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February 11


It was a secret conversation being taped. The smoking gun that two years later would bring down a President. On June 23rd 1972, Richard Nixon and his Chief of Staff Harry Halderman devised a plan to derail an FBI investigation into the Watergate burglary. Inform the FBI Director, Patrick Gray, that the CIA were already involved and that a public investigation would endanger national security.

At 2.30 am on June 17 that year, the five men who broke into the Democratic headquarters at Watergate, weren't CIA operatives, although one of their bosses was former CIA. They were all members of a political dirt digging team known as the plumbers.

Nixon had cobbled them together to defame journalist, Daniel Elsberg, after he had leaked the Pentagon Papers, explaining how the Johnson administration had lied to Congress and the public. Watergate was another plumbing job.

As Nixon and Halderrman conspired, the Sun, signifying the leader, was in tight opposition to the planet of justice, Jupiter. Challenging geocentric angles between the Sun and Jupiter would correlate with the pivotal events of Watergate. It became the judicial inquiry that simply wouldn't go away, despite Nixon's best efforts to kill it.


On January 08 1973, a new Sun and Jupiter cycle was commencing (exact on the 10th), uniting the two at the 20th degree of Capricorn. It was right on Nixon's Capricorn birth Sun. Normally this is an extremely fortunate combination to have. But Nixon's Sun also ran opposite to deceptive Neptune. The Watergate trial began that day and five of the accused soon entered guilty pleas.

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The testing angle, semisquare, of the Sun and Jupiter arrived on March 8 1973 and delivered the next chapter. The plumbers fix was coming unstuck. The day before the semisquare, five Nixon aides were charged. This time for the burglary of Daniel Elsberg's psychiatrists office. One, Charles Colson, would reach a plea bargain and agree act as a witness for the prosecution.

Right on the eve of the Sun Jupiter square, April 30 1973, Nixon appears on national television. He explains the dismissed of White House Counsel, John Dean. He also announces the resignations of Harry Halderman and John Ehrlichman. The Attorney General Richard Kleindienst also resigns and is replaced by Elliot Richardson. The square was exact for the morning headline.


By late July 1973 seventy percent of the public are think Nixon is doing a dismal job of explaining Watergate. Yet only half of those polled believe he has inside knowledge. To clarify matters the special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, requests recorded tapes from the White House. Nixon has always bugged the Oval Office. On July 25 1973 he refuses to hand over the tapes.

The next day the Senate committee subpoenas the White House tapes. Nixon still stalls as the stand-off deepens. The Sun is now opposing Jupiter. Recall - the Sun was opposing Jupiter when Nixon concocted his initial plan to throw the FBI off the case. He is continuing his avoidance strategy under the repeat aspect.

Prior to the Sun's closing square to Jupiter, on the evening of October 20, Nixon enacts his infamous Saturday Night Massacre. He orders his Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, to fire special prosecutor Cox, only to have Richardson resign on the spot. He tries it on with the Deputy AG, William Ruckelshaus, who also resigns. Finally Nixon's Solicitor General, Robert Bork, fires Cox.

But Nixon has gone way beyond the principles of a President. On October 23, under increasing pressure, Nixon releases further tapes. The Sun and Jupiter are coming to the square. A good eighteen and a half minutes of conversation, including Nixon and Halderman, will be found to be mysteriously missing from the recordings. The secretary is blamed for the error. Nixon will later utter the famous denial, 'I am not a crook!'


As the cycle winds down, Nixon is still POTUS. In his State of the Union address he asks the nation to put all the intrigue and division behind them now. It's wishful thinking. A week prior to a new Sun Jupiter cycle, on February 6 1974, the House agrees to appoint a Judiciary Committee to investigate grounds for impeachment.

The Sun Jupiter square forms on June 7, and the following week the expose 'All The President's Men' is released. It is a collaborative work of Washington Post investigative reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward detailing Watergate. A rival publication, the New York Times, reviews the journalists as delivering 'maybe the single greatest reporting effort of all time'.

Woodward has a secret informant, known as Deep Throat. It will take another thirty years, before he is revealed as the FBI Associate Director, Mark Felt. The Jupiter symbolism all of these developments can be seen through the planets's association with justice, publishing and the spread of knowledge.

The day before the exact sesquisquare (135 degrees) of the Sun to Jupiter, on July 24 1974, Nixon is ordered to hand over all of the White House tapes in a landmark Supreme Court decision. Between the 27th and 30th the Judiciary Committee votes to impeach the president. On August 3 the 'smoking gun' recording appears entailing Nixon and Halderman's incriminating conversation.

The next Sun Jupiter opposition is due September 5 1974. Three days after, on a churchgoing Sunday morning of September 8, President Gerald Ford issues a full and unconditional pardon to the former President of the USA, Richard Nixon. Watergate is over. The disgraced Nixon has gone. And so have all hopes of Ford's re-election.


The Sun and Jupiter, representing the leader (Sun), publishing and the legal system (Jupiter) were potent timers in the development of Watergate. How about now? How have they timed developments in the presidency of Donald Trump?

September 26 2016 – A new cycle of the Sun and Jupiter begins with the two conjoint at 3 degrees of Libra – sign of judgement – and on the governmental Midheaven of the USA July 4 1776 national horoscope. The first presidential debate is televised the same day. Having the traditional kingmakers here at the ruling apex of the national chart could not be more appropriate.

January 11 2017 – The Sun Jupiter Square – On January 11 Trump, having taken the Electoral College, gives his first public press conference as President-elect. It turns into a free for all as he selectively criticises sections of the media.

April 07 2017 – The Sun Jupiter Opposition - On April 6 the US Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes recuses himself from the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and is replaced by Republican Mike Conaway.
On April 07, right on the opposition, conservative Neil Gorsuch is controversially announced as the new justice of the Supreme Court by a 54–45 Senate majority after the "nuclear option" was invoked. He is sworn in on the 10th.

July 06 2017 – The Sun Jupiter Square – Coinciding with the drama around the revelation of Donald Trump Jnr email exchanges with Russian representatives in Trump Towers. With the New York Times in possession of the information, Trump Jnr releases them on Twitter on the morning of July 11.

October 26 2017 – New Cycle – The Sun Jupiter Conjunction – On Friday, October 27, special prosecutor Robert Mueller issues his first charges in relation to the Russian investigation. This new cycle begins with Jupiter squaring Trump's birth Jupiter.

The 2018 Sun Jupiter, further developmental dates are as follows. The Sun squares Jupiter on February 10, it will oppose Jupiter on May 8, reach the closing square on August 6 and renew the cycle from November 26. Presuming the cycle replicates in behavioral patterns we may see this kind of activity.

The February square brings an adversarial approach from Trump's administration, just as his first press conference did. Here the Republicans would aggressively challenging the investigations and selectively assert their own authority. Similar to how Trump handled his first press conference.

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Jupiter here is opposing Trump's Midheaven and the Sun opposing his Ascendant. In terms of Russiagate their may be more of a concentration on family members and associates during the square period.

The next challenging aspect of Sun to Jupiter will occur March 28, Washington time as the opening sesquisquare. It also involves combative Mars and hard line Saturn and has the potential of ratcheting up the pressure. I expect late March to offer crucial information and developments.

The May 8 opposition may even deliver some kind of victory to Trump – recalling this is where the Republicans gained control of the Supreme Court balance. But it will have a major polarising effect, played out in the public arena. Any favouritism will be shown as such.

If that pattern plays out then it is hard to see how the closing square of August 6, the day before Robert Mueller's birthday would not produce another embarrassing revelation that would undermine the credibility of Trump's defence or dramatically turn the tables.

And so it goes until the cycle renews on November 26. The day before Steve Bannon's birthday. Even then the Sun Jupiter cycle is hard angled to Trump's birth Jupiter.

Of course these are just celestial cycles. So regardless of political partisanship, should the public be concerned at this time? I'll leave that judgement up to you...and the heavens.

The big difference of course from Watergate to Russiagate is that the Democrats had the numbers back then. This time the Republicans dominate both houses. Justice and prejudice may be competing forces but either way, the crucial dates ahead remain.

If you'd like to see a comprehensive video of the entire Sun Jupiter - Watergate/Russiagate presentation, with all of the charts included and described please click on this video link.

February 4


Republican Intelligence rep, Devin Nunes was born in October 1973. The same month Nixon's Saturday Night massacre took place. The same month that Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace. Those were in the dark days of Watergate when a corrupt President sought to undermine his justice department.

Devin Nunes seems equally determined to derail the investigation into the current President's Russian connections, even though the American public are already aware of them. Or at least some of them. There have been four arrests so far. Thanks to the patient investigations of the FBI.

This is where you just have to love astrology. Watergate and the Trump campaign definitely have something in common. That should be obvious without looking at horoscopes. Both involve stolen data from Democrat opponents to influence an election. Sometimes the heavens have none too subtle ways of providing hints.

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In the wake of the January 31 2018 SuperMoon, highlighting his cloak-and-dagger twelfth house Pluto, Donald Trump is revealing his hand. Following Robert Meuller's request for an interview, Trump is attempting to sabotage the FBI investigation into his campaign's Russian links.

Trump's secondary progressed Moon is also now passing his Pluto and will be meeting his progressed Pluto in March. The last time Trump's secondary progressed Moon met his natal and progressed Pluto was back in September and October of 1990.

On September 19 1990, Trump told bankers he would not make a $1.1 million interest payment on his loan for the Trump Shuttle Service. It led to Citibank and twenty-two others, foreclosing on his $365 million dollar loan. It timed his introduction to bankruptcy courts.

At that time Trump was at his business peak; the 19th richest man in America. His profile was such that a public fall would have made the banking crisis of the time even worse than it loomed. As it was federal regulators from the US Treasury and Federal Reserve took charge of Citibank, to avert a full blown banking meltdown.

Trump had amassed more than $5 billion of debt. New York banks financed around 70% of that. They reacted by farming out the loans to more than 70 other banks, including overseas. After that Trump became a client of Deutsche Bank.


This time it's bankruptcy of a different kind. Trump's Republicans are ultimately responsible for a new moral vacuum. Like the banks in the 1990's they are concerned that the now President is 'too big to fail' just as the banks did in the 90's recession. And so they are attempting to turn Meuller's investigation into partisan politics.

And just as the banks did in 1990, it's the Republicans that have the numbers deciding Trump's fate. A fate that forces him into doing their bidding. All of that saw a much subdued President deliver a self-congratulatory State of the Union address before an audience of virtual performing seals last week.

Already 'wild mannered reporters' like Alex Jones and his cohort Roger Stone are touting that Trump will fire his Attorney general Rob Rosenstein or demand the resignation of FBI chief Christopher Wray. And they're pushing for Republican 'Perry Mason', Trey Gowdy who missed out on the justice posting, first time around.


Trump has a problem with FBI chiefs. He fired the last one. James Comey was born December 14 1960 with a Sagittarian Sun opposing Trump's Gemini Sun – to the precise degree. Comey's sense of duty Saturn ran opposite Trump's Saturn. Ensuring he further agitated the President, Comey's independent Uranus sat right on Trump's Mars.

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In astrological synastry (the comparison of two birth horoscopes) the Trump-Comey marriage may well be a leading candidate for the divorce courts. It quickly headed that way. Trump's opening statement to the FBI chief was to question whether he wanted to remain in the job. And it went downhill from there.

When Trump sacked Comey, the former FBI chief found out via a news broadcast. The White House issued a misleading statement claiming, “President Trump acted based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

Trump admitted, “When I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. It’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.”

Steve Bannon called the Comey sacking, the biggest mistake in modern political history. Comey wouldn't do Trump's bidding. Eventually Trump chose Christopher Wray as the new FBI chief. He may regret that choice.


When it comes to FBI chiefs and Trump - opposites attract. Christopher Wray was born December 17 1967. His straight-shooting Sagittarian Sun and Mercury are in direct opposition to Trump's Sun. Wray's Pluto squares Trump's Sun to the degree, adding a potential power struggle to the face-off.

Wray's dissipating Neptune is in close opposition to Trump's authoritative Midheaven. He is potentially someone who can bring Trump undone! Especially as Trump's Moon is now progressing through his twelfth house, popularly known as the house of self-undoing.

Click here for larger image of the biwheel

In the Twitter wars, Comey has texted his support for Wray and the FBI. “take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy.”


The United States Solar Return for 2018 (based on the 17.10 hours July 4 1776 Philadelphia Sibly chart) shows dubious Neptune at the administrative Midheaven. The same goes for the Aries and Cancer Ingress charts. All are political forecasting techniques for the year ahead. All reveal a 'shroud of secrecy, deception or unknowing', surrounding the leadership.

When Donald Trump Jnr was asked, last March, about Russian involvement he answered, “Did I meet with people that were Russian? I’m sure, I’m sure I did...But none that were set up. None that I can think of at the moment. And certainly none that I was representing the campaign in any way, shape or form.”

When questioned whether he had discussed government policies concerning Russia, Trump Jnr replied, “A hundred percent no.” From the revelations of his infamous Trump Tower meeting, neither answer was factual. Trump's former national security advisor, Mike Flynn's admission of guilt, reinforces what can only be determined as deliberate obfuscation.

Steve Bannon branded the Trump Tower meeting treasonous. But Meuller's investigation will want to know whether Trump senior concocted a story about adoption, to cover for his son. Trump's Communications Director, Hope Hicks, may hold the key to this.

This all comes as the February 15 2018 Solar Eclipse approaches - opposing Trump's volatile Mars. And as he ups the ante on North Korea (where his Mars sets) to deflect the national narrative.

It's easy to envisage - by Trump's chart - a battle ahead. We all witnessed the events accompanying the last August Solar Eclipse and his reaction to the events of Charlottesville. February 15 is the companion eclipse opposing August 2017.

The astrological chess pieces are set and ready. We know how Trump has behaved when he cannot get his own way. The two word tactic is - 'You're fired!' Let the battle begin. More next week.

JAN 28


This week at 08.27 hours Universal time on January 31, (00.27 Feb 01 in Eastern Australia) the dual occurrence of a SuperMoon with a Lunar Eclipse will unfold, with the Moon position at 11Leo37. The SuperMoon spotlights Barack Obama's birth Sun, which may bring him back into the news. But it's Donald Trump who will be feeling the eclipse effects strongly over the next few weeks as the SuperMoon hits his Pluto.

This Eclipse positions the Sun back into the same degree it held when Trump sacked the US Acting Attorney General last year. It also comes amidst rebirthed revelations that he tried have Meuller sacked last June, only to back down when faced with the potential resignation of White House counsel Don McGahan.

The SuperMoon falling on Trump's secret dealing twelfth house Pluto, means revelations and power plays are in the air. It arrives as Trump's lawyers grapple with a request from special prosecutor Robert Meuller, for an interview with the President. Trump says bring it on, but will his actions match his verbal bravado?

The Trump strategy from day one has been to discredit any government body or figure that he may be accountable to and undermine the press. Attack is his instinctive defense. Trump's progressing Moon is also meeting up with his birth and progressed Pluto.

Be assured that this is a scenario like the Titanic. There's a lot more going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes than we are witness to. It shapes to be quite an interesting week in Washington. All leading nicely into the mid-February Solar Eclipse.


January 26 - Australia Day - evokes mixed emotions. It celebrates the arrival of European culture on the Australian continent. For the indigenous population it is mourned as Invasion Day. The horoscope of that new beginning, when north met south, rings remarkably true for the history that followed.

