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January '99 introduced Ed Tamplin to 2GB's 'new age' Steve Murphy Show. Steve Murphy was the intuitive numerologist, and Ed the resident astrologer. The program featured live, on-air reads as well as forecasting future world trends. The duo's spontaneous manner and off beat humour was as entertaining as it was informative.

This unique new age program became the most listened to show on a Saturday night in Sydney by 2001, with an 12.7% audience share from 10 pm. This was despite 2GB then rating below 5% of the market share. The show went on to record consistent winning surveys for the remainder of its on-air life. Ratings peaked from 10 p.m. with the astrology segment drawing an average of 23% plus, which is exceptionally high for a specialist cult program.

In Steve's absence Ed hosted, and Sherrynne Dalby would join the crew. Her assured manner and sage Tarot advice made Sherrynne too a program favourite.

New program directions at 2GB meant that the finale came October 17 2009 marking 10 years and 10 months in Australia's most competitive radio market. This was the longest running of all live astrology programs on Australian radio. The rating figures for that final period rose to 23.2% of the available audience at 10.15 p.m., as the astrology segment began. It went out as number one thanks to warm and wonderful support throughout. It sets a great platform for any future ventures.

Hear Ed predict the start of the Afghan war... to the day... live on 2GB

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