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It's all here... the 2014 Yearly  Predictions plus Pluto In Capricorn

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Dec 28


Sagittarius is one of the brightest areas of the night sky. The numerous nebulae and star clusters of the Milky Way are at their densest and the Galactic Center is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. On the day before Christmas 2015 (UT) the beautiful multi-ringed Saturn, entered the tropical sign of the Archer. It will remain there until December 20 2017, excepting a brief three-month return into Scorpio from June 15 until September 18 2015.

Sagittarius, Latin for the Archer, has its arrow pointed metaphorically at a heavenly target, representing big picture visions. It’s no coincidence that when a German priest named Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis on a Wittenberg church door, to protest the commercialization of Christianity, that critical Saturn would be in Sagittarius. Back on October 31 1517 that triggered a religious Reformation.

The Reformation is a perfect example of pragmatic Saturn’s method of stripping something back to its bare essentials. In decreeing that the paying of capital could absolve sin, the materialism of the Catholic Church was distancing it from its spiritual beginnings and purpose. Instead it had become a financial and political powerhouse. The Reformation divided Christianity and split Europe along ideological lines. But it also unites when there is a common cause.


Saturn was in Sagittarius both for the March 23 1956 signing of the Treaty Of Rome, laying the foundation of the European Economic Community and its institution on January 1 1958. The first major revision of the 1957 treaty came when Saturn returned to Sagittarius, and the Single European Act was signed in February 1986 coming into effect on July 1 1987. Saturn’s return cycle is setting the scene for a further economic revision of Europe?

It wasn’t only Europe that was ‘rebuilt’ at the last sojourn of Saturn through Sagittarius. On February 25 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev introduced two decisive concepts to the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Glasnost meant openness and transparency involving government activities and institutions. Perestroika was the quintessential Saturn word, meaning restructuring. While the European Union expanded, the Soviet Union diminished.

When Saturn enters Sagittarius people are changing their belief systems. And as they do – the world changes. The change becomes fully effective as Saturn moves into the succeeding sign of Capricorn. For it is here that Saturn will soon join cathartic Pluto, which has been steadily unveiling the underbelly of the establishment. This was exactly what transpired in 1518 as Luther’s Reformation gained overpowering traction. And this is the first time since, that Saturn has followed Pluto through Sagittarius only to meet up with it again in Capricorn.


The fall of the Soviet Union seemed unfeasible to many in the early 80’s. Yet the warning signs are not merely in the skies. The Soviet empire imploded through over-reach, extravagant military expenditure and compulsive control. Like the medieval church, their systemic values collapsed, dissolving with it people’s faith and belief. They lost sight of their initial objective.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, thrives off futuristic endeavor. When its dream is found wanting by the critical rationale of Saturn, upheaval is inevitable. This results in a weakening of the corrupt ‘central command’. Vassal states detach from the empire as the human costs outweigh the financial benefits. New and different allegiances are formed. Religious and economic oppression or inequality is countered and might is once again proven not to be right.


The fall of the Soviets, whilst ending a Cold War, also signaled the rise of unbridled capitalism and centralized wealth. Wealth inequality is now at the heart of humanity’s problems, stemming from the Reagan years of deregulation as Saturn last moved through Sagittarius. In the spiritual sense the world has made little to no progress. Humankind’s biblical belief of ‘subduing the earth’ is instead producing catastrophic results.

In the same way that the radioactive fallout of Chernobyl crippled the soviet states, so the economic fallout of the Global Financial Collapse casts a shadow over the longevity of modern capitalism and its military solutions to political or humanitarian problems. Saturn was in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre for the Wall St Crash of October 28 1929. Saturn was also in Sagittarius when the Dow fell 22% in a single day on October 19 1987. Economies floating on titanic debt may yet hit the iceberg of cold reality.


When Saturn last transited Sagittarius the first Palestinian Intifada began on December 8, 1987. As Saturn returns, the cultural and religious divide still persists, yet world opinion has radically changed and is now demanding a solution. The prior cycle to that also accompanied Arab unrest with the 1956 Suez crisis leading to the formation of the United Arab Republic and Arab Federation.

The Israel/Palestinian developments are effectively timed by the current Jupiter Saturn cycle, which began on the degree of the birth Sun of Israel. The opposition point in the sequence came when Israeli commandos stormed a Gaza aid flotilla taking eight lives and creating a global backlash. The cycle will form three closing squares marking August of 2015 and late March and May of 2016 as the next crucial stages in resolving the conflict.

Control of the seas will be an issue as Saturn squares Neptune three times, in November of 2015 and again in June and September 11 2016. The latter two of these squares seem to be more potent as they bring Saturn to the Ascendant of the USA Sibly horoscope. Although Saturn in Sagittarius has sometime favored the USA – it timed the imperial expansion of the US/Spanish War - Neptune presents a mixed bag.

Neptune is mythically related to the sea, and its forays with the USA Ascendant have coincided with naval growth, especially into South East Asia. The Pacific pivot, a significant shift in US foreign policy, would appear to be a feature of these coming Saturn Neptune squares. This policy is seen as a containment of China’s growing power, and the same Saturn Neptune squares will impact on China’s progressed Sun.


Travel is a feature of exploratory and farsighted Sagittarius and Saturn’s entry here previously coincided with the launch of the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnick 1, on October 24 1957 @ 19.29 UT. This led to the reactionary creation of NASA – the space race and the US and world’s first communications satellite SCORE on December 18 1958 @ 23.02 UT just over a year later. Saturn’s return to Sagittarius in the mid 80’s witnessed Russia launching the first modular ‘space station’ in Mir, available to astronauts of all countries. Today New Horizons is on target for the first close up shots of Pluto in July of 2015. Sagittarius is still shooting for the skies.

Such is but a brief synopsis of what to expect as Saturn reanimates the tropical realm of Sagittarius. Established power blocs will begin to falter as new ones begin to form. Religious hypocrisy will produce major blowback, and economic restructure is inevitable, as the current system proves unworkable. As in the past the world demands a new Glasnost (transparency) and Perestroika (political restructure). It’s a Saturn vision.

Dec 21


Mortality has been a prevalent theme in the collective mind of Australians lately. It began with the October 21 passing of senior statesman Gough Whitlam, a towering political figure involved in the most critical political moment of Australian history – the dismissal of an elected government. On November 4 the traditional race that stops a nation – the Melbourne Cup – was marred by the death of two horses, including the favourite.

Another freak sporting accident, on the hallowed turf of the Sydney Cricket Ground, happened when former Test cricketer Phillip Hughes was felled by a bouncer, days short of his 26th birthday. He never regained consciousness. Hughes’ funeral, on December 3, became a nationally televised event attended by government leaders, along with fellow sports identities, family and friends.

From 9.44 am Monday December 15 2014 the deadly theme resurfaced. A crazed and armed extremist held eighteen people hostage in the Lindt Café at Martin Place in central Sydney. It would lead to a tense sixteen-hour standoff ending with the tragic loss of two hostages and the gunman. Martin Place has since become a sea of flowers generated from the waves of public emotion.


Astrologically speaking death is Pluto’s domain. The Roman Pluto (or Greek Hades) was the ruler of the underworld and lord of those who had departed the mortal plane. In the horoscope of Australia, taken from European Settlement – January 26 1788 @ 5.23 am – Pluto is uncomfortably inconjunct Australia’s eighth house Moon. The Moon is posited in the traditional house of death. In a national horoscope the Moon rules the public and their mood.

During 2014 Uranus – planet of the unexpected and also flight – has also been in an uncomfortable inconjunct with Australia’s Moon whilst transiting Pluto has been trining it. It elicits associated themes. In July Australian’s mourned the loss of 27 nationals when Malaysian Flight MH-17 was shot out of the skies above Donetsk in the Ukraine. But the recent homeland attack, with every minute given national media coverage, gripped the nation even more. Australia’s horoscope clearly explains why.


Guns, weaponry and violence are a Mars affair. Not surprisingly the army and police also come under Mars. On the morning of December 15 Mars was transiting through Aquarius and sitting right at the Australian Ascendant and conjunct the national birth Sun. Additionally a revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square was perfecting in the skies and directly impacting on Australia’s Mars and Moon. Click here for the chart overlay.

In the lead up to the hostage taking, Australia had re-entered Iraq to combat the ISIL movement that Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, constantly referred to as a ‘death cult’. Regular readers will recall that only a fortnight ago I wrote that the only thing to save Abbott’s disastrous polling would be a security threat. But let me be abundantly clear that I do not subscribe to any conspiracy ideas regarding this recent event. The Australian chart depicts it only too well. Click here for Australia's progressed chart.


The protagonist, Man Haron Monis, born May 19 1964 in Borujerd Iran, was a self appointed ayatollah, who came to Australia under political asylum in 1996. He was a ‘wanted man’ by INTERPOL and the Iranian police. But he was shunned by the Australian Muslim community for his extreme political views and dubious background. As he showed no attachment to known terrorist organizations, Monis was dropped off the Australian watch list some time after 2009.

Monis’ notoriety was sealed when he wrote inflammatory letters to the relatives of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. He was charged and found guilty of using the postal service for harassment. Monis appealed the verdict. Three days before the Sydney siege, the High Court of Australia upheld his conviction. Already on bail, he was facing further jail time.

The gunman’s astrological profile impacts negatively with the Australian horoscope. The principal planets involved are military Mars, judicial Jupiter and deadly Pluto. Click here for the overlaid charts. The gunman’s Mars Jupiter combination in steadfast Taurus and trine independent Uranus would account for his religious radicalism as well as the motivation to act upon such beliefs.

Man Haron Monis’ Mars Jupiter squares Australia’s Aquarian Sun and Ascendant. That meant by mid December 2014 as Mars moved across Australia’s Ascendant/Sun, it also squared his own Mars and Jupiter. The combination of the volatile Mars and Jupiter (a law unto oneself) was preceding yet another encounter with the law.

Australians responded in a remarkably uplifting way to the shooting tragedy. In opposition to a few bizarre overseas suggestions of reintroducing guns, the public delivered mountains of flowers instead. So many flowers that Martin Place overflowed with the color and scent of togetherness. In opposition to racial or religious intolerance Australians hashtagged ‘I will ride with you.' It went viral. The nation proudly kept its heart open instead of closed.


If Australia was lamenting deaths on the 16th then they also consumed Pakistan on the same day. Seven Taliban terrorists left 149 dead – including 132 children – during an eight-hour shooting rampage at a Peshawar Army School. The attack began at 10.30 am according to reports in Al-Jazeera and an eyewitness account in the Daily Mail. Click here for the attack horoscope.

The brutal attack on the army run school was in reply to the Pakistan governments Operation Zarb-e-Azb, from June 15, which have so far claimed 1270 rebels. The attack comes two months after Pakistan’s female education activist Malala Yousafzai – previously targeted by the Taliban - was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As a result of the massacre Pakistan’s President Nawaz Sharif has reintroduced the death penalty.

The nation of Pakistan was created from the Indian independence movement and they officially became a nation at midnight leading into the 15th of August 1947. Hours earlier, around 9.30 am on the 14th Muhammad Ali Jinnah was sworn in as their first governor-general at Karachi. This is accepted as the national horoscope by many Pakistani astrologers.

Interestingly, a flag raising ceremony also took place at 9 am in the Peshawar area on the 15th. As the shooting took place here, it is worthwhile to additionally examine this horoscope. Both have military Mars at the Midheaven, making it the most elevated planet. The Midheaven also refers to the government. Pakistan has spent 1958 to 1971, 1977 to 1988 plus 1999 to 2008 under military rule. Even when not officially in power, the military have played a prominent role.

But the military rule that led to the birth of the Taliban was conceived at 5 pm on July 4 1977 according to notes of the coup leader and subsequent President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. The coup was enacted with the covert support of the British SAS and the US Reagan administration considering Zia-ul-Haq an excellent ally against communism. Islamic conservatism became a uniting factor in the military administration. The new President had his democratically elected predecessor Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hung.

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq then actively supported the Mujahideen in the Afghanistan war against Russia. The Taliban grew from the conflict and now has considerable influence within the Pakistan military. Zia-ul-Haq died in a fiery plane crash also involving his own Chief of Staff, the American Ambassador to Pakistan and the US General in charge of military aid, on August 17 1988 – three days after Pakistan’s national birthday.

The eruptive Uranus Pluto square signifying rebellious extremism is today in a difficult alignment with Pakistan’s progressed Ascendant. Restrictive Saturn transits across their educative Jupiter and aggressive Mars is now opposing their progressed Mars. Under this pernicious influence aggression shocked the nation. Click here for cosmo dial overlay.

Dec 14


All self-change and improvement techniques highlight one basic truth. It’s not events that shape our lives as much as how we process those events. What do we take out of them? What represents defeat for one individual becomes a voyage of discovery for another. It imbues a determination to learn and master. The alternative - doing the same thing over and over again - has been aptly described as one definition of madness.

The flexibility to adapt and learn is the cornerstone of almost all the great inventors, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. This refinement involves having the awareness to sense when something is not operational and to isolate and discard the failure factors. Edison working toward his light bulb is a textbook example of this evolution.

What works for individuals should also work for nations. The alternative is history repeating in its most negative manifestations. Last week Jupiter, the planet of justice and judicial process, stationed in the heavens in stately Leo. It last stationed in this sign within days of President Bush signing in the Homeland Security Act into law on November 25 2002.

This week the Sun will trine Jupiter. All Sun trine Jupiter aspects involve a stationary Jupiter. It affords the world a chance to reflect on what is just and make appropriate adjustments.


Think about what has captured the news as the giant planet lumbered to its stationary position. The media and street talk has been about a sense of fair play. This was ignited by Grand Jury decisions not to indict judicial agents (police) on charges of overplaying their hand. Race relations across the USA reached a straining point as a result of the non-action. Then, right as Jupiter hit the station, the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques of the CIA hit global headlines.

Immediately the administration went into damage control. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s release of the report was branded unpatriotic. John Kerry personally had phoned her to delay the release. Right wing law professors leapt to cover the CIA. Partisan media defended the tactics. All sounded very much like the classic Jack Nicholson line from A Few Good Men – ‘you can’t handle the truth!’ But the truth and a sense of justice is supposedly what Jupiter is all about.

The truth has hardly been at the forefront of activities since September 11. Wars have been fought on a lie. Fear has been hammered from the pulpit of the media. More whistleblowers have been jailed under the present administration than all others combined. The government has embarked on an unprecedented global erosion of individual rights. Instead of innocent until proven guilty everyone is a suspect. Nineteen terrorists could hardly have hoped for a greater result.

The land of the free or land of paranoia? Revelations of the degree of spying and subversion have shocked even close allies. For the first time in US history the government has virtually become unanswerable to their own people. And now it’s seriously time to reflect? Revelatory Pluto opposing the US Sun is a good reason to reconsider, as the mud rises to the surface. If it’s good enough for the CIA to collect data on their own people why is it unpatriotic for the people collect data on the CIA?


September 11 2001 is a day etched in the memories of most individuals. It was the day that shook America – indeed the world. Suddenly the mighty were seen to be vulnerable – asleep on the job of their own security. Psychologically, this was like the smashing of the Salarian Gates that signaled the sacking of mighty Rome on August 24 410 AD. Astrologically the planetary positionings are eerily similar. Click here for the chart overlays.

When Alaric and his Visigoths overtook the city that had long ruled the world - Saturn, Neptune and Pluto were banded closely together between 21 and 23 degrees of Taurus and they were squaring Uranus at 23 degrees of Aquarius. As Neptune and Pluto only come together every 492 years, having Saturn join them and simultaneously square Uranus was setting a unique precedent.

In late May 2000 the two largest planets of the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn would unite at this iconic 23 degrees of Taurus. They would simultaneously square Uranus at 21 degrees of Aquarius. This was a reactivation of the zodiacal areas that accompanied the historic Fall of Rome. The Jupiter and Saturn combination culminated exactly above the longitude of New York. Was it setting the cosmic platform for what was to come?

Not a lot of note was happening around the May 2000 conjunction apart from the swearing in of a new Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the USA the Jupiter Saturn union preceded the Camp David Peace Accord, the final efforts of the Clinton administration to settle the long running differences between Israel and Palestine. They were to break down irretrievably. By the end of the year a new right wing President George Bush and hawkish Israeli leader Ariel Sharon would be in power.

This final shift was to lead into September 11 2001. At the end of August that year the United Nations World Conference on Racism was held in Durban South Africa. African countries requested individual apologies for the practice of trans-Atlantic slavery. The conference was marked by anti-Israel demonstrations and dissatisfaction with the situations of the Middle East. Israel the USA and Canada walked out when Zionism was likened to racism.


Three days after the conference ended, the tragic scenes of September 11 unfolded. The world empathized with the USA and the shocked New Yorkers. But the relevance of four planes hijacked together was either lost to the press, or possibly suppressed. In September of 1970 four planes had been simultaneously high jacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on flights to New York. The number could hardly be more symbolic.

September 11 was a direct result of US Middle East policy in the same way that Alaric’s attack on Rome was the product of its military incursions into Germanic territory. There is much to compare between the Roman Empire and US global hegemony. Apart from their symbolic eagles, both were technically superior civilizations maintaining a central control through military bases and compliant national leaders. The New York Times Sunday magazine cover of January 5 2003 two months before the invasion of Iraq read, “American Empire : Get Used To It.”

But the survival of any empire rests on its ability to self reflect and constantly reinvent itself. Doing so involves facing basic truths rather than constantly shooting and jailing the messengers. It’s something that King George III failed to observe when he eventually lost control of the thirteen colonies that became the USA. Ruling by constant control and subjugation builds an enmity that eventually erodes any sense of trust and confidence. It's how empires fall.

Jupiter is justice and Jupiter is faith. It’s what people want to believe in. To view 9/11 simply as an 'us against them' is to invite another by upping the ante. The root causes to any conflict are hardly solved by torture and subjugation. The 2001 United Nations Conference Against Racism raised legitimate concerns. There are also real concerns about justice on an internal level. Pluto, opposing the US Sun, represents unpalatable truths. It is also the agent of either reformation or destruction. Roman history provides an abject lesson.

Dec 7

It is often said that those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Evolution demands more than that. But in an environment where the individual is increasingly isolated from the natural world that nurtured his or her existence, evolution in the progressive sense, may be under threat.

The unresolved geopolitical tensions of the last Uranus Pluto square of the early 1930’s, set the world on a path to a six-year World War. This week’s column examines the principle events that preceded WWII and matches them with the current Uranus Pluto square. Each subsequent formation of the square will build upon the last. We then analyze those past events in the light of todays political developments.


The first exact Uranus and Pluto square, perfecting in April of 1932 coincided with the German Presidential election. At the time Germany was battling a crippling Treaty of Versailles, engineered by France and England, which had unjustly lumped the entire responsibility for the Great War onto one country. Germany had ceded territory whilst paying onerous war reparations. All producing a similar effect that crippling economic sanctions do today.

Germany’s April 1932 poll pitted the incumbent President, Field Marshal von Hindenburg, against the leader of the Nazi Party Adolf Hitler, and the Communist contender Ernst Thälmann. Hitler was narrowly defeated in the final run-off by von Hindenberg by April 11. But his nationalist party of activists was gathering increasing support in isolated Germany.

Immediately after the elections, on April 13 1932, German Chancellor Hienrich Bruning banned the paramilitary wing of the Nazis. This was a reaction to increasing social turmoil and rioting. However, the suppression actually gained Hitler support via influential General Kurt von Schleicher. The general took over the defense ministry on May 12. And by the end of the month Chancellor Buring was sacked.

The Uranus to Pluto square recurred for the second time in September of 1932. It was a month notable for two critical events. Germany walked out of the World Disarmament Conference citing inequality and continued suppression by the major powers. Then, on September 12, a no confidence motion was passed in the German government and the Reichstag was dissolved.

These events were inadvertently paving the way for Adolf Hitler to become the new German Chancellor. As the square eased off toward maximum separation on November 21 1932, von Hindenburg began negotiations with Hitler. Little did the President guess that he was planning his own demise. Von Hindernberg saw this as a way of unifying the country in the wake of political and social revolution. A date was set for Hitler’s ascension.

The time was 11 am January 30 1933 in Berlin. It was a bitterly cold winters day with a temperature of minus 4 centigrade. Von Hindenburg gave a brief address before handing the platform over to Hitler, who delivered a patriotic speech. Combinations of fate – an extremely repressive Treaty of Versailles, a New York stock market crash and debilitating Depression, plus one man’s incessant ambition riding on a rising tide of nationalism – had all united to create the Third Reich.


The third exact Uranus Pluto square was due in March 1933 coinciding with the March 5 German federal elections. No German would have guessed that this would be their last full national democratic election for fifty-seven years, until full reunification in 1990. But a critical event a week before the vote markedly influenced the outcome. It was an event many now believe to be a false flag designed to create a police state.

At 21.25 hours on February 27 1933 the fire alarms rang. The seat of German parliament, the Reichstag building was ablaze. The alleged perpetrator was Dutch Communist Marinus van der Lubbe, found at the scene. The Nazis seized on the propaganda, Hitler calling it a sign from the heavens. Hitler deemed it a communist plot and a signal for an uprising unleashing terror in the streets and civil war.

New laws were enacted the following day, named the Reichstag Fire Decree. The Communist Party headquarters was raided and its members arrested. Suspended from the Constitution was the secrecy of the post and telephone, freedom of expression and the press, free association and public assembly and the rights of habeas corpus. Sounding eerily familiar to a precarious road we’re all currently walking down? It’s wise to look at the contents of the Reichstag Fire Decree in the context of today’s political realities. Click here for the fire horoscope.

By March 20 – remember this is still the third exact square from Uranus to Pluto - the first Nazi alien's camp was finished at Dachau and opened two days later. On March 23 the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act, granting Hitler plenary powers and effectively creating a dictatorship. Hitler’s propaganda emphasized the cult of personality – the superman savior. The rest is history. Germany became an industrial and military juggernaut and their oppression had built the enmity for WWII.


Taking the same Uranus Pluto cycle and applying it to today’s world. One military superpower appearing ostracized (like Germany during the last Uranus Pluto square) is Russia. Economic sanctions are galvanizing the populace, producing a rising tide of nationalism and a rallying around a strong military leader. Vladimir Putin was re-elected to the Presidential post on March 4 and was inaugurated May 7 of 2012. All just prior to the opening Uranus Pluto square in the current series. But the curious conicidences don't stop there, nor do they in Japan's ominous re-armament.

No better historical duplication of the first three 1930’s Uranus Pluto squares in the current series comes to mind than with Egypt’s General Sisi. The first Uranus Pluto square saw the swearing in of a new Egyptian government, led by Muslim Brotherhood representative Mohammed Morsi. The new President unwittingly promoted General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as his Commander in Chief and Minister of Defense.

This was similar to Germany’s President von Hindeberg fast tracking Adolf Hitler to a position of power. Civil disruptions continued throughout Egypt as the populace endured ongoing economic hardship. In the wake of these protests General Sisi replaced the democratically elected government and placed the country under martial law – effectively creating a dictatorship shortly after the third square. Virtually a replay of 1930’s Germany.

Remember the coup that wasn’t a coup – at least to the western powers tacitly behind it? Such blatantly misleading descriptions revealed the west's support for Arab democracies as shallow rhetoric. But then the same countries originally supported Hitler. To the over one thousand Egyptians who died on August 14 2013 in the protestor crackdown now known as the Rabba massacre – this was more than a coup - it was the derailment of the Arab Spring.

Sisi became the man to unite the country, albeit as a police state. Sisi enlisted the help of Tony Blair and his spin-doctor Alistair Campbell to create a national propaganda ‘cult of personality' – ala Hitler. The worst kept secret was unveiled - he planned to run for President. General el-Sisi was named "Time Person of the Year" in the magazine's annual reader poll of December 6 2013. Hitler won the same award a year before launching WWII.

Alas, all of this frantic spin didn’t even get Sisi a 50% voter turnout despite an extended three-day election period. Adolf also never achieved 50% of a natioal vote, but that didn’t stop him banning all opposition. Sisi jailed them, along with foreign journalists and opposition media. Click here for Sisi's swearing in horoscope.

The timing of Uranus and Pluto of both Hitler’s and Sisi’s ascension on the third square are spooky enough. If we needed any further evidence of Egypt’s military suppression, it arrived last week. Adding insult to injury, the crimes of the previous dictator, Hosni Mubarak and his family, were dismissed by the Egyptian courts. President Sisi claimed this decision was leaving the past behind. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All of this is a sad example that those who do not learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Uranus Pluto squares have to be more than soulless dictatorships, the resurrection of right wing fascism and erosion of individual rights. And yet we're increasingly seeing repression of minorities, jailing of whistleblowers and denial of democratic principles. The planetary lesson is clear. It's time to expose the real oppressors. Evolution demands more for civilisation to grow. And it’s why genuine people's revolutions are historically as natural and necessary as every new dawn.

Nov 30


Just as truth is the first victim of war, trust is the first victim of politics. The current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was once lauded as the most successful opposition leader in decades. However, it was an opposition based on negativity and there were genuine doubts whether he could deliver once granted the reins of power, or whether he was only interested in power for its own sake and would do anything to achieve it.

As an inept Labor government imploded Abbott became an alternative leader by virtual default. Governments usually don’t get voted in. They get voted out in a people protest. The American satirist Henry Mencken summed it up, “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule — and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

The same rings true in Australia where Edmund Barton was probably the only Prime Minster who didn’t blame the previous administration for his troubles. Prior to the September 2013 election, Abbott the contender raced to assure the Australian people, "We will be a no-surprises, no-excuses government because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people that you have trusted with your future."

Abbott was being carefully repackaged from former self-confessed Liberal head kicker to mature and responsible leader. It happened as accountable Saturn moved across his steely, and some would add scheming, Scorpio Sun. In his opening election campaign address Abbott used the word trust twenty times in all. Saturn and trust are interchangable. Ancient Babylonian tablets mentioned when Saturn was strong men spoke the truth. But Saturn wouldn't last long.


The languishing Labor government tried to run a scare campaign based on Abbott’s perceived austerity measures and budgetary cuts. Abbott countered on the last day of his campaign, “No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST, and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.” Abbott’s eyes completely closed milliseconds before the last “promise”.

It’s the kind of action a body language expert could easily interpret as blocking out reality. But it wasn’t the first time the contender had been caught out on the insincerity of a political pledge. Years before on the ABC program the “7.30 Report” interviewer Kerry O’Brien exposed him on a policy reversal.

On the evening of May 17 2010, Mercury the planet of communication and media was opposing Abbott’s Neptune, a planet negatively aligned to secrecy and deception. Mars was also squaring Abbott’s birth Mercury. This is how the interview went.

KERRY O'BRIEN: But what you haven't explained is how you can make one promise in one month and then completely change it the next. What happened in that month where you had this sudden explosion of vision?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, again, Kerry, people will make their own judgments about me and if they ...

KERRY O'BRIEN: No, but I'd like you to explain it. Tony Abbott feels with conviction we will not have a new tax in any way, shape or form, we won't have a new tax; a month later, you do.

TONY ABBOTT: Well, again Kerry, I know politicians are gonna be judged on everything they say, but sometimes, in the heat of discussion, you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark, which is one of the reasons why the statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth is those carefully prepared scripted remarks.

KERRY O'BRIEN: So every time you make a statement, we have to ask you whether it's carefully prepared and scripted or whether it's just something on the fly? No, seriously; this is a very serious question.

TONY ABBOTT: But all of us, Kerry, all of us when we're in the heat of verbal combat, so to speak, will sometimes say things that go a little bit further.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Mr Abbott, we're not all leaders of major political parties who are either Prime Minister or aspiring to be.

Voters have short memories and Henry Mencken’s words would again be proven right. On September 7 2013 Labor were officially out and Abbott elected as the new Australian PM. His brief opening address continued in the political negative. Instead of focussing on future initiatives, Abbott delighted in the fact that Labor had returned their lowest primary vote in the last 100 years.

One thing Abbott couldn’t control was when the election was when he would be sworn in as Australia’s 28th Prime Minister. That happened at 10.29 am on September 18 2013. And the chart was very revealing. The idea being that the planets positioning at the inception of an event holds the key to its ultimate outcome. See his swearing in horoscope here.

When Team Abbott took control Neptune was placed at the very bottom of the horoscope. Neptune in the negative sense represents pure political spin. The Sun was also semisquare the reality brick of Saturn with both aspects due to perfect in 2015. That would bring a severe challenge to the current administration, possibly resulting in the replacement of a leader. Are we seeing the beginning of the dissolution of Team Abbott now?


In the article World Predictions 2013 I saw political power changing hands in Australia and the rising to prominence of both Tony Abbott as the future PM and Bill Shorten as Labor leader. Part of this was based on solar eclipses falling on their birth Suns and the previous similar eclipses elevating them. But this year the eclipse has fallen on Communication Minister and Liberal rival Malcolm Turnbull’s Sun.

Currently Turnbull is trying to explain away another Abbott broken promise of no cuts to the ABC and SBS and repackage them as ‘efficiency measures’. In reality its $254 million worth of broken promise. Prominent ABC reporter Quentin Dempster was more to the point. He advised Turnbull to ‘cut the bullshit Malcolm’. The ABC, the broadcaster Australians trust most of all, is a danger to dishonest politicians.

In this year’s World Predictions click for link here I mentioned Abbott’s tough times as coming in the wake of the November G20. The meeting of the world leaders was not one in which the Australian PM excelled. His party now lag over 10% behind in the polls and the sharks are circling. Tony Abbott desperately needs a war or security scare, areas where his polling is highest. Since a disastrous May 2014 budget chockful of broken promises his credibility has been under fire.

Abbott, unlike other prime ministers never enjoyed a honeymoon period. His 'my way or the highway horosope' now seems to be pointing toward the latter direction. There is also a remarkable planetary matching between Abbott’s chart and a prior Australian Prime Minister. Harold Holt was presumed lost at sea and possibly taken by a shark. Tony Abbott is now all at sea and it's the predators in Abbott’s own party that he really needs to worry about.

Nov 23


The People’s Republic Of China was celebrated at a ceremony beginning at 3 p.m. October 1 1949 in Beijing. The timing was reported in local newspapers along with a film of the occasion, and the day's events. This information was compiled by Guanghui Zhou, a Chinese student at the Hoover Institute, U.C., Stanford, California and timed. Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the republic, immediately following the national anthem.

The Moon, symbolizing the public, is rising at the Ascendant in the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius at the moment of proclamation. Mercury the messenger is joined to idealistic Neptune, a planet associated with socialistic endeavors. The Libran Sun is nearby in the eighth house of international trade. See chart here.

The Chinese birth Sun sits square to autonomous Uranus, indicative of an insular country, with its own agenda. However, as the Chinese Sun progressed into Scorpio by 1972 and formed easier angles to the Uranus, diplomatic relations were established with the USA, following Richard Nixon’s historic visit. China’s birth Sun sits on the USA’s Saturn and squares the US birth Sun. Their relationship is almost one of uneasy containment.


A striking feature of the People’s Republic horoscope is the combination of martial Mars with the extremist planet of Pluto. This is a powerful military signature. Mars rules armies and weaponry. Mars and Pluto were also together when the original Chinese Communist Party was formed on July 1 1921. The Mars Pluto union is situated in the seventh house of allies and enemies. It signals a very powerful military friend and/or foe.

On July 16 2001 China signed a Friendship Treaty with Russia. This was a twenty-year strategic agreement that stressed economic co-operation and geopolitical alliance, including the sharing of military knowledge. Russia was looking for buyers of its large reserves of natural gas and petroleum as well as a major buyer for its military technology.

China looked to modernize its armed forces and sought support on contentious issues like Taiwan. The Chinese Russian alliance would assist in combating the world economic powers of the USA, European Union and Japan. On the day of the signing Mars was yet again positioned with Pluto. This increased the importance of this military union, provided a clue to the martial connection in the Chinese national horoscope.

2001 wasn’t the first time that Russia and China had signed such a pact. The old Nationalist Government of China had done so near the cessation of WWII on August 14 1945, shortly after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA. The interesting part of both Russian treaties is that Mars, the planet of war, is positioned exactly opposite in the signing of the two pacts.

The zodiacal position Mars occupies in each of these agreements marks the Ascendant and Descendant of the birth horoscope of the USA. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to work that one out. This is a formidable alliance to rival the US in military power. Developments in 2014 , between China and Russia would fortify the planetary evidence. But such hasn’t always been the case. Russia and China were once enemies.


Due to doctrinal divergences in their interpretation of the Marxist philosophy of communism, China and Russia experienced a bitter split. The seventh house represents not only allies – but also enemies. On June 20 1959 Russia stopped assisting China’s development of a nuclear bomb. By November 1961 their differences were widening and diplomatic relations were formally suspended by the year’s end.

Following the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, which placed the world on the brink of nuclear war between the USA and USSR, Mao Zedong was especially critical of Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev for backing down. Mao claimed that ‘Khrushchev has moved from adventurism to capitulationism”. By 1964 Mao was claiming that a counter-revolution in the USSR had moved the Soviets further toward capitalism.

Meanwhile in China, Mao had begun the ‘Cultural Revolution’ and the country eventually developed their own nuclear bomb. It was detonated at Lop Nur on October 16 1964 @ 7 am universal time. Appropriately Mars was sitting right on China’s explosive Mars Pluto conjunction for the achievement. But the gap with the Soviets was widening.

In 1967 China accused Russia of "criminally selling the rights of the revolution of the Vietnam people, Arabs, as well as Asian, African, and Latin-American peoples to U.S. imperialists.” The rivalry of the two communist giants culminated in a six-month Sino-Soviet border war beginning March 2 1969 and ending on September 11. It came as China’s progressed Sun moved into a hard aspect with Saturn, something it will do again soon.

During the 70’s both countries supported opposing sides in several of Africa’s civil wars. But the frosty rivalry was thawing by May 15 1989 when Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev visited the Eternal City. That was the first Sino-Soviet summit since a Khrushchev’s visit thirty years earlier. China’s horoscope was reflecting this need for regeneration.


A fortnight after Gorbachev’s visit, the June 4th Tiananmen Square protests were beamed around the world. But unlike the Soviets, China wasn’t about to dissolve – merely transform. For the Tiananmen Square crackdown, the status bearing Midheaven was in hard aspect to the underground forces of Pluto and the progressed Moon in the first week of June 1989.

The People’s Republic was also experiencing it’s rebellious Uranus opposition in 1989, and its progressing Sun was squaring Pluto. Despite the brutal crushing of the protests, significant change followed. Jiang Zemin, the party secretary of Shanghai, where the protests were contained without violence became the General Secretary of the Communist Party. He would remain so through to 2002.

In that time the Chinese juggernaut went from strength to strength employing a mixture of state controlled capitalism. When the Chinese progressed Sun formed a dynamic aspect with Mercury and Neptune through 2000 and 2001, significant agreements international were made. China joined the World Trade Organization and also signed its strategic military alliance with Russia.


The progressing Sun in the People’s Republic of China horoscope is moving toward a square with Saturn. The ringed planet is known for its connection to control and contraction. It signals China’s admission that it now has a growth problem and is consistent with its recent interest rate cuts to stimulate the local housing market. Europe’s slow growth and Japan’s slide back into recession is not helping China.

Despite all of this China’s Venus, the planet of values is moving to join Jupiter. It would indicate significant increase in gold reserves. Venus and Jupiter are traditional benefics. China’s progressed horoscope has also reached a Full or Harvest Moon status, where objectives come to fruition. This is consistent with rapid advances, particularly in the area of satellite and space technology.

The Full Moon is also close to aspecting Mars, the planet of military hardware and defense capability. It’s in these areas that we will see significant progress as the progressed Sun moves to trine Mars over the coming years. The recent encouraging alignment of innovative Uranus to China’s Mars and linking with progressive Jupiter means China will significantly increase its sophisticated weaponry.


China's military build up is in response to the US Asian pivot. The world’s armament leader is focusing its military budget on maintaing control of the Pacific and South East Asia. China is reciprocating. Countries like Australia are bound to be caught in the middle of this global power struggle. It involves Australia's major trading partner China and their long time military partner, the USA.

China and the US have had testing moments in recent years. At midnight ending May 7 1999, the USA bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, killing three Chinese nationals and injuring twenty others. The CIA took full responsibility. President Clinton apologized, but the incident distanced the countries and sparked violent protests across China. Chinese VP Hu Jintao called it a "barbaric attack” and criticized the “criminal conduct” of NATO.

On April 1 2001 a Chinese jet forced down a US spy plane patrolling the Chinese borders. The crew of twenty-four destroyed their sensitive data immediately upon landing. China held them hostage for eleven days demanding an apology. The US eventually delivered letters of sorrow regarding the incident and the crew was released. The Chinese however kept the plane. As that incident took place ‘Mars was again with Pluto’ and this time also directly opposite the USA’s Mars.

As for China their own Mars Pluto combination is now receiving favorable aspects and their military progress will duly escalate. But as the Chinese Sun now progresses to square Saturn, it may bring an international incident again, especially as the Chinese progressing Mercury is due to also square its progressing Mars in 2015. The Hong Kong protests are one issue, there will be others. We should have a fair idea on the developments during the first quarter of next year. China is due for its Mars opposition around Christmas, and its Mars return in September of 2015.

Nov 16

The H G Wells epic ‘War Of The Worlds’ first enthralled readers in the UK and US in 1898. It was released in the year that the planet of obsessive ideas, Pluto, in newsworthy Gemini, was opposed by the planet of fear, Saturn in exploratory Sagittarius. The book had a powerful socio-political message about technically superior civilizations dominating less advanced ones. Wells was a vocal anti-imperialist.

The same year of Well’s publication, a once mighty empire also met its end. It was an empire that had controlled global trade and introduced the world’s first international currency. From the New World discoveries of Christopher Columbus in the Northern Americas to the conquering conquistadors of South America, the Spanish Empire was one of the richest and most powerful in human history.

The Spaniards plundered the gold of the Aztecs, subjugated the Incas for mountains of silver and decimated local customs in what amounted to a mass cultural genocide. They imposed their own religious and political ideologies on the lands they invaded. And the most powerful armada afloat protected them. Today Spanish is the second most spoken language on the planet and Christianity the dominant religion.


In 1898, as plutocratic Pluto opposed traditional Saturn, a rich emergent New World revolted on their old masters. The USA began its own imperialistic crusade, beginning with the Spanish American War. The trigger was the ‘controversial’ detonation of the warship the USS Maine, in Havana Harbour, taking 260 American lives. If the Maine ignited the conflict, the media empires of Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pultizer poured petrol on the flames.

US headlines screamed, "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!" Senator John M. Thurston of Nebraska enthused, "War with Spain would increase the business and earnings of every American railroad, it would increase the output of every American factory, it would stimulate every branch of industry and domestic commerce." He had a valid point - war it was!

Cuba fell quickly. The Guantanamo Bay naval base was established on June 10 1898. Ironically, by 2001, when the planetary protagonists of Saturn and Pluto exactly reversed their 1898 positions, Guantanamo Bay would become almost as infamous as the Spanish Inquisition. Meantime the imperial war established the US as a Pacific power. While in reality, countries like the Philippines simply transferred from one colonialist ruler to another.

The Saturn Pluto opposition of 1898 – and the Spanish American War - marked the start of US international dominance. The wars of the 20th century would establish it as the world's economic and military leader with a navy to rival the Spanish Armada. The US dollar became the modern day ‘pieces of eight’.


But as Saturn and Pluto reversed their 1898 positions, in 2001, a change was looming literally, and ominously, over the horizon. Similar to the Wells classic, this Saturn Pluto opposition would again bring terror from the skies. It also happened in the form of an aerial attack on the new citadel of western opulence – New York’s World Trade Towers – beginning 8.46 a.m. on September 11 2001.

The invaders were certainly not from Mars, but the fear factor was the same. How nineteen men, armed with simple boxcutters, could create a tidal wave of terror through western civilization will remain one of history’s great mysteries. But it happened. Newspapers again fanned flames of war. And another territorial march began.