European settlement in Australia is something I keenly researched, consulting the First Fleet diaries, before delivering talks and writing articles on the subject for the Sydney Astrological Research Society in the millennium year. I was unconvinced by the late afternoon time then published in Nick Campion's World Horoscopes collection.

Nick's time has since been revised, thanks to correspondence from a fellow member of the Astrology Association of NSW, present at one of my talks. She didn't give the exact time, which I had initially put between 5.20 and 5.25 am, finally settling on 5.23 after examining around 60 pivotal events. Here's the full bottle on the subject.

On August 18 1786 Lord Sydney penned a letter requesting provision for a convict settlement at Botany Bay NSW. It was agreed to the following day. A new colony was planned to replace those lost in the US War of Independence. The decision would pioneer one of the epic maritime adventures of all time. Eleven tall ships and over 1100 people sailed halfway around the world to forever change the face of the Great Southern land.


It was Sunday morning May 13 1787 and a good breeze was up. From the captain’s log. "At 4.00 am fired gun and made the signal to weigh, weigh'd and made sail, in company with the Hyaena frigate, Supply armed tender, six transports and three store ships, at 9 fired a gun and made the signal for the convoy to make more sail".

Not long after the convoy set sail, Saturn (the planet representing terra firma), turned retrograde on June 8 1787. It virtually coincided with their first port of call at Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. Saturn would not turn direct again until October 26 correlating with the last leg of the arduous journey rounding the Cape of Good Hope.

In what seems a remarkable astrological coincidence Saturn would eventually return to the original position it held as the ships set sail, within twenty four hours of the christening of the First Settlement at Sydney Cove.


From the dairy of Phillip Gidley King of HMS Supply,"at Daylight the English colours were displayed on shore and possession was taken for His Majesty whose health with the Queens, Prince of Wales and Success to the Colony was drank, a feu de joie was fired by the Party of Marines and the whole gave 3 Cheers which was returned by the Supply."

A further testimony is that of Sergeant James Scott, who wrote that he landed at ‘half past six to the New town that had been christened this day and four volleys of small arms fired’. This confirms the ceremonial taking of possession, appearing to have been enacted in the morning.

Although visual sunrise was 5.15 am., allowing the fact that the rowboat would have to get to the shore, and reasoning it might safer to guarantee some security surrounding a public ceremony in an alien land, I found 5.23 am a 'best fit', justified by over 60 pivotal national events studied thereafter.


The Settlement horoscope depicts Australia with a multinational Aquarian Sun rising on the Ascendant. Initially this was reflected in the egalitarian nature of the society, far removed from the English class system. Today it effects through its multicultural policies. The rising Sun is also a military insignia adopted by the first Australian imperial troops.

Apart from Australia Day, the other day of national remembrance for Australians is ANZAC day, April 25. It is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of its youth, following the pre-dawn Gallipoli landing of 1915. ANZAC Day marks Australia’s coming of age internationally, albeit through the horrors of war. The Sun's position on Anzac Day is in square to the Sun of the Settlement horoscope.


Progressing the Settlement chart, using secondary progressions (Naiboid in RA) to Anzac Day, the Midheaven arrives at natal Saturn and Venus, depicting the potential loss of loved ones and the enormous financial cost of war on the relatively young sparsely populated nation. The secondary progressed Moon reaches the natal nadir locked into a testing T-square with a sixth house (armed forces) Uranus.

The secondary progressed Sun for Australia’s involvement in this First World War is conjunct progressed Mercury at 12 degrees of Gemini. The War triggered volatile national debate and was the subject of constant propaganda. Two controversial referendums on conscription were defeated during the battle period. War is a definitive event for effective rectification.

At 9.58 am, on February 19 1942, Japanese warplanes bombed Darwin. The nations sovereignty was seriously threatened for the first time since Captain Phillip’s landing. Here the progressed Ascendant had made its way to where the same degree of Gemini that the progressing Sun held for the First World War.

Typical of an ominous nemesis, transiting Pluto was hovering at the Descendant and opposing the Australian birth Sun coincident with the Japanese attacks. Powerbroker Pluto would also coincide with the presence of an allied superpower, as around 500,000 US troops landed on Australian shores.

The American Supreme Commander of the Pacific General Douglas Macarthur was coincidentally also born on Australia Day. From WWII Australia would identify increasingly with the US, and this military connection is obvious when matching the July 4 1776 USA horoscope with First Settlement. The leadership Suns and military Mars of both countries interlink in close aspect with each other.


The most significant event cementing Australia's early growth and future, was the discovery of gold, on the 12th of February 1851 by Edmund Hargreaves. The discovery synchronised with an exact conjunction of transiting Uranus and Pluto at the foundational IC (home area) of the national horoscope, just as lucky Jupiter was opposing it from to the Midheaven.

The renowned cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin's description of Uranus and Pluto as 'the collapse of the old order of things and the process of transformation', could not be more apt for what followed. Hamstrung by the solitude of distance, in an age of risky and arduous travel, immigration up until the Gold Rush was negligible. The promise of instant riches changed that in an eye-blink. The immediate years following the gold strike saw the population more than double.


The amalgamation of six colonial states into one nation, and the adoption of a Federal Parliament, began with an inspirational speech delivered by Sir Henry Parkes on the evening of October 24 1889, dubbed the Tenterfield Oration. A series of conferences during the late 1890’s led to Queen Victoria’s assent to Federation on July 9 1900 and the swearing in of a national government on New Year’s Day 1901 at approximately 13.35 hours in Sydney.

Parke's pivotal speech was delivered in the year that the First Settlement horoscope experienced a Progressed New Moon, bringing the Sun and Moon square to reformative Pluto and bound to usher in new beginnings. The Ascendant of that New Moon chart would mirror the First Settlement Midheaven and be very close to the Aries degree of the eventual Ascendant of Federation on January 1 1901.

The meticulous research of Australian astrologer Gwen Stoney, with assistance from Ted Cox, timed Australian Federation as 1.35.42 pm January 01 1901, in Sydney’s Centennial Park. This ceremony represented the swearing in of the office bearers of a national government. Gwen's horoscope works very well as a barometer of government business and affairs. She was inspired to research Federation following a constitutional crisis.


Fresh national identity was forged during the mid 1970's, via the visionary leader Gough Whitlam. The nation cast off its cultural cringe, yet Whitlam's 'buy back the farm' philosophies would quickly put him in the firing line of the financial establishment. His eventual dismissal, at 1.30 pm on November 11 1975, was the climax of whirlwind years of rapid change and growing maturity, culminating in a constitutional crisis.

The progressed Midheaven of the times had been squaring progressed Uranus, as Australia fought for greater autonomy from the Mother Country and also Big Brother USA. Whitlam's first act was to order a complete withdrawal of Australian soldiers from Vietnam. Transiting Uranus (planet of independence) was also opposing the progressing Midheaven. The insurgent Uranus energies dominated the nation's psyche.

The national anthem of God Save the Queen was replaced with Advance Australia Fair. Old Imperial Awards were superseded by Australian honours. The film industry was supported along with local artists and writers who embodied the Australian story. Whitlam’s three year revolutionary tenure had begun under an opposition of the secondary progressed Sun to it’s natal position as the country reflected upon itself. The Sun was also progressing into the upper, and more worldly, hemisphere of the horoscope.


Greater independence was finally achieved via the Australia Act, signed by Queen Elizabeth II and effective from 4 pm March 3 1986 (AEDT) Canberra. The Midheaven of this chart appropriately reverses that of the moment that First Settlement officers fired off their cannons in allegiance to King George III.

As symbolic as you can get, from June 24 2010, Australia got its first female Prime Minister with the First Settlement's leadership Sun progressing to meet the natal Moon and the progressing Moon squaring the natal Sun. The chart spoke clearly and it was partly on these connections that I thought Julia Gillard would prevail, albeit after a nail-biting delay, in the elections that followed.

True to the accuracy of the Midheaven, and the transit of wild card Uranus over it in in 2017 another constitutional crisis loomed. The Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, was one of several representatives found to be unconstitutionally elected, forcing by-elections and furthering government instability.


Turbulent Uranus returns to square the national Midheaven from the late March, April and May periods of 2018. Leadership instability and a changing of the guard, combines with Australia finding itself wedged between a military alliance with America and containment of Australia's major trading partner China – a no win situation.

Surveillance patrols of the South China Sea and expenditure on naval equipment are represented by Australia's progressing Mars meeting oceanic Neptune in the chart of First Settlement. The fog of war? We may be much clearer on this by July 2018. Another of the major dynamic aspects is the progressing square of Mercury to Jupiter, as progressed Jupiter is simultaneously opposing Mercury.

These two planets cover a lot of ground, but we can align their mutual aspects to legislation and expansion of media interests, a battle for control of the news narrative, plus transport and educational challenges along with cultural or religious differences. Dialogue becomes essential to solving these philosophical debates in what should be a landmark legal year ahead.



The year 1776 is best remembered for the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the USA. The Declaration was written, signed and proclaimed by the forefathers of the new nation. Most of whom were wealthy businessmen. Since then United States has progressed to become the wealthiest nation of all and the home of modern capitalism.

Something else happened in 1776, but not on July 4. On March 9 a work appeared that would influence financial thinking for centuries after - Adam Smith's classic 'Wealth Of Nations'. Smith was a Scottish philosopher and economist. His magnum opus, appeared at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Thomas Jefferson considered it the best book on economics ever written.

The book traces history from the Fall of Rome to the feudal societies, to the mercantile age. Smith argued successfully that wealth was not created by hoarding precious metals, but rather through increasing production and expanding trade. His ideas made gross domestic product, a measure of a country's productive output, part of the fiscal vernacular. Smith also contended that an economy and markets were naturally self-regulating.

At the birth of the 'Wealth of Nations' and the 'Declaration of Independence' Pluto was positioned in the 28th degree of Capricorn. Pluto is the ancient Roman wealth ruler. In the earliest horoscope of the USA, timed for 17.10 hours July 4 1776, Pluto falls in the second house of assets and earning capacity. It also semisquares their expansive Sagittarian Ascendant, tying it into the national narrative. The US will project their wealth internationally.

Wealth also equates to power – especially where Pluto is involved - and in today’s world the US dollar has a global hegemony. Whenever that power has been threatened – by Muammar Gaddafi wanting to create the 'dinar' a new currency for African trade – or Saddam Hussein refusing to trade Iraqi oil in US dollars – regime change follows.

So when I am asked what do I think will happen when the US has its Pluto return, I think not only in terms of a nation transforming itself, but also factor in changes to capitalism via this Pluto connection to Smith's seminal work. If you research deeper, to when Pluto formed hard aspects, such as squares or oppositions to the 27-28 Capricorn the reasoning becomes even clearer.


Pluto's first square came at 28 Aries in 1848. It was a tumultuous year bringing revolutions throughout Europe, affecting fifty countries from Sicily, through Germany, Italy, and the Austrian Empire. It even forced the French King Louis Philippe I, into exile and ushered in the Second Republic. There was also brutal repression of these multiple uprisings but they were the prelude for a more democratic society and the eventual fall of many European monarchies.

Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto' was released in London on February 21 1848. It was another book that would influence economic and social thinking in a powerful but different way. Although the revolutions were not directly caused by the book, it was a reflection of the time, and just as revolutionary as 1776. Unions and organised labor movements would evolve from this.

Curiously it also represented gold rushes in the USA and Australia. California Gold was first discovered on January 24 that year, while in Australia the first significant discoveries were made in Western Australia. Within three years, with the Saturn Pluto conjunction at the end of Aries, the Rush would be totally changing the national demographics.


The opposition point of Pluto occurred in 1936/37 as the world geared for a war that would again throw Europe into turmoil. It was a war that would change the balance of power, not only in the western world, bit also Russia, Japan, China and precede the breakup of the British Empire. What came out of this was a polarity of capitalism and communism, a divided Europe and Asia, and Cold War – a face-off between the ideas of Smith and Marx.

Indeed it was in February of 1936 that a book was released that challenged classical economic theory. It was “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”, written by the English economist John Maynard Keynes. It is the work that is the acknowledged source of the terminology of modern macroeconomics. So confident was Keynes of his work that he wrote to his good friend, George Bernard Shaw.

"I believe myself to be writing a book on economic theory which will largely revolutionize—not I suppose, at once but in the course of the next ten years—the way the world thinks about its economic problems. I can't expect you, or anyone else, to believe this at the present stage. But for myself I don't merely hope what I say,--in my own mind, I'm quite sure."

Keynes work was well received during the Great Depression – the US slipped back into recession in 1937 with the Dow losing around 50%. These years also represented government intervention into the economy with Roosevelt’s New Deal. After the war years the western economies were reformed following the Bretton Woods agreement and the formation of the World Bank and International Monetary Federation.


The last square of Pluto to itself came in the years 1982/83 at 28 of Libra. These were important years in laissez-faire economics, privatisation and deregulation, often referred to as Reaganomics and Thatcherism. It heralded a period of selling off of national assets and essential services.

These were also the years of the 'yuppie', obsessed with material success. The devolution of the Soviet states started with their first independent trade union 'Solidarity'. In 1983, the Polish leader of that movement, Lech Walesa, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Each time that Pluto heads into a hard aspect with the 1776 position The Illuminati also birthed May 1 1776) of 28 degrees Capricorn, there are new revolutions, political unrest and a change in economic values and philosophy. It's as if the ideas prevalent at the turning points are useful, until the crunch comes at the next evolutionary point.

On the available evidence, this pattern should continue at the Pluto return. We are not simply looking at a Pluto return for the USA, but a total transformation of the global economy. And the unrest we are currently witnessing in the developed economies, is a sure sign of that inevitability.



One of the oldest forecasting techniques in the astrology of nations and their leaders, is the ingress horoscope. Ingress simply means entry. The four ingress charts are cast for the moment of the Suns entry into the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, which mark the true start of the seasons.

Ingress charts depict genuine celestial phenomena. The Sun is immediately above the equator, either heading north (Aries) or south (Libra) or tracing the Tropics of Cancer or Capricorn for their casting. Think of them as the moment of seasonal change. They were important to the Babylonians, Hellenistic and Roman astrologers, and have filtered down to modern times.

My experience deems them useful, chiefly when they exhibit a consistent and unmistakable theme. A good example of that might be the Aries Ingress of 1939 over London. A New Moon in challenging square to the war lord Mars and Pluto on the Ascendant paints an obvious and ominous scenario. WWII followed.

A similar case can be made for the 2001 Aries Ingress above New York. Somber Saturn sat rising at the Ascendant, in the degree of the most malefic fixed star in the heavens Algol – yep it's where the word ghoul emanates from. Deceptive and sacrificial Neptune was right above, on the Midheaven. Aggressive Mars and extremist Pluto were together in the seventh house of allies and enemies. Say no more.


Often Ingress charts say a lot. They did last year when cast for Washington. Location makes a difference. It will either bring planets onto the vital angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven, assailing them greater prominence, or take them away lessening their role.

In 2017 three of the four seasonal charts repeated the same angular pattern. Indistinct and undefined Neptune was rising with restrictive, critical Saturn in the administrative Midheaven. Whenever you spot a repetitive pattern across the year, in three of four ingress horoscopes, it is predominate in assessing that year. It's also accurate to the unfolding of 2017, from the Washington perspective.

