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MAY 26


The recent Indian election was the largest democratic exercise in history. It stretched from April 11 until May 19 with over 600 million, or 67% of the population, casting a vote. The day before voting ended, the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi, found himself meditating in a Himalayan cave. He emerged to a landslide victory.

The Modi phenomena is unique in India. He is a Hindu nationalist, criticised for populist polarity politics, yet embodying a universal trend. In February this year, I wrote about India, following the Kashmir terrorist bombings of an Indian military convoy. Modi had ordered retaliatory airstrikes on Pakistan, with the two countries on the brink of territorial war. There were further political considerations for Modi, who had recently visited the area.

Modi's party was suffering in the polls. Traditional supporters, such as the farmers, were marching in the streets. Unemployment was hitting a 45 year peak with the economy slowing. Kashmir changed the focus, placing security high on the agenda and heightening nationalist fervour. Despite his party's grim outlook, I thought and wrote that Modi's re-election chances were high. I based it partly on conservative Saturn's slow progression across India's birth Sun.


Not only was the Saturn indicative of the privations and austerity that Indians were experiencing, but the ringed planet also exemplifies the politics of fear and right wing conservatism. Rising nationalism is all tied in with this. Another important factor involved with Narendra Modi's unprecedented success, was his initial swearing in chart of May 26 2014 @ 18.13 hours in New Delhi.

Until he is defeated, the 2014 swearing in chart remains in effect. It is one of the most powerful swearing in charts I have seen. This inauguration horoscope is no cosmic coincidence and has all the hallmarks of a moment carefully chosen for successful reign. It shows why, that in India, astrology is taken a lot more seriously than in the west. Modi, was returned with an even bigger landslide than his first win.


Britain is well known for doing soap operas well, from Coronation Street to East Enders and in between. But surely the never ending Brexit is having a greater effect than all. On Friday morning at approximately 10.04 am it claimed its biggest victim, with the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, effective June 7.

Her resignation was an inevitability, following three decisive parliamentary defeats on her Brexit plans. The January 01 1801 Great Britain horoscope was clear about the defeat of a leader as by June 7, the opposition of a retro Saturn, will be exact to the tenth house Moon. The 'eclipsing' effect of the Nodes to the same Moon seem to have timed here announcement.

But the legal framework of a Brexit agreement will drag on. The 'go to chart' on this issue is the moment that Great Britain joined the European Communities. The Union Jack was hoisted at midnight in Brussels on January 1 1973, signifying the moment. The chart proved an effective indicator predicting Brexit.

I wrote back in the day, suggesting that the newspaper and opinion polls would be proven wrong and that the 'leave' vote would prevail. The irony of this is that it is judged purely by the timing. When David Cameron put it to the people, whether to stay or whether to leave, he did so as the planet of independence, Uranus, was opposing its position when Great Britain joined.

Click here for a larger image

The transit of Saturn was also in opposition to its 1973 position of joining. Even the Sun was in wide opposition. This emphasis on oppositions to the original joining chart painted a clear picture for leave. But its purely based on timing.

Back in February of 1975, Harold Wilson, proposed a referendum about staying or leaving and the vote was over 60% to stay. So public opinion will vary. During July 2019, a transit of Jupiter will oppose Saturn and a transit Saturn will join Jupiter on the chart of Great Britain joining the European Communities. This shows a greater concentration on the legal aspects of the union and looks to be an important negotiation period.


Definitely the quote of the week, probably the whole year, goes to Donald Trump for his classic clanger, “I am probably – and I think most of you would agree to this – I'm the most transparent President probably in the history of this country”. Amazingly there was no applause. The press too stunned to react?

At precisely 11.18 am in Washington, with erratic Uranus right on the administrative Midheaven, Donald Trump staged a walkout on a meeting between Congress and himself about improving America's failing infrastructure. He used it as an opportunity to drive a further wedge between the presidential office and government.

Then followed a pre-prepared yet rambling self-defence, including his incongruous transparency quote, coupled with the claim, “I don't do cover ups!” Does he suddenly forget who David Dennison was? Trump is living in his own fantasy when he prompted his captive audience with, 'I think most of you would agree with this.'

Trump is trying his biggest cover ups right now as judicial Jupiter retros back in opposition to his Sun. There are deeper ramifications as the Trump administration pursues the extradition of Julian Assange, probably the biggest whistle-blower of our time. Freedom of the press is under siege and suppression of the truth under Trump is heading into seriously dangerous waters.

More on that next week. Meanwhile the side-splitting ”I'm the most transparent President probably in the history of this country” resonates around the globe. We've just got to figure out which damn country he was referring to.

MAY 19 2019


Former Trump campaign manager, Steve Bannon, told the SMH journalist Tony Hartcher that Australian political campaigns were 'remarkably dull'. He was referring to research revealing that only 20% of the voting public were strongly engaged politically and that half the country didn't care who won. Always a good sign for the incumbent.

But even Bannon would have been delighted by the outcome. Not because Scott Morrison had won for the conservative cause. But that all the opinion polls, right across the board had forecast the reverse result. And that even the early election exit polls followed the same pattern.

It wasn't just published public polls that were open to error, but also private party research. Some of these polls were out by a crazy margin of 8%, on both parties primary vote. For starters, that made a mockery of political parties overthrowing their leaders, on the basis of polling.

Nowhere was this more evident than the evening of November 8 2016 in the USA. The pollsters and press never saw it coming until it hit them like a last round knockout punch. And more recently in Australia, being remarkable that the Murdoch media, always a dominant influence on Australian elections, got caught cold on this one.


When I wrote about the Australian election, a fortnight ago, I mentioned the difficulty of picking the outcome from the candidates birth charts. That was owing to the lack of birth times and the anomaly that their birthdays, being one day and one year apart, gave similar planetary placements. On what I saw from the birthcharts alone, I thought it favoured Shorten. My summation FWIW was below.

"This favours a Shorten victory in 2019. But without definite birth times, there are no certainties, just assumption. What we do know is the revolutionary effect accompanying the Uranus transits to the national horoscopes. Uranus makes uncertainty – certain. Knowing that Uranus is also the planet of independence, it bodes well for a decentralisation of power. The independent votes in this election should be decisive.”


The first shock was the death of Labor's longest serving Prime Minister, Bob Hawke two days prior to the election. Some saw it as an omen. They reasoned that the positive progressive politics of the Hawke era, would give Labor an further boost. Public polling seemed to support that reasoning. But the 'reality poll' of election day was more an omen of the 'death of the Labor Party in its current form'.

As the clock ticked toward midnight on on May 18, Bill Shorten's dream of being the next Prime Minister had evaporated. The ABC political analyst, Antony Green, called the result at 21.31 hours. The only poll that had always been consistent and ultimately correct was that Scott Morrison was time again, rated the preferred Prime Minister.

It was a night of many upsets. The former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, was decisively beaten in his own electorate, by the former Olympian Zali Steggall, running as an Independent. It ended his twenty five year political career. Polls had tipped a neck and neck battle. They were wrong again. It was a landslide.


My prior research had shown that Uranus in early fixed signs had correlated with instability around leadership, be it the Dismissal of 1975 or Paul Keating's 1996 landslide defeat. Both calamities for Labor. Certainly the death of Hawke and Shorten's abysmal defeat would add to that negative record. But this is one election that will have political analysts working overtime, across the next few months.

The Uranian shock factor came immediately into play as the counting began. 'Galaxy Poll Picks Labor Landslide' scrolled across the top of television screens around the country. And it's that uncanny similarity with November 2016 and the Trump phenomena that will be studied. Puzzling because Australian press and politics are markedly different.


I am always for learning more that helps explain these surprises, For ultimately there has to be some pattern underpinning such events. The one hindsight solution I can offer is one that I have always used to pick the timing of the coups that have ousted previous leaders.

It is rather simple and I did look at it again prior to this election. It involves using the horoscope of the Prime Minister's swearing in and then comparing it to the the planets of election day. Is the swearing in (the start of his reign) being supported or challenged?

Scott Morrison was sworn in as Prime Minister at 18.14 hours on August 24 2018 in Canberra. The predominant aspect is a Grand Trine in Earth, with the practical Virgo Sun, supported by both administrative Saturn and 'jack in the box' Uranus.

On Saturday of the election, Venus came to activate Uranus and with it, fortify that resilient Grand Trine trine. It was enough to resist the challenge. And there was nothing in these two charts to suggest the timing of a defeat. Venus Uranus aspects can be useful to indicate popularity swings.


Probably the most famous election proving the polls and pundits wrong, was the shock win of the incumbent, Harry S. Truman, over Thomas Dewey on November 2 1948. Newspapers had to change their headlines as the results filtered in from the west coast. Truman had won the unwinnable election.
Transiting Venus sat atop the USA's horoscope (Sibly) and was in square to shock result Uranus, just entering Cancer.

Venus was also square to Uranus and Neptune, when challenger John Hewson lost his unlosable election to the incumbent Paul Keating, on March 13 1993. Not only did Keating call it one for the true believers and the sweetest victory of all, but actually increased his majority by almost 2%.

Donald Trump's impossible victory of November 8 2016, was not so much of surprise using his natal and progressed charts, along with his transits for the swearing in. But it was to the media and the pollsters. The Secondary Progressed Moon of the USA's birthchart was in exact opposition to Uranus. Did the Moon represent the collective public shock, females in particular? Sure looked that way.


Morrison ran a Uranus campaign, that is a Trumpian one. He made it about individuals - not the teams. He didn't really have a campaign plan, with his party are bitterly divided over core beliefs, such as climate change. He focused on a fear based strategy, of constant personal attacks aimed directly at his opponent.

He lost the debates, but that didn't matter as he'd made the battle an emotional one. He modeled it on Trump, stressing nationalism and fear of change, and about the economy than moral principle.

It was left to departing, but grinning Tony Abbott to best summarize the Liberal game plan. “Where climate change is a moral issue, we Liberals do it tough. Where climate change is an economic issue, as the result tonight shows, we do very, very well.”

It worked in a country that once had the same Prime Minister for seventeen years doing exactly the same thing. Fear was the winning hand. But I doubt it will hold back the wave of change.

Uranus connects with sudden change. It rapidly rearranges the status quo. It's not going away. Uranus sabotages the Australian Federation Midheaven - meaning the government - through the coming months and powerfully around the end of the year. It is also promising turbulent time in 2020, covering the May June period.

Added to that, the Solar Arc of Mars over Australia's leadership birth Sun, and the July 3 Solar Eclipse opposing the same Sun, indicates difficult and dangerous challenges in the near future. From the national perspective this doesn't look like the election to unify, but one more akin to inheriting a poison chalice.

Politically, it was a great victory against the odds. But the odds and Uranus and the powerful thrust it has provided the minor parties and independents, have a far greater role to play.

May 12

Three Democrats walk into a bar. And as soon as they place their order...the bar disappears. That's no joke. It's really happening today in downtown Washington. The Attorney General named William P. Barr is making his presence scarce, right before the eyes of Congress. As scarce as the mysterious tax returns of Donald Trump.

Even the former presidential counsel, Don McGahan, is complying with Trump's threats of executive privilege, by refusing to appear before Congress. Hey wait a second. Did I not write in this column back in September of 2018, that the US is heading down the road of a Constitutional Crisis – and it was coming soon to a headline near you? Here's the link if you want to check that one.


There was once upon a time when a guy like Trump could be hauled before the courts, forced into settlements and ordered to pay up. Most of those times he would insist on conditions of anonymity, so that he could continue promoting the successful businessman, without a blemish on his 'good character' or the Trump family name.

It was America's most revered President, Abraham Lincoln, who supposedly said that, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” Ever since the Electoral College granted Donald Trump the most powerful position in the world, his character has become more revealing, day by day.

It is becoming more revealing by what Trump chooses 'not to reveal'. Just as his past business or personal affairs comprise a complex history of settlements with non-disclosure agreements, little has changed. He elects to keep his real financial history witheld from Americans. Meanwhile he shows genuine Geminian duplicity in touting his financial accomplishments.

Only last week IRS records covering the decade of 1985 to 1994 were uncovered and published. They showed a vastly different Trump to the public projection, always as carefully crafted as his coiffed hair. Trump the patriot was revealed as Trump the tax evader, who paid no income tax for eight of the ten years.

They revealed business losses of over one billion dollars, while he lived in luxury and his biography 'The Art of The Deal' was flying of the shelves. His smiling defence is always the same – 'I'm smart, they should change the tax laws'.

On the last point he is right. America, and its lopsided laws, obscenely favouring the rich, allow characters like Trump. Just as they have allowed the Kenneth Lays and Enron, or a Lehman Bros collapse. Corruptions that can black hole global economies.


The timing of Trump's IRS records surfacing, roughly thirty years later, is highly auspicious. It represents one Saturn cycle completing - the renowned Saturn return when the deeds of the past return for judgement. The year 2019, is related to 1988/1989. Years just prior to Trump's biggest risks and biggest bankruptcies. Now he is playing dice with the world economy and chicken with Congress.

Battle ground Mars is now in the late degrees of Gemini. That's Trump's Sun, positioned at birth with his defiant Uranus. We can expect fiery encounters when combative Mars moves through Gemini. Trump is at war with Congress, he is at trade war with China, he is at his unco-operative best...or worst depending on your perception of the man. But one thing never changes; his birth chart which neither he, nor the nation, can escape from.


As I write this column, judicial Jupiter is precisely opposing Trump's birth Sun and sitting astride his birth Moon. It aptly depicts a legal stand off and a family member (the Moon) being involved. Jupiter has been stationing opposite his Sun since March 8, just prior to the delivery of the Mueller report. The gas giant is now in retrograde motion.

Jupiter's retracement through the heavens can stall legal matters, as it backs off temporarily while they are fully sorted. This continues until August this year, when Jupiter resumes forward momentum and returns to oppose Trump's Sun, and joins his Moon, for the third time in late October. But truthfully no-one expected this to have a quick ending. Events are following the same pattern of 1973, when Nixon ducked transparency at every opportunity.

Accountable Saturn is also now in a challenging square to Trump's Jupiter, and will in the medium term future, oppose his Venus and Saturn...the same aspects it formed during the bankruptcy slide. Pluto (the powers that be) is heading in the same direction. Saturn also went retrograde at the beginning of May, right around the time William P. Barr was a no show.

We have to wait until mid-September before Saturn heads forward again. It will come into square with his Jupiter, which is placed in his house of finance, in early July and again by the end of November. These powerful and ongoing transits by Jupiter and Saturn, describe this as the beginning of the end, rather than end of the beginning in my estimation. There is further evidence.


Donald Trump is nearing the end of his secondary progressed lunar cycle. This closing, known as the Balsamic phase, presents a choice of going with the flow, or persist in swimming against the tide. Life can seem out of control, unless you recognise it as a time to let go, move on and plant some fresh seeds for the future.

At the most optimistic, one might interpret this as Trump forgoing his business career for a political path. For mine, he has already done this early in the Balsamic stage. His New Moon, due September this year, will be hard angled to Jupiter. So even if he has stacked the courts with Republican judges, escaping justice may not be so easy, when public perception turns.

When I combine that Moon cycle, with the current and future transits, especially the Saturn Pluto opposition looming, and the reality of his political opposition mounting, there comes a time. There comes a time when even the compliant Republicans will have to admit their Trumpist trepidation and face facts. A time when the American public would demand transparency against overwhelming concealment. And we are closing on that time when the planetary alignments will make this inevitable.


Now, back to 1973 for a moment. Recall my insistence that 1973, is significant in looking at the timing and patterns of 2019. It's because the first three eclipses and the cycle of Mercury (sign entries, retro, stations and forward movement etc) repeat. Mercury, the storyteller, is going over old ground here. The newspapers are running repeat headlines.

March 22 2019– Special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, hands his long awaited report on the Russian investigation to newly appointed Attorney General, William Barr.

March 23 1973 – In a letter to handed to Judge John Sirica, James W. McCord, Jr. admits that he and other defendants have been pressured to remain silent about Watergate. He points the finger at former Attorney General John Mitchell as head honcho.

May 01 2019 – Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate hearing but the following day fails to turn up before the Congressional hearing.

April 30 1973 – Watergate - President Richard Nixon fires the White House Counsel John Dean and informs the public that the Attorney General Richard Kleindienst had given notice with White House staffers H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman.

May 17 1973 – Televised hearings of the Watergate investigation begin on US television.

We are now in the mid-May period and bound to see plenty of televised hearings. The most eagerly awaited witness is Mueller himself. But we're also a long way from Nixon's Saturday Night massacre. Or his November classic line - “I am not a crook!”

Trust the planets. This is not over by a long shot. It is getting more revealing by the day.

May 05


On May 18 2019, Australians will decide who will form the next government. We do it almost as often as we change our underwear, which isn't a bad analogy. In the last twelve years that makes for seven leadership changes, four without even going to the polls. The result?

Only four in ten Australians believe that government can be trusted. Around 400,000 turned 18 between 2010 and 2013, and did not enrol to vote. That's two percent of a country where voting is compulsory. The growing disinterest from the next generation, concerning the democratic system and institutions should be a worry. It is driven by the behaviour of those entrusted to serve.


Australia's current PM, Scott Morrison, projects a character out of a Sportsbet commercial. A cross between the 70's jingoistic “football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars” advertisement, with a vote grabbing evangelical bonus. If the truth be known, the Holden commercial was a rip off of the USA's “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”. Morrison and his baseball caps are no different. He is a sycophant to Big Brother.

The primary challenger, Bill Shorten, has been hanging in the background since the electoral defeat of Labor PM Kevin Rudd in 2013. It was Rudd's second defeat - the first was at the hands of Shorten himself in a party coup. This kind of Machiavellian manoeuvring has haunted the Labor leader since. He has constantly trailed his Liberal opponents in the preferred PM polling. And that's despite his own party leading the polls.

In October 2013, following Rudd's retirement, the Labor leadership was decided between Shorten and Anthony Albanese. The latter received sixty percent of the overall membership votes of around thirty thousand. But the Labor Caucus, consisting of only 86 senior figures, voted Shorten's way decisively. This kind of distorted misrepresentation frustrates ordinary Australians. The system is rigged before you begin.

There are other minor parties deciding who governs for 2019. The Greens are the largest. Their platform, like their global movement, is based on environmental concerns and protection. Unlike Liberal and Labor, the Greens pride themselves on not being connected to big business or multinationals. Their grass roots politics is distinctively left of centre, but leaning more toward Labor preferences. Then we have the straight out capitalist fringe dwellers.


Billionaire mining magnate, Clive Palmer, has thrown near $60 million at a TV and social media campaign, targeting people's dissatisfaction. Palmer even stooped to using the slogan Make Australian Great for his populist United Australia Party. Then he was reminded of how he actually owed millions to workers laid off from one of his failed mining projects, dating back three years. Whoops. Palmer has suddenly vowed to square the books.

Australia also experiences the hard right extremist movements, such as Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party. Anning supports the reintroduction of the racist White Australia policy, long removed from the nation's statutes. Anning's greatest fame arrived when he had an egg broken across this head, resulting him punching his attacker. Such is the seriousness attached to his campaigning.

Steve Bannon recently called Australian politics 'astonishingly dull'. It's one of the few points I would agree on, and I rarely write on it. Our principle polices are decided overseas. Anyone who decides to speak outside the square, on issues like Palestinian rights, is quickly silenced, branded and expected to apologise for breaking rank. The result being that our first leader's debate was out rated by Lego-Masters.


The national election is due on May 18, a mere fortnight away. A stellar player in it will be Uranus, the planet of unexpected upsets, reversals and uncertainties. It is affecting the two main Australian Settlement and Federation horoscopes. They are timed for January 26 1788 @ 05.23 am Sydney and January 01 1901 @13.36 Centennial Park, Sydney.

The first represents British colonial settlement on Australian shores, the second, the colonies forming into one national state. In the past the Uranus cycle, has coincided with abrupt change of national leadership. It was prominent for the overthrow of previous PM, Malcolm Turnbull and it returned for Scott Morrison's landmark parliamentary defeat in February this year.


At 18.13 hours on February 12 2019, the Morrison government was beaten on a bill designed to provide mainland medical assistance for offshore refugees. It was the first defeat for a sitting government since Stanley Bruce on September 10 1929. The Bill, dubbed Medivac, had been championed by a newly elected independent, Dr Kerryn Phelps.

Ironically, Phelps only came into parliament, via winning the blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth, on October 20 last year. The incumbent, Malcolm Turnbull, resigned, after he was overthrown by a party coup on August 24 2018, catapulting Scott Morrison to PM. The aspects for Turnbull's capitulation accurately portrayed the events.

Uranus, symbolising upsets, was squaring the Midheaven of Australian Federation, with Mars transiting square to the Ascendant. The stationary Mars was also squaring the Midheaven of the First Settlement chart, with Uranus opposing the same and the North Node moving across the Settlement Sun. That was enough to represent unseating a PM.

It should have come as no surprise, when Uranus returned to the last degrees of Aries and was joined by Mars, both in mundane square to the Nodes, that instability would return to Canberra. The Mars/Uranus for Morrison's parliamentary defeat was on the Ascendant of Federation and opposing the Midheaven and squaring the Uranus of First Settlement. Check the chart below.

Chaotic Uranus is coming back. And its timing will be affecting both the Australian Federation and First Settlement horoscopes, come the late April, May and June period. It gives us a hint of the political nature and probable outcome.


As Uranus, re-entered the early degrees of Taurus, it simultaneously squared the Aquarian Midheaven of the Australian Federation horoscope, timed at 13.35.42 on New Years Day 1901 at Centennial Park, Sydney. By the end of May Uranus will also be conjunct the Ascendant and Sun of the January 26 1788 @ 05.23 am Sydney, First Settlement horoscope.

The blue gas giant has proven form, for timing political reversals. As Uranus moves through the beginning degrees of Taurus it will also be opposing its position of 03SCO46, on November 11 1975, when Australia experienced its greatest 'constitutional crisis' with the sudden dismissal of the Whitlam government, following the Liberal Senates rejection of Supply.

The last time Uranus moved through a fixed sign, making aspects to both the Federation Midheaven and First Settlement Sun, coincided with the Federal election of March 2 1996, ending 13 years of Labor rule, and elevating John Howard to the position of Prime Minister. Prior to that victory Howard had been painted as a perennial loser. The reversal being, he went on to become our second longest serving Prime Minister.

We've been experiencing the Uranus return of 1935. No federal government fell that year as there was no election. But from 10.30 pm, on March 28 1935, the Victorian Country Party pulled out of its coalition with United Australia, forming a new government with Labor's support. The Federal Labor leader, former PM James Scullin, announced his retirement on August 28 and an outsider, John Curtin, defeated favourite Frances Forde to become Labor's new leader.

The horoscopes of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison are untimed. Complicating matters is their adjacent birthdays – Shorten is born May 12 Taurean and Morrison May 13 - only a year apart. The big connection here is that their Sun's are close on Australian Federation's Taurean Moon.


We'll start with Bill Shorten, born on May 12 1967 in Melbourne. In January, September and October of 2019, Shorten's birth Sun is receiving three favourable trines from the power-broker Pluto. In the mid April his Solar Arcing Jupiter will reach conjunction point with his natal Pluto. Both are welcome and potent aspects from Labor's perspective.

Sometime around January, back in 2016, Shorten entered his Third Quarter Secondary Progressed Moon Phase, effective until 2020. This phase tends to be when the fruit falls from the trees. Third quarter phases are extremely supportive of increased career focus and heightened public involvement. So far it has worked that way for him.

Shorten was the Labor leader for the early election, called by Malcolm Turnbull for July 2 2016. Labor's vote increased by slightly over 3%. The balance of power hung in doubt for over a week, until Shorten conceded defeat to a relieved Turnbull on July 10 2016. On that basis he has retained Labor leadership.

Scott Morrison was born on May 13 1968 in Sydney. The standout similarity, as mentioned, is their similar degree Taurean birth Suns, each aligned with the same slow moving outers of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It means that Morrison's Sun receives the same strong transiting Pluto aspects that Shorten's does, with Morrison already in pole position as leader. Yet there are subtle differences between the two Suns.

Shorten has a tight Sun/Mercury conjunction. Shorten's current Pluto trine is being strengthened via this duplicate Mercury connection. Each of the leaders were born with their Suns opposing 'backroom' Neptune in manipulative Scorpio. This challenging opposition suggests a degree of mistrust or deception in associations; and it is politically fitting for both.


Morrison and Shorten came to leadership following the internal axing of their party leaders. Morrison was the Treasurer in the Turnbull government. His path to leadership was conveniently created by an ill fated right wing overthrow of Turnbull. Morrison, viewed as the responsible centrist among the rabble, waltzed away with the candy at 12.51 pm August 24 2018.

Shorten originally found infamy as the numbers man behind Julia Gillard's knifing of a sitting PM, Kevin Rudd, at 09.35 hours on June 24 2010. Shorten later switched sides, supporting a successful counter challenge from Rudd three years later. Gillard's political career ended from 10.52 am June 26 2013. Rudd's electoral defeat left the door open for Shorten.

The 2019 Pluto transits should work better for Shorten. Even his dubious natal Sun to Neptune opposition has some saving graces. It is squaring the fortunate midpoint combinations of Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto. This colours the original meaning, for partnerships may also offer sudden breaks and influential support.

A further advantage to Shorten's solar aspects is his very close Sun to Uranus birth trine. Morrison does not have such solar precision with the outer planets, his orbs being slightly wider. Therefore as the transiting Capricorn Pluto trines Shorten's Taurean birth Sun, a Grand Trine formation is also created via Shorten's Uranus in Virgo.

This favours a Shorten victory in 2019. But without definite birth times, there are no certainties, just assumption. What we do know is the revolutionary effect accompanying the Uranus transits to the national horoscopes. Uranus makes uncertainty – certain. Knowing that Uranus is also the planet of independence, it bodes well for a decentralisation of power. The independent votes in this election should be decisive.

April 28


Watching the majestic French cathedral of Notre Dame burning, followed by the terrorist attacks on Christian churches in Sri Lanka, has had many looking for an underlying theme. It's natural for humans to search for patterns and meaning. It's in our DNA. Even our nervous system loves wholeness. Yet sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous.

All of this was greatly exacerbated by the timing of Easter, the holiest part of the Christian calendar. Is it all a signal that the end of the old order is nigh? Believing in the looming apocalypse is nothing new. It is much more predominant among the 'Abrahamic' religions.

Yet despite an embarrassing two millennia long lack of success, in predicting the end date, one in six Americans, still believe that it will happen in their lifetime. It seems the end times are an endless phenomena for many. Including some Silicon Valley billionaires, buying up remote sanctuary's, in preparation for the eventual breakdown of the democratic system.


If it has a beginning, it must have an end. It's part of a linear way of thinking. Birth, death the life cycle goes on. Sometimes it's the cycle part, the ever turning wheel that we don't get. It is how astrologers explain the rise and fall of civilisations, the birth of new ways of life and rationale, including religions doctrine. But even here the great cycle renewing – especially many at one time - can be a temptation to envision the end.

Prominent English astrologers were said to predict the end of the world, starting with a deluge over London in February 1524. Even the prominent German astrologer and mathematician, Johannes Stoffler, nominated the date of the 24th as a sign of the Millennium. Over twenty thousand Londoners headed for higher grounds in fearful expectation.

The astrological reasoning was a line up of all the visible planets in Pisces, the sign of the fish and symbol of Christianity. Late February would see the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn gather in this sign, the last of the zodiacal twelve.

The union of Jupiter and Saturn made this extra important. These two 'kingmakers' were in a similar position as many astronomers believed they held at the birth of the Messiah. What the astrologers of those times didn't know was that Neptune, the planet of the seas and liquid and also delusion, was right with the royal duo. Neptune was not discovered until September 23 1846.

As usual the end never came but 1524 presented an extremely rare and impressive planetary line up and delivered well above average rainfall. There were some reports of storms with fish literally falling from the sky. It's not all that unusual in coastal areas. If you're wondering what sort of fish? I'd say small and battered...extremely so. But no accompanying loaves and alas no deluge of the Noah variety.

What 1524 did record was the discovery (at least to Europeans) of the East Coast of the USA, right up to New York. An event of such monumental importance might be expected by such an impressive planetary line up. But rather than present an end of the world scenario, it was a sign of what came to be known as the New World.


Even Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, got into the act, nominating the end time as no later than 1600. Again it came and went, although London astrologers tried 1624 as the second deluge, for reasons unsupported by the planets. The lack of success produced predictions of an inverse proportion. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church, missed out with his forecast of 1836, and then came the famous Millerites.

They were led by the fire and brimstone American preacher, William Miller, who even had precise dates for the end. After a few initial 'miscalculations' Miller settled on October 22 1844. It is now remembered as the day of 'The Great Disappointment'. Thousands of faithful followers, many who had sold off their property and homes, were left looking skyward, awaiting the Great Messiah. Alas and alack – no chariots appeared.

Miller's followers were estimated between 50 thousand to 500 thousand, in a time when the entire population of the USA was just 17 million. And despite the 'disappointment' the need for a continuation of the belief created what is today the Seventh Day Adventists. Miller's home is now a national monument.

One who did have great publishing success was Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Russell firmly believed that we were living in the end times and 1914 was a pivotal year. He was also a believer in Zionism (the return of the Jews to reclaim Palestine) and his ideas have been adopted by many other influential preachers, such as Henry Armstrong, and his son Ted, in the evangelistic movements.

Henry became extremely popular using radio and later television, eventually appealing to a worldwide audience. The end times were popular programming and 1974/75 was the crucial time. The modern offshoots of Charles Russell's movements, such as Jehovah's Witnesses settled on 1975 too. Around this time they were the fastest growing religions in the world. But that slowed when the elusive second coming left the faithful flock still holding onto their tickets.


For some, the evangelistic road has been the one to incredible wealth. Robert Tilton was a prime example. At the height of his fame, in the materialistic 80's, Tilton was making more than the pop superstars, Michael Jackson and Madonna. His church was the fastest growing in America and he was being broadcast across 235 stations.

Tilton wasn't promising a second coming, as much as a coming of material rewards for those who donated to his – the Lord's – cause.Tilton played on the guilt factor as a reason for one's poverty. The remedy being, send cheques his way, with whatever prayer request the sender may have. He would go into trance, claiming that he had just received a message that someone was donating – a nominal amount – and that person would be rewarded many times over. Amazingly, enough believed it to make him a multi-millionaire.

It wasn't until the ABC's Prime-Time program presented an undercover investigation of just how Tilton's money making venture operated, including unopened prayer requests found in garbage bags, that the penny dropped. Tilton went into attack mode, defending his multiple properties and luxuriant lifestyle, with outrageous claims that he slept on those prayer requests until the ink went through his skin. He sued the ABC all the way to the Supreme Court. But the judges skin wasn't so thick.

It seems like the addictive fear of end times will not go away. Even Hollywood has a fascination with the apocalypse. Scientists are similarly attached to their nuclear inspired Doomsday Clock. It's mighty close to midnight. Others firmly believe that Donald Trump's presidency is a sign of the end being nigh. But a comparison of Donald Trump's birth planets with those of the opportunistic Robert Tilton might provide a clearer explanation of their dynamics.

I'd like to say more, but unfortunately we have again reached the end. Again. I leave you with this amusing clip of Robert Tilton. Click here for the vid It is really worth a watch.

April 14


The first photo of a black hole, situated in the far off galaxy labeled M87; a short, hop, step and large jump, of more than 50 million light years away, has generated enormous excitement in the world of astronomy. This scientific 'miracle' was achieved via a hook up of multiple telescopes from the northern hemisphere, right down to Antarctica.

Black holes are a compacting convolution of gravitational pull, from a dead star, that not even light can escape from. Such is the gravitational force that if our Earth were to be sucked into a black hole it would be reduced to the size of a thimble. There have been a lot of astrological articles written on black holes and the Galactic Centre since the publication of the photo.

For starters, I want to clarify that the black hole photographed was not the Galactic Centre of 27 degrees Sagittarius, appearing in many astro articles. I have written on this one before and may do again soon. The photographed black hole isn't even in our galaxy. It is was situated at a much greater distance, is around two thousand times bigger and positioned in the Virgo cluster, appearing on the ecliptic at 02LIB11.


If we are to define it astrologically, or at least within our zodiacal terms, it's early in the sign of Libra – symbolised by the scales of justice. Not a lot has been assigned to black holes. But quite often a new discovery aligns with the events of the times. For that we have to go back to March 18 1781, when French astronomer Charles Messier catalogued M87. And that was only five days after William Herschel discovered Uranus.

Therefore, we might attribute M87 with some of the unpredictable qualities of Uranus. This was also during the US Revolutionary War and very near the March 15, Battle of Guilford Court House. It was the largest battle of the south. Although the British prevailed, their losses and subsequent change of plans unwittingly led to eventual defeat that same year. Incorporating a meaning suggests a costly victory that precedes a reversal ending in loss.

Of course there is always the possibility of identifying the great publicity around this first photograph, also with the events near its publication date of April 10. The following morning, at 08.06 hours, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, called a federal election for May 18. Is he being sucked into a black hole, of shock reversals and independents dominating? What about the incarceration of Julian Assange? Now that was a major headline of someone getting sucked into an abyss. Let's look at it in greater detail.


Julian Assange elicits polarised responses. For some, his Wikileaks organisation has been a beacon of light, exposing the underworld machinations of politics, politicians, banks and the military. It was through Wikileaks that the buried truths of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were exposed to a global audience.

It was Wikileaks who showed the Democrats maneuvering Hillary Clinton toward nomination whilst undermining her opponent Bernie Sanders. They revealed the duplicitous content of her exorbitantly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Yet others see this as plainly meddling in an American election and favoring Donald Trump. For that alone Assange has gone from hero to villain overnight. And now it is the Trump administration who are seeking his extradition to face the US courts.


Julian Assange was born July 3 1971 @ 15.00 hours in Townsville, Australia according to his own autobiography. He should know. After all he is an investigative reporter. Current events also confirm that time. His birth Ascendant is conjunct shape-shifting Neptune evoking his covert activities and ability to seamlessly elicit information. The Neptune is aided by a conjunction with fortunate Jupiter, and all are opposed to establishment Saturn.

His rebellious nature is exemplified his Sun in a tight square to Uranus; a planet also attached to technology when angled to Jupiter, which his Sun is via a sesquisquare. Both his Sun and Mercury are conjunct the USA's Sun and Mercury, hence his fascination with US military hacks.

Assange was a computer obsessive during his teens and by 1991 an accomplished hacker. At twenty he successfully broke into MILNET, the US military's secret defence data network. Fear of discovery led to a broken relationship, an escape to the bush and subsequent depression.

In 1994 Julian was arrested, after a fellow member of his group the 'International Subversives' gave him up. At his trial, two years later, the judge found that he wasn't doing this for any personal gain, but more out of intellectual curiosity.

Assange complained at his sentence, protesting: ''Your honour, I feel a great misjustice has been done. I would like to record the fact that you have been misled by the prosecution in terms of the charges … and a number of other matters.'' He was given a light sentence and fined, but held firm to his belief that the state was the oppressor.