But something else, not so obvious, was happening. Shortly after the gargantuan obelisks of modern western capitalism crashed to ground zero, the world’s dominant energy trader joined them. On December 2 2001 Enron became the biggest corporate collapse in US history. A company whose shares had commanded over $75 earlier that year stopped trading at just 26 cents.

And while the government were enacting Patriot Acts that increased surveillance of their own citizens, they fell asleep at the wheel on policing corporate USA. The story of Enron is a classic case of greed on an insane scale. Worse was to follow with WorldCom surpassing Enron as America’s biggest bankruptcy, six months later. By the end of the Bush administration the US economy lay in tatters, and was dragging the entire planet into record debt.

To say that the US was beginning to flounder on the same rocks that sank the Spanish Empire would be stating the obvious. Rapacious internal greed, military spending on ongoing resource wars and a forever widening homeland inequality gap were parallel symptoms. The axiom that absolute power corrupts was reasserting itself. And the planet of power and money is Pluto.


In 1898, transiting Pluto moved into the USA's horoscopic house of international relations, on their road to superpower status. As it passed the US Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer, unprecedented growth during the Roaring Twenties led to the nation becoming the world’s economic driver. Everybody was an investor. The stock market went through the roof and then just as quickly fell through the floor.

During the Saturn Pluto opposition of 1931/32 the Great Depression should have been the ultimate wake up call. It was not until after 1938, with unemployment then at 20%, that Pluto moved away from the opposition to itself and the US economy began full recovery. WWII would prove to be an economic godsend.

By July 22 1944, 44 Allied Nations signed the Bretton Woods Agreement. It was the masterplan for the postwar economy, tying international currencies to gold. And all was well and prosperous until Pluto hit the zenith of the US horoscope in 1971/72. The US Sun had also progressed to Pluto. At that time American workers received their highest rate of pay and economic equality was at a best ever level. All that was about to change.


The first shock came on an evening news broadcast of August 15 1971. President Nixon abrogated the Bretton Woods agreement and took the US dollar off the gold standard. The effect was to create floating currencies worldwide and contribute to the higher volatility of international finance. By the end of the decade gold had increased in price twenty times over.

From February 21-28 of 1972 with Pluto still at the US Midheaven Nixon made a groundbreaking visit to China. Back then bilateral trade was a tiny $95.9 million. Today it is over $400 billion. China now challenges for economic supremacy and has supplanted the US as the industrial giant. And although China is commonly referred to as America’s banker, the reality is that the majority of US debt is held by the US itself.

By 2000 Pluto was finishing its century long journey through the upper half of the US chart. It reached the Sagittarian Ascendant as the NASDAQ dotcom bubble burst and with it went trillions of investment dollars. Pluto stayed until 2002, accompanying record corporate meltdowns and unveiling an underbelly of covert company corruption.

As a result of this creative accountancy Pluto’s next aspect, an opposition to the USA’ values planet of Venus, saw President Obama sign off on the largest economic stimulus package in history on February 17 2009 at 13.25 hours in Denver, Colorado. It’s in the nature of Pluto to push matters to the extremes, currently a debt of $18 trillion.

Pluto will now opposes the USA’s Sun, a reversal of the Roaring Twenties. It will do so until the end of 2015. Thus far it has seen increasing global suspicion in the wake of international surveillance leaks, the public loss of faith in Congress and the Senate, and a rival international economic union of China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa.

History bears witness that all empires rise to fall – some faster than others. The causes are usually the same, a removal of checks and balances, economic inequality, military wastage and overreach. All leading to a loss of public trust and eventually revolution. Too big to fail is one giant myth. Every empire that fails to address their plutocratic underbelly has ultimately failed. Remember the Soviet Union…it wasn’t all that long ago.


There is an upside even to ruthless Pluto. It is also the planet of regeneration, and resurrection. Only by cutting the cancer, dealing fearlessly with a situation and making the hard choices can that upside can be experienced. The power of Pluto is the power of genuine, ‘change you can believe in’. Empires fall because they are resistant to change. But Pluto is an irresistible force…and it’s currently forcing.

On June 15 1898 an American Anti-Imperialistic League was also formed. They claimed the obvious. That colonialism ran counter to the ideals of United States Declaration of Independence and the Lincoln Gettysburg address. They held fast to the founding father’s belief of self-determination, where all governments only rule with the consent of the governed. But they lost the national debate.

But as Saturn and Pluto reversed their 1898 positions in 2001 the US felt the cyclonic winds of change. Perhaps it was also a potent planetary signal to resurrect those core values that originally built America? Or is that just a dream? Yet the alternative brings to mind Albert Einstein’s definition of madness, ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’


Alayne Fleischmann is a name currently making worldwide headlines. She was the whistleblower on unscrupulous US banking activities that sank the global economy. Up to their necks in the schemes were the nation’s most respected financial institutions – Citigroup, Chase and Bank of America. Fleischmann became a key witness in the US Justice Department securing a $9 billion dollar payout from her former employee, JPMorgan.

Despite the massive securities frauds being enacted, Fleischmann met resistance every step of the way - initially by her employer and eventually via clandestine government deals. The perpetuators and enablers of these crimes remain untouched. Is it just that they’re too big to fail – are they really too big to jail? In the words of Fleischmann, “If we don't start speaking up, we're going to get the biggest financial cover-up in history."

The planet at the heart of clandestine activities, power plays and domination is the legendary lord of the underworld - Pluto. The distant dwarf governs hidden wealth and is a key planet in the Sibly Independence horoscope of the USA, timed for July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours LMT in Philadelphia.

Pluto lies in corporate Capricorn and is positioned in the US second house, denoting wealth and assets. As one US President, born on the nation’s birthday proclaimed, ‘the business of America is business.’ The Pluto connection is outstanding when looking also at the horoscopes of the businessmen who shaped the nation.

A comparison of the greatest financial success stories unveils an incredible correlation between the USA’s Pluto and Sun, along with the magnate’s Pluto and Sun. These connections are scarcely by chance factor. They make all the more sense when it is considered that America is the home of modern capitalism where money and power are interchangeable, wealth is often worshipped and yet its dealings are largely underground.


Bill Gates is currently ranked as the world’s richest man. His net worth is over $80 billion. It’s been that way since 1995, on the back of the information revolution and Bill’s multinational software corporation, Microsoft, now a part of everyday western life.

Bill Gates was born October 28 1955 at 10 pm in Seattle, Washington. His highly successful Jupiter/Pluto combination semsisquares the USA’s Cancer Sun. Gates’ Pluto also is inconjunct the USA’s Pluto. His Neptune squares the US Pluto. Click here for the horoscope overlays.

Despite phenomenal success, Gates’ company, Microsoft, was found guilty of operating as a monopoly and engaging in anti-competitive activities. Monopolies are a feature of the power planet Pluto. And they date back to the original American entrepreneurs.


On the evening of July 8 1839, John D Rockefeller was born in Richford New York. The son of a conman, Rockefeller advanced to become the richest man on the planet. His father once boasted, ‘I cheat my boys every chance I get, I want to make them sharp’. Young Rockefeller’s ambition was to live to 100 and make $100,000. He died three years short of his century but in between, became the wealthiest person of modern history.

Rockefeller made his fortune via Standard Oil. It was formed in the expansive post Civil War period, when energy needs multiplied exponentially. Rockefeller formed anti-competitive cartels, swallowing up opposition, in a financial survival of the fittest. By the 1880’s Standard Oil controlled 90% of the world’s oil. The New York Post branded it as "the most cruel, impudent, pitiless, and grasping monopoly that ever fastened upon a country."

The US government, in 1911, eventually broke up Rockefeller’s company. The division led to the modern day oil giants Exxon, Mobil, Chevron and Conoco. Yet the split up made Rockefeller even richer. He lived the last forty years of his life in semi-retirement - an aggressive business tycoon who became an elder philanthropist.

John D was born four days after Independence Day. His Cancerian Sun squares the dominant planet of Pluto and is closely joined to the US birth Sun. His Mercury, the planet of contracts and commercial transaction, is also joined to the US Mercury and opposed to the USA Pluto. Rockefeller represented the beginning of corporate America. Click here for Rockefeller USA chart overlays.


If Rockefeller rode on the back of an energy source, so did John Pierpont Morgan – the man who bailed the American economy out - twice. JP’s fascination was profiting via electricity and the genius of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Unlike Rockefeller, Morgan was born into a wealthy family. His father’s unexpected death in a road accident on April 8 1890 left Morgan a $10 million dollar windfall.

Morgan was already a millionaire from investment banking and his experiences in Europe had gained him many other rich connections. In the economic gloom of the 1890’s, with the US Treasury running low on gold, President Grover Cleveland agreed to JP Morgan and the Rothschilds supplying 3.5 million ounces to balance the books.

The Democrats were divided over this, which led to Morgan bankrolling Republican William McKinley who subsequently won the 1896 election. McKinley championed Morgan’s de-regulation ideals. JP was becoming famous for taking over failing corporations and streamlining them, usually with lower wages and reduced working conditions.

Morgan followed Rockefeller’s monopolistic practices creating the world’s first billion-dollar company - US Steel. In 1907, as the stock market plummeted almost 50% and New York faced imminent bankruptcy, Morgan again took charge of a national rescue operation. Part of it involved him purchasing $30 million in city bonds. It led to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Morgan, born April 17 1837 @ 3 am LMT in Hartford Connecticut was a pioneering Aries. As expected, he had an even closer connection to the USA horoscope than Rockefeller. Morgan’s late Aries Sun and merchandising Mercury both ran square to the USA’s power planet Pluto. Morgan’s own Pluto and Venus both squared the USA birth Sun.

The Pluto connections made him not only famous for rescuing Wall St but also controlling much of it. The officers of JP Morgan were on 112 companies with a market capitalization of $22.5 billion – the New York Stock Exchange totaled $26 billion at the time. Click here for Morgan’s chart with the USA.


If Morgan was regarded as the classic robber baron, America’s next mogul was the father of welfare capitalism, despite his anti-union stance. Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, streamlined production with the 40-hour week but doubled his worker’s wages. Ford’s big seller was the Model T Ford, which he famously claimed you could buy, ‘in any color as long as its black.’ More than half of America drove a Ford. By Depression years one third of the planet drove a Ford.

Henry Ford was born July 30 1863 at 7 am in Greenfield Park, Michigan. The connection between Ford, automobiles and the USA is clearly shown by comparing the two birth charts, as the Sun in either chart semisquares the Mars of the other. Mars is the planet associated with engines and cars. Moreover Ford’s Mars forms an exact inconjunct with the USA Pluto and his own Pluto sextiles the USA birth Sun. Click here for the USA - Henry Ford charts.

Although the Pluto aspects also run through this comparison – they are somewhat different in angle. Ford, the epitome of the self-made man had a vastly different attitude to banks than did Morgan, who thrived in the world of capital. Ford famously wrote, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”


One man who may have laid the seeds for such a revolution is Bernie Madoff, born in Queens New York, the son of a Jewish stockbroker, on April 29 1938. Madoff was Chairman of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC from its formation in 1960 until December 11 2008. Bernie even served as Chairman of NASDAQ and family members sat on government regulatory bodies.

Financial publications lauded his genius. He was among, if not the, most respected hedge fund manager in the world. Madoff’s private accounts were averaging over 10% a year return over a ten-year period. He was managing $6 to $7 billion for private individuals. Wall Street had its skeptics.

In 2001 Online barrons published a headline article on Madoff headed, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The one thing about Bernie’s operations was their secrecy. You invested with Bernie – but you didn’t tell – and he didn’t tell how it was done. Fears were justified in December 2008, with Madoff’s confession that his operation was, “one big lie.” He later received a combined sentence of 150 years for ripping an incredible $65 billion of investors in the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time.

Madoff’s Pluto at 27 of Cancer is exactly opposite the USA Pluto and his deal making Mercury squares the US Pluto. Madoff’s Saturn, the planet of accountability is opposite the US Saturn and squares the USA’s Sun. His value planet of Venus is in a testing semi-square to the US Cancer Sun. But it’s the Pluto opposition that stands out. Click here for Bernie Madoff v USA horoscopes.


As Pluto opposes the US Sun the attitude toward money, governance and financial institutions is inevitably changing. There is a battle for control that has seen recent Gallup polls put trust in American Congressman at a lowly 10% – the equal of used car salesmen. Senators rate little better. They make 14%, but they do out rate those who work in the advertising industry and stockbrokers.

State Governors make 20% marginally ahead of lawyers. CEO’s rate only 21% and frighteningly journalists have plummeted down to 24%. The USA is heading for its Pluto return. It’s only eight years away. Meantime Pluto is retracing the same degrees ot transversed leading up to the American Revolution. You might remember was really about – MONEY. Little wonder that the revelations of Alayne Fleischmann were not for public disclosure. Truth is that no institution is too big to fail and no Empire too big to fall – for Pluto is also about inevitable change and rebuilding from the ground up.

November 2


On Friday morning October 31 2014 at 10.12 am in the Mojave Desert California a Virgin Galactic spaceship crashed on its test flight. One pilot was killed in the accident and the other survived but with serious injuries. The accident came just days after NASA’s Antares rocket exploded on take off at 18.22 on October 28 at Wallops Island. It was branded the worst week in space flight history.

In my September 28 column I analyzed the coming October 8 lunar eclipse in light of past historical events and planetary positioning. There was a discernible and disturbing pattern.

As a result of those findings I wrote, “The upcoming lunar Eclipse of October 8 2014 may again lead to disaster from the skies in the coming two months. It’s a time when air safety will need to be absolutely paramount.” The entire article can be accessed via the archived weekly commentary accessed by clicking here and tabbing down to September 28 under the heading October eclipses.


There are extraordinary coincidences associated with the recent crash of the Virgin Galactic spaceship and another famous experimental British airship, the gigantic R101. Both experimental and cutting edge aircraft with innovative British backing. There is also an indisputable link between the two crash horoscopes. Click here for the cosmo dial of the two accident charts overlaid.

In the pioneer days of flight, the massive dirigible R101 – the largest in the world – was built for long distance, to transport British nationals to all corners of the Empire. At 731 feet long, the impressive aircraft was only 20 feet shorter than the US Capitol building and over three times the length of a Boeing 747. It boasted a spacious lounge of 5,500 square feet and featured two promenade decks. There was even an asbestos lined smoking room for 24 people.

The R101 was scheduled to depart for India and return for an Imperial Conference in London planned for late in the October of 1930. This maiden flight was designed to generate favorable publicity for the airship design program. A combination of hastiness and British pride soon became a recipe for aviation disaster, and the end of the whole operation.

Earlier in the year inspector F. W McWade had raised concerns about the R101's safety. He had taken the unusual step of bypassing his immediate superior to alert higher authorities. The matter wasn’t acted upon. Full speed trials were also bypassed for the R101, with time running short for the maiden voyage before the Imperial Conference. The captain only received its Certificate of Airworthiness a day prior to departure.


Between 18:24 and 18.36 Universal Time, on Saturday October 4 1930, the R101 was released from its Cardington mast and took to the skies to patriotic cheers. On board, British Air Minister Lord Thompson, prominent government officials and the majority of the airship’s designers. At the moment of lift off, the planet of Uranus was rising opposite the setting Sun. Ominously judgemental Saturn was at the zenith of the skies. If anything could go wrong - it would. Click here for the challenging lift-off horoscope.

Early in the flight, at 19.06, there was an oil pressure problem in one of the engines. This was shut down ten minutes later. As the colossal craft headed off over the English Channel, the weather conditions deteriorated greatly. The R101 reported back regularly to Cardington base station but no mention was made of the engine problem. It circled London to give the locals a chance to marvel at British enterprise.

At 22.56 the aft engine was restarted and at twenty-four minutes prior to midnight the airship reached the French coastline. The crossing of the Channel had taken two hours. It was now decided to alter route slightly, but the new directions were slightly askew. The path would end up taking the R101 over the top of Beauvais Ridge, an area renowned for high winds and dangerous turbulence.

After midnight the passengers had retired to their beds following what was reported as an excellent supper and cigars. The final contact from the ship came at 1.52 am. But at 2.07 am the R101 went into a 90 second dive, losing 450 feet of altitude. It was having severe difficulty with gusting winds and now experiencing a hazardous gas loss. The alarm bells sounded on board – engines were slowed or stopped.

The R101 was now 530 feet above the ground. It entered a second dive, destined for a fast landing. Through excellent maneuvering the inevitable touch down at 2.09 am was at a reasonably gentle 13 mph. But stray sparks meant the ensuing gas explosions of the highly combustible dirigible turned it into a deadly inferno.

Strewn across the hillside and treetops of Beauvais like the grotesque skeleton of a giant whale lay the pride of the British air fleet. The entire airship program went down with it. Like the famed Titanic, the ostentatious airship had not surivived its maiden voyage. here were to be only seven ongoing survivors – an eighth dying three days later.


The shocked public awoke next morning to the news. The 48 victims were given a memorial at St Pauls Cathedral on Saturday 11th October, one week after the celebrated lift off. All were laid to rest in a special memorial grave. The accident spelt the end of British airships. It also had a significant affect on the life of one British astrologer, Richard Naylor, and the future of media astrology overall.

Naylor, an assistant to the famed British occultist Cheiro, had been asked that year to produce an article for the birth of a new royal – Princess Margaret. The article was well received and Naylor was asked to contribute more ‘predictions’. Just prior to the crash Naylor had predicted danger for aircraft. As a result of his foreknowledge (based on the planet Uranus) he was given a full time position and produced the first recognized sun-signs column. Today we take sun signs for granted.


Naylor’s reasoning was simple. Uranus is the planet recognized as the sky god and has dominion over flight. Especially where flight is mixed with developing technology, as Uranus represents innovation and invention. That particular week a lunar eclipse fell right on Uranus. Naylor explained in the following week’s edition that when New or Full Moons highlight Uranus, ‘aircraft accidents, electrical storms and sometimes earthquakes follow.’

The lunar eclipse that Naylor recognized back on October 7 1930 was also duplicated on October 8 this year – 2014 in the same area of the zodiac. Not only was the eclipse was the same – so was the position of the flight planet Uranus, which has an 84-year return cycle. October 1930 = October 2014.

If Uranus and the lunar eclipse are returning to the same position, it stands to reason they might produce similar events. History, nor time, can never exactly repeat - but it can have recognisiable patterns of similarity. Such was the theory of the Mesopotamian sky watchers centuries ago. Maybe it’s not so strange at all! Check out the two eclipse charts here overlaid.


The tragedy of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo mirrors in many ways the disaster of R101, even to the point of rumours circulating of safety warnings regarding its nitrous oxide-propelled engines. The small saving grace being it wasn't the maiden voyage, although four lives have now been lost since the program began.

The 2014 October lunar eclipse was especially powerful across the horoscope of the British born entrepreneur, Richard Branson, the driving force of the Virgin Galactic project. It occured in his ninth house of distant travel and visionary dreams. It opposed his Mars and Neptune. See charts overlaid here. Neptune problems are difficult to diagnose, but the combination of combustible Mars with chemical Neptune may well suggest fuel at the source, or at least the rumours of such.

In a recent article I looked further into air flight disasters and also found a correlation with the recurrent eclipses across the middle degrees of Aries/Libra on an ongoing basis - not only with 1930. For more on that please connect to this link and tab down to Sep 28 and the heading October eclipses. For the astrologically skilled, please note I use the Metonic Cycle and ‘not’ the Saros one. The Metonic which seems superior for prediction is based on the New Moons – also incorporating eclipses – duplicating over an almost exact 19-year recurrence period in similar zodiacal degrees.

October 26

His life had all the elements of a Shakespearian epic – rise to fall, triumph to tragedy with Machiavellian machinations underfoot. Both the moment made the man and the man made the moment. His motto was to crash through or crash - he managed both. He was Edward Gough Whitlam, a political enigma whose greatest enduring legacy was creating a more just society, destroying a cultural cringe and making Australians proud to be Australian.


Gough Whitlam was born in a newly built family home at 46 Rowlands St, East Kew on July 11 1916. It was a week before the worst military disaster in Australia’s history – the Battle of Fromelles – orchestrated under imperial command. In one night Australia lost more lives than the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined. 5,533 solidiers died in what the Australian Brigadier General Harold "Pompey" Elliott described as a tactical abortion. Did the infant Gough inherit the ‘zeitgeist’ of this time for all Australians?

His birth Sun was in patriotic Cancer and conjoined to responsible and administrative Saturn. Gough also had Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the sign of the natural nurturer. Cancerians have a sympathetic understanding of the value of heritage and home roots. His focused and transformative Scorpio Moon combined emotional commitment to the cause. In astrological evidence and real world actuality, Whitlam was the ultimate patriot.

He believed in an Australia as an independent sovereign nation rather than one of sibling servitude. Instead of selling off national assets for short-term gain, Whitlam was into buying back the farm for long-term prosperity. It was bound to create controversy in a country still struggling to find its own identity under the yoke of colonialist mentality and dominance of military alliances. Nixon was furious that Whitlam had the insolence to criticize US involvement in Vietnam.


Whitlam inherited an Australia still paying homage to those who had ‘made it overseas’. Local media and national narrative were buried beneath imported cultural product and personalities. He created the Australian Film Commission and promoted a new wave in creative Australian art and literature. He replaced photos of the Queen with those of the Australian Prime Minister. ‘God Save The Queen’ made way for a new national anthem.

His penetrating Mercury Pluto combination said that to change a nation you have to change how its people perceive themselves. Old world titles such as Knights and Dames became Orders of Australia. Whitlam’s initial parliamentary act was to abolish conscription and pull Australia out of a destructive and divisive Vietnam War. It’s now well documented that his zeal for national self-determinism created apoplexy in Washington. Both the CIA and Britain’s M16 were on high alert for Australia’s first socialist government in twenty-three years.


It’s impossible to imagine Gough without the love of his life Margaret, born at 6.30 pm November 19 1919 in Sydney. They married at 4.30 pm on April 22 1942 as his Solar Arc Venus met his dreamtime Neptune. Her Scorpio Sun met his Scorpio Moon and their Mars’s were united. They truly were a loving couple together for just short of seventy years and having four children. He proudly called her ‘my best appointment’.

Gough Whitlam first became involved with the Australian Labor Party in 1943 while flying Lockheed bombers out of Darwin, as visionary Jupiter transited over his Sun. He joined the party in 1945 right on his accountable Saturn return, and as his Venus progressed back to the position it held at his birth. So began a second love affair with politics. His second Saturn return would occur in 1975 and bring his greatest political challenge.

Whitlam’s father Frederick (b April 3 1884) was a pioneer of international human rights and Australia’s Crown solicitor from 1936 to 1949. His influence played its part in Gough being admitted to the bar in the February of 1947. True to his home and hearth Cancerian calling the young Gough initially focused on landlord/tenant cases.


As revolutionary Uranus moved toward his Sun Saturn, Whitlam made the headlines for his legal prowess during a Royal Commission. It attracted the attention of the party powerbrokers. On November 29 1952 Gough Whitlam was nominated for the by-election seat of Werriwa. He won by a record margin with a swing of 12%. Twenty years later, as reformist Uranus squared the same Sun Saturn – he would be elected Prime Minister of Australia.

On November 11 1959, he was advised to stand for the deputy leadership of the Labor Party, securing this on March 7 1960. Progressed Mars was squaring his Sun Saturn and progressing Mercury joined his birth Mars. It was initially a party room battle for the man considered by many as an outsider. Here was a silvertail silk, a scholar of the classics, in a party of the working class.

Gough also possessed a withering wit and an ego proportionate to his 6 foot 4 inch stature. When asked once where he would like to be interred, Whitlam replied, ‘It doesn’t really matter…I’ll only be in there for three days.” His intellect had seen him twice win the Australia National Quiz title. His debating skills were the equal of Menzies, who set the benchmark on political debate.


After Labor’s defeat in the 1963 elections, Whitlam’s star was literally on the rise. With Venus, the popularity planet, linking fortuitously to his birth Sun and Saturn, he was increasingly seen as the fresh Labor face of the future. Following a third electoral defeat in 1966 the aging Arthur Calwell made way for Whitlam as the new leader. By now his progressed Sun was in supportive trine to expansive and opportunistic Jupiter.

The Australian Federal election of October 25 1969 saw the Labor Party gain over 50% of the popular vote. It was Whitlam’s greatest single political triumph, despite narrowly losing the election due to the uneven seat distribution. Whitlam had achieved a 7% swing, the largest ever in a national vote.

After the election he became the first western diplomat to visit China. It was widely criticized at the time, with his Liberal opponents pulling out the familiar ‘reds under the beds’ scare campaign. But the US President Nixon followed eighteen months later. Whitlam was being seen as a man way ahead of his time. December 2 1972 would become his time and Australia celebrated.

Backed by a pervasive publicity campaign, Whitlam’s historic victory ushered in a new era. In the chaotic ensuing three years greater political reform was enacted than under any previous administration. His crash through or crash style was also putting establishment noses severely out of joint. Whitlam’s ambitious reforms of free education, universal health care and social justice required capital injection in an age when the western world was in an economic meltdown.


In retrospect it can easily be seen how hard the Australian economy was hit by the 1973 OPEC crisis. Oil prices quadrupled and inflation soared to frightening figures. Even the US slid into deep recession with double-digit inflation rates and high unemployment by 1975. Great Britain’s simultaneous entry into the European Common market coinciding with Whitlam’s electoral victory also wrought a devastating effect on local agricultural exports.

The public, largely unaware of the intricacies of the international effect on Australia’s reactionary economy, held the government and their inflationary policies entirely to blame. Labor were unaccustomed to government, and Whitlam’s imperious manner didn’t help. Economic fears were fanned by conservative media barons bent on Whitlam’s demise. Ludicrous entities such as the John Singleton ‘Workers Party’ were formed. So biased was the press coverage that Murdoch’s own journalists went out on strike to protest the overriding editorial interference.

The final straw came when the government bypassed Treasury protocol seeking a $4 billion dollar loan in Arab petrodollars at cheaper interest rates than the traditional overseas banks. A ‘whatever it takes’ maneuvering of Senate seats by a scheming Queensland premier and a subsequent blocking of budget supply by the obstructionist Liberal Opposition set the scene for a political execution.


At 1.15 pm on November 11 1975 the Australian Prime Minister was removed from office by the Governor General Sir John Kerr. The dismissal came as Whitlam was offering a half-Senate election to break the impasse. Malcolm Fraser was sworn in as the new leader pending a December election. The treachery was the greatest constitutional crisis of Australian political history. It could have led to a revolution in the streets. It has forever steeled a cynicism against foreign intervention and media manipulation.

On the day of the Dismissal revolutionary Uranus in brooding Scorpio was involved in a challenging square to establishment Saturn in imperial Leo. The two fixed signs appropriately pictured the intransigence of the times. The planetary myth of father and son – Saturn mutilating Uranus – was enacted upon the leadership Midheaven of the Australian Federation horoscope. With underworld Pluto also squaring the Australian Sun the leader’s demise was an astrological certainty. Click here for the horoscope overlay.

Whitlam's Sun and Saturn opposed that of the Commonwealth of Australia. He was a man to challenge and change tradition. Throughout this purgative process Australia grew from political naivety into adulthood. His social reform was questioned, like his $1.3 million dollar purchase of Blue Poles. Today that artwork is valued at over $100 million. But it was Whitlam's investment in the lives of ordinary Australians that will be forever his enduring legacy. We came of age. Click here for his horoscope and the Australian Federation chart.


On the morning of October 24 2014 – shortly after the Scorpio Solar Eclipse with Venus, twenty nations joined China as the founding co-signatories of the new Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank. The bank will have an initial capitalization of $50 billion dollars and may eventually rival the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for international lending.

Founding signatory countries were China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Australia was also invited and expressed initial interest. However, the US Secretary of State John Kerry pressured Prime Minister Tony Abbott out of the venture, involving Australia's greatest trading partner. Other notable absentees were Indonesia and South Korea, with the South Korean finance minister still considering joining at a later date.

The date and timing are significant. The astrologer researcher Edward Johndro in choosing a time for a corporation would examine the planet ruling the purpose of the corporation and see when it was conjunct or opposite an eclipse point – preferably a solar eclipse - and barring that check whether the planet was stationary.

The Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank signing has Venus – planet of value – exactly at the eclipse point. This is also the degree that Mercury stationed at before turning retrograde on October 5. Mercury is the planet of business transactions and contracts. Mercury is now stationing before turning direct on the 26th. By choice or accident the time of this signing is astrologically auspicious.

October 19


Eclipses were always a big deal for royalty. Kings and Emperors employed personal astrologers, and woe betide those who could not predict a forthcoming eclipse. In 2300 BC two Chinese astrologers literally paid for such a mistake with their heads! Eclipses were potent portents of change. And people ensconced in power like to know whenever change is on the horizon. Babylon’s answer to an eclipse was a substitute king who was sacrificed for the occasion.

Not all eclipses are the same. It’s when they affect the Sun, Moon or planetary positioning of one’s own birth that major adjustment is on the doorstep. That’s why the upcoming October 23 Solar Eclipse @ 21.57 Universal Time is so important for the British Royals. It precisely opposes the authoritative Sun of Queen Elizabeth, the family Moon of Prince Charles and the royal Jupiter of Prince William.


The fact that Prince Charles’ Moon sits precisely on his mother’s Sun is remarkable enough to begin with. The Moon represents family, and the Sun is traditionally power. Back in Babylonian times, the Sun – known as Shamash – delivered the tablets of law to the king. Moses on the mount became the biblical version. The mother of Charles may act as his modern day ‘lord’. When we get a Solar Eclipse affecting both her Sun and his Moon it’s one to watch!

This year not only the solar, but also the previous lunar eclipse (October 8) is supporting the celestial case for surprise announcements. The last time a solar eclipse appeared at the very start of Scorpio was in 1995 when Princess Diana famously made public, ‘there were three of us in this marriage’ and that Charles being King, ‘would bring enormous limitations to him. I don't know whether he could adapt to that.’

Diana’s startling televised revelations came on November 20 1995. That very evening the Moon had returned to the degree of the October solar eclipse. It was opposite the Queen’s Sun and Charles’s birth Moon. By December 20 the palace fired off a letter to the junior royals demanding a divorce. True to Charles’ Moon, these heavenly signals of opposition were affecting his family and status. The upcoming duplicate eclipse will put royal succession at the heart of it.


Prince Charles, the longest ever heir in waiting, was born November 14 1948 @ 21.14 UT in London. His natal horoscope and his impending solar return – meaning his birthday horoscope of November 14 2014 - point to monumental change ahead. The planet of rapid realignment – Uranus – sits in the highest position of both charts with game changing Pluto in square. Placed here, they signal an important transformation of status. Check his solar return by clicking here.

In the past, planets making angles to Charles’ natal Midheaven have produced significant results. The planet of violence and accidents – Mars – was squaring Charles Midheaven, when he lost his beloved uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten on August 27 1979. It was doing the same when close friend Major Hugh Lindsay was buried in an avalanche on March 10 1988.

Lethal Pluto was at the Midheaven for his 1996 birthday horoscope with Uranus rising suggesting his forty eighth year would be a momentous one. Princess Diana was taken out of his life. Activate Prince Charles’ 1996 Solar Return by clicking here. On that chaotic night - August 31 1997 - Uranus was sitting precisely at the partnership sector of his natal horoscope.

There are several eclipse-connected clues pointing to the Prince’s imminent status change in his sixty-seventh year. The succeeding Solar Eclipse of March 20 2015 is a Supermoon appearing in the end degree of the zodiac – an omen of finality. The last time a SuperMoon occurred at 29 degrees of Pisces was way back in 1901. It marked the end of the Victorian Age.

The upcoming October eclipse is also a mirror of the 1957 October solar eclipse. Late that year Prince Charles became the first ever sovereign in waiting to forgo home tuition for a prep school. His Midheaven was being affected via transformative Pluto, as it will be again. Charles was in a real sense experiencing separation from family. Each of these changes has signaled a coming of age for the man who would be King.

Under the current Uranus Pluto square, where resignations of Popes and Royals are even seen as an intelligent choice, another age appears to be coming to an end. By choice or design, Charles will no longer be a Prince in waiting if the eclipse, its attendant planets and his personal history are the key pointers. Keep an eye on the important developments on or immediately after his birthday, also just prior to Christmas 2014 and also around January 20 2015.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing here an article initially published in the Federation of Australian Astrologers quarterly journal. It deals with the remarkable astral connections in the House of Windsor and dating back to Queen Victoria. If you're an astrology research buff in any manner, keep an eye for it. The odds against this remarkable planetary connection of royal succession is over 78,000 to 1 against.

Oct 12

This week's column examines the discovery and expansion of the Ebola virus, from 1976 to the 20th of September 2014 @ 7.01 pm when Thomas Duncan first touched down in Dallas. Also we examine Hong Kong and the Umbrella Revolution. But first, the one that's going viral - literally.

Images of Ebola attract our deepest fears. They are like scenes from a science fiction horror movie. People in protective suits, looking more like astronauts than doctors. The deadly virus has spread from the Sudan to central Africa, and now to Europe and the USA. But there is a planetary pattern that helps understand the timing factors of these repetitive outbreaks.


The first identifiable case of this pernicious virus occurred in the rural town of Nzara in South Sudan. A worker from a cotton factory took ill on Sunday June 27 1976. The sickness began with a headache and chest pains, advancing to hemorrhagic manifestations and bleeding from nose and mouth. He was admitted to hospital on June 30 and died July 6. His brother who had nursed him, contracted the virus two weeks later, but survived. The virus spread to neighboring villages and claimed 151 lives from 284 known infections.

The next outbreak occurred in Yambuku, Zaire - now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. School headmaster Mabelo Lokela became ill on August 26 1976. A fortnight later on September 6 he died. The virus from the two outbreaks was isolated and named Ebola from the river of the same name. Both horoscopes are significant. Between September 1 and October 24 there were 318 known cases and only 38 survivors.


A horoscope cast for the initial June 27 case in the Sudan reveals multiple challenging aspects. Click here for the untimed chart. It was the day of a New Moon at 6 degrees of Cancer, conjunct Venus. All three tightly semisquared Jupiter, a planet of expansion and growth. Jupiter may assist in the dispersion of something. The Sun and Moon were also positioned in a challenging square to deadly Pluto.

The June 27 1976 Ebola chart has Mercury, a planet associated with the lungs, hard angled to both restrictive Saturn and Uranus, the planet of the nervous system. Lastly, Mars the planet of infection and inflammation is also hard angled to deadly Pluto. In summary, virtually every planetary body in the entire horoscope is in difficult aspect to another.

While this noxious disease was débuting in Africa, another unrelated toxic outbreak simultaneously occurred at an American Legion meeting in Philadelphia. On July 27 1976, attendees began coming down with pneumonia like symptoms. 221 people at the conference became infected and 34 died. This disease, found to be originating from bacteria in air-conditioning systems and dormant water, was thereafter named Legionnaires Disease.


There is a consistent pattern to the dates of each outbreak. June 27 was the original Ebola symptoms appearing in southern Sudan. On July 27 Legionnaires Disease appears in Philadelphia. On August 26 Ebola had spread to the Congo. All of these viral emergencies occur one month apart and right on successive New Moons. The first New Moon of June is semsisquare the expansive spreading Jupiter, the last New Moon of August is square to Jupiter. Perhaps the New Moons hold a predictive key.

The soli-lunar cycle duplicates itself every nineteen years in practically the same zodiacal degrees. Starting from 1976, that would signify the years of 1995 and 2014 in the line of recurrent outbreaks. That’s exactly what has happened. After remaining relatively dormant for 19 years, Ebola returned with a vengeance in Zaire in 1995. 315 people contracted the disease with 254 fatalities – an 81% death rate.

In what was a frightening example of art imitating life - or perhaps a little of both - two films releases in 1995 had similar themes. One was called simply 'Virus' and now carries the DVD title of 'Formula For Death'. The other featuring an all star cast including Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman was titled 'Outbreak'. It focused on an Ebola like virus called Motaba, originating from Zaire, and finding its way to the United States.

Now in 2014 and a duplicate soli-lunar cycle, it is back – more widespread and dangerous than ever. The World Health Organization figures depict more than 8,000 infected and over 4000 fatalities so far this year. The charts for the arrival of Thomas Duncan arriving on US soil and the release of the 1995 film 'Outbreak' show some extremely eerie astral connections. Click here for the bi wheel


It is not only the 19-year Metonic – or New Moon cycle - that proves insightful. So does the analysis of Mars and Jupiter. In each chart of Ebola epidemics the planet of infection and body heat, Mars is astrologically angled to Jupiter.

1976 – June 27 – Initial case = Mars square Jupiter
1976 – August 26 – Spreads to Congo = Mars trine Jupiter
1995 – April 4 – Mass outbreak – Mars trine Jupiter (Grand Fire Trine with the Sun)
2000 – October 8 – Uganda outbreak – Mars square Jupiter (T-Square with Pluto)
2007 – August 28 – Congo outbreak – Mars opposite Jupiter (Grand Cross with Full Moon)

On October 9 2014 @ 7.51 am in Dallas Texas, Thomas Duncan the first US victim of Ebola passed away. Mars was trine Jupiter and in a Grand Trine with Uranus. Ebola was had occupied front page news all week. Click here for the horoscope.

The combination of infectious Mars with dispersing Jupiter, often aligns with other outer planets in a classic trine, T-Square or Grand Cross formation. This is common to all the significant Ebola spreads. Uranus is often involved in the mix as is the axis of 11 Gemini/Sagittarius, the latter being the position of Neptune at the very first outbreak.

Although the latest outbreak of Ebola is by far the most threatening, the eventual dissipation of the major formations involving Mars and Jupiter is a positive sign for the future. As is the passing of the current 19 year return cycle. So saying, it may take as long as March 2015 to pull the current surge back under control.


Further research of the current 2014 Mars, Jupiter and Uranus Grand Trine produced a rather curious result. The aspect with these planets exclusively involved was rare enough to have happened just once in the last 120 years. That was on September 26 1904. Again it involved a virus, but this time an induced one.

Australian farming had long been battling rabbit plagues. The problem was self-induced. The animals were originally brought from England with little forethought to how prevalent they would breed in new surrounds, having no natural predators. To counter this, the Pasteur Institute of France was consulted to introduce a virus that would decimate the rabbit population.

They chose to use the virus ‘chicken cholera’, and put this proposal to a meeting of Australian pastoralists on August 30 1904. The government debated the proposal during September, right as the Grand Trine of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus came to perfection. On September 30 in Adelaide, the idea was opposed by the Royal Society’s Mr J Topper. He considered it would destroy the poultry industry and the artificially produced virus idea was ultimately rejected.


The British flag was raised on Hong Kong Island on the morning of January 26 1841, when Commodore Sir Gordon Bremmer of the Royal Navy took possession for the Empire. Steve Tsang in 'A Modern History of Hong Kong' quotes from historical sources that Hong Kong was 'occupied not with a view to colonization, but for diplomatic, commercial and military purposes.'

I find this original possession chart with a time of 6.39 am, more accurate than the Nanking Treaty, which followed on August 29 of the same year and ceded the island in perpetuity to Queen Victoria. Click here for the Hong Kong horoscope.

Using the January 26 sunrise chart shows Pluto coming to oppose the Sun in 1942 for the fall of Hong Kong to the Japanese army. It also shows Uranus transiting across the Sun and the secondary progressed Midheaven meeting progressed Pluto when the island was returned to China from midnight leading into July 1 1997.

The current democracy protests on the streets of Hong Kong are well represented in the city's horoscope. It is now at a progressed New Moon stage – happening only within the middle of September 2014, when the Umbrella Revolution began. This New Moon, meaning a fresh start, is in trine to Uranus, the planet of independence and freedom. The same New Moon squares the combative Mars a worrying sign that it will not be achieved without a battle.