The Ascendant describes the national projection in an ingress chart. Diplomatic relations were eroded (Neptune) and ambiguous under the new and very different Trump presidency. Other nations knew neither where they stood, nor what was coming next.

Saturn as the most elevated planet described the conservative and isolationist approach. Normally associated with the yoke of responsibility, Saturn was not helped by being in what its 'mundane square' to hazy Neptune. Authority was undermined by White House spin. Staff turnover was high. Porous Neptune corresponded with inevitable 'leaks'. Keep in mind that these planets had swapped the positions they held in 2001.


In the final seasonal chart of 2017, December's Capricorn Ingress, the Sun met up with Saturn, which had also just entered Capricorn. This is still in effect. Since then President Donald Trump’s suitability for this administrative role has come under increasing scrutiny. His emotional maturity is under question. Saturn in the governmental tenth house has put leadership accountability under high focus.

Averse to change Saturn also immediately evoked the conservative agenda. Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell's comments said it all during the budget announcement speeches. He praised the Trump administration for assuring the 'centre' right' now had control of the highest court in the land. It wasn't necessarily about justice as much as his traditionalist ideology.

This is pure Saturn control stuff. At the time of the Capricorn Ingress judicial Jupiter was in a semisquare to Saturn. But Saturn was taking the ribbons being powerfully placed in its own sign of Capricorn and accidentally dignified in the ruling tenth house. Astro techniques aside, Saturn was and is, dominant leading through to March. Accountability rules.


What is fascinating about the year ahead, is that again, three out of four of the Ingress horoscopes feature the same two planets on the angles. This is extremely rare stuff. This time their positioning changes. Starting March 20 2018, from 12.15 pm Washington time, Neptune will be right on the Midheaven and Saturn setting – this time with battleground Mars.

Click here for larger image

Neptune will re-appear at the big-top Midheaven for the Cancer seasonal ingress chart, again with Saturn setting. Similar placements repeat to round out 2018 with the December Capricorn Ingress. We are already getting a feel of this future theme with the Neptunian doubts about the leadership, It will be much of an issue come March – at least according to the Ingress technique.

These aspects will be operational 'regardless of who is sitting in the Oval office'. Even VP Mike Pence has Neptune squaring his birth Sun most of the year, specifically through May, June and July. Doubts, deception, dissipation connected to administration and governmental process. A lack of definitive direction. Rumour, mystery and obfuscation.

All of this is reinforced by Neptune's constant contacts with the USA's secondary progressed Sun through 2018. This is coming to exactness by the mid February, which is why I anticipate the whole issue of leadership, and the controversy surrounding it, to go to another level. There could be a big breaking story or announcement round the 16th or 17th. But back to the Ingress techniques.

Saturn setting may indicate a more isolationist approach, judgemental of international partners and a resetting of boundaries. It can suggest less support, other than through traditional rock solid alliances. Trump's criticisms of selective immigrants, other countries and the United Nations is typical of the Saturnian negativity and boundary setting.


In many ways the President's own behaviour has been a catalyst of the illusory Neptune atmosphere. Fake news, alternative facts, catering to conspiracy theories, sometimes bald faced outright lies or uniformed opinion, all undermining national unity and confidence. The media are also guilty of resorting too often to opinion rather than reporting straightforward fact.

Trump's insecurity at falling three million short in the popular vote, while still claiming the presidency, may be one cause for his compensatory and constant self-appraisal. But a quick synopsis of his birth chart also shows his 'my way or the highway' constant competitor projection, ignited by combustible Mars at his Ascendant in fiery Leo.

Trump's changeable Gemini Sun is partnered with erratic and eccentric Uranus. Highly independent, fast acting but intermittent attention span, constantly diverting to other subjects. His solar ruler, Mercury, squares Neptune, which helps explain the self perpetuated mythology of Trump. Mercury is also antiscion his Sun - a fascination, addiction and adroit use of the media. He is the 'mercurial' salesman.


As Trump came to the presidency his Sun was progressing across the royal star of Regulus. His style was much more monarchical than democratic. In kingly style, White House appointments became an elaborate exercise in nepotism. He was born with Regulus rising. Research astrologer Bernadette Brady, has an interesting take on this influential fixed star.

She relates it to the mythical Persian King Feridum who lost his entire kingdom through revenge – a trait Bernadette recommends assiduously avoiding should this star be strong in a horoscope. Trump has a real problem with that. His antagonistic Mars near Regulus seeks out arch-rivals.

He is still fighting Clinton and Obama. His Regulus was eclipsed last August following Charlottesville. We all saw how that played out. The counter eclipse comes February 15 2018. It all adds to the evaporative Neptune effect. Are some Republicans sharpening their knives for the Ides of March now Caesar has done their bidding, whilst others develop selective amnesia?

To cast an analogy - the presidential craft now sails stormy seas, heading into uncharted waters. The once trusty lighthouse beam is lost in a Neptunian fog. A captain unable to navigate or one who has steered the ship way off course. A mutiny in the making? The sacrifice of a leader? If Ingress charts are to be trusted, such analogies will play out in 2018.


At 8.07 am Saturday January 13 Hawaii time, a nuclear warning was issued that a missile was heading for the island. It proved a false alarm. The warning was retracted a full 40 minutes later after sending people into panic. The fault was blamed on human error.

A missile would take just over 38 minutes to reach the island from the Korean peninsula. And the retraction came 40 minutes after the warning. Was it human error or does the missile defense system have a dangerous problem? Surely they wouldn't try a test run on the populace, unless they were planning for a future military operation.

Here's the chart for that warning, showing military Mars and over the top Jupiter on the Midheaven and the Sun in square to surprise packet Uranus. Again it stresses the power of planets on angles like the Ingress ones already analysed. And below that an astromap of the Korean peninsula for the same moment showing Mars and Jupiter rising above North and South Korea.



Until last week nobody was talking about Michael Wolff. Now everyone knows his name. He's surpassed J. K. Rowling as Amazon's number one author. And it's all happened in an eye blink, due to his 'Fire and Fury' expose of the chaotic Trump presidency.

At 11.53 am on January 3 2018 a comprehensive coverage of his work was published online at nymag.com. It would set the tongues wagging and electronic media into overdrive. A chart drawn for this moment is totally descriptive of what followed.

Communications hub Mercury in unrestrained Sagittarius was in the 9th house of publication. It was trine to chaotic Uranus about to rise. Venus sat right at the Midheaven. The book would be extremely popular and there was money is those words. The Mars and Jupiter in vengeful Scorpio would extol the title.

Click here for larger image

Wolff's book has already fractured friendships – the Bannon-Trump one for starters. It is packed with sensational quotes, from Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and White House insiders. It's been branded lies by Trump, with others vouching for its veracity. And mobile phones are now off limits in the West Wing!

What is it about Wolff's horoscope that would indicate, this sudden career explosion? Or might describe his penchant for digging out information about powerful people, and placing it in the public domain? Wolff was born August 27, 1953, in Paterson, NJ according to wikipedia. No time is available, but there's enough to his horoscope to obviate the need for one.


Mercury is the mythological newsmaker. It's the planet that relates to the gathering and conveyance of information. It's a reason why a lot of newspapers are called the Mercury, even to this day. Wolff's Mercury is married to Pluto – they both occupy the same Leo degree of his horoscope.

Pluto is the mythological lord of the underworld. The world that most of us never see. The dark forces that represent the powers behind the throne. When Pluto ventured above ground, he wore a cap of invisibility that enabled him to move around secretly and unseen.

This was the way that Wolff originally chronicled Rupert Murdoch in his 2010 biography, 'The Man Who Owns The News'. He was allowed access to the daily life and the family connections of the most powerful media figure in the world. The power behind many thrones. It was the way he moved around the White House.

When you combine cerebral Mercury with probing and penetrating Pluto you get the investigative reporter. A keen understanding of manipulation and propaganda. Someone who will work relentlessly on an idea or an objective. This is Wolff's mindset – he's obsessed with the shocking revelation.


The French poet Charles Baudelaire, whose seminal work, Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil) dealt with taboo subjects such as eroticism and death in 19th century France, had the close conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. Many of his works were banned during his own lifetime but posthumous fame made him on of the most influential European poets.

Sylvester Stallone is often parodied in intellectual circles, but he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay for the original Rocky. It had a Plutonian theme of the 'reborn' boxer who transforms himself into a genuine contender and continues to pick himself up off the canvas in the ultimate showdown.

Like Wolff, Stallone's Mercury Pluto conjunction lies in showbiz Leo. In writing on Trump and Murdoch, Wolff's Mercury is a conduit for the lives of the rich and powerful. All in keeping with Pluto's other significant role as the ancient Roman ruler of wealth. It is also the planet of mass media. And Wolff believes that his book has the power to bring down the President.

Wolff's Mercury is also positioned in an accommodating and exact sextile to successful Jupiter, which lies in Mercury's home sign of Gemini. It is also in an exact sextile to Saturn and Neptune – the former being in its exaltation sign of Libra. Having his Mercury at the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn, and in a fortunate angle to both is extremely auspicious. But why the sudden fame?

This biwheel is using the 9 am general release time for January 5 2018, although some Washington book stores released the book at midnight. I've gone with the majority of bookstores, also taking into account that much of the material was publicised and in the media well before the book release. For those interested a first sale chart is also included at the end of the article and also the chart for the New York Mag's comprehensive pre-release coverage which set the tongues wagging.

Click here for larger image


When things happen totally out of the blue, with a stunning immediacy, Uranus is guaranteed to be right in the picture. Currently the planet of fast change is placed at 24 degrees of Aries and in an opportune trine (120 degree angle) to Wolff's Mercury Pluto combination. When you consider how potently his Mercury is placed by birth – Uranus activates all the other triggers too. But there's more.

The current position of transiting Mercury is 24 of Sagittarius. Therefore it is also trine to his Mercury and Pluto. Transiting Mercury here is acting as the trigger and completing a Grand Trine in combination with Uranus, impacting on his birth Mercury and Pluto. Again when you consider how his birth Mercury already has fortunate sextiles to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune – it all adds up.

Having the world's most talked about subject – Donald Trump – as the centerpiece of his book certainly helped Wolff's transits play out with massive media exposure. Trump's lawyers cease and desist orders were ignored and it's the worst possible publicity for the President to kick off 2018.

Wolff has turned the media tables on Trump. He has taken total control of the narrative. Trump's Twitter feed now advertises Wolff's work. Trump's supporters are defending the President and promoting Wolff's book. For the moment Wolff, or at least his words, are more in greater demand and getting more attention than Trump's agendas.


Keep in mind – we've just had a SuperMoon at 11 degrees of Cancer – very close to the USA's birth Sun and representing the leadership. The Sun and Venus have been locked together in Capricorn, both opposing the USA Sun. And the transit of media Mercury in Sagittarius has been running opposite and counter to Trump's Gemini Sun.

Wolff's claims that his work will end the Trump presidency may be taking it to the extreme. There are explosive claims and quotes, which the anti-Trump brigade are salivating over, but political realities are hardly decided by one book alone.

More to the point is that Trump in signing his Tax Reform into law has already fulfilled the primary Republican agenda. In declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel he has sanctioned their ideals, as well as fulfilling a mission of Breitbart news, the alt.right outlet originally formed to further increase Israeli influence in American politics.

So Trump, who continues to poll miserably, may soon become disposable to a Republican party that never really welcomed his nomination. For Trump, survival may entail a war. But he already seems to be embroiled in one. Watch that mid February period. It will bring a major turning point.

Dec 31 2017


As 2017 concludes I'm taking a preliminary look at 2018 over the next few weeks. First off, Europe's most powerful leader and a rock of stability over the last twelve years, Angela Merkel, Australia's leader Malcolm Turnbull and the inevitable Trump are subjects of this week's column.

Angela Merkel was sworn in as German Chancellor at 14.05 hours on November 22 2005 in Berlin. This horoscope now has restrictive Saturn arriving at the Midheaven. The Chancellor has remained in office for twelve years – one full Jupiter cycle of the zodiac. The planetary king maker completing its cycle can be a sign of removal from power.

A fitting example of the Jupiter cycle in action, is former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard. His leadership stretched from March 11 1996 to December 3 2007, just two months short of a Jupiter orbit of the Sun. His inglorious exit included losing his own seat. Merkel's Jupiter cycle completed in November 2017. Since then she has struggled to form a government.

Merkel's birth horoscope of July 17 1954 @ 1800 hours in Hamburg, repeats the same theme. Rebellious Uranus is now in forward motion and heading to square her Cancerian birth Sun. The Sun, now in Capricorn, is also due to oppose her birth Sun by January 9. Will Merkel be the first major political casualty of 2018? It's a changing of the guard.


Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull's political career resembles a roller coaster. Incredible career successes are interspersed with soul searching defeats and rapid repositioning.

He championed the Republican movement only to see it jettisoned at the final count. He narrowly won the Liberal leadership after a first time defeat, lost it by the narrowest of margins and then launched a successful challenge that unseated a Prime Minister.

Turnbull was born October 24 1954 (time unknown) in Sydney Australia. His sudden shifts correspond with his regenerative Scorpio Sun in a dynamic T-Square with bountiful Jupiter, fast changing Uranus and aggressive Mars.

Those who know him well recognise these qualities of the quick temper, wanting to get things done in a hurry and a fascination with technology, courtesy of the Jupiter Uranus connection.

In 2018, that same planet of disruption and rapid re-alignment, Uranus, will be opposing his Sun, suggesting that his support base may get increasingly unstable and unpredictable.

Progressing Mars – implying aggressive competition – will also come into a testing angle to his Sun and Mars square in 2018. If it's not the national broadband network coming to haunt, it's opponents out of left (or should I say right) field.

Undermining Neptune also enters the mix by late April/May. Turnbull will be under attack and his problem has always been that the predators have usually been members of his own party. Expect either a significant challenge which may unseat him around this period or a present enormous leadership difficulty.


Donald Trump seems determined to set the US on a path of greater conflict in 2018. It's something that I have always thought of Trump since his campaign launch. It's impossible to overlook the multiple Mars connections that his Gemini Sun and Moon have with the USA's Mars. Or discard his Mars opposition to the USA's birth Moon.

Consider too that his campaign was launched on a fiery Sun Mars conjunction, again on the US Mars and coincided with the first Uranus return of the Third Reich. It makes it difficult to arrive at any other conclusion other than a Trump presidency sets all the astrological alarm bells ringing for the USA and even Trump himself.

Click here for larger image

A year after those considerations it's blatantly obvious that he acts as a channel, and catalyst, for US anger and aggression – both internally and externally. The Solar Eclipse of February 15th 2018 is set to oppose Trump's birth Mars. This is the companion eclipse – it is happening opposite – to the Great American Eclipse of August 2017. It's extremely important.


You may recall the events around the August eclipse that polarised the USA. The eclipse cut a North/South swathe across the land, tracing geographical Civil War divisions and correlating with similar racial hate propaganda. The flash point was Charlottesville, Virginia and an ugly Unite The Right rally that quickly turned deadly.

The riots took place August 12, with the aftermath broadcast across the globe for weeks to follow. Most of the hullabaloo was centred on the President's handling of the crisis. Trump waded into the debate as the August 22 Solar Eclipse loomed toward his Ascendant and Mars.

