was placed inside a tape recorder he was using for his prayer session.

He still has a paralysed right hand from the explosion. His own Mars is hard aspected to both Saturn and Pluto, the triple Mars return bringing Uranus in square, could correlate with aggressive attempts to remove him from power. They could also point to health issues, along with the obvious volatility attached.


In neighbouring Iraq the rebel Shi'ite cleric and anti-corruption campaigner Muqtada al-Sadr, a staunch opponent of US occupation, was born August 12 1973. He experiences this eclipse on his birth Sun. His father, also an anti-corruption campaigner and leading Shi’ite cleric was assassinated by Saddam Hussein's secret service in 1999, the last year of an eclipse on August 11.

Al-Sadr's popularity grew significantly, following the 2003 US invasion. His Mahdi army provided the greatest resistance to foreign occupation. In 2016 he led a million man march on the Green Zone in Baghdad. Back in May as the Sun squared the eclipse degree, Al-Sadr's party dominated the Iraq elections. The looming August 11 2018 Solar Eclipse is a crucial one for his immediate initiatives and his Shi’ite movement in the Middle East.


Why is this eclipse so important for the direction of civilisation? Solar eclipses recurring on this zodiacal degree have timed some of the most significant power shifts of the 20th century. The solar eclipse of August 11, 1942 fell only four days prior to the Battle for Guadalcanal. That crucial confrontation was considered the turning point for the Allies in the Pacific War against Japan.

A fortnight after the same eclipse, the Battle of Stalingrad pitted Russia's Red Army against the might of Nazi Germany. The five-month conflict became Hitler's first major defeat on the eastern front and changed the course of World War II. Two days after the same eclipse, civil disobedience rocked India, and was pivotal for India’s self-rule plus the creation of Pakistan again in the mid-August five years down the track.

This eclipse returned to the same degree on August 11, 1961 and two days later the construction of the Berlin Wall began. When the eclipse recurred in 1980, the Polish political activist Lech Walesa led a rolling strike in the shipyards of Gdansk. This movement, named “Solidarity”, became the first signs of a crack in the previously impregnable eastern bloc and led to the eventual disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Then along came August 11 1999, and that little known KGB operative named Vladimir. Clearly, this eclipse appears to be producing another major re-alignment for modern-day Russia and its international relations. And I haven't even mentioned Israel and Palestine, this eclipse is squaring their respective birth Suns. Don't be downplayed on the significance of the August 11 2018 eclipse. It has a history...a very impressive history. The next chapter is soon to be written.

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