At 9.48 on Thursday April 11, British police dragged Assange from his refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Great Britain made it abundantly clear that this arrest was undertaken at the request of a greater oppressor – the US government. Ironically, an entity that hacks into virtually everything, including allied leaders, such as Angela Merkl. Big brother is a fact of life and whistle blowers like Assange or Edward Snowden, are mortal enemies.

There was little doubt the USA was committing atrocities in its 'liberation' of Iraq. Some were unveiled with the abuse pictures of Abu Ghraib prisoners, in April 2004. But that was just the tip of an iceberg of military cover-ups. Instead the public were feted with images of George W Bush declaring Mission Accomplished, or the Pentagon propaganda of Jessica Lynch's heroics which, to her credit, she totally debunked.


Enter Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, born December 17 1967 in Oklahoma City, who decided that the world should know better. Manning found a willing publisher in Assange. By April 5 2010, a shocking video of a US Apache helicopter massacring civilians and journalists found its way onto the Internet, along with a treasure trove of classified and damning information.

Manning's rebelliousness was a birthmark. She was born with an outspoken Sagittarian Sun conjunct iconoclastic Uranus and newsworthy Mercury. Tied to this, making a quadruple conjunction, was serious Saturn, the doyen of responsibility. It was when rule-breaking Uranus came to square the Sun, Saturn, Uranus combo, that Manning first sent sensitive material off to Wikileaks.

Manning was arrested on May 27 2010, accused of espionage and placed in solitary confinement on suicide watch. Despite official complaints about Manning's inhumane treatment while in detention, President Barack Obama, insisted all was well. His Assistant Sec of State, P.J. Rowley, disagreed, describing the Pentagon's punishment as 'ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid.' before handing in his resignation.

On August 21 2013, the now Chelsea Manning was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. After serving six of them, Manning's sentence was commuted by President Obama on January 17 2017. It didn't take long for the incoming President Donald Trump to tweet that Manning was an ungrateful traitor who should never have been released.

From March 19 this year, Manning is now back behind bars having refused to comply with a subpoena from a fresh investigation into Assange's activities. Trump of course, whose lack of transparency is legendary, despises whistle blowers. His supposed love of Wikileaks, advantageous at the time, was always going to backfire on Assange.

An interesting sidelight to this is the action by the lapdog Australian government in refusing Manning entry to the country for a speaking tour in 2018. It mattered little as the organisers instead transferred Manning's talk to a live hook up, broadcast at the Sydney Opera House. In stark contrast to Australia's kowtowing, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her government allowed entry declaring 'we are a nation that defends free speech.'


Another curious coincidence is that the whole enbassy arrest deal took place only four days after Ecuador were granted the first installment of their $4.2 billion dollar loan from the Washington based Internationall Monetary Fund. Ecuador's President, Lenin Moreno, said that he'd been given assurances from the British that Assange would not be transported to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty.

The decision did not go down well with Ecuador's previous president of ten years plus, Rafael Correa. He tweeted “The greatest traitor in Ecuadorian and Latin American history, Lenin Moreno, allowed the British police into our embassy in London to arrest Assange. Moreno is a corrupt man, but what he has done is a crime that humanity will never forget.”

The arrest was always going to happen. For the record, Moreno's dominating Pluto sits on Assange's Midheaven controlling his status and reputation. Moreno's unpredictable Uranus is at Assange's birth Sun. And Moreno's Mars forms a fateful Yod with Assange's Jupiter and Pluto. Altogether an unfortunate synastry for the Wikileaks founder.

But planetwise Assange's Secondary Progressing Midheaven had reached the square to his Sun and also Uranus, so a move was surely on the cards. This year's next Solar Eclipse on Assange's birthday is naturally on his birth Sun.

In 2020 his Secondary Progressed Sun will square his Jupiter, indicating the judicial battle ahead. The transit of Jupiter will opose his Sun. The progressed aspect is already operational. But it is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the January 2020 lunar eclipse around his Mercury of most interest.

When you overlay Assange's chart on that of the USA's, their Mercury's are the same, both opposing the USA's secretive and controlling Pluto. It makes the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020 even more significant, as that falls right across the mercurial axis. This case has far greater ramifications for journalism and news.

The first Full Moon of 2020 is also a lunar eclipse and will occur with the Sun and media Mercury together and both in a testing semisquare to aggressive Mars. This formation has only happened once before in the last century, way back on December 10 of 1935. I expect it to involve trouble concerning the free press and possible danger involving investigative journalists.

The last occurrence of a Sun Mercury union at a Full Moon, with Mars so involved, occurred the day before the machine gun murder of famous American writer, Walter Liggett. It was a revenge killing by Minnesota crime czar Isadore Blumenfeld, who escaped jail time, despite the testimony of four eyewitnesses. Ligget's great claim to fame was the exposure of organised crime in the USA.

April 7

Mention May 1968, to any French national aware of their nation's history, and they'll recall it as a defining time in the political directions of France. Protests tore throughout the land, leading many to thinking they were experiencing another revolution. Millions joined the cause, grinding the economy to a halt.

The troubles began with students rebelling against a pervading materialist culture of US led consumer capitalism, imperialism (Vietnam) and authoritarianism. Student agitation spread onto the unions and factory workers, eventually engulfing one fifth of the population. President Charles De Gaulle fled the country and then returned to dissolve the National Assembly.

It was only after the President promised new elections, that the rioting and sit-ins subsided, almost as quickly as they had begun. The significance of May 1968, from the planetary perspective, was that it showed a strong reactivation of the September 21 1792, First Republic horoscope. This defining national horoscope remains a reliable barometer of national events and their probable ramifications.


The First Republic chart inevitably comes up trumps, whenever revolutionary energy moves into overdrive. I should clarify that Nick Campion, along with the Encyclopedia Brittanica, claim September 21 as the defining date, representing the first meeting of the new National Assembly and abolition of the crown. Others claim September 22, for when the Republic was proclaimed.

I find the 21st of September chart responds better for most pivotal events. Either way the dominant planetary aspect of both days is a crucial T-Square, comprising a tight opposition of revolutionary Uranus opposite purgative Pluto with Mars squaring both and at the apex Midheaven. Activation of this pattern, times further revolutionary movements.

Back in 1968, the signals could hardly be move obvious. The planet of revolution, Uranus, had come to join the French leadership Sun from the start of the year. Penetrating Pluto was also uniting with the Republic's Mercury, intensifying the national narrative and media coverage. Mercury also represents the students, who led the movement.

Dissipating Neptune had moved to the administrative Midheaven, at the very top of the French chart, suggesting government confusion and temporarily dissolving the government's power. Mars is naturally at the First Republic's Midheaven. With the transit of Neptune right to the Mars, plus exaggerating Jupiter squaring in May, and a Mars opposition timed for May 2, the protests began. Precisely on that day. Just look at that T-Square of Mars, Jupiter, Neptune all exact to the French Mars.

This horoscope and the transiting planets activating it are among the best examples I have seen for illustrating the 'as above – so below' astrological axiom. There was more in the Secondary Progressions, as there usually is. The SP Moon was conjunct the SP Midheaven in May, with both converging of SP Uranus. Not the time for heavy handed actions by the police, which only exacerbated the situation and garnered sympathy for the protesters.


When the protest movement known as the 'gilets jaunes', or yellow vests, began on November 17 2018, with the Sun of the day transiting exact to the Mars of the First Republic horoscope - they had to be taken seriously. Add to that Uranus was moving across the third house cusp (transport) and opposing France's Jupiter and Neptune (petroleum) and you have the initial cause of their protests – rises in petrol tax.

The petrol tax may have been the original catalyst, but the true causes ran much deeper. Economic inequality is now affecting all stratas of French society and this is what makes this protest similar, if not as dramatic, as the original Revolution itself, which for this alone, is worthwhile recounting.


One of the ironies of the French Revolution is that it was partly caused by France's great expenditure, supporting the American Revolution. King Louis XVI was also an extravagant ruler and with his national economy in a shambles, the monarch convened a meeting for May 5 1789, to address the dangerous unrest.

At the meeting the Third Estate, comprising 98% of the population's lower class, and subject to royal vetos on their grievances, demanded equal say in proceedings. The First and Second Estates, comprising the clergy and nobles were loath to surrender such privileges. The meeting, designed to arrest disunity, instead expanded it. I am reminded of the similarity here of the current one percenters against the other ninety nine.

By June 17 1789, with little progress achieved, the Third Estate, held their own meeting, assumed the name National Assembly and determined to fight on, until achieving constitutional change. Some of the more liberal nobles joined, and the movement's power expanded. The first major insurrection in Paris arrived with the storming of the Bastille, at 17.30 hours on July 14 1789.

Bastille Day now a national holiday, has many considering it the start of the Revolution, but all of these developmental dates are important. By August 26 1789, the National Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, based on the Enlightenment ideas of the modernist free thinkers. Simultaneously the agrarian revolution expanded, with the forcible removal of noblemen and tax collectors.

It wasn't until September 21 1792 that Old Regime was officially abolished by the first session of the National Convention, voting unanimously to abolish the monarchy. The Republic was declared the following day. Nick Campion, British historian and astrologer, times the transfer from 15.30 hours on the 21st in his authoritative work, World Horoscopes.

If we are to project the horoscope of the First Republic into the future years, the results appear rather disturbing, suggesting that future problems related to inequality should be addressed ASAP, lest they career out of control. The prescient planetary indicators are Secondary Progressed Mars conjunct rebellious Uranus, followed by a highly volatile triple conjunction of Progressed Sun, Mars and Uranus, starting from 2021 and peaking around the SP New Moon of May 2023.

This dangerous triple conjunction of the First Republic Progressed chart, then moves onto squaring the Uranus/Pluto opposition of the First Republic birth horoscope. France may be the country that represent the global leader against economic inequality.


I am reminded that shortly after its English translation of April 15 2014, 'Capital In The 21st Century', by leading the French economist Thomas Picketty, jumped to number one on the New York Times best-sellers. Casting the book's English translation around the US national chart shows the immense potential of its effect on the USA. It's why people who want to stop progress, ban or burn revolutionary books.

The release of Picketty's will in time have a transformative effect on capitalism in the USA. This is shown by the Cardinal Grand Cross, all impacting on the United States Sun and Saturn. The seeds have been sown, with succeeding generations. But across the years 2024/25/26 such changes are virtually inevitable.

The American and French Revolutions were originally inspired by new and radical thought, delivered by the authors of the Enlightenment, such as Voltaire, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith. Picketty's book is revolutionary and its economic theories are already reverberating through western civilisation. But the Old Regime refuses to heed the call.

Picketty's main argument is that inequality is the direct result of unregulated capitalism, and can only be checked through government intervention. His further claim being that without a reformation of capitalism, western democracies will be under serious threat. We are already seeing that happening, with the resultant mistrust of the political system, under the influence of plutocrats.

Picketty's statistical studies show that in the 18th and 19th centuries, private wealth was worth six to seven years of national income. By the middle of the 20th century this had levelled back to three and a half years. Yet today, in countries like France and Great Britain, it has ballooned back out to five or six years, with governments lowering taxes on the rich and deregulating the financial industries and privatising essential services.

It's difficult to imagine such inequality continuing in future years, even if it seems as if the noose of Big Brother's police states tightening. After a period of social turbulence, the much longer range forecasts look positive. President Macron is the first of French national leaders not to have personally experienced May 1968, having been born four years hence. Let's hope he doesn't prove an example of the truism, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

March 31


On March 22 2019, just before 4 pm, Robert Mueller delivered his much anticipated Russian Investigation findings, to US Attorney General William Barr. It was passed onto the White House lawyers at 4.35 pm and around 5 pm, Congress. Over the following weekend, on the 24th, Barr released the main findings in a four page summary.

The principle points being that Barr claims the report concluded “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Plus that there would be no further indictments.

Mueller did find plenty of evidence for Russian involvement and there were “multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.” He was ambiguous on the matter of whether, or not, the President had obstructed justice, stating ‘while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’


The horoscopes that accompany Mueller handing over his findings are revealing for one consistent factor. Mercury, the planet of news, documents and data was both retrograde and attached to obfuscating Neptune. Of all the times to release a document of such import? It's the sign of a false narrative. For a perfect example, Rupert Murdoch formed Newscorp under a Mercury Neptune conjunction and its been the king of fake news ever since.

To add to the confusion, from March 23 until April 3, Mercury would station and turn direct, all the while continuing its foggy conjunction to Neptune. I wouldn't be holding my breath regarding the information so far released to the public, nor the media speculation on the report, especially between March 23 and April 3, as it may well be skewed.

Retrograde periods have three distinct points and considerations. One is the position and date that the planet begins its retrograde phase. Two, is how far it regresses and at what date and degree it resumes forward motion. Three is the retracement of the retrograde and the date when Mercury again reached the degree it began its reverse gear.

All are important to search for patterns. Here's how they have played out, with the added factor that Mercury is making numerous connections to Neptune in this period.

Merc Cnj Nep 19 Feb 2019 15°Pi34' D
Merc Retro 05 March 2019 29°Pi38' R
Mer Cnj Nep 24 March 2019 16°Pi49' R
Mer Direct 28 March 2019 16°Pi05' D
Mer Cnj Nep 02 Apr 2019 17°Pi08' D

William Barr began his current post as US Attorney General on February 14, with Mercury approaching Neptune. On March 4, the day before Mercury went retro, the House Judiciary Committee initiated a comprehensive investigation into allegations of obstruction of justice by President Trump. The Chairman, Jerry Nadler, sent out letters and requests for White House documents along with those from the president's charity, business and transition team.

On March 24, as Mercury reconnected with Neptune, William Barr, presented a four page summary of the Mueller investigation for public release. Trump celebrated the findings with, “it was just announced there was no collusion with Russia. The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There was no collusion with Russia. There was no obstruction, and none whatsoever, and it was a complete and total exoneration. It's a shame our country had to go through this...”

At this point I should remind that Mercury is currently repeating its cycle of 1946, stationing, moving retro and direct, entering and leaving signs etc on virtually the same dates. The relevance being that it takes us back to 1973 and Watergate. During the same Mercury retro in Pisces back then, on the date of Mueller releasing his report, Richard Nixon was taped planning an obstruction of justice.

In the same retro period, a convicted Watergate burglar admitted he had provided a false testimony and that the break-in was not a CIA operation, but a government one. This changed the whole picture. By April 5, White House counsel, John Dean, was co-operating with prosecutors. Historical coincidence, perhaps? Time will tell. For the moment and until Mueller's report is made public the real findings remain obscure.

Defendants of the Trump campaign, point to the thoroughness of Mueller's work. Totally overlooked, at least to them was the threat of presidential pardons that Trump dangled, right across the investigation, encouraging the non-cooperation of witnesses.

Or the constant lying to FBI by Trump campaign aids, or to the public by Trump himself. One of the lingering doubts of this whole affair is why the constant lies and cover-ups, if there was nothing to hide? It may explain why the public polling hasn't shifted with the reports release. But that close to 80% want the contents to go public

Much of this gaslighting led to Mueller farming out areas of his investigation to district courts, over riding the threat of pardons. Those investigations are far from over. After gaining 34 indictments, prison sentences for Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort and lawyer Michael Cohen, and soon to pay for itself, Mueller's investigation has proved its worth. But it's full worth is yet to be witnessed.


Last week I repeated something originally published in January. It was the impact of Mars on Donald Trump's horoscope across the coming weeks. I figured he would go on all out attack and that would be related to judicial matters. Considering what most would rate a fortunate outcome for Trump, at least at face value, the President has done just that.

His once close adviser, Steve Bannon, claimed that Trump will go full 'honey badger' once he feels vindicated. That he will attempt to extract revenge on what he viewed as an undermining of his legitimacy as US President. The revenge has begun with childish insults being thrown.

It will continue across the week ahead with these aspects.

Transiting Mars square birth Mars March 25 2019
Transiting Sun opposite SP Mars March 31 2019
Transiting Mars square SP Sun April 03 2019
SP Moon conjunct birth Mars April 3 2019
(SP equates to Secondary Progressed)

But perhaps not so much because Trump thinks it's over. But that he knows it's about to go to the next level. I think he's on the money there. What we are currently seeing is the illusion of Neptune. There are other events happening behind the scenes...just as in 1973.

March 25


If you were asked to frame the odds of the image of a New Zealand Prime Minister being projected onto the world's largest building with the words 'salam' and peace below, 100/1 would have seemed wildly optimistic. It happened on Friday, along with a tribute from the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister, Sheik Mohammed, expressing thanks on behalf of 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

It was a welcome headline in a world beset by divisive nationalism and irrational fears. The kind of fears that poison the minds and propel events like the Christchurch mosque massacres. Jacinda Ardern has done what she can to quell those fears, to calm the waters. It contrasts with the political fear mongering of the neighbouring Australian Prime Ministers, Scott Morrison, or the US leader, Donald Trump.


But New Zealand has stood apart from the populist crowd on many issues. It may be partly due to their Libran Sun, squaring rebellious Uranus. It may be because of Pluto in their first house? But unlike Australia, who get their international riding instructions from the US Embassy, New Zealand is nobody's puppet.

They were the first country to bar nuclear ships into their harbours, passing a legislative act on June 8 1987. This entailed them withdrawing from the ANZUS treaty as the US state policy refused to declare whether or not their ships had nuclear weapons. It wasn't until 2016 and warming relations that the ships of either navy were granted mutual access.

New Zealand also rejected the threat by Israeli Prime Minister, Bin Netanyahu, to vote against a United Nations motion criticising Israel for its continuing land grabs in the West Bank, as a flagrant violation of international law. The reaction to New Zealand's humane decision was more revealing of Netanyahu's arrogant and domineering character than anything else. He raged...

“If you continue to promote this resolution, from our point of view it will be a declaration of war. It will rupture the relations and there will be consequences. We’ll recall our ambassador to Jerusalem.” The bully boy tactics fell on deaf ears. New Zealand co-sponsored the motion and voted for it.

In fact they'd ensured Israel's apartheid be revealed, following that country forcing the original sponsor of the resolution, Egypt, to drop off. They backed down after strong pressure from the then US president elect, Donald Trump. As it was the motion passed the UN Security Council 14 for to 0 against, with only the US abstaining.

New Zealand even offered to take 150 of Australia's interred asylum seekers every year. The offer was refused more than once by the Turnbull government. The claim was that would only encourage more traffic.


New Zealand was also the first country to allow women voting rights in the November 28 1893 elections, when universal suffrage was given to all NZ females including Maoris. A good 62% went to the polls. South Australia allowed the women's vote the following year and it was granted Australia wide by 1902. The USA would wait until 1920.

New Zealand has had three female Prime Ministers since 1997. It now has a record of 46 female members of parliament, comprising 38% of the house. Australia has 29% and the USA 21%. If you're getting the message that historically New Zealand seems to be a more just, balanced and compassionate worldly neighbour, you're on song.


Jacinda is now taking on one of the most powerful global lobbies – the weapons industry. In the wake of the Christchurch massacres she has announced a ban on military style assault and automatic weapons. The New Zealand PM has acted where many countries fail, as they are bound in the deep pockets of what the gun lobbyy.

As expected the announcement promotes a reactionary boon in weapons sales. And we can add to that spirited resistance and paraphernalia to shortly invade social networks like Facebook etc from the PR departments of organisations like the NRA, fearing a reduction in their sales and markets. Jacinda has chosen compassion and unity above fear and division.

There's a further clue in the New Zealand horoscope of September 26 1907 in Wellington when the nation became a Dominion. The leadership Sun is united to Venus, the planet of affinity and amicable relations. As in make love not war. Jacinda's own Leo birth Sun casts its rays right on New Zealand's Jupiter, the planet of futuristic hope, education and cultural assimilation. She is the right person at the right time, a shining in a world obsessed with power and perpetual dictators.

I may have some updates during the week but lot's of excitement on the way this week. I just wish to remind all readers of the column back in early January 2019, which is now coinciding with the release of the Mueller report. Have another glance for whatever the result, this has a long way to play out.


Trump's grandiosity and narcissistic self-praise (typical Jupiter stuff) can be a cover for perceived rejection, which he would have experienced when placed in a military boarding school to learn discipline. That Progressed Sun to Jupiter aspect is now the dominant aspect, and will only expand across the next month, notably from mid-February onward. It's not going to fully depart until the end of the year.

Factor on top of that the transit of Jupiter set to oppose his birth Sun, on three occasions over the next twelve months, starting March, repeating mid May and ending late October. The obvious inference is legal difficulties or over estimation resulting in a fall. Does Trump know the meaning of the word restraint? Not when bellicose Mars also comes to the party.


Recall the extremely difficult aspects that Trump experienced in May 2017, immediately following the appointment of Mueller to oversee the investigation into Russian interference with the US election. They involved multiple Mars aspects. And they turned the President into an raging bull. But what drives Mars?

Mars is anger; a behavioural response to a fight or flight situation. It's the instinctive, fear based reaction to a perceived threat where life temporarily becomes a battlefield. It can also be triggered by pain, physiologically or psychologically. Well if Mars was synched with the 2017 explosions, look out March and April 2019. For this time it is on steroids.

The fiery red planet is returning to deep impact on Trump's chart like this.

Transiting Mars square birth Mars March 25 2019
Transiting Sun opposite SP Mars March 31 2019
Transiting Mars square SP Sun April 03 2019
SP Moon conjunct birth Mars April 3 2019
(SP equates to Secondary Progressed)

Also by April 3 the transit of Uranus will square his SP Midheaven – (using the Naibod Arc method) as the transit of Neptune simultaneously sesquisquares the same. The implication of a sudden meltdown would seem a reasonable assumption. Even if one sticks strictly to the Solar Arcing method, then Uranus squares the SA Midheaven by May 20. A status change looks to be in the works.

For the non astrologers, these technicalities may be as unintelligible as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Let's just say, the Rosetta Stone will be unveiled around the dates mentioned above. The President is in fight or flight mode. There has to be a reason for such agitation. Look no further the legal implications of Jupiter for starters. This represents a real danger to his authority and status. It's not far away and mid-February will begin to set the scene for the dates I have highlighted.

March 17


The most newsworthy events will show a preference of Mercury rising or at the Midheaven as they happen. Mercury is the media planet and also the one associated with thought. The winged messenger delivers the information and incites the conversation. It makes us think. It was rising in New York as 911 unfolded. The events, frequently written about, become part of historical change.

On April 28 1996, at 13.30 hours, when Martin Bryant unleashed his inner fury on terrified tourists at Port Arthur, Mercury was on the Midheaven in the degree of Algol, the most malefic star in the heavens. In the aftermath of 35 lives lost, Australia introduced strict gun control laws and a weapons buy back scheme. In the 23 years hence, it has arrested the then growing problem of mass shootings.

Mercury was also on the Midheaven on July 22 2011, when Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik began his multiple attacks that claimed 77 lives and injured another 339 . One in four Norwegians had a personal connection with the victims, such was the extent of his carnage. Breivik and the threat presented by his right wing extremist groups became all too evident. Norway, and neighbouring countries like Finland, countered with a gun control crackdown.

Mercury was also positioned at the Midheaven at 13.40 hours on March 15 2019, in Christchurch, New Zealand. That's when the alleged killer, Brenton Tarrant, carried out his acts of racist terrorism taking 49 lives - at the time of writing. Communicative Mercury was further emphasised via his live streaming of the unfolding violence. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ahern, has promised to amend New Zeland's gun laws, starting with semi-automatic weapons.

All of these mentioned events have incited a national debate concerning accessibility to high grade military weapons in a civil society. All of the above governments have moved to protect their citizens from mass killers. They have taken the weapon out of the equation. None have sat on the fence or bowed to gun lobbys. Nor have they repeated the universal definition of insanity - doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

An event of such magnitude is inevitably reflected in the national horoscope. This is certainly the case here. Lethal Pluto and the Lunar Sout Node are right on New Zealand's Secondary Progressed Sun, in the mortal 8th house. The SP Midheaven has moved into opposition with this whole configuration.

The transiting Sun and Mercury square to Jupiter precisely locks in with New Zealand's Saturn Pluto square, anticipating the legislative changes that will flow on from this tragedy. I am including the triwheel below to illustrate this, but there is also a link to a lrger image if needed.

Utilise this link for a larger image.


The mosque massacres of Christchurch have resonated across the globe as an act of extremist 'hate'. Hate born of fear. Fear and a precarious preoccupation that splits humanity into the 'us and them' camps. The alleged perpetrator, Australian born Brenton Tarrant, made that antipathy his reality. His manifesto claims to be inspired by the infamous lone wolf, Anders Behring Breivik. The planetary connections are many.

Norway regularly ranks as one of the leading countries on the Human Development Index – a measure of the equality, economically and socially within the nation. As a result, Norway has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. But the undercurrents of social division were heightened on September 7 1987, prior to that year's elections. And the influence was politically pervasive.


The leader of the populist Progressive Party, Carl Hagen, read the contents of a letter he'd supposedly received to his party's convention. It had a major effect on the upcoming vote, evoking nationalist fears. The correspondence became known as the 'Mustafa Letter' and read as follows.

“Allah is Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet! You struggle in vain Mr. Hagen! Islam, the only true faith, will gain victory here in Norway too. One day, mosques will be as common in Norway as churches are today, and my great-grandchildren will experience this.

I know, and all Muslims in Norway know, that the population of Norway will come to the faith, and that this country will be Muslim! We give birth to more children than you, and several true-believing Muslims arrive in Norway every year, men in productive age. One day the infidel cross in the flag shall also go away!”

This Mustafa letter was later proven to be a fake. Its contents were playing on the powerful electoral emotion of fear. By November of 1988, Mohammed Mustafa was taking the hoax to the Oslo courts and receiving due settlement. But the damage had been done and achieved its desired result. The nationalist Progressive Party doubled their vote and Carl Hagen went on to become one of the country's leading politicians.

Hagen has now retired from politics. He still proffers his viewpoints to the media. In 2016 those opinions were supportive of the American populist, Donald Trump. Hagen threw his support behind the real-estate mogul describing him as 'a man of the people'. All this has a familiar pattern – white supremacy and Islamophobia. The fear of increased immigration intake, in the wake of Middle East interventions, laid the platform for what would follow.


I have found that terrorism, based on religious and cultural differences, displays recurrent planetary players. Mars is naturally involved with acts of violence, being the planet associated with war. Jupiter is also a player, representing self-righteousness and associated with religion and law. The potential of war when Mars is angled to expansive Jupiter was recognised as far back as the cuneiform tablets of ancient Nineveh - 'when Mars is with Jupiter war reigns in the land.'

Often Uranus is also involved. It connects with rebellion and radical ideology, as well as being attached to sudden and surprising events. It's been called the planet of shock and awe, yet also the great awakening. Uranus brings a light bulb awareness to important issues and when mixed with Jupiter, can also result in legislative change.


The pattern was highly active on September 7 1987, as Hagen read his inciting Mustafa Letter to his right wing Progressive Party. The Sun was with angry Mars and exactly sesquisquare to cultural Jupiter. The Moon was opposing Mars. Years later Anders Behring Breivik, born with the Sun and Mars together and angled to Jupiter, would spend his youth as a member of Hagen's party.

These planets are not only evident in the event chart of Norway's darkest day, but also play out strongly in the evolving dynamic charts of the perpetrator. The mayhem from Anders Behring Breivik, began at 15.25 hours Oslo time on July 22 2011. That day aggressive Mars was positioned with the Lunar South Node with both in a tight semisquare to self righteous Jupiter. This aspect recurred in Breivik's progressed chart at the same time.

Coupling the event with the horoscope of the protagonist, the patterns become increasingly evident and are illustrated here. The triple wheel below, is comprised of the birth chart of Anders Behring Breivik, born February 13 1979 @ 12.50 pm (CET) in Oslo Norway. His birthchart is on the inner wheel. The middle dial is his secondary progressed chart, timed for the event. The outermost dial shows the transits of the day and time.

Click here for a larger image

The potential propensity for violence is inherent in Breivik's birth horoscope. Here the Sun is attached to assertive and competitive Mars. Both are in square with rebellious Uranus, suggesting a leaning for radical beliefs; a quick temper and wilful nature. His Mercury completes a triple conjunction with his Sun and Mars, and is positioned right at his Midheaven. Breivik also has Jupiter hard angled to the Lunar Nodes, usually associated with fortunate contacts, but in his case indicating numerous groups with strong philosophies.

The crucial timing factor brings Breivik's progressed Mars into precise sesquisquare with his progressed Jupiter and the transiting Sun can be seen activating this aspect on the day of the terrorism. His birth Mars, on the inner wheel, is receiving a transiting semisquare from anarchistic Uranus, in the outer wheel. The progressed Midheaven highlights this aspect being hard angled to both. Transiting Mars on the day, is semisquare his progressed Ascendant.

There is even more to this, with delusional, sacrificial Neptune, completing an extended transit across his birth Midheaven. If this birthchart was a firecracker about to explode, July 22 2011, was sure to light the proverbial wick. And while most of these progressions and transits will be more than meaningful to astrologers reading this article, they can be a moot point in prevention.


One would have to have a database of people on a security watch list with their birth times recorded, in order to formulate volatile time frames. In our society that's highly impractical, even if they do provide a credible cosmic fingerprint. The best immediate solution is to remove the easy access to military grade weapons.

Brenton Tarrant's birthday is yet to be published. But the Christchurch massacre already offers up some clues. One of the most obvious appears in his rambling online manifesto. He claims that he is taking revenge for the murder of the Swedish girl Ebba Akerlund. Such was committed by Rakhmat Akilov, a Uzbekistan asylum seeker, denied Swedish citizenship, who then swore allegiance to Islamic State.

The terrorist act, using a hired truck as a deadly weapon, took place on April 7 2017 at 14.53 hours in Stockholm. This one had the Sun and Uranus together in opposition to Jupiter. Mars was at the Midheaven. The Christchurch killings began at 13.40 hours on March 15 2019. Putting the two horoscopes together shows the New Zealand mosque attacks occuring on the first Mars return of the Stockholm murders. It fits neatly with Tarrant's revenge motive.

That's it for now but this article may be amended in days to come as more verifiable information comes to hand.

March 10

There is something special about this Mercury retrograde, beginning coincident with a New Moon on beguiling, shape shifting Neptune? Especially when related to one of the principle platforms disseminating 'fake news' and ill informed opinion – namely Twitter.

According to AstroDatabank, the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, fired off the first in house 'tweet' at 9.50 am PST on March 21 2006 in San Francisco. Jack Dorsey's actual account has 12.50 pm (confusing as Twitter changes times in different locations) and wikipedia somehow puts 9.50 pm? I am using the Astrodatabank time for this article, but including Jack's Twitter account below too.

Whatever the exact time the winged messenger, Mercury, had been retrograde from the 3rd and was conveniently conjunct 'electric' Uranus in unconstrained Pisces.

Using Astrodatank puts deceptive Neptune was at the top of the chart in partile square with exaggerating Jupiter. Agitating Mars was rising in opposition to the public Moon and both square to the Mercury/Uranus. It was a promise of things to come.

Twitter quickly became and remains one of the most accessed sites on the Internet. That should blow away those persistent, yet erroneous, astrological myths about never beginning an enterprise with Mercury retro. Ditto the USA. Even the Declaration of Independence was initialed with Mercury in reverse gear.

Mercury can actually be far more powerful whilst retro. Here it focuses on the same zodiacal degrees, crossing them three times during its direct to retrograde and redirect operation. The stations of Mercury, just prior and beginning the retro period and again immediately before turning direct again, are focal points. If Mercury is well angled to your chart, during either of these times, they can prove very fortuitous.

Such was the case for Jack Dorsey, born November 19 1976 @ 01.43 hours in St Louis, Missouri. Mercury began its retro period with an accommodating and precise trine to his Scorpio birth Sun. He sent the first tweet just prior to it going direct, Dorsey, now a Tech billionaire, has gone onto become richer than Twitter's most famous addict, Donald Trump.


There's a connection between Dorsey's contribution to the mercurial world of mass communications and this current Mercury retrograde. Every thirteen years, Mercury repeats its retrogrades around similar degrees and dates. This year it went retro on March 6 in the final degree of Pisces. Back in 2006, (the year Twitter birthed), it did so on March 3rd and on the 27th degree of Pisces.

Twitter became publicly available during Mercury's next retrograde period on July 15 2006. This brought the Sun and Moon in trine to Dorsey's original 'tweet'. The specific date alone is extremely auspicious in the history of language and communications. On July 15 1799 the famed Rosetta Stone was uncovered in the Nile Delta. It proved the long lost key to deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

On July 15 1928, the German engineer Arthur Scherbius introduced the Enigma machine, using a cipher code to produce encrypted messages, for German intelligence. More recently, on July 15 2003 the Mozilla Foundation was established developing the popular Firefox browser and Thunderbird email program.

The public release date of Twitter on July 15, which Twitter now celebrates as its birthday, had some important precedents. It would also have essential connections to the horoscope of one major political figure to be – Donald Trump. Twitter would become his media platform. His instant and direct mouthpiece, bypassing editorial constraints. Instead the mainstream media would be led by his 'tweets'.


When you examine the numerous planetary connections in the Trump/Twitter media marriage, chiefly in the form of powerful conjunctions, the relationship between the two offers a congruent explanation as to why he has been able to steer the national narrative by using this media platform as a weapon. Note this chart is untimed using midday, but the planetary positioning (aside from the Moon) remains effective.

Twitter's Mars sits right with the Trump's Mars, both close to his self-projecting Ascendant. Trump has been able to utilise aggressive Mars to attack his opponents or vent frustrations, usually in an impulsive 'martian' manner. The war planet in a fire sign and conjunct the President's Mars makes him the social media's go to man for upping the ante on national and international aggression.

Twitter's Venus, the popularity planet, is positioned on Trump's Gemini Sun. It helps him garner a strong support base and following. Trump's Venus is also conjunct Twitter's Sun, doubling the efficiency of the Sun Venus conjunctions between the two charts.

Twitter's Mercury, a crucial planet for the media platform is also conjunct Trump's Venus. These unifying links help explain the benefits he derives from utilising this medium, despite the panic it elicits from the volatile Mars union, disturbing even the Pentagon.

The greatest challenges come via Twitter's Pluto conjunct Trump's Moon. In one way that describes his explosive, addictive emotional outbursts. In another it suggests such turmoil being made public and the probable disapproval from family members and females in particular.

The opposition of Twitter's Venus and Pluto sitting right across Trump's Sun/Moon opposition is a dangerous match up, especially concerning the President's 'secret' relationships and buried past. Tweets around these subjects have the perilous potential of bringing him undone.

Then there is the Twitter Sun, right on Trump's Saturn. This is one where Trump's Saturn contributes to the public criticism of Twitter, and calls for restricting its content. Particularly where he uses the medium irresponsibly promoting conspiracy theories, hate speech or potentially inciting national or international conflict.

There have been numerous calls to censor his account or ban Trump from Twitter. Supporters, like Alex Jones, have suffered this fate. The platform answered these requests in January of this year stating, “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate.”