Eclipses change perceptions and if anyone doubted Trump's racist undertones, or old world beliefs, Charlottesville laid them bare for all to see. Trump reacted aggressively, elevating his war with the media to new heights. As a result, his Gallup Poll approval rating dropped to a record low of 35% with disapproval peaking at 60% and 5% undecided.

Recent threats to the United Nations, a defiant declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (with no recognition of Palestine) and tax cuts favouring the rich have returned dismal poll ratings around 35% to round out the year 2017.


Expect the upcoming February Solar Eclipse opposing Trump's Mars to find him embroiled in a battle. In this same time frame, the leadership Sun in the progressed horoscope of the USA will also be under severe challenge. This pressure will gradually increase into the April.

One of the immediate possibilities is the progress of Robert Mueller’s Russian interference probe becoming a real threat to his administration. Doubts about the legitimacy of the 2016 election will continue throughout the year ahead. From April 2018 Trump will face mounting opposition from within the conservative establishment.

The President's counter to this has been to undermine intelligence institutions, like the FBI and any findings contrary to his worldview. Trump's supporters will work to white ant Mueller's credibility. This insecurity can be connected to him losing the popular vote by close to three million.

Trump initially complained that electorates were rigged, boasting that his inauguration attendance was the largest ever and that his electoral college win exceeded previous Republicans victories. His defence is invariably a counter attack, with the truth a sacrificial victim.

These obvious fantasies suit 'gaslighting Neptune' meeting up with the Secondary Progressed US leadership Sun. It's a feature of the 2017 that is recurring through 2018. Never before have we seen a national leader so parodied, nor White House press briefings so subject ridicule for presenting 'alternative facts'.

The dissipating Neptune effect is strong mid February and also comes back around late October and early December. Neptune wears away like lapping water on sandstone. The results are more obvious over time. As this is purely affecting the national chart, it would effect no matter who was occupying head office.


What Trump's personal horoscope does show is that he will not serve a second term and will even have great difficulty completing a first term. Around the time that the Republican nomination is announced – July 2020 – Trump's progressing Midheaven will hit the brick wall of Saturn. It will also semisquare his birth Uranus. This combination spells separations and fractured alliances.

Trump also came to the presidency in the balsamic, or closing stages of his Sun/Moon progression cycle. This usually marks a time of endings. And while he has forgone his business career, he assumed the leadership during this 'release' period, with his New Moon due in September 2019.

Much earlier than that, the triple transit of erratic Uranus will square Trump's progressing administrative Midheaven from the middle of June 2018 through April 2019, returning again at the end of that year. Each of these transits chips away at his authority and the cumulative effect incrementally increases the odds of professional change.


The Republicans are between a rock and hard place with a Greek tragedy of their own creation. Despite great reticence they finally backed Trump who delivered an election win. With a few notable but rare exceptions they have staunchly defended him.

His unpopularity makes him an electoral liability. Stacking the White House with Pentagon pals, Goldman Sachs and Exxon execs makes mockery of his deep state conspiracy theories and drain the swamp promises. But one thing that usually gives a President a decent popularity bounce is a security scare or declaration of war.

Trump's military Mars setting over North Korea has played out exactly as expected. He has it rising over Venezuela, another country in his sights, if only for their vast oil deposits. Iran is another oil rich nation and his first overseas visit was to immediately gather a Saudi led coalition against them.

These agendas are nothing new. Trump has long harboured the same worldview. The February eclipse also opposes Israel's Mars and Netanyahu's Mars. In consideration of Trump's championing of Zionist expansion in the face global opposition, he would have little hesitation in lighting another spark in the Middle East, let alone the South China sea or Korean peninsula.

It's this kind of ideological belligerence that defies diplomatic solutions and leans more toward pre-emptive strikes. It's easy to see how the Trump presidency has upended global order and further polarised his homeland. And it's why the generational markers of Jupiter and Saturn show his election win as being just as momentuous and jarring as 911 and the Global Financial Crisis.

Winding up, there is a SuperMoon happening this week - the second in a trilogy - and due at 02.24 am Universal Time January 2. It's occurring at 11CAN37, close to the US birth Sun and also locking in with the July 3 2013 Egyptian coup of General Sisi. It may be place an important focus on the US/Egyptian military alliance.

More next week. Meantime thanks for your support throughout 2017 and wishing a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Roll on 2018.

DEC 24


Between 10.56 and 10.57 am December 22 2017, in Washington DC, US President Donald Trump signed a controversial Tax Reform Bill. Controversial, for in a time of rampant inequality, the Bill further fortifies the rich, whilst adding another $1.5 trillion to an already record national debt. The bill was hastily pushed through Congress in near record time before Christmas.

At the heart of the plan is a reduction in corporate tax from 35% to 21%, sure to stimulate business and benefit stock market investors. In defiance of progressive tax, where the rich pay a greater escalating percentage, the Republicans are reducing higher income rates more than the lower incomes.

Americans were against the cuts by a ratio of 55% against to 35% for, on average poll results. The 35% 'for' remains consistent with Donald Trump's voter base and his approval rating which hovers around 37% at the time of writing. In typical hyperbole, he claims they are the biggest tax cuts in US history.

Truth is the record cuts occurred under a multi-millionaire businessman at the helm of American finance; one much richer than Trump. His name was Andrew Mellon.


Andrew Mellon, was a Republican conservative Secretary of the Treasury, for a record 11 years and 10 months. It equates to one Jupiter growth cycle. Mellon, the son of a banker, was a phenomenally successful businessman. At the time of his appointment, he was the third richest man in the USA. Only Henry Ford and John Rockefeller were wealthier.

Mellon subscribed to trickle down economics. He lowered the highest individual tax rates from 73% to 24% between 1922 and 1929. His justification being that that fortunes would be put back into the economy, infrastructure would thrive and tax avoidance could be curbed. He also lowered real estate tax, greatly benefiting the elite, in a similar philosophy to the current tax reforms.

Mellon did have his measure of success initially. Lowering corporate tax rates encouraged industry and had major political ramifications during the ostentatious period known as the Roaring Twenties. It was an era born for the Donald Trumps of this world. Unfortunately, economies, like cars, need a brake as well as accelerator.

The over heated economy eventually bubbled into the Great Depression by the end of 1929, when Mellon headed overseas extracting payments on US loans from WWI. Back home the cries for his impeachment became louder, leading to his eventual resignation on February 12 1932. He then became Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Following the worst financial collapse of the 20th century, the Republicans, who had held the presidency for three consecutive terms, would not reside in the White House for another twenty years. By the mid 1930's the top US tax rate had ballooned to 80%. The product of a flawed trickle down economic theory which fostered an economic inequality rivaled only by today.


American capitalism had been plagued by boom and bust cycles, since the country's formation. As the Depression deepened, President Hoover, frustrated by the variance of opinion among economic experts, commissioned Edward R Dewey to study the subject of cycles. Dewey continued this for years and the results of his findings is in the book, Cycles: The Science of Prediction, first published in 1947.

Cycles, of course, are the founding blocks of astrology. Before Dewey unveiled his discoveries, the financial astrologer Louise McWhirter had published her 1938 classic 'Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting'. The core of McWhirter's theory concerned the movement of the Lunar Nodes, specifically the North Node through the twelve signs of the zodiac and financial fluctuations.

She discovered that when the North Node moves through Leo, the business cycle tends to peak, descending to its cyclical low in the opposite sign of Aquarius. In more recent times this would equate to the rising stock markets of the late 90's with the North Node in Leo and the global recession of 2008, as the North Node was moving through Aquarius.

The bull run of the Dow in 2017 could be explained, at least according to McWhirter's ideas, by the North Node currently in Leo, where it will remain until November 6 2018. Trump's presidency comes at a fortuitous time in contrast to the ignominious exit of George W Bush or the ill timed entry of Barack Obama, inheriting a nation in economic chaos, while the Node moved through Aquarius.

Back in the days of Andrew Mellon, the North Node was moving backwards through Leo in 1924 and 1925, whereas by the time it reached Aquarius he had just resigned and the US was in the throes of the Great Depression. This may bode well for the immediate future, but descend into chaos by 2025/26 if not addressed earlier. But there are other factors involved.


The Tax Reform Act was signed as the Sun came to Saturn, both at the start of Capricorn. The last time this occurred was just prior to Christmas in 1957. This preceded a downturn in the economy, dubbed the Eisenhower recession of 1958, after the sitting president of the time. As mentioned in last week's article on the Capricorn Ingress (click here for the link), the previous Sun Saturn Ingress to that happened in December 1929 and the Great Depression followed.

Don't be fooled by Saturn's dignity in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of austerity and contraction. While it would seem to suit the conservative approach of less government and less taxes, an 'objective' look at history across the last two centuries reveals that US government expenditure actually increases during Saturn in Capricorn periods.

So there are strong but conflicting signals when the North Node in Leo is weighed with Saturn in Capricorn. It invites the question of whether a government intervention to the tax system was really needed, as the economy and job market seemed to be growing stronger regardless.

Will this tend to overheat the economy, introducing short term gains for long term losses? Is pushing the national debt to even greater amounts potentially making that debt unmanageable? The irony being that national debt was always a Republican sore point.

Also in the past, approaching one Saturn cycle ago, Trump's expansive haste led to his first and worst Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Yes I know I go hard on Trump, but at least I am quoting fact, not hyperbole. The bankruptcy's began in Trump's progressed New Moon phase. He enters one again in September of 2019.


The comparison of the Tax Reform Act with the birth horoscope of the USA brings mercantile Mercury to the Ascendant, showing that they will be a subject of much debate, news and discussion for years to come. Mercury is also in square to the spin planet of Neptune.

Click here for larger image

The same two charts show the opposition of the Sun and Saturn to the United States value planet of Venus and expansionary Jupiter and in a testing square to the US Midheaven. Saturn will eventually advance to oppose the USA's Sun, all of which helps explain the previous financial contractions common to its Capricorn placement.

The same Sun Saturn combination fall right on the Sun of the US Federal Reserve horoscope and opposite its Pluto and also square the Midheaven. Pluto is now opposing the Fed's Ascendant and Mars. And although the mercenary Mercury's are conjunct in both charts, the Reform is bringing dissipating Neptune to square the Mercury.

Click here for larger image

One gets the impression from all of this that perhaps the reform was unnecessary. That in the longer term it could increase the inequality gap and undermine the Fed's fiscal control. The connection of Jupiter to the Federal Reserve Moon looks promising at first. But it was a Jupiter Moon connection that also precisely timed the 'excesses' of the last recession.

So was it really needed at this time or will it end up pushing interest rates up, expand a market bubble and recreate the loss of control and deregulation that fed into the 2008 global meltdown all over again. The North Node had only just moved out of Leo last time when we had the dotcom bubble crash.

They are all valid questions as 2017 winds down. There is a touch of irony in all of this. The reform is championed by a President whose wealth outstrips all the other prior Presidents combined. And it's tax act pushed through by a President, who has been consistently evasive when it comes to presenting his own tax returns before the American public.

As for the long passed Andrew Mellon, his family still remain among the richest in America. It was two and a half years ago, in July 2014, when an article appeared in Forbes magazine concerning Mark Mellon II. He is the Chairman of the New York Republican Party’s Finance Committee. He was putting money into fresh business concepts concerning a new crypto-currency which he said would eventually replace the US dollar. It was called Bitcoin.

PS - Trump's signing time was computed by comparing the official US White House statement and text of his speech (which had a starting time of 10.45 am and finsih time of 11.05 am posted) and a delayed broadcast on CNN beginning 11.13 which had 11.24 am as the signing time.

DEC 17


One of the traditional methods for judging the potential of the immediate future, is the use of seasonal ingress horoscopes, cast for the location of specific capitals. This year's Capricorn Ingress occurs December 21 at 16.27.52 Universal Time. It arrives with the Sun in combination with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and a tight orb of only ten minutes separation.

As it is a rare condition to have Saturn so prominent at the Capricorn Ingress, I did some research on when it has occurred (within approximately two and a half degrees) to analyse the correlations of the past with the potentials of today. The results revealed a consistent theme. They also followed a recurrence cycle averaging 59 years, similar to a double Saturn return covering 1811, 1870, 1929, 1958 and now 2017.

For starters, Saturn is the planet associated with preserving tradition and the status quo. It is the planet identified with Father Time, bearing the Greek name of Chronos. That makes it fitting indeed that the last time the Sun entered Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn – in December 1958 - the John Birch Society was born.

This far right political movement, of conspiracy-minded conservatives, have chapters spread throughout the USA. They vigorously opposed the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's, believing it all part of a Communist plot. Progressives like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were prime targets of the Birch believers, who were avid opponents of desegregation and the US membership of the United Nations.


JBS advocate minimalist government and oppose any economic interventionism or wealth redistribution. That's hardly surprising, taking into account that the society was formed by eleven of the richest men in America including Fred Koch, father of the politically active billionaires, the Koch Bros. JBS conspiracy theories run parallel to today's Alex Jones or Fox News.

They do little to mask their 'WASP' ethnocentrism mixed with a Saturnian fear factor. Bob Dylan's sarcastic 'John Birch Society Blues' parodies this paranoia on his early classic Freewheeling album. Dylan sings about looking for reds beneath the bed and even under his toilet seat, whilst bemoaning the color red's presence in the US flag.

Modern day John Bircher and Baptist preacher Mark Collins, of the Central Texas chapter, is reportedly optimistic about the future. He believes there is a powerful reason to rejoice, a reason for renewed optimism: God has sent America a new, powerful leader. He’s a good man, a moral man. God has delivered Donald J. Trump to save the United States of America.

You be the judge of that? Trump's presidency is an amalgam of John Birch philosophies and it is interesting that on the eve of the Ingress, his Republican tax plan, substantially benefiting Wall St investors and his own businesses is set to become law. It's in keeping with the leadership Sun meeting establishment Saturn in corporatist Capricorn.


Economic inequality is one of the greatest growing problems in western society and becoming entrenched in the USA. Despite this, the Republican planned tax cuts look to increase America's national debt, forcing cutbacks on social services. All of this has the potential of driving a widening societal divide toward revolution.

The prior Sun Saturn conjunction at the Capricorn Ingress came in December 1929. It fell two months after the Wall St collapse that triggered the Great Depression. If we examine this period from the social perspective, inequality had reached breaking point. It would pay today’s leaders to heed these signals before the austerity of Saturn returns.


It's not only the planets issuing such warnings. The French economics professor Thomas Piketty's revelatory 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' showed how economic inequality peaked in 1929. His book was translated into English in April of 2014 and by May 18 was number one on the New York Times best-seller list.

Regular readers would recall that April 2014 featured a mundane Grand Cross formation featuring Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all around 13 degrees of cardinal. The astro-talk of the time was how this powerful aspect pattern would impact directly on the natal Sun of the USA. What happened was the renewal of a Cold War, as the US placed economic sanctions on old enemy Russia over their reclamation of Crimea.

But perhaps Piketty's book portended the real looming crisis of the Grand Cross, if we are to look deeper and longer at a message emanating. Inequality has worsened with the extended stock market bubble, as the rich get even richer in the home of capitalism. And last Thursday's draconian ruling on 'net neutrality' threatens to silence the dissenting voice.