Oct 05


At 3 am on October 15 1927 a giant fountain of oil gushed 137 feet above the sands of Baba Gurgur, near Kirkuk, in northern Iraq. It marked the beginning of Iraq’s oil economy, but triggered an immediate environmental crisis. A deluge of oil spread across the desert sands from a flow that could not be capped for ten days. Engineers designed dams to divert the oil from polluting waterways and ruining the surrounding land.

Over 2000 workers, many wearing gas masks to counter poisonous fumes, worked to stem the growing black tide. The danger of rain meant that the oil would enter the rivers and waterways, potentially devastating water supplies across the country. With over 95,000 barrels bubbling up per day, it was decided to burn the oil. It was Christmas before the problem was brought under control.

Baba Gurgur was then the largest known oil reserve in the world. It remained so until 1948 and the discovery of the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia. Baba Gurgur is known for its Eternal Flame, a natural gas seepage that shepherds used to warm the winter flocks from the ancient days of King Nebuchadnezzar. The oil still flows in Baba Gurgur as it has for the last 87 years. Astrologically it’s due for its third Saturn return from the first quarter of 2015.


The belief that Mesopotamia was rich in oil was a belief that drove the industrialists and bankers of Europe prior to WWI. Germany was already constructing the Berlin to Baghdad railway, and following their 1907 success with oil exploration in Iran, Britain were keen to follow. In an attempt to unite the competing countries, the Turkish Oil Company was formed.

It was an amalgamation of investors including Deutsche Bank, the Anglo-Saxon Oil Co, a British run Turkish Bank and an Armenian oil entrepreneur named Calouste Gulbenkian, or Mr. 5%. He went on to become one of the richest men in the world.

Germany, an ally of the Ottoman Empire, was already constructing a Berlin to Baghdad railway. The Ottoman Empire granted exploratory rights to the oil company on June 28 1914. But the same day the Archduke Ferdinand was shot and WWI swiftly followed.

Historians view the Berlin to Baghdad Railway as one of the instigators of the Great War. Germany was considering using the Persian Gulf for shipping oil and its direct access to the oil fields would have brought an economic, and therefore political, challenge to the British Empire and its subsequent allies in WWI.

So the Anzac tradition, the heroics of Lawrence of Arabia and the determination to conquer and divide the Ottoman Empire has much to do with the black gold beneath the Mesopotamian desert sands. The postwar San Remo Conference of April 25 1920 gave Germany’s oil share to France. The Anglo-French oil deal guaranteed France a 25 percent share of Iraqi oil in return for the inclusion of Mosul in the British mandate of Iraq.


It’s doubtlessly occurred to any thinking person that the Middle East has become a hotbed of political instability since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Races and religious groups that once lived together in relative peace are now at each other’s throats. So what are the before and after differences? Surely the western government’s decisions to establish an Israeli state in Arab lands cannot be the sole catalyst. It isn’t!

Instead, take a look at the largest companies in the world today. Seven, of the top ten, are oil and gas companies. The top three are Exxon Mobil, Sinopec and Royal Dutch Shell. Walmart then interrupts that list which continues with China National Petroleum, BP and Saudi Aramco. France’s Total rounds out the list at number ten. Even the first two outside the ten are Volkswagen and Toyota - car companies dependent upon oil. Lucky thirteen is Chevron. Oil is ‘the business’ of planet earth. Capitalism floats on oil.


When oil engulfed the sands of Baba Gurgur in the pre-dawn hours of October 15 1927 the Libran Sun was conjunct the war planet of Mars. It was also squaring Pluto, the natural ruler of underground wealth and in hard aspect to Saturn.

This represents land that will be continually fought over for the wealth that it contains. So while we may be being served a religious war, if the oil wasn’t factored in, we wouldn’t be factoring in either. There simply wouldn’t be a war at all. Iraq's first ‘oil horoscope’ holds a timing key to the political developments taking place today.

On October 13 2006 Mars, the Sun and Mercury all simultaneously moved into the same positions they occupied at Iraq’s first oil strike. This was the completion of a 79 year astronomical cycle. It produced a game changing political revolution connected to the northern Iraq oil fields.

A new Sunni jihadist group formed in northern Iraq, partly from the remnants of the old Republican Guard. They were named ISIS, or the Islamic Sate of Iraq, under the under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The emergence of ISIS came on the heels of a demoralizing confidential report by the US chief of intelligence for the Marine Corps in Iraq. Click here for the charts of Iraq's first oil well and ISIS overlaid.

The report revealed the prospects for securing Iraq’s largest governance area, al Anbar, were dim and that "there is almost nothing the U.S. military can do to improve the political and social situation there." National polling showed 70% of the population wanted foreign troops out within the year. Iraqis were convinced they were worsening the security situation.

On November 23 2006, the deadliest violence exploded since the beginning of the Iraq war, aimed at the governing Shia's. 215 people were killed and 257 wounded in multiple car bomb attacks in one day. The US security update stated "U.S. and Iraqi troops 'are no longer capable of militarily defeating the insurgency in al-Anbar,' and 'nearly all government institutions from the village to provincial levels have disintegrated or have been thoroughly corrupted and infiltrated by Al Qaeda.'"

On December 30 2006, the Sunni ex President, Saddam Hussein was hung. Gruesome pictures were splashed on the front page of western newspapers and a video appeared on the Internet. All fuelled the Sunni resolve for revenge. ISIS expanded as Iraq imploded. The real reason that George Bush Snr had left Hussein in power following the 1991 Gulf War was becoming increasingly obvious, as the alternative chaos was unfolding.


On April 10 2013 there was a New Moon forming in the heavens with combative Mars in the warrior sign of Aries. This New Moon looked dangerous. So much so that I had written in my 2013 World Predictions article that "the period of April 10 – 15 was a volatile time window, even in the worldly sense." The Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 provided the violence. But something else, largely unnoticed was happening in the Middle East.

On April 9 2013 a new united jihadist group encompassing Iraq’s Al Queda operatives and the Syrian Al Nusra Front was publicly declared, again under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant were extending territory. The position of the Sun and Mars were together again and this time precisely opposite the moment of the first oil strike in Iraq. The planetary timing could hardly be a coincidence.

Was the date was planned too? Back on April 9 in 2003, the statue of Saddam Hussein was ceremonially pulled down in Baghdad. This symbolically represented the US military victory and was televised around the world. But like the mythological Lernaean Hydra, cutting off one head only produced two more.

Like the Eternal Fire that has been burning for 4000 years, the discovery of oil in Iraq has now reached its third Saturn return. The capital of the world may float on oil, but little flows back to the Iraqi people. The well was tapped under the auspices of a Sun Mars conjunction that also spells war. And while oil runs this planet, it will continue to propogate it.

Sep 28


When they say, 'Don't forget to read the fine print' it's a subliminal instruction to overlook it. If you’re thinking that the government is selling you a Middle East war like an insurance company sells you an insurance policy – you’re absolutely right!

We’re talking those insurance policies that are bigger than War and Peace, and full of tricky legalese that even a top silk has trouble understanding. That’s how clear, or unclear, this new war is being rationalised. A bit like a 50's duck and cover campaign - the fear factor is the key.


Let me get this right…but where do I start. We invade Iraq to get rid of an evil dictator with a malevolent moustache, who we used to supply with chemical weapons, as long as he fought against Iran. Nothing beats a Donald Rumsfeld handshake for loyalty! But the guy with the mo starts trading oil in Euros. Bad move!

We bypass the UN and invade Iraq. Then we realize that the Iraqi people, who we didn’t think to ask first, don’t want us running the show. For them, life was better - even under crippling economic sanctions. At least there was running water, electricity and you could trust your neighbour. With the country in complete disorder we proudly declare mission accomplished.

We disband the Iraqi Army and recruit civilians to run the country. We also jail the whistleblowers who have the scruples to tell the rest of the world what is really happening. But Abu Ghraib offers a few clues.

We fail to find any WMD’s – the unreal reason we said we were going to war. But there’s really no problem there, as we have thousands of them back home anyway. But there’s sure a lot of oil around, the petrodollar is back and the Israeli borders are safer.


In discussing the aftermath, Bush, Blair and Howard learnt the lyrics of the Walker Brothers hit – ‘No Regrets’. Perhaps they should try their first one - ‘The Sun Ain’t Going To Shine Anymore’. George W is offered a new pair of shoes in a departing gesture of gratitude for his humanitarian efforts – before he ducks out of the country. Tony Blair is appointed Middle East Peace envoy. Sort of like putting a pyromaniac in charge of a National Park.

Then surprise of all surprises! The Iraqi Prime Minister doesn’t like those Texan oil companies bypassing the Iraqi Oil Ministry and signing cheaper deals with the autonomous Kurds. Who cares – he’s just a sectarian ruler anyway – and not giving the Sunni’s a fair go. International pressure can always force regime change. And it does.

But even before he is replaced, those insurgent Sunni’s have formed a new group. They’re called ISIS or ISIL. It’s easier to spell than Al-Queda and it’s new. They seem to have sprung up overnight, extremely well funded and armed, better than the Sunni’s original Iraqi Army – but bearing a strange resemblance. They’re even attracting some of our own into the ranks. Can’t have that. We’re meant to concentrate this violence and killing purely to the Middle East!

Apparently these guys were fine to terrorize the Syrian government, also run by a man with a moustache. We even helped supply the weapons. But when it comes to invading oil rich northern Iraq – ISIS have become badder than bad. Beheadings have become worse than car bombings.

Take two. Enter Obama, Abbott and Cameron. They have an idea - a military solution. But this one has no boots on the ground. Are they going to call them the 'barefoot brigades' or do these guys literally believe that an army marches on its stomach. If this is sounding like a repeat soap opera – it’s a tragic one. Worse than Dallas, but packaged by the same production company.


The last New Moon, occurring on September 23, was at 2 degrees of Libra – the sign displaying the scales of justice. The New Moon fell at the direct midpoint of the two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, representing law and order. This New Moon cycle is leading into a Full Moon lunar eclipse with the planet of shock and awe – Uranus - by October 8. Let’s follow it.

The Libran New Moon fell right on the Midheaven of the - July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours at Philadelphia - birth horoscope of the USA. The Midheaven – or apex of the chart – represents the national administration. It would place the spotlight upon President Obama and call for new initiatives.

That spotlight came less than 24 hours before the New Moon. During a nationally televised speech from the White House beginning 10 am September 23, Obama announced that air strikes had begun in Syria targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. He was then heading for the United Nations meeting where he would muster further western support.

Back on September 10 2014 at a prior Washington address beginning at 9.02 pm, President Obama formally announced military assistance to both the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional Government. As he spoke the Moon was at 15 degrees of the warrior sign Aries, precisely linked with the planet of Uranus, representing both insurgencies and also aircraft.


The upcoming lunar eclipse of October 8 2014, will again place the Moon exactly with Uranus, the planet associated with flight and the technology of war. It will further fulfill the promise of the last Moon to Uranus connection and Obama's initial address. But there is something strange about this time. Prior October eclipses, accenting the middle degrees of Aries or Libra, have been regularly associated with major airline accidents and aerial war.

A solar eclipse occurred here on October 7 1912. Exactly nine days later two Bulgarian pilots Radul Minkov and Prodan Toprakchiev conducted the ‘first ever airborne bombing raid’. It was during the First Balkans War, aimed at the railway station of Karaagac near Edirne and directed against Turkey’s Ottoman Empire.

On October 8 1995, 83 years later, completing a cycle known as the Uranus return, a lunar eclipse in the same area of the sky – 15 Aries - would coincide with bombing raids over Eastern Europe and another Balkans War. This time it was NATO raids against Bosnian Serbs that ended the Croatian War of Independence.


One of the most significant eclipses here was the lunar one of October 7 1930 at 14 degrees of Aries. Two days prior the massive British airship – R101 – crashed in the fields of France on its first overseas voyage, claiming 48 lives. The R101 was the largest dirigible in the world when constructed. More people were killed in this incident than at the fiery destruction of the Hindenburg.

The R101 disaster made British astrologer Richard Naylor famous overnight. Noting the Uranus connection with an eclipse attached, he had predicted danger connected to air travel. Naylor thereafter became the first regularly published sun-sign astrologer. The eclipse was spotlighting Uranus the sky ruler and the acknowledged planet of modern astrology and alternative beliefs.

There are more. The October 7 1949 lunar eclipse at 14 degrees of Aries preceded a Paris to New York flight that crashed in the Azores claiming the lives of famed French classical violinist Ginette Neveu and France’s greatest ever boxer Marcel Cerdan. But it was the lunar eclipse of October 7 1987 at 14 degrees of Aries that set the scene for four major air disasters, although they happened a few weeks after the eclipse.

South African Airways Flight 295 crashed into the Indian Ocean taking 140 lives with it. Korean Air Flight 858 was blown out of the skies over the Andaman Sea the following day. A week later Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 crashed in California, in what was a mass murder suicide. And then virtually the entire Peruvian football side Alianza Lima perished when their aircraft crashed in Peru.

The upcoming lunar Eclipse of October 8 2014 may again lead to disaster from the skies in the coming two months. It’s a time when air safety will need to be absolutely paramount. And even without history as a guide, aerial bombardment will again be in the news. Only this time it could be on a larger scale then we have witnessed for quite a while. It’s something Naylor would have certainly been writing on were he alive today.

Sep 21


With war yet again on the doorstep, few Americans, and certainly fewer other nationalities, may recognize the name Smedley Butler. Some may associate it with the bulldog mascot of the San Diego Marines. They would not realize that on his military retirement in 1931, Butler was said to be the most decorated marine in US history.

He was born in Pennsylvania, on July 30 1881, with the chart of a committed warrior. In his teenage years Butler was quarterback for his Philadelphian school football side and captain of their baseball team. He left school before his 17th birthday, joining the Marines Corps, to fight in the Spanish/American War.

Butler’s early heroics and patriotic fervor led to a tattoo of an "Eagle, Globe, and Anchor" covering his entire chest. His birth horoscope shows the war planet Mars positioned at the degree of the most feared fixed star in the sky - Algol.

The blinking binary, Algol, represents the severed head of Medusa held up in the constellation Perseus. In Oriental astrology Algol is called the star of piled up corpses. Mars was also with Algol when the US military detonated their first nuclear bomb in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico, which says it all.

Butler certainly would have made a fearsome enemy. His military Mars was also closely positioned between the planet of success, Jupiter, and Pluto the planet of focused intensity. His distinguished 34-year military career took him to the Philippines, the Chinese Boxer Wars, and involved numerous US interventions into Central American countries, like Nicaragua, the Honduras and Mexico.

Yet all of these incursions, in the trenches or in command, eventually led him to one moral conclusion. A philosophy summed up in his 1935 provocative book, ‘War Is A Racket’. He eventually saw international war as an industrial exercise funded with both public dollars and lives. Butler said, ‘It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to.’ The next paragraph is taken directly from his work.


"War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes."

That compelling confession probably sums up why Smedley Butler is not quite so famous today, as when he resigned as a Major-General. It’s not the kind of message that government wants you to hear – especially from a highly decorated military hero. Butler’s answers to preventing war were threefold. Change the line of responsibility and adopt a user pay system.

The user pays idea required the first conscripts to be those directly benefiting by the war – the bankers, the energy investors and associated speculators. Secondly – allow crucial war declarations to be decided by a referendum voted on by the people required to fight them. Thirdly – restrict national navy’s to within 200 klm of other countries coastlines, and remove all interventionist and mercenary armies.

Butler’s 1935 book also had an uncanny and prophetic message, six years before Japan’s air force decimated Pearl Harbour, "The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon's shores. Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles."


On Friday afternoon September 12 2014, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott raised the national terrorist threat rating to ‘high’. He declared that an attack was likely but then claimed there was “no specific intelligence of particular plots”. Abbott added the new rating would be accompanied by a “modest information campaign.” Of course, it was anything but.

Around 1.30 pm on Sunday September 14 2014 Abbott committed 600 troops to the United Arab Emirates, to join a US-led international coalition combating what he described as a death cult’. By Monday the military were on their way and the media were awash with the terrorist threats. Then came an intercepted phone call allegedly attached to a nefarious beheading plot.

At 4 am on Thursday September 18, 870 police conducted Australia’s largest anti-terror raids on 25 local homes in Sydney and Brisbane. Two men are being held on suspicion of intent to carry out terrorist attacks. The raids come a week before Abbott presents new anti-terrorism laws for Australia to accompany the upcoming New Moon on Wednesday September 24. He announced these new laws back on August 5.


You could say that Australia’s involvement in yet another Middle East war was written in the stars, using the repetitive 12-year Jupiter in Leo cycle that I have written about on these pages before. Again Australia’s involvement will be defended as eliminating terrorist threats and for a just and humanitarian cause. But the historical evidence shows that it has created an greater humanitarian crisis, with every successive Jupiter return.

With Jupiter in the first decan of Leo, at 9 degrees, on January 21 1991 Prime Minister Bob Hawke ordered Australian troops to Iraq on US 'advice'. He told his parliament about it later. This war led directly to formation of Al-Queda. On March 18 2003, with Jupiter at 8 degrees of Leo Prime Minister John Howard informed his government that he’d taken a call from US President George W Bush just before 6 am that morning – Australia were again at war. This war led to the creation of ISIL.

As Jupiter again transverses this same area of the zodiac there’s little surprise with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott committing Australians to a third Middle East war. Or the public again wearing ‘heightened security threats’.

The connecting thread to all these wars is that Jupiter was moving across the same degrees of Leo when the first oil gusher was tapped in the Middle East in 1908, and passed over it again precisely when the Middle East was greedily partitioned among western powers following WWI. There's a lesson in all of that.

In the Orient they call Jupiter, Guru – the Great Teacher. It carries the definitive message here. As Smedley Butler might muse to today’s politicians – save me the soliloquies. When you talk of terror, own up to the real source of the problem, both abroad and at home. Butler rightly reasoned, “You can't eliminate it (war) by peace parleys at Geneva. Well-meaning but impractical groups can't wipe it out by resolutions. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war.”

Sep 14

When Oscar Pistorius stood in the docks awaiting judgment on a murder charge, the astrological evidence was overwhelming that he would get off. It was evident on two counts. The first, a 19-year cycle featuring highly contentious newsworthy trials and delivering debatable outcomes. The second, the advantageous matching of judge Thokozile Masipa’s horoscope with that of the defendant Pistorius. To begin - the 19-year cycle.


The ancient Babylonians utilized a 19-year return calendar. Their timekeeping was based on the soli-lunar cycle whereby every 19 years the Sun and Moon would return to the same area of the sky. If a New Moon occurs at 2 degrees of Libra on September 24 1995, then the same should happen 19 years later. In fact the coming New Moon occurs on September 24 at 2 degrees of Libra. The Greeks named this the Metonic Cycle. It's also part of the 'as above - so below' philosophy.

Journalists, unaware of the astrocycle, are now drawing comparisons that back in 1995, a famous US sportsman, O J Simpson, was found not guilty of the murder of his beautiful blonde ex-wife Nicole. The parallels with South Africa’s blade runner are striking. But perhaps it’s the numerous planetary combinations of the two verdicts, one delivered on the Mercury return of the other, virtually nineteen years apart, that is even more conspicuous. Click here for the two timed horoscopes matched on a cosmo dial.

Following the same 19 year cycle leads back to the 1976 front-page trial of Texan oil millionaire T. Cullen Davis. He was reputed as the richest man ever to face a murder trial. Davis, whose fortune then totaled over a hundred million, was eventually found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife’s child, despite eyewitness accounts. Two books and a film were later made about the case.

Even more sensational was the British trial of Dr John Adams, a further 19 years before in the April of 1957. It was branded the murder trial of the century for its day and captured headlines worldwide. Again, the outcome was a verdict of not guilty. But this one was subject to interference of the highest order.


John Bodkin Adams was a medical doctor. He practiced in Eastbourne, England, an area known for rich retirees. 132 of his pateints had expired leaving him money or gifting him in their wills. It made Dr Adams, who’d only scraped through medical school, the wealthiest doctor in all of England. It also led to a highly controversial murder trial in April of 1957.

The police investigation began with the Home Office pathologist examining 310 death certificates issued by the good doctor, and finding 163 of them suspicious. They involved special substances, often injected after nurses were asked to leave the room. Following a tip off, Adams was placed under arrest and a trial was convened.

The British Medical Association, sensing trouble, hindered the investigation by issuing a circular to all doctors reminding them of their professional confidentiality if interviewed. This led to a crucial meeting, during which the highly confidential evidence against Dr Adams was ‘unwittingly’ provided to the Medical Association, by Britain’s Attorney General.

Vital evidence, such as a one thousand pound cheque, mysteriously went missing. Scotland Yard suspected the local police constable of Adam’s locality. The plot thickened when the same constable was known to have a close involvement with both Dr Adams and the magistrate for their Eastbourne district, Sir Rupert Gwynne. Adams and Gwynne were close friends and had frequently taken holidays together.


Adams stood trial for murder involving the death of patient Edith Alice Morrell. She had become partially paralyzed following a stroke. Adams treated her with morphine and then heroine for pain relief. Morrell became addicted. She made numerous wills, often cutting Adams out, then reinserting him. She eventually died following another stroke. Adams had examined the body and allegedly slit her wrists to ensure she was dead.

The doctor benefited from Morrell’s death, inheriting a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and also billed her estate for a phenomenal eleven hundred visits. However, he declared that he was unaware of any personal pecuniary interests, thus evading a post mortem, before her cremation.

A second charge was also filed involving the death of Gertrude Hullett, seven years after Morrell. Adams inherited another Rolls Royce. He had recorded Hullett’s cause of death as a brain hemorrhage. A local pathologist was convinced that she had been poisoned with sleeping pills.


A combination of influence from higher up, premature disclosure of evidence to the BMA and missing items, contributed to John Bodkin Adams beating the first charge of murdering Edith Morrell. After his acquittal, the Attorney General decided not to press ahead with the second charge, which the presiding judge later termed an abuse of process. The police were also astounded that Adams wasn’t charged for multiple deaths with more compelling evidence.

During the committal hearing the Attorney General was also seen dining with Adam’s suspected lover, Sir Roland Gwynne at a Lewes hotel. The dinner added fuel to the fire that the whole trial was subject to both judicial and political interference. But Adams didn't go away scot free.

By the July of 1957 the doctor was found guilty of making false statements on cremation forms and forging prescriptions, and subsequently struck of the medical registry. These days he is widely viewed as a serial killer, with an advanced case of avarice.


Synastry is a term used when two horoscopes are overlaid with each other, generally in the judgment of personal relationships. The matching of the planets and points between the two horoscopes outlines the dynamic connections between the individuals involved. It’s also something to keep in mind when considering the outcome of a legal case.

Judge Thokozile Masipa was born on October 16 1947 in Soweto South Africa. In overlaying her horoscope with that of Oscar Pistorius, the indications are highly favorable. Masipa delivers her Jupiter, considered an extremely beneficial connection, right to Pistorius’ birth Sun in the final degree of Scorpio. Judge Masipa also delivers her Scorpio Venus right to Pistorius’ Venus to with an orb of less than two degrees. Click here to view the horoscope comparison.

If the past history of the other defendants of this cycle is anything to judge by, Pistorius is not as well off as might appear. O.J. Simpson was found guilty on a separate charge and remains incarcerated. Texan oil baron T. Cullen Davis lost his entire oil fortune and declared bankruptcy in the mid-80’s. Dr John Adams lived under a cloud of suspicion for the remainder of his days. With restrictive Saturn due to spend almost year moving across Pistorius' Scorpio Sun, and the Uranus Pluto aspect also impacting it in 2015, there are further challenges ahead for the Blade Runner.

Sep 7


In 1991, very early in my astrological life, an extraordinary event occurred during an upstairs function at the Sydney Journalist Club. The female guest of honor collapsed and was initially pronounced dead at the scene. She was eventually wheeled into an ambulance on life support. But apparently that wasn’t enough to sustain her. I arrived shortly after.

As the shock was being related to me by the club receptionist, I tentatively asked, ‘was she around eighty-four years of age’. The receptionist looked surprised and replied, yes. She then said that it was something one of the astrologers had mentioned. I quickly explained a little about Uranus to her and told her that it may not be all over. When Uranus is involved – anything can happen, and usually does. We swapped over shifts.

The next week, at the same time, she was eagerly waiting for my arrival. When I appeared she told me that something incredible had indeed unfolded. The lady in question had spontaneously and out of the blue revived in the middle of the night, totally freaking out a hospital nurse. Then after taking breakfast the next morning she had peacefully, and finally, slipped away.


The receptionist was curious about Uranus. I explained that it was probably playing a central role in the deceased woman’s horoscope. I later discovered it was. It certainly was in mine at that time. After midnight, I could often be seen with my ephemerides and horoscopes, behind an appropriately fashioned half moon reception desk, at a place that was an institution of the city’s nightlife.

What I had been blissfully unaware of was that it was also the meeting place of Sydney’s astrology community, but not during my nocturnal hours. The guest of honor on the fateful evening, was Karen Cloak, then President of the Sydney Astrological Research Society. The party was to celebrate her Uranus return.

Although I never met Karen, I was reminded of the incident a couple of years later. I had ordered some astrological software from the USA. The confidential one word password supplied was her second name - cloak. By then I was a practicing astrologer. And my interest in Uranus had taken a worldlier slant. It was helping me understand shock, surprise, and rapid realignments on a global scale.


Uranus is the planet of predictable surprise – and perfectly befitting what happened in the club that night. It involved a lady whose life was dedicated to astrology amongst her peers. Uranus is also the ancient sky god of Greek mythology. It represents the study of astrology and many other alternative and ingenious concepts. It is also the planet of emerging technology, especially where it also concerns flight.

The motion of Uranus is one reason why astute astrologers recognize that the entire world seems upside down at the moment. Even Uranus revolves on its side, and there are many Uranian themes unfolding. And I wrote Uranian, not Ukrainian, although you can be forgiven for mixing the two. Flight – MH17 - is heavily involved with the crisis of the Ukraine. And the Ukraine is caught up historically in the Uranus cycle.

I’ve written before that the last time the rare planetary Grand Cross involving Uranus appeared as it did in April of 2014, was centuries before in March 1648. For the Ukraine it represented the beginning of a civil war, the 1648 Khmelnytsky Uprising of the Cossacks. It was a movement away from Western Europe and eventual absorption into the Russian empire. So in light of today’s unrest, even the wild card Uranus makes a lot of sense, when viewed historically. The unpredictable becomes predictable.

Uranus represents freedom from oppression. The truth is that the Ukrainian people are seeking liberation, on both sides of the equation. There is not one right side and one wrong side in the political debate, as the mainstream press, be it of the West or Russian origin, would have us believe. The Ukrainian people can neither be beholding to Russian military might, nor future slaves to Western financiers.


Uranus is also playing a pivotal role in the economic future of the USA. Financial disparity is undermining the spirit and unity of the country. The land that proudly declared "Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free..." has a problem with a fair minimum wage. It has an even larger problem with a maximum one.

According to a 2014 report published in the economically respected Forbes magazine, an American CEO takes home 330 times what the average workers does, and 774 times what the minimum wage worker earns. CEO’s in the USA are the highest paid in the world. But Wall St reform is proving a prickly thorn in the side of democracy. A massive 70% of the US population wants the minimum wage to increase. Their unrepresentative Congress has other ideas.

Japan’s average wage is the same as America’s. But Japanese CEO’s earn 67 times as much as the average wage earner, Great Britain’s 84 times, France 127 and Germany 147. In the US the Securities and Exchange Commission are even having trouble getting companies to declare CEO's wages. The fact that they don’t want to disclose them to investors sends an even louder message. Yet the same people are lobbying against a rise in the minimum wage.

This kind of injustice has been repetitively evident during past clashes between rebellious Uranus to plutocratic Pluto. In 1648 it coincided with revolutions, not only in the Ukraine, but throughout France and England. It led to the beheading of England’s imperious Charles I. Many more heads rolled, literally speaking, throughout the French Revolution during the 1793 opposition of Uranus to Pluto, squared by Jupiter. The count was thirty thousand in all. And those planetary conditions were uncannily similar to today.

The economic situation prior to the French Revolution has certain similarities to now. Europe’s leading nation found its government deep in debt from trying to finance too many wars. The same government failed to curtail the power of its nobles and were entrapped by the excesses of its own aristocracy. Attempts to create a more equitable tax system failed, with the rich using their power to resist reform.

The people’s growing dissatisfaction with lack of political representation and increasing economic disparity became a revolution. The Encyclopedia Brittanica notes as the primary cause of the revolution as ‘the regimes inability to change or, more simply pay its way’. The irony being that the forefathers of America, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were in Paris as this political revolution unfolded.


From 6.30 am September 4 2014, in New York, protestors rallied outside fast food restaurants for an increase in the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour. It was an all day nationwide protest from the East to the Pacific Coast. What initially began on November 29 2012, with one hundred people walking off the job in New York, has rapidly spread worldwide. They are striking at the worst side of American capitalism.

The fast food industry use low pay and its attendant job obsolescence to discourage any unionized workforce or worker security. They are truly like an East India Company marginalizing their own people. And they are the perfect battleground for the ongoing Uranus and Pluto square. The peaceful protests are now escalating toward greater resistance. Protestors are inviting their arrest for media attention. And while CEO’s hide their wages, fast food workers want you to know exactly how little they earn.

The plaque below the Statue Of Liberty, a gift from France, says 'Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp'. Therein is a message for America today. It is echoed by another French author's work, Thomas Pickety's 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century'. As reformatory Pluto opposes the US birth Sun and rebellious Uranus squares it revolutions can be right around the corner. And under the current circumstances they really shouldn't be such a Uranian 'surprise'.

Aug 31


Modern Australia, with its European cultural influence, began on the banks of Sydney Cove at 05.23 am on a Saturday morning, January 26 1788. That’s when officers and convicts began clearing the ground for the future city of Sydney. But the Great South Land’s geographical remoteness, aptly described by the title of historian Geoffrey Blainey’s book ‘The Tyranny of Distance’ kept it removed from the rest of the world. All that changed thirteen years after 1901 and Federation.

On August 5 1914, at 12.30 pm, Australia received notice that England had declared war on Germany. The news led to the first shots of WWI. They were fired from Fort Nepean Victoria at a departing German cargo ship, at 12.45 pm. The SS Pfalz was impounded and her German crew taken captive. Australia was at war and her 1788 horoscope told the story.

Australia’s progressed Sun and Mercury had reached the precise square to dutiful and conservative Saturn. The ringed planet in a difficult angle with the authoritarian Sun signified a major test and burden of responsibility. In the fledgling country’s case, it was the loss of much of its personnel in the prime of their lives. War planet Mars had progressed to directly oppose the extremist Pluto, the lord of the underworld and death. It played out in trench warfare. Click here for Australia's progressed chart for WWI


Australian volunteers began overseas combat from 4.20 am, with the predawn raid of Gallipoli beach on April 25 1915. The campaign was a major defeat with over twenty six thousand Australian casualties alone. But the following year on April 25, two thousand Australian and New Zealand veterans, dubbed ‘The Knights of Gallipoli’, paraded through the streets of London. ANZAC day became a national memorial. For the remainder of the war it was used for patriotic rallies and has now passed into Australian legend.

Despite the glory of the Anzac sacrifice as the government beat the war drums – the majority of Australians were opposed to sending their youth off to fight overseas battles. The Australian government held two referendums on the contentious conscription issue, both of which were defeated, despite an expensive and comprehensive propganda campaign.


The war also led to bitter political betrayals. After his initial referendum defeat, British born Labor Prime Minister Billy Hughes, still on the conscription bandwagon, crossed the parliamentary floor to form a new party with his Liberal opposition - dubbed the Nationals.

Undeterred by his first referendum defeat, Hughes again tried to bend the public will, on December 20 1917. Hughes’ second plebiscite read bluntly, “Are you in favour of the proposal of the Commonwealth Government for reinforcing the Australian Imperial Force overseas?” This time Hughes was defeated by a larger margin. Meanwhile, the war dragged on.

The politics of conscription ensnared Australia’s greatest ever fighter, world middleweight champion Les Darcy. The day before Hughes first referendum, Darcy left Australia bound for the lucrative fight circuit of the USA. The conservative press labeled him a shirker, and the government had him barred in the States. Darcy never returned alive.

On May 24 1916, Darcy died of pneumonia after contracting septicemia from dental work. Back home, his funeral attracted hundreds of thousands of mourners. At twenty-one Darcy had become a more than just an Australian sporting idol. He had emerged into a folk hero. Decades later, the US boxing legend Muhammad Ali would create the same controversy when stripped of his world title, for refusing to serve in the Vietnam War.


Australia’s entry into the Second World War was announced via a radio address from 9.15 pm on September 3 1939. The event shows clearly in the Australian horoscope as the progressed Ascendant exactly squares Saturn. Prime Minister Robert Menzies broadcast begins with sublime saturnian solemnity, “Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you…”. At the declaration moment, the war planet Mars was transiting across Australia’s Mercury, the planet of communication.

Lethal Pluto would transit opposite the Australian birth Sun and ominously move into the Australian seventh house – or house of war. This coincided with the Japanese aerial bombardment of Darwin, as the US mobilized their Pacific forces following Pearl Harbour. Australia and the US fought together against the common enemy.


The horoscopes of the USA and Australia have obvious military links. The USA’s Cancer Sun falls right upon the Australian Cancerian Mars. Australia’s Aquarian Sun is precisely sesquisquare (135 degrees) the USA Gemini Mars. The dual Sun to Mars connections fortify the national military alliances. In the technique of astromapping, which shows the strength of a planet around the globe, Australia’s Mars rises above New York and culminates through the Middle East, specifically Iraq.


At fifty minutes past midnight on October 11 2002, the US Senate gave George W Bush the go-ahead to invade Iraq. It didn’t take long for a response. The very next evening, at 11.08 pm, on October 12 2002, the Sari nightclub in Bali became a human inferno. Eighty-eight Australians were killed and hundreds injured. It remains the worst terrorist act in Indonesian history.

Again the Australian horoscope reflected the nature of the attack based on the surety of Australia following the US into Iraq, as they had in every other war since WWII. The Australian progressed Mars was in a testing square to its birth position, and moving through the ninth house of international affairs. The progressing Moon was moving across the birth Mars. Click here to see the biwheel.

The Australian progressing Sun was moving to oppose progressed Saturn, which suggested a long drawn out conflict. It was. As the Australian Ascendant opposed Pluto, the Australian Embassy in Indonesia was bombed at 10.30 am September 9 2004. There would be another deadly Bali bombing at 18.50 hours October 1 2005. It also featured the SP Moon in hard aspect with both Australia’s progressed and natal Mars.


War is carefully planned well in advance. Behind the scenes maneuvering and international negotiating entails not only military preparation but also a detailed media campaign. Public opinion is carefully maneuvered prior to the first shot. The old truism that the greatest casualty of war is the truth, doesn’t only apply to after war begins. It starts with the beating of the drum.

Australia’s involvement in war has frequently featured the activation of Mars. Transiting Uranus was opposing Australia’s Mars when they first entered the Gulf War of January 1991. For the 2001 engagement in Afghanistan it was Jupiter with a triple pass over the Mars. For Iraq Saturn transited across the Australian Mars in 2003 and 2004.

On April 23 2014 with a planetary Grand Cross activating Australia’s Mars and Saturn, the Abbott government approved Australia’s largest ever military purchase. Sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet – Top Gun style – Abbott announced seventy-two American made stealth fighters at a total outlay of $12.4 billion. A month later his Treasurer felt it his melancholy duty to deliver an austerity style budget, talking up fears of a deficit as Australia’s progressed Ascendant opposed somber Saturn.

In June 2014, PM Abbott visited Washington, where US President Obama praised Australia for increasing its defense spending during a time of budgetary restraint. Obama added “Aussies know how to fight and I like having them in a foxhole if we’re in trouble”. The meeting laid the groundwork for doubling American troop deployment for Darwin, and additional US aircraft and ships to operate from Australian bases.

Throughout September, Pluto will oppose the Australian Mars. As it does the battle drum is beating to follow the USA back into a Middle East war. It’s a move that would appear to run contradictory to the idea of stopping home grown terrorism.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press runs a familiar apocalyptic rhetoric that preceded the last two Middle East invasions. Beheadings are now front page. But not the two dozen government sanctioned ones carried out by ally Saudi Arabia, one of the largest recipients of western foreign military aid, in August.

This is about the Islamic State, a sworn enemy. However, their eradication would seem to be serving a multiple purpose. The first is the western support of a new Kurdish oil state to pipe oil directly to the Mediterranean. The second - a possible air invasion of Syria. But that’s Mars and it looks set yet again to live up to its mythical meaning - as the deity of war.

AUG 24


On April 10 2013 a New Moon appeared in the warrior sign Aries, conjunct the battle planet of Mars. It was something that I had noted in my annual World Predictions 2013 article, as representing an extremely volatile time window between the 10th and 15th. At 14.50 hours, on April the 15th, two terrorist bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. The Sun was still within the degree of Mars and the city was in lockdown for days.

Across the other side of the globe another terrorist movement was morphing into being. Leading into the New Moon on April 9 2013, an Al-Quaeda breakaway group renamed themselves. The Arian New Moon would culminate above their home base in Ar-Raqqah Syria. The group was the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Combative Mars in impulsive Aries and for the USA they were born close to a time of crisis.


The original insurgency movement, leading to this formation, stemmed from the Iraqi rebellion following the US led 2003 invasion, and the dismantling of their Sunni dominated army. The ISIL (or ISIS) aim was to establish a new sharia state. On June 29 2014, after taking Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city, their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the caliphate. Military Mars was closely opposing insurgent Uranus. The Islamic State now controls much northern Iraq and Syria.

Regular readers may recall that I wrote here a few weeks back that the US would again be drawn into Iraq, as Jupiter moved through the early degrees of Leo. The historical evidence was overwhelming when you examine the following crucial Middle-East dates and their irrefutable Jupiter connection.

Jupiter 08Leo25 – 20th March 2003 – From 5.25 am the USA begins bombing Baghdad as an Iraq invasion and regime change is underway.

Jupiter 10Leo09 – January 17 1991 – Operation Desert Storm – the initial US invasion into Iraq.

Jupiter 08Leo24 – November 5 1978 - Rioters sack the British Embassy in Iran – the Iranian Revolution leads to regime change in Iran and the Islamic Revolution.

Or going back half a century earlier to what started the whole shebang.

Jupiter 08Leo45 – April 25 1920 - San Remo Conference – The Allied powers draw up the new boundaries for the Middle East following defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Also Arab Riots in Jerusalem following revelation of the Balfour Declaration promising a new homeland for the Zionists. By July 2 - Jupiter still in Leo - Iraq would revolt against British rule.

But where did the whole interventionist philosophy begin?

Jupiter 08Leo08 May 26 1908 – First ever Middle East Oil Strike in Masjed Soleyman, Persia – now Iran. From that discovery flowed British Petroleum, and a western addiction to Middle East oil.

There is a common theme. It's all about energy and resources. The wars and the national boundaries were all conceived with western control at the helm. Democracy, humanitarianism or self-determination were a distant second consideration. Ongoing intervention has led to national backlashes united by a common bond of religion. Only when it is seen purely from the mercenary interest, does each consistent development make perfect and obvious sense. Here’s an overlay of the two successive Iraq invasions as Jupiter returns again for a third time to these degrees.


As Jupiter now returns to 8 degrees of Leo, regime change returns to Iraq, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stepping down. He has proven a thorn in the side of US oil giants Exxon and Chevron, and ruled the country along divisive sectarian lines. The US companies had already begun dealing with the Kurds for northern Iraqi oil.

The northern Sunnis have mounted a resistance. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant become the latest common enemy. And they are very much the enemy, determined to destroy anything or person aligned to western interests. This fanatical group of jihadists have grown from the disarray and plundering of Iraq’s potential wealth.