2019 is the Mercury recurrence year of 2006. The thirteen year period has significance for Twitter - in fact anything from 2006 will. You may recall, I mentioned earlier the invention of Germany's secret coding Enigma machine, invented on July 15 1928. Almost exactly thirteen years later, on July 9 1941, that code was broken by Britain, rendering the machine useless, except to the Allies.

While platforms like Twitter have contributed to the national dialogue and immediacy of news, they have also dredged up ubiquitous trolls or been the medium of misinformation and concentrated state campaigns to subversively sway public opinion. These issues are still needing to be addressed in 2019. As we are only in March, the month of the first tweet, this 'fix' is also only in the embryonic stage.

Come mid July, corresponding to Twitter's first public involvement, we may witness the fuller ramifications of a necessary redesign. All of this is important for Trump as well - it's happens to be the Mercury recurrence time of his July 2006 liaison with Stormy Daniels. Somehow Twitter will also be in the spotlight.

And just as Twitter has been essential to Trump's success, past Tweets also have the potential to be his undoing. His first 'witch hunt' one is a case in point. It can be construed as an obstruction of justice. But Trump hopes that its constant repetition will create an illusory truth.

However, the chart of that first witch hunt tweet activates the Twitter opposition of Venus Pluto, which lies across Trump's Sun-Moon opposition. Judgemental Saturn affects both. The 'witch hunt' Nodes also spotlight both Trump's and Twitter's Mars. It may yet come to haunt.


Psychology Today reported studies showing that 'fake news' was 70% more likely to be repeated on Twitter than real news. Repeating it or even denying it, as the mainstream media does with Trump's tweets, only further imbeds the lie. It is like saying 'don't think of the color blue' – the command has the opposite effect.

Berkeley Cognitive Linguist George Lakoff has a more effective counter that he terms the 'Truth Sandwich'. It involves beginning with the truth first, then mentioning the falsity and finishing with the correction. This works via the principle that humans best remember beginnings and endings. It's a strategy that journalists should follow. Along with letting some tweets go through to the keeper.

This month we have the New Moon with illusory Neptune, a surety to deliver a plethora of fake news along with misleading tweets. Mystery and undermining deception will dominate headlines. Best avoid jumping to conclusions, especially where preconceived biases exist.

The recent Venezuelan blackouts are an immediate Neptunian candidate, even involving hydro-electric power and possible subterfuge with the Guri Dam. The timing is very suspect. So keep in mind the Truth Sandwich technique which goes “The facts are X, but some have falsely claimed Y. Let’s focus on X.” Stay immune from the Neptune hysteria and allow this Mercury retro reflection period to work for you.

March 03

This week ushers in a New Moon with ambiguous Neptune in indistinct Pisces. Neptune deals more with altered reality; perception that is often deception; and we're bound to experience more than usual during this lunation. Fake news and alternative facts from the White House? That's just part of the Neptune mission.

In political astrology, Neptune assumes the socialistic role, where power is diluted and disseminated among the many. The Communist Manifesto was published on February 21 1848 in London, with the Piscean Sun conjunct Neptune, with an orb of only two degrees in separation. This coming lunation will be important for socialist movements and governments in countries such as Venezuela, for starters.

Neptune's dupery also turns up during moments of political deception, whether accidental or deliberate. A prime example was the State of Union address from 21.15 hours on January 29 2002, as George W Bush outlined the reasons to invade Iraq. That was a tight Sun/Neptune conjunction. So was the CIA's embarrassing 'no weapons of mass destruction' admission on February 3 2004.

But there is a case for Neptune identifying with the victim. And such was the scene back in 1854 when the debate over slavery had divided the USA, north and south. When the Sun came within three degrees of Neptune in Pisces the old order began to dissolve, with the formation of a new political party. Today, the same party are experiencing their Neptune return and finding themselves in an ideological dilemma.


The roots of the Republican Party stretch back to the initiatives of Ripon lawyer and abolitionist, Alvan Bovay. He organised a meeting on the evening of February 28 1854, in the local Congregational church. The meeting adopted a resolution that the attendees would abandon the traditional political parties if the controversial Kansas/Nebraska bill was passed.

Bovay followed with a second meeting, beginning 18.30 hours at the Ripon school house, in Wisconsin, on March 20 1854. This is when the Republican Party was officially named. The Kansas/Nebraska Act, allowing those two states to choose or reject slavery by popular vote, passed both Houses on May 22 & 30. It led to a nationwide Republican gathering, held on July 6 1854, in Jackson Michigan, with over one thousand in attendance.

As the divisive bill was closely passing the two houses, a Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn fell over America, with its greatest totality across Boston, New York on May 26. It was symbolic. An old establishment was also falling with the eclipse. 1854 was a year that would revolutionise American politics from a grass roots level. It has a recurrent relevance today.


The central issue of the time was the abolition of slavery, which promised enormous economic as well as humanitarian repercussions. It involved the US tearing itself away from an old established order, (the 1854 eclipse on Saturn) toward a more modern society, where the principles of freedom and equality were represented along racial lines. Such remained a future dream, but Bovay was heading in the right direction.

The planetary relevance now, is that Neptune has been retracing, for the first time since that time, the same degree areas. The United States is living through the ongoing Neptune return of those divisive, yet decisive, years. Bovay's original meeting of February 28 took place with the Sun conjunct Neptune. Now there is a similar disappointment and ongoing dissatisfaction with the established political parties. An increase in independent candidates and ideas. A deeper schism dividing the nation's future and ideology.


Throughout the 2016 presidential race, Neptune was transiting across the Sun of Bovay's first breakaway meeting of February 28 1854. The Sun signifies the central purpose and leader(ship) of the party. Neptune, whilst delivering a significant amount of charisma, also has sufficient deceptive qualities to cloud rational judgements, between a gaslighting con-artist or messianic savior.

The research polling on Donald Trump clearly shows Americans falling sharply into either camp. Despite the President's obvious whoppers and outrageous self-promotion, Trump is worshipped with a blind religious devotion, by his Republican base. Preachers even endorse him from the pulpit. To political opponents it's almost as if the Antichrist has arisen, riding a wave of mass hysteria reminiscent of the Nazi era.


Neptune made its first opposition to the Republican Party Sun during the 1932 November 8 election. The Republicans by then had moved right away from their original humanitarian ideals to become the mouthpiece of big business and unregulated speculation. This addiction to avarice produced the worst economic meltdown of the 20th century, the Great Depression. And Herbert Hoover was about to feel the public wrath.

The Neptune opposition wiped out the Republicans coast to coast. F.D. Roosevelt won in a landslide receiving the highest percentage vote of any Democrat leader – 57% of the national vote and 89% of the Electoral College. The map of the USA became a sea of blue with only a handful of north-west states holding out. It would be another twenty years before the next Republican president occupied the White House.

The next major transit of Neptune was the closing square to the Republican's Sun, becoming exact during 1974. That's the year that the Republican President Richard Nixon resigned from office in disgrace. On all of the above evidence it would seem that the February 28 1854 formation date is a reliable historical barometer of Republican politics. And that Neptune dissolves their credibility when it forms hard aspects with the Sun.


All of this made the Neptune movement across the Republican Sun, in 2016 and into 2017, something to be wary of. A transit of Neptune to the Sun generally accompanies a loss of clarity and purpose, a dissolving of the ego, or a breakdown of the established party structure. That became obvious from the first raucous Republican debates. A virtual reality candidate had arrived.

The same period led to unexpected electoral success and an expanded conservative loading within the judiciary. Where was the crisis and loss associated with the previous hard Neptune aspects to the Republican Sun? The conjunction is the most subjective of all aspects. It's illusory nature can often have something literally staring into one's face, whilst the observer remains completely oblivious. Until the transit subsides and the dream evaporates with it.

Now the questions are being asked, has Trump hijacked the GOP's principles as effectively as he destroyed their candidates? Has the party that came to power under Honest Abe fallen prey to Dishonest Don? Is he destroying the party integrity, whilst appearing to everyone else as the emperor with no clothes.

The one undeniable 'fact' is that the USA stands at a crossroads, with a Sun Uranian leader symbolically representing a New Awakening. He is the catalyst propelling a necessary change in national consciousness. And to boot his birth Sun, in the 23rd degree of Gemini, is precisely squaring the USA's July 4 1776 Neptune, positioned at 23 of Virgo. Trump claims to represent the American Dream. To many it's a nightmare that made three million votes count for nothing.

The effectiveness of Neptune has also been shown through its seven consecutive conjunctions to the USA's Secondary Progressed Sun. The conjunctions were in effect from May of 2016 until January of 2019. They refer to an obfuscation of national direction and leadership, but this time from the perspective of the 'national horoscope'. Neptune is only just moving away now and the New Moon of March 7, will still highlight that conjunction.

It all helps explain why a large section of the nation have been living under a cloud of unknowing. Of deliberate befuddlement from the President, gaslighting the public with exaggerated self promotion and alternative facts, avoiding interrogation, failing to release tax returns after promising to do so. A Nixon like lack of transperancy. And in true Neptune fashion, escaping the consequences under the cover of a Republican smokescreen. But the concealment may be evaporating.

Trump claims that the US has the hottest economy on the planet. The real fact is that the USA's growth rate for 2018 was just under 3%, compared to China's 6.6% or India's 6.7%. The Dow Jones fell 5.6% in 2018 and the S&P 500 was down 6.2%, the worst result in twenty years, harking back to the Great Recession of 2008. Tax cuts have ballooned the national debt, whilst big business used the same breaks to inflate stocks.


Then there is the coincidence of multiple indictments against the Trump team. The accusations of his long time lawyer Michael Cohen and revelation of his campaign cover-ups. Some of this must surely have even the most niave awakening from their collective hypnosis. Either the president really is an extremely shady character, or he seems to prefer to hang out with, and employ, shysters and criminals who fit the bill.

This prolonged Neptune period, involving the Republican Party birthchart and the Progressing Horoscope of the USA, has synchronised with a lingering cloud over the integrity of the national leadership, now descending into a never ending re-election campaign.

The coming New Moon with hallucinatory Neptune is guaranteed to up the spin. It might finally be a wake up call. For when in doubt for so long...there really shouldn't be any doubt at all. Get set for the March Neptune lunation, it's opening square of the 14th putting Trump in the hot seat and the Full Moon revelations of the 21st onward.

February 24

One month ago I wrote here about the astrology of Venezuela. There's a link here, if you wish to read that by tabbing down to January 27. This follow up delves deeper into the political and economic malaise that the country finds itself in. It goes right into the timing of why and when, quotes from official government sources and also – surprise, surprise - presents an insight you won't get in the mainstream press.


Trouble in Venezuela for 2019 was a standout feature, potentially inherent in the original swearing in of President Nicolas Maduro, on Friday April 19 2013 at 13.00 hours in Caracas. On that day the leadership Sun was conjunct military Mars in aggressive Aries, positioned in the ninth house of international affairs. The final degree of any sign is considered borderline critical in astrological reasoning.

The critical time frame would activate from February 13 of 2019 with the flashpoint Mars return of the Maduro Inauguration, occurring simultaneously with rebellious Uranus. This activation could hardly be more obvious. Check this graphic. On the inside is Maduro's Inauguration horoscope, outside are the planets at the latest Mars return.

A not so curious event took place precisely on that Mars return of February 13th 2019. The Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez met with Donald Trump at the White House. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess what that meeting was all about. Sometimes astrology is just too revealing.

Mars is military. Colombia borders Venezuela. The final regime change plan was being put on the table. Venezuelans are today reduced to desperation through economic sanctions driving the final nail in a catastrophic financial meltdown. It is proving more effective than the ancient castle siege.

If enough Venezuelans can be attracted to the borders, welcoming the foreign aid vehicles, the embattled President Maduro is in a no-win situation. If his soldiers fire on their own to protect sovereign borders, they give the US and its allies reason for military intervention. If he allows the aid trucks through, his authority is likewise diminished, as his political opponent Juan Guaido's is strengthened.


The human tragedies of Venezuela are blamed purely on Maduro, in the mainstream press. There's a lot more to it. The following transcript of a teleconference, dated January 29 2018, is taken direct from the US Secretary of State's government website. They are the words of a US senior state official.

“The financial sanctions we have placed on the Venezuelan Government has forced it to begin becoming in default, both on sovereign and PDVSA, its oil company’s debt. And what we are seeing because of the bad choices of the Maduro regime is a total economic collapse in Venezuela. So our policy is working, our strategy is working and we’re going to keep it on the Venezuelans.”

Throughout 2018 a triple conjunction of restrictive Saturn was moving across the Moon (the people) of the Venezuelan Independence horoscope, dated July 5 1811 @15.00 hours in the capital of Caracas. By January 23 2019, as Saturn opposed the Sun of the same chart with Mars in square, the opposition leader and president of the national assembly was declaring himself the new President.

There were protests across major cities and western commentators expected Maduro's government to fall within days. It didn't. The army were not buying in. More pressure would be needed. Hence the February 13 (Mars return) meeting at the White House.

Also on February 13, the Wall St Journal published an article questioning why t he Maduro regime had not crumbled. Colombia would now play a leading role. But this whole operation could become an international crisis involving major powers.


The USA and Colombia have a fluctuating relationship. Colombia were the sole South American nation to support the US 2003 invasion of Iraq. In 2013 they even expressed their desire to join NATO. Contrasting that is the controversial CIA involvement with the war on drugs in Colombia. A war that has seen the narcotics trade increase substantially and was conducted against the advice of commissioned US studies.

America's military involvement in Colombia was more about suppressing communism and advancing financial interests than combating narcotics. Even the leader of the right wing paramilitary group working with the US, admitted on live TV that 70% of their financing came from the drug industry. Not surprisingly, he disappeared soon after.

As a result Colombia became one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. Right wing paramilitary groups, funded by business interests were working in cohort with the army battling a left wing rural guerilla movement – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) or people's army. In 2016 FARC eventually signed a peace deal with the government.

But when put to the people in a referendum for ratification the agreement was narrowly defeated – 50.22% to 49.78%. Such shows the ideological political dichotomy still existent today. So saying, the current President of Colombia, Harvard educated Iván Duque Márquez, comfortably defeated his socialist opponent Gustavo Petro, 58% to 42% and was sworn in August 7 2018, at Bogota.

Even the fellow socialist Petro was critical of Nicolas Maduro's rule, stating last year that, “Venezuela, as an oil-exporting country, suffers from problems of income distribution and the crisis of falling oil prices – but they have been amplified by terrible economic policies. Venezuela can either remake itself by starting with a dialogue of its society – or follow the path of Syria or Iraq,”

But complicating matters have been the constant pronouncements from Donald Trump about using military options to force regime change in Venezuela. According to former FBI second in command, Andrew McCabe, Trump initially brought the war with Venezuela idea up in late July of 2017, and was advised against it by his national security adviser of the time, General McMasters.

On August 11 2017, Trump made the military option public knowledge during a press stop. He repeated the threat the following month, in a United Nations address. When examining the planetary positions on the day of Trump's public threat, again we see the war planet Mars predominate against the swearing in chart of Nicolas Maduro. It falls at the public Moon and Ascendant.

The timing of his announcement was also significant in regard to Venezuela's 1811 national horoscope.Trump's remarks came coincident with Venezuela's Saturn return and with the eclipsing North Node at the leadership Midheaven, yet squaring Venezuela's Mars.

At the time of his announcement Mars was also squaring Venezuela's Uranus. These are potentially volatile combinations. Venezuela has long resisted anything remotely connected to imperialism. And Trump's own words stamp him as a copybook imperialist.


No respecter of national sovereignty, outside his own USA, Trump emphasised plundering other countries resources in the first presidential debate of September 27 2016. It was his infamous, 'I always said take the oil!' quote.

He had provided a much more comprehensive explanation of this mindset, during an interview with Wall St Journal reporter, Kelly Evans, five years prior. It was April 19 2011, not too long after the US and France had begun their intervention for regime change in Libya.

From the very beginning Trump professed, “I'd only be interested in Libya if we take the oil. If we don't take the oil I have no interest in Libya”. Trump added that he would have taken the Iraqi oil as well, justifyingsuch actions by the loss of American lives in the Iraq war.

When pressed by Evans that the soldiers might have been fighting for freedom, and not necessarily for oil, and quizzed whether his Middle East policy revolved purely around the US getting its hands on oil, a surprised Trump deflected. He then gave a revealing insight into why he is determined to undermine Iran.

“The Iraqi leaders like Iran and their people, better than they like us. There won't even be a shot fired (Trump reasoning that Iraq and Iran will join together). And it won't happen on my watch that Iraq goes to Iran and in particular, the second largest oilfields in the world go over to Iran. That won't happen!”

Further pushed about keeping troops in Iraq and about humanitarian reasons for US involvement, he seemed surprised. The more he spoke the more his motives revolved soley around capital. Trump finished that there was fifteen trillion dollars worth of oil in Iraq and we (referring to the US) would make a fortune. The sovereignty of the country involved was of no concern. Little has changed.

Donald Trump's assertive Mars squares the Venezuelan Independence horoscope's Mars and semisquares their leadership Sun. His Mars also sits at their Midheaven. He prefers a military solution, or control of 'their' military.

That becomes a real problem for Venezuela, who have been both poorly governed and forced into bankruptcy by the same grinding economic sanctions previously applied to Iraq and Libya.
It's just as hard to overlook the unifying factor involving all of these countries, as it is the human suffering they've endured.

The greatest reserves of black liquid gold on the planet should make you one of the richest nations. Try telling that to the Iraqis, the Libyans and now the Venezuelans.

That's it for this week, but I do advise revisiting my previous column on Venezuela and the involvement and investments of China, Russia and how the Bank of England refused to hand over Venezuela's gold reserves, following US pressure. This one is bound to further destabilise the international order. Here's that link again just tab down to the week of January 27.

February 17

It's a crazy mixed up world and I'm not telling you nothing new there. Far too many misplaced priorities, of economy ruining ecology or desperate politicians playing on populist nationalism at a time when global co-operation is more critical than at any other time in humanity's history.

It may be good for a laugh that Donald Trump is declaring a national emergency when the country's greatest threat is himself. Or that Scott Morrison is desperately reviving the 'stop the boats' mantra to safeguard Australian shores. Yet he failed dismally in protecting ordinary Australians life savings from the predatory financial industry he represents. Hard to miss the irony here.

Yet while the western mainstream press is giving space to their fear based political propaganda headlines, serious international concerns are developing. If you want a real emergency, look no further than Kashmir. Look to the bubbling tensions between two nuclear powers – India and Pakistan. This week's column is avoiding the bluster - and examining the ticking time bomb of Kashmir.


Geographically speaking, Kashmir is one of the prettiest places on the planet. Beautiful valleys of rolling hills and fresh flowing rivers strewn between icy mountain peaks and bordering, China, India and Pakistan. Yet the people of Kashmir live with the constant threat of war and suppression. It is the most militarized region on earth – torn between the diverse cultures and politics of India and Pakistan.

At 15.15 hours (IST) on Thursday February 14 2019, an SUV rammed into an Indian military bus convoy carrying reserve soldiers, detonating a massive bomb. Forty six lives were lost in this act of terrorism attributed to the Pakistan based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. India have vowed that Pakistan will pay a heavy price. The ongoing tensions date back to the division of India and Pakistan during the breakdown of the British Empire.


In the capital of Delhi and throughout India people celebrated in the streets, from midnight leading into August 15 1947. India had achieved independence, following two centuries of British rule. During their fight for self-rule, the Muslim majority north-east and north-west, broke away to form a new state built along religious lines. It became Pakistan, although East Pakistan seceded, becoming Bangla-Desh in 1971.

At approximately 09.15 am on August 14, Lord Louis Mountbatten conducted a handing over ceremony in Karachi, Pakistan. It is now their national day of independence. At midnight Mountbatten administered Indian independence. The new horoscopes of each nation is drawn from these events, although the official British midnight time for both can also be examined.

The division of India was hastened after sectarian violence broke out in major cities, like Calcutta (now Kolkata), after WWII. The British accelerated separation in 1947, under Lord Louis Mountbatten. A partition, was drawn up by a British judge, Lord Ratcliffe, (who had never visited India), using old and out of date maps. The exact boundaries, remained a closely guarded secret.

Indians were not made aware of them, until two days after independence. Mountbatten did not want anything to spoil the joyous celebrations. As it was, the uncertainty only exacerbated the cultural genocide between Hindus and Sikhs on one side and Muslims on the others as the territories were divided. It is written that the horrors of partition is to the people of India and Pakistan, what the Holocaust is to the Jews.

More than one million people were killed and close to fifteen million were displaced during the partition process. The violence exploded within days of independence. The hostile birth of the two nations has filtered down through successive generations and is reflected in the horoscopes of both countries. The prized and divided territory of Kashmir remains a focal point.

Kashmir was originally left to decide its own allegiances. The local Hindu ruler, Hari Singh, preferred independence. However, following a raid by Pakistani tribesmen, he sought security from India. So began a two year war, erupting again in 1965 and 1999. The Muslim majority of Kashmir (60%) prefer independence or unity with Pakistan.

As it is, Pakistan administers the North of Kashmir, while India controls the South. Since 1989, the fight for independence has grown. During 2018 it claimed 500 lives. The attack on the Indian convoy of February 14 2019, was the deadliest for thirty years. India has vowed a 'crushing response'. The world watches, while condemning the violence.


Remember the independent governance of these two countries began within hours of each other. So we can begin with the reasoning that the Sun and basic planetary positions of both – India and Pakistan – will be virtually the same. The major differences being the Ascendant and Midheaven angles along with the Moon. I will mainly look at India this week – past, present and immediate future.

India's horoscope immediately indicates a potential battle for boundaries, At the base of their Independence chart is the renowned boundary rider, Saturn, with cathartic Pluto. Also here is Venus, indicating the love of the home. But it is the Saturn Pluto combination, technically on the border of two houses, that is throwing the focus onto (third house) neighbouring nations, plus (fourth house) heritage and homeland.

This same Saturn and Pluto combination, forming in the wake of the Second World War, saw many boundaries changing, with unresolved consequences to this day. The year of 1947 brought the UN division of Palestine, promoting the birth of modern Israel. It was the year that the Cold War officially began, with the signing of the Truman Act. Korea would eventually become the first battleground. It was also the year the CIA began their covert operations.

Saturn and Pluto is a cold, ruthless combination. With the addition of Mars in semisquare, it became a very lethal one for the birth of India and Pakistan. Mars was just entering homeland Cancer when India and Pakistan were officially declared separate nations. In India's horoscope military Mars is simultaneously hard angled, and in a difficult relationship, with the administrative Midheaven and homeland IC.


This placement has often played out as violence toward their leaders. On January 30 1948, at 05.17 pm, the 'father of independence' Mahatma Ghandi was assassinated in New Delhi. Partition, the war for Kashmir and Ghandi fasting in protest at the Indian government withholding financial support to Pakistan, were given as the reasons. On the day, somber Saturn was transiting across the Indian birth Sun with lethal Pluto opposing the Midheaven.

Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, daughter of India's first PM Nehru, served four terms before being killed by her own bodyguards at 9.30 am on October 31 1984. It was a revenge attack for a government assault on the Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar. Her death came as a transit of covert Neptune tightly semisquared the Indian Midheaven, symbolising the dissolution of a leader and the nature of the event.

Indira's own birth chart qualified added caution. She was born with Uranus, the planet of the sudden shock and revolution, closely opposing her Ascendant. Initially it worked to good effect. She was a key figure of the independence movement and autonomous Uranus is well known for freedom fighters. Negatively, it introduced the likelihood of sudden reversals and surprises via associates.

On the date of her death, the transit of Saturn was opposing her Midheaven as Mars squared her Progressed Ascendant. More importantly her own Secondary Progressed Sun was within orb of the opposition to deceptive Neptune.

Rajiv Ghandi, Indira's eldest son, became the seventh Indian PM following his mother's death. He later suffered the same fate on May 21 1991. His assassination came as both Secondary Progressed Mars and transiting Mars passed across India's birth Moon. A bomb blast was executed by a female assassin from the Sri Lankan based Tamil Tigers.

India's chart when combined with its progressions and transiting planets, reflects the political landscape consistently well. It also times other developments equally effectively – including the road to becoming a nuclear power.


India successfully detonated their first nuclear bomb, code-named Smiling Buddha, at 08.05 hours on May 18 1974 in Pokaran. On that day transiting Mars reached the degree of India's Secondary Progressed Mars, a very fitting dual connection involving the traditional planet of war and weaponry. India's SP Moon was also conjunct Mars. The important Saturn Pluto cycle, that independent India had been born under, had reached the three quarter fulfillment stage.

The development of an atom bomb was bound to incite a retaliatory, reaction from Pakistan with the Mars to Mars connection affecting both national charts. It eventually came to a head on May 11 1998, the day the Sun came together with fiery Mars in the twenty first degree of Taurus. The warlike combination was squaring the birth Suns of India and Pakistan. India conducted five nuclear tests over the next two days, including thermo, and publicly declared itself a nuclear state.

Pakistan had been working on their own nuclear program for years. With the Sun still conjunct Mars and both opposing Pluto and squaring the Nodes, they detonated their own bomb. Their timing was 15.16 hours on May 28 1998. The chart for this one looked even more ominous than India's show of strength. But India's timing provided the trigger, given the Sun/Mars square to the national Suns.

The international reaction wasn't favourable and the USA and Japan immediately slapped economic sanctions on Pakistan. Despite this, May 28 is still celebrated each year in Pakistan as 'the day of God's greatness'. Medallions for scientific achievement handed out on the day, feature the mountainous landscape Chagai – scene of the atomic explosions.


The current Indian horoscope is showing restraining and controlling Saturn slowly progressing over the national Sun. Partly this plays out as government suppression, which has radicalized sections of youth in Kashmir for starters. It is not going to be an easy time for Prime Ministers with restrictive Saturn here for years to come.

Saturn has been doing the same to the Sun of Pakistan virtually for the last decade, as progressions of outer planets are a slow process. This places enormous responsibilities, difficulties and detours upon the leaders – sometimes crackdowns such as martial law. Pakistan has been the apt example.

The position of Prime Minister in Pakistan was like a revolving door, from the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto onward. The leaders were hamstrung by national divisions between the power groups, military and courts. Former President Musharraf was charged with treason and lives in self-imposed exile in Dubai. Five time PM and billionaire, Nawaz Sharif is currently incarcerated on corruption charges. Now that's true Saturn stuff!


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking re-election sometime in the April-May period. Saturn progressed to the Indian Sun, one would think favours an octogenarian to the post, as Saturn is associated with conservatism and seniority. Yet it can also associate with 'tradition'. Enter Rahul Ghandi, son of the late Rajiv Ghandi and from the virtual dynastic line of Nehru/Ghandi.

Ghandi has been a constant critic of Modi for his handling of Kashmir. On February 3 Modi visited the capital of Sringar. It was in lockdown with dozens of activists and potential protesters detained under house arrest. Internet access and mobile phone services were cut and trains cancelled. Modi was in campaign mode and playing to the Hindu nationalists theme of 'Mother India'. The latest bombing comes barely a week after his visit.

China, which also borders Kashmir, has offered to play a third party negotiation role between India and Pakistan, in light of the escalating tensions. China have also come under criticism for failing to agree to support the extradition of the terrorist leader, Masood Azha, whose group are deemed behind this attack.

The precise timing of the event is seen via the volatile conjunction of Mars and Uranus transiting right to the Secondary Progressed Midheaven of the Indian horoscope, timing the exact day of the bombing. It also portends to a retaliatory military strike and further deteriorating relations with Pakistan. Military Mars is now opposing India's Progressed Sun. Rebellious Uranus will soon join it. Both nations are affected.

Click here for a larger image

Kashmir is the catalyst and this situation is not about to go away in a hurry. The political maneuvering of a looming election raises the stakes enormously. The future planetary positioning, especially with revolutionary Uranus a headline player, says this has the potential to really escalate through March. I'd be keeping an eye on the first week around the New Moon of the 7th and also from the 19th onward.

As I mentioned earlier – I'm writing on this because it is a 'genuine emergency' and 'real news'. As for Trump and the problems of his own creation, I have written comprehensively in an earlier column this year and it's all available here. Please keep in mind that you're always welcome to check back on the past weeklies. Meantime don't forget your current sun-sign synopsis also below for the coming Supermoon.

February 10

This week's article is profoundly different to the more immediate and topical I have been writing of late. It leans toward the technical but if you have the patience to get through that my hope is that it provides a rational explanation to the current turbulence, short term thinking and lack of political community in the global sense.

I want to begin by noting that the reasoning is based on planetary cycles as the long term timers of significant change. And go way back to the 6th century BC to illustrate how powerfully these cycles work on collective humanity. We'll start by taking three planets, totally oblivious to the inhabitants of the century then in question.

Between 578 and 576 BC, the distant outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all converged in a triple conjunction. The rarity of this is such that the next triple conjunction will not occur until between 3368 to 3370 AD - a gap of almost four thousand years. The rapid evolution of thought in the years surrounding is still a marvel and mystery among eminent historians. Not so to mundane astrologers.

The synchronicity of the original triple conjunction was a cross cultural explosion of knowledge and self-awareness. The 6th century BC, representing the peak of the Axial Age, witnessed the births of Buddha and Mahariva in India, Pythagoras in Greece, Confucius and Lao Tse in China and Zoroaster in Persia.

It was a golden era of Greek natural scientists with three outstanding scholars out of Miletus - Thales, Anaximader and Anaximenes,. They were considered the first scientific thinkers of the Western world, conceiving new theories, far removed from previous mythology and instead based on objective observation.

Thales is regarded as the first Western philosopher, Anaximander his pupil and successor, along with Anaximenes are the fathers of cosmology. Their use of mathematics, geometry and deductive reasoning was a welcome advancement over the subjective and superstitious thought preceding them.

The end of the 6th century BC saw the practical birth of a new political philosophy known as 'democracy' and championed by Cleisthenes, originally a mamber of the Athenean aristocracy. He was to lead a revolt against the inequality of the day, in what became the first time in history that a people's revolution overthew and replaced a ruling class

Worldviews dramatically changed during this time of the rare triple conjunction. It was as if a rapid enlightenement had descended upon humanity, regardless of location. The objective understanding of the Buddha, the sage advice of Lao Tse or logical quotes of Confucius. The same time frame saw the birth of a primitive globalisation and first empire – the Persian Empire – stretching from Egypt to India.


Since those ancient times, the long range synodic cycles of Neptune/Pluto (492 years), Uranus/Neptune (172 years) and Uranus/Pluto (varies from 113 to 151 years) have not simultaneously synchronised. That won't happen for another 1,349 years.

Yet the years of 1891 until 1993 did see all three of the big cycles renew, virtually within one century.
1891-92 Neptune/Pluto
1965-66 Uranus/Pluto
1993 Uranus/Neptune

The 20th century saw an enormous growth of technology, transport and mass communications. The longer Neptune/Pluto cycle was enabling mass media cultural consumption via the birth of film and creating new industries with the motor vehicle set to revolutionise the designs of cities and human relocations, with road networks and freeways as well as underpinning the lucrative petroleum industry.

Come the mid-sixties and the renewing Uranus/Pluto cycle saw the even more expansive space race providing the platform for the US Moon landing by the end of that decade. It also timed the birth of the micro-computer and the beginnings of the Internet, although that would not realize it's fuller potential until the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1993 and the birth of the world wide web.

The entire period stretching a smidgeon above one hundred years transformed our world in far greater ways than the centuries preceding. It may not have been as game changing as the 6th century BC for human evolution, but it runs a close second. Technology – for better or worse - now governs our existence. That's the big picture. What about now? And why the breakdown of social structures?


Wherever you look, across the world, the politics of polarity is now paralysing progress. It's as if we've hit the wall on the important things that give more meaning to life and instead turned to economic rationalisation as a prevaling reason for existence. Moral values and a deeper meaning philosophy of life runs a distant second. Ecology suffers the consequences.

The day of the statesperson, or visionary, has descended into a race of capitalistic cynicism; politicians in the pockets of corporate donors. Billionaires are running countries and rampant nationalism is born from this, fracturing the delicate balance required for genuine global co-operation and advancement. Take heed that it won't last.

The ongoing inequality that is suffocating democracies across the planet will inevitably produce a blowback, just as the Athenian aristocracy experienced back in the days of the rebellious people's champion, Cleisthenes. But to understand why this is happening now and the timing of change, it's useful to first return to another Greek philosopher.

Enter Plato and his theory of world change being attached to the conjunctions of planets. It's simple enough. Any conjunction represents the beginning of a new cycle, yet must also be the ending of an old one. The more of these conjunctions happening within a smaller amount of time, the greater degree of change prevailing. This was something taken up by a couple of French astrologers in the middle of the 20th century.


One of the most effective ways of forecasting the immediate state of global political stability and instability, is the Andre Barbault Cyclical Index, named after the famous French mundane astrologer, taken from an original idea advanced by Henri-Joseph Gouchon. It is based on the cycles of the outer planetary pairings from Jupiter, through Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – ten possible combinations.

Barbault's index is normally represented in a graph form, covering a select span of years. It is calculated by adding the degrees of separation between the ten pairs of planetary outers starting from Jupiter/Saturn and ending with Neptune/Pluto. One can either use January 1, or March 21/22 start of the zodiac, as the beginning date of each year and then add the degrees of separation involiving the ten combinations.

At the heart of the theory is that the lesser the number of degrees of separation between the planetary pairings, the more out of balance the world becomes. That's because conjunctions are emphasising new beginnings. Barbault used the graph across the 20th century to map the significant dips, effectively marking WWI and WWII. But to elaborate briefly upon this.

If you look back to prior to WWI, there was a period of seven years with no outer planetary conjunctions, until 1914 when Jupiter and Uranus and then Saturn and Pluto both renewed their synodic cycles, Saturn and Neptune would do so by 1917. These important new cycles spanned the years covering WWI and the Russian Revolution.

There were also no outer planetary conjunctions from the low of the Depression in 1932, until a triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn kicked in by 1940 during WWII, whereupon Jupiter formed successive conjunctions with Uranus, Pluto and finally Neptune. Add to that the Saturn Uranus conjunction of 1942 and then the postwar Saturn Pluto union of 1947.

The final one was shaping Indian independence and creation of Pakistan, along with the division between North/South Korea, plus the failed partition plan of Palestine. All are still political hotspots with ongoing mistrust and enmity remaining.

The 1980's was a major low of the index. It didn't result in war, instead timing the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the rise of government deregulations, tranferring wealth and assets from the public to private ownership. It was the forerunner of today's economic inequality and corporate political control.

Now, as I write, seven of the ten outer planetary pairings are now in the waning or breakdown stage. Social infrastructure is bearing the brunt cycles winding down and impending new beginnings.


Jupiter is the natural planet of growth. Jupiter is now in balsamic or closing stage to Saturn, about to enter disseminating phase with Uranus, and closing square to Neptune, while also balsamic to Pluto. Jupiter has passed all of its waxing growth phases and is well into waning or giving way stages with all other outers. Jupiter's expansive role of progressive growth is therefore contained.