Is it no accident that Trump's proposed tax cuts are being sold as a curious Christmas present – right on the Capricorn Ingress with Saturn? And by a billionaire President who refuses to release his tax returns. The President's own horoscope makes multiple connections to this Ingress, shown here on the cosmo dial. The day of reckoning looms.


Saturn was prominent during a prior Capricorn Ingress of 1811. This period featured a Jupiter Saturn opposition with the Moon tightly squaring the Ingress Sun, creating a T—Square formation. It was the period of the Luddite Uprisings. The term Luddite is now used to describe one unfamiliar and resistant to advancing technology.

The Luddite story began with the introduction of automation in the textile industry, threatening wage and worker security. Experienced artisans were being replaced by unskilled labour low wage operators. Lacking any kind of unionised power, the disenfranchised united to destroy the machines. It was a protest against industrialisation threatening livelihood.

Right at the Ingress a story appeared in The Nottingham review of December 20 1811. It concerned a weaver named Ned Ludd, who smashed two knitting machines in a fit of anger. The Luddites took their name from this character, claiming to be fighting for the cause of General or King Ludd. The government eventually called in the army.

Songwriter Robert Calvert revived the legend of Ned Ludd in verse,
They said Ned Ludd was an idiot boy
That all he could do was wreck and destroy, and
He turned to his workmates and said: Death to Machines
They tread on our future and they stamp on our dreams.

The Capricorn Ingress of 1811 featured Saturn and Jupiter tightly opposed. This is a classic future (Jupiter) versus the past (Saturn) dichotomy. The fact that the Moon also squared the Sun/Saturn and the Jupiter made this automation process a major public and emotional issue in the early days of the Industrial Revolution.

Today it is computer technologies, globalisation and the Internet revolutionising the workplace, sales and commerce. This Ingress also has futuristic Jupiter uncomfortably positioned to tradionalist Saturn.


One country which will feel the effect of the upcoming Capricorn Ingress with Saturn very strongly, is Venezuela. Two reasons for that! One is location specific. The Ingress will occur on the Midheaven, directly above the capital of Caracas.

Secondly, their first constitution came into being right on the 1811 Capricorn Ingress with Saturn and Jupiter opposing. So look for a potential change of leader, turmoil or administrative shake up in Venezuela, which puts them in the headlines early in 2018.

Another country to watch is Germany. The 1870 Ingress fell prior to the German Empire, which came into being at midnight on the New Years Day of 1871 but was officially proclaimed January 18 (Astrodatabank gives an estimated time of 12.40 pm and the ceremony concluded at 1 pm) in Paris.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was born with her Sun opposite the old Empire chart, on July 17 1954 @ 1800 hours in Hamburg. Her difficult fight to retain office is shown via her SP Sun now squaring natal Mars, as German politics shifts further to the far right. Power shifts in Germany will further influence the Eurozone.


Of the all Capricorn ingresses occurring with Saturn, the most powerful also featured Pluto. That last occurred in 1517, only two months after Martin Luther mailed off his 95 thesis to the Archbishop of Mainz and reportedly nailed the same to a Wittenberg church door.

The Reformation underpinned the biggest redistribution of wealth and power in Europe. The relevance of this being that Saturn will again meet with Pluto during its transit of Capricorn for the first time since those heady days. And this conjunction will also feature the Sun and Mercury on January 2020. Already, some signs are showing.

It may be no cosmic coincidence that a Royal Commission into child abuse within the Catholic Church has only just concluded. But perhaps the archetypal analogy here involves Luther's challenge and exposure of an inherently corrupt system of indulgences. Sin could be absolved for an exchange of money. Everyone, even the Lord apparently, had their price.

The days of the religious lobbyist and a corrupt priesthood are an inference of the political system of today. The system is broken. Christianity is being hijacked by corporate capitalism. Congress is in the hands of the lobbyist and it is spreading to other western governments. The hierarchy is due for a Reformation.

Saturn, at its worst, is about restriction and control through the application of fear and separatism. The Steve Bannon style racists - the John Birchers, who would impose the prejudice of yesterday on the potential of tomorrow. Conspiracy theories spread by the ones who are actually the real conspirators.

Last week Alabama delivered a powerful message to such imposters. Move over - the 'real' revolution is on the way.

DEC 10

Was Donald Trump thinking of the children of Gaza when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel? Or of peace at Christmas? Or of his sliding evangelical voter base ahead of an Alabama election. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem became official with the finish of his signature as the clock shifted from 1.18 pm to 1.19 pm on December 6 2017 in Washington.

Trump's announcement comes after his team requested 'more time' prior to the last United Nations meeting. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was getting anxious with the US ambiguity of not criticizing Israel's illegal settlements, nor mentioning the two-state solution. Now he has his answer.

On the heels of Trump's announcement came a strange statement from Israeli Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu. One which would surely fail the Pinocchio test. “Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years.” No doubt he was referring to the BC years of King David and Solomon. And conveniently eliminating, the last two millennia.

This week's column examines the global aftershock and future critical dates from the two planetary cycles involved.


First – some literal home truths. Jerusalem as Israel's capital for three thousand years. Here's the fact check. Only the uneducated are falling for Netanyahu's revisionist fallacy. Most of the Old City of Jerusalem was built during the Roman rule of Hadrian, the same Emperor responsible for Hadrian's Wall in the UK.

Hadrian also had a large temple built for Jupiter, on the site of the Temple Mount. He renamed Judeah as Syria Palaestina and Jews were only allowed to enter Jerusalem for one day a year. And so it remained during the Christian Byzantium rule through the 4th and 6th centuries.

In 638 AD Jerusalem became one of the early cities conquered during the Islamisation of the Middle East. By 691 AD the Islamic shrine Dome of the Rock was constructed on the site of the old Roman temple, Jupiter Capitolinus. Netanyahu's history book is missing all these chapters...and more.

The Crusades delivered Jerusalem to the Christians in 1099, with a slaughter of Muslims and Jews alike. It was left to the Islamic warrior Saladin to reclaim the Holy City in 1187. It remained under Islamic rule for over seven hundred and thirty years until falling to the British Empire on December 9 1917.

Just prior to the taking Jerusalem the British concluded the Balfour Declaration, originally drawn up by Lord Rothschild and officially declared on November 2 1917. This duplicitous document, drafted whilst enlisting the help of Arab forces to overthrow the Ottomans, promised a homeland the Jewish Zionist movement in the Palestinian territories.

As is common to colonialist custom, nobody asked the natives - 90% of whom were Palestinian. Now THAT is the TRUTH. Netanyahu's incredulous claim that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years is not only blatantly dishonest, but shows scant respect for the last two millennia, its people and its customs. Now to the planetary cycles, so well describing these developments.


Every entity has a birth-time, be they person, enterprise or country. That cosmic kernel contains the inherent potential, as surely as an oak seed will only grow to an oak and an elm to an elm. The birth horoscope is a schematic that will also interact with important planetary cycles promising fertile springs and/or harsh winters.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle, relating to the politics of law and order, began on May 2000, right upon the Taurean Sun of Israel's foundation horoscope. Taurus is the first of the fixed earth signs. Think earth, land and security. Positioned in the eighth house of the horoscope – traditionally associated with death and other people's property.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle runs twenty years, ending in December 2020. At its inception, in 2000, negotiations between Israel and Palestine, over the status of Jerusalem, broke down. These shattered hopes led to open hostilities, as a Palestinian uprising eventually erupted, setting the tone for what was to follow.

Click here for a larger image

The desire for a homeland for the Jewish diaspora was exacerbated by the Russian pogroms of 1881. The largest of these began in Kiev on April 26 1881. It came with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction again in Taurus.

The Jupiter Saturn cycle is an outstanding guide to Middle East politics of the 21st century as the US/Israeli/Western combination asserts its dominance over the Middle East. Here's how well the cycle's aspects and timing works.


JUPITER SATURN – WAXING SEMISQUARE – Exact on October 13 2002, March 27 2003, July 9 2003.

These three dates correlate outstandingly with the planning and subsequent invasion of Iraq, removing renowned enemy Saddam Hussein. The military action was approved by the Senate at 12:50 a.m. EDT on October 11 and was signed into law by President Bush on October 16 2002. The invasion took place March 20 2003. On July 2 2003 President Bush announced that US troops would remain in Iraq and that month an interim government was formed.

JUPITER IN WAXING SQUARE TO SATURN – Exact on Dec 17 2005, June 22 2006, October 25 2006

A critical turning point beginning December as Israel's PM, Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke from which he never recovered. On June 25 an Israeli soldier was captured on the Gaza border (he would be returned at the Jupiter-Saturn opposition) leading to 'Operation Summer Rains', a brutal war on Gaza from June 28th. The Israel-Lebanon war in the same time period was even more lethal with over one thousand, mostly civilians, killed.

JUPITER AND SATURN IN OPPOSITION – Exact on May 23 2010, August 16 2010, March 28 2011.

This aspect, due to its polarity, brings matters to a 'face-off' as it concludes the waxing part of the cycle. Correlating remarkably close to the opposition's first appearance, on May 20 2010, Israeli commandos raid a 'Freedom Flotilla' bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid. They kill eight activists, a ninth dies later of injuries sustained in the raid.

In August of 2010 the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara is returned to Turkey after diplomatic relations were severed. Global criticism follows with the raid taking place in 'international waters' and all media confiscated. Regardless, the plight of the people in Gaza achieves international recognition.

The opposition finishes with the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, in March 2011. The same month sees NATO warplanes bombing Libya, with additional regime change planned for Colonel Gadaffi. Western governments and their gulf allies sponsor rebel groups and arm mercenaries in Syria and Libya.

JUPITER AND SATURN IN WANING SQUARE – Exact dates - August 3 2015, March 23 2016, May 26 2016.

Another critical turning point, as by September of 2015 Russia enters the Syrian War. Russian media will soon expose the 'fake news' reports, as they reveal aerial photos of oil tanker convoys stealing Iraqi oil for western consumption. Ordinary punters begin questioning, just who is 'really' behind ISIS?

On March 24 2016 – right on the second square – a video of an IDF member killing a prostate and wounded Palestinian rival goes viral. The soldier is court-marshalled and later jailed.

On May 25 2016 a New York Times headline leads, “A Split Over Israel Threatens The Democrats Hopes For Unity”. Bernie Sanders representatives are critical of constant US bias toward Israel. They intend to redress it as part of the party platform. Sanders, who is Jewish, and supports a Jewish homeland, is also an outspoken critic of disproportionate force.

One of Sanders team complains that, “because of the role of money and lobbies there is difficulty in a candid dialogue.” The same person, Dr Cornel West, once branded Bin Netanyahu as a war criminal. Sensitive to any change in political discourse, the story does the rounds of the American and Israeli media on the final square.

JUPITER AND SATURN WANING SEMISQUARE – Exact December 22 2017, March 14 2018, September 3 2018.

Trump's predictable declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, continues the pattern of this security conscious, land focussed Taurean cycle. It seems to set the scene for December and the first quarter of 2018.

Look to significant developments around the aforementioned dates. With one pivotal provision. The second semisquare of March 14 2018, brings Jupiter to 23 of Scorpio, opposing the degree where the whole cycle began. This makes mid-March a most important time.

If the Palestinians cannot achieve justice through diplomacy, they may seek it through the International Courts.

Click here for a larger image

I have written before that Israel's Mars, Netanyahu's Mars and Trump's Mars are all positioned in the late degrees of Leo. Mars is the militaristic planet. On February 15 2018 an Aquarian Solar Eclipse will oppose the Mars degree of all three. This reinforces the crucial time frame above.


There is one other critical cycle important to this matter. Perhaps even moreso that the one I have described above. It is the cycle that Athenian democracy was born under in 507 BC. The cycle operative in 1215 when the Magna Carta underpinning common law came into being. And the cycle that coincided with the beginning of the break up of the Soviet states.

Establishment Saturn and insurrectionist Uranus were coming together for the first Palestinian Intifada on December 9 1987 to begin their 45 year run. Trump has inadvertently made his announcement during the Saturn return of this cycle. There's always time for him to balance the bias and declare Jerusalem as also the capital of Palestine. Bet you are holding your breath..waiting for that one?

DEC 03


The Full Moon due at 15.47 hours Universal Time on Sunday December 3 2017 will arrive as a SuperMoon. This term describes either a New or Full Moon coinciding with the approximate date that the Moon is also making its closest approach to Earth. Ready yourself for a rare trilogy of SuperMoons, they are also due January 2 and 31 of 2018.

At the Moons closest approach, technically termed its perigee, it increases around 14% in apparent size and its gravitational effect similarly increases. That's why SuperMoons, a name given by astrologer Richard Nolle, are linked with monster tides and wild weather. They also have a connection to an increased incidence of earthquakes.

The March 2011 Sendai tsunami that flooded the reactors of Fukushima occurred between two SuperMoons. Four days after the first of these, an earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand claiming 185 lives and extensively damaging properties.

SuperMoons also tend to heighten emotional responses bringing tense situations to a climax. The same period Feb-March 2011 saw the rapid expansion of the Arab Spring, with the resignation of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, the beginning of the Syrian Civil War and NATO bombing and enforced regime change of Libya.

All that happened, or began, between two consecutive SuperMoons. This time we're looking at three. Weather patterns and geological shifts aside, there'll be a whole lotta shaking going on across the geopolitical landscape leading into 2018 an onward. The one to look at here would be the second in the series (January 2) as it comes within two days of the Earth's closest approach to the Sun.


The December 3 SuperMoon is a starting point and notable for multiple stellar connections. Just before it forms a Full Moon, the lunar face will occult (move across and cut off the light) the orange super giant Aldebaran This important fixed star, placed in the eye of the Bull, was one of the four royal stars (seasonal markers) of Persia. It is over 400 times as bright as our Sun, but 65 million light years away.

A day before the SuperMoon, the Sun will inch past a second of the royal stars, the red giant Antares, positioned in the heart of the Scorpion. Antares is even more massive than Aldebaran, 10,000 times brighter than our Sun and 551 light years away. Both of these super giants have acquired a military reputation down through the ages, similar to the red planet Mars.

It will be important to keep an eye on military planning and engagements from here on, as this SuperMoon comes angled in a tight semisquare to Mars and square to the lord of the seas, Neptune. Already we're witnessing Israel firing missiles into Syria, Saudi Arabia fanning the flames of war with Iran and North Korea defiantly continuing down a provocative nuclear path. Must be time for an update on the birth chart of the USA.


The USA's Secondary Progressed Sun is in a testy square to the natal Ascendant and semisquare Pluto. It's indicative of the country's President being at cross purposes with established diplomatic relations. The Sun signifies leadership and the Ascendant represents the country's global projection.

The Sun semisquaring Pluto part is akin to a power struggle. The last Sun to Pluto major progressed aspect was back when Nixon was in office during the Watergate years. I doubt that needs any further explanation.

The SuperMoon will square the USA Sun and the actual Full Moon itself is falling right across the Ascendant/Descendant axis of the USA's chart. As it does so, the Supermoon also runs mundanely square to Neptune and semisquare to Mars.

Again this puts an emphasis on international affairs – both allies and enemies. The Mars Neptune may be related to the Pacific Pivot and control of the sea lanes and channels comprising the South China Seas and Korean peninsula.

The USA's Secondary Progressed Moon is opposing its birth Mars and squaring birth Neptune. The duplication of the same planets involved would tend to create and reinforce a theme, which again may be associated with naval power or even covert military operations.