Almost twelve years after a promised liberation, much of the country remains without adequate electricity, clean running water or solid infrastructure. The disenfranchised Sunni militia are being funded from the Saudis to prevent a Shia dominated Iraq from merging with Iran.

Iraq was always an accident waiting to happen. The one political certainty, as soon as Saddam was toppled, was that the 65% Shia majority would dominate the country politically and militarily. Also that the previously Sunni run army, disbanded as part of the US restructuring, would turn into a destabilising rebel militia. Their dominance in northern Iraq have created a geographical battlefield. The invasion was an open invitation for al-Queda recruitment in a land that did not support them before.


Shortly after midnight on July 4 2014, US military blackhawk helicopters landed in Al-Raqqah, Syria, home to foreign prisoners held by ISIL. One of them was American freelance photojournalist James Foley, born October 18 1973 in Rochester, New Hampshire. He had been taken prisoner on November 23 2012 whilst covering the Syrian Civil War.

Foley had also covered NATO’s invasion of Libya. He was arrested during his stay, but later released. He returned for the capture and killing of Mahmoud Gaddaffi. But this time Foley’s luck ran out. The co-ordinated rescue attempt, involving special operations from all US military services, failed when the hostages were not at their expected destination.

The night of the aborted mission, the Sun was opposite Pluto and also emphasizing the dark Pluto opposition to the US birth Sun of July 4 1776. Mars, the planet of war was opposing Uranus, representing rebels and insurgents. The planets formed a difficult Grand Cross, which was adversely impacting on the horoscope of the USA. Click here for the USA horoscope and the rescue mission overlaid.

The failed operation brought back memories of another aerial rescue mission gone wrong, that I had written about only a couple of weeks back. This was codenamed ‘Operation Desert Claw’. It was undertaken on Jimmy Carter’s watch to free US hostages held in Iran. The failure of the mission contributed to his subsequent election defeat. Click here for the overlay of the two aborted missions and their planetary connections.

This complex political cobweb may yet entangle another presidency. The Islamic State have a large arsenal of weapons, financial backing from the rich gulf nations and are collecting millions on captured oil and gas fields in northern Iraq. Plus for the disenfranchised poor in Iraq, they offer a paying job.

Perhaps this week as we reflect on Iraq, it's worthwhile remembering that Mars was at 17 degrees of Scorpio when George W Bush was originally sworn into office at 12.02 pm on January 20 2001. This week both Mars and also sober Saturn will be conjunct that 2001 Mars in Scorpio. Bush left Iraq amidst unforgettable scenes of flying shoes. The current conflict has a long way to go. And with Jupiter returning to Leo, the US involvement may have to be escalated again. December will be a critical time.

Aug 17


Over the last week the US has been absorbed by two deaths. Both have had people thinking deeply about the sanctity of life. One a much loved celebrity and comedian who decided to check out after living many lifetimes in one. The other an 18-year-old Afro-American youth shot multiple times by a white police officer while his hands were allegedly in the air to signal surrender. On each occasion impulse trumped reason.

Michael Brown had his life in front of him. That was until August 9 2014 at four minutes past midday when it was suddenly taken away. Brown was walking with a friend in the center of the road when ordered by policeman Darren Wilson to move to the sidewalk. With the officer still inside the car an altercation ensued and the officer’s gun discharged.

According to Brown’s friend, the officer shot Brown and the two ran from the scene. Two other witnesses say they saw Brown shot again a second time while escaping and then turning and putting his hands up. He was then shot several more times and died at the scene. Brown, being unarmed and killed by a white police officer became the catalyst for racial riots in Ferguson, Missouri.


Riots and violence are a Mars phenomena. The red planet is the deity of conflict and combat. Mars is the traditional ruler of weapons – particularly firearms, and also the police. So when you get pandemonium, Mars is right in the picture. At 12.04 pm Saturday August 9 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, Mars was strong in its own sign - intense Scorpio. It was in a testing to square to Jupiter, the planet of justice and law.

At the time of Brown’s shooting the emotional Moon had come to oppose the Jupiter and square the Mars. Feelings were soon fever pitch in the ensuing hours as the Moon moved to perfect the square, and the public were made aware of the event. What followed were riots, looting and tense stand-offs between the public and police. The Ferguson Riots became the lead story on the national news.

The story had a familiar narrative of white officers using excessive force in policing African/Americans. It’s something that lights the wick of racial tension, so often simmering below the surface in the USA. And whenever Jupiter is involved behavior is exaggerated. With Mars, it’s the violence that multiplies. An analysis of prior racial riots shows a similar pattern.


The 1992 LA riots, in response to the jury verdict over the police beating of Rodney King, began with the handing down of the sentence at 3.15 pm April 29. Here the intransigent Taurean Sun was exactly semi-squaring Mars in the sign of Pisces. The riots lasted a full five days and saw 53 people killed, including 10 shot by the military or police. Over 2000 more were injured and the damage bill topped the billion.

The Rodney King beating took place at 00.53 hours on March 3 1991. The whole incident was released to the media after a witness taped it from his balcony. The images of five officers beating King went viral across the globe. The Sun was in sacrificial Pisces and closely squaring Mars in newsworthy Gemini – right when it all took place.

The LA riots brought back memories of the 1967 Detroit Riots. They began from 03.45 am on July 23 following an early morning raid on an unlicensed drinking club. The ensuing four day insurrection saw 43 lives lost. President Lyndon Johnson sent in the army, whilst the Michigan Governor called on the National Guard. The Detroit Riots began with the Sun precisely squaring Mars, which was again in Scorpio. Mars was also moving to square judicial Jupiter.

Two weeks back I had been examining the Detroit riots and thinking of writing a column on them, in light of the public dissatisfaction over water supplies being cut in that city. The planetary alignments of the Detroit riots bear a great similarity to those of today. The Sun and Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Scorpio and in the case of the Ferguson riots an approaching Aquarian SuperMoon to bring emotions to the surface.


On August 1 1943, there was a New Moon with Jupiter, and squaring Mars. The current lunar cycle started with a New Moon (the Sun and Moon together) with Jupiter and squaring Mars. Once again things got way out of hand, and once again racial riots rocked the city.

A white policeman James Collins, arrested an African American female, Florine Roberts for disturbing the peace in the lobby of the Braddock Hotel, Harlem. A black soldier, Robert Bandy, asked for her release and a fight followed. In the melee Collins shot Bandy who was taken off to hospital. Although the wound was superficial, thousands gathered outside the hospital and rumors spread of Bandy’s death.

As the tension grew to fever pitch, gangs began rampaging through the streets of Harlem. The riots continued throughout the night and into the next day. Over 1,400 stores were burglarized and 4,500 windows broken. Six people were killed and several hundred injured before the Harlem riots were brought under control. The underlying cause, as it is now, was one of suppression. A feeling that there was a law for one and a different law for others.

Whenever the Sun, Jupiter and Mars form a challenging aspect to each other, violence can easily spiral out of control. We’ve seen more than enough of it lately. It’s as if the whole world went on angry pills. Excessive force has been the norm. Hopefully this week’s union of peacemaking Venus to Jupiter will quell the fires that burn within that discontent. There are lessons to be learned and surely changes to be made. But you can never put a bush fire out by looking for yet another box of matches. But when Mars is around – that's what people do.

August 10


The SuperMoon, that begins the week, will reactivate a celestial event that had more than half the world watching on August 11 1999. Millions from the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia gazed skywards to witness the total eclipsing of the Sun, by the Moon.

They were repeating what the Babylonian stargazers had done for thousands of years before. Witnessing the awe and majesty of the heavenly lights, seemingly engaged in divine union, momentarily extinguishing each other.

The year 1999 stood on the precipice of a new millennium. It had been written about in popular culture. It was the subject of one of the few quatrains written by the renowned Renaissance astrologer Nostradamus, that featured a definitive timing. Humanity’s passion for prediction had led to his ambiguous writings at one time outselling all western books, apart from the Bible. The quatrain was translated as

“The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.”

1999 was the first time since WWII that Europe had experienced war from the skies. NATO bombed Yugoslavia in the Kosovo War. The seer’s final line of Mars (god of war) reigning happily before and after made good astrological sense. It had already been in the sign that it rules, Scorpio, for three and a half months, from late January to early May. It would return to Scorpio in the seventh month of July and remain until early September. As it did the August solar eclipse would occur.


Eclipses recur in two longer cycles. The 18 year 11 day Saros cycle is primarily used to plot the exact ‘location of an eclipse’ on the earth’s surface. The longer 19-year Metonic cycle, is invaluable in political prediction and financial forecasting. The Metonic cycle re-activates the same area of the sky, and seems to mirror recurring events, like an ongoing saga. Although the exact repeat is not due until 2018, the current SuperMoon reactivating the same degree may also evoke similar events, earlier than planned. Click here for the chart overlays of today's SuperMoon and the Grand Cross Eclipse of 1999.

In July 1999 legislative powers were transferred from the old Scottish Office of London, to a new Scottish parliament in Edinburgh. That is relevant considering that Scotland will be voting on a referendum for independence from England on September 18 this year. In the same month John F Kennedy Jnr was killed in a plane crash. Just prior to the accident he had been suggested as the frontrunner for the New York Senate. Hillary Clinton, now mooted as a presidential nominee, subsequently won the seat.

Two days before the August 1999 solar eclipse, a former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin, was promoted from relative obscurity to become Russia’s new Prime Minister. He would succeed to acting President on the final day of the year. Fifteen years later, Putin’s influence is being felt worldwide, as the Russia/Ukrainian crisis revives a new Cold War. US and EU trade sanctions on Russia, are now experiencing reciprocal effects, accelerating the formation of (BRICS) a new international banking and political alliance.

A series of earthquakes followed the 1999 eclipse, beginning with a Turkish quake at Izmit, which claimed more than 17,000 lives. Now, precisely at the SuperMoon, Turkey’s populace will vote for a new President in an election already deeply dividing the country. And just as US warplanes filled the skies over Kosovo, they now return to Iraq. At 9.30 August 7 2014 pm in Washington, US President Obama recommitted the military to the war torn country to counter an Islamic insurgency and new caliphate.


Exploring the Metonic Cycle further reveals much more about the nature of today’s headlines and provides even greater historical perspective. In 1980 the US launched Operation Eagle Claw over Iran. This time to rescue American hostages, following another Islamic revolution. This rescue mission didn’t work out quite as planned, resulting in a Delta Force withdrawal. The resulting backlash cost Jimmy Carter his presidency.

Today it is Iraq dividing into sectarian boundaries. In 1980, the US was sponsoring Saddam Hussein in the Iraq/Iran War, to prevent further expansion of the Iranian revolution toward the oil rich Basra area. In 1980 there weren’t only trade sanctions against Russia. Sixty-five countries followed a US led boycott of the Moscow Olympics, to protest the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Just as there have been major aircraft catastrophes this year (MH370 and MH17), so it was in 1980. Plane disasters in Riyadh (Saudi Flight 163) and Spain, with the British registered Dan-Air Flight 1008, became the worst air disasters in their respective histories.

The Israel/Palestine situation, erupting again today, was exacerbated on July 30 1980, when the Israeli Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law, less than two weeks before the solar eclipse. On August 20 the United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 condemned the annexation of the city as a violation of international law, reaffirming that the acquisition of the city by force was inadmissible.

The UN resolution passed by 14 votes to nil, with only one country - the USA - abstaining. In Turkey a former PM was assassinated and Kenan Evren became the new President following a military coup.


For the real Cold War, the same Metonic cycle of 1961 says it all. A fortnight before the eclipse, US President John F Kennedy was urging Americans to build fall out shelters. On July 25 1961 his much watched TV address proclaimed, ‘We will not be driven out of Berlin!’ The world was on a countdown to a nuclear war between the superpowers.

Russia had put their second man into space, and had launched a probe to Venus. The US had lost Cuba to Marxist Castro revolutionaries. The Bay of Pigs invasion had failed, and talks in Vienna with the Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev had stalled. Within days of the August 1961 solar eclipse construction began on the Berlin Wall.

Also disaster was miraculously averted twice through incidents involving US aircraft. Two months apart, two B-52’s crashed – one in North Carolina the other in California. They each had two nuclear weapons on board. By October of 1961 Russia successfully tested the 58-megaton Tsar Bomb. To this day it remains the largest man-made explosion.

The subject of war crimes, again in the media, surrounding Israel and Hamas, was again featured in 1961. But this time it was the famous trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann unfolding in Jerusalem. This is significant, as at the previous eclipse cycle in 1942 at the Wannse Conference Nazi leaders decided on a 'final soultion, and the Belzec and Treblinka extermination camps began operations during the same year.

Back to 1961 though, and in Turkey, a new military government had replaced a democratically elected leader. Within a month of the eclipse fifteen members of the previous cabinet were sentenced to death. On September 17 the former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was hung.

This week with the SuperMoon temporarily reactivating this eclipse cycle, similar themes and countries capture the headlines. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see that. No matter which side of the political fence you take, the recent unfolding events have a past connection. The impersonal planets are turning the Dharma wheel.

As they revolve, they confer on us the chance to evolve. They offer the options of righting the wrongs, and learning from the past. Perhaps 1999 has a recognizable relevance for you too? If so, examine the pattern and take from it what you can. Realize that we can always do it better second, or maybe even third time around. But until we do, we will keep covering the same old ground.

August 3


This week’s column is about war and the people who make it. How their potential is often very predictable, allowing that the conscious choices also rest with those involved. It’s an astrological lesson on how Mars is the planet of the battle and how it functions in an individual’s chart, as well as on a collective level.

If you don’t follow astrology closely, you may be amazed. You should find that astrology not only ‘works’ – but it works exceptionally well. The correspondences you’re about to read, between the charts of the nation of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rebel Hamas leader Khaled Mashal are as undeniable as they are lethal.

The clinical proof of Mars' aggressive influence appeared in the statistical work of Michele and Francoise Gauquelin. Their exhaustive vocational research showed Mars overly prominent at odds of 500,000 to 1 against, in the charts of elite athletes, soldiers and surgeons. Why surgeons? Well – they cut through flesh and if you’re getting the picture - Mars mars!

Mars' reputation as the god of war dates back to the earliest astrological observations of Nineveh with tablet inscriptions noting ‘when Mars and Jupiter come together there will be war in the land.’ Over the last week Mars and Jupiter have been in square to each other, exacerbated by a New Moon also square the red planet. War has ruled and the world has grown increasingly angry because of it.

A leader whose individual birth horoscope activates his/her own nation’s Mars is more likely to lead that nation into war. George Bush Senior’s Gemini Sun was positioned right on the USA birth Mars. George Bush Junior’s Uranus and North Node were placed over the USA’s birth Mars. Father and son led the USA into Middle East wars.


With Benjamin Netanyahu born October 21 1949 in Tel Aviv (I get around 10.18 am) this Mars connection is even more obvious. Netanyahu’s birth Mars, positioned in late Leo, sits precisely on the birth Mars of the state of Israel, proclaimed at 4 pm May 14 1948. See the two charts overlaid here. It is Mars on Mars! But there’s more to it than that. There are personal experiential considerations to factor in. Lifetime events can galvanize an individual’s attitude. We can examine at this from a conditioning perspective.

When Netanyahu was a young man of 26, his brother Jonathan became the lone Israeli commando killed in what was an otherwise successful counter-terrorist rescue. Operation Entebbe took place on July 4 1976 in Kenya. Where do you think Mars was placed in the heavens that day? It was in late Leo. It was exactly on Netanyahu’s own personal Mars and therefore on Israel’s Mars. Netanyahu was experiencing what astrologers call his Mars return. Netanyahu acknowledges the loss of his elder brother set his future attitudes.

He started the Jonathan Netanyahu Anti-Terror Institute. Between 1981 and 1995 he authored three books - all on terrorism. When Israel’s Prime Minister Yatzhik Rabin shook hands with the old enemy, Palestinian Yassar Arafat, and they together signed the Olso Peace Accords, Netanyahu rallied against them. It was part of a national division that led to the cruel assassination of Rabin.

What followed was a spate of suicide bombings by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. It set the scene for Netanyahu’s first tenure as Prime Minister shortly after, from June 18 1996. That all ended when the Israeli police recommended he be tried for corruption and he was rolled out of office in the 1999 election. The trial never proceeded, but it temporarily stalled a promising political career. But Netanyahu and the Mars connection would return stronger than ever by 2009.


The Sunni resistance movement known as Hamas, was formed on December 8 1987. Their combative approach is marked in the formation horoscope with military Mars in lethal Scorpio, conjunct extreme Pluto the lord of death and the underworld. Hamas branched from a paramilitary organization to a political party to rival the ruling Fatah.

On January 25 2006, frustrated at a paralyzed peace process and the ineffectiveness of their leadership to advance their sovereign rights, the Palestinian people overwhelmingly voted in Hamas over Fatah, by 76 seats to 45. The result was not recognized by Israel and the west, who had branded Hamas a terrorist organisation. This is where it gets very interesting between the two leaders in the current conflict.

Khaled Mashal, now the political leader of Hamas, was born on May 28 1956 in Ramallah, West Bank. His birth Mars is in late Aquarius. It is exactly opposite Netanyahu’s and Israel’s Mars - imagine a lit match above a dry tinderbox. On Netanyahu’s orders, Israeli Mossad agents attempted to assassinate Mashal on September 25 1997. That day Mars was positioned in late Scorpio – precisely square both Netanyahu and Mashal’s Mars.

Two Mossad agents sprayed the lethal poison ‘fentanyl’ into his ear as he entered his Jordanian office. They were quickly captured. With Mashal’s condition rapidly deteriorating, an international crisis unfolded. Jordan’s King Hussein threatened to sever ties with Israel and void the 1994 Peace Treaty. Desperate to keep his Middle East plans on track, US President Bill Clinton joined Hussein in demanding that Netanyahu hand over the antidote.

Under mounting international pressure Netanyahu relented. He dispatched the head of Mossad to Jordan, but already the doctors in Amman military hospital had discovered the cure and were bringing Mashal out of his comatose state. Just as Netanyahu’s attitude became locked in after the death of his brother, so did Mashal’s resolve after the secret attempt on his life. The Mars opposition between the two leaders charts was never more obvious – until now. Click here for the two charts overlaid and see that Mashal puts four planets in touch with Netanyahu’s Mars.


On March 31 2009 at 11.20 pm. Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in for the second time as Prime Minister of Israel. It was in the shadow of a Gaza invasion that took the lives of 1417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis. The obliteration of infrastructure was catastrophic, and since then Gazans have lived in virtual third world conditions, with limited power, food and supplies. It has attracted international attention.

Within a month of his swearing in, Netanyahu would experience a progressed New Moon – a once in thirty years phenomena - that outlines an individual’s future potential. Netanyahu’s New Moon formed an exact and challenging square to Mars. On that basis I thought, and wrote, that the peace process would probably be derailed and the possibility of Israel engaging in war would markedly increase while Netanyahu remained at the helm. Click here for his progressed New Moon chart.

It was a technical call based on Mars – the planet of war – in such a powerful New Moon chart, and years of research on conflict. There was also the future consideration that his progressed Sun would oppose Uranus. Not only could this see him potentially opposing rebels (Uranus) but also adopting a ‘my way or the highway’ approach. That opposition is now exact to the minute as you read this. ‘Operation Protective Edge’ has defied the protocols of war in its destruction of Gaza, with over three in four victims being civilians and one in five being children.

I don’t need to offer an opinion on a UN school refugee site being bombed after seventeen pleas for Israel to desist. The number of fatalities was the same. Even the US government spokesman Josh Earnest was finally forced to declare, "The shelling of a UN facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible." But now Netanyahu is even criticizing the UN – like being at war with the world. Whatever political or religious side of the fence one takes, support for indiscriminate killing is inhumane. And the sad fact is – there are a lot of humans who in the madness of this, have temporarily forfeited their humanity.


Mars, as the war significator, has proven itself time and again. But perhaps one of the more dire examples was the progressed chart of the brutal 20th century dictator, Adolf Hitler. Even as Hitler continued to build his armory, many leading British astrologers considered another war unlikely. They made the perilous mistake of merely looking at a birthchart alone, instead of considering it as purely the first frame of an astrological progression.

Adolf Hitler was born April 20 1889 @ 18.30 hours in Branau, Austria. Just after his 39th birthday in 1928, Hitler would experience his rare and decisive progressed New Moon. It positioned the Sun and Moon conjunct the warrior Mars and extremist Pluto. The lights were directly between the two.

The renowned German astrologer Rheinhold Ebertin describes the combination of Mars Pluto as ‘putting a gun to one’s head’. It’s something that Hitler encouraged others to do, and ultimately ended up doing himself. Only a couple of years before his New Moon, Hitler had released ‘Mein Kempf’ the book that outlined his early philosophy, and xenophobia, so evident in his later politics.

In 1936 Hitler’s progressed first quarter Moon placed the Sun with warrior Mars and the Moon squaring the red planet. German troops entered the previously demilitarized Rhineland in 1936. It was a huge political gamble, breaking the Treaty of Versailles. No action was taken. Hitler later commented that this 48-hour period were the most nerve-wracking moments of his life.

In early 1943 Hitler’s progressed Full Moon had arrived - the harvest potential of the New Moon - and WWII was in full swing. Hitler’s Sun was now ‘exactly upon Mars’ and the Moon precisely opposite. Right then his troops were inflicting the first defeat of the war on the USA in Tunisia, but had just lost the Battle of Stalingrad. It would prove a decisive turning point in his eventual downfall.


In summation these are the correspondences linking Mars with national leaders who chose to go into battle. The connection between nationalism and war. You’ve seen horoscopes of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rebel Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, along with their lethal overlays. Next week, on August 11, we have a Full Moon that is re-activating a threatening Solar Eclipse from 1999. Cool heads are needed now.

But it is not only the horoscope that dictates behaviour. It certainly paints an accurate picture of the choices involved. Personal and social conditioning, plus the zeitgeist, all play their part in the choices any individual makes. Depending upon one’s position these choices can affect thousands, sometimes even millions of lives. It amounts to madness when it takes them. Red planet Mars is like a match that can light a candle or a cracker. Perhaps, like responsible adults, we need to take away their crackers!

July 27


The word ‘holocaust’ comes from the ancient Greek, meaning to be wholly burnt. It was commonly used to describe sacrificial offerings. Holocaust was the name adopted for the Nazi persecution of the European Jews, along with other minorities, in the Second World War. Denial of the Holocaust, in some countries, equates to a jail sentence.

In the early hours of July 2 2014, a Palestinian youth, Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was burned alive when on his way to a prayer service. It was a random revenge killing, for the murder of three Israeli youths. Holocaust had come to Jerusalem. Since then the death toll has multiplied hundreds of times over and the disequalibrium of Israel and Palestine is inciting greater enmity within the international community.

Little children are playing a game of hide and seek on a beach. But the one thing that they can’t hide from is indiscriminate Israeli missile fire that senselessly takes their lives. Just as the world condemned the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, now it is condemning the state controlled killings of the innocent civilians and children of Gaza. And the pressure is mounting on the United Nations to show some strength, purpose, unity and usefulness.


Navi Pillay is the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner. Navi was born on September 23 1941, in Durban South Africa. She is an old hand at working through established prejudice. She spent almost a whole Saturn cycle, of over 28 years, opposing apartheid in her homeland.

As a non-white lawyer, Pillay was not permitted into judge’s chambers. The first chambers she entered were her own, when elected to the South African High Court in 1995. Navi advanced to be a judge on the United Nations International Criminal Court. She served as the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Pillay’s discerning Virgo Sun, joined to empathetic Neptune, supports her understanding and service for the disadvantaged. Her Sun is also trine to judgmental Saturn, placed in rock solid Taurus. It’s a complimentary alignment - Neptune’s compassion with Saturn’s stark sense of reality. Neptune has now progressed to be exactly conjunct her Sun.

On Tuesday July 22 2014, on the evidence witnessed in the brutal Gaza offensive, Navi Pillay, moved to take the warring parties to the International Criminals Court. It was put to a vote. At precisely 6.21 pm in Geneva, the results showed twenty-nine for the motion, seventeen abstaining, and only one country opposed – the USA.


The United Nations Human Rights Commission vote is a stark representation of Pluto – the masses – now opposing the July 4 1776 birth Sun of the USA. The opposition means exactly what it implies. Pluto is the challenge to transform your relationships and in a national horoscope it represents international alliances.

In the aftermath of September 11 2001, with Pluto sitting at the Ascendant of the US horoscope, President George W. Bush issued the world with a provocative ultimatum - you are either with us or against us! Most nations united behind the USA, in a war on terror. Following the selective expansion of these military operations (on dubious evidence) into countries like Iraq, the United Nations held back. It went ahead anyway.

Then came the collapse of the global economy with little to no metered punishment of the culprits, the Edward Snowden revelations of global spying of unimaginable proportions. And as the international community witnessed a sharply polarized nation of growing wealth disparity, they began having genuine doubts about the USA being a model country of the ‘free world’.

Pluto opposing the Sun is a signal to rebuild international relations in a new and different way, as well as exposing the reasons for their fracture. It also talks of covert and influential cabals and lobby groups affecting the leadership in the US chart. Although the US demands immunity for their own combat forces from the International Criminal Court, having an ally like Israel charged for crimes against humanity may further erode their credibility within the global community. The US Israel relationship is destined for change within the coming years - it's an astrological certainty.


The horoscope of the United Nations is extremely challenged in 2014. Reformative Pluto is now at the administrative Midheaven of the United Nation’s horoscope, timed for 16.50 hours, October 24 1945, in Washington when the organisation was ratified. Pluto also squares the UN Jupiter – planet of judicial process. Right now on July 27 2014 the Leo New Moon and Jupiter squares the UN Sun, as warlike Mars moves across it. Should we rename it the Ignited Nations? Click here for the combined charts.

The ongoing revolutionary Uranus and Pluto square will impact on the United Nations Midheaven, again in mid November as combative Mars joins Pluto at the same Midheaven. This may signal a major conflagration. Even the United Nations birthday horoscope is a Solar Eclipse with peacemaker Venus. Will funding be threatened? It’s little wonder that a new Cold War has emerged – fresh financial alliances, like BRICS, are taking shape – and the Israel Palestine issue is again at the center of UN debate.

The Israel Palestine partition was one of the first issues dealt with by the UN. What success did they have? At 17.30 hours on September 17 1948 the original UN mediator for the Palestinian territories, Swedish diplomat Folke Benadotte, was assassinated by the Zionist terrorist group Lehi, as he sat in his car. A leader of the group, Yitzhak Shamir, would later become Prime Minister of Israel. Accountability, it seems was non-existent. Imagine the consequences of that happening in today's world.

Israeli peacemaker politicians have also paid the price. None more so than their Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. When deep change Pluto opposed the Israeli national birth Sun in 1993/94 Rabin and his Palestinian counterpart Yassar Arafat symbolically shook hands and signed the Oslo Peace Accords in the grounds of the White House. Hope was in the air. It won Rabin, Arafat and Israeli President Simon Perez the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

Not everybody was so agreeable. Rabin’s political opponent, Bin Netanyahu, addressed nationalist rallies where Rabin was depicted as a Nazi. On November 4 1995 Rabin was gunned down by a Zionist extremist. Bin Netanyahu now calls the shots in Israel. All which has led to a hardening of the Palestinian resolve and a government with a similar para-military background in Hamas. Meantime Israel, throughout their short and eventful history have had an intractable military and financial supporter in the USA.


The Jewish American connection dates well before the formation of modern Israel. B’nai B’rith, committed to the preservation and security of international Jewry, is the world’s oldest Jewish service organization. It began in a New York coffee shop on October 13 1843. The horoscope of B’Nai B’rith features a Libran Sun, Mercury and Venus clustered closely together.

Many years later, in Plonsk Poland, David Ben-Gurion, would be born on October 16 1886. He would have three planets and the Sun in Libra – extraordinarily connected to the B’Nai B’rith chart. Ben Gurion, as fate would have it, became the first Prime Minister of Israel.

At precisely 4 pm on May 14 1948, as Ben Gurion began chairing the meeting that proclaimed the new state, the degree of his Sun began rising in Tel Aviv. Twenty-three degrees of Libra is the astrological Ascendant of the national horoscope of Israel.

Astrology does not consider these connections between B’nai B’rith, Ben Gurion, and the ascending degree of Israel as simple coincidence. They are part of a cosmic pattern, which can be used for prediction.

When Uranus and the Sun moved across this degree in 1973, the Yom Kippur war broke out with Egypt. As warlike Mars and the karmic lunar nodes moved across this same Libran degree in July 2014, Israel began a concentrated bombardment of Gaza, declaring war on Hamas.

The USA was the first country to recognize Israeli statehood at 6.11 pm on May 14 in Washington. At that exact time in Washington, the Ascendant had just moved into early Scorpio, which is where Mars is now moving. It was a decision taken by President Harry Truman overruling the advice of his state department. The US Secretary of State and Army Chief of Staff, General George Marshall, warned Truman that Israel recognition, without also taking Palestine into account, would plunge the area into an immediate and ongoing war.


The Army Chief challenged the President with, "If you (recognize the state of Israel) and if I were to vote in the election, I would vote against you." Marshall took the extraordinary measure to have this conversation chronicled for historical reference. He reasoned that Truman was making an international decision based on securing homeland Jewish political support for his upcoming 1948 election.

Marshall was also echoing the advice of his Middle East state department advisors. Loy Henderson had cautioned, “We have hitherto always held that in our foreign relations American citizens, regardless of race or religion, are entitled to uniform treatment. The stress on whether persons are Jews or non-Jews is certain to strengthen feelings among both Jews and Gentiles in the United States and elsewhere that Jewish citizens are not the same as other citizens.”

In that same year, 1948, Marshall oversaw the post war rebuilding of Europe – known as the Marshall Plan. He became the first US military person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Truman, guaranteed his homeland support, narrowly won his 1948 election. The Middle East plunged immediately into war. Israel achieved international recognition for its statehood. But for the Palestinians the fight goes on, regardless of administrations, (their own or US) and the wait and toll seems as interminable as it is inhumane.

July 20

A Boeing 777 plane blasted out of the sky, an ongoing massacre of innocent children and civilians in Gaza. Escalating tensions amongst world leaders, situations reaching breaking point. All call for a desperate need for cool heads. But calm is not what you get when the Sun squares Mars and the Nodes. Plus the fiery Aries Moon moves in to complete a volatile T-Square. This column examines the week that was and surveys the weeks to come.


Malaysian Flight MH17 left Amsterdam airport at 12.14 pm. (CEDT) on July 17 2014 click here to see chart, bound for Kuala Lumpur. It would become the second Malaysian Airlines Boeing that failed to reach its destination in just over four months, following the incredible disappearance of MH 370 in March this year. MH17 however, did not disappear – it was destroyed over the separatist controlled village of Rozsypne in the Ukraine. Click here for the chart based on the last contact.

The horoscope of the ill-fated plane’s take-off has the Moon near setting (the same as the MH370 did) and newsworthy Mercury at the very top of the chart, on the Midheaven. Mercury positioned on an angle is common to many event horoscopes that attract major media coverage. The September 11 2001 attack on New York, that began at 8.42 am with Mercury rising, is an apt example.

The truth is that the horoscope of 911 was being reactivated in July of 2014. I wrote about this in my original ‘World Predictions 2014’ article and posted it on the website at the beginning of this year. Below is the relevant text, but you can also click here for the full article.

“The horoscope of 911 will be re-activated in 2014. It fields the Grand Cross on its Ascendant. The progressed Sun of the 911-attack chart comes to square Mars by July of 2014 with the progressed Moon joining, as the progressed Midheaven squares Pluto.” In short – if there was going to be another air disaster or terrorist attack, the timing was now - July 2014.

Click here for the biwheel of the original and progressed horoscope of the September 11 2001 terrorist attack.

Click here for the progressed horoscope of 911 and the take off chart of the MH17.

On July 17 the Huffington Post ran the headline, “MH17 Is The Deadliest Plane Crash Since 9/11”. It is also an international incident with the potential to create a comparable political tsunami. While we, most particularly in Australia, the Netherlands and Malaysia, mourn this senseless loss of lives, there are plenty of national leaders who seem to be shamelessly jockeying for political mileage before any investigation is complete.

The man who stands to lose the most politically, is Russian leader Vladimir Putin, although the Ukraine government can hardly abscond responsibility either. It comes at the time when Putin's own progressed Mars completes a square to judicial Jupiter. The square of Mars to Jupiter is a warlike one, but it also warns against excessive aggression. This square began in March, when the Russians reclaimed Crimea, and is exact now. It will start to dissipate by late August.


There are obvious questions that beg for credible answers regarding the fate of Malaysian airlines flight MH17. The most obvious is why was any passenger plane allowed to fly into a war zone where planes are being routinely shot out of the sky. Four Ukrainian military planes have been shot down since June. There were three in the last week – the MH17 being the third. How come the media immediately assumed there wasn't a bomb on board - or released recordings that can hardly be reliably verified?

Why was the MH17 forced to fly at a lower altitude than they had requested when they entered Ukrainian airspace? Especially as the government knew that rebel separatists had obtained missile launchers, capable of carrying a missile to an altitude of 72,000 feet. Surely such weaponry would pose a threat to commercial airlines. Wasn’t this an accident waiting to happen? Was it criminal negligence?

There is nothing to be gained by the separatists shooting a civilian aircraft down. Having an international investigation team on their captured territory is the last thing they need. Presuming they are responsible, it seems a horrendous miscalculation. But it simultaneously delivers opportune international support for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who the day before had been in Brussels asking for that very help. And while the world awaits answers – each side is blaming the other.


Poroshenko was born September 26 1965 in Bolhrad, Ukraine. His Libran Sun is conjunct mercantile Mercury. He is known as the ‘Chocolate King’ in his homeland. Confectionary has made him a billionaire, with his Libran Sun also square to successful Jupiter in culinary Cancer. Poroshenko has both his Sun and Moon in Libra, a sign that has experienced an elongated transit of the war planet Mars this year.

His Russian adversary, Putin, is also a Libran. Also like Putin, Poroshenko has his progressed Mars angled to Jupiter, this time by opposition. The danger here is of both men going over the top. Jupiter exaggerates what it connects with, and with Mars it expands the battle. Poroschenko also has his progressed Sun gradually moving toward a union with the combative Mars. So it looks like he will fight an ongoing war, regardless of who is leading Russia.

In the background, of what has the potential to be another cold war, a new economic block is emerging. BRIC is the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – among the fastest developing economies of the world. The original organization began on June 16 2009. But on July 15 last week, at their sixth summit they took a giant step to change the geopolitical landscape.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced plans for a new development bank to be housed in Shanghai. Russia will be the initial chair of the board of governors, and the bank will have an authorized capital of $100 billion. It represents a challenge to the IMF and established western banking institutions. Given the fact that China is now the world’s largest trading nation, and Russia the leading minerals and energy exporter, this has the potential of changing the global power base.


Whatever side you take in the Israel Palestinian conflict, it is certainly starting to influence Israel’s international image. The one-sided body count and loss of mainly civilian’s lives, including an increasing number of Palestinian children is galvanizing an ever-growing opposition to the escalating violence. And it means that the Jewish lobby is keeping an even closer eye on the media, in an attempt to control the collateral damage.

The Washington Post is the latest to field this lobby’s proverbial anti-Semitic accusations after their website published an animation of Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Netanyahu punching a Palestinian baby, while looking backward at a Hamas militant. The caption reads, “Israel pounds Hamas targets in Gaza”. It was drawn by editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes, a Pulitzer Prizewinner.

Telnaes is accustomed to breaking through cultural bias. She is only the second woman to win the coveted award, and one of the most recognized cartoonists in the US. One of her cartoons featuring a Christian campaigning to have religion put back in the schools also features a member of the Taliban claiming that it worked for them. She plays no favorites.

Whether the cartoon is offensive or not is nowhere near as revealing as the concerted reaction to it. Israel has teams of people combing social media to counter negative perceptions. See link the Sydney Morning Herald link here But such is the removal of the human factor in this conflict. Desensitized people are actually sitting and watching the carnage unfold on their home televisions. Yet they find Ann’s image despicable?

Maybe Telnaes, like most women, doesn’t want to see children sacrificed for what boils down to an ongoing fight for land and resources. Outside of Gaza lies enormous rich undersea gas deposits that could mean the residents of the Gaza moving out of their virtual third world existence, and also solve Israel’s energy needs overnight.

As the United Nations horoscope – born October 24 1945 @ 16.45 hours New York - experiences a challenging eclipse on its Sun this year it bodes us well to think. In a world of seven billion – why cannot we fix the problems of a mere seven million? Are we evolving or devolving? The future of the United Nations could well rest on this. More on this next week.

July 13



From July 11 2014 until August 11 2015 Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, will travel through the tropical sign of Leo. Jupiter in Leo has an undeniable connection with western incursions into Middle East nations, especially where oil and political manipulation is involved.

The king planet was moving through Leo when English geologist George Reynolds tapped a 75-foot gusher in the remote Persian desert sands at Masjed Soleyman during the pre-dawn hours of May 26 1908. It was the first significant oil discovery of the Middle East, and set the pattern for years to come.

The British government became the secret investor in the oil company and their interests became paramount in the subsequent remodelling of the Middle East following the WWI defeat of the Ottoman Empire. The Conferences of London (Feb 12-24 1920) and San Remo (April 19-26 1920) that created the new boundaries of the Middle East, took place with Jupiter in Leo. As they did, Jupiter was appropriately conjoined with the planet of oil – Neptune.

The British Foreign Secretary, Lord Curzon, summed up the colonial attitudes towards these countries. In the 1919 Anglo-Persian agreement he explains “why Persia should not be left to herself and allowed to rot into picturesque decay, the answer is…her geographical position, the magnitude of our interests in the country, and the future safety of our Eastern Empire.'

In what earmarked western attitudes to Middle East countries for generations to come, Curzon continued, “there is every reason to fear that she would be overrun by Bolshevik influence from the north. Lastly, we possess in the southwestern corner of Persia great assets in the shape of oil fields, which are worked for the British navy and which give us a commanding interest in that part of the world.”

It was during a much later circuit of Jupiter through Leo, beginning September 5 1978, before this pervasive western influence was exorcised from Persian soil. On September 8, Iranian troops killed 122 protestors in Teheran Square. This slaughter did nothing to prevent the Iranian Revolution – it ignited it. Jupiter is also the planet of religion, law and philosophy. Iran became, and remains today, a theocracy.


Not only Iran, but also another British mandate of the 1920’s – neighboring Iraq – strongly feels the influence of Jupiter in Leo. In what the non-believers may consider a cosmic coincidence, both US led invasions of Iraq, (Jan 15 1991 and March 19 2003) began with Jupiter in almost the same degrees of Leo. The second invasion deposed Saddam Hussein – Iraq’s self proclaimed ‘lion of Baghdad’. Hussein came to power originally on July 16 1979, as Jupiter was moving through Leo. It was a year of leadership change in both Iran and Iraq, and set the nations on a road to war.

Now, as Jupiter returns to Leo, Iraq is again experiencing a civil war and political crisis, which may well result in new subdivisions. In the original subdivision of 1920 a homeland was also promised to the Kurds. It has taken eight further revolutions of Jupiter through Leo for that to appear a genuine possibility. But when it comes to Middle East politics, Jupiter in Leo is a veritable celestial alarm clock for regime change.

General Abdul Nasser became the Egyptian President with Jupiter in Leo on June 23 1956. Nasser was a proponent of Pan Arabism, a unification and alliance of the countries of North Africa and Western Asia. The charismatic leader vowed the return of Palestine and on July 26 1956 nationalized the Suez Canal creating an international crisis.

One Jupiter Leo cycle later, on May 23 1967, Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, blockading the Red Sea coastline. Nasser’s actions were a precursor to the Six Day War, beginning June 4 1967. The brief war led to a decisive Israeli victory, increasing their landmass by one third. The war also created ongoing tensions, which remain unresolved today. But the imminent transit of Jupiter into Leo and the New Moon of July 27 is sure to spotlight such issues.