Saturn is in disseminating phase to Uranus, advancing through the closing quarter phase with Neptune and balsamic, plus moving toward conjunction, with Pluto. Having both Jupiter and Saturn – representing law and order - all in wind down phases to the other outers, and even to themselves. This is symbiotic of this old order falling way.

In these days of tumultuous change, where most leaders lack future vision and direction, the planets instead become the reliable marker buoys on troubled waters. They provide celestial guiding lights giving some assurance, even if merely through timing the breakdown and reconstruction. And it is their immunity from 'spin', at least in the political sense, that gives us a solid foundation to work with.


Examining Barbault's Cyclic Index for the 21st century, the graph shows a gradual dip around the beginning of the Iraq War of 2003, which bottoms out by early 2009, neatly timing the recovery of the Global Financial Crisis. The index then completes its upward climb in 2013 before again reversing downward. The lows exacerbate the instability.

The graph descends more rapidly from 2015 onward, correlating with the year of the Trump presidential campaign launch. This descent gains pace from 2017, after his swearing in and will bottom out in the 2021/22 period. We are now well into the dip which will not rise above the median markers until 2025/26.

The reason that we are in this sharp dip is that both Jupiter and Saturn are about to form conjunctions with Pluto and then begin a new cycle of their own all in 2020, plus Jupiter is heading for a conjunction with Neptune in 2022. Repeating that multiple outer planetary conjunctions, over a relativity short period of time, indicate a more concentrated time frame of change.

After the 2026 conjunction of the planetary outers, Saturn and Neptune, historically pivotal for socialistic politics and movements, there is a six year period with no outer planetary conjunctions occurring. This should be a pointer to a relatively peaceful period of new and positive growth, if past evidence is our future barometer.

The clincher here is the Saturn Neptune conjunction is right at the start of Aries and running in a favourable angle to the 1917 Saturn Neptune conjunction. It's extremely significant, as it shows the extreme right wing movements we're experiencing today are just part of the breakdown. They are reactionary, rather than future orientated. The new revolutionary social order will be far more balanced with a greater social awareness and equanimity. It will be worth the wait.

February 3

Of all the Democratic candidates announced so far, Donald Trump is concerned with only one - Kamala Harris. The reason seems simple enough. She drew a crowd bigger than Obama, when he announced his candidacy. Trump instinctually knows something. The secret is in the timing. And there's much more than has been written about these two - a whole lot more.


If you're going to start something successful, run it on a positive New or Full Moon. The current President did just that. It was the New Moon near 11.21am on June 16 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy. The Sun and Moon were joined to aggressive Mars, which was about to priescently describe his agitating campaign.

The day was important for another reason. The New Moon and Mars were also linked to the USA's July 4 1776 birth Mars. Trump's platform would evoke and utilise America's anger. It would favour the military and target gun-owners and angry white males. That's Mars. His first victims were his Republican opponents.


While the Donald chose a New Moon, the hot favourite of the day, Jeb Bush, (remember him) declared he his candidacy the day prior on June 15. That was on a Balsamic Moon. It's the fading light of the dark moon preceding the dawn of the new. Balsamic is a winding down phase, finishing up – not starting up. It rapidly finished Bush.

While Trump's New Moon on Mars triumphed, true to the symbolism of the battle planet the entire nation has been bitterly polarised since. Mars loves a fight and Trump is ever eager to pick one. If not with his Democrat opponents, then his own staff, justice department or intelligence organisations. Unity is a thing of the past.

There was another telling feature of Trump's launch horoscope. The most elevated planet was media Mercury, powerfully positioned in its own sign of Gemini (both Trump and Pence are Geminis) and at the apex of the launch chart. Appropriately Mercury was square deceptive Neptune, setting at the Descendant.

The campaign and presidency have been all over the media from day one. And what better positioned on the angles of this chart and in a challenging square than Mercury-Neptune. Here is the symbolism of the false narrative the catch-cry of fake (Neptune) news (Mercury). Most of it emanating from the Oval Office.


I'm writing this to explain; the moment that the declaration is made, the birth of the enterprise, is extremely important. That moment, and the planetary positioning attached, governs the potential of the future. It's worth looking at some new declarations. The most important being Californian Democrat, Kamala Harris.

Harris first made her positioning clear on 'Good Morning America' on January 21 2019, at sunrise on the East Coast. She ran an online video the same day and held a public rally on the 27th in her hometown of Oakland, CA, from midday. Around 20,000 people attended, more than Obama's first rally. Here's what is so important about her timing.

Harris made her announcement on a day that the leadership Sun crossed the traditional 'swearing in degree' beginning each presidential term - the first degree of Aquarius. That's the same position that the planetary giants Jupiter and Saturn will next meet in the heavens before the next elected President is sworn in. All extremely relevant and no fluke.


January the 21st was the day of a SuperMoon. That's when the Moon's perigee (closest approach to earth) occurs at the same time as a New or Full Moon. This one was also a Lunar Eclipse peaking above Washington. Sound spooky. Maybe Harris has a very skilled astrologer on the case?

Kamala's launch came just hours after the Lunar Eclipse, giving her enormous reach and publicity. The Moon in mundane work, represents the public and females and any Full Moon is a culmination point. It is also symbolic of the divergence between male (Sun) and female (Moon). Harris versus Trump.

We saw this in real-time action, represented by the standoff between Trump and Pelosi over the government shutdown. I had written about this in previous columns. But here – right on the day – Harris chose to make her ambitions clear. And there were other similarities between Kamala's declaration and Trump's, almost four years prior.

Trumps candidacy began on a day when the traditional benefics, popular Venus and successful Jupiter, were widely conjunct in Leo. Harris began her bid with Venus and Jupiter in the same degree of the fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. And both planets were aligned on America's Sagittarian Ascendant. It was a promising signal of hope.


Kamala Harris was born on the 20th of October 1964 @ 21.28 hours in Oakland, California. She was also born bang on a Full Moon. Her Libran Sun and Aries Moon are both in a tight hard aspect to wilful and rebellious Uranus. That tells you she is an agent of change and highly values independence. There is a moderating factor. Her Sun favourably trines sober Saturn, positioned at her career conscious Midheaven.

Saturn on the Midheaven suggests public responsibility, or being known for taking the controls and playing the senior administrator. Having Saturn in Aquarius bestows a more progressive approach, even if the ringed planet usually acts in a more conservative or moderate manner. She has a nice balance here.

Harris's Secondary Progressed Midheaven is now in a supportive sextile (60 degree angle) with her Saturn. She feels it's time to take her public accountability to the next stage – hence the run for the highest office in the land. Add to that, she also has the transit of Uranus now on her SP Midheaven. It's all happening very fast.


In the short term future her career ambitions will be heightened considerably with the excitable and sudden impulsive action combo of Mars joining Uranus at Kamala's SP Midheaven from the middle of February onward. By March 6 expansive and advancing Jupiter will cross here SP Sun in Sagittarius.

The March period could see her advancing some legislative or judicial proceedings. It can also be a time of successful manoeuvres or being buoyed by good news. Kamala is a serious contender. But what truly amazes is the mutual connections between her horoscope and that of her political opponent Donald Trump. It's as if she is there because of him.


The similarities between the horoscopes of Trump and Harris are immediately obvious when her chart is placed around his in a biwheel formation. Both are Full Moon births. They each have Mars in Leo, which has an astounding correlation with the office of POTUS. Eleven of forty four Presidents have Mars in Leo. Statistically it should average less than four. Not so.

The Nodal Axis (measuring the eclipse cycle) of Trump and Harris are in the same position. This is because Harris was born a full generation after Trump and the cycle spans eighteen and a half years. Her Gemini North Node sits on his birth Sun. Is she capable of eclipsing him? Yes, but in saying that, he can do the same to himself.

Click here for a larger image

Her Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarian Descendant straddle across his Sun and Moon. There is much to this cosmic marriage that draws these two together at this place and time in history. Her judicial Jupiter and responsible Saturn square are each conjunct his Midheaven and Descendant. Saturn best sums it up. Her Saturn also tightly opposes and hampers his Mars.

Harris is a serious nemesis for Trump and he knows it. Yet the irony is she is propelled by him. He makes her candidacy more credible and appealing. Their battle will be no holds barred.


There is another technique of looking at relationships astrologically that involves combining the median positions of each individual's planets forming one new horoscope. The result describes the dynamics of the relationship itself, irrespective of the individuals. It's known as the composite chart.

That composite horoscope when applied to Trump and Harris, shows a close triple conjunction of the leadership Sun, warlike Mars and obsessive Pluto opposing the Moon. That's about as volatile as it gets. These two are avowed enemies, and we're about to see the battle begin. Get your ringside seats from late March and the Mars return of early August this year.

As I was writing this week's column, Cory Booker has also thrown his hat into the ring of Democrat contenders. His is a much different homburg. I'll talk to you about that one in the coming weeks. His aspects do look promising.

January 27


It is a massive week for political news, as January's eclipses hit home. It wasn't only Donald Trump eclipsed by House Leader Nancy Pelosi. Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, also had his authority eroded as the National Assembly and Opposition Leader, Juan Guaido, proclaimed an interim presidency and called for new elections.

The strange coincidence of a House Leader challenging the incumbent president is mirrored in a similarity of the two countries horoscopes. Venezuela began their quest for independence on July 5 1811, which places their independence and leadership Sun right alongside the USA's July 4 Cancer Sun.

The January 5 Capricorn Solar Eclipse opposed both the USA and Venezuela's Suns, placing pressure on the presidents of both countries. Simultaneously, transiting Saturn closely opposed their Suns. Saturn was exactly opposing Venezuela's on February 11, the day after Maduro's second swearing in. Mars was squaring each last week. Maduro, and Trump were placed under enormous pressure.

Maduro is getting used to it. On August 4 last year, his national guard parade and presidential address was interrupted by two exploding drones in what was described as an assassination attempt. The event happened shortly after Maduro's Mars return, the moment when the fiery red planet comes back to its position at one's birth.


According to AstroDatabank, Nicolas Maduro was born November 23 1962 @ 21.03 hours in the capital of Caracus. He became president upon the death of the charismatic Hugo Chavez on March 5 2013. Maduro was officially sworn in as leader, following a narrow election victory, at 1 pm on April 19 2013, and has governed since. The inauguration chart has the Sun and Mars tightly together in the final degree of warrior Aries.

Since last year, revolutionary Uranus has been crossing these final degrees of Aries, retrograding back and forth on its entry into Taurus. Instability has wracked Venezuela. The country is a melting pot of record inflation and critical shortages of food and medical supplies. A nation that was the fiscal pride of Latin America, not all that long ago now has an economy like pre-war Germany.

Maduro's personal horoscope mirrors the chaos. Pluto opposes his Ascendant, indicative of a powerful nemesis, yet also powerful support. The problem with both is maintaining control. Pluto has also been squaring his Midheaven, suggesting a career crisis.

Neptune squares his progressed Midheaven, eroding his power base or casting doubts and possible scandals around his leadership. Topping it off unstable jack in the box, Uranus, has been squaring his Secondary Progressed Sun. With all of this it is amazing that he remains president at the time of writing. Here's the pattern descibed using the cosmo dial.

Click here for a larger image


Maduro blames western banks and crippling economic sanctions imposed by the United States for his country's hyper-inflation. Anti-US sentiment runs strong throughout Venezuela, fueled by its socialist politics and a regrettable record of US interventions into the sovereignty of Latin American countries.

Observing the heavenly connections between the first three eclipses of 2019 and the movement of newsmaker Mercury, all duplicating their movements of 1973, a worrying pattern emerges. It's not locked in stone, but the theme is unmistakable.

1973 was when the CIA supported a military coup ousting Chilean President Salvador Allende and resulting in his death on September 11 – the day the coup was hatched. Allende's socialist government was replaced by the dictatorship of US backed General Augusto Pinochet. Only three weeks before he had been given charge of the military.

Pinochet's seventeen year rule began with brutal oppression when over three thousand were killed and another thousand people went missing. He was eventually tried for massive human rights violations, embezzlement and tax evasion, as details of the ongoing assassination and political repression of the CIA's 'Operation Condor' surfaced. It extended from the Johnson administration right through to Reagan.

With this background, and the US publicly endorsing the self-proclaimed presidency of Juan Guaido, within minutes if his declaration, Venezuela is at a tipping point. An economic basket case, the nation is ripe for revolution. President Maduro broke diplomatic relations with the US and ordered its diplomats to leave within 72 hours. The US is refusing to accept his order, putting nationals in the cross hairs. But there's much more than meets the eye.


Venezuela is well known for having the largest oil reserves in the world, along with abundant gas and gold. Their over reliance on oil exports makes them vulnerable to the fluctuating oil prices.

When Saudi Arabia released the spigots and sent oil tumbling down, Venezuela's economy crashed with it. That's when China and Russia invested in developing Venezuela's energy companies, military and infrastructure.

China, and especialy Russia, have delivered a stern warning to the USA to keep out of Venezuela's political crisis. And there is another side to the timing of this nation of natural abundance being bankrupted.

In early December last year President Maduro requested the withdrawal of 1.2 billion of gold reserves held by the Bank of England. It's a significant portion of 8 billion in foreign reserves held by the Central Bank of Venezuela. The Bank of England is refusing to play ball, as the US uses the full force of its economic and diplomatic power to freeze out Maduro.

On December 05 2018, Maduro, appeared in a photo op with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The two countries had just signed an agreement guaranteeing $5 billion dollars, to help oil Venezuela's oil and gas industries and $1 billion to help the country's gold sector. Russia was covering for the Bank of England's money grab.

That came coincident with the US Sec of State, Mike Pompeo reaffirming that the US was withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, with Russia. On December 11 the US tested an SM-3 missile from its Hawaii base, in violation of the INF, set to officially expire February 2.

By December 10, Russia had landed a pair of Tu-160 White Swan bombers in Caracas. The advanced planes can travel at twice the speed of sound over a range of 3,400 miles. They conducted air exercises for four days with Venezuelan fighter jets across the Caribbean.

On December 12 two Russian newspapers, the Kommersant and Nezavisimaya Gazeta, reported a future Russian air base to be erected off the Venezuelan coast. The sort the US has dotted around the globe. Provocative stuff?

The scene is set. China and Russia have said hands off Venezuela, a country that they have sunk critical investments into under the current leadership. And Maduro's exceedingly tenuous presidency is caught in the middle of a new Cold War rivalry, despite having the local backing of the military and courts.

Control of enormous oil and gas reserves lies at the heart of this geopolitical crisis. Like Iran, Venezuela, is being pressured for regime change. This one has 'danger - keep out' written all over it. It almost makes the next subject seem insignificant. Although this man would be the first to disagree.


Torchlights pierced the darkness. It was 6 am, well before the winter dawn, when armed FBI agents pounced on Friday, January 25They weren't hunting alligators but they might as well have been. After his arrest a smiling Roger Stone said, in what has to be the quote of the week, “I will not testify against the President!” Think about that one for a minute. It's a give away.

The most important angle to Roger Stone's meticulous Virgo Sun is the tight semisquare – within half a degree – to deceptive Neptune. Stone prides himself as the smooth operator, a sartorial spy in spats, craving conspiracy and limelight in equal doses.

His Sun lies at the direct midpoint of the media loving Mercury Venus combination, as well as the mystical and mysterious Uranus Neptune midpoint. He can alternate between the invisible and highly visible man.

Image is paramount to Stone. His Sun Mercury/Venus midpoint helped make him one the of leading lobbyists in Washington, during the Reagan era. His then business partner Paul Manafort was the other. Roger the dodger loved playing the elusive bad guy.

Stone's all time favourite politician is Richard Nixon. Photos of the only President to resign his office are plastered across Stone's office walls. A large tattoo of Nixon covers his back. It's almost a metaphor. Who will cover his back now?

During Robert Mueller's relentless sleuthing, probing Pluto, a planet of associated with nefarious underground activities, has been squaring Stone's clandestine Neptune and simultaneously sesquisquaring his birth Sun.

Something had to give, regarding Stone's subversive activities. It was Mars, a planet often associated with law enforcement officers, that triggered the timing of Friday's arrest.

Stone currently has his Secondary Progressed Mars tightly semisquaring his birth Mars. It puts him in fighting mode, albeit with a tough battle on his hands.

It would also tend to incite his anger and precipitate sudden impulsive or aggressive moves. As FBI agents closed the net on Stone, the transit of Mars squared Stone's progressed Mars and was hard angled to his birth Mars. Reality brick Saturn will follow.

Saturn will move into a difficult aspect to his birth and progressed Mars by the beginning of February. Further, Saturn will then form its most testing aspects from the end of April and through May 2019. The immediate future looks bleak for Roger Stone, if Saturn exemplifies 'what goes around comes around'.

I should repeat at this point the direct celestial connections between 2019 and 1973, as mentioned in last week's eclipse column. Importantly Mercury, the media planet, is duplicating its sign changes, retrogrades and direct movements from 1973, on virtually the same dates and zodiacal degrees across the whole year. Additionally the Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur in similar degrees.

The relevance for Stone is that he was also connected to Watergate. It was his political debut. This time he is indicted on seven charges relating to his activities in Trump campaign, lying to Congress and witness tampering. Is the past is coming to haunt the self confessed 'dirty trickster' of American politics. I think so.


As mentioned in the first column of this year, the US President was about to be eclipsed. I wrote on this under the heading A Puppet Of The Polls, that people power governs Trump. Polls drive his agenda. His Republican support hits panic mode when the approval/disapproval gap widens out to 15% in the negative. That's when an insecure Trump usually backflips. And it's happened again.

The two eclipse articles each forecast trails and tribulation for the President. Last week's described how the Lunar Eclipse appropriately displayed the symbolism of the leader (Sun) being directly opposed by the female Hoouse Leader and the public (the SuperMoon). Pelosi and the public triumphed when Trump capitulated.

Two women, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and newly announced presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, represent a very real and immediate danger to the President's hold on power. This week I am comparing Pelosi's planetary placements to Trumps. And how that synastry should continually play out.

Pelosi and Trump will work to outspin one another. Both of their Suns are angled to the other's Neptune, a mutually undermining influence. Her Neptune squares his Sun, his Neptune opposes her Sun. Their mistrust is endemic.

Pelosi won round one, courtesy of the January 5 eclipse impacting on the USA's Sun and the Saturn opposition to the same, and Neptune is still conjunct the USA's Secondary Progressing Sun. Trump would be feeling it - even healthwise.

Pelosi's Mars very closely squares Trump's Mars. The mutual attraction for going into head to head battle is in their astrological DNA, with the square of Pelosi is in a commanding position. Her Mars is conjunct Trump's Midheaven, constantly firing him up.

Their Jupiters are exactly opposite. They have a different philosophy on life, a divergent sense of justice and there could easily be legal wranglings between the two. On top of that Mars connection, you can bet on it.

I had planned to look at Kamala Harris' chart but it will keep for another week. Her chart is equally challenging to the President. Interesting times ahead...and more next week.

Jan 20


The astro highlight of this week has to be the SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse peaking directly over Washington, shortly after midnight of January 21 at 00.16 hours. Culturally, in the northern hemisphere this was known as the Wolf Moon of the mid-winter. So this one is wearing the rather grisly title of Super Blood Wolf Moon.

The Supermoon is when a New or Full Moon makes a simultaneous closest approach to Earth. The increased size and gravitational pull, up to 17%, can correlate with wild weather patterns, geological shifts and anecdotally at least, an increase in erratic human behaviour. The push pull effect of the Moon in opposition with the Sun has a polarising effect. More so at eclipse time. This one's a doozy.

The Lunar Eclipse is culminating exactly over Washington DC, a destination that is already about as polarising as it gets. And it gets far more interesting. There is a clear connection of this eclipse with presidential inaugurations. They take place on January 20. The eclipse reaches its totality barely a quarter hour into the 21st.

The relevance being that the Sun position of this lunar eclipse is conjunct the Sun position of the last inauguration of Donald Trump. So close in fact that there is only one minute of arc separating the two. The Moon in opposing the Sun, identifies with the public mood and in particular females.

Is this celestial symbolism mirroring the stand-off between the male President, Donald Trump and the female Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi? Is it timing the President's dwindling public support? Polls have drifted to a 15% negative margin since the President orchestrated the partial government shutdown. Just who might be baying for blood under this Wolf Moon? There's much more to this eclipse.


Almost all eclipses are part of an ongoing pattern, resulting in a second eclipse opposing the degree of the first, six months down the track. This is especially useful when it comes to political forecasting, as there is a clear axis of the zodiac highlighted by the two eclipses. Put together they illustrate a theme, which I'll come to shortly.

Additionally, any lunar eclipse must come attached to a solar eclipse, each separated by fifteen days. The Solar one is a New Moon, the Lunar the Full Moon. I covered the Solar Eclipse a fortnight back – here's the link scroll down to Jan 06 - but it's useful to reiterate the root theme. The January 5 Solar Eclipse opposed the USA's July 4 1776 birth Sun. The Sun represents the leader.

This Lunar Eclipse of January 21, opposes the leader's inauguration, or the moment that the individual is legally sworn in as President. Without getting too far ahead here, the next Solar Eclipse will occur July 2 2019, effectively eclipsing the USA's birth Sun. So the general idea is of the leadership is being eclipsed – at least from the astrological perspective.


The next move is to look at a bigger picture. Eclipses tie in with larger time cycles. The first three eclipses of 2019 match closely those of 1973. It's not only the eclipses doing that, but so does the planet Mercury. Headlining Mercury will appear in the same signs on virtually the same days, plus turn retrograde and direct in a duplicate pattern to 1973. This year's news cycle will be very similar to 1973.

That's where things get extremely interesting in Washington. Four days following the January 4 1973 Solar Eclipse, five men pleaded guilty to the burglary of the Democrat headquarters at Watergate. Then Richard Nixon was sworn in for a second term two days after the January 18 1973 Lunar Eclipse, but with public opinion gradually turning against him.

On February 8 1973, a special Senate Committee was formed to investigate the President's re-election team. Note that coincidentally on February 7 this year, Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is due to appear before a congressional panel, as part of the investigations into the legitimacy of the current President.

1973 wasn't the best year for Trump either. It's when the Department of Justice decided to bring charges against the Trump Management Corporation, for racial discrimination re their rental accomodations. But back to this Lunar Eclipse. It has much more to offer the theory of history repeating – albeit with different actors playing lead roles.

The Moon position of this Lunar Eclipse is 00LEO51. It matches the Sun position of July 23 1973, the day when President Richard Nixon refused to hand over White House tapes containing clear evidence of his obstruction of justice. And that's despite eighteen and a half minutes of conversation between Nixon and his Chief of Staff, Harry Haldeman, being conveniently erased.

Will that history repeating theme equate to Trump not releasing requested information or refusing the invitation for a Mueller interview? No doubt Mueller's questions would be far removed from the sycophantic Sean Hannity or Jean Pirro of Fox News. Nixon's tapes were eventually subpoenaed, when he refused to co-operate. They became the smoking gun that took him out.


The Lunar Eclipse takes place in Washington on January 21, traditionally the day after presidential inaugurations. As mentioned prior, the position of the Aquarian Sun at the exact moment of the eclipse will be within one minute of the Sun's position when Donald Trump was sworn in. One minute is as close you'd want for an exact conjunction.

It makes sense to superimpose the Lunar Eclipse over the Trump inauguration chart to check for any other important contacts. They immediately become obvious. The South Node, considered a challenging influence, traditionally related to the karmic past, comes to the Midheaven of the Trump inauguration chart.

Mercury is brought to just over a degree away, but will be moving across the Midheaven the day after the eclipse. The celestial news maker, positioned at the Midheaven, suggests some important breaking story right around the eclipse date.

Mercenary Mercury is also the planet of commercial enterprises, documents and agreements. Already we know that the Democrat controlled Congress aim to investigate the President's business dealings, including his tax records, and dig into his financial past.

At Trump's swearing in the traditional malefics, Mars and Saturn were in a tight square. At the Lunar Eclipse Mars and Saturn will again be in a close square. There is plenty in this eclipse, culminating over Capitol Hill, that locks in with his Inauguration chart. And by March the transit of 'sudden reversal' Uranus will square both the eclipse and inauguration Suns.

Lastly this eclipse will semisquare Jupiter, the planet of judicial matters, courts and law. It's all adding up. And soon.

Do I have anything else to add about 1973? Well, not this week. Other than 1973 was when Great Britain joined the European Union and right now they're seeking a new deal. But that's another story.



What does Donald Trump and an atom have in common? Each make up the entire universe. That's not my line, but a wards man from Nepean Hospital. Adam really should be a comedy writer come philosopher. Beneath all good humour is an underlying truth. It's impossible to escape the human headline.

Trump is pure media and the monster of their own creation. Born with a changeable Gemini Sun attached to a wilful Uranus, his unpredictability is exactly what would be expected with that planetary placement. Add to that combination an Antiscia Mercury and you have the perfect formula for electronic media – ala Television and Twitter – a mutual addiction. And therein lies the key to his rise and fall.

The crisis in the USA at the moment has little to do with borders and everything to do with a leader, who has lost control of Congress. The President is now working overtime to dictate the national narrative, but the hounds are on the trail. That's what this article is all about – the future. It's the follow up on the rough ride ahead, alluded to at the end of last week's eclipse write up. This week provides the timing.


The first key lies in popularity polls, behind all populist politicians. Whenever Trump's ratings nosedive below 40%, he has quickly tried to change the subject (via Twitter and Fox) or done a Janus double take on what he has previously said.

He has to be seen as winning. And winning is via polls. They dictate his image driven universe. March and April 2019 are going to be game changers for Trump. And the planetary keys lie with Jupiter and Mars.

True to the voting numbers, Donald Trump began his tenure with an approval rating below 50%. He copped a Women's March through Washington, protesting his presidency the day after he was sworn into office. He has never been able to move the bar up to or above 50% since.

There are times when support dips dangerously low and the gap between approval and disapproval widens. That's when he feels most vulnerable. Not simply from his political opponents but from elements within his own party – and the ever smiling VP, Mike Pence. And for an ego that is probably embracing the Kuiper Belt as you read this, that's saying something.

What is coming, had its seeds in May of 2017. That's when the President's polling entered a steep descent and the gap between approval and disapproval ballooned to 16%. The primary reason for this was the negative publicity generated by the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

As Bob Woodward documents in his studious analysis "Fear – Trump In The White House", the President raged at this negative television coverage, and was inconsolable on the 18th and 19th of May 2017, storming between rooms and complaining bitterly. Chaos reigned, and meetings were postponed, beginning with the appointment of Robert Mueller at 17.30 hours May 17.


The planets told the story back then and there is far greater to come in the ensuing months. The Nodal axis was across his Ascendant as the Sun squared his Mars for the Mueller appointment. The transit of Mars in Gemini and would also be moving across his birth Sun within days. The key here is about his chart mirroring the anger. As it's about to again.


Trump's horoscope is a reliable barometer. A week before the historic August 21 2017 Total Solar Eclipse that literally divided America, north and south, the Charlottesville riots made racism, bigotry and domestic terrorism headline news.

Trump's initial reaction, refusing to place the blame on racist hate groups, nor mention the incident of a white supremacists car ploughing into the crowd, killing Heather Heyer, cut him no slack with Democrats and Republicans alike. It was his moral low point, which he later tried to remedy. And it soon reflected in the polls.

Facing critics from his own party, he tried to roll it back with further commentary, but the real damage had been done. The President's approval dropped to 37% and disapproval peaked at 57%. The gap had grown to 20%. It was to widen even further in December of 2017.

That's when Republican tax cuts favouring the wealthy were announced, when Mitch McConnell thanked Trump for stacking the courts. And when moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem received global condemnation and effectively killed off the Middle East peace plans.

By mid December Trump was down to 37% approval and now 58% disapproval. It was a dismal way to end his first year in office. No President had experienced such a negative public rating in their first year since polling began. Surely 2018 would have to be better. And it was. By mid June 2018, Trump had narrowed the gap to just over 7%.


But by the end of August 2018 the President was sliding back into danger territory. This came as both his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort and his lawyer and Mr Fixit, Michael Cohen, both pleaded guilty within hours of each other on August 21. The Russian inquiry had returned to haunt. It was his ever present albatross.

But public memories are short and by early October 2018, Trump had narrowed the gap to 8% and disapproval was now only 52%. It was the best it had been since he took the oath. What could possibly go wrong?

Try a stock market crash. Trump had ridden the wave of the rising Dow, attributing it solely to himself. But when the Dow was heading south the Federal Reserve were to blame. Fact is – it was the correction that the inflated markets had to have. But there would be more.

Come December 2018, the Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, tendered his resignation, casting doubt on Trump's plans to withdraw troops from Syria. It was attracting critics from both sides of the House. But Trump was keeping a campaign promise of drawing down on Middle East engagements. Then it was time to honour another one – the Wall. It's called shoring up your base before the real battle begins.

This was a big gamble and his disapproval gap is now widening to 12%, with his partial government shutdown. But Trump, knowing that the Democrats are about to unleash investigations on his legitimacy, was determined to draw demarcation lines early. It has to be an us and them situation for him. Here's why it may all go south...literally.


Whenever looking at the President's chart for 2019, the priority is his Secondary Progressed Sun semisquaring Jupiter, the planet of justice and judicial matters. It is also related to exaggerated actions and over confidence. Jupiter is strong in Trump's birth chart and has often seen his toast land butter side up. But the upcoming Jupiter aspects are more of the challenging type.

Trump's grandiosity and narcissistic self-praise (typical Jupiter stuff) can be a cover for perceived rejection, which he would have experienced when placed in a military boarding school to learn discipline. That Progressed Sun to Jupiter aspect is now the dominant aspect, and will only expand across the next month, notably from mid-February onward. It's not going to fully depart until the end of the year.

Factor on top of that the transit of Jupiter set to oppose his birth Sun, on three occasions over the next twelve months, starting March, repeating mid May and ending late October. The obvious inference is legal difficulties or over estimation resulting in a fall. Does Trump know the meaning of the word restraint? Not when bellicose Mars also comes to the party.


Recall the extremely difficult aspects that Trump experienced in May 2017, immediately following the appointment of Mueller to oversee the investigation into Russian interference with the US election. They involved multiple Mars aspects. And they turned the President into an raging bull. But what drives Mars?

Mars is anger; a behavioural response to a fight or flight situation. It's the instinctive, fear based reaction to a perceived threat where life temporarily becomes a battlefield. It can also be triggered by pain, physiologically or psychologically. Well if Mars was synched with the 2017 explosions, look out March and April 2019. For this time it is on steroids.

The fiery red planet is returning to deep impact on Trump's chart like this.

Transiting Mars square birth Mars March 25 2019
Transiting Sun opposite SP Mars March 31 2019
Transiting Mars square SP Sun April 03 2019
SP Moon conjunct birth Mars April 3 2019
(SP equates to Secondary Progressed)

Also by April 3 the transit of Uranus will square his SP Midheaven – (using the Naibod Arc method) as the transit of Neptune simultaneously sesquisquares the same. The implication of a sudden meltdown would seem a reasonable assumption. Even if one sticks strictly to the Solar Arcing method, then Uranus squares the SA Midheaven by May 20. A status change looks to be in the works.

For the non astrologers, these technicalities may be as unintelligible as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Let's just say, the Rosetta Stone will be unveiled around the dates mentioned above. The President is in fight or flight mode. There has to be a reason for such agitation. Look no further the legal implications of Jupiter for starters. This represents a real danger to his authority and status. It's not far away and mid-February will begin to set the scene for the dates I have highlighted.

January 6


Hope you had a good holiday season. I'm back to look at the ramifications of the January Solar Eclipse in governing Capricorn. It's placed at the midpoint of administrative Saturn and power broker Pluto. It can be interpreted as a portal preview of the nature of events when these two planets come together in January of 2020.

What's changed and what hasn't? The breakdown of the global order continues, but more on that in a comprehensive column to come. Brexit may be paralysing British political progress. Across the Atlantic they don't need a Brexit. They have Donald Trump. Just prior to Christmas, the warrior planet Mars simultaneously squared Trump's Sun and Moon and he went on (and off) the warpath.

Trump announced the US military exit from Syria, although he's pulling back the timelines now. That put him on a crash course with his Defense Secretary, General James Mattis, who promptly tended his resignation for February, letting the world know precisely how he felt about Trump's military idea. Trump advanced the Mattis resignation timing to New Years Day.

New Years Day was when General James Kelly was resigning as Chief of Staff. This was no coincidence, astrologically speaking. Mars represents the military and had been squaring Trump's Sun and Moon. Here were two of his once highly touted appointments taking permanent leave. And also no coincidence that they were both sworn in on the same day, within minutes of each other. That day, January 20 2017, was also Trump's inauguration.

A swearing in is the beginning of an enterprise. A horoscope constructed for that exact moment will show the potential of that enterprise, subject to future further planetary movements. Kelly and Mattis were sworn in with Mars at 24PIS08. Mars first return to that position was December 23 2018 . As it squared Trump's Sun and Moon. Get the picture!

I think this also spells upcoming trouble for the President, as he was sworn in on the same day at noon. But more on that later. Inauguration charts work. Nowhere was a swearing in chart more susceptible to failure than January 22 2017 at 14.35 hours, when Vice President Mike Pence, conducted a collective swearing in for multiple members of the Trump administration.


The horoscope of that moment displayed dissipating Neptune as the most elevated planet. Neptune was closely conjunct the administrative Midheaven. Somehow this wasn't going to work out the way it was planned. That swearing in chart would get no peace. As soon as February 26 2017, the Midheaven and Neptune were both due for a Solar Eclipse. By mid February Mike Flynn was the first member of the administration to be eclipsed.

Neptune is the surreal shimmering shape shifter and sometimes the elusive and escapist disappearing act. Neptune excels in the realms of imagination and ambiguity yet is all at sea in the material world of objective fact and measurable reality. Team Trump, sworn in that fateful day, would gradually and mysteriously dissolve.

It didn't take long for the then new Communications Director, Sean Spicer, to exhibit Neptune's illusory qualities. His first press conference made the outrageous claim that Trump's inauguration attracted the largest following of all – PERIOD! That unbelievable claim contradicted the photographic evidence, clearly showing less than half the numbers of Barack Obama's first swearing in.

Spicer soon became an instant hit with comedians nationwide for his ill fitting suits and improbable spin, resigning exactly five months later. Reince Priebus left a week and a half later on July 31 2017 becoming the shortest serving initial Chief of Staff in US history.


Steve Bannon lasted until August, allegedly resigning over disagreements with the new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly. Bannon also had run ins with Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner. Although Kushner played a critical role in Trump's foreign policy, encouraging the US Embassy move to Jerusalem and association with Saudi's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, his influence too is fading.

More of the Neptune swearing in team followed. Trump's trusted confidante, Communications Director Hope Hicks, would resign after admitting to 'telling white lies for the President'. The former 'Apprentice' star, come presidential PR person, Omarosa Manigault-Newman was reported as being escorted out of the White House. She later publicly turned on Trump.