The Mars Neptune aspect is often active at mass shootings such as Charleston, Orlando or even the assassination of JFK. The Neptune factor accounts for not only the losses involved but also the political spin and conspiracy theories that often accompany such incidents.

Another way of looking at Mars Neptune is the 'sacrifice' of battle and the mythology attached. When America's most decorated war hero, Smedley Butler, wrote his classic expose 'War Is A Racket' he was ably describing the Mars Neptune archetype.


Pluto is transiting square to the USA's Secondary Progressed Mars. EXACT! Pluto tends to intensify whatever it touches. Pluto to Mars is a ruthless combination. You see it in the birth horoscopes of people like JFK and Muhammad Ali. They are either the agents or receivers of brutality and often both.

Mars is transiting square to the USA Pluto, which further reinforces the pattern. The renowned cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin described Mars Pluto as , 'putting a gun to one's head'. The combination of aggressive Mars with intense Pluto can accompany exaggerated acts of violence or war.

Now before you start thinking that World War III is about to break out, quite often we can have a convincing line up of planets and nothing major transpires. Or more correctly nothing right at that time. In fact the beginning horoscopes of WWI and WWII are evidence of this. They looked quite innocuous by themselves. It was what was happening prior in the skies that could be attributed to the eventual conflicts.


Nothing happens entirely of itself – everything is relative and situations build upon themselves over a period of time. Back in April 2014 dire things were expected as an ominous Grand Cross tied in with the birth Sun of the USA. It was what was building behind the scenes that counted.

April of 2014 came on the heels of Russia reclaiming Crimea. April was the month that the USA imposed economic sanctions on Russia. Such sanctions can be a prelude to war – they are doubtlessly a form of financial warfare – and things haven't been the same since. So this could be regarded as the revival of the Cold War.

Something else took place in the April of 2014. Thomas Picketty's 'Capitalism in the 21st Century' was translated from the French into English. One month later it was topping the New York Times best seller list. That describes a nation at a grand 'crossroads', the bastion of capitalism self reflecting on the changing face of economics in a rapidly changing world.

The Grand Cross is far from finished in its social effect. Such powerful aspect patterns are a starting point. They represent the original shift in consciousness. They play out in sometimes subtle and yet with the wisdom of hindsight, in blatantly obvious ways - forever true to the planetary signatures involved.


Returning to the SuperMoon. On Friday, Hawaii sounded the nuclear alarm for the first time since the Cold War. The mentality and the mood is akin to Mars reigning happily in his battle castle of Scorpio. Mars and Neptune - Mars and Pluto. This can be true of US naval outposts or activities involving the Seventh Fleet, some which I have already written about in the weekly commentaries.

The SuperMoon trilogy, just like Star Wars is about to begin. The drums are beating. Mars Neptune is even happening on an internal level with retired General Michael Flynn's (Mars) admission of lying (Neptune) to the FBI, expanding on the Trump connections involved in the Russian probe. Or the Republican tax cuts, chiefly benefiting the rich, further deepening the political divide.

Remember, this Moon cycle is a repeat of 19 years ago in keeping with the Metonic Cycle. In December 1998 President Bill Clinton ordered war planes on a bombing raid over Iraq. And many thought cynically it was to divert attention away from his looming impeachment, which duly arrived December 19, the day after the New Moon. More next week.

NOV 26

Last week on November 19 we covered Saturn in Capricorn, especially in light of the Saturn Pluto cycle re igniting by 2020 and the enormous ramifications that has produced historically. If you missed it click here for the link. Right at the end of the article I advised keeping a close watch on Egypt during this lunation cycle.

On Friday November 24 2017, gunmen attacked worshippers at the al-Rawda mosque in the North Sinai. It was Egypt's worst ever terrorist attack claiming over 300 lives with approximately another 100 injured.

The mosque was associated with the mystical practise of Sufism, common to around 15% of Egyptian Muslims. Many of the hardline Sunni sects view Sufis as heretics and they have become an ISIS target. But most unusually, ISIS hasn't claimed any responsibility for this atrocity.

There is also another much more suspicious connection with the timing of the attack. The Rafah Gateway, the sole border crossing between the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Egypt was due to be opened (it had been closed since August) the very next day. This was as a result of Egyptian sponsored peace talks between the rival factions of Hamas and Fatah. A peace deal was reached at dawn, October 11, in Cairo.

It would appear that somebody, or even state actors clearly didn't want the Rafah Gate opened. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has put that on indefinite hold. Gaza has been isolated by a blockade on both its Israeli and Egyptian borders for 11 years. This week I show why I thought Egypt would be a November hotspot and analyse the planetary patterns that affect this ancient land.


A lunation cycle is the 29 ½ day period from one New Moon to the next. The current cycle began at 11.42 am Universal Time on November 18 2017. The position of the Sun was 26 degrees of Scorpio. This degree area has a special connection with critical events and people in the history of modern Egypt.

The current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was born November 19 1954 with his Sun between 26 and 27 degrees of Scorpio and square lethal Pluto at 26 of Leo.

The Luxor Massacre, taking 62 lives, took place on the morning of November 17 1997 with the Sun positioned at 25 degrees of Scorpio.

The Suez Canal opened on November 17 1869 with the Sun at 25 degrees of Scorpio. The canal was owned and operated primarily by overseas interests, begun via forced local labor and for many years Egypt had no representation on the Suez Canal Company board and saw little of its profits.

Egyptian President Gabdel Nasser eventually paid out the investors and nationalised the Suez Canal on the evening of July 26 1956 with Saturn at 26 degrees of Scorpio. Three days later Israel invaded Egypt, followed by Great Britain and France.

Egypt successfully invaded and reclaimed the Sinai from the Arab/Israeli War beginning October 6 1973 with Venus at 26 degrees of Scorpio.

On November 19 1977 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat visited Tel Aviv and became the first Arab leader to officially recognise Israel. The Sun was between 26 and 27 degrees of Scorpio.

On October 6 1981, whilst viewing a military parade to commemorate the Yom Kippur War, President Sadat was assassinated. Venus and rebellious Uranus were in conjunction between 26 and 27 degrees of Scorpio.

I think you get the picture. These are some of the things I looked in deciding the importance of the November 18 New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio for Egypt. And so it played out.


As terrible as the attack on the Bir al-Abed mosque is, it is dwarfed by the death toll of the Raba massacre. That began from 7 am on August 14 2013. The Egyptian army violently dispersed a six week sit in at Raba Square Cairo, protesting against the military coup that ousted their democratically elected government. Over 800 were killed with another 4,000 plus injured.

General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi – now President - sanctioned that operation. Egypt today is a far cry from the rich kingdoms of the Pharaohs in the glorious Valley of the Nile. Tightly controlled by strong-arm military rule, the country stands as a stark example of 'deep state' bureaucracy with western puppeteers pulling the financial strings.

Foreign intervention was always on the cards from 16.29 hours June 24 2012, when Mohammed Morsi was announced as the winner of Egypt's first democratic presidential election. Morsi, representing the Freedom and Justice Party was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamists had gained control.

Morsi was unable to convince the International Monetary Federation to finance government loans. Egypt's foreign reserves fell from $36 billion to $13 billion. There was a flight of foreign capital as Standard and Poors downgraded Egypt's credit rating. Morsi meanwhile was rewriting the constitution as his populace was growing restless.

One year into his presidency Morsi was given an ultimatum by his newly appointed Defence Minister General Abdul al-Sisi – resign and call new elections. By 10 am July 4 2013, an interim leader was sworn in as the General, despite public denials, prepared his presidential bid.

There was no irony or accident about the date – July 4 – and the difficulty that western diplomats had in verbalising the word 'coup'. But the Arab Spring had been sprung and it was back to business as usual. Morsi was consigned to prison.


Egyptian government has evolved over thirty year periods coincident with the Saturn cycle and its transit of Libra. This period times a stronger nationalist sentiment and fight for autonomy. It is something that I had discussed with my astro friend (now deceased) Jeff Jawer and inspired an article for his website StarIq. Using this formula Hosni Mubarak's fall from grace was forecast before it happened. It goes like this.

The founding of modern Egypt dates to the self declared Khedive, Muhammad Ali. He took command on May 17 1805 and reformed the culture, economy and military thereafter. His dynasty continued with the approval of the Ottomans and later Great Britain, surviving until 1952. It began with Saturn at 10 degrees of Libra and would end with Saturn at the same Libran degree. Meantime in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Feb 28 1922 - Egypt granted independence by Great Britain. Egyptian Kingdom recognised at 10 am March 15. Saturn at 5 degrees of Libra

July 23 1952 - Monarchy overthrown in Egyptian Military Revolution. Saturn at 10 degrees Libra.

Oct 6 1981 - President Sadat assassinated at a military parade – His deputy Hosni Mubarak becomes leader. Saturn at 13 degrees Libra.

February 11 2011 – Cairo protests ignite the Arab Spring. President Hosni Mubarak resigns. Saturn at 17 degrees of Libra.

This doesn't mean we have to wait another thirty years for presidential change. But it does suggest a stronger nationalist sentiment and therefore a leadership change in the distant future from late 2039 onward. In the interim the struggle for autonomy goes on.

For now the Egyptian Army still receive their financial package from the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies are onside and the western banks are re supplying Egypt. So why isn't it working better and why does Al-Sisi still need to rule with an iron fist?

These are legitimate questions. Along with why Islamic State or ISIS have not claimed responsibility for the mosque attack? They are always quick to do so through their media networks. And why the attack was timed for the day before the Gaza's Rafah Gate was due for a three day opening allowing Palestinians right of passage?

The current lunation cycle arrived coincident with the 40th anniversary of Anwar Sadat's historic trip to Tel Aviv. Prophetically, Sadat said to Israel's parliament, “Even if peace between all the confrontation States and Israel were achieved, in the absence of a just solution to the Palestinian problem, never will there be that durable and just peace upon which the entire world insists today."

As the cycle returns to 26 degrees of Scorpio his words ring truer than ever. The burning question being, when will they be honoured? And what role will Egypt ultimately play, with Al-Sisi due to face fresh elections no later than next May. More next week.

NOV 19


From December 20 2017 until December 17 2020 – minus an Aquarian stopover between March 22 and July 2 2020 – stringent Saturn will be moving through customary Capricorn. Importantly it will also be meeting up with Pluto, the reformer, on its journey. This week we check out the ramifications, past and future.

Capricorn, in a worldly sense, is the sign of conscious ambition crystallised. It represents administration within corporations and governments alike. It's the sign of the CEO. Like its symbol the mountain goat negotiating towering mountain peaks, Capricorn views life from the top down.

Saturn symbolises the responsibility of command. It is both the administrator and critical judge. Saturn brings solidarity and form through contraction and elimination. It is the planet of austerity and thrift. It also delivers the lessons of time and experience and therefore extols the traditions of the past.

Both Saturn and Capricorn, by their very nature, identify with conservatism and the status quo. Yet when an old cycle concludes and a new cycle begins, change is the inevitable consequence. What we are looking at here is change within societal structure and conception of government. The next three years are vital for this.

Saturn's last sojourn in Capricorn – active from February of 1988 until February of 1991 - coincided with the collapse of the Soviet States and Eastern Bloc of Europe. That monumental shift in global power came as Saturn also met revolutionary Uranus and dissolving Neptune, also in Capricorn.

As the Saturn Neptune cycle also signaled the Russian Revolution, astute astrologers like Andre Barbault, forecast this breakup way ahead of time. This time around, Saturn will be meeting up with reformative Pluto in its Capricorn travels, although not until January of 2020. There are rare historical correlations to this union, that are useful to examine.


Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn when the famous Assyrian King Sennacherib razed Babylon, the 'big apple' of its day. This was his solution to the 'Babylon Problem' – the ongoing resistance to Assyrian rule. Sennacherib was a military leader, with little regard for Babylonian custom and religious ritual.

This event was big news in ancient Mesopotamia, but had its repercussions. Even Assyrians were concerned at Sennacherib's destruction of Babylon's temples and blatant disregard for the city's cultural tradition. Sennacherib was later assassinated by his eldest son and his death was celebrated as divine retribution by the Babylonians.

The next conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn proved decisive for the Roman Empire. It marked the changeover from the Hellenistic Greek rule of the Near East to Roman control. Antiouchus the Great lost his four year battle against Roman domination and signed a peace deal – the Treaty of Apamea - ceding territory all the way to the Taurus mountains of Turkey.

The next conjunction of 47 AD is recognised in Christian tradition as the beginning year of St Paul's missionary work. He travels with Barnabas to Cyprus and Galatia. Paul would not only have a pivotal effect on the development of the new religion, (and the Roman Empire) but he also broke with Peter, arguing that Gentile Christians do not have to follow Jewish law.


What we are getting out of all of this is that Saturn's conjunctions with Pluto, in Capricorn, are certainly about transforming the status quo in a major manner. Saturn's next union with purgative Pluto coincided with the Ostrogoths sacking Rome in 549 AD.

But let's jump ahead a millennium for brevity at this point. It has been written that Saturn was in Capricorn for the beginning of the Reformation. Well almost, it was at at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and about to enter Cap and form another conjunction with Pluto when Martin Luther's 95 thesis reportedly first appeared on a Wittenberg church door.

That was on October 31 1517, but the results of his actions created a cataclysmic religious shift and were certainly consistent with a dramatic Reformation of the Establishment. Are the capitalistic TV evangelicals of today due for another exposure? We shall see. The temptations of money and power have certainly revealed such hypocrisy.

Reformation aside, the November 1517 to November 1520 transit of Saturn through Capricorn ranks as one of the most ground breaking of all. During these years Magellan set sail on his world round trip and Hernan Cortes began his conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Remember that I am only examining the times here that Saturn has transited Capricorn and met Pluto during its travel. The significance of this being that it happens again on January 13 2020. But we can start to read the prevailing trends well before the future conjunction. Also we will have a repeat of groundbreaking Uranus in Taurus just as in that 1517 period.

One conclusion is obvious and already showing signs of tumultuous change. The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 will be very close the Sun, Jupiter Saturn and Ascendant quadruple conjunction of the House of Saud conquering Riyadh horoscope. This alone will have enormous repercussions on the financial world.


You'd imagine that Saturn in Capricorn would have to have some connection with the banks and the financial industry, being the literal pillars of the 'system'. And you'd be on the money. The Bank of England was given Royal sanction on April 25 1694 and took subscriptions from June 15 the same year with Saturn in Capricorn.

Ninety years later, on June 9 1784, under the same alignment, the Bank of New York opened in Lower Manhattan. These two cities have been at the hub of capital enterprise for the last two centuries. That's one reason why Pluto's entry into Capricorn in 2008 correlated with the global financial meltdown?

Saturn will surely test the solidarity of the recovery strategies. And as Saturn corresponds with long term investments, such as real-estate and blue stock chips, it's the established brands that feel the effects of the transit most. Note its last transit of the late 80's and early 90's coincided with western real-estate taking a tumble.

Last time around, tycoons, like Alan Bond and Donald Trump, were courting bankruptcies. The Australian Treasurer Paul Keating, a true Capricorn, had predicted it all as the recession we had to have. After all, the Australian Federal Government was sworn in at 13.36 hours in Centennial Park, Sydney on January 1 1901, with the Sun and Saturn both in Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn surely warns against excessive speculation, as both err on the side of caution and crave stability and surety. Saturn entering Capricorn in 1929 was one of the big wake up calls that heralded the Great Depression and led into its depths. It also provided the overture for the Long Recession sixty years prior.