The famous Arab Riots of Jerusalem began from around 10.30 am on the morning of April 4 1920. They were as a result of self-determination being denied to the Palestinian people, as the British were playing two hands by also supporting the Zionist movement. During the riots, anti Zionist speeches were accompanied by shouts for independence. It is revealing to read the press statement of the British High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuels, immediately preceding the riots.

“They have assumed that Mahomedans and Christians will be placed under the government of a Jewish minority, and that the present possessors and cultivators of the soil will be disposed of their property. That the ownership of Mahomedan and Christian holy places will be affected and that the Jews will fill the administrative offices to the prejudice of others.” Samuels considered that the opposition to Zionism did not go deep, and did not take it seriously. Instead the riots were a potent sign of things to come.

In the same time frame the British ‘Black and Tan’ constabulary were dispatched to Northern Island to quell the Irish War of Independence. Years later the ongoing war would result in the assassination of Lord Mountbatten via an IRA bomb on August 27 1979 again with Jupiter in Leo. It’s not unusual that on 18 September 2014 neighboring Scotland will be staging an independence referendum.


Insurrection by the collective, feeling oppressed, has been a feature of Jupiter in Leo, extending to the USA. Prohibition was introduced with the judicial planet in this fiery sign, with catastrophic results. In the same year of 1920, over 4,000 suspected communists and anarchists were held without a trial following security raids across several cities in the US. When Jupiter was last in Leo in 2002 the Homeland Security Act was made law.

Between July 23 and 27 1967, street riots made downtown Detroit a battlefield. They began with the police raid of an unlicensed bar. The ensuing racially based riots claimed forty-three lives with hundreds more injured and two thousand buildings destroyed. On March 3 1991, with Jupiter again in Leo, amateur video captured LA police beating black motorist Rodney King.


Turkey is another nation who are strongly affected by Jupiter transiting through Leo. It was here for the Young Turk Revolution of July 3 1907. It returned when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on April 23 1920. The National Assembly horoscope will experience it’s Jupiter return on August 25 this year. On August 10 2014 Turkey will vote for a new President. Turkey’s Prime Minsiter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who assumed office the last time Jupiter moved through Leo, on March 14 2003, is hoping to get the position. Erdogan has plans to rewrite the Turkish constitution.

So as Jupiter again transverses the royal sign of Leo, heads of state are again bound to change. The announcement of a new caliphate on the eve of Jupiter’s ingress into Leo is consistent with the historical record of this planet affecting major change in the Middle East. And forced inequality of the Palestinians again comes into focus as it has so many times before. If there is a time to right the wrongs it is now. The justice of Jupiter has waited far too long to arrive.



The ‘emperor has no clothes’ phrase emanates from a Hans Christian Andersen tale, whereupon a small boy boldly declares what everybody else is living in denial about. To revisit the story, it involves a narcissistic and gullible fashionista king, who purchases a cloth reputedly so fine that it is invisible to those unworthy, or too stupid, to see it. Not wanting to admit their shortcomings, all declare the monarch’s new garment as magnificent. Except, an unaffected small boy, who truly sees his King as wearing nothing at all.

Only when the boy exclaims his shock that the Emperor has no clothes are the kowtowing adults shamed to admitting that they too can see no garment on their monarch. The Emperor brazenly completes his procession, realizing that he has been taken for a fool in purchasing an invisible cloth that actually does not exist. This phrase is routinely used to describe a truth that everyone can blatantly see, but are unwilling to admit. The ‘emperor has no clothes’ befits western domination, disguised as democracy, in Middle East lands. And it dates from the duplicitous Balfour Declaration onwards.

Astrologically an unpalatable truth that can no longer be denied is linked to the planet Pluto. This distant icy sphere depicts the astrological ‘underworld’ and its veiled unseen hands at work. Pluto rules the realm of concealed power. It is the deity of wealth and control - the ‘godfather’ in the system. When Pluto comes to play in a national horoscope, hidden agendas are exposed. As the US celebrated its 238th birthday last Friday, Pluto loomed into the picture.


The USA’s birthday horoscope, for 2014, features a Cancerian Sun opposite Pluto, with the Libran Moon squaring both. Mars, the planet of war, is opposed to revolutionary Uranus. The Mars Uranus opposition, in a challenging square to the US Ascendant, indicates unstable international relations. The unpredictability of Uranus in fiery Aries, suggests sudden eruptions or insurgencies and the increased prospect of aerial and cyber warfare.

This powerful planetary configuration also suggests a radically different approach to international politics. The positive light of Pluto is total transformation. Pluto destroys myths and misconceptions with cathartic coarseness. Important truths can no longer be swept under the carpet. It’s worthwhile examining what was happening the last time that Pluto formed a hard aspect with the USA Sun. It was happening during October 1977.


In October 1977 Iranian university students began protesting against the strong-arm rule of the Shah. Earlier that year, US journalist Barbara Walters had scored an exclusive interview with the Iranian leader. Walters mentioned protests in homeland USA regarding Iran’s political prisoners and claims of torture. She enquired if the Shah was aware of CIA involvement in Iran. The Shah candidly replied, ‘Sure – gathering information – we don’t mind.’

The plutonic truth was, the CIA was keeping the Shah in power. Decades before, in August 1953, the CIA and Britain’s M16 overthrew a democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh. The covert conspiracy was codenamed ‘Operation Ajax’. Mosaddegh had nationalized Iran’s oil industry after years of double-dealing by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Britain countered by blocking the Persian Gulf and stopping Iran’s oil exports.

Mosaddegh cut diplomatic relations with Britain in October of 1952. Britain, missing their oil money, began lobbying the incoming Eisenhower administration. Together the two countries plotted to overthrow the Iranian PM. They informed the Shah it was a fait accompli, with or without his blessing. The Shah escaped to Rome as the operatives went to work. So began a heavily financed movement of civil insurrection, and media manipulation. By August 19 1953, Mohammed Mosaddegh had been placed under house arrest. He remained so until his death.

Back in the US, the New York Times had carried a concerted campaign against Mosaddegh. Leading into Operation Ajax, influential Harvard lawyer, Adolf A Berle, warned the US State Dept that, "control of the Middle East was at stake, which, with its Persian Gulf oil, meant 'substantial control of the world'." The aftermath was that the Shah became the west’s ‘Man in Iran’. But as the karmic spectre of Pluto squared the US Sun from October 1977, these underhanded tactics were coming home to roost.

The student uprisings of October 1977 ballooned into a full-scale Iranian revolution. As Pluto continued to square the US Sun into 1978, the dissidents grew into millions. The Shah’s army extinguished any hope of resolution on September 8 1978, now remembered as Black Friday. Deadly clashes radicalized the protests and galvanized Iran’s populace. On January 16 1979, at 1.24 pm, the Shah flew out of Iran, never to return.


The Iranian Revolution caught the US and its western allies by surprise. It destroyed the moderate Democrat Jimmy Carter’s presidency and resulted in the US adopting an even more militaristic approach with the incoming Republican Ronald Reagan. Pluto, currently opposing the US Sun, accompanies yet another radical uprising – this time in Iraq. As before, it arrives as a result of yet another US oilfield intervention, where a leader was forcibly removed.

As the current Iraqi PM, Nouri al Maliki, is fighting to control his oil contracts, the US oil giants Chevron and Exxon have been playing hardball. A non-compliant Iraqi leader, means things are not going according to the original 2003 invasion strategy. Part of that plan involved the secondary possibility of dividing Iraq into smaller nations, particularly Kurdistan, which could control the oil rich north. This way oil could eventually flow directly to the Mediterranean and also into Israel.

My recent columns - available here - have been explaining this and it was interestng to hear Israel’s Prime Minister, Ben Netanyahu again pre-empting the west, by supporting the creation of a new nation - Kurdistan - only last week. This comes after Israel has illegally purchased Iraqi oil, shipped from the Kurdistan region. Pluto opposes the USA Sun as this unfolds. Meantime, US President Obama is stuck between a rock – his predecessor George W Bush – and a hard place – his global credibility.

Pluto cries out for leadership with a difference. But as Pluto rules the unseen hands wielding power behind the throne, Obama will have to live up to his promise of changing the system. Pluto ultimately has a challenging effect on the leadership Sun of the US horoscope. Pluto’s hard aspects also automatically involve the US administrative Saturn, in their tenth house of government. All the recipients of Pluto’s karma have been Democrats.

Pluto’s first square to the US Sun in 1834 resulted in the censure of President Andrew Jackson. Jackson opposed the ‘plutocratic’ banking cartels. The most recent square undermined pacifist Jimmy Carter’s term. Now Barack Obama is paying for the actions of George W and the ill conceived Iraq war based on a lie, with yet another Middle East revolution. And if he tries to justify any further western military intervention, other than genuine support – he will increasingly appear like his predecessor - ‘the emperor with no clothes’.



Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was born in the small village of Janaja on June 20 1950. The President’s birth Sun, positioned at the end of Gemini, occupies the same degree as that of the Timorese freedom fighter and first President Xanana Gusmoa. Gemini is a sign of two sides. And those with the Sun at the very end have found themselves in divisory issues that have captured global headlines.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was born with the Sun at the end Gemini. The recently deposed Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, with her country sharply divided between the Redshirts and Yellowshirts, is another. Fugitive Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was born June 20 1953, with his Sun in the same degree. The Sunni insurgent and Iraq's Shiite President al-Maliki are definitely on opposing sides of the political and religious divide.

There is an important fixed star positioned right on this zodiacal degree. Betelgeuse, is a red supergiant, almost as large as our own solar system. When it eventually explodes into a supernova it will shine as bright as a Full Moon for months. Betelgeuse is renowned as a star of battle, and positioned at the constellation shoulder of the mighty warrior Orion. On June 19 the Sun and Mercury came together at the degree of Betelgeuse and Nouri al-Maliki was back in the headlines.


Betelgeuse has quite a record in battle. When the planet known as the ‘Great Malefic’, Saturn, passed over the zodiacal degree of Betelgeuse, in 1914, the British Commonwealth entered World War One. Saturn returned to the same degree for the tragic, but much celebrated, ANZAC landing nine months later. The World War Two D-Day landing was effected when Saturn returned to the fateful degree of Betelgeuse on June 6 1944. It was also there on October 11 2002.

In case that last date means nothing to you - October 11 2002 was the day that the US Senate voted to invade Iraq. The very next day the vengeful Bali terrorist bombing took place, killing 202 and injuring 240 others. The synchronicity of those two events occurring within twenty-four hours destroyed any fallacy that Australia’s automatic involvement in a planned Iraq war, had not directly led to this murderous reprisal. Saturn was also affecting the chart of an Iraqi dissident named Nouri al-Maliki.


In 2002, Nouri al-Maliki, a refugee from the Hussein dictatorship, was exiled in Damascus. He hadn’t been home for over twenty years. Nouri had little idea that as Saturn was moving to join his birth Sun, the invasion of his homeland was getting the go-ahead in Washington. When Saturn returned to join al-Maliki’s natal Sun in May 2003, Saddam Hussein had been deposed. Fate was to decree that al-Mailiki would eventually become the national leader.

Saturn is the planet that often conveys enormous responsibility, and usually it comes at a considerable cost. On May 20 2006 al-Maliki was declared Prime Minister of Iraq. Part of the cost came two years later. During a June 27 2008 pre-dawn raid on the President’s sister’s residence, al-Maliki’s cousin was shot and killed by US forces. A US antiterrorism unit had anticipated enemy fire and shot first.

After three days an official statement read, "Coalition forces deeply regret the loss of life and are conducting an investigation." The incident, with the potential to create huge diplomatic fallout, was played down. These kind of military accidents stretched al-Maliki’s patience. By the end of the year al-Maliki was standing with George W Bush when a pair of shoes had the US President ducking for cover in his final Iraqi visit.

During the first two years of his presidency, al-Maliki had powerful and controlling Pluto opposing his Sun. It’s the kind of aspect you get when someone else is trying to run the show. As it moved away al-Maliki was able to assert his own influence. Iraq’s future would depend upon restoring the oil industry and using the profits to rebuild infrastructure and pay international loans.


In last week’s column I quoted the UK Telegraph, reporting on the then Israel Finance Minster, Bin Netanyahu, boasting in April 2003 of how Iraqi oil would soon be flowing the Mediterranean. This exposure shocked Bush, Blair and Co, eager to keep energy exploration and foreign investment out of the annexation argument in Iraq. Click here for link. But Netanyahu’s revelation was about to encounter some speed bumps.

The Iraqi President al-Maliki was determined oil contracts had to be approved by the central government. However, the multinational’s began to negotiate with semi autonomous areas. It had the potential to fragment Iraq. On July 24 2012 the Iraqi government barred the US oil giant Chevron for signing illegal contracts with the Kurdistan Regional Government. By law all oil contracts were to be overseen by the Iraqi Oil Minister.

Houston based Exxon were next to be barred from further contracts after dealing with the semi-autonomous Kurds. Aware that these oil giants were creating potential political chaos, Baghdad were systematically blacklisting any international companies that dealt with regional governments, and insisting that the contracts be centrally approved.

In 2013 the opposition tried to ban Nouri al-Maliki from running for a third term. They failed. On April 30 2014 al-Maliki was returned as leader for a third term. It came in the shadow of a Grand Cross impacting powerfully upon the July 4 1776 birthchart of the USA. Click here for the USA and Grand Cross charts. And that was bound to bring a grand challenge, which is now unfolding.

The Iraq election was one of two Middle Eastern polls, within a thirty-day period, that was bound to have cataclysmic international ramifications. The other was the sham Egyptian Presidential election, that even when extended to over three days still saw most voters boycotting. All of this is changing the balance of power in the Middle East, and will ultimately affect the USA.


Enter ISIS, the latest evolution of many-headed hydra of Al Queda. ISIS, a well financed collective of insurgents, is determined to create a geographic corridor of power in north-west Iraq and Syria. Conveniently they also provide a platform for potential western military involvement in Iraq - at the President’s request.

But, wait a minute, aren’t ISIS cut from the same Sunni cloth that the coalition of the willing was so willing to overthrow? Shouldn’t we instead be looking at the real ‘weapons of mass extraction’, notably the oil and energy companies involved? Already the Kurds are claiming oil rich Kirkuk as captured land.

It’s hard to imagine ISIS aren’t doing multiple favours for their fellow sponsors the Saudis, CIA operatives, the Kurds and other interests keen to push Nouri al-Maliki out of office. The Iraq President’s secondary progressed Sun, now semisquaring Neptune, not only signals trouble with oil – yes Neptune is the planet of oil and chemicals – but also great deception. With transiting Neptune also moving to square his Mercury, al-Maliki is probably getting doubly duped for his troubles.


Betelgeuse was also prominent in the birth horoscope of the Murdoch protege and former News Of The World editor, Rebekah Brooks. Brooks was born May 27 1968 in Warrington UK. She has her Mercury, the planet of media and communications, positioned at 28 degrees of Gemini in the zodiacal degree of Betelgeuse. Brook's media nous and 'whatever it takes' approach helped make her Murdoch's right hand woman in the UK.

Her stellar career abruptly ended amidst a plethora of phone hacking scandals, leading to mass resignations and one of Britain's most extensive police inquiries. Throughout, Brooks maintained her innocence. On June 24, her former lover of six years, and previous editor of News Of The World, Andy Coulson, was found guilty of phone hacking - Brooks was cleared.

Unlike Coulson's telltale email evidence there was no 'smoking gun' for Rebekah. Leading into the jury's verdict, the Sun and Mercury had together passed over Brook's birth Mercury and Betelgeuse degree. Brooks has her Mercury excellently angled to Jupiter - the planet of publishing and law- and Saturn - the planet representing the 'establishment'. It's also at the midpoint of both.

In an emotional public address, Rebekah said she felt finally vindicated. Despite the jury's verdict, Neptune, planet of secrets, mystery and obfuscation, still squares Rebekah's Gemini Sun. It will do so all year. It's likely the phone hacking controversy, and her close association with the powerbroker Rupert Murdoch, will not go away in a hurry.


All but the politically naive know that the unrelenting western intervention in the Middle East has little to do with democracy and everything to do with oil. Arab nationalism has been actively discouraged for decades. While the media feeds us a beat up of Sunni v Shiite, the real truth is a matter of ‘following the money trail’.

Last week’s column focused on the mysterious deaths, coup d’états, overt and covert dominance in oil rich Iraq. What if there were a planet that could accurately time these insatiable political interventions. Prediction is the jewel in the crown of astrology – and it just so happens that there is such a planet. Welcome to Jupiter in Leo, which also factors in Iran, and the entire oil saga.


English geologist George Reynolds could hardly believe his eyes when, after near seven years of disappointment, a 75-foot gusher splashed oil upon the remote desert sands of Masjed Soleyman Persia. Earlier that month he had been instructed to abort the exploration, lay off the workers and head back to London. Luckily, a persevering Reynolds overrode the order. That moment, 4 am May 26 1908, was about to change national fortunes and the history of the 20th century.

The horoscope of the first Middle East oil strike would neatly fit across the horoscope of the USA, pulling in the planets representing oil and the Presidency. But it began as a British concern. On April 9 the following year, when shares were offered in the Burmah Oil Company (now BHP), the queue was five deep and they sold in thirty minutes. In 1914, Winston Churchill, the Lord of the Admiralty, dealt the British Government in for two million dollars. They became both the secret partner and controlling shareholder.


Neither Reynolds nor Churchill would have been in the slightest concerned at the position of Jupiter in those pre-dawn hours of May 26 1908. But to the ancients, the position of the royal planet Jupiter, in the sign of royalty, Leo, would have been highly significant at such an auspicious moment. The tradition of the lion and royalty endured unto the first flag of modern Iran. Each time Jupiter has returned to this sign has accurately forecast another chapter in the battle for control of Middle East oil. And Jupiter is about to return.

Churchill’s investment paid dividends. The carve-up of the Ottoman Empire, in the shadow of WWI, created European run fiefdoms across Arab lands. Britain maintained the controlling interest in oil rich Iran and Iraq. The crucial San Remo Conference that laid the groundwork for this arrangement took place April 24 and 25 1920. Jupiter had eerily returned to the same zodiacal degree that it held at the first oil strike. But this time it was accompanied by the planet of oil but also subterfuge - covert Neptune. Click here for both charts overlaid.

The horoscope of the St Remo Conference pits the Sun opposite the war planet Mars and both in square to the Jupiter/Neptune combination, signifying both religious ideology and benefits through oil. There was an additional deceitful Neptunian deal that would forever sow the seeds of discontent among the Arab nations. Britain had secretly guaranteed a home for the Jewish Diaspora in Palestine. And Britain received the Palestinian mandate.

The oil strike and conference, began at a Jupiter into Leo cycle, setting an alarm on the celestial clock that would continually revive the division of Arab versus Western and Israeli interests. Consider this! The last time Jupiter reached that same position coincided with March 19 2003, and the USA aerial bombardment of Baghdad in George Dubya's now highly ridiculed Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Could it be coincidence that Jupiter has been at the same Leonian degree for these three events? Perhaps not when we look back to Operation Desert Storm, the previous US invasion of Iraq on January 17 1991. Even then, when George Bush Snr called the shots, Jupiter was positioned only two degrees away at 10 degrees of Leo. Click here for the two war horoscopes overlaid. That alone would be remarkable – but the evidence doesn’t stop there.


The previous time it was at 8 degrees of Leo was on November 5 1978. On the day Iranian rioters in Teheran sacked the British Embassy. The western puppet Shah was losing control. By 1.24 pm on January 16 1979 the disgraced leader was jetting out of the country. The Iranian Revolution caught the western alliance unawares. But perhaps it would have been fait accompli for the ancient Magi, realizing that Jupiter was back in Leo for a seismic political shift.

Or we might wish to go further back to daybreak of June 5 1967 shortly after Jupiter had moved into Leo. That morning an Israeli aerial blitzkrieg would decimate the entire Egyptian air force in a lightning Six-Day War that resulted in a 33% land gain for the Jewish nation. In reality the Israeli’s had been planning it for a year with Mossad intelligence but Jupiter in Leo timed the trigger.

In Jupiter’s previous sojourn through Leo, in 1956, Egypt elected Gabdal Nasser as President. Nasser was a staunch nationalist who vowed to recapture Palestine, and drafted a new constitution for Egypt. Within months the Suez Canal crisis had erupted, pitting a tripartite union of Britain, France and Israel against Egypt. So get set for action! Jupiter is heading into Leo on July 16 this year and there will be a Leo New Moon occurring July 26/27 and landing on the position of Jupiter.


It’s an old truism that if you want to trace the crime – follow the money. That road doesn’t end at Baghdad nor does it start there. The immediate crisis, that the press calls ISIS, has resulted from the western alliance arming terrorists in order to topple Bashar al-Assad’s rule in Syria to make way for energy pipelines. But let’s go back again to 2003 shortly after the USA, Great Britain and Australia began their disastrous invasion of Iraq.

On June 21 2003 the UK Telegraph reported the then Israel Finance Minister Ben Netanyahu addressing a group of London investors with the words, "It won't be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa. It is just a matter of time until the pipeline is reconstituted and Iraqi oil will flow to the Mediterranean."

The Mosul to Haifa pipeline had fallen into disrepair after being officially shut off since 1948 when the nation of Israel was proclaimed. It actually pumped oil 'unoffically' until 1954. Bush, Blair and Co, anxious to play down their obvious oil motives, were annoyed with Netanyahu's public revelation. US correspondence to Israel on the possibility of restoring the pipeline was deliberately kept out of the mainstream. The Mosul to Haifa pipeline still has not been renewed under President Nouri al-Maliki, who on June 10 2014, lost control of Mosul.

Last Friday morning June 20 2014, Israel took their first shipment of disputed oil from Kurdistan, despite threats from Iraq’s central government in Baghdad to sue the buyer. The Iraqi government claims the rights to all oil revenue from their territory. But with their army routed and Kurdish forces in charge of oil centers like Kirkuk, enforcing that is not so easy. And already western media are talking about a repartitioned Iraq as if it's a done deal.

Back on January 25 2010 America's largest oil company, Exxon, finalised an agreement with the Iraqi government to develop the West Qurna oilfield in southern Iraq. This was the first US led oil deal since the 2003 invasion. Meanwhile, late in 2011 the same Exxon secretly signed deals with the Kurds for six oil fields in northern Iraq. This was bound to destabilise national unity.

The Iraqi government was furious, and threatened to cancel Exxon’s existing southern contracts. Exxon have sold off much of their southern contracts in 2012. Now the Kurdish Peshmerga have taken control of northern Iraq’s key oil hub, Kirkuk, following militant Islamists routing the Baghdad army. Following the money trail - along with Jupiter in Leo - reveals more than the front pages. More on this next week.


Last week’s column, in light of the D-Day memorial, examined the uncanny concurrence of pivotal military battles occurring in the first week of June. Perhaps it was no coincidence that an increase of violence would simultaneously erupt in hotspot areas such as Iraq or Karachi Pakistan, along with a series of shootings across the USA reigniting the divisive gun debate.


Combative Mars was moving into a mundane square with simmering Pluto and insurgent Uranus. This combination inevitably spells red alert time. It’s an aspect that continues throughout the coming week. It is affecting the July 4 1776 horoscope of the USA and the recent Full Moon is doing the same.

The current Sagittarian Full Moon of Friday June 13 UT is highlighting the USA war planet of Mars and squaring the US Neptune in the 9th house of international affairs. See the chart biwheel here. Taking into account that Neptune rules oil, the Iraq insurgency is an obvious correlation. The last time a Full Moon occurred in this same area of the zodiac was June 1995, precisely when the Iraq disarmament crisis began. This predicament eventually led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

As far as the USA is concerned, the current Full Moon is one of many aspects connecting the US horoscope to an increasing militancy. Transiting Mars is currently moving through the administrative tenth house of the US chart and squaring the US Sun. As it does, the Sun is also transiting across the US Mars. In Washington President Obama met with Australian PM Tony Abbott with an agenda of ramping up US military presence on Australian soil. As they met, Iraq imploded.


The oil rich nation of Iraq has been subject to constant intervention by self-interested parties since its political creation in the washup of WWI. The Iraqi Kingdom was established at sunrise August 23 1921 with the coronation of King Faisal. It was really a British mandate, ending on October 3 1932 at 10.30 am in Baghdad when the kingdom was granted independence.

On September 8 1933, King Faisal mysteriously died at the relatively young age of 48. He was homeward bound, following a London meeting where he had expressed his alarm at the increasing Jewish migration into Palestine. King Faisal requested Britain rein in Jewish settlements to Palestine and limit land sales.

The official cause of death was a heart attack, but his private nurse reported stomach pains and his Swiss doctors declared his heart was healthy. In highly unusual circumstances an autopsy was not conducted and his body was mummified instead. King Faisal was succeeded by son Ghazi.

The new monarch was a supporter of Pan-Arab unity and opposed to British political influence. Ghazi also died mysteriously in a car crash on April 4 1939, following his plans to unify Iraq with oil rich Kuwait. Years later Saddam Hussein’s incursions into Kuwait would lbring on the 1991 Gulf War, crippling economic sanctions and his eventual overthrow.


Britain re-asserted their control of Iraq during WWII. The final Iraqi monarch, Faisal II, was merely a figurehead – and an unpopular one at that. He denounced Arab nationalism, jailed protestors in his own land and his reign abruptly ended with a military coup on July 14 1958. The July revolution led by General Abd al-Karim Qasim, produced the Republic of Iraq, announced on radio around 4 am. The royal family were assassinated at 8 am the same morning.

The coup caught Great Britain and the US unawares - a probable reason for its success. Qasim began to address public needs and institute health and education programs and improve women’s rights. He also wanted the annexation of Kuwait, and was instrumental in stripping back the powers of overseas oil companies, and demanding a greater return for the people.

As reported in the New York Times, the US, Great Britain and Israel plotted to remove Qasim, with France and Germany opposing the idea. Qasim was assassinated on February 8 1963. The incoming Ba-ath party then conducted a murderous political purge, US arms flooded into Iraq, along with oil companies and foreign investment. It was all carried out with the collaboration of a young officer named Saddam Hussein.

In what is amazing planetary and solar synchronicity, the three stages of Iraqi independence can be accurately timed by aspects between the Sun and the transformational, but also deadly, planet Pluto. Click here for the cosmo triwheel of the original kingdom, independence and republic horoscopes overlaid.

The situation irrevocably changed for western interests when the US backed Shah was overthrown in the neighboring Iranian Revolution. Suddenly Iraqi strong-arm leader Saddam Hussein concerned that the Shi-ite uprising may threaten his own rule bombed Teheran on September 22 1980 and so began the eight year Iran-Iraq War

Hussein also became an attractive proposition for the USA to derail the Iranian revolution. He was supplied with weapons, including anthrax, operational intelligence, and high tech armaments. Iraq was removed from the CIA's state sponsored terrorists list and Saddam made an honorary citizen of Detroit. But he failed to conquer Iran.

Hussein’s popularity disintegrated from 2:00 am, local time, on August 2 1990. He did what previous Iraqi leaders had hoped to. He launched an invasion of oil-rich Kuwait. It led to bitter enmity and the First Gulf War. Saddam later hung for his complicity in chemical warfare, following the final US led invasion of Iraq from the morning of March 20 2003.

If the average Iraqi holds a deep resentment for unrelenting western meddling in their self-determination, it’s not without overwhelming evidence. The irony is that they are now actually asking for outside help. Last year the Iraqi President, Nouri al-Maliki, trekked to Washington requesting assistance to quell persistent rebel uprisings. On the morning of June 10 2014 his fears were realized.

After a four-day battle the Iraqi army were deserting Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. Five hundred thousand civilians were joining the evacuation. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had taken over, and were on the march south. And in what would be laughable irony, if it wasn’t so blatantly hypocritical, western politicians were accusing al-Maliki of causing the chaos by being too authoritarian. You read it right - the same people who previously subjugated the entire nation at gunpoint?


It was on April 30 that the Shi-ite Nouri al-Maliki was re-elected Prime Minister of Iraq. On the same day an ominous planetary Grand Cross was playing out in the heavens. The election was marred by suicide bombings and violence. The Islamic State of Iraq threatened retribution on any fellow Sunnis who voted. Dissatisfaction with al-Maliki’s Shi-ite favoritism sits badly with the Sunnis who long enjoyed the spoils under Saddam Hussein.

The Grand Cross was heavily impacting on the horoscope of the USA, but most eyes were on their involvement in the Russia/Ukraine division. But the legacy of Iraq and support of the Syrian civil war was about to leap out of the shadows. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria threaten to be the new al-Queda. But US President Barack Obama’s hesitancy on re-entering Iraq has its reasons.

ISIS could be doing the US a favour, by forcing the Iraqi Prime Minister to make further concessions. But if ISIS cannot be contained, the repercussions to a fragile world economy will be truly disastrous. Pluto is opposing the USA Sun and the omnipotent nemesis has re-emerged. Pluto is also opposing the birth Sun of George W Bush. And the specters of the past are returning to haunt and will not be exorcised in a hurry. More on this next week.



Last week two momentous events that changed the course of modern history were remembered. On June 4 thousands gathered in Hong Kong to honor the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre – a memorial suppressed in mainland China. On June 6 world leaders gathered at the beaches of Normandy to commemorate 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing.

Is it simple coincidence that both events took place within days on the annual calendar? Perhaps not, when historically examining pivotal military events occurring between the 4th and 8th of June. There are many more that feed into this area of the year and its accompanying zodiacal degrees. It’s also an area frequented by a rare and recurring celestial phenomena that once allowed astronomers to accurately measure earth’s exact distance from the Sun. So let’s look at some of these coincidences.

D-Day – codenamed Operation Neptune – is frequently quoted as the most significant event that altered the outcome of WWII. It was the largest invasion fleet in human history. An armada of 12,000 Allied vessels, 10,000 planes, and over 4,000 landing craft transported 156,000 troops onto French soil at sunrise.

The spectacular beach landing at the Sagittarian Full Moon on June 6 1944 was preceded by a concentrated Allied aerial bombardment across a one hundred kilometer front of Normandy, France. The invasion proved pivotal in liberating France and breaking Germany’s iron grip on Europe. D-Day had been planned for early May. But the winds of fate literally stepped in pushing it back to June 6.


D-Day was one of many key events of WWII that occurred within that first week of June. Two days prior, on June 4, Rome became the first Axis capital to fall to the Allied Forces. D-Day also had a direct connection to an event that occurred almost exactly four years before. The earlier Battle of Dunkirk, ended with the complete of evacuation by the British from France on June 4 1940. Germany took Paris ten days later.

June 4 1942 also marked the beginning of a three day sea battle described by historian John Keegan as "the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare." The Battle of Midway began at 4.30 am on June 4 continuing until June 7 1942. It was fought between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and the US navy.

The Battle of Midway was depicted as the decisive turning point for control of the Pacific. It was also the Allies first major victory against Japan. The US having deciphered Japan’s naval codes sunk four of its aircraft carriers along with the Japanese cruiser Mikuma. The battle took over 3,000 Japanese lives and another 248 aircraft. The US losses were one aircraft carrier, one destroyer and 150 aircraft.

The effect of this monumental loss of equipment and manpower curbed he Japanese bombing raids and succeeded in turning the tide of the Pacific War. The Dunkirk evacuation, Battle of the Midway, Fall of Rome and D-Day all occurring within a couple of calendar dates may seem coincidental. That is, until one examines other important military interventions and the first week of June.


The military balance of power in the Middle East was irrevocably changed with Israel’s stunning victory in the Six-Day War. It began at 7.45 am on June 5 1967 Israel time, with a pre-emptive aerial attack on the Egyptian air force hangars that totally decimated their air attack capability. Israel went on to defeat Syria and expand their national borders by one third. The war forever changed the regional setup of the Middle East.

It wasn’t the only important military strike victory for Israel near this calendar date. On June 7 1981 Israel bombed the Osirik nuclear reactor in Iraq in another pre-emptive air strike. Additionally, the 1982 Lebanese War began on June 6, when Israel invaded southern Lebanon. Somehow the brief time window between the 3rd to 8th of June has offered up far more than its share of game changing military ventures.

So for the Tiananmen Square protests to come to a military enforced end from June 4 1989 – the famous picture of the protestor standing in front of a tank was taken the following day – may not be all that unusual. It’s in keeping with the pattern of another military intervention changing the course of modern history. If there is an astrological explanation behind the pattern, strangely, it may actually lie with Venus, a planet normally connected with peace.


Venus is astrologically represented as the planet of love, beauty and harmony – the antithesis of Mars the god of war. But during one extremely rare astronomical phenomena, Venus transits right across the face of the Sun. In these moments, the normally bright planet, is instead seen as a small black dot, seemingly scorched by the incinerating solar flares.

It is an astrological tradition that a planet close to the Sun becomes effectively burned up by the Sun’s rays – the technical term is combust. The said planet cannot deliver on its natural potential due to this cosmic condition. Some astrologers also considered that when a planet was cazimi, or in the heart of the Sun, that it may fortify its condition. But this has been largely discarded on empirical evidence.

So what has all this to do with early June? It is during these exclusive dates that Venus transits across the face of the Sun. The Venus/Sun transits take place centuries apart and always as a pair, over a shorter eight year period. The last Venus transits across the face of the Sun happened June 8 2004 and June 5-6 2012. Otherwise, we would have to go back to June 6 1761 and June 3 1769 to find Venus doing the same thing. And the cycle encompasses the past millennia.

When a specific area of the sky is sensitized by a repetitive celestial cycle such as the Venus transit, it can act as a trigger point for future events. This may be a potential explanation of the constant recurrence of early June dates as the Sun annually returns to the place where it consumes the nature of Venus and reverses its effect. It may be mere coincidence but it makes for an interesting study on war and peace.

To have further credence, the only other another annual period when Venus can transit the Sun, early December would also have to be represented. This is at the opposite side of the zodiac – covering dates from December 3 to 8. Venus did transit the Sun here in 1874 and 1882 and 1631 to 1639. The same dates recur back to BC times. If we again look at World War Two this might bring us to the attack of Pearl Harbour on the morning of December 7 for starters. There are further signifcant events such as the India Pakistan War of December 3 1971. But they would make this a much longer article.


For astrologers interested in dissecting the behavioural nuances of a horoscope, the 140 page autobiography of Isla Vista killer Elliot Rodger, titled "My Twisted World", offers up rich material. He begins by detailing his birth on the morning of July 24 1991 in London. The exact time is not given but a speculative horoscope showing the major planetary and lunar positioning can be drawn from this inference. See chart here.

Elliot Rodger’s horoscope has strikingly similar aspects to another mass murderer with a clear misogynist bent. The sexual sadist, Paul Bernado. It was Bernado’s sensational trial that rocked Canada in the mid-90’s. Both Rodger and Bernado were born with the Sun in close opposition to critical Saturn, and both exhibit a tight conjunction of the sexual combination Venus and Mars.

Bernado, like Elliot Rodger, had a choirboy appearance. He was described as “…the perfect child…polite, well mannered, so sweet in his Boy Scout uniform.” But Bernado grew into a crazed rapist and serial killer. He was born illegitimate. His legal father was a child molester, leading to his mother leaving. At sixteen, on discovering his own illegitimacy during an argument with his mother, Paul Bernado turned toward misogyny and sadism.

On October 17 1987 he met Karla Homolka, born May 4 1970 in Port Credit, Ontario. Her Taurean Sun was conjunct Saturn. She also had a Venus Mars conjunction. Their union was lethal. She encouraged his deadly sexual fantasies. He was guilty of multiple rapes, killing three of his victims. One was Karla’s sister Tammy, murdered on Christmas Eve 1990.

As his Saturn return approached, Bernado was arrested on the 17th of February 1993. He is currently serving a life sentence for multiple murders and sexual assaults. His wife Karla got ten years for manslaughter with a plea bargain, and was released on July 4 2005. She now lives under a different name in the Caribbean


An ancient axiom, definitely relevant to today suggests, ‘We do not see things as they are. We see them as WE are.’ However, Saturn is the opposite of that. Saturn is the planet of objective wisdom born of direct experience. Oscar Wilde liked to describe experience as the name we gave to our mistakes. He may be right. They provide the opportunity to learn through oversight or error.

Traditional astrologers dubbed Saturn, the Greater Misfortune. Saturn taught limitation and boundaries, like the stern schoolmaster of life. For mine, it is the ‘reality brick’. Saturn helps us solidify our reality. In its refined form it is the planet of maturity and adulthood. Saturn is the gruff and self-sufficient Badger in Wind In The Willows – the wise hermit, or tribal elder.

But when the birth Sun opposes Saturn it can challenge authority, or feel perpetually judged by it. Harking back to classical astrology, both the Sun and Saturn represented the male principle. They had connections with the law. Ancient Babylonian effigies depict Shamash (the Sun) handing the tablets of law to the King Hammurabi – the great lawgiver.

Saturn represented structure and order. At one time chaos reigned throughout the universe, when the tablets of fate were stolen. Ninurta (or Saturn) was given the task of rescuing the tablets and restoring law and order. In the astrologers of Nineveh’s writings, the Sun and Saturn seem interchangeable. But when the Sun and Saturn are opposed the individual can run against the grain. That's when chaos returns. It's appropriate that the first nuclear chain reaction took place at a Sun Saturn opposition.

Charlie Sheen is a perfect example of the chaotic Sun opposing Saturn. His excesses are legendary – but Sheen prefers to reframe this in his terms of 'winning'. This justification immediately brings to mind the aforementioned line, ‘We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.’


The Saturn cycle played a pivotal role in Elliot Rodger’s life. Saturn has a thirty-year rotation – divisible by four, marking the significant developmental turning points. This makes roughly the ages of seven, fourteen and twenty-one, along with twenty-nine/thirty as standout years.

By age seven, with Saturn squaring his Sun and itself, Elliot was noticing his parents arguing a lot. His mother assured him that they would not divorce. But a few months later that’s exactly what they did. Rodgers birth Sun (father) and birth Moon (mother) are in a difficult inconjunct (150 degree aspect), one of uncomfortable adjustment.

He writes that he will always cherish his seventh birthday as the “Last time I remember them being happy together.” Shortly after this he was put into therapy, which was then ongoing. Elliot’s favourite childhood film was the ‘Land Before Time’ the animated story of an orphaned dinosaur. He wrote of how he watched it many times and always experienced a deep sadness when the dinosaur’s mother died.

The mother’s death was heavily edited from the final cut of the movie. Psychologists were consulted by the studio to advise on the violence in the scene. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas also discussed what impression it might leave on children’s minds.


Rodger was baffled by his father having a girlfriend so soon after divorce, but held him in higher regard for being attractive to women. The father’s girlfriend Soumaya proved a strong disciplinarian. He sub heads the period of 9-13 years as his 'last period of contentment’. But just before his twelfth birthday he claims he was humiliated, being pushed aside at Summer Camp by a girl the same age, an event he considered traumatic. Cruel treatment from women, he writes, is ten times worse than from men.

Elliot Rodger’s Sun opposition Saturn played out with a total lack of confidence and objectivity, in relationships. He harbored feelings of being harshly judged. He would further experience isolation and classroom bullying. For a reality substitute he turned to the video game ‘World of Warcraft’. In later years it would be the TV show ‘Game Of Thrones’, another dynastic warrior show, with frequent gratuitous sexual violence toward women.


The Saturn opposition phase arrived at ages fourteen/fifteen. His father didn’t make it for his 14th birthday, which was instead held at Soumaya’s father’s place. It marked the last time he would spend his birthday with more people than just his family. Puberty was to become a time of unfulfilled desires and increasing isolation.

By his 15th birthday he was horrified to learn his parents wanted to enroll him in a larger co-ed school. After a short time, Rodger breaks down and cries in front of his mother, begging not to be sent to 'that school' anymore. He spends a month at home while his parents decide what to do with him. Elliot Rodger was under the care of celebrity psychiatrists but increasingly withdrawing into his own fantasies.