White House Staff Secretary, Rob Porter, resigned after two former wives accused him of domestic abuse. The one thing they all had in common was being sworn in under a dubious chart. One of the few survivors, Kelly Anne Conway, is now well know for her 'alternative facts' – her credibility shrouded in a Neptune fog of confusion.


The current January Solar Eclipse, brings the Sun into opposition with the Cancerian birth Sun of the United States and square to the USA's birth Saturn, which is placed in the tenth house of government. This is exacerbated by having the eclipse at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto and Saturn also due to oppose the US Sun and square the US Saturn.

As the Sun also represent the leader, in this case the President, he is also feeling the karmic catch up of Saturn. Trump and Congress are caught in a Saturn bind, over the very Saturnian object of a wall. The ringed planet is known as the boundary rider. It's a perfect symbolic scenario.

Click here for a larger image.

But Saturn also represents judgement and the 'establishment'. The Democrats having gained control of Congress can curtail the Leader. And that looks on the cards as Saturn is to oppose the Sun on multiple occasions in 2019. I will look into this more with individuals charts in subsequent columns but buckle up for the rough ride ahead.

Note too, that the following Lunar Eclipse, the first of three Supermoons, due from January 21, will occur at 00LEO51 - precisely opposite the degree of the Trump inauguration chart. Considering that two of the steady hands of a chaotic administration, Mattis and Kelly (both sworn in later that same day) have also departed, Trump has to be looking vulnerable.

The latter part of January, I expect to pour petrol on this polarity of government and leadership. Accountable Saturn is bringing the lessons to bear of lack of responsibility from the past two years. And if you think January looks like fun, just wait until late March – the third week in particular. Welcome to the New Year of 2019 – we're watching history unfolding. And fast!

NOV 04


It’s not drawing too long a bow to liken Sagittarian Jupiter to a lawman on a sweating stallion thundering to a gunfight at the nearest OK Corral. Justice must be served but this is going to be one hell of a shoot-out.

Sagittarius is Latin for archer, and the Sagittarii is what the Roman legions termed their horseback bowmen. While the modernist perceives Sagittarius as a futuristic, adventurous sign: the seeker of truth and travel: it also has the potential for political and/or religious extremism and trials of the century.

Jupiter, also known as Jove, the Roman god of justice rules Sagittarius. The Greek parallel was Zeus, the sky and thunder god of Mt Olympus, or the Nordic archetype Thor. When Jupiter aligns with Sagittarius, their thunderbolts come to earth, justice becomes front-page news, and exaggerated ideologies can elevate commoners to kings.

In a month where the Mueller investigation is expected to go reach a climax, where Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein could be walking on thin ice, where Trump may face the music and polarised mid-terms divide the US, and where the Khashoggi murder still looms large internationally, it's auspicious that Jupiter returns to Sagittarius.

‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.’
William Blake

The missionary zeal of this astro-signature was evident in Maximilian Robespierre the quintessential figure of the French Revolution. Or the Ayatollah Khomeini whose return to his homeland heralded a people’s revolution and the creation of the Iranian Islamic Republic. Both born with Jupiter in Sag.

The romantic visionary William Blake, himself born with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the sign, exposed the overkill of the amalgam when he wrote, ‘Prudence was a rich, ugly, old maid courted by incapacity’, and ‘you never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough’.

And true to it’s judicial archetype Jupiter in Sag has accompanied many controversial court battles from the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the Azaria Chamberlain baby/dingo mystery, the Nuremburg ‘nazi doctors’ revelation, to Stalin’s public purge, and the trial that marked the rise of a fledgling Feuhrer.

‘Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.’
W.B. Yeats

This next section examines the more recent (last century) occurrences of Jupiter in Sagittarius, coupled with notable events and trends.

In 1924, a young political visionary imprisoned in Bavaria was dictating the pains of his patriotic struggle in ‘Mien Kampf’, following his arrest for high treason. The sentence appropriately handed down on April Fool’s Day, with Jupiter in Sag, meant Adolf Hitler would be free by Christmas.

On the other side of Europe the death of Russian Revolution leader Vladimir Lenin cleared the way toward Josef Stalin’s power surge. And in the USA J. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the FBI. The events embodied the Yeats line; ‘The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.’

“The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.”
Abbe Hoffman

When Jupiter next returned to the sign of the archer, in 1936, Adolf Hitler would be leading an emerging industrial giant, Germany, then hosting the Olympic Games. In March of that year, the Fuehrer’s troops re-occupied the Rhineland breaking the Treaty of Versailles.

Mussolini added his support authorising the Pact of Steel, establishing a Rome/Berlin Axis. Then on November 25 Hitler signed ‘an agreement meant to protect European culture and civilisation from the Bolshevik menace’ with Japan.

The political polarity of Europe played out in the Spanish Civil War with the Communists and Fascists supplying assistance to the warring parties. In the Middle East the battle between Jewish settlers and nationalists began in earnest with the Arab Revolt. And in the midst of these extremities US activist Abbie Hoffman was born.

Abbie Hoffman was later to muse, “I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars.” But Jupiter in Sagittarius had already drawn the bow.

“Those who seek Oneness will eventually find Twoness.”
Woody Allen

By the time Jupiter returned to home base in October 1947 the Cold War was beginning. The divisions were now mirrored in Berlin itself. A Russian blockade of surface transport led to Allied food drops, and the dissection of the German capital. In the USA, the House of Un-American Activities began their interrogation of suspected ‘reds’ in Hollywood.

The State of Israel was born with powerful allied support against fierce Arab resistance, and the Palestinian exodus began. On the subcontinent India’s partition spawned Pakistan, and North Korea’s charismatic leader Kim II Sung proclaimed the republic of North Korea dividing the peninsula. All of these countries predominate world news today, and possibly moreso over the year ahead.

A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue.
Truman Capote

The following sojourn of Jupiter in Sagittarius by 1959 brought East and West tantalisingly close as the British PM Harold McMillan visited the soviet snows, and USSR leader Nikoli Khrushchev touched down in the USA. But a planned Paris summit between President Eisenhower and Khrushchev was literally shot out of the skies along with a US U2 spy plane over Russian airspace.

In Transvaal police opened fire killing 56 protesting natives in what has become known as the ‘Sharpeville massacre’. It prompted Harold McMillan to say before the South African parliament, “the wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether you like or not the growth of national consciousness is a political fact.”

Unamused was the South African PM Henrick Verwoerd, the victim of an attempted assassination that year. Perhaps he could relate to the Woody Allen aside, “I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear.” Woody had Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sag. Keeps his humour but has seen his share of courtrooms too.

Wisdom is oft times nearer when we stoop than when we soar.
William Wordsworth

Nothing exceeds like excess. Big budgetary blowouts caused by wasteful defence spending, encouraged a temporary meltdown of the Cold War. The superpowers were back to the negotiating tables. US President Richard Nixon made a groundbreaking trip to Communist China, and signed the Moscow Pact in 1972 with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.

The division between Israel and Palestine dramatically deteriorated with terrorists executing 25 people at Tel Aviv airport and following up with the Munich Olympic massacre where 9 Israeli hostages were killed.

Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take, towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden.
T. S. Eliot

The diplomatic gains between East and West became a distant memory by March 1983 as US President Ronald Reagan dubbed the Soviets the ‘Evil Empire’ and proposed a costly Star Wars missile defence system to protect the US from future nuclear attack. Polarity was back on the table.

Meanwhile the USSR shot down a Korean airline 747 Jumbo over Siberia with 269 civilian casualties. And the Middle East exploded again when Shi’ite rebels drove explosive laden trucks into American and French Beirut headquarters killing 241 US marines and 58 French paratroopers, hastening a US withdrawal.

Often we have no time for our friends but all the time in the world for our enemies.
Leon Uris

As Jupiter re-entered Sagittarius in December 1994 the Russian Army attacked the Chechnya capital of Groznyy. This entire period coincided with ferocious with separatist state. Russia’s New Year’s Eve assault was repelled with losses of over 2,000 men. Chechen gunmen took 1,500 people hostage in a hospital. Terrorism was back with a bang.

The US experienced its worst homeland terrorist attack to date, with the Oklahoma City bombing. Thousands of commuters on five Tokyo subway trains were simultaneously gassed by the crazed Japanese religious cult, called Aum Supreme Truth, Jupiter in Sagittarius zeal. In the Middle-East Israel Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin, was assassinated by a Jewish extremist for having signed the Oslo Accord with Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat.

‘Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose’
Kris Kristofferson

Each repetition of Jupiter through Sagittarius produces violent rebellions at perceived injustices, often with a charismatic leader predominant. Ideological extremities widen whether they are Communist/Capitalist, East/West, Arab/Jew or Christian/Muslim. Forgotten is the Buddha’s pearl that there is only one truth and that is there is no truth.

The last time Jupiter crossed this way was twelve years ago. Iraq was the country experiencing the greatest division, with a marked increase in insurgency, leading to a US troop surge. Neighbouring Iran held Royal Navy personnel prisoner for sailing in disputed waters. North Korea first agreed to nuclear inspections and in the US mid terms, Nancy Pelosi became Head of the House.

Does that last one give a clue to the upcoming US mid-term elections. I think so. Looking at the President's chart for that event shows Mars exactly squaring his birth Midheaven, whilst the SP Mars also hard angles to the same Midheaven. He's in 'battle mode' and something is fueling his anger. He has a fight on his hands.

As for Jupiter, Trump's chart shows his Progressed Sun is running semisquare to his birth Jupiter. Add to that, the transit of Jupiter will square his Progressed Sun by November 17 and transiting Mars will oppose his progressed Sun the following day. The transits exacerbate the progressions and it's centered Jupiter, the planet of judicial matters.

When you add that to the fact that Jupiter will transit in opposition to the President's birth Sun on March 11, May 11 and October 30 2019, it makes for an interesting year of legalese. Jupiter in Sagittarius. Certainly no time for booking a holiday at the OK Corral - that's for sure. More like the Constitutional Crisis on the doorstep.

And to round out on a positive. The last time Jupiter moved through Sagittarius, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change established that man made fossil fuels were a major contributor of climate change. Now, at the Jupiter return, a group of activists have been given the all clear to take government inactivity on this tragedy to the Supreme Court. Perhaps that's really the most important showdown of all for humanity's future.

OCT 28

It was 9 am on June 8 1974 in Blair House. It's used to accomodate visiting heads of state and is directly across the road from the White House. The US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, joked to visiting Prince Fahd, next in line for the Saudi throne. “Do I have to sign in Arabic now?” But this agreement was really no laughing matter.

Their signatures would rescue western capitalism. And pull the US economy out of a recession, with unemployment nearing ten per cent. The agreement would also lead to oil currency wars, a Middle East meltdown and a gradual spread of global terror.

The agreement between the US and the Saudis established two joint commissions. One devoted to economic cooperation and the other to supply Saudi Arabia's military requirements. The word oil was never mentioned. But it was really all about oil. This was the birth of the persuasive political power of the petrodollar. And the war planet of Mars was rising for the signing.


Desperate times called for desperate measures. They came in the wake of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, between Egypt/Syria and Israel. The US unreservedly backed Israel. And when the going got tough, President Nixon asked Congress for $2 billion dollars to facilitate a weapons drop and air support for the Israeli forces.

It was a war that almost sparked a showdown between the superpowers – the USA and USSR. And one which would forever change the global economy. Saudi Arabia, with the largest oil reserves in the world, reacted to the US intervention with an oil embargo, starting October 19 1973.

The embargo would have a devastating effect on western economies across the globe. The shortage, following the natural law of supply and demand, was a prelude for Arab states quadrupling in the price of oil. The US and it western allies were forced to ration supplies. And the increasing spike was making the Gulf kingdom wealthier than it had ever imagined.

By December of '73, the Saudis had covered the national budget for the following three years. Western capital was flowing into the Middle East at an unprecedented rate. It had the potential to totally shift the balance of power, not only against Israel, but throughout the world.

In western nations inflation was running at double digits. The US Secretary of Defense, James R. Schlesinger, a former Director of the CIA, was advancing the idea of a Middle East invasion to take full control of the oilfields. The risk of that was World War Three.

With national budgets in free-fall and global capitalism facing its greatest threat since the Great Depression, there were fears that Italy, France and the UK could be heading for eventual bankruptcy. And the USSR, with a copious supply of its own oil, could potentially spread the seeds of communism even wider.


One month after the historic deal had been signed, on July 9 1974, at 10.10 am the United States House Committee on International Finance Banking and Currency convened in Washington. The chief questions concerning that meeting are outlined below, exactly as they appeared on the Chairman's notes.

1 What oil producing countries will do with their new found wealth, as it would have an effect on our international policies and consequently domestic policies.

2 The potential damage to the International Monetary Federation, and to the world economy as a result of the petrodollar glut.

3 The viability of the proposals for recycling petrodollars.

The Managing Director of the IMF, Johannes Witteveen advised, “The world currently faces the most difficult combination of economic policy decisions since the reconstruction period following World War Two.” The consensus was that by 1980, oil producing Gulf kingdoms countries could control 70% of the world's total monetary reserves.

That kind of money would totally tip the power base. It had to be managed. The US objective was to increase the oil supply, reflexively lowering the price. And to sell oil exclusively in US dollars, which would stabilise it as the global reserve currency and consolidate the US Treasury.

Kissinger's offer to the Saudis, was one of national security and military support. The US would supply the latest weaponry technology, aircraft and missiles, plus assist in training the Royal National Guard. The House of Saud would be protected and maintained.

The US would also supply financial advice to diversify the kingdom's economy, plus aid with education and infrastructure projects. Western banks would establish a presence in the Gulf countries. Surplus Arab petrodollars could be invested in US business and financial markets. A co-dependency of clashing cultures was developing and channeling Saudi revenue westward ho.

The Sauds and their fellow Gulf fiefdoms, all staunchly anti-communist, were reinvesting much of their monetary reserves in the capitalist west. For the United States, this was a godsend. Any country that wanted to purchase oil had to first purchase American dollars to enable the transaction.

The biwheel of the petrodollar chart with the USA birthchart shows the strong connection to the USA's second house Pluto. Money is power. But the petrodollar Mars also opposes the USA Pluto. When Pluto came to semisquare itself and sesquisquare that Mars, the 911 attacks took place.

Click here for larger image


The international demand for the US dollar became a virtual credit card for the US government. It allowed them to run enormous debt with low interest repayment. The two countries also negotiated a clandestine understanding, involving the Saudis investing in US bonds under exclusive conditions. It remained top secret for over forty years. Seventy per cent of the Saudis wealth was funneling into the US Treasury.

Oil was now a fully fledged political weapon and was being exchanged for the same. The Saudis flooding the world oil markets in 1986 and the resultant collapse in the oil price was a major factor in the break up of the Soviet Union, with the Russian economy heavily reliant upon oil revenue. But there was also a price to pay. The petrodollar chart was highly active when the USA's Embassy in Beirut was bombed.

Click here for larger image

This financial co-dependency was pivotal to US global hegemony, economically and militarily. The US Fifth Fleet patrolled the Gulf. The dollar as the reserve currency allowed the US to place economic sanctions on any nation stepping out of line. When the US imposed sanctions on Russia, following their 2014 reclamation of Crimea, the Saudis again flooded the oil markets, sending the Russian economy into a temporary tailspin.

It was crippling US sanctions that forced Iraq to decide, on September 25 2000 to abandon the dollar and appeal to the United Nations to conduct their oil transactions in Euros. On October 30 their wish was granted. Regime change would soon follow.

For many political observers, protection of the petrodollar was the real reason for the US sending their military into Iraq. By June 5 2003, less than two months after the March 19 invasion, Iraq had returned to trading oil in US dollars. Some nations were more resistant.

When the US blamed Syria for the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister in 2006, Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad moved his country's trade to Euros to avoid a freeze on national assets. Iran, opened their own oil bourse on the island of Kish with the first transaction taking place at 09.30 hours on February 18 2008, despite undersea communication cables being famously cut prior to the opening.

Muammar Gaddafi, proposed a new currency (the dinar), when many African nations were dealing also in dollars and francs. It was France and the US who led the air raids over Libya, resulting in Gaddafi's assassination. But the use of the petrodollar as a political weapon was by now creating its own resistance.

Nigeria, the biggest oil exporter and largest African economy, moved to the Chinese yuan. China has now supplanted the USA as the world's biggest oil buyer. China opened their Shanghai oil exchange opening at 9 am on March 26 2018. This has provided an alternative oil market for futures traders. And if the 'customer is always right' then China will eventually have greater clout in the conditions of oil transactions.

Which brings me to the USA and the recent Saudi murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It's one of many incidents - not the least being the 911 terrorist attacks - where US leadership is compromised by this economic co-dependecy. Donald Trump was quick to use the impact of halting a lucrative Saudi arms deal on US jobs, as the first excuse to avoid directly confronting the Saudis.


It's a familiar avoidance pattern. George Bush did it after the 911 attacks, when he chose Iraq and Iran as his axis of evil while leaving Saudi Arabia completely off the list. In 2016 President Obama tried to prevent the relatives of the 911 victims from suing the Saudi government for damages. Obama warned of 'consequences' amidst the Kingdom's threats of selling off US Treasury notes.

Recall that when Prince Fahd and Henry Kissinger signed the petrodollar pact, the war planet Mars was rising in Washington. On September 28 2016, under the exact Uranus opposition of the petrodollar deal, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act passed the US Senate and House of Representatives, overturning Obama's veto. On that day Mars was also at the same position it had held during the 911 attacks.

Now in October of 2018 the Secondary Progressed Sun of the petrodollar chart has come to meet its Mars. US economic sanctions against Iran come into full force from November 5. Is this about to spell further fireworks in the Middle East at a time when it is the Saudis who should be answering for another terrorist act? And is the war for the petrodollar escalating on another level? It looks that way.

OCT 21


From 4 pm, on August 3 2016, one of those mysterious Trump Tower meetings took place. It was arranged by a former Navy Seal, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater. They're the private security company assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan, with government contracts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump has toyed with privatising the Afghan War.

At the meeting was George Nader, an emissary of the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Nader conveyed that the royals were banking on Trump wining the 2016 presidential election. He offered his help in securing a victory. Nader, who was also pitching a plan of destabilisation in Iran, went on to becoming an adviser to the Trump campaign and later, administration.

There were valid reasons for the Saudi support of Trump. The war in Yemen had degenerated into a humanitarian disaster. It was proving an international embarrassment for the weapon enablers – the US and Great Britain. Following the Saudi's indiscriminate bombing of a civilian funeral service, claiming 155 lives, Barack Obama had withdrawn the supply of high precision weapons.

Trump overturned the weapons ban on March 9 2017. On May 20, the new President made Saudi Arabia his first international stop. As he landed, the war planet Mars was on the Gemini Midheaven. Mars was also conjunct America's Mars and Donald Trump's birth Sun. This was all going to be about war and weaponry. A big money deal. It only narrowly passed the Senate - 53 to 47.


'The fish rots from the head down' is an old Turkish metaphor of things starting from the top. If the country is bad, it's because the ruler is so. Saudi Arabia obviously don't subscribe to that truism. Lately, they appear to find great trouble in subscribing to any kind of truth, obsessed instead with suppressing it. But then...what other country on this planet is named solely after one family?

Prince Mohammad bin Salman began pulling the political strings in Saudi Arabia from January 23 2015, upon the death of King Abdullah. With his father suffering from Alzheimer's, the young Prince took control of the army and intelligence forces. He leapfrogged his cousin to be appointed heir to kingdom on the 21st of June 2017.

Since coming to power Prince Salman has pressured the Palestinian leadership to accept a one sided Middle East peace plan proposed by political novice Jared Kushner, with whom he has cultivated a close friendship. Salman has cracked down on critics within his own borders and mobilised a coalition of Gulf monarchies against the free press – including the banning of Al-Jazeera – and the attempted isolation of Qatar.

He has held the Lebanese Prime Minister captive in Riyadh, forcing him to publicly announce his resignation on November 4 2017. The Prince also summoned his fellow royals to the Carlton Rex in Riyadh, turning it into a virtual prison, and demanding they hand over millions of dollars to the kingdom.


For all of this he received supportive tweets from Donald Trump, who claimed the other royals were fleecing the nation out of tax dollars. The irreconcilable irony being that Trump's tax returns are much harder to find that an Obama birth certificate and Kushner's returns reveal just how little he pays.

When their man in the Middle East's dictatorial ways were in need of an image makeover, Prince Salman was given a whistle stop tour of the USA talk shows. He was showcased as a youthful modernist, determined to bring his country into the 21st century. While needed change is happening, Salman is also centralising power and brutally crushing dissent.


Prince Salman's birth chart – he was born August 31 1985 in Riyadh – reveals his Sun in square to 'wild card' Uranus. He has a propensity for unrestrained and 'off the cuff' actions. His Mercury is joined to fiery Mars, with both in a dominating square to responsible Saturn. Meaning that the impulse of Mars wins out and Salman is an assertive and aggressive communicator. Not surprisingly his Mars is conjunct Trump's Mars.

When the Lebanese Prime Minister announced his forced resignation live on Saudi television, officials in Washington and Paris were shocked. This wasn't a planned strategy and the move caught western diplomats off guard. But nothing could prepare them for the brutal murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in a Saudi Embassy, on Turkish soil.

Khahsoggi was recorded entering the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul at precisely 13.14.38 hours on October 2. He had an appointment to collect papers for an impending marriage. His fiancee waited outside. A horoscope cast for that moment reveals Saturn rising at the Ascendant and unexpected Uranus exactly at the base of the chart. The Moon opposes Saturn and is at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto.

What happened next was entirely unexpected – at least from Khahsoggi's perspective. His future had already been decided in the palaces of Riyadh. And had it not been for the evidence gathering of Turkish intelligence, his fate would have remained a mystery. The journalist, who had relocated to the USA, was cruelly mutilated by a Saudi hit team.


Jamal Khashoggi was born in Medina, Saudi Arabia on October 13 1958. His Libran birth Sun runs semisquare to the powerbroker Pluto and sesquisquare militant Mars. In essence it points toward one who may walk a maze of dangerous situations. The well researched 'Combination of Stellar Influences' describes the Mars/Pluto aspect as 'putting a gun to one's head'.

For some that may mean a propensity for martial arts, a military or sporting career. Khashoggi didn't pursue any of those options. He was an intellectual, a campaigner within his own country for human rights and his connection with military extended to being one of the few journalists who had connections to Osama Bin Laden, during his mujaheddin days.

During 2018, the transit of underworld Pluto was regularly squaring Khashoggi's Sun and activating the Mars Pluto configuration. His Secondary Progressed Sun was closing on a conjunction with restrictive Saturn and his progressed Mars was squaring sudden shock Uranus. It all played out in the most gruesome manner.

The Saudis denied knowledge of the event and propaganda to that effect was screened throughout the kingdom. Donald Trump cast doubt on the Turkish investigators and downplayed Saudi sanctions pointing to a $110 billion dollar arms deal. IMPORTANT! At this moment Neptune is exactly in conjunction with the USA's Secondary Progressed Sun = deceptive leadership.

Meantime, Turkey is holding all the aces and playing the duplicity of Trump and deviousness of Saudi Arabia off a break for all the world to see. The narratives keep shifting with the latest Saudi excuse being that Khashoggi started a fist fight during which he was accidentally killed.

That doesn't hold sway with Turkey's evidence of at least fifteen Saudi operatives, many Prince Salman associates, who began arriving from 3.38 on the morning of the murder, headed straight to the Saudi consulate and mysteriously departed Istanbul the same evening. It has taken the Saudis eighteen days to admit involvement.

MSB is now an acronym for Mr Bone Saw. And it's cruel ling the elaborate PR job that the Trump administration designed for their man in the Middle East. Trump's actions – or inaction – defines his leadership and the international faith in current American standards. He needs to get it right. Or as the Turkish proverb goes – 'the fish rots from the head down'.

OCT 14


Last week rattled Wall St. The experts didn't see it coming. Time to revive the Ezra Solomon quote that, “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” Solomon actually was a Distinguished Professor of Finance, teaching at Stanford. Who didn't place a lot of faith in his colleagues.

But perhaps it's not not quite as good as the Forbes magazine headline that if, “God Invented Economists To Make Astrologers Look Good - So Why Do Economists Get All The Nobel Prizes?” Shucks...no nomination again...but last week's wild fluctuations were forecast a month back, in the September 16 weekly article specifically devoted to money and the markets, now archived at this link.

In fact the date of October 10 was mentioned as the one to watch due to the curious hard aspects of a debilitated and retrograde Venus in Scorpio (a sign she doesn't perform as well in economically) squaring Mars in Aquarius, coupled with a simultaneous face off, of mercantile Mercury with technological Uranus.

Last Wednesday the 10th, right on planetary time, the Dow shed 836 points, in its largest fall in eight months. The bleeding continued the next day shedding another 546. It pulled back slightly Friday, posting its worst week since March. For starters, I want to revisit markets and planets beginning with some classic historical examples and charts.


Another world – another time. It's late spring 1873 and the World Expo is taking place in the capital of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Twenty-six thousand exhibits from around the world. East met West in an exhibition of art, science and culture spread across a 233 hectare parkland in central Vienna.

The main Great Rotunda, designed by Scottish engineers, would attract over seven million visitors. It could have had many more, but for an unexpected reversal. On May 9, the Vienna Stock Exchange crashed, leading to multiple booking cancellations. And the ramifications that would echo right across the globe.

On September 18 1873, a leading US financial firm, Jay Cooke and Company, folded, preceding a string of further bank failures. The resulting panic closed the New York Stock Exchange for ten days from September 20. Within two months fifty five railroad companies had disappeared off the business registry.

It was the start of the Long Depression, the worst recession the US had experienced, extending over sixty five months and sending over eighteen thousand businesses into bankruptcy. It was through studying this crisis – and its planetary significance - that convinced me a similar recession would occur in 2008 and the time frames would be strangely similar.

On September 18 2008, the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson and the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Benanke, were busy devising a $700 million bailout plan for US financial institutions in the wake of the Lehman Bros collapse three days prior. It was the day that Bernanke allegedly advised, "If we don't do this, we may not have an economy on Monday." What are the signals of recession?


The 1870's Long Recession had a major effect of the economies of Europe, Great Britain and the USA. It occurred during a time of triple expansion known as the Second Industrial Revolution. That featured the proliferation of railroads, steam shipping (opening of the Suez Canal) and the spread of the international telegraph network.

When such technical advances propel economies, trade and speculation boom. There is a frenzied rush to be in on the action. And while he who hesitates is lost seems to be the prevailing maxim, avarice becomes infectious and indeed is the dominant culture of unregulated capitalism.

The biggest global meltdown after the 1870's was the Great Depression of the 1930's. It too came on the back of technological change during a decade of growing economic inequality and extravagance celebrated as the Roaring Twenties.

Mass media communication, commercial radio networks, talking movies and the birth of international air travel led into the Great Depression. Investment fever was at a peak with the bubble just waiting to burst. Again the outer planetary formations would correlate with the crucial market moves.

Contracting Saturn was due to move into a testing square with unstable Uranus in the first quarter of 1930. Optimistic Jupiter would also oppose restrictive Saturn by the middle of the year, while also squaring Uranus.

By the middle of 1931, Pluto would join Jupiter in opposition to Saturn. All would be in square to Uranus. Plus Uranus and Pluto would be in a tight hard aspect pattern with Neptune. Getting dizzy? All of the outer planets so aligned, synchronised with the worst economic meltdown of the 20th century. It also correlated with massive social reformation.

The Great Depression and its shrinking of international trade, breakdown of treaties and increased nationalistic fervour delivered the perfect conditions for World War Two. Coming barely twenty years after the First World War, collective intelligence was not part of the equation. Uncertainty and populist leaders, guaranteed it wouldn't be.


The 21st century began with a dotcom bubble bursting and a further market jolt with the cataclysm of 911. A world of uncertainty devolved, with accompanying political and religious polarisation ushering the rise of the strong-arm populists trying to turn back time.

The technology of the Internet was revolutionising business, banking, vocations and social networking, much the same way that railroads, telegraphs and electricity did to the 19th century. Or that mass media, movies, celebrity culture, credit cards and commercialisation did for the last one.

Dotcom bubbles aside the last meltdown of September 2008 came on the back of purely unscrupulous banking practises, predatory lending and mass irresponsibility, that to this day places national economies in deep debt. Planetary positioning revealed the coming financial storm. I'd written about it in my 2008 World Forecast and nominated the appropriate dates. This is why.


September was outstanding for several reasons, not the least a Full Moon with erratic Uranus on the 15th, the very day that Lehman Bros declared bankruptcy and the financial world went into meltdown. It had come from a First Quarter Moon squaring Saturn on the 7th and was leading into a three-quarter Moon tightly opposing Pluto by the 22nd. The Full Moon became the torchlight revelation, casting light on previous cover-ups.

However, it was the succession of Sun/Moon aspects from Saturn to Uranus and then to Pluto and all tightly aligned, that was the tale of the tape. There was more in the bigger picture. Something had to give. The North Node was moving through the low of its business cycle in Aquarius. Saturn and Uranus were about to perfect their opposition. And the bubble was showing signs of deflating.

Some additional considerations. It's important to look at dates approximately six months removed, as lunations to slow moving outer planets work to a pattern. On March 16 2008, Bear Sterns, under mountainous debt, merged with JP Morgan Chase. Shares going for $93 a month earlier were offered at $2.

The fall of a Madison Avenue financial icon, employing 15,000 people, gave ominous signals. The New Moon of March 7 2008 was conjunct Uranus and every planet on that day was hard angled to another. The Dow also dropped 7% the same week. Six months later, the Full Moon with Uranus pin pointed September as the crucial month to watch. It certainly delivered.


Uranus is the shock planet, prominent at sudden reversals. Even the market crash of October 1929 occurred during a lunation cycle that began with a New Moon on Uranus. Factoring in the other outer planets reveals the longer term trend.

That's what makes this current lunation cycle interesting to say the least. Incidentally, we do not have a plethora of outer planets in difficult angles on the immediate horizon. That's not to say we're not going to have a bumpy ride though. The rodeo has begun.

The current lunation cycle began with New Moon of October 9, which was square Pluto, inconjunct Neptune and quindecile Uranus. That's the difficult technical aspects, meaning that we're bound to see abrupt reversals and surprises during the lunation's thirty day period.

The quindecile is an aspect of sudden shocks, similar to the planet attached, Uranus. The unexpected nature is reinforced as the November New Moon, by natural process, also forms another quindecile (or 165 degree) alignment to Uranus.

This in itself is not overly common but we did see a similar quindecile pattern with the New Moons and Uranus in October 2016. There were plenty of political shocks back then starting with Trump's embarrassing Access Hollywood tape expose and ending with Comey's reopening the email controversy dogging Hillary Clinton.
So expect surprising revelations this time around.


One of the reasons I wrote on the markets back in September, was not only the Lehman anniversary angle, but Donald Trump attributing the Dow's bull run purely to his own economic expertise and threatening a recession if he were impeached. They were fear tactics and bull is the operative word.

Trump himself knows that. Although he has hitched his wagon to Wall St and the rise of the Dow, tweeting sixty times on its rise in his first year, the silence is deafening and it's the Fed's fault when it nosedives and he decouples.

It was Trump who said, “The New York Stock Exchange happens to be the biggest casino in the world. The only thing that makes it different from the average casino is that the players dress in blue pinstripe suits and carry leather briefcases.”

In the Art Of The Deal he wrote, “The broker pushes a button on a computer and, presto, he’s got a huge commission. As soon as the stock market falls out – which it will, because it too runs in cycles – most of these guys will be out on the street looking for work.”

Yes, the Donald knows his nineteen year business highs and lows, for they impact property pricing. The same cycles were detected in the economist John Dewey's work, “Cycles – The Science of Prediction.” Or neatly encapsulated in Louis McWhirters 1938 classic, “Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting”. Both are fine starter manuals.


A careful study of the government presiding over all of the major market crashes will reveal another reliable and repetitive pattern. Yes it was Republicans for the Long Recession of 1873, Republicans for the Great Depression of 1930, Republicans for the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

Not a bad trifecta of mismanagement there! In fact you can throw in the banking collapse of 1907 as well or the October crash of 1987...but hey let's not get political. That could simply be a 'deregulated' coincidence of irrational exuberance.

The winner of the November 2016 election was bound to catch the high, just as the winner of the 2008 election was bound to land the low, as the cycles run. But we're facing far bigger issues now. Climate change and fossil fuels have now factored into economic futures. It's not all about winning.

The planet is more important than market fluctuations. And wild weather is eating up insurance premiums and national emergency funds. It's a challenge to capitalist thinking - that human existence doesn't forever revolve around an economic rationalisation policy. Energy powers the economy but newer, ecologically more feasible sources, desperately need development.

Again, we stand at the threshold of technical change. In the intermediate picture, planetwise, we are in the waning cyclic stages of both Jupiter and Saturn (law and order) both to themselves and their fellow outers. It's a time of shedding past patterns and old ways of governance and societal structures.

The coming conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in administrative Capricorn by 2020 is setting a new platform that we can all be part of constructing. This hasn't happened in Capricorn since the days of the Reformation. Already we can see the revolution around religious attitudes, ethics and ideologies. More on that later. As for the immediate days.

Well there's still the upcoming Full Moon with 'jack in the box' Uranus arriving October 24. The bigger patterns are yet to play out but it seems that the longest bull run seems to be gradually losing its buck. And what makes that even more certain. The government economists are already denying it.

OCT 06


These last two weeks we've covered what I forsee as the looming Constitutional Crisis facing the US. For anyone just coming on board the earlier articles are available via this link. This week I want to concentrate on the chart of the Supreme Court itself, how it has worked in the past and parallels to today and tomorrow.

The United States Supreme Court was established on March 4 1789. This was the time – from midday – when the Congress met for the first time, at New York's Federal Hall, declaring the Constitution then in effect. And it's why even though SCOTUS is now based in Washington, that New York is the base chart.

The initial six justices were confirmed by the Senate on September 26 also in 1789. Some may see the irony in the nearness of that date, to the recent September 27 Ford v Kavanaugh Senate testimonies, precipitating possibly the most contentious confirmation hearing since the Court's inception.

The March 4 1789, SCOTUS birth horoscope reveals the usefulness of this chart, not only in reviewing of past events to ascertain its effectiveness, but also in projecting into the future. The chaotic events now afflicting the Court and Congress are clearly displayed further along, using the first chart.

The Piscean Sun with judgemental Saturn depicts the authority of this federal institution, which naturally trends toward the conservative side with that saturnine influence. Administrative Saturn also shows the court to be the rock of the 'establishment'.

The trine from the Sun/Saturn and Mercury to the more progressive Jupiter in Cancer, its sign of exaltation, helps in modifying this conservatism. And the trine from Venus to Neptune adds a touch of mercy to this birth horoscope.

Click here to see a larger version of this chart.


The first landmark case of the Supreme Court, which underpinned its authority and separation of powers, was the Marbury v Madison Case of 1803. The background involved the schism between the original Federalist Party, led by John Adams and the Democratic-Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson.