The USA celebrates a national birthday from July 4 1776. That means the leadership Sun, value planet Venus and entrepreneurial Jupiter are all in Cancer. When restrictive Saturn enters the opposing sign of Capricorn and simultaneously transits their second house of wealth, the US economy gets a chill.

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and the economy slowed. The first invasion of Iraq took place, meaning we're heading for the Saturn return of Middle East invasions. The end result was George Bush Snr becoming a one term president, ending the Republican run since 1981.

Wrapping up on the economy. The US Federal Reserve is also a Capricorn Sun chart, as the act was signed off on by Woodrow Wilson on December 23 1913 at 18.02 hours. The Sun is right at the start of Capricorn and opposite Pluto in Cancer. It's another reason that Pluto moving into Capricorn in 2008 was bound to deliver an equities earthquake with multiple aftershocks.

This year's Capricorn Ingress chart will have the Sun and Saturn sitting right on the Sun of the Federal Reserve horoscope and squaring its Midheaven. Pluto is closing in on the Federal Reserve Descendant and moving across in December. Let's hope Donald Trump learnt something valuable from reading Chapter Eleven.

Saturn in Capricorn can be a boon for some. It's not too hard to pick up a bargain from the anxious sellers who have over extended their boundaries. And that's the great lesson really. It reminds us to play within our limits for lasting gains. Responsibility is a Saturn keyword and a natural Capricorn progression.

The last word is on this week's New Moon at 26-27 of Scorpio. It's very close to the Egyptian President General al-Sisi's birth Sun. It also is close to the degree of the opening of the Suez Canal. Lots happening between Saudi Arabia and Egypt at the moment and they are two countries that figure strongly in this new lunation cycle. Check below for its relevance to your sun sign.

NOV 12


It’s hardly a state secret that the ‘war on terror’ has become a war of our own creation. It’s a convenient tool allowing energy companies to exploit the oil and gas rich Middle East. It’s morphed into a means to justify expansive military budgets while simultaneously keeping closer civilian surveillance on homeland whistleblowers and dissidents.

As the needs of a burgeoning population swells, the need to create and control compliant governments in these energy rich areas expands. That’s why we are witnessing the dubious dichotomy of elitist monarchies being armed and supported by so-called western democracies. But how long can such duplicitous foreign policies suffice?

Surprise – surprise! After reigning thousands of bombs on the humanitarian crisis that is now Yemen, a lone missile lobs over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last week. It was a call for headlines in the Saudi and western press. The solitary missile was reportedly ‘made in Iran’.


A series of mighty ‘coincidences’ accompanied this event. The Lebanese Prime Minster strangely flew to Saudi Arabia to announce his resignation. On Saturday evening, November 4, a coup took place in Riyadh. It wasn’t a palace coup, it was a Carlton coup. Try the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The company is based in Washington.

Holed up in this luxurious prison, some of the most influential figures in the Saudi dynasty, including the richest man in the kingdom, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Behind the coup, publicly advertised as a crackdown on corruption, is Saudi’s 32-year-old Minister for Everything, Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Mohammad’s father, King Salman symbolically rules Saudi Arabia. But he is eighty-one years of age and suffering from Alzheimer's. Normally his brother, Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a former head of Saudi Intelligence, would be next in the line of succession.

But strange things are happening (and will continue to) as revolutionary Uranus squares the leadership Sun, royal Jupiter and Ascendant of the Saudi Arabian January 15 1902 sunrise horoscope. These changes have been building for some time.


Prince Muqrin was demoted by King Salman back on April 29 2015. Last Sunday, just after the coup, it was reported that Prince Muqrin’s son was killed in a helicopter crash. By fate or ‘coincidence’ all possible contenders to the aging King’s throne were being systematically eliminated.

Prince Muqrin was born on September 15 1945. An activist group called the ‘September 15 Movement’ had marches planned for the same date this year to protest youth unemployment, social inequality and repression. Days prior, the protestors, some of the most influential clerics and scholars in the kingdom, were arrested.

Donald Trump is well behind the coup. A week prior, son-in-law Jared Kushner was visiting Saudi Arabia, conducting late night meetings with the equally young power behind the Saudi throne. It was Kushner’s third visit this year. His previous was at the August 21 Solar Eclipse. All that awaits now is the elderly King Salman’s abdication.

His son, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, born 31 August 1985 in Jeddah, currently has the firebrand and high risk combination of aggressive Mars progressed to square rebellious Uranus. It's not going away in a hurry and will be even more active in mid February and mid May of 2018.


At the heart if this is a carve up of the kingdom’s wealth with the eventual privatization of national assets. Already $100 billion dollars of frozen funds awaits the government’s coffers if alleged corruption claims are carried through.

At 13.24 hours on May 20 2017 King Salman, whose Tweets average a wider readership Donald Trump welcomed the US President to the Arab Summit at Riyadh. The horoscope of the moment could not have been more revealing. Mars in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini was directly above Riyadh and at the Midheaven.

Mars and the Midheaven of the moment were joined to the USA’s July 4 1776 Gemini birth Mars. They were also joined to Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun. Later that day at 17.13 hours King Salman and Donald Trump signed off on the biggest arms deal in history. Trump, a constant critic of Iran, then urged the Gulf monarchies to unite against their Shi’ite neighbour.


The west have never forgiven Iran for their Islamic Revolution and the overthrow of the Shah. He had been a loyal servant when the CIA and M15 conspired to remove the Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, on August 19 1953. Mossadegh was forever consigned to house arrest for nationalizing his country's oil industry.

The 2017 Great American Eclipse of 2017, occurring on August 21 has reignited the Sun’s late Leo degree position of the overthrow of Mosaddegh. And the recent ‘biggest ever arms deal’ was signed at the Arab Summit held across May 20-22, with the Sun in an approaching square to the same August eclipse degree.

The 1979 Islamic Revolution again nationalized Iran’s oil industry. Since then Iran has proved one of the few Middle Eastern countries to successfully resist western political domination. On February 17 2008 they went one step further, creating the Iranian Oil Bourse.

The Iranian Oil Bourse is situated on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf and is an oil and petrochemicals exchange which trades in all currencies – except the US dollar. It offers a challenge to the hegemony of the US dollar (and the Saudi created ‘petrodollar’) as a global currency.

When Iran signaled the intention to launch the exchange via the Internet, underwater cables were mysteriously cut. For the last half century, the US dollar has been the global reserve currency. Oil dependent nations are forced to trade in and reinforce its strength.


Previous leaders that have bypassed the US dollar to trade oil are Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is the other. The remarkable coincidences here are all of military interventions. If the dollar is weakened, via fewer countries trading, it will force the US to raise interest rates to make it more attractive to investors but also increasing living costs and blowing out the budget.

Note Iran began their oil bourse in 2008, coincident with Pluto moving into Capricorn for the year of the global meltdown. Pluto, promising a transformation of the world's financial system, has yet to complete its cycle through this sign. It will hit the Saudi’s Sun in 2020 and by 2022 the US Pluto return will be underway.

Meantime, the planetary pattern of Saudi militancy and Trump’s impatience to scuttle the Iranian nuclear deal, seems tied to the original May 20 Riyadh Summit, the August 21 American eclipse (reviving the Sun position of the Mossadegh overthrow) and the upcoming Solar eclipse of February 16 2018 – occurring on the Sun position of the Iranian Oil Bourse.

The combination of those dates exhibits a strong emphasis of the Sun occupying the late degrees of a fixed sign. It’s heading that way now, making the period around November 20th and 21st also an important developmental window to watch. But whatever unfolds, you’re probably not going to read too much about the US dollar or the Iranian Oil Bourse from western media outlets.

November 5


This morning, Sunday 4, Donald Trump will touch down in Japan. It is the first port of call on an Asian trip that will also take in South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. As the US aims to strengthen its influence and ties in the Pacific, the visit may be his most important undertaking yet.

Whenever you travel a significant distance, you also change the dynamics of your birth horoscope. You strengthen certain planets and lessen the influence of others. That’s one reason why you can totally resonate with some areas and others can be like having a holiday in hell. Location really makes a difference.

A planets potential is dramatically increased when it is rising, setting, culminating or at the base of your chart. And at the precise moment of your birth each of the planets were doing that at some location on the earth’s surface. It’s why some people find success by following their fate lines – literally.

The President of the USA is taken to be the most powerful position on the planet. The planetary lines of whoever occupies that office are going to tell us a lot about what impact they will make on the world and just as importantly – where and when. A study of past presidents shows how.


Theodore Roosevelt became President unexpectedly, at 3 pm on September 14 1901 in Buffalo. The sudden inauguration took place at the home of his close friend Ansley Wilcox, following the assassination of William McKinley. Roosevelt, born October 27 1858 @ 19.45 hours in New York, had the king planet Jupiter rising precisely through Buffalo at birth.

McKinley was not so fortunate. His Secondary Progressed Mars (the planet of guns and aggression) was rising within the proximity of Buffalo when, and where, he was shot. One man’s misfortune was another’s opportunity. Roosevelt is one of four Presidents carved into the rock face of Mt Rushmore.

Roosevelt was known for his macho image, hunting and military exploits. His Jupiter adjoined the US birth Mars. He was not averse to using force to advance US interests – most notably on one of his pet projects, the Panama Canal. It’s history now that when the Colombian Senate rejected the US proposal, Washington organized an uprising.

The planet of revolution is Uranus. Roosevelt’s Uranus ran right through the Panama Canal. Money was funneled to fund rebel forces under the leadership of a major investor, Philippe Bunau-Varilla. When the Colombian government moved to quell insurrection, US troops also moved in to ‘protect American interests’.

The end result was that the USA assumed sovereignty over the Panama Canal and Roosevelt boasted, “I took Panama”. Roosevelt’s Uranus (which was also angled powerfully to his Mars) had strongly impacted on the Panamanian independence movement, precisely at that location.


Harry S Truman was another who was sworn in suddenly due to the death of Franklin D Roosevelt. Truman’s unexpected inauguration took place at 7 pm April 12 1945, after he was hastily called to the White House. Eleanor Roosevelt had earlier informed him of her husband’s passing.

The story goes that Truman immediately asked the former first lady if there was anything he could do for her. Eleanor’s reply was: "Is there anything we can do for you? For you are the one in trouble now." The US and Japan were still locked into battle in the final stages of WWII.

Truman was born at 4 pm on May 8 1894 in Lamar, Missouri. At that time Pluto, the planet of death and destruction, was rising through the Korean peninsula and close to Nagasaki. Truman was faced with unleashing the most terrifying weapon ever used in war – the atomic bomb.

Hiroshima was the first target and three days later on August 9, Nagasaki became the second and last city to experience the holocaust. There is more to this. When the first atom bomb exploded in the deserts of New Mexico, Pluto was setting across Japan.

As for Truman, he couldn’t escape the Pluto. Not only was it rising through North and South Korea at his birth, but it was also placed at the nadir of the chart in North and South Korea at his sudden swearing in. Truman sent American troops into the equally destructive Korean War on June 27 1950, two days after the outbreak of hostilities.


There are many other examples. LBJ was born with his Pluto line on the nadir over Hanoi. The Vietnam War undermined his presidency and led to Johnson declining to re nominate. The following President, Richard Nixon, (January 9 1913 @ 21.35 hours in Whittier CA) was born with foggy and deceptive Neptune, at the nadir over Vietnam.

Nixon fought what was ultimately a losing battle. Well before his resignation he had ordered a troop withdrawal. Neptune was also at the Midheaven over Washington at Nixon’s birth. The sea king eroded Nixon’s authority and public office (Midheaven) via the deception of Watergate.

One lasting legacy of Nixon’s tenure was the establishment of diplomatic relations with China. The planet of longevity, Saturn, was rising over Beijing at Nixon’s birth. In his natal chart Saturn falls in his ninth house of distant lands and exotic cultures.

As a Capricorn, Saturn was an important planet for Nixon and the China trip was conceived at his second Saturn return. Nixon met Mao Zedong at his Jupiter and Saturn returns. The transit of Saturn was moving over Nixon's relocated Ascendant in China when he touched down on February 21 1972.

Click here for a larger image


George W Bush is another whose astro-geography matched his presidency. Here, the destructive Pluto was rising in New York at his birth. While he didn’t organize 911 – unless you believe the conspiracy theories – the carnage certainly defined his ‘watch’.

George W’s war planet Mars was at its highest point – the Midheaven – over Afghanistan, when he was born on July 6 1946 at 07.26 hours in New Haven, Connecticut. On September 11 2001 Bush’s Secondary Progressed Sun had advanced to the Midheaven above Afghanistan.


So as Donald Trump heads to Asia there are some vital clues his astromap can offer. And for my regular readers, apologies if you’ve read some of this before but its important to repeat at this point in time. The standout for Trump is his aggressive Mars setting right on Pyongyang, the home of his nemesis, North Korean leader, Kim Jong un.

If the planet is setting then it denotes a rivalry as the setting point delivers a seventh house, signaling the influence of others. Mars here is an extremely competitive placement. To further explain, Trump was born with the same planet rising above Washington. This sums up his military appointments and under his watch, connects Washington militarily, to the Korean peninsula.

As an aside to Mars setting in Pyongyang, his Mars is rising in Washington. That also describes the battles that the President fights with Congress and how he projects his agitation globally from the White House. Back to Korea and Trump’s Secondary Progressed Sun is also setting here, right across the 38th parallel.

Trump’s Progressed Sun is indicating the strong focus on the relationship with Korea and South Korea in particular. But either way there seems to be this weaponry connection via his birth Mars also setting across the peninsula. These placements also accurately describe Trump’s impulsive and unprecedented threats to destroy North Korea.

His Pluto, recall this is also potent on the destructive side, was setting just inside the North Korean/China border. Any plan to destabilize North Korea to the point of regime collapse would certainly have serious repercussions for China, the economic rival of the USA.


The timing of his trip for November 2017 places Trump’s secondary progressed Moon and Mercury, the planet of commerce, negotiation and information both setting near Beijing. This smacks of trade talks – a need for discussion, dialogue, contracts or treaties.

It is hard to see this visit being anything other than a more public display of the Asian pivot, initiated by the Obama administration and advanced by Trump’s accent on further funding the military. Mars and Pluto are his predominate birth planets in the Asian Pacific. Can he keep them under control?

The fact that they are setting gives that seventh house functioning via ‘allies and enemies’. His Mars line running right through Taipei, Taiwan, his Pluto close by Hong Kong are all potentially inflammatory. His Sun at the nadir across Tokyo and his Moon at the Midheaven gives a strong Japanese union.

At the heart of this is the battle for economic control as the financial flow moves from west to east. Old habits die hard. Many countries are caught between trading partners and military allegiances. What we do know is that astromapping works. And in a world of fake news it helps in keeping one step ahead of the war hawks and political spin.

October 29


When the leadership Sun and Jupiter meet up in the heavens its not simply about opportunity and growth. Jupiter is also related to high courts and the effect of legal judgements on leadership.

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull found that out, right on time. The High Court disqualified his Deputy, Barnaby Joyce, right on the Sun Jupiter conjunction. Simultaneously, across the wide Pacific, the first results of Robert Mueller's 2016 election investigation finally dawned. We've only just begun.