Right on his Saturn square of itself and the Sun, on June 4 2011, he packed his car and moved out of his mother’s house. This was the first Saturn square since his parents had separated. Now it was he who was flying the coup. Saturn is the planet of maturity and responsibility, but Roger's escapist delusions were denying that crucial development. The only people to recognize his 21st birthday were again immediate family members.

His father bought him ‘The Secret’ espousing the Law of Attraction. It incites a temporary wave of enthusiasm, as he has always believed that he was destined for great things. But Rodgers law of attraction consisted of buying multiple lottery tickets in the vain hope of becoming a rich millionaire.

At the mega jackpot of $656 million he spent $700 bucks on tickets. But he writes of his whole body shivering with horrific agony when he didn’t win. He sank into one of the worst depressions of his life, and didn’t leave the room, for the next month imagining his life had ended. And eventually without the prospect of becoming wealthy he bought weapons instead.


Four days before his twenty-second birthday, with Saturn squaring itself, he writes of the final rejection at a party. Drunk and discarded, he responds by trying to push girls off a balcony. His attack is repulsed by a group of males who push him off the ledge instead. He falls and breaks his ankle managing to limp away. Then he strangely returns to retrieve a pair of designer Gucci sunglasses, and is beaten up for his troubles.

During his recuperation Elliot Rodger planned his ‘Day of Retribution’. He began to leave a telling digital footprint. Infamy, he writes, is better than total obscurity. At 9.27 pm May 23 that infamy began with 911 calls to police following gunshots. At that moment Mars was directly above Isla Vista in California and in opposition to the Moon. Elliot Rodger killed seven people, including himself and wounded thirteen others.

Surreal Neptune was now opposing his Venus and Mars. Neptune to Venus is often described as 'unrequited love'. Neptune to Mars was igniting his virtual reality war game. Elliot had also had the April Grand Cross on his Uranus, the planet of rebellion and independence. All this was occurring as he filmed his YouTube rants of revenge. Responsibility never entered the picture, and Rodger acted out his macabre fantasy.

The Sun in a close and hard aspect to Saturn has featured in the horoscopes of multiple murderers. Among them Charles Manson and his assistant Susan Atkins, John Lennon’s assassin Mark David Chapman, or Randall Woodfield, the killer of fifty victims. It alone is not the sole cause, as environmental conditions play a major role. But the ringed planet's aspects often time the crucial developmental stages of advancing sociopath behaviour, in the appropriate charts.

MAY 25


Internal division rocks one of the most populous countries in the world with ongoing street protests. The government is removed from office. The military leader appears on state television declaring, "All radio and television stations, satellite and cable, must stop normal programming and broadcast army content until told otherwise." The army declares martial law and takes full control. The leader and government members are held against their wishes.

World leaders such as US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry had enormous difficulty with this. Germany’s Angela Merkl and the British PM David Cameron shared their dilemma. The difficulty was in recognizing that the event is called a ‘coup’. For admitting that Egypt had actually experienced a military coup would have meant that US military aid was automatically, by constitutional law, suspended.

By contrast, in Thailand last week no such difficulty existed. Thailand’s General Prayuth officially announced the ‘coup’ with the above statement on Thursday evening May 22. Two days earlier, at 3 am martial law had been declared to break a gridlock between government and royalist supporters that had split the nation down the center.

The military planet Mars was moving forward from the May 20, precisely when martial law was declared, following a long retro period beginning on March 2, when Thailand's national election re-run occurred. The election was subsequently declared invalid. The division in Thailand has deep ramifications for the Asia/Pacific balance. It pits tradition against modernity, culture against capital, and June also involve emerging Chinese interests against the regional power of the USA.


Thailand, with over 67 million people, is the 20th most populated nation on earth. It lies at the heart of Indo-China. 95% of Thais are Theravada Buddhists, the oldest surviving branch of Buddhism. The country homes the largest overseas Chinese community, comprising 14% of the population. Thai King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is both the longest serving monarch in national history and the world’s longest serving head of state. But he was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thailand is the USA’s oldest Asian ally. Their union goes back to March 20 1833 via the ‘Treaty of Amity and Commerce’ forged between Thai King Rama III and Edmond Roberts, a US envoy of President Andrew Jackson. The present king, also known as Rama IX, hails from the same dynasty. The union between the USA and Thailand is being severely tested with next year’s Solar Eclipse also occurring on March 20. This eclipse will put sudden change planet Uranus on the contractual Mercury of the 1833 treaty chart, and reformative Pluto square it.


Political power in Thailand took an irrevocable turn with the 1932 Siamese Revolution. This was a bloodless coup that transformed the country from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional one. Prior to that, the Chakri dynasty had ruled from April 6 1782, when the capital was moved to Bangkok. But the current Thailand government model, and national horoscope, is timed at 5 am June 24 1932, again in Bangkok, and accelerated by the Great Depression.

The Thailand horoscope is heavily weighted toward traditional Cancer, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all here. The Thailand chart is closely connected to the USA July 4 1776 horoscope that positions the Sun, Venus and Jupiter also in Cancer. Therefore, just as the recent April Cardinal Grand Cross impacted upon the USA Sun, it also impacted in Thailand’s Mercury and Venus, representing its contractual agreements and diplomatic relations.

Since the 1932 revolution, Thailand has had an unenviable record of a dozen military coups. The armed forces ruled outright from 1947 right through until 1973. During this time much of the king’s powers were also revived. Since that time King Bhumibol has intervened in many of the coups. In the deadly Black June riots of 1992, the televised sight of the two opposing leaders kneeling before the King in mediation, brought peace and restored a civilian government.


Trouble in Thailand started with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire business tycoon turned politician. Shinatwatra became Prime Minister in February 9 2001. It was a disastrous day to be sworn in. The planets were pointing to a revolution. The Sun was with rebellious Uranus and square traditionalist Saturn and also military Mars. It played out exactly as the heavens indicated. The army removed Thaksin’s government while he was off in New York, on September 19 2006.

Shinawatra was accused of selling off national interests to private enterprise, and faced allegations of corruption, conflicts of interest and authoritarian control of the press. It was capital against culture. The Bangkok Post political commentator noted that "Thai people are quite pragmatic... we understand that everybody takes a little bite of the apple. The problem with Thaksin is that he put a sign on the whole apple tree saying 'property of the Shinawatra family'.

Thaksin was also accused of vote buying, especially in the poorer northern regions that house much of Thai’s rural population. This poorer, but more populous, group are represented by a movement known as the ‘Redshirts’. The establishment and monarchists are, since Thaksin's removal, represented by the ‘Yellowshirts’.

Thaksin supported free trade agreements with China, Australia, Bahrain, India, and the US. The latter came under heavy criticism, due to fears that important Thai industries could be eliminated. Thaksin cemented his ‘Redshirt’ support by reducing rural poverty and instituting universal health care. After his removal he fled the country living between Dubai and London. In what might seem an eerie coincidence, the king of the previous Thai dynasty was similarly named Taksin.

The ghost of Thaksin and his Redshirt support would return in violent protests between March 12 and June 19 2010. This was in reaction to the Supreme Court’s intention to confiscate and seize Thaksin’s bank accounts, frozen from the 2006 coup. The protests led to 91 deaths and over 2100 injuries. But the following election, held the day before US independence on July 3 2011, saw the return of the Shinawatra family to power.


Thaksin’s sister Yingluck exudes Venus qualities. She is female, attractive, a rich businesswoman running on a reconciliation platform. Yingluck was born June 21 1967 in the northern Chiang Mai province of Thailand. She became Prime Minister on August 5 as the Sun and Venus moved over her own Venus – the planet of popularity. Yingluck proved more popular than her brother.

But the day she assumed leadership was one with explosive connotations. The war planet Mars, in homeland Cancer, was in square with insurrectionist Uranus and opposed to deadly Pluto. At 4 am on November 1 2013 Yingluck’s government approved blanket amnesty rules that would have cleared the road for her brother’s return and over turned his convictions. By the end of the month anti-government protests had returned to the streets of Bangkok.

All of which leads us to today’s crisis. For those who have been reading my regular columns this is no surprise. The chief astrological formation of 2014 is the Cardinal Grand Cross. Underpinning this configuration was a longer lasting T-Square of judicial Jupiter, free enterprise Uranus and plutocratic Pluto. In the past this has unfailingly produced internal divisions and civil wars. At the heart of all have been the class divisions between the haves and the have nots.


Thailand have a revered but aged and ailing king, whose looming death in itself would create a national crisis. The military are loyal to the monarchy and national tradition. But billionaires like Thaksin, with popular support, are hard to keep at bay. In 2012 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton jointly visited Thailand, establishing relations with Yingluck Shinawatra, as part of the US Asian pivot. Obama refers to himself as the first American Pacific President. China have other ideas.

The crisis in Thailand has many political threads. For the moment the key lies with General Prayuth Chan-ocha born 21st of March 1954. That date itself tells you this is not about to go away in a hurry. Recall that next year's Solar Eclipse will fall on March 20, just as the US Thai relations began on March 20 1833. This date along with June 21 (remember Yingluck was born June 21), September 21 and December 22 could represent important turning points in Thailand’s current revolution.

Meanwhile in Egypt, the streets of Cairo are plastered with photos of General Sisi. He was the military commander who led the coup that wasn't a coup - at least according to the west. It took hundreds of lives with it, with many more condemned to death. Thailand seems mild by comparison. On June 26 and 27 this week General Sisi now seeks to legitamise his coup by being elected President. And who will be game enough to vote against him?

MAY 18


On August 17 1999 at 3.02 am in Izmit Turkey the ground shook for 17 seconds. From that short moment in time 17,000 people were to lose their lives and half a million were left homeless. The disaster triggered a massive international effort in digging for survivors, putting out ongoing fires and assisting the victims. The 7.4 earthquake had occurred less than a week after a Grand Cross eclipse in the heavens, the path of which fell directly over Turkey.

Two weeks ago, another Grand Cross appeared in the heavens and another disaster has struck Turkey, with hundreds trapped underground. At approximately 3.10 pm (time via Turkish astrologer Baris Ilhan) on May 13 2014, an explosion in the Soma coal mine ignited the country’s worst ever mining catastrophe. To date over 300 lives have been lost. The disaster has created a national revolt. Miner’s protests to highlight dangerous working conditions and the opposition party’s demand for an investigation into safety issues, was overruled by the National Assembly of Turkey in November last year.

There is a remarkable planetary synastry between the 1999 earthquake and the 2014 mining disaster. Both involved people buried underground and Saturn is the traditional planet of the earth and rocks. The Saturns of both charts are closely opposed. The Suns of each chart are square to each other, the Moons are conjunct. The current Grand Cross falls across the Ascendant of the 1999 earthquake horoscope. In short the original earthquake chart is being re-activated now. Click here for the synastry biwheel.

The Soma mine, once a government controlled operation was privatized in 2005. Since that time the cost of coal production was reduced from $140 to $24 per ton. But deteriorating safety conditions led to three hundred miners barricading themselves in a mine at the coastal town of Zonguldak in November of last year. It was the November period when the heliocentric T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto first formed, leading into the recent geocentric Grand Cross involving the exact same planets.


The tragedy has had extreme repercussions for Turkey’s current Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His government’s rejection of an investigation into mining conditions could not have had a more calamitous outcome. Days of national mourning have been followed by sweeping anti-government protests. Ergodan’s comments of ‘this is what happens in coal-mining’ seem cold comfort for relatives of the deceased. Ergodan’s aide, kicking a protestor held by security guards, has prompted an even greater backlash.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was born February 26 1954. His horoscope is characterized by a Pisces Sun in sharp square to a fiery Sagittarian Mars, with the Moon nearby. This gives him a temperamental nature, not afraid of a fight. The Sun/Mars/Jupiter signature T-Square in his chart is a sign of a warrior. It was courage that initially helped get him to where he is today, and contributed toward his early success as a sportsman.

He is the only Turkish Prime Minister to have won three consecutive general elections and retains a popular power base. But Ergodan’s increasingly authoritarian approach is bringing detractors out of the woodwork. Last June, persistent protests in Taksim square were dispersed with tear gas and water cannons. Following further dissension, Ergodan tried to ban social media networking, Twitter, Facebook and gain greater control of the country's Internet.


The recent mining disaster, and his reaction has brought its own problems. Privatization has brought investment into Turkey and it was Ergodan’s economic management that saw him elected with a larger margin each consecutive term. He took the country from the red into the black. But privatization also has its issues of checks and balances. And Turkey has one of the worst records for mining accidents in the world. Clearly the government has to accept some responsibility for such a record.

This year, on August 10 2014, Ergodan plans to seek the presidency of Turkey. His political career began when he was initially elected Mayor of Istanbul on March 27 1994. At the time responsible Saturn was moving through Pisces and across his Sun. Saturn gives control and authority to the administrators. This year it is Neptune that is reaching Ergodan’s Sun. Neptune dissolves egos and can easily erode the foundations that Saturn has laid. Leadership also demands a compassionate connection, not a jackboot authoritarian approach.



Australians are worried. They usually are this time of year – but 2014 more than usual. The Federal Budget is about to be released. The mood is more akin to releasing the Kraken. The public relations exercise concerning the 2014 national budget, has been exceeded only by Armageddon. The Federal Treasurer, already nicknamed Happy Joe Hockey, is fast becoming a modern version of Nostra-alarmus.

Australians are also confused. Didn’t the global financial crisis happen back in 2008? Wasn’t Australia the lucky country sailing through unscathed on the back of Chinese commodity demand? Weren’t Australians fortunate, avoiding crippling austerity budgets like Greece, Spain and Portugal, the subject of national rioting? Why then - when the global crisis seems to be ending - is Australia’s crisis just beginning?

Even seasoned economists are puzzled. Australia has less debt to GDP than almost the entire western world. That’s a measure of the country’s total earning power against the national budgetary debt. In comparison to the USA, which last year registered 101% per cent debt to GDP, Australia registered 27% - figures vary, but Australia debt is around a quarter of comparable economies. Was the World Bank President, Robert Zoellick’s, congratulations to Australia’s last Treasurer of the Year just a sham – along with the achievement of a AAA credit rating?

If you believe what’s coming out of Canberra, shambolic seems to be the case. But if you’re in the habit of believing whatever emanates from the political capital, then perhaps disappointment is well deserved. Political spin is part of Australia’s astrological heritage. It all starts with the swearing in of the Federal Government, which takes us back to 1901.


The Australian Federal Government horoscope came into force at just after 1.30 on a sunny Sydney afternoon on New Years Day 1901. The time is debated among some astrologers with pistols at ten paces. However, up until the official swearing in, it’s a plain fact that a federal ministry did not exist. Click here for the Federal Government inception chart.

When it comes to government communications, the position of Mercury is central. Mercury is the town crier and scribe and one good reason many newspapers carry the banner name of the messenger planet. Australia’s Mercury is in Sagittarius. Traditional astrologers rate this as a difficult placement, as Mercury is considered in its debility opposing the sign that it rules.

The truth is that scientists like Isaac Newton and Madame Curie had their cerebral Mercury in Sagittarius. So did Beethoven. But when it comes to mixing Mercury in Sagittarius and additionally linking to its ruling planet Jupiter, as in Australia’s chart – only comedian Woody Allen survives the cut. That’s reasonably descriptive of the Australian political narrative – a comedy monologue, worthy of an Oscar.


The hubristic combination of Mercury/Jupiter closely opposes the smoke and mirror planet of Neptune. It makes the ideal combination for inflated political spin, something the constituents have grown uncomfortably accustomed to. Spin that’s also filtered through the mouthpiece of media moguls like Rupert Murdoch - whose late Piscean Sun neatly squares the whole shebang. Or the late Kerry Packer - whose Sagittarian Sun sat right on Australia’s Mercury/Jupiter.

Political spin worked wonderfully for Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, who totalled eighteen years in the position. His Sun was exactly conjunct Australia’s Mercury and Jupiter. Menzies was renowned as an orator exceptional. But his best line was the alarmist ‘reds under the beds’ fear base, coupled with his Asian ‘domino theory’. It kept Australians on the defensive following the Japanese attacks of WWII.


The domino theory reasoned that if one country fell to communism that others would fall in like dominoes. It was a justification for continuing interventionist wars in South East Asia. Menzies was able to perpetuate this on Australians recovering from the threat of Japanese invasion during World War Two. But the Japanese had never planned a land invasion of Australia.

Australian historian and Research Professor at the University of New South Wales, Peter Stanley, wrote ‘No historian of any standing believes the Japanese had a plan to invade Australia, there is not a skerrick of evidence.’ In his final interview before execution, the Japanese Prime Minister admitted that an invasion of Australia was off the radar. War records back his words. Their bombing raids were conducted to divert defenses elsewhere, notably from the US carriers and supply lines.

The Japanese menace was gradually transferred into fear of a communist takeover following the Korean War. But when a US invasion of South Vietnam demanded Australia comply, Menzies committed Australian troops. Six months later he did something unknown to Australian Prime Ministers – he retired in office. His replacement, Harold Holt, strangely disappeared without completing his term, in one of Australia’s enduring mysteries.

Again the Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune axis was involved. It was a Full Moon around noon on December 17 1967 when the PM went missing in the surf at Cheviot Beach, Portsea. His body was never recovered. The Full Moon that day fell right across the Jupiter/Mercury opposite Neptune axis of the Australian horoscope. The outer planets Uranus and Pluto squared the same axis. It was fitting for a big media story, and one in which the ending remained unsolved.

Conspiracy theories abounded after Holt’s disappearance, which captured world attention. Most related again to Cold War theories. Holt had religiously pledged ‘All the way with LBJ, and been the only Prime Minister to host a serving American President on Australian soil. Therefore he was either abducted by the KGB, or taken away in a Chinese sub, and brainwashed. The latter may have been literally true – if only by the ocean. Even his wife, Dame Zara, admitted he didn’t like Chinese cooking.


So back to the federal budget, which promises to be nowhere near as mysterious, but bound to be controversial. It may have Australians pitching in to buy Joe Hockey a holiday home at Portsea. At 7.30 pm on Tuesday May 13 2014 he will deliver a blueprint for Australia’s immediate economic future. As usual, it has been preceded by a so-called ‘Commission of Audit’ carried out by a hand picked staff whose political leanings are already thoroughly established.

The budget comes at a time of an activist planetary T-Square that in the past has been coincident with national revolutions including those of England and France. The challenge therefore is not to favour one section of the populace at the expense of another. Inequity in this budget is sure to have major repercussions. At the same time it needs to be a reformist paper, but not one framed on purely ideological political lines.

Conservative Saturn opposes the Australian Federal horoscope’s Taurean Moon. The last time this happened was when the Hawke government reneged on electoral promises in order to curtail a massive budget blowout left by the outgoing Fraser Government. Current catchphrases such as ‘we’re all going to have to do the heavy lifting’ are reminiscent of the early to mid-80’s, which further featured a privatization schedule and floating of the dollar.

The current opposition of the Sun to Saturn spells greater austerity, some of which may be well justified. But the true fact why Australia’s debt to GDP is growing, is that government income has declined. The current trine of Venus and Uranus back to the Australian Federal Venus and Uranus does bode well for improved international trade, and also more government taxes. Already Australians live in the most expensive country of the whole G20. One thing stands out very strongly. At the exact time of the budget announcement the Midheaven will be meeting Australia’s Mars.

This may trigger one of the controversial points of the budget - defense spending. If social services are cut simply to build Australia’s defense forces in a time of peace, then spirited opposition will follow. It’s already sparked a public outcry that Australia is outlaying an estimted $14 billion on 86 American made stealth fighter jets for the RAAF, at a cost of $90 million each. Do they know something they're not telling us? The feedback of the budget forecasts have already damaged the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s polling and look set to do much further damage as Saturn stations on his Mercury, from May to early September.

May 4

This week in the Ukraine proves that the effects of the Grand Cross are not going away in a hurry, and the principle outer planetary T-Square is very much alive. It's setting the scene of an escalating crisis that threatens civil war. The potent Cross has ignited the horoscope of the USA, United Nations, NATO, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and even the acting President of the Ukraine and the horoscope of Chernobyl disaster. This week’s column examines exactly how.


On Friday May 2, as negotiating Mercury came to oppose serious Saturn, the two most powerful leaders in the western world addressed the Washington press. US president Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented a united front on imposing further sanctions to Russia if the planned Ukraine election of May 25 does not go ahead.

Merkel is the likely go-between of the traditional cold war enemies the USA and Russia in their tug-o-war for control of the Ukriane. As the virtual head of the European Union, she holds a unique bargaining position. Germany is Russia’s biggest trading partner.

Merkel also provides political clout for the USA. Without her support their diplomatic incursions into the Ukraine and economic sanctions could not possibly have the same effect. The German leader’s horoscope blends well with the USA Independence Day chart of July 4 1776.


Angela Merkel was born on July 17 1954 @ 18.00 hours in Hamburg, Germany. She has a stellium of planets in Cancer beginning with her cerebral Mercury Jupiter combination and ending with her independent Sun Uranus union. Her childhood idol was Madame Curie and she completed her PhD in quantam chemistry in 1986.

True to her Uranian nature, Merkel was a political dissident, spending her childhood in East Germany. She became increasingly involved with politics after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. Merkel is currently experiencing her expansive Jupiter return, also at the heart of the recent Grand Cross. It’s a combination that brings her right to the forefront of world affairs.

Merkel's optimistic Jupiter perfectly aligns with the USA birth Sun, suggesting she can play an ace hand in future developments. Despite her misgivings about the invasive US ‘breach of trust’ tapping her mobile phone, the two countries are standing firm in support of the Euromaiden movement. But even as they spoke the situation in the Ukraine was fast imploding.

Russia was calling for an extraordinary meeting of the United Nations Security Council. They claimed the escalating Ukrainian military activity, sanctioned by the west, was breaking a brokered Geneva peace agreement. For the United Nations horoscope it was an apt symbol of the Grand Cross impacting on their Capricorn Midheaven and threatening their worldly authority.


The United Nations began operations on October 24 1945 at 16.50 hours in New York. Reformative Pluto is the planet affecting the Midheaven throughout the year. It means that the long simmerring differences between the major players are bubbling to the surface. The United Nations will also have a Solar Eclipse on their Sun during October. It’s tough times ahead for the world body, and points increasingly to an escalating international crisis, with ongoing implications for the relevance of the UN.

The players closest to the center of the action are Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksandr Turchynov. Their horoscopes emphasize polarity. Turchynov is an Aries and Putin is a Libran. Their Sun’s are at opposite ends of the zodiac. As aggressive Mars transits backward and then forward through Libra, it joins the Sun of one President and opposes the other. We can start with Turchynov.


The acting President of the Ukraine was born on 31 March 1964 in Dnipropetrovsk. He has the Sun and three other planets, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter positioned in the warrior sign of Aries. Turchynov’s instant elevation came as the planet of abrupt change, Uranus, joined his birth Sun on February 23 2014, with opportunistic Jupiter squaring. This 'get lucky' combination virtually picked the day he was sworn in.

Combative Mars has been opposing Tuchynov’s Sun from the beginning of May and is continuing to, until mid June. Right on time the hostilities are escalating. On May 1 Turchynov reintroduced conscription for all Ukrainian men aged 18-25. The following day saw a pre-dawn full military sweep on the separatist-held Slovyansk in what Moscow dubbed a "criminal" assault that destroyed a Geneva truce.

On May 3, in the southern town of Odessa, Ukrainian nationals torched an old Soviet trade union building killing thirty-eight pro-Russian rebels in a deadly fire. The entrenched divisions show that unless the international community shows greater compassion, rather than furthering their own economic agendas, full scale civil war threatens.

Indeed this has been exactly what has happened to the Ukraine under the same T-Squares in the past. The current planetary formation highlighting 13 degrees of cardinal signs even activates the Mars of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear crisis. Little wonder the Ukraine finds itself in a political meltdown that threatens lives and national security.


Vladimir Putin was born October 7 1952 in St Petersburg at 9.30 am. As well as having the recent cardinal Grand Cross impacting on his 13 degree Libran Sun, he also has military Mars making three conjunctions with that Sun in 2014. Two have already occurred in early January and late April as the Ukraine crisis built and Crimea returned to Russian rule. One Sun Mars conjunction remains for the middle of June.

From April Putin’s progressed Mars is also squaring his progressed Jupiter, a signal of military expansion. That aspect will continue until September. Putin’s solar arc directed Mars was also receiving the late April Grand Cross. Not surprising that this period of the former KGB agent's life is involving him in a major military crisis.

The western powers paint this more as Putin’s war than Russia’s. Their tactics of freezing his powerbroker's assets are designed to undermine his political sway. As transiting Uranus opposes Putin’s Sun his allegiances are apt to be more unreliable and unpredictable. This is an ongoing influence extending into 2015. Putin’s Sun is also in exact opposition to the western military alliance known as NATO.


NATO is a twenty-eight member military coalition formed on April 4 1949, consisting of states from North America and Europe. The NATO Sun is at 14 degrees of Aries meaning it has also been receiving the Grand Cross. This time the principle player is Uranus, the planet of pre-emptive action, which also governs flight, moving over the NATO Sun.

The war planet Mars, in the NATO horoscope has moved to semisquare the Sun. NATO’s Second in Command, General Alexander Vershbow, has told the media that the organization could soon deploy even more combat forces to Eastern Europe. Already the build up on Russia's borders is unprecedented, matched by Russia's on the Ukraine.

So the Grand Cross is not going away in a hurry. When the main planetary players came together heliocentrically in November the Euromaiden protests began. From the evening of the 21st Ukrainians protested for further integration into Europe. Could they also have been unwittingly starting the disintegration of the Ukraine?

One possible mediator, Angela Merkel, has lived in both worlds. She was once a child of Soviet East Germany, fluent in Russian, and grew up during the Cold War. She has been, from 2005, the leader of the reunified Germany, now the most powerful country of the European Union. Merkel knows the value of national unity. Today the Ukraine stands at the same cross-roads of East versus West. Is the wall about to be rebuilt?

April 27


When Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze and literally ignited the Arab Spring, the exaggerated zeal of Jupiter was meeting the rebelliousness of Uranus in the sacrificial sign of Pisces. But by early 2011 Jupiter would move into the fiery warlord sign of Aries. Unruly Uranus would soon follow. Revolution began in Tunisia overturning the authoritarian regime of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who absconded to the even more authoritarian Saudi Arabia.

Judicial Jupiter was on the side of the rebels. Revolution began to gatecrash even the enduring Arab dictatorships. Long term leaders such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak or Libya’s Mahmoud Ghaddafi quickly succumbed to the swelling tides of change. But despite the ongoing insurrection, a western style democracy was not exactly on the political menu. The west was having its own problems.


Growing wealth disparity coupled with austerity budgets to complement corporate welfare schemes was undermining confidence in the whole democratic system. Insurrection was not confined to the emerging disenfranchised youth of the Middle East. It was also hitting the mainstream cultures of western nations. Even the lone superpower of the USA was fast becoming a nation divided. And it all seemed to remarkably synchronize with the difficult angularity of the powerful outer planets.

The outer planets connect with the collective atmosphere. It’s what we call the ‘zeitgeist’. They act on the world stage. When the outers crunch up, like a bad gear change, the political world shudders too. That’s what these ‘transpersonals’ have been doing over the last five years, occasionally increasing in tension and synchronizing with the major global shifts.

Today they are back into hard aspect. The Grand Cross is still with us. It’s not about to go away in a hurry. Even when the planets eventually move apart the aftershock will stay. The current positioning is laying a verifiable theme. When these same formations are analysed from the historical perspective they open our eyes to the inherent potential of the future.

Over the last weeks, this column has been concentrating on deciphering those patterns of the past. The planets are a figurative ‘Rosetta Stone’ – providing a reliable guide to the underlying dynamics driving the current events. The core of the Grand Cross - the slowly developing Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto T-Square –has delivered a consistent theme on the rare occasions that it has appeared.


The planetary theme has been one of rallying resistance against oppression. It is a subject of the individual’s rights being recognized and restored. It is a narrative of political reformation. Witness the examples of the English Civil War of 1648 or the corresponding French War of the Frondes. Similarly the 1790’s French Revolution. These are crucial historical events that changed the geopolitical structures of their time. There is nothing to say the same cannot happen today.

The ‘Reign of Terror’ that categorized the final days of the French Revolution and for which Robespierre paid with his life, was a result of ongoing oppression. What might have been solved by adopting a more 'just' society, following the original French War of the Frondes of 1648, instead lingered and built to a sensational climax at the next formation in the 1790’s.


The last time we witnessed Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in the T-Square formation was 1934. It was the year that Adolf Hitler became Fuehrer. It is politically expedient to point the accusing finger at one man for all that transpired after. But in reality it was the socioeconomic conditions of the time – the paralyzing war reparations imposed upon Germany following their calamitous defeat in WWI – that built the platform of bitterness that supported Hitler’s career.

At each successive T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto the same archetypal scenes unfold. They are of collective unease born of wealth disparity, lack of just representation and of people feeling grossly undervalued. What follows is a tearing down of the privileged plutocracy previously feeding off the masses. The 1648 Khmelnystky Uprising of the Ukraine was born of precisely the same ingredients.


One way of estimating potential outcomes at this portentous time in history is to focus on traditional hotspots. This is similar to linking the gravitational pull of Supermoons to earthquakes and deducing that it is more likely to effect known fault lines. In short the Israel Palestine is one situation of obvious imbalance that is building to a climax. The world has other known political fault lines – North and South Korea, India and Pakistan. Or an invocation of the Cold War between the East and West, as in USA/Europe v Russia/China.

However it is also certain individual countries that feel this Grand Cross more, judging by their birth charts. The most interesting is the world leader - the USA. Last week I wrote on this click here for the article. One of the main causes of interest is that these aspects have never before landed in such an imposing manner upon the horoscope of the United States.


On Thursday morning April 24 with Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all squaring each other within the degree and the planetary Grand Cross in full flow US President Barack Obama touched down in Japan. During the ceremonial addresses Obama reassured support for Japan in its bitter territorial dispute with China, over the Senkaku Islands.

The small island group lies close to Taiwan. They were traditionally used as navigational markers by China, until annexed by Japan in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895. An expanding China, along with Taiwan since 1972, are laying claim to the islands. They have become the catalyst for growing tensions between the two Asian superpowers. The USA finds itself in the middle.

Obama’s remarks drew an angry response from China, claiming indisputable sovereignty. This is the clearest escalation of difference between the global economic juggernauts of China and the USA. Obama’s South East Asian mission follows a prior visit by the US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, to secure US strategic power in the Pacific region.


The declaration of support for Japan has clearly drawn potential battle lines. Obama’s assurance to the Japanese was preceded by lesser powers like Australia, potentially alienating their largest trading partner in China. All of this comes at a time that Australia is expanding their defense budget and housing an increased number of US troops on home soil. The Cold War may not be a figment of an overzealous imagination.

It’s highly unusual for a former Australian Prime Minister to warn against his nation becoming the proverbial ‘piggy-in-the-middle’. Even rarer that it came from one who, when he was Prime Minister, signed off an a top secret US plan to test fire MX missiles from California to the east coast of Australia. The deal was later scuttled by his successor Bob Hawke. Today Malcolm Fraser advises his nation to find their own voice.

But it is not merely on international lines that the Jupiter Uranus and Pluto T-Square plays out. Evidence has shown that it also works on an internal level. The revolutions that have coincided with this rare formation have also been internal. And with this in mind it is interesting to note the timing of the planned May 16 2014 March on Washington by the movement known as Operation American Spring.


While everybody is looking for the nemesis on the outside, such as a building Cold War against Russia and/or China, perhaps they should also be looking on the inside. It may be easy enough to simply write off the disenfranchised as another Tea Party, under this Grand Cross, but the planetary timing suggests otherwise.

Close to 250 years ago, when reformative Pluto last transited these corporate Capricorn degrees, the predominant issue in the country, that grew to be the USA, was tax and representation. The Founding Fathers were fighting what they considered an economic imbalance. Today, the majority are feeling the same way.

The modern ‘aristocracy’ are the heads of multinational companies, paying little or no tax and whose CEO’s draw exorbitant remuneration packages. And it is interesting to hear the words of the Founding fathers resonating through social networks and in speeches of those now considered radicals. For the Founding Fathers were also branded radicals and traitors.

There is something real happening. It is the spirit of the times. It began with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia as Jupiter came to meet Uranus. Now the two planets are have moved to square each other. It is the next developmental stage. But joining that square is Pluto. And each time all three align like this, the rebel yell grows stronger. The ‘Spring’ is not confined to the Middle East. And the Grand Cross is not about to go away in a hurry.

It might be interesting also to add that when Martin Luther King joined another quarter of a million marching on Washington on August 27, 1963, Uranus was joining Pluto. They too have now reached the developing square. King delivered his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. It is not enough to return to the past. The vision here must be of a better future. It’s not enough to reminisce of what was. It’s to plan what should be.

April 20


This Monday, at half an hour past midnight UT, the Moon makes a precise square to Uranus and the astrological Grand Cross finally forms. It is signaling the global direction of the coming years. Much has been written about this formation. This article aims, perhaps optimistically, to cut through some of the hype and hubris of new age generalities toward genuine possibilities of this rare planetary alignment.

Firstly, as the cover of Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy advises, 'Don't Panic'. The world will not end, your credit card will still be there the morning after. The Second Coming will yet again be postponed. Godzilla will not put in a cameo appearance near Fukushima. And there is no need for a mass meditation on universal love. At least not until we can all agree on the meaning of the word. But a double brandy woudn't go astray.

No moment in time ever can repeat, yet we do witness multiple match ups of planets that may offer a broad outline. Analyzing what does happen at such recurrent cycles can provide a precious insight into what may recur. At the heart of the Grand Cross lies a T-Square involving the slower moving planets of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Across the last millennium this T-Square has formed only eight times.


In May of 1119 Mars joined this uncommon formation. It preceded a disastrous defeat for Roger of Salerno, a Norman ruler of the Crusader state of Antioch killed in the 'Battle of the Field of Blood' the following month. It was a significant victory for the Muslims of Syria, near the Turkish border. This was the formation period of the famed Knights Templar, officially disbanded two centuries later, again around a Jupiter, Uranus Pluto T-Square.

The return of the T-Square in 1240/41 witnessed Batu Khan and the Golden Horde sack the Ruthenian city of Kiev. Ruthenian means ancient Russians - in particular the ancestors of modern day Ukraine. Batu Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan and head of the western division of the Mongol Empire. Kiev was the major city of Russia. The Golden Horde moved the country’s center to Moscow. Not unusual that we should again see Russia and the Ukraine as current world hot spots.

The return of the T-Square in 1313 coincided with wars of Scottish independence. This was building to the victory of Robert the Bruce, at the Battle of Bannockburn. The same period saw the disbandment of the Knights Templar. Leader Jacques Molay was also burnt at stake the following year. He was one of many famous historical figures to be sacrificed under the prevailing conditions of this revolutionary T-Square.

The recurrence cycle of 1648 brought a civil war that eventually saw the English King Charles I beheaded within a year. A similar fate befell King Louis XVI and his consort Marie Antoinette when the T-Square returned from 1793. The latter year also saw the escalation of the first successful ‘slave rebellion’ in Haiti, as black Africans rose to challenge, and eventually overthrow, their French masters.

The 1648 T-Square also formed a Grand Cross with warlord Mars in the year of the Khmelnytskyi Uprising of the Ukraine. This saw the Ukrainians displace the western European landlords and their Jewish financial brokers, during the Cossack rebellion. The aftermath was the absorption of the Ukraine into the Russian Empire.

The T-Square also appeared in 1755. On July 9, as Mars aspected the formation, Great Britain suffered a demoralizing military loss despite vastly superior manpower and ammunition. Braddock’s Defeat counted George Washington and Daniel Boone among the vanquished, in a frontier war against the French and indigenous Indians.

The last appearance of the T-Square – apart from recent times - was in the January of 1934 virtually on the day of the ill-fated German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact. On the face of historical evidence the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square has delivered considerable setbacks to western interests, be it via crusades, military routs, leaders overthrown or revolutionary division. It is certainly not an encouraging formation for the wealthy ‘one percenters’.

The T-Square can well be ushering in considerable political reformation in Great Britain, including changes to the monarchy. The renewed push for Scottish autonomy is appropriate, considering the T-Square's prior involvement with the Scottish independence wars. England too may be divided, perhaps over the EU, which seems to be at the core of much of this revolutionary energy.


The USA is still indisputably the world superpower. Its horoscope is highly activated by this Grand Cross and it’s worthwhile considering some possibilities. The anchor point of the Grand Cross is the slowest moving component – Pluto, and to a lesser extent Uranus. After all, it’s the other planets that are dancing around this duo. Mars may be a trigger, but Pluto holds the ammunition.

Capricorn Pluto is now precisely opposing the Cancerian Sun in the Declaration of Independence horoscope of the USA, of July 4 1776 at 17.10 hours Philadelphia. Important! This has never happened before! Yet Pluto has been playing a primary role in US affairs since 2001.

When Pluto reached the horoscopic degree of the USA Ascendant, ushering in a new millennium, the global image of the USA was to irrevocably change. Hidden agenda Pluto was no longer secreted in the subterranean twelfth house, as George W Bush came to power via a court decision. 9/11 and a chaotic cloud of collapsing New York skyscrapers led to ongoing war. The US perception of the world changed, as did the world's perception of the USA.

By March 24 2003, Pluto turned retrograde whilst opposing the US war planet Mars. Days before, the US launched a massive invasion of Iraq. As Pluto returned to precisely oppose the Mars, the US registered its highest monthly casualties and the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture scandal broke, as global antiwar protests soared.

By 2009 Pluto was opposing the US Venus, planet of values and worth. President Barack Obama signed a record high stimulus package of $787 billion, as the country battled an economic meltdown that engulfed the entire financial globe. Pluto next opposed judicial, self-righteous Jupiter, from 2010 through 2011. This time the lawmakers of Capitol Hill went into meltdown.

Jupiter’s largesse saw the size of national debt balloon. The nation's credit rating was downgraded while congress imploded. Obama’s ‘jupiteresque’ 2011 State of the Union address stated the US would begin ‘out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building global competition.’


Powerful Pluto has now moved to oppose the authoritarian Sun of the USA. Is this a titanic test of national strength? Is the opposition aspect defining the peak limits of US control, and bringing a direct nemesis onto the world stage. Is the tug of war for global mastery now reaching its maximum tension? Are the core beliefs of the country changing in the process?

On the internal level, privileged Pluto represents the plutocracy. Statistics already show the highest financial backing decides 93% of House of Representatives seats. Further, an experiment by political science graduate students, David Broockman and Josh Kalla, published in the Washington Post, proved that changing the words ‘local constituents’ to 'local campaign donors’ was four times more likely to gain access to a Member of Congress.

Pluto’s opposition to the Sun has the positive potential to change a democracy imprisoned by plutocracy. But it usually comes through the same kind of energy that brought revolutions to the leading countries of the past such as England and France. Power blocs have to be overturned. This could involve severe challenges, even to the office, and role, of the President.


It remains to mention the shock resignation of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell over misleading an ICAC enquiry concerning an undeclared political gift – a bottle of wine valued at over $3000. O’Farrell is the third NSW Premier to offer a shock resignation in the last decade. But there is a common denominator and the April 15 lunar eclipse activating the Grand Cross Jupiter timed it precisely. Check the record of former Premiers and resignations.

On August 3 2005, NSW Premier Bob Carr resigned, along with his Treasurer and Deputy Premier. Jupiter was at 14 degrees of the cardinal sign of Libra. On September 5 2008 NSW Premier Morris Iemma resigned. Jupiter was at 13 degrees of cardinal Capricorn. When Jupiter reached 14 degrees of cardinal Aries in 2011, Barry O’Farrell became NSW Premier. At 10 pm Wednesday April 16, Barry O’Farrell resigned. Jupiter was at 14 degrees of the cardinal sign of Cancer.