The Federalist conservatives favoured big business and the banks, trade and relations with Great Britain and a highly centralised government. The Democrat-Republicans were more for state rights, considered the Federalists elitist and attached to the monarchy, and preferred the rule of French democracy following the Revolution.

When Federalist John Adams lost the 1800 presidential election to his political and ideological rival Thomas Jefferson, he realised that his party would be in the minority for the first time. He appointed sixteen new circuit court judges and forty two Justices of the Peace on March 2 1801, right on the eve of Jefferson's inauguration.

This political skulduggery was to stymie Jefferson's agenda, through stacking the courts with Federalists. The Senate duly approved the appointments. The man entrusted with the job of delivering the commissions was Thomas Marshall, who Adams had also designated to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

With only one day to carry out Adams order, not all of the commissions found their target. Jefferson upon assuming the Presidency, immediately instructed his new Secretary of State, James Madison, to withhold the undelivered commissions.


One of the Federalists affected, William Marbury, took the matter to the Supreme Court. The court first found Madison's refusal to deliver Marbury's commission was illegal. And secondly, that normally a court would order the delivery of the commission. But then they did a 180 degree about face.

Chief Justice Marshall found the law passed by Congress, under which Marbury was appealing, actually ran contrary the Constitution. The court unanimously ruled that Congress had expanded the court's jurisdiction beyond what was set down in the US Constitution, and refused to issue Marbury's writ. The landmark decision was handed down on February 24 1803.

Sound convoluted? It established the precedent of 'judicial review' and of the Supreme Court being the chief arbiter of the Constitution. The important takeaway being that the Supreme Court can limit the power of the President and/or Congress by declaring legislation unconstitutional.

The important transits accompanying the Marbury v Madison was a Sun/Pluto conjunction in testing sesquisquare to the Supreme Court's Jupiter. Power player Pluto was the key here. The Court had also reached its three quarter Progressed Moon phase and was undergoing its Saturn opposition, a test of limits and power.

One hundred and seventy three years later it would go head to head with a sitting President in another landmark case. This showdown would also feature the Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn combinations in testing angles and be a real test of checks and balances.


By 1974 the Secondary Progressed Jupiter (the planet of judicial matters) of the Supreme Court had moved to oppose its Pluto, portending a mighty power struggle unfolding. The Progressed Sun of the Supreme Court also opposed its birth Saturn and therefore also its birth Sun. This would be the ultimate test of its authority.

Click here for larger image

The opposition came directly via Richard Milhouse Nixon, a Republican President under the threat of possible impeachment. Nixon had been ordered to hand over tape recordings of conversations with colleagues who had been indicted in the Watergate investigation.

Nixon offered a redacted transcript of the conversations and then challenged the District Court's subpoena for the tapes. He cited his executive privilege as the nation's leader, and took the matter to the Supreme Court. Nixon claimed the Constitution allowed the President to withhold information.

The point in question became – does executive privilege overrule judicial review? The court ruled unanimously against Nixon, establishing that a President cannot withhold information from a criminal trial and that executive privilege is a relative rather than absolute power. The ruling was handed down on July 24 1974.

This was as big as it gets with the SCOTUS SP Sun opposing its birth Sun and Saturn and this precedent will stand for future cases involving such executive privilege to delay or prevent the course of justice. The monumental court decision broke the Congressional impasse and sealed Nixon's fate.

The New York Times commented, “After the long delay in the impeachment process, there is in the air of Washington this week the sense that it is all coming together. The Republicans in Congress are slipping from the ties of loyalty to Mr. Nixon. And in the White House there is visibly taking hold the shattering realization that this President is going to be impeached.”

Two weeks later Nixon resigned, with even his partisan supporters now openly exposed, and forced, by sheer weight of evidence evidence, to vote for impeachment. Nixon's strident claim of 'I am not a crook', proved to be yet another lie in the shame that was Watergate. A Nxon pardon proved the political death knell for his successor, Gerald Ford. So what of the Supreme Court now?


Last week's column dealt with the Ford-Kavanaugh testimony and the unholy haste of the Republicans to stack the chairs with a conservative majority, prior to the vulnerability of the November mid-term elections. Their are echoes of Adams political partisanship, along with the hopeful prevention of another Watergate outcome.

The Republican nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has revealed his lack of neutrality, globally on live TV via his carefully written vindictive statement targeting Democrats, the Clintons and the political Left. Finishing with the ominous threat of 'what goes around comes around'. He may be surprised at how it does.

The partisan outburst, already has a former Supreme Court Justice and more than 2,400 law professors signing a letter decrying his nomination to the Supreme Court. Neither does the public polling support his promotion. On Saturday the conformation came through the narrowest 50-48 count and Kavanaugh was sworn in around 4 pm Washington DC time.

The Supreme Court chart for the exact timing of Kavanaugh's Senate confimration vote , announced seconds prior to 16.01 hours (EST) on October 6 2018 is shown with progressions and transits in the two outer dials. It clearly shows the diminishing faith in the Supreme Court as the transit of dissipating Neptune has reached its birth Sun. Again the power struggle aspect between Pluto, this time opposing the SCOTUS Jupiter by transit is in play.

Click here for larger image

There are multiple hits as may be expected as the Court experiences a Uranus square to itself, the transit of Mars opposes the Progressed Mars, similar to the Mars opposition to the natal Mars of Nixon's hearing. The Progressed chart is heading for a Mars Uranus conjunction, suggestive of high volatility, possibly even within the ranks. The aspect perfects in 2019.

So yes there are rocky times ahead for the Supreme Court typified by these numerous hard aspects. They are exacerbated in early December of 2018, as a Jupiter transit intensifies with already tense Pluto to Jupiter opposition. They continue next year in mid January as Jupiter squares the SCOTUS Sun.

A weakened or compliant court would be part of the Trump playbook. Conservative Republicans are planning to 'do an Adams' on the future administrations. Only that didn't quite work out the way Adam's expected. Jefferson's new party maintained power for the future generation.
The old time Federalists had faded from the scene within fifteen years. What goes around - comes around.

SEP 30


November 28 1966 - a rainy night in New York - the most famous party of the 20th century unfolds in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Plaza. Truman Capote's Black & White Ball comprised 540 masked guests. The list is deliberately diverse, from the fabulously famous to relatively unknown.

Counts and countesses, film stars, artists, writers. The literati and glitterati mixing with secretaries and hotel doormen. The party was thrown in honour of a woman - Washington Post owner, Katherine Graham. At midnight the masks would be taken off and all would be revealed.

November 28 1966 was also the day Christine Blasey Ford was born in Washington, DC. She wanted to go anonymous too. Instead Ford has gone from a relatively unknown psychology professor to the face and voice of the abused female. Her publicity was unsought; the result of attending a party gone wrong.

A party at which she claims she was the victim of an attempted rape by Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The greatest black and white here is the political prejudice on show. Kavanaugh's controversial confirmation hearing is further splintering an already polarised nation, this time also along gender lines.

Television ratings of the hearing soared above twenty million. The last time they were this high in a political setting was the Stormy Daniels interview. Both out rated Trump's first interview as President. Some people may be missing the gender message therein. Remember last week's column promising a constitutional crisis. If not I advise you check it out here. Meanwhile we're onto round two.


At 10.34 am, Thursday September 27 2018, as an obviously distraught Christine Ford swore the oath and began her testimony on Capitol Hill, Americans watched, transfixed. Three minutes in she described the humiliation of her attack. Horoscopes cast for those moments could not be clearer in illustrating the discord and dysfunction taking place across the nation. Tears flowed - tension rose.

The male symbol of the Sun, in scales of justice Libra, was in an uncomfortable inconjunct to the feminine Moon. The Sun was also in a tight challenging square with conservative Saturn in establishment Capricorn. Men struggling with control. Serious deliberations. Hitting the wall on something.

The Moon is with liberating and rebellious Uranus. It squares assertive Mars. Emotional agitation, passionate expressions, hair trigger moments and tempers. Stormy scenes, female anger and independence. Unpredictable developments and scenes. All of this played out across the day.

Click here for larger image

They are all contained in the horoscope of the moment. But moments are powerful sometimes far into the future. Ford realised that. And these scenes will have repercussions. One of the most descriptive aspects is the inconjunct (150 degree)between the Sun and Moon. They're in signs with nothing in common by element, quality, yin or yang. So let's look at the individuals.


Christine Ford kept an attempted rape on her under wraps for over thirty years but as her Secondary Progressed Mercury moved to square her Progressed Mars, she began therapy in 2012 to confront her demons. Over the last couple of years her Secondary Progressed Sun has moved into a supportive trine to her SP Mars, making self (Sun) assertion (Mars) much easier.

This year was extra special. Mars would make three transits across her Progressed Sun and Mercury while also trining her birth Mars. It would station there in August. It was time to go public. With Brett Kavanaugh announced as Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee in July, Ford contacted both her local Representative Anne Eshoo and the Washington Post.

She submitted to a polygraph test on August 7, conducted by a former FBI agent to consolidate her authenticity. On September 4, at 09.36 hours, Kavanaugh's Senate Committee hearings began. Mars was at 29 degrees of Capricorn. Christine Ford's Secondary Progressed Mercury was also at 29 degrees of Capricorn, with her progressed Sun only minutes away.

Ford made not have wanted this to go public but astrologically that seemed an inevitability. For both her Progressed Sun and Mercury were also exactly opposed to her Progressed Jupiter – the planet of the judiciary and symbolised by judge Brett Kavanaugh. A lot going on planetwise, but synchronising perfectly with the heavenly signs.

Click here for larger image


Ford and Judge Kavanaugh have a direct Mars connection. Despite being born over twenty one months apart, their horoscopes show Mars almost identically positioned. Mars is between 26-27 of Virgo in both charts - mere minutes separating the two. Is battleground Mars, the symbol of impulsive and unbridled passions, joining the protagonist and the victim and possibly even now reversing the roles?

The Mars connection is made even more impressive by a third association. The red planet was moving across the same late Virgo degrees when the #MeToo movement went viral on October 15 2017, in the wake of Harvey Weinstein scandals. So Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford lock right into the global female fight against sexual harassment.


Brett Kavanaugh was born February 12 1965 in Washington DC. His socially minded Aquarian Sun and Mercury run square to judicial Jupiter and obfuscating Neptune. His time of birth is unpublished but he would also have a Cancerian Moon. The Sun/Moon combination a mixture of the universal, mirrored in his career, and the close family ties of the Cancer Moon.

Neptune is in a closing square to the Sun – astrologically giving Neptune the upper hand. At question, at least during his school days and in the event under examination, is the issue of alcohol. Neptune needs no introduction to astrologers, concerning its potential toward excess drinking or recreational drugs, but it cannot be judged in isolation.

It is also of interest that in his birth chart, Neptune opposes Kavanaugh's Jupiter, the planet most reflecting his legal career. Currently Jupiter is moving across his birth Neptune, which brings this matter into even greater focus and also where the truth becomes the most elusive component. Jupiter is also moving into square with his birth Sun, exact by October 9.

At 15.11 hours on Thursday when Brett Kavanaugh took the oath, intense and destructive Pluto was at the Ascendant in Washington. Venus was at the Midheaven. The Moon lay at the bottom of the chart. He mounted an impassioned but angry and embittered defence, taking political swipes at the Clintons, the Democrats and confirming the doubts about his political impartiality for the highest court in the land.

Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court, supported by the Republican majority, remains subject to an FBI investigation into Ford's claims. It brings the horoscopes of both Kavanaugh and Ford under difficult Jupiter aspects. But what is more important here? The truth or political expediency? Trump has already made his priorities obvious. But he may be underestimating female power.


Supreme Court nominees are not a responsibility of the legal profession, they are political appointments, with political being the operative word. Examine the opening statements, spoken by Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, when introduced at the Bill Passing ceremony of December 20 2017, finalising Donald Trump's first year in office.

“This has been a year of extraordinary accomplishment for the Trump administration. We've cemented the Supreme Court, right of centre for a generation. Mr President, thanks to your nominees, we've put twelve circuit court judges in place. The most since the circuit court system was put in place in 1891...you hold the record!”

McConnell's ideological achievement is conservative control of the courts for generations – pure political partisanship. Trump's desire for the same comes from an entirely different perspective. It's called self preservation. He learnt early on from underworld lawyer Roy Cohn, if you haven't got the right case, find the right judge.

Kavanaugh's views on absolute power for the President are a godsend for Trump. It's no secret on Capitol Hill and may come as a handy buffer for the Mueller investigation. This is the one thing that anyone, regardless of bias can see without the slightest shadow of doubt.

Keep an eye this week on Thursday October 4, as the transit of Mars comes to sesquisquare and embolden Trump's Sun, plus the transit of the Sun joins his progressed Mars. Hasty and impulsive actions will be on overload. Constitutional crisis round three! It certainly looks that way.

September 23


There seems little doubt, with a President bent on a campaign warpath against his own Justice Department, that the US is heading down the road of a constitutional crisis. I'm basing that on the astrological evidence and future considerations, involving the July 4 1776 birth horoscope of the United States, plus the personal birthchart of Donald Trump. Timing will be crucial.

When analysing judicial matters, the go to planet is always Jupiter. It represents justice and associated words, such as jurisprudence, are all literal derivatives from the planet's name. The condition and movement of Jupiter, in relation to the horoscopes of the nation and its leader, both point to a legal showdown looming. I expect it to shortly after the mid-term elections and be ongoing well into 2019.

In the birth horoscope of the United States, the secondary progressed Jupiter in Cancer is moving retrograde and coming back into square with Saturn in Libra. This aspect is now within a half degree and therefore sensitive to further transits of outer planets. By mid-November this year, the added transit of Jupiter will provide the trigger. The same transit will also oppose the Secondary Progressed Midheaven of the US chart.


When judicial Jupiter is involved in multiple challenging angles to both itself and authoritative Saturn, the potential for a legal high noon ramps up exponentially. Saturn symbolises the establishment. And in the birth horoscope of the USA, Saturn is positioned in the governing tenth house and exalted in the sign representing legalese - the symbolic balancing scales of Libra.

Click here for larger image

In the 90 degree cosmo dials used to illustrate these planetary relationships, the hard angled contacts between Jupiter and Saturn are easily identifiable and the timing looks to be crucial for mid-November. Mirroring this potential are current headlines of a bellicose President railing against his own Justice Department on the campaign trail. Add to that the virtual partisan deadlock in the President's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Further still are the claims that Trump's Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, considered evoking the 25th Amendment in wake of the chaos surrounding the sacking of FBI Director, James Comey. Although Rosenstein denies this, it would be no doubt feeding into the President's paranoia.

Factor in the ongoing Mueller Russia investigation and difficult aspects around Trump's immediate family charts and we have all the pieces in place for what is to follow. There are also additional scenarios, such as the Trump administrations dismissive criticisms of the International Criminal Court. It's all Jupiter stuff.


Then there is the man himself, Donald Trump, and his ongoing legal battles with Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti among others, or the trails and tribulations of Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. But if the horoscope of the nation shows such testing Jupiter aspects, so too must Trump's birth chart when examined across the same time window of mid-November. And they do.

The Secondary Progressed Jupiter of Trump's chart is still within half a degree of a departing square from his own Saturn. This well describes his ongoing difficulty with the system and his frustration at working within saturnine limitations, as he would feel progress impeded. By the mid-November period the transit of Jupiter will also semisquare his birth Jupiter and by November 17-18, transiting Mars will add fuel to the fire.

What is crucial to note in Trump's case, is that his own Secondary Progressed Sun is also now in semisquare to Jupiter. It's virtually impossible for him to avoid legal entanglements with the plethora of Jupiter aspects soon to come into perfect aspect. This will continue into 2019 as Jupiter, by then moving into Sagittarius, will also oppose his Gemini birth Sun.

The obvious implications, considering the November dynamics, are of the Democrats polling well in the mid-term elections and furthering impeachment proceedings against the President. Considering the sheer number of testing Jupiter aspects though, it may not only be limited to his political opponents. There may be added opposition within Republican ranks. I expect this to bubble up in early October leading into these November high noon stand offs.

If you're a regular reader you're probably aware of my work on the simple synodic cycle of the Sun and Jupiter in relation to all of the above subject matters. And how accurately the same cycle timed the critical developments of the Watergate investigation. I've also posted a YouTube video on this which has since been vindicated by subsequent events and arrests.

The next Sun-Jupiter cycle is due to begin on November 26 2018. The importance here being that the last cycle timed the indictments of Paul Manafort and Richard Gates within twenty four hours. It set the scene for what was to follow. While Gates took a plea bargain around the Sun Jupiter opposition, Manafort was subsequently found guilty jut after the closing square. The coming conjunction also falls very close to the November 27 birth date of Steve Bannon.

It will be a battle ahead. The history of Trump shows him involved him in multiple legal battles. He was schooled by Roy Cohn, a mobster lawyer, who reasoned that if you haven't got the evidence on your side, wait for the right judge. Therefore the challenges to the Justice Department will be great and I expect this to extend well into 2019. The coming months will set the scene.

When I began writing on the dictatorial nature and propaganda of the Trump campaign some years ago I showed how it was launched right at the Uranus return of the Third Reich. Astrologers took notice but there were also critics coming from the political perspective. It wasn't the only chart I took into consideration.

I'd had also looked at Adolf Hitler's Secondary Progressed Full Moon chart at the height of World War Two. It bore some fascinating correspondences that were impossible to overlook. So to finish this week's column. Here's what I saw. You be the judge.

September 16


In Douglas Adams classic sci-fi radio play – and subsequent book, series and movie – 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' the concept of quintessential capitalism is satirised via the legendary planet Magrathea and its laissez faire pioneers. Magrathea was the home of the richest beings of the universe – the human equivalent of today's one percenters.

Their all consuming success plunged the remainder of the cosmos into abject poverty. Having created a universal recession that destroyed an empire, and unwilling to suffer the consequences, these opulent occupants are placed on temporal life support, in unconscious hibernation, awaiting a galactic stock market recovery, to once again pillage and plunder.

Adams amusing portrayal of this undying aptitude for avarice has darker hint of underlying truth. The universe may have began with the Big Bang, but from the economic perspective, it's been boom and bust thereafter. Predicting when these periods are going to occur has kept economists and governments in constant suspense. This week's article looks at some of the more useful methods for relieving it.


September 15 2018 marks a decade since the collapse of Lehman Bros and the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's. In April 2008 I presented a lecture for the Federation of Australian Astrologers NSW branch in Sydney. My subject was financial astrology and the precise timing of the coming recession. The one and a half hour presentation was recorded on video and my reasoning is shown here. Click here to view the short video highlights.

One of the reasons I determined to deliver that April address was that at the beginning of the year I had been featured on national television forecasting the year ahead, in a five minute feature for Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair'. My calculation of the looming recession was cut from the broadcast. Deemed not suitable for New Years Day cheer. The economy, it seemed, must always be portrayed in a positive light. Whether, or not, it is.

Times have changed. Last week, J P Morgan Chase bank forecast that another recession is on the way. They've timed it for 2020 and anticipate that the US stocks market will slide around 20% with energy prices dropping almost double that and commodities by a similar margin. The good news – so they say – is that it won't be as steep as the last recession. What's the reality?


The irony of economics is that despite the different theories advanced across the years, historical records show that boom and bust is part of the rhythmic repetition of capital and not so easy to control. In order to study its timing and effects after the Great Depression hit, the US President Herbert Hoover, requested his Chief Economic Analyst, Edward R. Dewey, research its causes.

Dewey, who received conflicting information from his economists, instead studied cycles, from the biological to the financial. His initiatives resulted in the formation of the Foundation For The Study of Cycles by 1941 and a later book co-authored with Edwin Dakin entitled 'Cycles-The Science of Prediction' in 1947. Nevertheless, his work was considered pseudo-science by mainstream economists.

Dewey was not alone. Centuries prior, the English logician, Stanley Jevons, had proposed a sunspot theory on wheat prices that he'd gathered between the years of 1770-1808. He was repeating what the ancient Babylonian stargazers had done in the distant millennia, documenting agricultural commodity prices along with planetary positioning, in the earliest evidence of financial forecasting. The Amsterdam University has records dating from 365 to 61 BC.

Growth and decay are natural phenomena, as common as day and night, sunrise and sunset, yin and yang. They are also measurable phenomena. And although no moment ever repeats exactly, for each one is unique and new, there exists an underlying rhythm to life, from heartbeat to respiration, along with life spans of various species, breeding seasons, population fluctuations and so on.


The value of astrology in this sort of endeavour, is that it measures the multiple hands of the cosmic clock, from the Moon, through the inner planets and distant outer giants, to remote dwarfs such as Pluto.

There is a geometric aspect to consider in the harmonic division of any cycle. For example, a circle of 360 degrees can be broken down into the square of 90 degrees and both may be converted into years. This may work for invention (often the driver of economic growth) or financial forecasting.

Scientifically, 1609 was the landmark year of discovery in astronomy. It was the year that Johannes Kepler, revealed the formula for the elliptical orbits and precise measurement of planetary movement. It was also the year that the Galileo first turned his newly invented telescope toward the heavens. One complete cycle, 360 years later, equates to 1969, when Armstrong first set foot upon the Moon.


The difference between the two major US stock market blowouts of the 19th and 20th centuries were 1842 and 1932, exactly 90 years apart. If the 90 year cycle were to again prove precise that would make 2022 the future year to watch. However, such longer cycles usually have a greater orb, meaning that this period may actually have a slight variance of years.

What Dewey, along with other researchers discovered, is that there are always multiple cycles simultaneously interacting. This is much more like an orchestrated symphony than a solo instrumental. One of Dewey's most important finds was a wholesale prices recurrence pattern of 54 years, also coinciding with periods of war.

The famous Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, also proposed a 50-60 year cycle of western economic growth and decay averaging 54 years and now popularly known as the Kondratiev wave and reflecting technological innovation. The wave terminology was suggested by the Austrian born Harvard Professor, Joseph Schumpeter, himself a proponent of recurrence cycles.

Schumpeter with high ambitions to be the world's greatest economist, broke down the 54 year cycle into smaller harmonic components, being a business cycle of around 18 years, a 9 year cycle of fixed investments and a shorter 40 month cycle discovered in the 1920's by Joseph Kitchen. Almost all of these can be recognised by astrologers as representing planetary orbits, synodic cycles between two planets or bodies, or multiples of such.

The most obvious is the Moon's nodal cycle of 18.6 years, involving the opposing lunar nodes transits through the signs and their reversal every 9 years. They can be applied to political or economic forecasting, with the two often going hand in hand. For example the collapse of the Soviet Bloc occurred in 1989. One eclipse cycle later, in 2008, the western economic system also hovered on the brink of collapse. So what of 2025/6 and the Nodal recurrence?

Some might reason that the GFC, and its attendant debt, made way for a new age of nationalism, providing the prelude for the Brexits and Trumps, as an old global order breaks down. Professor Schumpter, who died over fifty years ago, reasoned that the eventual success of capitalism would lead to greater corporatism and then the decomposition of the capitalist structures toward a more socialist system. He insisted that he wasn't advocating this politically, merely analysing a trending pattern.


All of these patterns fly in the face of politicians claiming sole responsibility for economic success. Schumpter pointed this out in the recovery of the USA and Germany, using completely different methods, yet coincident with Roosevelt's New Deal and Hitler's ascension, both in the first quarter of 1933, or Stalin's parallel growth of the Russian economy. He wrote of Roosevelt's inauguration and the New Deal.

"It would be contrary to all experience and common sense, though of course no logical impossibility, that a process which can be strictly proven to have been running its course since at least the 16th century and right to the end of 1932, should have come to a stop suddenly on March 4 1933"

They can either be in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. Barack Obama inherited a broken America with the North Node moving through Aquarius, a time of business contraction, illustrated by Louise McWhirter in her classic 'Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting', published way back in 1938 .

Obama also came in under a Saturn Uranus opposition, another of McWhirter's prime negative indicators, and rated by financial astrologer Ray Merriman as the most powerful planetary economic cycle of all. The change that Obama promised you could believe in, became small change in the wash up. The stock market bottomed out in the second month of Obama's first term.

The Dow Jones then entered a long bull run, sufficing today. Now the lunar nodes have reversed, one wonders just how long it can last. Obama's successor, Donald Trump, points to his economic record as a measure of his success and a bulwark against his critics. For most of Trump's term the North Node has been moving through Leo, a recognised time of business growth and confidence, again noted in McWhirter's classic work.

The last time it was here spelt the dotcom bubble building and bursting as it left. The North Node will remain in Leo until November this year. Mainstream experts praise the current economic indicators. But will the current rate of growth continue or soon show signs of fluctuating instability? October 2018 could prove an interesting testing ground. Here's a month that has hosted 50% of the Dow's top ten tumbles.

Values planet Venus will station and head retrograde in Scorpio around the 5th. It is due to oppose erratic Uranus by the end of the month. Earlier, on the 10th Venus will square Mars, whilst trading Mercury opposes Uranus at the same time. The Full Moon of October 24 (the Black Monday of 1929) will fall on Uranus. The prior Full Moon of September 24 would have squared contracting Saturn. These are all minor patterns in the big picture. But they can provide a future indicator and trigger, of changing fortunes.

The J P Morgan Chase forecast of 2020 has to be taken seriously. There are converging planetary cycles between 2020 and 2026 that support other objective cyclic research, which haven't even factored planets in at all. Professor Schumpter may be right on the money with his future worldview. The principle cycle of socialism, the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, will form on the highly significant worldly axis, of zero Aries, in 2026. I'm guessing it won't go down so well in the avaricious world of Magrathea. More on this later.

September 9

It's rare! Since May 1 2016 through to January 7 2019, deceptive Neptune will complete a series of seven conjunctions to the United States Secondary Progressed Sun. This is the only time that this has happened in the history of the USA, from its birth of July 4 1776. It won't happen again until 2311, should the Union survive.

What is taking place could hardly be more metaphorical. Neptune lacks boundaries. It is ill-defined, symbolising the opposite of exactness and precision and instead representing obscurity and obfuscation. Neptune is the 'unknowing'. Even in accidental answers, it is not recognising the how or why. Yet it can also be our invaluable guide to the future.


Neptune breaks down, or dissolves the construct. This lack of definition is why the planet is connected to everything from snake oil salesmen and ethereal epiphanies to messianic religions; all the way out to the 'flying spaghetti monster', which poses the question that if such a deity doesn't exist, then why are all the planets shaped like meatballs?

In case you're wondering about this noodle nous, it originated as a protest letter and satirical spoof on the teaching of 'creationism and intelligent design', sent to the Kansas Board of Education. The author, self confessed hobo and hammock enthusiast, Bobby Henderson, receiving no reply, posted it on the Internet and it went viral.

There are now dedicated 'pasta-farians' across the globe and it is an official religion in New Zealand, the Netherlands and Poland. If you're interested in the alternative 'sauce of creation', I suggest a Google search. Just saying that Neptune is both the mystic and the misled and always defies rational explanation. But perfectly describes the irrational.


The Sun is what our solar system revolves around. Astrologically, it has always been connected to that which is central to all others, which is why it is personified as the leader or the king.

When Neptune joins the Sun, central purpose dissolves. The King may be seen as a messiah or a victim, the grand deceiver or the gullible believer. And of one thing you can be sure. The story, legend or fable will long be told.

It's interesting to note that during the time period that Neptune has contacted the USA's SP Sun, the position of the President of that country has been seen in a fuzzy Neptunian light...or fog.

The term 'fake news' is a White House buzzword and the position of the leader subject to relentless rumour. Official press briefings have offered up obvious untruths to the public and the authority of the presidency eroded.

When individuals experience the transit of Neptune across their Sun, it often accompanies a time-out period of unknowing and uncertainty, sometimes occasioned through an illness or ending that forces a retake on reality and tends to break down the ego.

Some elect to do this through drugs, alcohol or imagined alternate realities. There can be a genuine need to escape from regular schedules or environment. When it happens to a national chart, it creates a rime of inner reflection and loss of direction.


It was on May of 2016, upon Neptune's first transit across the USA's progressed Sun, that the main contenders for the next president of the US, were revealed as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both had won enough primaries and delegates to virtually guarantee their party's nomination. To much of the public this choice alone was a great Neptunian disappointment. For Clinton, whose Secondary Progressed Sun would square Neptune in the election year, it certainly proved as much.

It was also May of 2016 when Trump campaign worker George Papadopoulos made contact with Russian operatives. He would later lie to the FBI about these contacts, severely hampering their election investigation. The second contact of Neptune with the USA's SP Sun was on July 17 2016. Five days later Wikileaks published hacked Democrats emails. A clandestine operation was well underway.

The next Neptune to Sun conjunction occurred in March 2017, when the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed an ongoing investigation into the Trump team and Russia. Three days before the fourth conjunction, on August 30 2017, the US ordered the closure of Russian consulates in Washington DC, New York and San Francisco.

The fifth conjunction took place on February 16 2018. The next day produced the indictment of thirteen Russian nationals and two Russian entities in the Mueller investigation of election interference. Two days prior the truth finally emerged on the Stormy Daniels cover up with Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitting he had paid hush money, as the lies and obfuscation of Neptune came to haunt.

All of this was chipping away and gradually eroding the public faith in the office of their leader, and displaying the deceptive character of Donald Trump and his modus operandi. As Neptune has two more passes across the US progressed Sun we can anticipate, in advance, the timing of the next major development in the Russian probe and Trump expose.

The next crucial date is October 21 2018, arriving in the lead up to the November mid-term elections. It comes as increasing revelations from two time Pulitzer prizewinner, Bob Woodward's book 'Fear' describing the dysfunctional Trump presidency.

The book preview appeared on a day that the transiting Sun opposed transiting Neptune. It was followed by an anonymous Republican insider painting a picture of Crazytown inside the White House.

Meanwhile Trump with his 'whatever it takes' strategies appeals to the preachers and the pulpit for a Republican victory, confounding the Founding Father's insistence on a clear separation of religion and state. His own imperial dreams having already been revealed, in March of 2018 when Neptune last met the progressed Sun, as a presidency in perpetuity, just like Xi Jinping...or Vladimir Putin. A dissolution of democracy.

But Neptune will not last forever as the sevenfold transit ceases following January 2019. The ruse will be up and the Nightmare of Fifth Avenue coming to an end. Donald Trump will not a run a second term. He may not even complete his first one, although it may take time to remove him. For the Republican 'deep state' establishment, he will have already served his purpose.


In researching Neptune upon the progressed Sun, I also examined the one and only time when it opposed the USA's progressed Sun. That comprised another seven oppositions, between the years of June 18 1864 and February 14 1867. The oppositions covered the final days of the Civil War, the assassination of Lincoln and the early years of the Reconstruction under Andrew Johnson.

Johnson was lacking in formal education, but a persuasive speaker, with populist appeal to the working class, and in particular the Deep South. He was also a lifelong Democrat, who failed to carry out the Republican's wishes, resulting in impeachment proceedings, after the seven oppositions. On his counsel's advice the President did not appear at the trial.

This bid failed in the Senate in the March of 1868 where a 35 to 19 majority, fell one short of the required two thirds needed. One of seven Republicans who voted against it, James Grimes of Iowa declared, “I cannot agree to destroy the harmonious working of the Constitution, for the sake of getting rid of an Unacceptable President.”

The trial was a national spectacle and a thousand tickets were distributed daily for the public galleries. It was the first great constitutional crisis, pitting an uncooperative President, against his Congress and Senate. And it was brought to a head when Johnson fired the Secretary of War, for political advantage.

A later inquiry revealed that some of Johnson's acquittal votes had been acquired by the promise of patronage jobs and cash incentives. Johnson is now recorded as one of the worst Presidents ever. A toss up with the vacillating James Buchanan, who failed to prevent the Civil War.

There were even petitions requesting the abolition of the presidential position, reasoning it held too much power, with Johnson being a prime example of abusing it. And although Neptune may have precipitated the crisis, it's no fairy tale.

It's part of American history and goes to prove that some things never change. A good reason to put the same kind of faith in political representation as you might the 'Flying Spaghetti Monster'. For the Neptune bubble is soon getting ready to burst, This time with a different actor in the central role.

Sep 2


The political world is leaning precariously to the radical right. The last time I witnessed such a 'step to the right', it was part of a rocky horror show. Could we really be stuck in a time warp reminiscent of the nineteen thirties when partisan politics fractured fragile freedoms and led into a divided world.

It hasn't escaped some commentators that September 1 also witnessed the opening shots of World War Two. And as I've written in this column many times before, we're now experiencing the 79 year recurrence cycle of Mercury and Mars. It's been with us all year and it's happening now. The graphs below mirrror the movement of the two planets first in 1939 and then 2018.


There are some curious correspondences. Russia is about to conduct its largest military exercise in forty years along the Eastern Front. Back in 1939 Russia really did invade the Baltics in the Winter War. The Vostock 2018 maneuvers will utilise more than 300,000 troops and 1,000 aircraft. Supporting them will be 3,000 Chinese and Mongolian troops.

Is it a sign that Operation Vostock 2018 will commence on September 11? That's probably more coincidence, but it was only weeks before September 11 2001 that Russia and China signed a Friendship Treaty, promising mutual assistance in trade and security. Still Russia conducted a similar operation last September, just not on the same scope.

Russia defends the immense size of this war game, the largest since the Cold War era, through NATO's eastern creep and an increased US and British military presence in the Baltic States, with over 7,000 troops now stationed on Russian borders.


Not so coincidental is the Mercury Mars synodic cycle, duplicating its movements of 1939, in this year of increased international tensions. Mercantile Mercury symbolises commercial interests, communication, treaties and trade. Combative Mars is the lord of conflict and war. Put the two together and you get 'trade war'. And trade wars often escalate onto battlefields.

It's no secret that the global politic has become more insular and nationalistic since the Trump inauguration. Talks of tariffs and trade wars have dominated the news cycle and the swing to the hard right in government policy has been surprising to many – astrologers excluded.

We're witnessing the escalation of a growing trend. It was happening on Bush's and Obama's watch; just less noticeable unless you lived in the Middle East, Egypt or Libya. The Pacific pivot didn't happen overnight either.

Countries like Australia have had more visits from US politicians and military chiefs in the last few years than at any other time LBJ, the first presidential visit to talk up the Vietnam War. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have all marched through in an official capacity.

Obama arrived in 2011 to sign a military agreement. Clinton was here in 2010 and 2012 along with the U.S. Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta for talks on foreign policy and the armed forces. Biden gave an address aboard the newly commissioned HMAS Canberra in 2016.


Across the globe military budgets are expanding with the US plans for 2019 estimated at over $716 billion. That would sure buy a lot of cups of coffee. But perhaps we need something much less stimulating. Anyone for a Valerian tonic? No? Can't say I blame you...it's absolutely atrocious.

There are further similarities in the authoritarian political caricatures. Donald Trump began his campaign on the Uranus return of the Third Reich. But surely that was an unrelated coincidence. So everybody thought until his great mate, Steve Bannon, began a speaking tour claiming fascism was an irresistible consequence. And Trump claimed that unlimited terms would be a great idea after Xi Jinping virtually became the new Emperor of China.