On Friday, October 27 2017, special prosecutor Robert Mueller filed the first charges of his investigation into Russian meddling to assist Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Mueller took over the investigation after Trump fired the FBI director, James Comey, back on May 9.

Trump gave conflicting accounts of the sacking, finally confessing that he was unhappy that Comey hadn't publicly cleared him of Russian collusion. Since then evidence has surfaced that Donald Jnr, had indeed convened a meeting with Russian collaboratives in the hope of digging dirt on his father's Democrat opponent.

This came after the President was forced to sack his national security advisor, Mike Flynn, for misleading information regarding Russian correspondence. And not before Trump had fired the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, after she had informed him that Flynn was a security risk.


The multiple sackings, and Trump's constant denials, contrary to intelligence findings, bring to mind the Saturday Night Massacre of Richard Nixon. Parallels are growing between Nixon's Watergate cover up and the Trump's campaign's potential obfuscation.

Both involved illegal break ins and stolen information from political opponents. Nixon's was a physical break into the Democrat headquarters at Watergate. Trump's allegedly involves cybercrime - computer hacking and email thefts connected to Russian operatives.

There are also astrological parallels to both. The Watergate break in was discovered at 01.55 am June 17 1972 and the burglars arrested at 2:30 a.m, while setting up surveillance bugs in the Democratic National Committee offices. Trump's campaign was launched at 11.21 am on June 16 2016.

The Sun's in the horoscopes of the Watergate break in and Trump's campaign are conjunct to within a degree. Trump's original campaign manager was Roger Stone, the self proclaimed 'Dirty Trickster', who remains proud of his involvement with Nixon and Watergate to this day.


The first trial for the Watergate burglary began on January 8 1973 with the Sun closing on a conjunction with Jupiter. All five arrested pleaded guilty as charged. The Sun Jupiter cycle officially began on January 10, virtually timing the beginning of case.

The first charges of the Mueller investigation were also lodged as the Sun and Jupiter came together, initiating a fresh Sun Jupiter cycle which began 24 hours previous. The relevance of Jupiter here is that it represents judicial matters, jurisprudence and justice – all derivatives from the king planet's name.

The synodic Sun Jupiter cycle begins with the heavenly union of the two and advances toward their opposition, before eventually returning to start anew. It's much in the same way that a New Moon leads to a Full Moon and back to a New Moon. Factored in, like the First and Last Quarter Moons, are the Sun and Jupiter squares.

Using Watergate as the historical example, approximately two weeks after the first square the televised hearings of Watergate began. As the Sun and Jupiter moved toward opposition, when the giant planet shines brightest in the night skies, President Nixon refused to hand over vital tape recordings to the Senate Watergate Committee.

His refusal came July 23 1973 and the opposition (in orb of aspect), perfected by July 30. The opposition ultimately has a a revelatory effect and Nixon's reticence to submit incriminating evidence surely suggested he had something sinister to hide. Later findings would reveal the tapes had been partly erased.


The Sun Jupiter cycle reached its closing square on November 27 1973. The closing square often acts as the climax following the revelation of the opposition. Events by then are in free fall, like a wave reaching its maximum amplitude before crashing back down. On the night of October 23, Nixon carried out his infamous Saturday Night Massacre.

Nixon's carnage began by demanding the Attorney General sack the Watergate prosecutor. When his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General both resigned over this order, Nixon appointed a third who abolished the office of the special prosecutor. Nixon's repressive move set in motion impeachment proceedings.

Nixon fought on, into the next Sun Jupiter cycle. This one would prove decisive. By the opposition point on September 6 1974 Nixon was no longer in office. Instead, the opposition coincided with a presidential pardon, issued by his successor Gerald Ford on September 8 1974. The controversial pardon also sealed Ford's fate and he was beaten at the subsequent election.


The current Sun Jupiter cycle began early afternoon Washington time on October 26 2017. The following day Robert Mueller's first charges were lodged. If we are to use the same cycle as a gauge of future timings then we can expect significant developments to accompany the first square of February 10 and the opposition point of May 8 2018.

How might that play out. Well it must be remembered that Nixon won the 1972 election in a landslide and the popular vote by 18 million votes or 61% of the voting public. He took 520 of the Electoral College votes. And it was his second term. That's why impeaching him took so long.

Trump lost the popular vote by 3 miilion and won via the Electoral College. He has hardly even broken 40% approval in his honeymoon year. So unless he is able to turn those figures around it will be a lot easier for his own Republican Party to remove him if enough evidence of collusion surfaces in Mueller's investigation.

That's why the first quarter of 2018 becomes so important. Not only does it represent the opposition point of the Sun Jupiter cycle and point to greater revelations coming forth. But also it locks in with other cycles prevalent in the birth horoscope of the USA.

The Sun Jupiter cycle is but one and must be analysed in the context of what it represents, which is why I have used the Nixon example when examining a leader (the Sun) and a legal process (Jupiter). There are other factors that help pinpoint time windows in the current situation. The erosion of office and clandestine activities can be also connected to Neptune and its effect on the national horoscope.

I have already written on the obfuscation and gaslighting concerning the presidency of the USA. It is revealed by the recurring transit of Neptune across the progressing US birth Sun. The Neptune transit also squares the Sagittarius Ascendant of the Sibly July 4 1776 17.10 hours Philadelphia horoscope, creating a cloud of confusion over international relations.

Neptune also shows strong activity in the February March period of 2018. So it's here that both cycles coincide. And that's the kind of overlap that is useful when timing the potential of future events. More on forecasting with this kind of cycle work in subsequent columns.


On Friday October 27, at 14.15 hours, the Australian High Court ruled five parliamentary members ineligible under the citizenship laws of the Australian Constitution. Included was the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who had refused calls to step down until the matter was resolved. Now he has no choice.

The landmark ruling effectively left the nation with a hung parliament and forced an about face from Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who confidently predicted that the courts would rule in his favour. This is something I wrote about in the September Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

Turnbull's turmoil could be accurately forecast by examining the horoscope of his swearing in chart. I am reproducing the analysis below in the quotation marks. It gets a little technical but will be useful for any astrologers to note how precise astrology can be with these matters.

"Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Australia's Prime Minister, right on schedule, at 9 am July 19 2016 in Canberra. The horoscope of that moment should show the potential of his tenure henceforth, and timings, using standard astrological techniques of Solar Arc Directions, Secondary Progressions and Transits in relation to the swearing in chart should pick the dates.

The horoscope itself reveals the inherent prospectives. The mundane significators of the leader are the Sun and the Midheaven. These are examined in light of the aspects they are casting and/or receiving. The closest aspects will trigger first so time for some technicalities.

The Midheaven is 12GEM45 is and squared by the 'eclipsing nodal axis of 13VIR37 and obfuscating Neptune 11PIS43. Saturn positioned at 10SAG17 opposes the Midheaven. On August 13 2017, transiting Mercury would station retro at 11VIRG38, opposing Neptune and activating this entire pattern. Although the transit acts to trigger, the bigger picture is contained in the Solar Arc.

As the Nodes and the Neptune appear closely squared – just over one degree – we can anticipate by rule of thumb (one degree equals a year) that Turnbull is going to have some sort of Neptunian mix-up, mystery or confusion, which could potentially cloud or eclipse (Nodal Axis) his authority. And it will manifest roughly a year into his term, judging from the Midheaven aspects alone.

The 26CAN 43 Sun is positioned in semisquare to the Nodes and in exact sesquisquare (no orb) to Neptune. This exactness means that both bodies (Sun + Neptune) will receive aspects simultaneously. The Sun is also sesquisquare Saturn and at the focal point of a quadriform aspect pattern with the Saturn and Neptune.

The Sun squares the Midheaven by just over one degree, confirming the earlier timing estimate. The Sun is also separating from a semisquare from Uranus. At this point it is stating the obvious that overall this is a volatile swearing in horoscope that will deliver its promise of radical change sometime from August of 2017 based on the aspects below perfecting.

SP Moon sesquisquare Rx Node August 14
SA Neptune square Rx Midheaven August 19
SA Sun semisquare Rx Midheaven August 21
Tr Neptune square Rx Midheaven September 8
Tr Jupiter square Rx Sun September 25
Tr Uranus square Rx Sun November 15.


The way it played out was Neptunian typical ambiguity. At 10.03 am on August 14, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, announced he held a New Zealand citizenship. Under the Article 44 of the Australian Constitution dual citizenship disqualifies one from holding parliamentary office. Joyce was in limbo. He was one of many now awaiting a High Court ruling.

As for Turnbull's swearing in horoscope, the transit of Neptune obscures the Midheaven through until February next year, unstable Uranus will square the Sun from October through to March and Solar Arc Saturn is heading to sesquisquare the Sun by January. Constitutional crisis or not the road is rocky and it shows that you don't necessarily need a leader's natal details when a timed swearing in chart is available."

Note too how well the ruling correlated with the two national horoscopes for Australia.

Oct 22


The current New Moon cycle began opposite rebellious Uranus and is emphasizing insurrection and uncertainty around leaders and leadership. Donald Trump, born with his Sun combined with Uranus, is feeling the adverse effects of the Uranus reversal. And it's stemming from his own party.

The critiques began with Senator John McCain claiming that the US had abrogated international leadership in favour of a 'half baked spurious nationalism.' McCain, a decorated serviceman and prisoner of war was earlier ridiculed by Trump, who during his campaign claimed he preferred war heroes who don't get captured.

McCain let loose“...to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty...for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems, is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history."

Come Thursday it was former Republican President George W Bush's turn claiming, “Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”

He echoed McCain's thoughts, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism — forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America. We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade — forgetting that conflict, instability and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism.”

In a clear rebuke to the divisive national tone set by Trump, Bush added that, “Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children.” A third critique came Thursday evening via the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.


In my weekly update of March 26 this year, archived by clicking this link and scrolling down to Chalk and Cheese, I analysed the relationship between Ryan and Trump astrologically. It concluded that the eventual removal of Trump may be an essential for Ryan in preserving his own political career.

If there was any further proof of the House Speaker building the bonfire under his President, they came as he addressed the 72nd annual Al Smith dinner in New York.

While it is standard to roast political opponents, the House Speaker, aimed most of his zingers at the Republican President instead. He systematically dismantled Trump, category by category.

Ego - “Cardinal Dolan gave a benediction at President Trump’s inaugural. There was just this one kind of awkward moment when the cardinal talked about the infallible, enlightened supreme being. The president stood up and took a bow.”

Disrespect - “I know last year that Donald Trump offended some people. I know his comments, according to critics, went too far. Some said it was unbecoming of a public figure, and they said that his comments were offensive. Well, thank God he’s learned his lesson.”

Draining the Swamp - "I don't think I've seen this many New York liberals, this many Wall Street CEOs in one room since my last visit to the White House."

Instability - “The press absolutely misunderstands and never records the big accomplishments of the White House ... Look at all the new jobs the president has created — just among the White House staff."

On Trump allegedly being called a moron by his own Secretary of State - “A Hollywood Republican. That is an oxymoron. Which is clearly the word that Rex Tillerson was searching for.”

Russian election probe - “Given the current investigation, I too can see Russia from the White House”.

Hyperbole - “The president will tweet 300,000 at Al Smith dinner cheer mention of my name,”

Trump's Tweets - “Every morning, I wake up in my office and I scroll Twitter to see which tweets that I’ll have to pretend that I did not see later on.”

Ryan gleefully took his opportunity to use the guise of humour to say what the majority are thinking of their Commander in Chief. The criticisms arrived in a week where Trump is embroiled in further controversy over his comments regarding Americans killed in the service of their country.


The critics come as Saturn, the establishment planet, completes its year long opposition to Trump's Gemini Sun. The last vestiges of the opposition, which has been more focused from July this year, represents the climax and culmination of its purpose.

Saturn is the planet most aligned to responsibility, maturity and an ability to work within frameworks and limitations. The ringed planet represents organisation and administration. It relates to the lessons of experience, self discipline and the assumption of senior positions.

Saturn is the preserver of traditions and the planet of karmic judgement. It's not unusual that Trump would field the same from senior Republicans, although Ryan represents a direct opponent.

The height of Saturn's opposition came when it moved from retrograde to direction motion, coincident with the August 21 Solar Eclipse. This came in the wake of the Charlottesville riots, when the reality of Trump's philosophies hit home and his approval rating reached its lowest ebb.

What followed were natural disasters, starting in Texas and moving to Puerto Rico, where Trump's insensitive comments on the island's debt and death toll comparison with Hurricane Katrina went down like a lead balloon.


In between was sandwiched an inflammatory address to the United Nations, portraying Trump, along with Kim Jong un, as the man most likely to initiate World War III.

If Saturn was about restraint and responsibility in positions of seniority, then the clear 'reality' was that the President was flunking the test. As if he needed further negative publicity, it came uninvited through the back door, via the actions of Harvey Weinstein.

The publicity of the Hollywood producer, Weinstein, as a sexual predator, conjured memories of Trump's Hollywood Access recording. The Weinstein story broke practically on the first anniversary of the release of Trump's damning conversation that he casually dismissed as locker room talk.

Only the timely release of a trove of Democrat emails, within an hour of the Hollywood Access tapes, deflected the impact of an event with the potential to disqualify him from the presidential race.


There is a clear astrological theme that runs through Trump's demeaning remarks of women, the exposure of that conversation with Billy Bush and the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

On September 16 2005 when Trump was recorded saying, "And when you're a star, they let you do it, you can do anything... grab them by the pussy" the male Sun was in square to Pluto. Think symbolically – Pluto's rape of Persephone, or as the Romans would have it – Proserpina.

On October 7 2016 as Trump's remarks were made public, with the video by the Washington Post, the Sun was in exact square to Pluto. And on October 5 2017, as the Harvey Weinstein accusations surfaced the Sun was back in the same degrees and squaring Pluto.

Click here for a larger image.

October, and the last vestiges of Saturn in opposition to his birth Sun, has been a difficult month for the President. Fellow Republicans are beginning to distance themselves. If Trump is to be removed through official channels it has to be via accumulated evidence and effort.

One reason that he seemed immune to prior challenges sailing through controversies that would have derailed other candidates, was that his horoscope was not showing negativity at the time. But times have changed - and with it, the planets.

Trump's predictable reaction is to leap onto Twitter and change and control the narrative, often on the advice of Roger Stone or Steve Bannon. The latest red herring is to release the files of the 1963 Kennedy assassination. Anything to deflect from his own responsibilities. It won't wash over time.

There's more to come late this year. And as I have mentioned in prior columns, especially around March and through to May 2018. That is a critical time. We are witnessing an enigma with the big question being - how much longer can it last?

Wrapping up, one month ago I was asked on Facebook about Jacinda Ardern's chances in the New Zealand national election of September 23. My reply was that victory wouldn't happen immediately (on election night) but to have faith in her chances. Multiple Jupiter aspects were swinging her way - given time. And they will only get better.

On election night the sitting Prime Minister, Bill English, polled ten seats ahead of Jacinda, who nevertheless improved her parties previous performance. Last week Jacinda, at only 37, became the New Zealand Prime Minister through the support of the NZ First Party. It's been a meteoric rise and her best is yet to come.

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Articles & Predictions Analysing and forecasting world news and events

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