O’Farrell entered politics being elected to the NSW Legislative Assembly being sworn in April 1995. He resigned the day after a lunar eclipse on April 16 2014. Eclipses repeat in the same degree on a 19-year basis. Now tell me astrology doesn’t work. It does for NSW Premiers and it did for Barry O’Farrell.


Seventy-six years ago, on April 12 1938, a crowd of six thousand witnessed convicted criminal Richard Whitney escorted onto a train at Grand Central Station. Whitney had served a five year term as President of the New York Stock Exchange. This time he would be serving just over three at Sing Sing prison on charges of embezzlement.

The incarceration of financial elites like Whitney is hardly something you’d expect to see this April. But with the stock fluctuations possible over the month ahead people may again be seeking a fall guy.

In the February 16 weekly update, I compared planetary graphs of 1930 with 2014. The point was that we are in for a rocky ride on the markets beginning in April. If you want to check those graphs, commentary and forecasts just click here and scroll down to February 23rd and 16th. Now, down to business.


Each New Moon of 2014 is repeating its positioning of 1930 – not the greatest years for stock markets. April began with a New Moon conjunct erratic Uranus. Now as we approach a lunar eclipse – which is the Full Moon part – potential is reaching fruition. Markets fluctuate wildly. Last week Japan’s Nikkei nosedived 7 ½%, its worse loss since the Fukushima meltdown. The NASDAQ and DJIA also hit the wall.

The stellar connection to 1930 is not only via the replicating New Moons falling in identical areas of the sky. We are also seeing a duplication of the jack-in-the-box Uranus cycle from 1930. Astrologers call Uranus unpredictable. In reality its ‘unpredictability’ is very much expected. The orbit arrives ‘right on time’. And with it come the shocks.

Uranus is currently in a testing square to Pluto, the power player in corporate Capricorn. And as readers of this column are infinitely aware, both are heading for a challenging Grand Cross before this month is out. This week, Mercury, the planet of commerce, contracts and communication, is joining the action. So economically and geopolitically things are hotting up.

Let’s review that New Moon on Uranus. Here we have the planet of invention and technology as well as fluctuation. This week’s headlines are of a new Internet vulnerability – a bug dubbed Heartbleed. Surprise! It’s in the OpenSSL system used to secure websites for financial transactions! Good time to measure collective global blood pressure rates? Microsoft stops updating the popular Windows XP, forcing many users to change platforms. And biotech stocks take a hammering. All very Uranian!


The big name tech stocks such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo are all part of the NASDAQ index. The NASDAQ share market, second only to the NYSE in market capitalization, opened for trade at 10 am on February 8 1971. Click here for the NASDAQ first trade horoscope. The horoscope of NASDAQ is now equally vulnerable. It’s experiencing what is known as its Uranus opposition. In fact the coming Grand Cross links into hi-tech Uranus in the NASDAQ chart.

In an individual’s horoscope, the Uranus opposition time – it happens in your early 40’s – is psychologically termed the mid-life crisis. People often do weird things around this time. Many revolutionize their lives. Marriages break up, and parents may start acting like their kids. NASDAQ’s second childhood has arrived. It will either discover its genius or go off the rails. But wild fluctuations are part of the picture.


One saving grace of the NASDAQ horoscope is that it is very predictable. Nowhere was that more obvious that in March 2000. From the start of 1998 until March 23 2000 NASDAQ was the horse everyone wanted a ride on. The market had shot up an incredible 360% on venture capital during what was known as the dotcom bubble. The privatization of the Internet had led to companies springing up around the globe.

A market almost quadrupling in just over two years made a lot of people very rich, very fast. And was about to make the people that had recently jumped on very poor, even faster. It also happened in April. NASDAQ hit it’s top on March 27 and then began to slide. By mid April it had dropped 32% in a fortnight. By the end of 2000 the loss was 55% of the top.

Astrologically the bubble burst was right on time. Uranus had reached the Sun in the NASDAQ horoscope on March 22 2000. The wild ride was just beginning. Saturn would also enter the picture on April 7. NASDAQ would experience its Saturn return. This is the planet of responsibility. In market terminology that usually means a correction. The NASDAQ bubble burst. If ever anyone doubts astrology – show them the NASDAQ chart. Cllick here for the top and turn in 2000 with the NASDAQ chart on the inside and the event planets on the outside.

The following years would offer little relief. The progressed Midheaven of the NASDAQ horoscope was to square Saturn. By the end of 2001 NASDAQ had dropped from its 4700 high of March 2000 to just below 1600. Shares had dropped to 33% of their value in under two years. Even today they are still trading at only 73% of that high, fourteen years ago.

So where does NASDAQ go from here? The Uranian factor is strong all month and will return again in October for the remainder of the year. Luckily this bubble hasn’t been as big as the last. But the US markets have experienced a five-year bull run, courtesy of quantitive easing among other factors. Some people have become very rich from the global economic downturn. The NASDAQ100 has ballooned over 200% in that time. There's only so much pumping it can take. Remember to click here and scroll to Feb 23rd and 16 for the full bottle on this.

Incidentally, this isn't meant to spell doom and gloom for technology - but it's the right time for a market correction, and the second half of 2014 further supports this need for correction. Meanwhile the technological revolution powers on at the upcoming lunar eclipse with the debut of Google Glass sales online from the 15th -although restricted to the USA.


As the April Grand Cross looms, a crucial Asian mission is planned for the US President Barack Obama. Precisely when Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto align in the heavens, the leader of the US will be tied up in trade and military agreements to outline the future of the South Pacific. Also on the line is the relationship between the two global economic juggernauts, the USA and China. But China isn’t on the itinerary?

Obama’s mission is maintaining US supremacy in the Asia-Pacific. It is part of a planned ‘Asian pivot’ countering Chinese expansion. The trip was planned for October 2013, but fate intervened with Congress shutting down the US budget. Is it by fate or chance Obama's visit is now timed to coincide with the planetary Grand Cross? A Grand Cross that is impacting strongly on the horoscopes of the USA and the Philippines?

There is a key from the past that provides a unique insight into this 'intelligent design'. The enduring Uranus and Pluto cycle is at the hub of the upcoming planetary Grand Cross. The current Uranus Pluto cycle began when the two planets came into the orb of conjunction from the second half of 1964. That year forever changed the US relationships in South-East Asia.


Shortly before midnight (EST) August 4 1964, President Lyndon Johnson broadcast that US naval ships had been attacked in international waters by North Vietnamese vessels. It became known as the Gulf Of Tonkin incident. It’s now common knowledge that the US had been strategically planning an invasion for years prior, but needed a tangible reason for engagement. It’s also known that Johnson was acting on uncertain information.

At 13.37 hours Washington time the same day, the U.S. naval task group commander in the Tonkin Gulf, Captain John J. Herrick, relayed an urgent message to Washington. He stated that no North Vietnamese boats had been sighted in the area. The US Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara, a strong proponent of bombing North Vietnam, failed to deliver the message to his President. Thus began America’s ‘Asian pivot’ of the 60’s, with the escalation of the Vietnam War.

As the Uranus Pluto conjunction reached exactness the US unleashed ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’, a three-year aerial bombardment campaign. It led to the resignation of Defense Secretary McNamara who became President of the World Bank. It led to President Johnson not seeking reelection. But as the Vietnam conflict expanded, another Asian pivot was unfolding, in the Philippines.


President Ferdinand Marcos' iron-fisted rule began on December 30 1965, with Uranus and Pluto together. Marcos was notorious for nepotism, human rights violations and unchecked corruption. Under his watch, family funds were transferred to Swiss and American bank accounts, and national wealth was channeled into the military.

The Marcos regime outlined a repetitive political formula. A leader creates a personality cult, flooding his country with propaganda. Opposition dissidents are exiled as enemies of the state. Increasing wealth disparity erodes people’s resistance, reinforcing a corrupt upper class. National funds are funneled toward a powerful military, not for external defense, but for internal subjugation.

The same formula would soon be implemented in Indonesia via the General Suharto regime that lasted thirty-one years. Today, Egypt’s General Sisi seems to be adopting an identical model. But in the 60’s it was the Asian dictators who were the willing puppets of western powers.

Immediately upon election, Marcos committed the Philippines to the Vietnam War. This enabled him to further strengthen the armed forces, which he also involved in civilian infrastructure. It paid political dividends, when after serving two full terms as President (and ineligible for a third), Marcos declared martial law on September 23, 1972. He then rewrote the constitution and ruled by decree.

On August 21 1983, Marcos’ arch rival Benigno Aquino returned home following a twelve-year exile, to challenge the dictator. Instead a shocked television audience witnessed the lifeless body of Aquino lying on the Manila airport tarmac. His assassination sent shock waves around the world empowering the Philippines People Power Revolution.


By late 1985, his country in turmoil, the US advised Marcos to hold a snap election. He was comfortably defeated in the February 7 1986 poll, but declared himself the winner. Undeterred, Filipinos reacted with a boycott of Marcos’ banks and business interests. A simultaneous resignation of electoral officials increased the pressure for his resignation. Rioting spread throughout the Philippines.

At 4 am on February 24 1986, a desperate Marcos phoned Washington seeking advice. He had tried every trick in the book. The advice was to cut and run. At midnight a US rescue helicopter transported the leader to an airbase outside Manila. Marcos and his family were then resettled in Hawaii.

The level of the Marcos corruption extended to ownership of a New York shopping center and apartments, plus mansions in London and Rome. He allegedly fled with 24 suitcases stuffed with gold bullion and jewels. Today, Filipinos are still paying the international debts that Marcos incurred. Not bad for man who trained to be a lawyer.


On the morning of February 25, the late Benigno Aquino’s wife Corazon, was sworn in as the President of the Philippines. She would remain so for the next six years. During that time, the US armed forces were forced from the Mt Clark Airbase and the Subic Bay Naval base, their two largest overseas military installations.

The evacuations began via natural causes. At 14.30 hours on June 15, local time, the seismographs at the Mt Clarke airbase were rendered inoperative, by the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The explosion of Mt Pinatubo erupted 10 billion tones of magma, and covered the US air base in volcanic ash. Luckily evacuations had begun from dawn eight days earlier.

Three months later, on September 16 1991, the Philippine Senate voted for the US to vacate the Subic Bay Naval Base. The slain Aquino’s brother, Senator Agapito Aquino claimed, "It is a vote for a truly sovereign and independent Philippine nation…to end a political adolescence tied to the purse strings of America.” The Philippines which had been occupied since the days of the Spanish Armada, embraced a new dawn of independence.


On the evening of April 27 2014, with the Grand Cross in operation and affecting the Sun in the horoscopes of both the USA (July 4 1776) and the Philippines (July 4 1946) Air Force One will land in Manila. A new Asian pivot is on the agenda as the two countries are currently negotiating a return of US forces to the Philippines.

Another natural disaster- Typhoon Haiyan – occurring right on the heliocentric T-square of Jupiter Uranus and Pluto, has prefaced this new treaty. The disaster relief efforts of the US 7th Fleet were vital to the Philippine’s recovery. But as the April Grand Cross angles into position, powerful Pluto will oppose the leadership Suns in the horoscopes of both the Philippines and the USA. It would be supremely optimistic to imagine that there will not be ongoing repercussions this time around. The Grand Cross is simply timing the start.


Upon the disappearance of Malyasian flight MH370,Neptune at the base of the take off chart ensured a plethora of misunderstandings, miscommunication and red herrings would ensue. To date the fate of the missing plane remains a mystery. But the Neptune line on the astrocartography map was 102 degrees east.

The only recurring astrological pattern was that of respective angles of the successive developments returning to the position of the Sun in the take off horoscope. That Sun was also positioned at a longitude of 102 degrees east when the last official contact was made from the plane, joining the Neptune line.

Yesterday news came of a Chinese search vessel picking up a signal from 101 degrees east in the southern Indian Ocean. The report is understandably being played down because of the constant disappointments stemming from the March 8 tragedy. This time we can only hope that Neptune, the Sun and their astrological positioning are throwing some light on the mystery.

Click here for the Neptune line map - the planetary symbols are at the bottom and Neptune is the trident at the outside of the square on the map. Click here for orginal article and scroll down to March 16.



It’s the universal yin yang balancing act. The agents of control are constantly battling the agents of chaos. If your idea of a control agent is Maxwell Smart or Larrabee, then you might understand why KAOS currently reigns. But for those not into 60’s sitcoms - produced at the last Uranus Pluto conjunction - we can blame it on the current square of the same duo, about to be reactivated into a Grand Cross. It can make plenty of people mighty cross as anarchy and bedlam become the universal condition. Welcome to April 2014.

Last week’s commentary dealt with how the upcoming planetary April Grand Cross had also occurred previously in 1648. The same formation accompanied a liberation war of the Ukraine, driving out the Poles and Jews, and eventually bonding the area to the Russian Empire. The link for that article is here. This week further examines the Grand Cross historically, starting with the same time period.


Along with the Khmelnytsky Uprising in the Ukraine, England was experiencing their own civil war. Charles I ruled by divine right. The English parliament had little time for such an absolute monarch and in 1648 imprisoned their king. Charles was indicted on a charge of treason - putting personal interest above that of his country.

Although rejected by the House of Lords, the Rump Parliament’s condemnation led to King Charles being beheaded at Whitehall on the afternoon of January 30 1649. England was then declared a republic, and renamed the Commonwealth of England on May 19 1649.


Across the channel in France, insurrection was also in the air. The Chief Minister was an Italian cardinal named Jules Mazarin. He was profoundly unpopular among the masses for imposing onerous war taxes without parliamentary consent. This resulted in massive riots throughout Paris, known as the Fronde rebellion. The word 'Fronde' means to sling and describes the hurling of stones damaging windows and properties of Mazarin's supporters.

On 22 October of 1648 the royal family were forced to flee Paris. However, unlike England, the Royal Army reasserted control in January 1649. New agreements were reached between the rebelling parties and order was temporarily restored. The Fronde wars would re-ignite from January the following year and the French civil war stretched intermittently until 1653.

Today we are witnessing insurrection in countries where imperious individuals override collective will. Ukraine may be one example, but it will not be the only one. Wherever the balance of power is equally divided the current planetary conditions are supporting anarchy above unity. It is well enough to philosophize that we must learn through history. We actually do. But sometimes it seems necessary to relive it on some level, to reinforce the lesson.


At the heart of the upcoming Grand Cross, lies a dynamic T-Square between self-righteous Jupiter, anarchistic Uranus and covertly manipulative Pluto. This trio are the main players. The problems of inequality in Paris were not fully resolved via the Fronde insurrection. That had to wait until 1793 when Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto next returned to T-Square and the warlord Mars joined the formation.

The previous year had seen the culmination of two crucial planetary cycles. A Uranus Pluto opposition, that often accompanies rebellion against the plutocracy. Add to that, a Saturn Neptune opposition which awakens a new social idealism. Warlike Mars had further activated both cycles from August to mid September 1792.

On August 10 1792, Louis XVI of France was taken prisoner. By September, rampaging mobs had killed three Roman Catholic bishops and over 200 priests. Then the First French Republic proclaimed the abolition of the monarchy. With the Revolution in full swing, other monarchies became anxious to intervene. France found themselves at war with England and the Netherlands.

By mid January 1793, aggressive Mars again come to join the T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. King Louis XVI of France was beheaded. His consort, Marie Antoinette would follow in October when Mars returned to the Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto formation.

In the ongoing reign of terror, symbols of the monarchy were torched throughout Paris. The country experienced a de-Christianization – a revolt against the wealth, powers and politicalization of the church. Further north in Europe, Germany saw their first democratic republic the same year.


The revolution might have been organized chaos, but it did result in the common person being able to walk through the Louvre. THE English and French revolutions were the result of an unyielding system, no longer appropriate to public need. Revolutions are also the natural consequence of suppression of change, on the individual or collective level. Are the planets timing another?

The answer lies in the countries and leaders holding the rest of the world, and/or their own nations to ransom. By indulging in such actions they are making themselves the prime targets for a revolutionary backlash, where oligarchs are swiftly catapulted from power.

The Middle East is a hotbed of inequality. Absolute monarchs still rule in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Many other Middle East countries are under constitutional monarchies with puppet leaders. The Egyptian people have struggled to find democracy under the yoke of a military rule with dissenters killed or tortured. Syrian streets have been awash with blood.

Revolutions can happen in an instant – they have the nature and suddenness of Uranus. England and France were prime examples. Even developed countries are not immune to anarchy when inequality has reached its limits. Despite the media suppression, and apparent positions of strength and power, the wheel of fate can turn in an instance. History is its witness.



At 3.59 pm Moscow time on Tuesday March 18 2014 Vladimir Putin signed a document confirming the annexation of Crimea back to Russia, after a hiatus of 60 years. On February 19 1954 the Soviets had gifted the Black Sea peninsula to the Ukraine, as a celebration of their three hundred year anniversary of unification. There is a neat mathematical and meaningful astrological connection here.

Firstly the shorter 60-year period relates to the triple cycle of the two great planetary chronocrators of Jupiter and Saturn. For thousands of years astrologers used this cycle for signaling the big geopolitical and economic shifts.

It is no mere coincidence - they used it because it works. War in Europe began in 1939 and again in 1999. The shock aerial attack on Pearl Harbour late in 1941 was repeated in New York on September 11 2001. Both controversially led the US into overseas wars. Pearl Harbour and September 11 have engendered a lot of debate, around who knew what and when. The 60 year Jupiter Saturn triple cycle also also works on the financial front.

The USA had a severe recession in the 1870’s; a six year international monetary meltdown historically referred to as the Long Depression. Come 1930 and the US and Europe repeated the dose with the Great Depression. By 1990 it was the rapidly growing Japan and Asian economies that went into freefall. The Nikkei dropped 50% and in Australia it was referred to as ‘the recession we had to have’.


Should it be any surprise, at least from the planetary perspective, that Crimea set the scene for another cold war showdown? After all it was also 60 years ago, in 1954, that a Republican Senator named Joseph McCarthy was doing his level best to convince Americans that the Soviets were infiltrating the US State Department, Army and Hollywood.

McCarthy’s paranoia led to the reds under the bed humour, but is looked upon as a dark period of American history. In 1954 McCarthy was finally censured and died soon after from alcoholism. Putin’s aggressive actions in reclaiming what has historically been Russian territory was bound to lead to fears of a revived Russian empire, and a new wave of cold war sentiment and sensationalism.

Looking at history, in the bigger picture, provides a clearer and much more rational outlook. The year 2014 actually represents the 360-year anniversary of very significant event - the signing of the Treaty of Pereyaslav, which united the Cossacks of the Ukraine into the Russian Empire. And 360 are the number of degrees in the zodiac. It’s time for a new revolution.

Incidentally, if you’re from England or Scotland and reading this you might be interested to know that Oliver Cromwell created a union between England and Scotland, with Scottish representation in the Parliament of England on April 12 1654 – but that’s another story.


The Treaty of Pereyaslav was a union between Russia and the Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky in his revolutionary war against Polish/Jewish domination of the Ukraine populace. The Khmelnytsky Uprising had begun in 1648 with the aim of liberating the indigenous population from the yoke of the Polish nobles and the eradication of their Jewish representatives, and creating an autonmous Ukrainian state.

When Khmelnytsky’s armies made a triumphant entry into Kiev by Christmas 1648 he was revered as the Moses of the Ukraine. But several defeats followed and the Cossack leader made a number of appeals to Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich of Russia, who initially preferred to stay out of the conflict. Eventually Khmelnytsky cut a deal with the Tsar absorbing the Ukraine into the Russian Empire.


In the first quarter of 1648 a Grand Cross was forming in the skies, the like of which is exceedingly rare. It featured the planets of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in square to each other. The same square will align in April of 2014. It is called the Grand Cross and much has been written about it, but not enough about the Ukraine.

Is it really any coincidence that the Ukraine is drawn into conflict between western monetary interests and traditional alliances? The key to the Grand Cross is the ongoing T-Square between Jupiter Uranus and Pluto. The heliocentric meeting of this influential trio occurred mid November 2013. One week later the Euromaidan protests surfaced in Kiev as a result of the now deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich rejecting an agreement with the European Union.

The USA is one country whose horoscope profoundly reflects the Grand Cross come late April. This time, expansion has met resistance, and the reaction has been immediate with economic sanctions. The ramifications are only just beginning. But meantime expect some McCarthy style headlines to dominate the news. Cold war hysteria sells.

MAR 16

I thought hard about whether to write anything at all on the missing aircraft MH370. Many families still await the outcome, clinging to the hope of an incredible rescue. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them. I finally wrote this abbreviated analysis, under the consideration that the subject has already saturated the media and is a mystery that grips most of us.

Mysteries are a Neptunian concern. Deceptive situations, littered with red herrings, obscured in a fog of unknowing, with a distinct absence of facts inevitably involve the blue gas giant. Neptune - the mythological king of the watery depths governs a dark hidden world far removed from the sun’s light, where sound and sight are non-existent.


At 00.41 minutes on March 8 2014 when flight MH370 took to the skies from Kuala Lumpur, Neptune was precisely positioned at the base of the chart. Forty minutes later, at 1.21 am CCT time, the plane would suddenly disappear off the radar, apparently after having its communication equipment disabled.

At 7.24 am Saturday morning Malaysian Airlines publicly announced that the plane was missing and that they were conducting an extensive search and rescue mission. There is a horoscopic connection between all three moments. It may hold the key.

Typical of Neptune deception, despite numerous leads, the location of flight MH370 remained a mystery. Difficult to believe that in today’s world of high tech communications and global surveillance that an object the size of a jumbo could disappear for over a week without a trace? But that’s Neptune, and exactly what transpired.

Malaysian Airlines is a government run airlines. Malaysia achieved their independence from the UK at midnight August 31 1957. This places their national Sun at 7 degrees of Virgo which is currently opposed by the planet Neptune. Again this would suggest obfuscation. Add to that the national horoscope's progressed Sun is also now conjunct Neptune. This further adds to the enduring mystery, perhaps some kind of cover up, of the missing plane. Not all is being revealed, and confusion reigns - typical of Neptune.


There was an astrological pattern unfolding in those early moments when the jumbo first took to the skies. Here it is essential to note the celestial bodies at the chart angles. The plane’s lift-off horoscope has clear indications of an unseen hand, or unforeseen circumstances at the helm. Neptune in Pisces at the base the take-off chart is the most obvious indicator of the confusion and deception, deliberate or otherwise that followed.

The Moon, also significant in any event horoscope was just setting, and in a clear westward direction. The Moon and Neptune in square would certainly equate to a public (Moon) mystery (Neptune) and families dealing with confusion or loss. The Moon was in the information sign of Gemini, and mirrored a typical Geminian ambiguity via the reports, opinion and information that would ensue. Click here for the lift off horoscope

Click here for the astromap showing the positioning of Neptune and the Moon.


The next crucial development occurred at 1.21 am when the jumbo’s transponder, which transmits altitude and location, was disengaged. At 1.22 am Vietnamese air traffic control noticed they had lost contact with MH370. At this time of 1.21/22 am the angles of the horoscope advanced to highlight the position of the Piscean Sun. See horoscope here.

The cutting of the transponder has moved the positioning of the Moon and Neptune considerably to the west although the plane had not travelled to that location. Perhaps this represents an indication of the intended directional shift. Click here for the missing contact astromap.

That final human contact emanating from flight MH370 came shortly after the plane's transponder was cut. At 7.24 a.m. Malaysian Airlines announced that they had lost contact with the plane and that a search and rescue operation was underway. The third horoscope for the public announcement of the missing plane reveals again that the angles have returned to highlight the position of the Piscean Sun. Therefore the Piscean Sun is another clue to the puzzle. See all three horoscopes transposed here and note the returning angles to the Sun position.


A clue can be the repetitive angles accenting the Piscean Sun position, between 17 and 18 degrees of Pisces. The Moon is eventually moving to oppose that Sun positioning come Sunday morning the 16th, the Full Moon occurs in the early hours of Monday morning the 17th of March China Coast time. The Full Moon occurring soon after, will fall exactly over the original flight path. This time frame may provide the key in solving the mystery of flight MH370. See the astromap of the coming Full Moon here returning to the take off location.


Since posting the above article the last contact made from a communications satellite in the form of a blip sent from the engines, occurred at 8.11 am on the morning of March 8 2014. Considering that the Sun and the advancing angles of the respective horoscopes, seemed to time the previous developments, its position may again provide a clue.

Click here for the map now advanced to final contact of 8.11 a.m. noting "the Sun position" rising across the Indian Ocean and upward, whilst Neptune and the Moon (dotted line) appear further westward.


History changing individuals come into the world under powerful astrological signatures. Vladimir Putin came to power under the auspices of a Grand Cross with the August 11 1999 Solar Eclipse. He was sworn in under the kingmaker combination of Jupiter and Saturn in enduring Taurus.

Now in 2014 as another Grand Cross looms in the heavens, Putin is at the heart of a global political shift. This week’s column delves further into the Ukraine/Crimea crisis examining the horoscope of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the origin of the Black Sea Fleet along with Crimean Independence.


Vladimir Putin was born into the astrological signature of socialism, on October 7 1952 @ 9.30 a.m., in St Petersburg. His Libran Sun unites with Saturn and Neptune, the two planets whose cycle has continually defined socialist politics. The Communist Manifesto was written under a Saturn Neptune conjunction, the Russian Revolution (the first overthrow of a capitalist government) occurred under a Saturn Neptune conjunction, as did the eventual fall of the Soviet states in 1989.

Putin rose to prominence under a potent astrological sign. He was appointed Russian Prime Minister two days before the eagerly awaited August 11 1999 Solar Eclipse, forming a Grand Cross in the skies and tracing path from the UK across central Europe, through Turkey, Iran and India. Much was expected, and predicted from this eclipse, including WWIII.

As it was 1999 brought war in Europe for the first time since the end of the Second World War, as NATO reigned bombs over Kosovo. Right now, March 2014, the position of Mars sits opposite it's position of the 1999 eclipse. And Mars is now heading retro, a direction it took for the Kosovo War.

The 1999 eclipse was part of an identical (termed metonic) series, connecting back to 1961 when the Berlin Wall was erected and repeating in 1980 when Polish activist Lech Walesa began a series of strikes leading to the Solidarity movement. The latter was a key factor in the eventual dissolution of the Soviet states, and the repetitive eclipse cycle revealed a definite connection with Cold War politics.

Putin’s eclipse elevation was auspicious for this alone. At the precise moment of eclipse totality, forceful Pluto was rising across Moscow, along the Black Sea and through the Ukraine and Turkey. Click here for the astromap. The effect on Izmit happened within the week in the form of a deadly earthquake that claimed over 17,000 lives.

Political turbulence followed the eclipse path, and continues to. Immediately after, thousands marched in Belgrade, demanding the resignation of Serbian strongman and Russian ally, Slobodan Milosevic. Moscow, the once proud center of the Soviet Empire was now clearly struggling. The collapse of the Russian ruble and raging inflation had plunged a proud nation toward bankruptcy.

From the ruins of Russia, Putin’s ascendancy began. At the following Jupiter Saturn conjunction, of May 2000, he was sworn in as President during a spectacular ceremony of pomp and grandeur, at the Grand Kremlin palace. Astrologically, this inauguration timing is extremely significant. The Jupiter Saturn cycle has long been renowned as the signpost of caliphs and kings.

Vladimir Putin gained national leadership at his Jupiter return - a Jupiter return that brought the authoritative Sun and Saturn along too. He was elected President for the third time at his last Jupiter return in 2012. After fourteen years he remains at the helm. Putin is the longest serving leader of a world power, and is now at the challenging Saturn opposition phase of his dominance.


This year Putin’s horoscope will again feel the powerful eclipse energies. The October 8 lunar eclipse occurs a day after his birthday. Throughout 2014, combative Mars will progress to square his Jupiter, escalating battles or instigating judicial conflicts. The upcoming late April Grand Cross falls upon Putin’s Libran birth Sun and is placing him right at the center of world affairs.

The war planet Mars then becomes the central player. During 2014 aggressive Mars moves across Putin’s birth Sun three times - on January 5, April 22 and June 18. It repeats the pattern with his communicative Mercury on February 1, March 28 and July 12. Little wonder the Russian President chooses the forceful options. See Putin's horoscope here for April.

These combative influences are not about to dissipate. Putin’s Libran birth Sun is also fielding the revolutionary Uranus Pluto square, a primary reason he is dealing with insurrection, as well as being part of it. The Uranus Pluto energy paints him as a rebel on the world political stage, with allegiances rapidly changing.

The western solution to Putin’s intransigence unwittingly reveals what underpins their own political monopolies. They plan on targeting Russia’s oligarchs with economic sanctions, in an effort to isolate and undermine the President’s support.

In the longer term, Putin’s bellicose Mars is progressing toward a supportive trine to his birth Sun, though not perfecting until 2016. If he successfully rides the raging rapids of political turbulence surrounding him, the Mars angle could place him in an even more commanding military position than today. A lot depends upon the Crimean peninsula and the Black Sea Fleet.


The Black Sea Fleet was formed in Sevastopol, by the Russian military leader Prince Grigory Potemkin, on May 13 1783. It was formed to counter the Ottoman Empire. The horoscope of this military initiative is fitting for naval defense. The determined Taurean Sun sesquisqaures mythical sea-king Neptune and squares Mars, planet of war.

In 1941/42 restrictive Saturn moved across the Sun of the Black Fleet horoscope. Back then, the Axis powers undertook the siege of Sevastopol, lasting from October 30 1941 to July 4 1942. It was one of the decisive naval battles of World War Two. Not surprisingly as Saturn now opposes the Sun of the Black Fleet, throughout 2014, the city again seems under siege.

The last Jupiter/Saturn ‘royal conjunction’ occurring in May of 2000, fell at 23 degrees of Taurus, right on the Sun of the Black Sea Fleet horoscope. This tied the BSF into the current ongoing cycle, along with Putin’s presidency. In 2005, during a testing square of Jupiter/Saturn, Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko accused the Black Sea Fleet of being an agent of instability in Crimea, promoting separatism.

Controversy reigned over Russian occupation of significant lighthouse sites. Ukraine parliament decided not to renew Russian leases leading to evacuation by 2017. However, at the Jupiter Saturn opposition phase of 2010 the Ukraine, in an about face, renewed the lease with Russia extending until 2047. The next square is due from mid 2015 to mid 2016.


Although Russia gifted Crimea to the Ukraine in February 1954, conditional upon retaining naval bases, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has its own constitution. On May 5 1992, Crimea declared independence reliant upon a referendum, which gained an overwhelming 80% support. Citizens of Crimea hold dual Russian and Ukrainian citizenship.

The horoscope of Crimean Independence is cast for 7 pm May 5 1992, in the capital of Simferopol – see chart here. The Crimean autonomy horoscope, like the Black Fleet, also features a Taurean Sun, this time opposing Pluto, indicating reliance on a powerful partner. Currently Saturn, the planet of tradition and often restriction, Saturn sits upon the Pluto, as it will all year.

Crimea’s allegiance to Russia is undisputed. During 2006, when US marines entered the peninsula for joint NATO/Ukrainian naval exercises they incited massive protests. Signs adorned the bay proclaiming ‘occupiers go home’. The Crimean parliament declared Crimea a NATO free territory. It forced the abandonment of the exercises, and withdrawal of NATO.

On March 6 2014, the Crimean parliament voted 78 to nil with eight abstaining, to become part of Russia and to hold a people’s referendum on March 16. The decision will be fully decided through the ballot box. As 58% of the population are Russians as against 24% Ukrainian, the result seems a foregone conclusion. The Crimean independence horoscope would also support this as the progressed Ascendant comes to transforming Pluto.

As the EU expands further into the Ukraine, Crimea is a notable absentee, despite protests from western leaders, who in the space of one week seem to be redefining democracy. What seems fine for the Ukraine, even before their May 25 elections, is not so okay for Crimea – despite a pending referendum? But then we’re not really dealing with democracy in any of these developments.


The Battle for the Ukraine sends a frightening message regarding international trust and national sovereignty. On December 5 1994, the Ukraine sacrificed one of the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world - larger than Britain, France, and China combined - following US, UK and Russian guarantees of territorial respect. By June 2 1996 they were a non-nuclear state.

Now the Ukraine is torn between a relentless globalization agenda set by the USA, Eurozone and IMF, and a revived Russia seeking greater global prominence. The unmistakable message is, might is right, whichever side of the political fence you take. Those who willingly hand over their weapons of mass destruction watch as their sovereignty is usurped by superpowers that zealously cling to their own nuclear agenda as the primary means of global control and profit.



The name Ukraine means ‘borderland’, appropriate for a country that borders the geographical and political differences of Russia and Europe. The country’s history is interwoven with both ideologies. The modern Ukraine takes its roots in the aftermath of WWI and the game changing Russian Revolution.

The Ukraine initially became part of the Russian Republic on the resignation of the Russian Tsar during the Bolshevik uprising. But the move for independence began officially on March 17 1917, when a Central Council sought sovereignty, which was opposed by the Russian Bolsheviks. The Ukraine declared national independence on January 22 1918. Click here for the horoscope.

The horoscope of the January 1918 independence declaration features a productive trine between the universal brotherhood Aquarian Sun aligned to expansive Jupiter in loquacious Gemini and warlike Mars in normally diplomatic Libra. Despite the ambitious declaration, the Russian Bolsheviks had other ideas. As a valuable part of the Russian Empire, the Ukraine was too valuable to sacrifice.


To bolster their autonomy the Ukraine negotiated a separate peace treaty with the Central Powers involving Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. This deal was made at 2 am on February 9 1918, in Brest, Belarus, and made front-page news in Germany. On the same day the Bolsheviks captured Kiev.

Military support from Germany and Austria was essential in clearing the Bolshevik occupying forces from Kiev. Despite the treaty being short lived, due to Central Powers defeat in WWI, the horoscope of this signing is vital when analyzing anti-Russian sentiment in the Ukraine today, and further dealings with western Europe. Click here for this horoscope.

Both the initial horoscopes place the reformative planet Pluto along the eclipsing nodal axis and in square to the war planet Mars. It is little wonder that despite all the best intentions the independence movement disintegrated into civil war and anarchy. Kiev, fell successively to Bolshevik, Germans, Bolsheviks and Polish until the Treaty of Riga, of March 18 1921, stilled the seesaw.


With the success of the Bolshevik Revolution and the spread of geographic communism into Eastern Europe and beyond, on December 30 1922, the Ukraine became a state of the Soviet Union, eventually falling under the iron rule of Josef Stalin. As a result, during WWII Ukrainian nationalists again revolted declaring independence at 6 pm June 30 1941 in Lviv, in expectation of German support.

Instead of recognition, the Nazis transported the nationals into concentration camps, crushing the independence movement. The Soviet Red Army recaptured Kiev on 6 November 1943. Finally, after an exceedingly bumpy ride the Ukraine achieved their independence at 5.31 pm on August 24 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Check here for the final Ukraine Independence Horoscope.


Year 2000 saw a significant combination of Jupiter and Saturn fall upon Uranus – that’s the planet of revolution – in the Ukraine Original Independence chart of January 18 1918. The following year would usher in the original independence proclamation’s Uranus return. November 18 2000 set all of that in motion, starting with the controversial ‘cassette scandal’.

Alleged secret recordings of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, revealing high-level corruption, sent the leader’s public approval rating plummeting to a record low 9%. Kuchma claimed it was a fraudulent set-up from the west. What followed was the Orange Revolution, a people’s revolt especially popular with Ukrainian youth and fueled by the Internet and mobile phones, creating an independent media.

Ukraine politics has never been the same since. It’s been a hotbed of intrigue and political scandal – claim and counterclaim of insidious corruption on either side. Underneath this entire script run two differing political philosophies, being the West and Russia. Amazing how some things change but underneath they actually remain the same.


The Orange Revolution climaxed in a disputed 2004 election result and the alleged poisoning of one of the revolution’s leaders, in accountant and banker, Victor Yushchenko. The poisoning claim was widely disputed, with conflicting testimonies from medical experts. Nevertheless, a second run off election shortly after saw Yuschenko victorious over Victor Yanukovych.

Yuschenko immediately began a purge of parliamentarians and even promised to remove the Russian fleet from the Black Sea. But his attempts to shift the Ukraine toward pro-western geopolitical and geo-economic structures were unsuccessful. Nominating for a second term in 2010 he received less than 6% of the vote, the worst result for any sitting President in history.


All of which leads us down the road to the current crisis. The 2010 election was won by Victor Yanukovych, narrowly beating Yulia Tymoshenko, the face of the current revolution. Next week’s installment will examine both of their birth charts, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The correlations are fascinating. The April Grand Cross will impact on all of their horoscopes.

Meantime the progressed chart of the original Ukraine Independence of January 22 1918 shows Sun squaring Saturn. This suggests a leadership trying to escape from the yoke of a traditional authority, or hemmed in by restrictions.

The Central Power’s Treaty timed horoscope, signifying dealings other than Russia, perfectly depicts the revolution. It has the progressed Sun currently meeting Uranus and also progressed Venus trining Saturn. The latter favors financial assistance from senior partners with restrictive conditions.

Finally the Ukrainian 1991 Independence chart shows Jupiter progressing to the Sun, a sign of considerable expansion. However, there is also a challenging square from Mars to Uranus implying revolutionary battles, and already describing the sporadic violence and killings we have seen in Kiev.

Next week I’ll be examining the political heavyweights in the Ukraine and the horoscope of Vladimir Putin as the issue of Russia, the Crimea and the Black Sea loom even larger into worldview.


It may prove one of the great all time Australian political quotes, if more for its incongruity than its delivery. At 10.15 pm on September 7 2013, during his election victory speech, the soon to be Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott enthusiastically proclaimed, Australia was under new management and ‘open for business.’

Since then the motorcar industry has announced they are parting Australian shores with the announced closures of Toyota and GMH (producers of Australia’s first home-grown car) following Ford. The mining boom is notably slowing and last week the iconic flying kangaroo Qantas shed 5000 jobs as it struggles with massive losses.

Instead of booming business, Australians are looking down the barrel of an austerity budget. But for an astrologer studying the Qantas chart, the company cutbacks would have been blatantly obvious.

Saturn is the planet of austerity, and throughout February and March it is stationing around 23 degrees of Scorpio. When Qantas was formed on November 16 1920 in Winton Queensland, the company’s Sun, representing the heart of the corporation and the CEO, was positioned at 23 degrees of Scorpio.

This Sun position has proved before its sensitivity to planetary transits. The company grounded its entire fleet from 5 pm on 29th of October 2011, during failed negotiations with engineers, pilots and the TWU. At the time a T-Square involving four planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune were impacting on the same 23-degree Scorpio Sun.

Unfortunately for Qantas, Saturn is not about to go away in a hurry. After it moves off from late March it will return in October. And in a similar time frame from September the solar-arced Saturn will join the company’s Venus, the planet of value. Looks like for the immediate future austerity is the name of the game.

As for the capitulation of the car industry in Australia, the applicable horoscope would be that of 2.30 pm on 29 November 1948, when the first locally produced car, the Holden FX, was unveiled before a select audience. The horoscope of the time shows 9 degrees of Aries rising and 10 degrees of Capricorn at the Midheaven. With the current squaring of the reformatory Uranus and Pluto activating similar degrees, and the progressed Sun of this chart opposing Pluto in two years, the timing seems to be written in the stars.

FEB 23


While you sleep, satellite tracking discs, in areas like remote outback Australia, feed information to US intelligence on minute global movements. Individuals can be tracked through their credit transactions, mobile devices, or face recognition technology. The government is adamant that to protect the national interest, and your own future security, the sacrifice of privacy is a small price to pay.

It may or may not have occurred to you, that the meticulous US global surveillance system, which went to the trouble of monitoring the cell phones of allied leaders, seemed to have miraculously missed the early warning signs of a very important event that affected the lives of almost every individual on the planet – the 2008 global economic meltdown.