Leaders were even following the same script. Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin led his country out of economic disaster to restore nationalistic pride, reclaimed the former Russian territory of Crimea and is hellbent on forging powerful military alliances, even with the former enemy Communist China. He won Time's Person of the Year along the way.

You might recall an earlier mustachioed former military figure, who also brought his country out of financial ruin to reclaim the Rhineland and Sudetenland, negotiate a non-aggression pact with Communist Russia and then go on to invade Poland. He'd taken out Time's Person of the Year too, back in 1938. Not to say that any of this has to happen again, but just noting some similar trends.

The swing to the hard right side of politics accompanies dictators and the disintegration of democratic principle. People power is sacrificed for blind faith in perceived messiahs. It's an unfortunate human characteristic in times of uncertainty to offload responsibility onto strong-arm characters, under the dangerous delusion that they'll restore stability.

Instead their populist appeal is fueled by fear. Fear of change, fear of losing control, fear of tomorrow. Fanning that fear is the divide and conquer societal breakdown that dictators propagate to sustain their power. War comes from this self-perpetuating division, not unlike an atomic reaction. It's not as if people would vote for it in a referendum.

So perhaps it's time to take a breath. To feel the rays of sunshine and savour what we have. To pray that we never have to endure what our forebears suffered seventy nine years ago, when Mercury and Mars last star trekked together like this. To look at 1939 and wonder why we would even begin to stumble down such a path.


You may recall that in previous columns I wrote how the earliest stargazers also incorporated omens; unusual events upsetting the natural order. A future president suddenly cowering in fear during a photo shoot as an eagle attacks would fit the omen criteria. The eagle being the symbol of the USA and the bird in question named Uncle Sam – the character symbolic of the archetypal American patriot, military and government.

So how might this play out? Could it mean that sometime down the track Donald Trump would experience great fear when his 'patriotism' came under fire. The Mueller investigation is currently examining those issues.

Or could it be more literal? Like the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots to win the Superbowl. And Trump canceling their NFL day at the White House.

Those symbols seem to fit perfectly, but nothing has come of that – at least yet – from the NFL team or their supporters, even though the President is constantly critical of players who protest his presidency by refusing to stand for the anthem. Prefer to wait and see on this one

Is it the death of a Trump adversary in fellow Republican, John McCain, a former military hero who Trump demeaned for being a prisoner of war? McCain would certainly fit the Uncle Sam analogy. He was also an aviator in keeping with the eagle symbol and lived in Phoenix. The Phoenix legend is of a bird that regenerates by rising from the ashes after death. Will the Trump's crass criticism of McCain return to haunt?

I don't normally indulge in omens, but the eagle one may have some clout. For if we are to count the days from when the attack occurred and add them to the inauguration date of January 20 2017, it brings us to the end of June early July period when things began to go pear shaped for the President.

Firstly, Trump was criticised by both sides of politics, for siding with Vladimir Putin above his own intelligence agencies. He immediately arranged a White House press stop claiming he simply misspoke. But strangely the lights went out during his incredulous explanation. Another omen perhaps. And an obvious one at that.

Then the Mueller investigation was boosted by eight federal felony verdicts against Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort. On the same day Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, began spilling the beans on his client's cover ups.

The President then dismisses a White House tribute to McCain, before later allowing the flags to fly at half mast. McCain's dying wish that Trump be banned from his memorial tops it off and we get a president's disapproval rate hitting record levels at 60% per cent.

There is a simple explanation for all of this. And Trump has an original answer for all of it. It's just fake news. Well that explains everything. Why didn't I think of that before. Besides Trump's loyalists would never believe in omens. They are far too discriminating for such gullibility. Aren't they???

August 26

I haven't been writing about Australian politics for a while, apart from my regular seasonal contributions to the Australian Federation of Astrologers Journal. But the events of the past week deserve careful analysis and explanation.

From the morning of August 21 2018, until the early afternoon of the 24th, will be remembered as the days that the Australian Federal Liberal Party imploded. Extraordinary scenes shut down parliament and confounded the nation. To assist understanding, it helps to go back to October 16 1944, when the name Liberal was adopted by Sir Robert Menzies, birthing his new party.

Progressing the Liberal's horoscope, to the meltdown of September 2018, brings the leadership Sun in opposition to progressed Saturn as it simultaneously squares Neptune. The paralysis of polarity between the hard right (Saturn) and socially minded (Neptune) middle ground locked into battle mode.


These excerpts from the FAA Journals 'Eye In The Sky' mundane articles of 2018 forecast a looming leadership crisis from within months in advance. It was easy enough to spot.

“Turnbull...will have Uranus impacting on his birth Sun. This time by opposition. But keep in mind that Uranus comes with Mars in square. And Malcolm Turnbull was born with a tight Sun to Mars square also involving Jupiter and Uranus. While these aspects are those of a battle, and impulsive reactions with little room for reason, they can also take one out of the picture. Therefore, Uranus is not a planet that any politician welcomes to their Sun. Just ask Barnaby Joyce."


“The Australian Federation swearing in horoscope of January 1 1901 13.35.42 in Centennial Park, has the transits of Uranus retrograding back and forth across its Ascendant of 29ARI36. Uranus will also square the Federation's Midheaven of 02AQU58, and Mars move across it multiple times. I had suggested in a prior column the possible change of leadership, something that seems remote at the time of writing.”


The remoteness was removed during an unprecedented five by-elections held on July 28 2018. Dubbed Super Saturday, it proved not so super for the Liberals. Labor's slender margin on the Brisbane seat of Longman, unexpectedly won in the 2016 election, was the litmus test.

A defeat would strengthen the Liberal's numbers and spell the probable career end of the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, providing the springboard for an early election. But the best laid plans of mice and men? Shorten, born May 12 1967, has a lucky Earth Trine of Sun/Mercury to Uranus/Pluto and this year and next, fateful Pluto will be favouring it.

The newspapers were claiming polling favoured the seat moving back to the Liberals and writing of internal unrest within Labor. But was this simply more of the Murdoch owned media repeating its not so hidden agenda of robustly guiding public opinion?

On July 12, Turnbull reframed Longman as a leadership referendum boasting, “The head up contest is between me and Bill Shorten as the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader.” A solar eclipse took place the following day. As omens go...not a good one.

Eclipses are known for eclipsing leaders. The by-elections were to be held the day after the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. This landmark eclipse would appear at the Midheaven, representing the government, of Australia's Federation horoscope.

The eclipse at 04AQU44, would also materialise with Mars, making its closest approach for the next 269 years. The eclipse and Mars were conjunct Prime Minister Turnbull's Mars and squaring his Sun. Getting the picture? Astrologically it doesn't get much clearer than that. Turnbull could soon be toast.

Labor's Susan Lamb won Longmen easily with a swing of over 4.6%. Shorten, who had gone there to campaign, was photographed in the victory shots. Turnbull was nowhere to be seen. But he was right on one thing. It was about to prove a referendum on national leadership.


I digress here to point out that Turnbull claims to not know his birth time. I exchanged emails with him in 2014, when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister, as I believed he would replace Abbott, coincident with coming eclipses. I asked for his birth time to verify that and he thanked me but claimed that he had no record of the time adding that with both of his parents having passed on, he had little way of finding out.

My reasoning was based partly on the fact that Abbott had a Solar Eclipse with Saturn on his birth Sun in 2013, the year he was elected Prime Minister. Turnbull would have a Solar Eclipse (with Venus accompanying) on his Sun the following year, which could very well swell his popularity and deliver him the leadership within twelve months. There was more to this, but the eclipses were pivotal.

As it played out Turnbull challenged for the Liberal leadership, the day after the September 13 2015 Solar Eclipse, defeating Tony Abbott in a party spilll. He was sworn in as Prime Minister at 13.34 hours on the 15th. But 2018 was now vastly different. Even without a birth time it was unmistakably obvious that there were storm clouds on the horizon.

Turnbull's birth Sun would be squared by multiple hits of Uranus in opposition, and Mars in square. Not so noticeable, but potently effective, was corrosive undermining Neptune, sesquisquaring his birth Sun. Add on the July 28 eclipse and Saturn transiting back and forth over his Secondary Progressed Sun and the astrological outlook was bleak.


August 2018 and chaotic Canberra was about to make global news. A government so polarised by their hard right factions, egged on by right wing media shock jocks and Murdoch talking heads, actually shut down parliament to settle old scores and scuttle their leader.

Once one of the most stable of western democracies would now witness six leadership changes in eight years. All over an obsessive resistance to climate change and a responsible and realistic energy policy.

The country watched in disbelief as three Scorpio's indulged the adage that revenge is a dish best served cold. But for Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton, it would be their opposite sign the Taurean Treasurer Scott Morrison, who would prevail, with fellow Taurean Bill Shorten rubbing his hands together in election anticipation.


Protagonist Peter Dutton was born in Brisbane on November 18 1970. His Scorpio Sun is both conjunct Jupiter and also at the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune. This is a highly idealistic combination but most importantly for what was about to transpire - his Jupiter also opposes his Saturn to the exact degree.

In January, May and also September 2018, Dutton would experience three Jupiter returns. They were made more significant by his Secondary Progressed Mars also joining his birth Jupiter around the July by-election period. His SP Venus was closing onto a conjunction with his SP Jupiter. This overload of unrestrained Jovian self-righteousness coincided with Dutton playing the lead role in a brazen leadership plot.

Turnbull met it head on. At 09.13 hours on August 21, he called a snap party spill and by 9.30 had easily defeated the challenger by 48 votes to 35. Dutton, undaunted and still egged on by hard right political and media connections, believed he could the reverse result by switching just 7 votes. In an unprecedented move, he refused to accept the result. Fellow party members were badgered to change their vote and call another spill.

On August 23, Turnbull reacted with a public address asking for a letter with 43 members signatures affixed and also requesting the Solicitor General to examine Dutton's eligibility to sit in parliament. At 13.34 hours he offered to call a party spill by noon next day on the receipt of the letter.

Saturn rose as he spoke those words. It was his curtain call but a master move, playing for time to provide an alternative result. Dutton's SP Mars was being handbraked as it now opposed his own Saturn.

This was also a telling example of Jupiter exuberance roadblocked by Saturnine experience. In a battle between the planetary heavyweights, the guile and patience of Saturn will always prove the bete noire for brickwalling Jupiter's naive enthusiasm. Solidarity and establishment won out. Dutton's SP Sun only just departing from a square to radical Uranus didn't help either.


Enter patient Taurean Scott Morrison, born May 13 1968 in Sydney. Like Shorten his birth Sun runs in opportune trine to fast acting Uranus and power broker Pluto. Morrison was riding on some very productive transits in 2018, coming into his Pluto trine by transit and experiencing the elongated stay of Mars in Aquarius in accommodating trine to his Gemini birth Mars throughout this critical time period.

A day before the first spill Morrison had the Sun conjoining his birth Jupiter and during the heat of the battle it came to meet his SP Jupiter. This just so happened to be in a Grand Trine with sober Saturn with insurgent Uranus.

Grand Trines are like the parting of the Red Sea. Such is life when opportunity knocks. And it wasn't going away in a hurry. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars all coming to trine his natal Mars by the last week of September, after a Sun/Mercury trine to his Sun mid-month, Morrison's short term future was looking promising.

At 12.51 pm on Friday the numbers were up. Morrison was the last one standing, defeating Dutton and taking out the Deputy PM, Julia Bishop in the process. Australia would have a new leader, sworn in by 18.13.54 that evening in Canberra.

Morrison had become the accidental Prime Minister, almost without raising a glove. Something he'd planned for all along. But be careful of what you wish for as it may well come to pass. The real war is only just beginning.



When planetary cycles are discussed the Uranus Pluto combination is up front and center concerning purposeful world change. The very meaning attached to this particular cycle – building anew upon the ruins of the old - amply describes its effect.

But perhaps the Jericho effect of its full implications are imperfectly understood. This article hopes to aid clarification, although it begins with the familiar, before moving to ancient Greece and Anatolia.

Comparing the recent Uranus Pluto square with the previous one, of the 1930's, has its uses. Back then the western world was mired in financial crisis. The breakdown in global trade was producing rising nationalism, dictatorial leaders and a growing political polarity between left and right extremes.

There are certain similarities, useful to observe, along with pitfalls to avoid. But such squares come along too frequently to further the foresight of the big historical picture. Or to make more meaningful projections. To look at the last time Uranus spent its entire transit of Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn it's necessary to step back over three thousand years to the Egyptian Empire of Ramesses III.

That will be covered here...but for now.


The current Uranus Pluto birthed in the mid-60's. It was the day of the micro-computer, space travel and even spacier drugs, counter culture and pop art. You can throw in the civil rights and anti-war awareness, alternative lifestyles and a celebration of youth. Father, nor mother, didn't always know best. Life was never the same after the sixties.

The humanitarian promise of that era, and its anti-establishment ethos, faded to a following decade of bad fashion flairs, airplane collars and plastic disco, degenerating even further into an eighties age of rampant materialism, yuppies and coats with shoulders so wide it was safer to walk through doors sideways.

The new age of square was art was imitating life. The people power and communal movements of the sixties dissolved into corporate competition and a number crunching economic rationalisation of existence. The hopeful promise of a JFK was cut short, leading to the culpable shame of a Richard Nixon. Similar to a sage's beard morphing into a porno moustache, it was a case of opportunity lost.

But if you work with cycles, some of that is to be expected. There are some demanding aspects to deal with during the cycles growth stages. The groundbreaking challenges that the sixties presented to the establishment, were bound to incite robust retaliation. Respite came in the form of the Uranus Pluto sextile of the 1995/96.


It seems a long way back to August 1995, when Windows 95 debuted offering the option of an inbuilt web-browser – Explorer 1. The home computer was now instigating the information age, coupling Uranian technology with Pluto mass media, with the two in friendly alignment. People got to communicate en masse, for a price.

Dotcom investments soon drove US markets to record levels. A week before Explorer's release, Uranus was passing across the wealth planet Pluto in the second house – or money zone - of the USA's July 4 1776 birthchart. As the Uranus Pluto cycle was at sextile, Pluto formed the same sixty degree angle to the US Pluto. When you get a moment, just check the Dow Jones levitating from 1995.

Then of course Uranus and Pluto came toward their square. It was bound to do what most squares do...spoil the party. Uranus was still eight degrees from perfecting the square when the power of a precise lunation cycle prematurely activated it. The Full Moon of September 15 2008 was conjunct Uranus. It was a day that Lehman Bros and global stock markets will never forget.

The following Sun Moon square brought the Moon at 29 degrees of Gemini into opposition to Pluto at 28 of Sagittarius with the Sun at 29 of Virgo. This wasn't a one off. There would be no immediate market bounce back. This was a recession for the long haul. And its one that had earthquake reactions on the establishment and the people's mistrust of it.

If the sixties generation thought that life was unfair and civil conditions needed an update, this square was going to show clearly the roots of change. And it delivered a politician who promised change.
The US elected their first black president in Barack Obama. Hope sprung eternal. But Obama hit a wall...or rather a Wall Street. Suddenly the establishment was 'too big to fail'. Instead Congress did.

Now at this point I should add that buzzwords like 'deep state' are telling us nothing we don't already know. Whether it's a military industrial complex or just corporate capitalism, the idiot's guide to conspiracy theories will always return to the one thing – it's simply the established system.

There's no great mystery here. It's been that way since the beginning of civilisation. When it works, it's great and nobody gives a cuss. When it's not working...and it hasn't been working for decades in the exploited countries...it sucks big time.

By the exactness of the Uranus Pluto square something was smelling suspiciously 'fishy'. It wasn't that anyone had suddenly discovered the (number 42) reason for existence answer. But they were identifying the inequalities. We saw 'Occupy Wall St', witnessed Tea Party rebellions, and a loss of faith in parts of the system. The one thing this political polarity was lacking though, was positive prophetic vision.

But let's return to the core meaning of Uranus and Pluto, building anew upon the ruins of the old. It first requires a breakdown of structures. Characters like Donald Trump, whose Sun lies with Uranus and semisquares Pluto, embody this Uranus and Pluto chaos even on a personal level. They are an inevitability in the news cycle, as the actual planetary cycle moves on from its square. But we can be more specific by bringing in more precise information.


In the last three millennia 'there has only been one period when 'Uranus has completed a full transit through Aries in square to Pluto in Capricorn'. It's something rarely acknowledged, with most discourse fixated purely on Pluto in Capricorn or simply the square aspect. So let's delve a little deeper here.

The period in question extends from 1173 BC to 1165 BC. Pluto had moved into Capricorn from January 1183 BC and Uranus entered Aries by the end of June 1173 BC. There it would remain until 1165 BC with the square reaching exactness during 1167-66 BC. This period is one of the most captivating of ancient history.

1173 BC is surprisingly close to the title of the non-fiction work, '1177 BC: The Year That Civilization Collapsed'. It was written by the Eric H Cline, a professor of ancient history and archaeology, and published by Princeton University. The book won numerous awards following its release in 2014, coincidentally at the height of the current Uranus/Pluto square.


Professor Cline admits that the year chosen is for dramatic effect and drawn from Ramesses III's Egyptian records, describing an attack of the 'Sea Peoples'. The real work examines the almost simultaneous fall of eight powerful interlocking states and the domino disruption of diversified cultures, occasioning the collapse of the late Bronze Age. For Cline, it remains the most exciting and pivotal period of ancient history.

Fellow historian, Professor Robert Drews, wrote of this overall period, “Within a period of forty to fifty years at the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the twelfth century almost every significant city in the eastern Mediterranean world was destroyed, many of them never to be occupied again.”

Civilisations affected were the Egyptian Empire, which never recovered its glory. The Hittite Kingdom, occupying ancient Turkey and the Levant. The Amorites and Kassite dynasty of Babylon fell along with the Mycenaeans, the first civilisation in mainland Greece.

With there demise went international trade and cultural diversification. Drews identified this societal breakdown as “the worst disaster in ancient history, even more calamitous than the collapse of the Western Roman Empire." It precipitated a dark age for intellectual and human development.

There are multiple reasons given for such synchronicity of systematic collapse. They are derived from ancient writings and archaeological finds. One is the ongoing attacks of warrior groups called the 'Sea Peoples', naval marauders, pirates and invaders patrolling the Mediterranean coastlines. They were certainly a big part of the problem, but hardly all of it.

Famine caused by a combination of accelerated climate change and natural disasters accompanied disease in the chronicles of the Hittites. Revolutions played a decisive role as the suffering populations lost faith in the direction and powers of their leaders. What was evidenced in those ancient times was the fragility of mighty empires when their global networks were cut off.

In watching Professor Cline lecture on this subject so close to his heart, I was taken by his summary where he then compared those times to now. He talked of the collapse of the Greek economy and the refugee and integration crises created by the Syrian Civil War and collapse of infrastructure in the Middle East.

He mentioned how climate change and drought is affecting even greater areas now. How world trade is suffering. He claimed that the headlines of today matched the collapse of the Bronze Age. But he did not compare today's western marauders with 'Sea Peoples', nor make mention of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. He would be blissfully unaware of any planetary correlations.

But there is a deeper message here, regardless of what measuring stick is being used. It concerns the fragility of civilisations when we fail to address change in a more committed and progressive manner than building walls or waging war. With three thousand years of accumulated knowledge, we surely know what those are causes of collapse are.

Working more productively to ride on and above the waves of change is the intelligent option. 2026 and the next promising aligment between Uranus and Pluto should then show the benefits and answers of responsibly rising to the challenge together. And together is the only way it's going to work. More next week.



On Friday August 10, Vice President Mike Pence announced the intended creation of a sixth branch of the US military - the Space Force. Pence born June 7 1959, in Columbus, Indiana, fittingly has his Sun and Mercury conjunct the USA's birth Mars in Gemini. Trump's Sun is also right on the US Mars, plus there are echoes of a past Republican President involved in this one.

On February 11 1983 Ronald Reagan met with his Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. He was shown a presentation by the naval chief Admiral John Watkins, promoting a contrary nuclear strategy to replace the Mutually Assured Destruction deterrent. It involved strategic missile defense. Something previously avoided by the scientific community, fearful that its success would inevitably lead to nuclear war.

Reagan ran with it. By March 23 he was addressing the world with an ambitious Star Wars plan. Earlier, in the year of his election, Reagan visited a space command center in a hollowed out mountain in Colorado. He was amazed that, ''They actually are tracking several thousand objects in space, meaning satellites of ours and everyone else's, even down to the point that they are tracking a glove lost by an astronaut.” But he was perplexed that there was no missile defense system.

One of the biggest lobbyists for the Strategic Defense Initiative was Edward Teller, known as the father of the hydrogen bomb. Unlike fellow scientists, Teller never advocated nuclear control and his character was parodied as the crazed scientist 'Dr Strangelove'. Teller met Reagan, reinforcing the fear that if the Soviets developed the technology first – world domination was inevitable.

Reagan held talks with a more moderate Soviet leader in Mikhail Gorbachev, culminating in the famous Reykjavík Summit starting from 10.40 am on October 11 1986 (as Mercury and Pluto rose at the Ascendant) and continuing the following day, in Iceland.

Their meetings eventually did much to reduce the global nuclear stockpile, but the sticking point was Reagan's Star Wars plan. Reagan held fast on this, offering to share the technology with the Soviets. Gorbachev, aware the US would not even share oil drilling technologies, remained unconvinced.


The astro-relevance of the Reykjavík Summit was Mars moving through the start of the sign of Aquarius, as it is today, and the Moon joining Mars during the meeting. Recently we had a lunar eclipse bringing the Moon back into alignment with Mars, again at the beginning of Aquarius and so virtually at the same position. The timing is reasonably appropriate that America is reviving its militarisation of space.

Mike Pence's official Pentagon announcement on August 10 2018, of the new US Space Force – continued the Trump administration's duplication of the Ronald Reagan play book that began by mimicking Reagan's original campaign logo of 'Let's Make America Great Again'. Both rely on an evil adversary.

Back in the 1980's that foe was the Soviet Union, branded by Reagan as the Evil Empire in an obvious reference to Star Wars. Reagan managed to justify the largest ever peace time spending on a military budget by playing on the Cold War 'us and them' division. For Trump, the nemesis is China. But it could be any country providing they become a powerful economic force.


At 21.11 hours Beijing time, on December 14 2013, China became the third nation, after the USA and Russia to complete a soft landing of a spacecraft on the lunar surface. The coincidence here was that Mars was conjunct the same position of the last lunar landing of August 22 1976. The Nodes were also conjunct here. China and Russia are conducting joint robotic exploration of the Moon.

The current cycles of both Mars, as the planet of war, and Mercury, the planet of commerce, are a repeat of 1939, the beginning year of WWII. We are entering the late August/September period when that battle began. What we are currently witnessing is the amping up of Donald Trump's trade war, part of the dominance strategy.

Trade wars, like economic sanctions, often lead to real wars. What they are now producing, is a fracturing of once trusted alliances, a rise in aggressive nationalism and an unco-ordinated global division. International protocols are dropping by the wayside, witnessed by the belligerent attitudes of Saudi Arabia against Canada, withdrawing diplomats, for any criticism of their royal repression.


The Space Force announcement also comes with Mars within two degrees, on the second of its three squares to the mythical sky god Uranus. Mars in square with technological and 'electric' Uranus is the perfect planetary formula for aerial or cyber warfare. The third and final square will occur on September 18.

The Mars Uranus square is also firing up unpredictability in equity and currency markets. The Dow Jones which returned a massive 24% plus gain last year has struggled in 2018, and barely registering one tenth of its 2018 gains. This erratic uncertainty is spooking investors, witnessed again last week with the nosediving Turkish lira.

Australia, caught between allegiances to its largest trading partner, China and military alliances to the US, will feel the effects of the trade battle acutely, by the next Mars Uranus conjunction which will appear on the Federation's Ascendant and the First Settlement horoscope's IC, or home and property area. It's due mid February next year.

Back in 1960 the USA accounted for around 40% of world gross domestic product. Today it contributes around half of that. Although the US remains the world's biggest overall consumer, China is now the world’s biggest market for cars and smartphones. To win a trade war with China, Trump would have to enlist the aid of Japan and South Korea, which brings us back to the 'Pacific Pivot' manouvering.

The Space Force announcement is sending obvious messages that the US intends to maintain its global military and economic domination. It's also playing on the old maxim that presidents garner greater support when playing on national security fears. And importantly it's providing a new narrative when the legitimacy of the administration is under threat. Ironically through co-ordinated cyber warfare.



No, the end of the world isn't around the corner. Instead it's about to turn a corner. The coming partial solar eclipse of August 11 2018 peaking at 09.46.17 am, Universal Time, begins over the North Atlantic, moving east toward Northern Europe and Iceland. It's shadow can be seen in Russia, before descending onto Mongolia and northern China.

China is one country whose national horoscope is targeted by this eclipse and the accompanying planetary formation. The eclipse falls in the seventh house of the People's Republic of China chart, declared at 15.02 hours China Coast Time, on October 1 1949.

A solar eclipse in the seventh house of alliance, is realigning China's international relations. This one falls precisely on the nation's Pluto and close to its competitive Mars. Having a volatile combination like Mars and Pluto, in their seventh house of allies and enemies, aptly describes China's relationship to the nuclear powers, the USA and Russia.

The August eclipse also squares China's Venus, representing its values and valuables, in the ninth house of overseas involvement. The eclipse Mercury, the planet representing commerce and merchants, is conjunct China's seventh house Mars, which neatly encapsulates a description of commercial conflict or 'trade war'.

From late June to late September 2018 (and again from April 2019) the planet of rapid realignment, Uranus, is squaring China's Ascendant/Descendant; the axis of relationship within the horoscope. China's Ascendant has been feeling competitive Mars in Aquarius, retrograding back and forth from late May, again around this eclipse time and further in late September.

Click here for larger image


The recent long lunar eclipse with Mars fell right on China's Moon and Ascendant combination. It is also affecting the mood of the people and has a further correlation to home boundaries, particularly in light of the containment strategies being adopted by the US and its Pacific allies.

Part of the US President Donald Trump's plan in buddying up to Vladimir Putin of Russia, would be to test and undermine Russian ties to China and North Korea. On July 16 2001, Russia and China signed a Friendship Treaty guaranteeing mutual economic and military support. The planetary aspects of that treaty to the USA's birth chart are similar to those of 911 – making them potentially very dangerous foes.

Russia, via its expanded Tran-Siberian pipeline (the eclipse falls over this area) is China's leading oil supplier. By financially isolating Russia and working to contain China's growth, both economically and militarily, the US and its allies can reinforce sanctions on 'rogue' countries that do not defer to their dialogue. This eclipse in China's relationship house is timing the differences.

Recall that 19 years ago, the year the last August 11 total solar eclipse, a stray CIA missile exploded on the Belgrade Chinese Embassy, during the Kosovo War, killing several nationals. It created an international incident. The lines of communication between Washington and Beijing were down for several days. China's President Jiang Zemin refused to receive US President Bill Clinton's calls of apology.


The Embassy incident occurred May 07 1999, as the Sun cast an approaching square to the August 11 eclipse degree. This year Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was inaugurated for a fourth term on May 7. Putin was originally catapulted to the position of Russian Prime Minister two days prior to the August 11 1999 eclipse. There's a connection as this eclipse returns.

The approaching square from the Sun to the eclipse degree yields valuable insight into key the themes of the eclipse. May 7 this year also marked a meeting between North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un and the Chinese leader Xi Jingping. On May 08 at 14.20 hours Donald Trump pulled the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Two days later, Trump announced that he would be meeting Kim Jong for a June summit. These events, marry the relationship of North Korea, Vladimir Putin and Iran into this eclipse cycle. Iran is an obvious target due to the Israel/US relationship.

Some things never change. Iran and North Korea were named as an Axis of Evil back when Republican George W Bush was at the helm. There's no difference among Republicans today. But Russia and China don't march to that drum. And countries like North Korea, Iran and (also Venezuela) are dependent upon their financial support.


August 11 is the opposite calendar date of February 11 – the commemoration date of the Iranian Revolution. On this date, in 1979 at 14.00 hours, Iran radio declared their freedom from the powers loyal to the Shah. It marked the end of the Pahlavi dynasty. Today it's a national holiday as representing independence from imperialism.

The August 11 eclipse Sun and Moon are opposite the Sun and Mars of the Iranian Revolution. At the last August 1999 eclipse, the Prime Minister of Iran was a liberal reformer named Mohammad Khatami, elected with 70% of the popular vote. Khatami became famous for his theory 'Dialogue Among Civilisations' which was received international support when introduced to the United Nations.

Khatami argued for moralising the political system, advancing ideas where “culture, morality, and art must prevail on politics”. His work was considered a reply to the US author, Samuel P Huntington's 1993 article, “Clash Of Civilisations” (published at the Uranus Neptune conjunction) theorising that after the Cold War, Islam would become the next hurdle to western domination and precipitate the next war.

Khatami, a pacifist, served two terms, ending with the election of hardline conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by 2005 and a resumption of anti-western rhetoric. The western occupation of neighbouring Iraq helped harden Iran's political narrative, at a time when relations had been improving.

Trump's Saudi support, US embassy move to Jerusalem and ongoing criticism of the Iran nuclear deal have revived the enmity between the US and Iran. If we time travel back to the eclipse of August 11 1980 in the 19 year Metonic cycle it preceded the start of the Iraq and Iran War. The Reagan adminsitration backed Saddam Hussein, even supplying the components for chemical weapons.

August holds a special place in Iranian history. On August 19 1953 a joint coup of the CIA and M16 replaced and the imprisoned their Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh for nationalising Iran's oil industry. It led to the Islamic Revolution, considered the most important since Russia's, and established under an Aquarian Sun/Mars conjunction, squaring renegade Uranus.

The chart of the Revolution, will be fielding not only the opposition of the eclipse but also the ongoing Mars Uranus square of 2018. Trump's capitalised tweet against Iran threatening, “CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE” came as Mercury, 'the messenger' in Leo, stationed opposite the Revolution's Sun.

The Secondary Progressed Sun of the Revolution is also moving to semisquare its natal Mars. This comes as Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with the US, seek to isolate Iran economically in order to force the country toward regime change. This power-keg meddling could easily escalate.


The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, born July 15 1939 in Mashad, is experiencing the 2018 Mars/Uranus repeating square as a 'Mars' return both now and on September 18. It's a combustible combination. Khamenei has already survived one assassination attempt, back on June 27 1981, when a bomb was placed inside a tape recorder he was using for his prayer session.

He still has a paralysed right hand from the explosion. His own Mars is hard aspected to both Saturn and Pluto, the triple Mars return bringing Uranus in square, could correlate with aggressive attempts to remove him from power. They could also point to health issues, along with the obvious volatility attached.


In neighbouring Iraq the rebel Shi'ite cleric and anti-corruption campaigner Muqtada al-Sadr, a staunch opponent of US occupation, was born August 12 1973. He experiences this eclipse on his birth Sun. His father, also an anti-corruption campaigner and leading Shi’ite cleric was assassinated by Saddam Hussein's secret service in 1999, the last year of an eclipse on August 11.

Al-Sadr's popularity grew significantly, following the 2003 US invasion. His Mahdi army provided the greatest resistance to foreign occupation. In 2016 he led a million man march on the Green Zone in Baghdad. Back in May as the Sun squared the eclipse degree, Al-Sadr's party dominated the Iraq elections. The looming August 11 2018 Solar Eclipse is a crucial one for his immediate initiatives and his Shi’ite movement in the Middle East.


Why is this eclipse so important for the direction of civilisation? Solar eclipses recurring on this zodiacal degree have timed some of the most significant power shifts of the 20th century. The solar eclipse of August 11, 1942 fell only four days prior to the Battle for Guadalcanal. That crucial confrontation was considered the turning point for the Allies in the Pacific War against Japan.

A fortnight after the same eclipse, the Battle of Stalingrad pitted Russia's Red Army against the might of Nazi Germany. The five-month conflict became Hitler's first major defeat on the eastern front and changed the course of World War II. Two days after the same eclipse, civil disobedience rocked India, and was pivotal for India’s self-rule plus the creation of Pakistan again in the mid-August five years down the track.

This eclipse returned to the same degree on August 11, 1961 and two days later the construction of the Berlin Wall began. When the eclipse recurred in 1980, the Polish political activist Lech Walesa led a rolling strike in the shipyards of Gdansk. This movement, named “Solidarity”, became the first signs of a crack in the previously impregnable eastern bloc and led to the eventual disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Then along came August 11 1999, and that little known KGB operative named Vladimir. Clearly, this eclipse appears to be producing another major re-alignment for modern-day Russia and its international relations. And I haven't even mentioned Israel and Palestine, this eclipse is squaring their respective birth Suns. Don't be downplayed on the significance of the August 11 2018 eclipse. It has a history...a very impressive history. The next chapter is soon to be written.

July 29


They say it's never over until the fat lady sings. The Trump cover ups have had plenty of other females singing and now his principal fixer, Michael Cohen, looks like joining the chorus. But the fat man remains silent. Instead the President assures, 'What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening.'

That's not the case for this astrology site, where the term 'gaslighting' has become commonplace in my analysis of the USA's and Trump's horoscopes. Yes it was written here months ago based on the Aries and Cancer Ingress charts with 'gaslighting' Neptune at the Midheaven, representing the administration. And the progressing USA chart, with Neptune around the progressing Sun.

Now it looks like the mainstream media have got hold of this descriptive Neptune term and in particular CNN's Anderson Cooper. The word scrolls below Anderson's reports on the President's frequent cover-ups and his misleading spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. The term refers to devious contradictions which make one doubt their own sanity. It helps to have a sense of humour.

The real insanity of course, stems from the White House. The Aries and Cancer Ingress charts may be reliably and progressively descriptive of the Trump presidency. And they can certainly be relied upon much more than his press secretary. They both have obfuscating Neptune at the administrative Midheaven. So the unreal - it's real alright.

When Donald Trump uses the phrase 'to be honest' you can bet he's covering for something. It's pretty much the way he answered interviewers from the NYT, when asked whether he knew the time or day that the contentious Trump Tower meeting took place.

The denial was “No, I didn't know anything about the meeting.” Followed by a Freudian slip “It must have been a very important meeting (immediately changing to)...must have been a very unimportant meeting, because I never even heard of that.”

Of course the meeting was unimportant enough to have Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, on hand. Unimportant enough to add Trump's digital, social networking and media adviser, Jared Kushner. And son Donald Jnr, who was so initially enthused about the whole thing, enough that people flew in from interstate and overseas, just to be there.

What Don Jnr forgot to mention was the other visitors. The Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, with close Kremlin connections. The Soviet counter intelligence officer, Rinat Akhmetshin. The Georgian/US business entrepreneur Ike Kaveladze, In fact until the New York Times threatened to publish his emails, Trump Jnr denied having any contact with Russians at all.


During an 'arranged' Sean Hannity interview, Trump's son denied any phone calls had taken place prior to, and associated with, the clandestine meeting. He later admitted there were three phone calls, one to a blocked number, which Don Jnr then failed to identify. And all of this time Donald Snr played dumb.

But he didn't play so dumb when dictating an alibi for his son to explain that the whole shebang was really about adoption. Obscuring the truth, would indicate an obstruction of justice. So the denials came thick and fast that the President had not dictated his son's response. A story that held until months later when Trump's lawyers finally admitted he was behind the whole misleading story.

When questioned about the meeting, Trump's former campaign manager claimed it was impossible for him to be at the meeting as they were both on their way to a Miami rally on June 9. But there was no rally in Miami. Another false alibi. That day Trump attended a lunch only two blocks from Trump Tower. He left at 1.02 pm and spent the rest of the day doing what? The meeting was at 4 pm.

At the beginning of 2016, as I surmised the planetary cycles of the year ahead, the standout aspect of the time was a June 4 Grand Cross. It was featuring the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all in square and locked in by a triple conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Venus. It was a very powerful pattern.

The Grand Cross had major implications on the horoscope of the USA. But when it formed, it seemed to pass without incident. Of course, back in June 2016, nobody knew about a secret meeting that would eventually redefine, not only the US/Russia relationship, but faith in the integrity of the election that same year.

Did Trump know about this meeting. Here's what he said in a campaign speech in California on June 7 about an upcoming revelation. The Russian meeting took place two days after these words. You be the judge.

"I am going to be giving a major speech on (hesitates)...probably next Monday of next week. And we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons. And you're going to find it very informative...and very, very interesting!"

Here's the New Moon chart of June 2016 (outer wheel) on the American chart.

Or if you want a larger version to examine..click here.

So you have to ask, why all the lying and cover-up? Why is it so difficult to actually just tell the truth? Because that's the way they operate. Cover all tracks and when they are revealed, downplay the importance, claim it was much ado about nothing. And if that doesn't work, question why it matters at all. Deviously deflect. Keep switching the narrative.

All the while Trump does this, he is watching the reactive polling, taking note of the media coverage and aiming to change the headlines via Twitter tweets. The strategy is blatantly obvious. But as P.T. Barnum supposedly said, 'there's one born every minute'. When Trump claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and people would still vote for him. He knew his targets well.

This would all be perfectly laughable, like a Simpson's sitcom...if it wasn't really happening in front of our eyes. Who would have thought that the highest office in the political world would be treated with such flippancy and self-indulgence. By one whose most successful prior experiences were in the business of media self-promotion?

But the veneer is starting to wear thin with the multiple hush money payments, buying silence, squashing the truth. Even proving that would take a raid on his lawyer, Michael Cohen to start spilling the beans. And then the gaslighting would return. Cohen was unimportant – he was one of many lawyers I use, says Trump. The reality is Cohen served as a Vice President of the Trump Organisation and was his principal fixer.

It's all unfolding gradually, in synch with a synodic planetary cycle involving the Sun, signifying leadership, and Jupiter, the planet representing the justice department and legal affairs. The significant turning points of the cycle are the conjunction, which corresponds to a starting point, the squares suggesting breakthrough developments and the opposition also indicating important revelations that tip the balance.


It's coming up to August 6, when the Sun form the exact approaching square to Jupiter, the planet of law and judicial matters. If you're a first time reader, you'll like what follows. Regular readers will just see how descriptive these planetary alignments have proven so far in the Sun Jupiter Cycle.

September 26 2016 – Conjunction - The precise day of the first televised presidential debate, where Clinton brings up the subject of Russian interference and Trump deflects it to a 400 pounder sitting on a bed. This is the first time that the combatants had brought the Russian hacking issues to the attention of the wider global audience.

January 11 2017 – Opening Square - The President elect's first press conference. He angrily denies damning rumours stemming from an intelligence dossier partly funded by his opponent. An all out attack upon the press. Trump Tweets "Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!" Same day that Michael Cohen tells Sean Hannity there is no relationship between Russia and the Trump team.

April 07 2017 – Opposition - The official day of conservative judge Neil Gorusch's appointment, giving a Republicans a numerical advantage in the Supreme Court. Trump considers this one of his greatest achievements of the year. On April 11 Trump calls FBI chief James Comey and asks him to 'get it out' that the President is not under investigation in the Russian election probe. Comey passes that one onto the Justice Department. It's the last time they talk.

July 5 2017 – Closing Square - The square falls just days before the revelation of the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives, an allegation consistently denied by the Trump camp. Trump secretly dictates an alibi for his son, but this his involvement is denied by the White House. On July 7, Trump conducts a private two hour meeting with Vladimir Putin, with no US aides in attendance. Articles of impeachment are formally filed in the House of Reps by July 12.

October 26 2017 - Conjunction - New Cycle - Prosecutor Robert Mueller, heading up the Russian probe into US election interference, makes his first indictments against former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort and his deputy Richard Gates on the 27th. He obtains three of Manafort's bank accounts.

February 10 2018 – Opening Square – On the 16th Robert Mueller indicts thirteen Russian citizens and two other Russian entities in the largest catch yet from the ongoing investigation. The charges are accompanied by 37 page document for public consumption. Two days later Richard Gates, reverses his not guilty plea to guilty and agrees to testify for the prosecution.

May 08 2018 – Opposition – The Senate committee finally release a report that admits Russia was trying to undermine confidence in the US election. The House reports no advantage to Donald Trump. By the 16th the Senate Intelligence Committee disagrees, endorsing a report from US intelligence and confirming that Russia operated to help Trump win the 2016 election.

August 06 2018 Closing Square – The next significant development is upon us, especially now that Michael Cohen appears to be turning on his old master as confidential tapes and evidence cast further light on multiple cover-ups. This is the new plateau, with possibly more disclosure from the Trump Tower meeting, revealed initially at the previous cycle's closing square.

The above dates can hardly be so consistently coincidental. In a gaslighting world, they offer tangible hope, a reliable guidleine. The square may also push Trump toward precipitous acts. We're eventually moving toward the cycle repeating by November 26. These are the crucial dates to mark on the Trump 'witch hunt' calendar. Meanwhile on Fifth Avenue...

Next week I'll be tracking the August 11 Solar Eclipse and how it impacts upon the chart of Iran and its leadership. Hope you enjoyed watching the latest lunar eclipse, second in the current trilogy that will cast their shadows across the rest of the year.

July 22


At 20.20 hours Universal Time on July 27 2018, we will experience the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Australian east coast viewers will need to be up before sunrise to see this spectacular blood red moon at 6.20 am on the 28th. This is how it will look in the northern latitudes.

The last time a total lunar eclipse appeared at close to four degrees of Aquarius was back on July 26 1953, with the Moon at 03AQU12. The importance of that time period cannot be overestimated considering its relevance for today. It was the following day that an armistice was reached, bringing an end to the conflict of the three year Korean War.

At the moment of totality, the astromap of the 2018 eclipse shows the Sun rising and Moon setting right across North Korea and extending to southern Japan, near Hiroshima. The military planet of Mars also sets over the North Korean capital of Pyongyang and South Korean capital of Seoul. This eclipse focused on the importance of this year's Korean peace talks.

The 1953 July 26 total lunar eclipse showed destructive Pluto setting right across the 38th parallel that divides the Korean peninsula, north and south. The separated nation lay in ruins. However, at the base of that eclipse chart, sat the peace planet of Venus conjunct the hopeful energies of Jupiter. The armistice was signed at 10 am the following day at Panmunjom and came into effect twelve hours later.

Now, for the first time in sixty five years, a total lunar eclipse is returning to the same degree of the zodiac. It's happening in the same year that the two Koreas have made diplomatic overtures, agreeing to denuclearize the peninsula and officially ending the Korean War. The historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, began with a handshake and embrace at 9.29 am on Friday April 27 in Panmunjom, exactly three months prior to the eclipse.

The three month timing is no cosmic accident. Eclipses are usually accompanied by a significant event around 90 days prior, when the Sun is positioned in an approaching square to the eclipse degree. This would have made the final week of April an important time to consider. It is also useful to note previous times when the Moon has moved past the position it will occupy at this eclipse.

One of particular note, was September 3 2017, when at 03.30 am Universal Time, North Korea detonated their first thermonuclear and most powerful weapon yet – a hydrogen bomb. The explosion, registered 6.3 on the Richter scale, setting off earthquake alarms and alerting the world that a powerful explosion had taken place at the nuclear testing site.

Radar satellite imaging showed that the blast had reshaped an area spanning 85 acres at the mountaintop area above the tunnels where the explosion had occurred. Using this evidence, the bomb was estimated to be around 250 kilotons or seventeen times as powerful as that which destroyed Hiroshima.

The hydrogen bomb was detonated as the Moon positioned at 03 degrees and 47 minutes of Aquarius, within a degree of the July 27 eclipse position. Locking into this is the fact that South Korean President Moon Jae-in was born January 24 1953, with his Sun positioned just after four degrees of Aquarius.

There are a lot of 'dots' connecting this eclipse to Korea. Used in the most positive ways, it is an apt time to 'eclipse' hostilities as the the public Moon comes to meet Mars. And the domino data gets even more interesting.

The Korean War was really a proxy war between the two superpowers, the USA and the USSR, with China also coming to the aid of North Korea. This was China's first major conflict since the declaration of the People's Republic by Mao Zedong on October 1 1949, just minutes past 3 pm. The proclamation time has the Moon rising over Beijing at just over three degrees of Aquarius.

The lunar eclipse will occur very close to China's Moon. This Moon has been sensitive to such transits in the past. At 17.45 hours on May 7 1999 a missile blasted through the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. during a NATO air-strike in the Kosovo War. It created an international incident with hundreds of protesters damaging the US Embassy in Beijing, after the government called the killing of their nationals an act of barbarism.

For days following a diplomatic freeze took place, with Chinese President Jiang Zemin refusing to take US President Bill Clinton's calls. By May 14 the leaders spoke as relations thawed, Clinton apologising for what he termed a tragic accident. So this zodiacal degree has a history. Not only for Korea, but the chief combatants of its proxy war.


This July 27 lunar eclipse emphasises the growing importance, of the fluctuating Pacific power balance, in light of a US Asian pivot, China's expanding economic clout and the two Koreas reconnecting. The coming period will be the acid test of whether this diplomatic breakthrough is the real deal, or whether the expanding economic rivalry and trade war might spill over into a naval confrontation.

It doesn't have to escalate to that, as eclipses are an apt time to hit the reset button on history. But for those who may have missed some of my previous astro-analysis on the year 2018 and this eclipse with warrior Mars, clicking here this video will bring you quickly up to date with some of the remarkable correlations it presents.

Until they see evidence to the contrary, North Korea's nuclear ambitions remain a pressing concern for the USA. The 'this is not a drill' false nuclear attack alert in Hawaii in January of this year was ample proof of that. It caused panic throughout the island.

And strangely enough, this eclipse brings the Moon back to the same position it held shortly after 8 pm, on October 30 1938. It was way back then that Orson Welle's 'War Of The Worlds' realistic dramatisation had pretty much the same reaction on mainland USA.


The 1953 previous total lunar eclipse in this same area of the zodiac, also coincided with another significant event. The beginning of a Cuban Revolution that overthrew the corrupt US supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista. As rising economic disparity created a nouveau poor in Cuba, resentment against Baptista's iron hand rule grew exponentially.

The revolution began with a botched dawn raid on the Moncada Barracks of Santiago de Cuba on July 26 1953, the same day of the the eclipse. Many of the revolutionaries were killed and the leader, Fidel Castro was jailed. His now famous trial speech 'History Will Absolve Me', led to public pressure securing him an early release.

Castro then formed a resistance known as the 'July 26 Movement' with fellow revolutionary Che Guevara. Although it took another five and a half years, by January 7 1959, Castro and his rebel army marched into the capital of Havana. Baptista had flown the coup to the Dominican Republic. An unsuccessful CIA operation to retake power – known as the failed Bay of Pigs invasion – deteriorated US relations to the point that Castro proclaimed Cuba a communist state, which it remains today.


The world's second largest Islamic population head for the polls on Wednesday, July 25, to elect the members of their National Assembly. Pakistan officially became a nation at midnight leading into the 15th of August 1948, the same time that India achieved their independence. The difference being that the Pakistan horoscope is cast for the then capital of Karachi, since shifted to Islamabad.

This is one of several charts that can be used for the nation, along with the previous day's swearing in chart and a later one one for the 1956 Republic. The August 15 midnight horoscope I feel relates more to the outside world's, or global, perception of the nation. The Midheaven of this chart, indicating the leadership, is 04AQU32 with the eclipse falling within minutes and the eclipse Mars also very close to the Midheaven.

As Mars represents the military, they may have a major bearing on this election. It could be that the eventual winner either represents them or is heavily dependent upon their support. Aggressive mars is also indicative of the violence preceding this election.

Of interest is Imran Khan's PTI Party, formed April 25 1996. That puts his party's formation date's Sun square to the coming lunar eclipse and the party's Uranus positioned right at the eclipse. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution.

What is of interest too here is the eclipse occurring at the country's administrative Midheaven after the former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was actually eclipsed on corruption charges related to the Panama Papers exposure.

The date of his dismissal was July 28 2017 – only a calendar day away from this eclipse date. Sharif was quickly arrested when he landed in Pakistan on July 13 2018, the day of the recent partial solar eclipse. These eclipsing energies are bringing trials and tribulation to leaders. Which brings me to....


I realise there have been enough laughs about the Trump Putin misspeaking episode and the swallowing of Trump's excuse by his political comrades. That my friends is pure politics. But we are shortly coming up to the next Sun Jupiter square, so expect this Mueller investigation to ramp up further exposures as August begins. Meanwhile, for telling it like it isn't - a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you haven't yet, please check out and click here for this video and a better look at the July 27 Lunar Eclipse

July 15


We've just had a Solar Eclipse in the 21st degree of Cancer. Over the last two centuries there has only been one solar eclipse to occur within a degree of that eclipse. That's quite rare. The other eclipse in question occurred on July 11 2010, in the 20th degree of Cancer.

Two days before the 2010 Cancer eclipse, the breaking news was a headline revival of the Cold War. Ten Russian spies had been uncovered and arrested in the United States. They had gone to great lengths over many years to blend into middle class society, posing as average American citizens and families.

An FBI operation, codenamed Ghost Stories, gradually exposed the 'sleepers' over years of surveillance gathering, wireless interceptions and monitoring. The spies had been issued with fake passports, names and identifications and were being financed by GRU, Russian intelligence.

Upon the agents arrests, evidence was presented revealing drop-offs, burial and reclamation of cash amounts and covert meetings between the various operatives. They would also use cryptographic software to disguise messages within digital images posted over the Internet. They were charged with not registering as foreign agents.


On July 09 2010, the story broke in the Washington Post and New York Times and was covered by the BBC and Guardian in England. On the same day the ten spies were part of a secret agent swap that took place at Vienna airport. They were awarded Russia's highest honours by the Russian President President Dmitry Medvedev, on their return to the Kremlin.

The spy swap was the biggest since the start of the Cold War. Yet the incident was played down between the governments of the USA and Russia, so not to derail impending talks between Barack Obama and Medvedev. One of the exchange spies returned to the west was Sergei Skripal, a former colonel for Russian military intelligence, who had supplied information on many KGB operatives.

Sergei Skripal and his visiting daughter, Yulei, became victims of the sensational novichok poisoning episode in Salisbury on March 4 this year. That created an international crisis leading to the expulsion of hundreds of Russian diplomats, with reciprocal action from Russia. On the eve of this eclipse July another two victims were treated for novichok poisoning with Dawn Sturgess becoming the first fatality.


If the only eclipse within the same degree in Cancer produced the largest spy swap since the Cold War, it's no surprise that the June 13 2018 solar eclipse has again brought Russian spying and intelligence operations back into the headline – right on eclipse day.

On Friday, US Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, indicted twelve Russian military intelligence offices, charged with hacking the Democrat's computers, data theft and subsequent distribution of the stolen information to disrupt the American elections.

The officers were each named in what is the most detailed evidence yet of implanting malicious malware and computer codes, distributing the stolen information via pseudonyms such as Guccifer 2.0, contacting those close to the Trump campaign, all in an attempt to sway voters opinion away from Hillary Clinton and toward Trump.

President Trump, was briefed on the charges earlier in the week. They come as he is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16. The prosecution alleges the Russians also conspired with Wikileaks to publish the hacked material. Wikileaks published the hacks on the eve of the Democratic convention.

If the strange correlation between this eclipse and the one of eight years ago, concerning Russian spying, is cosmic coincidence, it's not the only one. The other 'coincidental' date match is that of the upcoming July 27 lunar eclipse and the events of July 27 2016.

On July 27 2016, with most of America in the dark re the Russian involvement, Donald Trump made an unusual request. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” The weird timing of Trump's comments suggests the possibility he had some knowledge of what was going on.

Friday's indictment alleges that in the identical time frame of Trump's ask, “the conspirators attempted after hours to spearphish, for the first time, email accounts at a domain hosted by a third-party provider and used by Clinton’s personal office. At or around the same time, they also targeted seventy-six email addresses at the domain for the Clinton campaign.”

Further timings casts further serious doubt re the Trump campaign's involvement . The Russian website of DC Leaks was set up in June 2016 to disseminate hacked information. The controversial Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives took place at 1600 hours on June 9. That meeting came to light following earlier denials by Donald Trump Jnr over any connection with Russians.

Only after the threat of the New York Times publishing his emails did Trump Jnr come clean. It's a familiar theme for Trump's associates, from Mike Flynn to Paul Manafort to Roger Stone. Only when confronted with the irrefutable evidence do any admissions of 'forgetfulness' appear. Other than that the strategy is one of concealment, denial, cries of 'witch hunt' and denigration of the FBI.

There is a concerning factor to all of this. Despite the efforts of diligent investigators, it's in the court of public opinion that political changes take place. Even after President Richard Nixon had to get wife Pat to call the family dog, because it wouldn't believe him, half of the American public still did.

That partisan bias persisted until his resignation. A stunning fact when viewed in hindsight. Astrological technique has no such bias, even if interpretation can lean one way or the other. But repetitive signals are impossible to ignore.


The traditional predictive technique of the Ingress (or seasonal) charts cast for the capital of the country have been used for centuries as an indicator of political trends. The horoscopes of the Aries and Cancer Ingress over Washington in 2018 plainly show with Neptune at the Midheaven – and a cloud of obfuscation hanging over the administration.

It's a pattern repeated also in the Solar Return or birthday horoscope of the USA in 2018. The last time that this occurred so repetitively, with Neptune at the Midheaven of both the Aries and Cancer Ingress charts plus also at the Midheaven of the USA's Solar Return was in 2001. That was the year of 911. Shown below is the Cancer Ingress prior to those attacks.

This controversy eroding the national leadership and credibility can be equally dangerous for the country. And the eclipse cycles are making that even more obvious. The next month is crucial. It's probably why the Deputy Attorney General added some advice following these detailed revelations.

“When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it is important for us to avoid thinking politically as Republicans or Democrats and instead to think patriotically as Americans.” Something that even the President would do well to follow. Because, as eclipses prove, you're never too big to fall.

Click here for the new Lunar Eclipse July 27 video

July 08


The major astronomical event this week is the partial solar eclipse occurring at 20Cancer41 from 02.27 hours Universal time on July 13. It hasn't attracted a lot of attention because it's not falling across a populated area; try the Antarctic Ocean; and it's barely visible as it moves across the top of the Sun.

If you live south, as far south as Hobart, you may catch a glimpse of the Moon's shadow through a solar lens telescope, around 12.47 pm, in time for a lunch break. But it will be only covering around 10% of the solar disc and most people won't notice the difference as far as their daylight is concerned. So why mention it at all? Astrologically this solar eclipse registers more powerfully.


Eclipses were never welcome in the halls of power, as their tendency to reshuffle the natural order was considered a bad omen by commanders and kings. Not all eclipses are undermining. In 'Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon', the British Museum Assyriologist, Reginald Campbell Thompson, deciphers the Jupiter ones as bringing success and elevation.

A short study of history reveals reasons for national leaders to be wary around this July 13 time of year. Events occurring either on this day, or a day either side, have shown it to be a time of changing the guard. The iconic cry 'Storm the Bastille' propelled the French Revolution on July 14 1789. The Prime Minster of France, Jacques Chirac was lucky to avoid an assassination attempt, by a Neo-Nazi, during the Bastille parade of 2002.

American presidents have not been immune, with the incriminating Nixon tapes being revealed on July 13 1973 by Alexander Butterfield to the special Senate committee investigating Watergate. On the same day in 1985, George H Bush became president for a day, while, Ronald Reagan underwent emergency surgery.

The British Prime Minster, David Cameron delivered his resignation on July 13 in 2016, confirming his unplanned Brexit exit, and handing the reins to Theresa May. So as this eclipse brings Pluto into the picture, via the opposition, it will put relentless pressure on some leaders. Angela Merkel is one whose birthday of July 17, is not too far removed from the eclipse date, plus Pluto will eventually oppose her Sun.

Queen Elizabeth 11, a bastion of the establishment, has the eclipse occurring on her seventh house (relationships) cusp. It occurs on the day that she is due to meet with an American President considered by many to be absolutely anti-establishment. Pluto, although retrograde, is soon to pss over her Ascendant, completely changing her worldview.


This time frame also holds great relevance for the Middle East and the Israel/Arab schism. On July 14 1915, official communiques began between the British High Commissioner in Egypt, Henry McMahon and Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca. The objective was to secure an Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. It succeeded...at least for the Allies.

What irritated McMahon was the hitherto double dealing of the Sykes-Picot Agreement of a carve up of Arab lands to Imperial Powers and the clandestine Balfour Declaration promising a new homeland for Zionist Jews in Palestine. Later, on July 12 1948 David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the newly declared state of Israel, ordered the expulsion of between 50-70,000 Arabs from the towns of Ramla and Lyddah.

This mass exodus, from territory designated as Arab land, by the United Nations 1947 partition plan, was the largest ethnic cleansing of the territorial war. On the same day, in 2006, the Israel/Lebanon War began. So it would seem important, that as an eclipse arrives, with regenerating Pluto in opposition, that such historical events are addressed.

Although there was no eclipse on July 14 1958, it was on that same date that the compliant Iraqi monarchy was overthrown by the military coup, led by Brigadier Abd al-Karim Qasim.

Whenever one is examining the potential of an eclipse, the same and adjoining dates of prior events are a useful guideline, regardless of whether or not they constituted eclipses. Just for the record on that date the commanding Sun was in a testing square to imperial Jupiter and inconjunct Saturn, both to the degree.


What is of real interest, considering the current political atmosphere in the US and western world, is that on July 14 1798, the Alien and Sedition Act was introduced, by the Federalist Congress, under President John Adams. These laws, justified as bolstering national security, made it harder for immigrants to gain citizenship. It allowed the president to deport or imprison non-citizens.

The Act also criminalised the making of false statements critical of the federal government. Three parts of the Act were repealed upon the election of Thomas Jefferson, who regarded them as an affront to the First Amendment, and the preservation of free speech. A similar debate prevails today with a wave of right wing populism and authoritarian rule crushing minorities.

On July 14 1933, Germany passed a law outlawing the formation of political parties. This made the ruling Nazis the only legal entity. It was part of the process of Nazification, dubbed the Gleichschaltung, that allowed Hitler and his supporters to undermine the democratic system and enforce totalitarian control.

On July 14 1933 the Sun was conjunct Pluto, this July eclipse it will be opposed to Pluto. Human rights and minority groups were not only suppressed, but anyone with opposing views became enemies of the state. Hitler's strategy, before the end of that year, would be to withdraw from the League of Nations. Today it is the United Nations coming under criticism.

On July 14 2015, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the registration of the slogan 'Make America Great Again' for the Trump campaign. There are plenty of critics who see Trump's presidency working to erode American democracies by gaslighting the gullible. The President has one hurdle. Convincing the public and the judiciary that his campaign was conducted according to the rules.

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His immediate objective seems to also echo the power struggle inherent in the Sun-Pluto opposition of the eclipse. He is actively trying to derail the Justice Department's probe. In a relatively short time, Robert Mueller, has pried enough guilty pleas and indictments to have the president adopt avoidance tactics. Yet it's inconceivable that the highest office in the land should be above justice or transparency.

Some of you may remember that I wrote, back around last year's August 21 Great American eclipse, that things would not start seriously hitting the fan seriously until March 2018 re: Trump. The Aries Ingress, the Cancer Ingress and the December Capricorn Ingress over Washington, all have deceptive Neptune near the Midheaven.

The United States Solar Return for 2018 also has Neptune at the Midheaven and Saturn at the Descendant. It's the pattern of 2018. The falsehoods coming from the White House and cover ups of Congress are an ongoing problem. Since March 2018, the tweets of 'witch hunt' have increased exponentially.


The July 13 eclipse is one of a series of three, leading into the Lunar Eclipse of July 27 and the August 11 solar eclipse – the latter being a repetition of the 1999 one that coincided with Vladimir Putin's sudden elevation from relative obscurity to political leadership. And this is where the eclipses opposition to Pluto emphasises a developing aspect pattern.

Any Solar Eclipse has to be a New Moon. As this eclipse directly opposes Pluto it is part of a larger cosmic design, emanating from the June 13 New Moon inconjunct Pluto, leading into the July opposition to Pluto and the August 11 one again in an inconjunct to Pluto The inconjunct requires crucial adjustments – the opposition tends to bring together two alternatives in a kind of face off.

One way we could look at this would be to note that on June 11, two days prior to the New Moon, leaders from opposing camps, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met in Singapore, to diffuse what threatened to be a nuclear showdown. Keep in mind that Pluto is the lord of destruction, as well as regeneration. Certainly an 'adjustment' was needed to avert war.

On July 16, in Helsinki, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is due to meet US President Trump. The two military powers have occupied the opposite side of the political spectrum, during the Cold War years and again from the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014. They have also taken opposite sides in the Syrian proxy war. Here the Pluto opposition can either transform the relationship, or intensify the opposition.

The forthcoming August 11 solar eclipse, coincides with one complete 19-year Metonic cycle since Putin was catapulted to Russian Prime Minister, on his road to ascendancy. He assumed the presidential position on New Years Day 2000, as Boris Yeltsin handed in his resignation. Putin, hand picked by Yeltsin, has consolidated his rule over Russia ever since. The inconjunct with Pluto, at the August eclipse, suggests there are adjustments needed to maintain this control.

I'll have more in the coming columns along with eclipse vids expanding on this.

July 01


This week revisits the larger planetary cycle of Uranus and Pluto in light of the breakdown of the old world order. The acceleration of this process began with the Uranus Pluto opening square exact between 2012 and 2014. It is only just moving out of square now.

We can start by analysing the history surrounding these two planets and the mythology associated with their naming. Uranus derives from the ancient Greek 'Ouranous' meaning “the heavens or sky”. It was the name of the original sky god. One of the primordial deities, Ouranos originated from Chaos, the formless universal state.


The planet that eventually bore the name Uranus, was discovered around 10.30pm on Tuesday, March 13, 1781, by the English astrologer William Herschel. From all appearances, it was decidedly different. Uranus had an erratic orbit, rotating on its side and in the opposite direction to Earth.

The spirit of the times, when a planet comes into human consciousness, uncannily unveils its role. Uranus was discovered at the height of the European intellectual movement of the 18th century; the Age of Enlightenment. Uranus was similarly associated with progressive thought.

This dispersement of knowledge to the common populace coincided with sowing the seeds of the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Uranus, in the purely mundane sense, represents the planet of rapid modernisation through rebellion and insurrection.


Pluto was meticulously observed, on the photographic plates of the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, at 4 pm on February 18 1930, at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. The name, originally suggested by an eleven year old English girl, Venetia Burney, was adopted by astronomers.

In mythological terms, Pluto was the Roman ruler of the invisibility, the underworld and also associated with great wealth. The discovery came at a time when economic collapse threatened, and irrevocably changed, the old world order.

Pluto was officially announced to the world as Planet X on March 13, both the anniversary of Lowell's birth and also of Herschell's discovery of Uranus. The word plutocrat also signifies the planet's role of faceless forces that control political directions through immense wealth and covert power.

The leading German cosmobiologist, Reinhold Ebertin was short and succinct on the Uranus Pluto combination. In his defining work, 'The Combination of Stellar Influences' he considered it pertained to the 'collapse of an old order of things and the process of transformation'. A look at previous cycles involving the two planets, right through to the current one, supports his synopsis.


I am using the starting conjunction and the following first square of the last two cycles to illustrate how this works.
The beginning of the 1850's birthed a new cycle of Uranus and Pluto, in the final degree of Aries. It pays to return to that time to review the political landscape – then and now.

For the USA, this was the year of the 'Compromise of 1850'. The compromise was to preserve the Union. It diffused a brewing Civil War for a further decade. Contested territories, in the aftermath of the Mexican War, had divided the nation, in a North/South schism, over the issue of slavery.

This period was pivotal to creating important American boundaries and states. It defined the reaches of Texas. It admitted California into the union and also settled it via the 1850's Gold Rush. It accompanied the growing Mormon settlements of Utah. Across the other side of the globe, the Taiping Rebellion would spark the Chinese Civil War.

From the English colonies that birthed Australia, the discovery of gold in 1851 would completely redefine the development of the fledgling nation, totally transforming its demographics via immigration - also with an influx of Asians. Even the houses of power and royalty across Europe were still dealing with the repercussions of the 1848 revolutions that swept across the continent.


The latter stages of the old cycle, leading into a fresh Uranus Pluto cycle inevitably times the breakdown of the old structures. Why this 1850's conjunction is vitally important today, is that Uranus has only just moved across the final degree of Aries and is due to backtrack over the same degree by November of 2018 and through to March of 2019.

Pluto is moving slowly towards the square, but that is four years off yet. Just before it does the USA will experience their Pluto return and so these late cardinal degrees are crucial in deciphering the current Uranus Pluto cycle. Recall that the 1850's conjunction came at the end of Aries.

The last time that Uranus moved across the final degree of Aries was back in 1934. In June 14 of that year Hitler and Mussolini met for the first time in Venice. June 30 1934 was the Night of the Long Knives, crushing any political opposition to the Fascist Nazi rule.

In 1934 that Japan renounced the Washington Treaty, signed in the aftermath of World War One, and designed to limit the construction of battleships and aircraft carriers. All of this occurred at the closing square of the 1850's cycle.

These years accompanied rising wave of nationalism, following the financial meltdown of the 1930's Great Depression. The economic crisis fractured political alliances and trust, fermenting the conditions of conflict.

The last time Pluto squared the final degree of Aries, was from 1937 through to, and including 1939, the starting year of WW11. That period has been well documented in previous articles, as correlating with the rise of authoritarian leaders, in a similar manner that we are witnessing today.


The current Uranus Pluto cycle technically began in 1965. Those years have also been well documented as a time of youth revolution, counter culture, psychedelia and the breakdown of old conditions. The effect began in the final years of the cycle that birthed in 1850.

The last years of the old Uranus Pluto cycle brought the USA and USSR to the brink of nuclear war with the Cuban missile crisis, and saw the space race seriously accelerate. The birth of the cycle accompanied the escalation of the Cold War onto the battlefields of Vietnam.

The ideological conflicts of the Asian warzone spread to the streets of the USA, Australia, where the and divided the populace, eventually resulting in a withdrawal of troops and an aftermath of refugees. As in the 1850's, issues of race and inequality resurfaced via the Civil Rights movement and charismatic leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King emerged.

Across the wide Pacific, Mao's power play 'cultural revolution', would set Chinese national development back for decades and erode his legacy. Australia began to evolve from a White Australia policy into a multicultural society. Just as in the 1850's, increased immigration was changing the cultural landscape. Indigenous Australians were finally recognised.

The mid 60's laid the seeds for the developments of today, but factoring in the 1850's provides a much more comprehensive 'big picture' take on this. The same countries involved in this example, being the USA, China and Australia, displayed similar developmental tensions during the same time frame.


The 1875/76 square of Uranus and Pluto brought political crisis in the USA. For the first and only time in the nations history a candidate, Samuel Tilden, won the majority of the popular vote, by more than 50%, and still lost the presidency. Tilden also won the first count of the Electoral College by 184 to 165, with 20 votes remaining undecided.

In what became a farce of American democracy, a deal was struck, dubbed the Compromise of 1877, awarding the remaining electoral votes, and subsequently the election, to his Republican opponent Rutherford Hayes. This compromise allowed the Southern Democrats to return to pre-war conditions including the disenfranchisement of black voters. The deal is also known as the Great Betrayal.

Perhaps it is not so unusual that on the morning of November 8 2016, with Uranus still departing from its square to Pluto that another presidential candidate would lose a presidential election after securing a similar winning percentage of the popular vote that Tilden tallied. And that the Trump victory would be viewed in a similar frame. But such are the peculiarities of recurrent planetary cycles.

The first square of 1876 would also witness the last great gathering of the Plains Indians under the stewardship of Sitting Bull at the Bighorn River. And despite their comprehensive victory described as General Custer's Last Stand, that year, the indigenous tribes were being rapidly displaced as Sitting Bull migrated to Canada and Crazy Horse was killed the following year.


The first square of the current Uranus and Pluto cycle reached exactness between 2012 and 2014. But the two planets had come within three degrees of the square from mind 2010 and didn't leave the three degree orb until 2017.

The most noticeable global changes have occurred with the Arab Spring of 2011 onward, that really became a western crusade of regime change to an old order. The resultant refugee crisis continues to divide Europe and threaten the stability on the EU. The US Supreme Court also declared an open chequebook on political donations, seriously eroding democracy. Economic inequality reached record levels.

The Gilded Age had began a year prior to the 1875 square. Although that was a time of flamboyant wealth and industrial barons, it was also a time of enormous disparity and contentious inequality. Perhaps it's not so unusual that Uranus Pluto coming into square by on September 17 2011, would time the protests of Occupy Wall St over the same conditions.

The larger cycles can put you in the ball park, when deciphering political trends. The Ukraine revolution and the gradual creep of NATO, preceded the reclamation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia and the renewal of the Cold War. The Middle East became the new Vietnam for the western allies. Under the square Brexit and Trumpism push nationalistic fervour above global co-operation and mutual support.

The old order is crumbling. The recent victory of rank outsider Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over establishment favourite Joseph Crowley, might be finally getting the message through to the Democrat old guard. Of course, they are the ones who would normally shoot the messenger. It's the most significant upset in over a decade and with Uranus still to move back over the final degree of Aries, it remains par for the course.

That's enough for this week, but what can we take from this. It's not that resistance is useless, but its imperative to know what to resist. True agents of change are not about sticking with the status quo, nor trying to resurrect yesteryear. Each cycle will make more progressive headway, cutting through the crisis, albeit in a plutonian cathartic manner.

Under the umbrella of uncertainty, the authoritarian is often elevated in the desperate but vain hope that strong-arm tactics will restore an old order. Remember the Third Reich. Dreams of supremacy; meant to last and always doomed to fail. Authoritarianism is an important stage, yet also a waste product of this defining Uranus Pluto cycle. More next week.

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