If the desired aim was to bolster national security – or at least the proceeds of an individual’s working life – then somehow it failed badly. In the myriad of messages, emails and mobile calls from government leaders and society’s elite, you would think there might have been a thread, a tiny hint perhaps, of imminent financial fallout, bank failures or stock market collapse? But apparently not. After going to so much trouble – it was the one that got away.


As a result of that ‘security failure’, the world has changed. And a lot of people have subsequently made an absolute fortune out of that change. All of the economic studies conducted since have concluded that the rich are getting richer, with no forseeable end in sight.

Stock markets are booming, the financial sector is flush, but wealth disparity is greater now than ever. The big investors have an even larger percentage of the national wealth after the worst stock market collapse in most people’s living memory. If something is not adding up for you in all of this, you're not alone. It's making riots a global phenomena.

It was Henry Ford who said, “It is well enough that people do not understand our business and monetary system. For if they did there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” The latests stats reveal that wealth disparity in the US alone has reached its greatest divide since 1928 – the year before the crash leading into the Great Depression.


The Roaring Twenties was a decade of increasing modernity and prosperity. Rapidly advancing technology propelled lifestyle changes such as talking movies, airplane transport, the first TV, robots and even basics home appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers and sliced bread.

Since the new millennium, personal computers, mobile phones, the Internet and nanotechnology have propelled similar lifestyle changes. But at the end of the Roaring Twenties came the Great Depression. Already we’ve had a taste of that with the 2008 global recession.

Back then there was also a new nation that grabbed the reins of prosperity. In the 1920’s New York overtook London as the most populous urbanized city. The USA became the new economic juggernaut. From 1924 the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index shot up from 100 to a 1929 high of 381 – the year of the stock market crash that ended a spectacular five-year bull run.


Since the DJIA low of March 6 2009 – it bottomed out at 6470 – the market has risen 123% in another remarkable 5-year bull run. History shows that stock market gains generally precede economic growth. Will it continue or is it time for a five year correction?

A closer look at the stock market since January 1 2000 will show that it had dropped a massive 36% leading into October 2002 when Congress gave the go-ahead for George W Bush to invade Iraq. That decision coincided with a 5-year bull run that topped out in October of 2007. The Hang Seng – the Hong Kong Stock Market Index – also topped out in October 2007. But that's where the similarities end.

Following the October high of 2007, the Hang Seng went into a steep decline. From the May of 2008 until the start of September 2008 (that’s before the Lehman Bros collapse in the US) the Hang Seng dropped a full quarter of its value. In short, the Hang Seng preceded the global financial meltdown. It then plummetted further to bottom in March 2009, just like the Dow. But unlike the USA, the Hong Kong market has not ballooned over the past year.

Obviously there will be differences in the two markets representing the world’s largest economies, but globalisation should be a great leveler. Judging purely from the start of the millennium until now, the differences have not been that stark. The Dow Index has grown 37% in the last fourteen years, an average of 2.6% per year. The Hang Seng has grown 41% in the same timespan an average of 2.9%. It's over the past few years that the differences have been marked.

More revealingly, the Hang Seng has never recovered from the October 2007 high. Its index as of February 2014 is still 30% below that October figure. The other Chinese market, the Shanghai Index, is only a third of what it was in October 2007. But in February of 2014 the Dow has well exceeded the October 2007 figure. Is the American economy really that strong? Or is the five year bull about to fold?


Back in the Roaring Twenties New York became the financial hub and the US the world’s fastest growing export economy. Today the role of the fastest growing export economy undoubtedly belongs to China. Already Hong Kong boasts the highest life expectancy and highest average IQ among its more than seven million inhabitants.

China’s phenomenal growth helped western economies sandbag the last global recession. Countries whose trade was dominantly with China (like Australia riding a commodities boom) managed to sail through.

Yet China’s growth is eerily reminiscent of the USA in the 'roaring twenties'. Economies based on export levels, without a balanced internal consumption, eventually hit the wall, as Japan did. And countries that borrow against themselves, like the USA, eventually have to pay the piper. They can’t have it both ways.


The coming planetary Grand Cross of late April 2014 impacts on the horoscopes of both the USA (July 4 1776) and that of the People's Republic of China (October 1 1949). Global financial stability rests on the co-operation of these two economic superpowers. And yet their differences may be bringing something to a crisis point.

Click here for USA horoscope with Grand Cross planets.

Click here for Chinese national horoscope with Grand Cross planets.

Last week I showed the planetary graphs of 1930 and 2014 to illustrate the similarity of their positioning, along with that of the New and Full Moons, plus eclipses across the respective years. The market was strong early 1930, but fell away sharply in April which then put the country into Depression. I'm not saying the same would happen again, just that the April month may send strong signals as to whether recovery is real, or the world has to rethink their economic model.

FEB 16

This week, a change of pace as we take a look at the US economy and a replicating planetary pattern from the 1930's. Also featured is super model Miranda Kerr and the controversy concerning her family, marriage and career. But first...


At 5.27 pm February 11 2014, the US House of Representatives approved raising US debt ceiling until March 2015. In the October 8 weekly update of last year, as the US Congress hovered on the edge of debt default, I wrote...

“...there is an eerie celestial connection between October 2013 and October 1929, the month that heralded the Great Depression.

When heavenly cycles repeat, often terrestrial events coincide, something that may adequately explain the current financial panic. The lunar cycle is emphasizing erratic Uranus. This disruptive combination is acting as the celestial alarm clock for financial fluctuations.

The New Moon of March 31 2014 will be joining Uranus. It was the same March New Moon with Uranus of 1930 when economic catastrophe became irreversible. Unless discretion replaces dysfunction, the USA may again be heading for a similar precipice.”

Congress eventually passed an 11th hour deal allowing the government to continue functioning, with the debt limit expanded. But the planetary patterns that dogged 1930 are strangely repetitious in 2014. While most economists and politicians preach that the US is in the midst of a sustainable recovery – just what kind of recovery are they talking about?


As forecast in World Predictions 2013 the Dow was set for a bumper year. A planetary pattern of 1954 featuring Jupiter and Saturn was repeating. For the year the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 23%. The last five years have seen an 82% profit. Since the 2009 March low the DJIA index has more than doubled. Some people are making an absolute fortune just trading stocks.

Those kind of figures spell a Bull Run very similar to the Roaring Twenties, when 'some people' also made a fortune trading stocks. So why is the US still registering 6.5% people seeking employment, and why are over 20 million people reduced to food stamps, as the Fed continues to drip feed the economy? Something is not adding up here.

These three 90 degree planetary graphs below depict the New and Full Moons, plus eclipses and outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto covering 1930 and 2014 respectively. You don’t have to be an astrologer to recognize the unmistakable similarity. The third graph overlays 2014 onto 1930.




The last graph highlights the similarity of planetary conditions as each New and Full Moon, plus eclipse, occurs within degrees of the 1930 ones. Uranus, back in Aries as it was then, is following a virtual identical pattern. Both Neptune and Pluto are actually opposing their 1930 positions, but that in itself places them in a similar relationship with the soli-lunar cycle.

I'll explain this in greater depth next week and also introduce the Hang Seng market to the mix, along with a comprehensive analysis. But on the mere planetary evidence above, the economic roller coaster is far from finished and may still roll off the track.


Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s most photographed people. She was born with an exact and supportive trine between the Sun and the planet of image - Neptune. After a stellar Australian career that splashed her all over the front pages of Elle, Harpers’s Bazaar and Vogue, she became the first Australian to model for Victoria’s Secret. For 2013 Kerr was ranked at #2 on the Forbes directory of top earning models.

Miranda’s star has been on the rise since her teens, when she won the 1997 annual Dolly Magazine/Impulse Model Competition, as a Gunnedah teen destined for the big smoke. Despite her enormous success, Miranda Kerr’s horoscope explicitly shows the difficulty she faces with the ‘establishment’, control issues and other people’s expectation.

She was born in Sydney on April 20 1983. Her pioneering Aries Sun is tightly opposing both Saturn and Pluto. She has a meticulous hard work ethic, but acutely feels limitation from outside control. These are traits she has inherited from her mother Therese, also of an entrepreneurial bent. Father John, a home and family man, is truer to Miranda’s Cancer Moon.

People with strong Sun and Saturn aspects work harder to prove themselves, and may rebel against authority – real or perceived. When Pluto is involved with Saturn – we’re talking the ancient and modern rulers of death – complete life transformation becomes a mission. The Sun Saturn connection is crucial to Miranda’s life.


Saturn has long been renowned as the most fatalistic of planets. Babylonian mythology depicted him challenging the world of chaos by recapturing the tablets of destiny. The critical years are when the ringed planet comes to oppose or return or its natal position at ages of 14/15 and 29/30.

When Miranda won the Dolly competition, launching her stellar career, it was glamorous and phantasmagoric Neptune that was initially squaring her Sun and Saturn. But as Saturn came to join her Sun throughout 1998/99 she was transported from the rural life of outback Gunnedah, toward a media world of fame and fortune.

For Miranda it was putting an old head on young shoulders, but it came at a price. Gone were the carefree country days, replaced by the commercial, competitive city and driving worldly ambition. As Saturn opposed itself, it also invoked the deeper opposition involving Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of total reformation with a no turning back ‘black hole’ feel. Pluto was by now opposing her Venus, the planet of love. These celestial oppositions are uncanny for the severance of a crucial relationship. Miranda’s first love and longtime sweetheart, Chris Middlebrook, was unexpectedly killed in a car accident.


Until that shock she’d dreamt of being a farmer’s wife, but fate was playing its part. She said it felt like her heart was torn out, but in spirit he would always be there. "Chris’ death taught me that the people who touch your life are always with you. It taught me that I have the choice to be grateful for the time I had with him instead of dwelling on losing him."

Kerr’s horoscope features a Venus Uranus opposition. It attracts her to strong individuals, but also can spell rapid relationship reversals or call for freedom within partnership. After Chris’ death, she wrote a letter to him promising to name her first child after him. On January 6 2011 that child was born Flynn Christopher Bloom.

By July 2010, exactly at her progressed lunar return, Miranda had married English screen star Orlando Bloom, after a brief one-month engagement. She was the envy of the female population and she was expecting. In October 2013 they announced their separation after six years together. It happened the same month that Miranda’s three-year contract with Victoria’s Secret ended.


These momentous changes come on the heels of Kerr’s Saturn return, the assumption of responsible adulthood. Miranda is finding her own sense of authority. Along with her marital bust, the planet of self-sufficiency has also coincided with a removal from family support, toward a more autonomous approach.

In January 2013 Miranda replaced her mother Therese as the head of Kora Cosmetics. Therese now has her own line of health and beauty products. As their daughter becomes increasingly self-reliant, the tight knit family expressed their concerns publicly in an ABC documentary where they virtually made a public appeal for her to come home.

The documentary created a public polarity between an ungrateful superstar or controlling family members, but life is never so black and white. It’s easy to be judgmental. To take sides and not see the bigger picture unfolding. Media hosts perpetuate that kind of falsity to stir the passions of listeners or viewers.


Her mother summed it up when she mused, “What I have to do is let go and allow her to be assertive and lead her own life. And I guess for any mum that's a little bit challenging sometimes to do that.” Father John wistfully says, “I wish she was just a normal, everyday girl, I really do.” But that fate was sealed by her mid-teens, perhaps even at birth. She is normal, and true to her horoscope.

A powerful Sun/Saturn/Pluto shows how important it is for her to be her own person. It lies in a testing square to her Cancer Moon. One may occasionally come at the sacrifice of the other, and it’s bound to happen around thirty years of age. But those with a Cancer Moon will always feel the pull and push of family connection, and the heartfelt association with their roots. But to do that it is also imperative to honor yourself.



Stating the obvious is saying that the Australian public has a fascination with Schapelle Corby. Obsession is more to the point. Since her arrest and prosecution for alleged drug smuggling in Bali, the beach girl from Tugun has been subject to virtual ‘big brother’ media scrutiny. A merry-go-round of colorful and dubious characters have played bit parts in her bio. A story that has finally taken a fortunate turn.

According to Australian astrologer Nancy Dunn, relaying information from Schappelle’s mother Roseleigh, Corby was born just before noon on July 10 1977 at Brisbane. This puts her Cancerian Sun right at the top of her horoscope conjunct the very ‘universal’ Midheaven. She also has the planet of media, Mercury, in the same area. Click here for her horoscope.

All but two of Schapelle’s planets lie above the horizon, supporting a more public life. Corby’s chart shape is the driven ‘locomotive’ pattern, led by the family orientated Moon in her seventh house of close relationships and finished by Neptune planet of mystery, along with receational drugs. However, the Moon is opposite the more erratic Uranus, suggesting sudden family and/or home changes.


As the progressed Moon completed its first cycle of her horoscope, nothing could prepare Schapelle for the rapid change of residence accompanying her arrest on October 8 2004 at Denpasar airport Bali. From that point her new ‘home’ would be a cell at Kerobokan Prison. Thrust into a media spotlight she would become an immediate and unwitting celebrity.

At approximately 2.30 pm Bali time Schapelle Corby was taken into custody after 4.2 kilos (over 9 lb) of cannabis was found in her boogie board at the airport check out. Typical to the Moon connection, she was visiting for her sister Mercedes's 30th birthday that very day. Corby claimed the cannabis was planted on her - the Indonesian justice system saw it differently.

On October 8 2004 the astrological transits for Corby were not good. Saturn, the planet of authority, was together with the Moon – both on her communicative Mercury. The Sun, Mercury and Mars were all positioned on Pluto, in her house of incarceration. Her conviction captured the headlines and sparked a diplomatic crisis.

There were multiple factors explaining Corby becoming a national cause celebre. Australians were only just recovering from the horrific Bali terrorist bombing attacks of October 12 2002, which had claimed 88 Australian lives. Corby’s arrest fell mere days before the second anniversary of this tragedy.

The Indonesian prosecution was pushing for a death sentence for Corby, in light of the country’s tough anti-drug laws. The presiding judge, Linton Sirait had handed down a death sentence to Bali bomber Imam Samudra. It seemed incongruous that Corby could be possibly subject to such judgment for something far less threatening.

There were conflicting reports from the customs officials and Corby’s witnesses. Forensic tests were not carried out. The fact that Schapelle was female and attractive only added to her media appeal. Feelings ran high before and during the trial, broadcast live in Australia and New Zealand.


The climax arrived at 11.39 pm on May 27 2005, when a guilty verdict was handed down. Corby got twenty years. Anomalies abounded – the bags were not fingerprinted, the marijuana was not tested to determine its source. Her defence counsel suggesting bag tampering on the trip. All this proved to no avail.

The subterfuge, mystery and red herring characters that came in and out of play were little surprise, considering Schapelle Corby’s horoscope relocated to Bali. It places the planet Neptune exactly at the base, or home area. Neptune is the planet of obfuscation, sacrifice, deception and drugs. But Neptune’s mystique is also the stuff that legends are made from. See the astromapping here.

With Corby behind bars, camera crews were ever present, current affair shows paid lucrative sums for inside stories and magazines frequently ran features on her progress. Despite an appeal being squashed, she was granted multiple remissions on her sentence. The horoscope of her conviction supported clemency, or an early release.

In November 2006, as Jupiter supportively trined her Sun, Corby’s autobiography ‘Schapelle Corby - My Story’ was released by Pan Mcmillan. It sold over 100,000 copies, and $267,500 was deposited in the bank account of her brother in law, Wayan Widartha’s, bank account. But the Australian government froze the proceeds, under laws prohibiting profit through crime.


In time opinion changed regarding Schapelle’s innocence, but not her martyrdom. Stories came to light around family member's involvement and arrests on drug charges. Most Australians believed she was probably guilty, but taking the wrap for others. In the bigger picture it was looking as if loyalty ran thick for this Cancer, with a prominent Moon. Her sympathy and popularity survived.

By 2008, as her progressed Midheaven moved over somber Saturn, Schapelle was suffering from depression. She was taken from her Bali prison to a hospital. The symptoms would remain until the progressed Sun began to move away from the conjunction to Saturn, a planet of containment.

During this time a plea for clemency was put to the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. As her progressed Sun departed Saturn, in 2012, the President cut five years off her sentence. Things were finally looking up.


In 2013 Schapelle Corby was due for a progressed New Moon – a once in thirty-year occurrence. Something had to give. New Moons are literally about fresh starts – they can be likened to a rebirth. Rumors abounded about an early parole, but were bogged down in bureaucratic red tape.

By December 2013, judicial Jupiter had moved to join her Sun and Midheaven in Cancer. Saturn, the planet of authority was forming a supportive trine. This would undoubtedly bring good news and possible favors from the government. In December the appropriate papers were filed.

On February 7 2014 3.19 p.m. Jakarta time, with the planet of independence Uranus directly above, the Indonesian Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin, announced parole for 1700 prisoners. Schapelle Corby was among them.

For diplomatic reasons the minister did not want to single out Corby, but the story of her imminent release ran from the Jakarta Post to the Wall St Journal and the BBC. Her very public horoscope was active again. She is going to be one very busy woman, as from mid February to mid March Mars stations on her Ascendant.

It is not until 2016 that Venus finally progresses to Schapelle Corby’s birth Sun. Her sentence fully expires by July 25 2017. She can then return to her home in Australia permanently, should she elect to do so. Venus to the Sun can make Schapelle a very rich lady. A lot richer than any boogie board could possibly contain.

Meantime she would be best keeping a low profile, going underground and recovering first, before dealing with everyone else trying to make a buck off Schapelle Corby. That's what this media circus has so often been about.


Schapelle Corby was granted her release at 8.24 am Bali time on February 10 2014 and left the parole office at 09.44 the same morning. She is rumoured to be receiving near three million dollars for an exclusive television interview, and to be living with her sister Mercedes.

The horoscope of sister Mercedes (born October 8 1974), when compared with Schapelle's, holds compelling correlations. Mercedes horoscope puts controlling Saturn on Schapelle's Sun and Midheaven. Mercede's volatile Sun, Mars and Pluto combination are all in Schapelle's twelfth house of incarceration. Mercede's Libran Sun and Mars are also a testing square to Schapelle's Cancer Sun.

These are generally considered very challenging aspects and yet the sisters seem to relate very well. Yet when there are so many aspects exchanged between planets, especially involving the birth Suns, then a complex personal pattern is interwoven. Schapelle's Sun on Mercedes Saturn is also teaching her elder sister lessons around responsibility. It was on Mercede's maturing Saturn return that sister Schappelle's life changed forever.


Whilst on Indonesia, the national horoscope of August 17 1945 @ 10.04 am Japan time, is showing signs of greater volatility. This is crucial in light of deteriorating relations with Australia, but also may trigger internal unrest or uprisings.

The progressed Sun of Indonesia has just moved into Scorpio, a sign traditionally ruled by Mars. The Sun is also making a difficult sesquisquare aspect to Mars - the planet of war and the military. As this plays out the public progressing Moon is moving across the country's Mars. The progressed Ascendant is also spotlighting Mars. Normally this would suggest a heightened security alert, or a significant increase on armaments and expenditure on military technology. Click here for national and progressed charts with the Mars axis.



Revolution in Egypt is nothing new. The difficulty lies in the common people deriving some benefit from their actions. History has shown them to be pawns in the hands of major powers with their own agenda.

When it comes to power changing hands in the land of the Nile, it can be uncannily timed to a 60-year cycle. The sixty-year cycle has been astrologically linked to Jupiter and Saturn from Babylonian times. This is the average period that it takes for the planets two largest planets in the solar system to return together to the same position in the skies.

It is also noted in Chinese astrology, via the twelve-year animal signs and five elements making up sixty. In the history of Egypt, the half-way point of thirty years (the Saturn cycle alone) is also significant.


Although Egypt had an established monarchy in the 19th century, it was very much a puppet state of Britain. In April 1892 Brigadier Lord Kitchener became Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Army. The iconic Kitchener effectively ran the show, establishing control over the Sudan and securing the Suez for Britain. He was one in a line of military leaders who have effectively controlled Egypt.

But by the conclusion of WWI Egyptian nationalists demanded independence. This led to a crackdown by the British troops and the expulsion of independence leaders to the isle of Malta. Between March the 15th and 31st of 1919, more than 800 Egyptians were killed in clashes with the authorities.

The voice of the people would not be silenced, leading to the British granting independence on February 22 1922. On March 15 1922, having gained self-government, Sultan Faud I became the first King of Egypt. This was thirty years after Kitchener’s appointment, but at the next sixty-year mark, military rule would be re-established.


Faud remained a puppet king for foreign interests. In 1930 he tried to abrogate the Constitution to weaken the power of parliament but encountered stiff public opposition and was forced to restore the constitution five years later. Nevertheless under his powers parliaments were dissolved at a royal whim, never serving their full 4-year term.

On April 28 1936 Fuad I died and was succeeded by his 16 year old son Farouk. Farouk followed in his father’s footsteps, until 1952 when the CIA assisted a military plot to overthrow him. Already the Free Officer’s Movement were expanding in influence and power, and a young General Nasser had his own ideas on Egypt’s future.

As America’s foremost professor on Middle East politics, George Lenczowski of Berkley, wrote in his book ‘American Presidents and the Middle East’, US policy in the 50’s was to prevent the spread of communism, support the birth of Israel, and protect petroleum. Nothing has changed today.


From 7.30 am on July 23 1952 General Nasser led the Free Officer’s Movement in a a military coup d'état. The effect of this was to end the monarchy, along with British occupation, and eventually centralize powers by establishing a Republic. The Revolution is commemorated each year as Revolution Day with a national holiday on July 23.

The Free Officer’s enlisted the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in their covert operations to overthrow the King. But in the spoils of victory, the Brotherhood were cut out of the deal, despite some members of the officers being members. This resulted in street riots throughout 1953, until in February 1954 when the Muslim Brotherhood were outlawed.

These momentous events occurred at the sixty-year cycle’s return. Look at the events in Egypt at the return of that cycle – namely 2012, 2013 and 2014. The script seems the same with only the character names changing. The positive part was that Nasser became a hero to the Egyptian people and his country’s influence grew under his strong leadership.


Sixty years later we see the Muslim Brotherhood come to power at the second Egyptian Revolution. Mohammed Morsi is elected president on June 24 2012. But just over a year later he is removed by a military coup. 2013 becomes a year of riots and military suppression. In February 2014 Morsi is put on trial by the very judges he opposed as cronies of the former Mubarak regime.

Does this seem like history repeating until humanity learns the lesson? General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the man behind the military coup, is regarded by many as a hero. That’s despite his takeover of the media and imprisonment of any foreign journalists who dare to show both sides of the story. Despite court cases where a deposed President is bizarrely locked inside a soundproof glass box.

The horoscopes of former President, Morsi, and the man tipped to become the next President, General al-Sisi, are definitely at odds with each other. Morsi’s Sun at 26 degrees of Leo, and al-Sisi’s at 26 degrees of Scorpio are in a challenging square. Morsi, with his Sun hard angled to rebellious Uranus, remains the revolutionary. General al-Sisi with his Sun squaring both Mars and Pluto can be ruthless in his execution.


Whether by design or coincidence, on American Independence Day - July 4 2013, an interim President, Adly Mansour, was sworn in. It is always useful to note the zodiacal position of the Sun on such an occasion. The Sun was opposed to Pluto and square to insurgent Uranus when Mansour took his oath. It virtually promises a major governmental crisis upcoming with the planetary Grand Cross of late April of 2014. The revolution of Egypt may be derailed, but it is not over yet.

JAN 26


In the glitzy show business world it is hard to know what is real and what is not. So when pop idol, Justin Bieber, is arrested for drag racing and behaving in a drunken and disorderly manner – is it yet another publicity seeking exercise? After all Bieber will be all of twenty this year, and may need a drastic makeover.

It’s the usual fare for the clean-cut teen stars to hit the booze and drugs as soon as they can legally do so. More than once the police have been used as fall guys to propel a fading star onto the front page. Not that Bieber is exactly being swallowed into any black hole just yet. Just an occasional orange jump suit for a smiling photo shoot.


Bad boy images can win you a whole new legion of supporters. Back in the 50’s that old fox Colonel Tom Parker made more money from ‘I hate Elvis’ badges than he ever did the 'love' ones. Wild ones from James Dean to Charlie Sheen have hogged the headlines.

Bieber’s latest escapades of allegedly pelting a neighbor's house with eggs (and not the Easter variety), and facing charges of street racing a Lamborghini, is enough to make ‘Entertainment Tonight’ hosts salivate with expectation. Bieber’s smiling snapshot in an orange jump suit might not get him Guantanamo bay, but it has made worldwide news.

Yes I know there are more serious matters in our world, but I thought it might be worthwhile checking the horoscope for some rare celebrity insight. After all, when Brittney Spears' Sun progressed through radical Uranus, look what happened to her. She lived the wild card planet, shaving her hair, forgetting her lines and even at times..her pants. Surely not Justin?


Justin Bieber was born March 1 1994 at 00.56 hours in London, Ontario, according to Astrodatabank. The fact is, Justin’s horoscope does have both his Piscean Sun and Libran Moon, hard angled to Uranus the rebel. So it’s part of his nature, despite the cultivated appearance. Brooding Pluto also sits at his intense Scorpio Ascendant, suggesting one who is more in control than might appear the case.

Bieber was going to break that carefully crafted image one day, and it has been happening since Mars (the planet of cars and aggression), progressed into conjunction with Uranus. This would imply more impulsive and feckless behavior, aggression and competitiveness. My way or the highway stuff.

Bieber is no longer a Pisces, as his Sun progressed into Aries from October last year. This is also around the time that Mars hit the Uranus. Both Aries and Mars were renowned as war gods in ancient mythology. Add to that, again from October last year, the transiting Uranus Pluto square (which has been driving half the world agro) has also impacted on Bieber’s Mars. Voila. Click for his natal and progressed charts here.

Mars has a little while yet to play out in the life of Justin Bieber. But the fact that his Sun is now in Aries will witness a lot more of him doing his own thing, rather than being ‘managed’ by others. The progressed Moon, now in Cancer, can also accompany an important home change or purchase. The planet of discipline, Saturn, is moving through his twelfth house of self-undoing. The twelfth house also designates prisons, or more secluded surrounds.

Ultimately Saturn will arrive at his Ascendant, by the end of 2015. By then we should see a much more controlled Bieber, and a new career direction emerging. Despite his phenomenal success, I belive Justin is more a writer than an ‘out there’ performer, preferring a much more private life. This will become increasingly obvious over the next two years.


Venus will this week resume direct motion, but initially remain stationary around 13 degrees of Capricorn. What is important about this degree area is that the Grand Cross, occurring exact from April 20 2014, will also emphasize that same degree area.

Venus, is the planet of peace and conciliation. However, we can see global trouble spots that show the opposite of this. For example as the world debates a solution for Syria, democracy in Egypt seems a lost cause and unrest rocks both the Ukraine and Thailand.

Venus in governmental Capricorn is seeking solutions. What is not solved, or at least eased, as Venus stations this week, will probably explode around late April when the Grand Cross brings matters to a crisis point. All of which makes the week ahead one to watch for future clues.

JAN 19


It was 10.40 pm March 8 1971 at Madison Square Garden, New York. The heavyweight fight of the century, between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, was about to begin. Reporters who covered the event claimed they had never heard a crowd buzzing so much with excitement. Even Frank Sinatra, who couldn’t get a ringside seat, was moonlighting as a photographer for Life magazine.

While America’s attention was glued to the main event, another extremely significant one was taking place in Maine Pennsylvania. Taking full advantage of the alpha male distraction, Keith Forsyth, a Philadelphia cab driver, was picking the locks of a federal agency building. That night a treasure trove of documents was removed by the Citizens Commission to Investigate the F.B.I.

This small group of ordinary Americans would expose the sometimes-devious dealings of the FBI. The dossiers were hard evidence of the activist’s claims that, ‘as long as great economic and political power remains concentrated in the hands of a small clique not subject to democratic scrutiny and control, then repression, intimidation, and entrapment are to be expected.’

As the Washington Post began to publicize the files, (the New York and LA Times returned them to the FBI), Uranus the planet of the freedom fighter, was squaring itself in the chart of the FBI. Despite a concentrated manhunt the original culprits were never apprehended, but today (at the Uranus opposition to the break in) in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations, several have gone public to explain their brave actions.

There is a planetary connection in this and it is ongoing from April this year. The planet of individual rights, rebellion and shock revelations and discoveries is Uranus. The blue gas giant is playing a vital role in the politics of the USA at this very moment. It is back in a challenging angle to the horoscope of the FBI’s formation chart. There is more to come.


The FBI was originally named the Bureau of Investigation, when formed on July 26 1908, by then Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte. It was an autonomous investigative unit to crack down on anarchists, in the wake of President McKinley’s assassination. The planetary positions on the formation date not only describe the secrecy of this organization’s operations, but also the timing of the most important events in their long history.

The over- riding feature of the FBI horoscope is a tight opposition between Mercury and Neptune, facing off to Uranus. Mercury is a planet concerned with data gathering and information. Mercury aligned with secretive Neptune in the patriotic sign of Cancer, depicts the clandestine nature of how this is done – phone taps, message interception, secret surveillance.

Mercury Neptune refers not only to top-secret dossiers but also governs propaganda and misinformation. The Mercury Neptune is in close opposition to Uranus, a planet aligned with rebels, radicals, and those who think outside the square.

Freedom fighters and outspoken critics of the system fall under the Uranus banner, especially with Uranus positioned in governing Capricorn. Each time Uranus activates this formation, by conjunction, square or opposition, the FBI enters crisis mode. They first did this in the 1930’s, but surprisingly the biggest target, the American Mafia was not on the hit list.


Coincident with the first Uranus square of 1930/31 was the formation of ‘The Commission’. These were five New York families, plus Chicago’s Al Capone and Stefan Maggadino from Buffalo, representing the seven directors of the American Mafia. The meetings of this committee oversaw the operations of the network.

Al Capone was jailed on tax evasion charges in 1931, but the crime organization multiplied its numbers and influence. Although tipped off by one of his own agents, of the existence of the Commission, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, incongruously denied that organized crime existed. Instead the FBI concentrated on jailing individual outlaws.

The 1930’s Great Depression had led to a Mid-West crime wave. The unpopularity of the banking industry with life savings lost and foreclosures abundant, led to a rise of underworld cult figures, such as John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde. All became FBI targets, and contributed to the growing fame of Hoover and his G-men.

The reasons offered for the FBI’s ‘blind eye’ to organized crime center around J Edgar Hoover’s rumored homosexuality and a fear that the Mafia would publicly out him with incriminating photos. It negates the fact that the horoscope of the FBI clearly shows it was more about crushing anarchy and maintaining the status quo.

The Mafia and their network, politically and economically, were very much part of the system. Hoover and his FBI could have been political deadmeat early in the piece had they bitten the hand that fed them. Instead J Edgar’s first major case involved deporting Communist sympathizers in the wake of the Russian Revolution. Those sentiments never really ceased.


By 1952/53, insurgent Uranus was moving opposite to its birth position and joining the propaganda Mercury Neptune conjunction in the FBI horoscope. It resulted in some of the darkest days of American politics – the era of McCarthyism. The term, coined after extreme right wing Republican Joseph McCarthy, involved a paranoid targeting of any public figures with the slightest socialist leanings. A lot of fine Americans were pilloried as communists.

Historian Ellen Shecker later wrote, "Had observers known in the 1950s what they have learned since the 1970s, when the Freedom of Information Act opened the Bureau's files, 'McCarthyism' would probably be called 'Hooverism'. J Edgar Hoover even banished Charlie Chaplin from US shores. Chaplin who had parodied dictators in film, was now the victim of one.

So it was at the next square of Uranus in 1971, in the wake of anti-war protests that a group of ordinary and concerned US citizens took to infiltrating the FBI. Their security leaks would reveal an operation codenamed COINTELPRO, bent on social control. Martin Luther King became an FBI target as soon as he made his famous, ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. His dream was Hoover’s nightmare.


By 1992 the FBI was experiencing its Uranus return. It would synchronize with the bungled Ruby Ridge shootout and siege, resulting in the death of farmer Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki, whilst holding a baby in her arms, along with his 14 year old son Sammy shot in the back, and the killing of US Marshall William Degan.

People traveled across America to support the Weavers, holed up in their cabin, surrounded by a paramilitary siege involving over 400 agents. The Ruby Ridge incident sparked an anti-government movement unheard of since the Civil War. The government admitted wrongdoing and paid compensation to the Weavers whilst FBI chief, Louis Freeh, was critical of his agent’s actions.

Then, as Uranus was leaving its return position a 51-day siege at Waco, Texas hit the headlines. It resulted in the incineration of the Mt Carmel compound of the Branch Dravidian cult, taking 87 members lives, with 4 agents killed and 16 wounded. The combined effect on Waco and Ruby Ridge, inspired a crazed Timothy McVeigh to instigate America’s deadliest homeland terrorist attack – the Oklahoma City bombing on the second anniversary of Waco. Overkill led to overkill.


As Uranus returns again to square itself from April 2014 until April 2015, the now ageing activists from 1971 have come public, to explain their reasons for blowing the lid on the FBI operations. The overnight locksmith Keith Forsythe claims, “Our government is again conducting mass surveillance of Americans and again lying to Congress. We hope that by coming forward we can contribute in some small way to a debate that is essential for the health of our democracy.”

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s startling revelations of a nation gone surveillance crazy, the issue of human rights is a massive one – and not only for Americans. Is the cure now worse than the problem? Their timing could not be better, as the April Grand Cross comes to spotlight the horoscope of the FBI. But on past evidence of the Uranus cycle, it will inevitably bring another crisis.

JAN 12


When photos of monster squids washing up on California beaches are actually believed we can expect Godzilla to soon follow. That’s precisely what happened as a doctored photo of a 160-foot sea monster received 100,000 Facebook likes. It was supposedly all due to the excessive radiation of Fukushima.

The Internet may soon get a reputation of misinformation to rival that of mainstream media. There’s always someone out there to ‘fox’ the unsuspecting. But one of the most seriously secretive industries of all is the nuclear one.

How else could they encourage such government and private investment without sexing up a highly dangerous product? The history of the nuclear age has a clear planetary map. And it centres around 9 degrees of Gemini.


The first controlled nuclear reaction was demonstrated at 15.25 hours on December 2 1942 in Chicago, and a coded message was relayed to the national Defense Research Committee. It said, ‘The Italian navigator has landed in the new World’. What a world it would turn out to be.

The initial chain reaction could not have powered a single light bulb, but Chicago physicist Samuel K. Allison wrote, “All of us . . . knew that with the advent of the chain reaction, the world would never be the same again.” The race for world supremacy was on, with the fate of the whole planet at stake.

Two and a half years later at 05.29 (MWT) on July 16 1945 the mountains around Alomogordo, New Mexico lit up with an unnatural eerie light, brighter than daylight. The first nuclear bomb had successfully exploded with a force of twenty thousand ton of TNT. The shockwaves were felt up to 160 kilometers away.

Compared to the bombs of today that explosion is kid's stuff. It would spell an abrupt end to WWII and introduce a race for nuclear supremacy which still haunts tomorrow. But back then it was touted, with Barnum and Bailey subtlety, as the biggest breakthrough since the wheel.


The first nuclear chain reaction was a triumph for America’s Manhattan Project - the race to develop the bomb. The astrological significance of the moment is captured when shown via a biwheel with the first published horoscope of the USA. The Libran Moon is with secretive Neptune (soon to be the mushroom cloud) right on the USA's Midheaven, or highest aims. See the two horoscopes.

The Sun and cerebral Mercury sit exactly at the Ascendant of the US horoscope and Jupiter the planet of success lies on the US Mercury. Lastly Saturn has reached Uranus, the planet aligned with scientific ingenuity and technological process.

Yet Neptune at the Midheaven would also indicate subterfuge and cover-ups surrounding the whole nuclear industry. It began as a quest for power in every sense of the word. But it wasn’t sold that way to the world.


Nuclear technology was spun as the cure all to the world’s energy problems. It was touted to replace fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. The public was gleefully informed that electricity meters would be a thing of the past because power would be ‘too cheap to meter’. Even Ford was planning a nuclear car. In a scene that seems incongruous today, Iran was encouraging the US to go nuclear.

With huge investment, both government and private, plus weapons technology at stake, the dark side of nuclear research was kept under wraps. That is until 1974, when a chemical technician, named Karen Silkwood, decided to blow the lid on the dangers of the whole nuclear industry to the New York Times.

Silkwood had collected vital documentation over years, revealing the slackness of operational security and worker's exposure to radiation. It never saw the light of day. Her body was found in her new Honda Civic, crashed into a culvert on the way to the meeting. The car showed signs of being rammed from behind and her documents were mysteriously missing.


World opinion on the perils of nuclear energy began to change following the Three Mile Island incident. The reactor, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania began leaking radioactive iodine and gases at 4 am on March 28 1979. The clean up would take fifteen years, finishing in 1993, and coming at a cost of one billion dollars. But worse was to come, with a disaster that would forever change world opinion regarding safe nuclear energy.

At 01.23 am on the 26th of April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl reactor in the Ukraine, led to an eventual death toll of 4000. The Chernobyl meltdown rated as the worst disaster in nuclear history. The immediate government cover up led indirectly to 'glasnost' and the eventual disintegration of the USSR.

Chernobyl occurred as the Sun opposed deadly Pluto and Pluto semisquared Uranus. That’s relevant today, as Uranus is now again in a hard square aspect to Pluto. But it’s the comparison of the chart of Chernobyl with the first ever nuclear reaction that clearly was showing a clear pattern. The Plutos comparing each chart are in square and the Saturns are opposite.

The horoscopes paint a picture. The Saturn of Chernobyl represents the lessons of experience, as it falls upon the Sun position of the first nuclear reaction. Also, by opposing the Saturn of the first nuclear reaction it is placing new boundaries and restrictions around the dangers of nuclear fission.


The birth of any project will inevitably follow a patterned progress. Once the pattern is discovered it can be expected to recurr. There will be zodiacal degree areas emphasized that tend to time significant turning points of the story. Astromapping should also reveal potential trouble spots.

Running a world map, using Mars as the planet related to either accidents or war, paints an uncannily accurate picture of the global areas affected by nuclear incidents. The attached diagram shows Japan, Chernobyl and Harrisburg falling along the Mars lines. Mars was either rising, setting, directly above or below at these locations at the birth of the nuclear age from the first controlled reaction in Chicago. See world map and Mars line.

The zodiacal thread that runs through nuclear development is the area around 8-9 degrees of Gemini. This also corresponds to one of the most revered fixed stars in the heavens – Aldebaran – the red eye of the bull. This bright star, 44 times the radius of our Sun, was one of the four royal stars of Persia and a seasonal marker of the ancient world.

There is also another super giant red star, named Anatares, which lies opposite Aldebaran. Antares is 883 times the radius of our Sun and 10,000 times the brightness. It lies at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, and was also one of the four royal stars. Nuclear incidents tend to feature planets either in or square these positions. Even importnat people involved in nuclear issues show the same pattern at above chance factor.

JFK was born with his Sun at 8 degrees of Gemini and took the world to the brink of nuclear war during a tense stand-off with Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev. The Russian leader was born with lethal Pluto situated at 9 degrees of Gemini. The pattern shown below indicates the prevalence of the pattern.

First nuclear reaction = Saturn 9 Gemini

First nuclear bomb = Venus 9 Gemini

Hiroshima bombing = Mars 9 Gemini

Harrisburg Incident = Saturn 9 Virgo

Chernobyl Meltdown = Saturn 9 Sagittarius

Which brings us back to Fukushima and March 11 2011.


It was an absolute freak of an accident that such a powerful undersea tsunami should wreak such havoc. Neptune had solar arced to the Sun degree of the first nuclear reaction, when it happened. Mars in oceanic Pisces was transiting square the nuclear degrees and during the time that the reactors were exploding the Moon was moving through Gemini and across the degree axis.

Using the recorded reactor dates, it is Fukushima's Reactor Number 3 that aligns closest to the nuclear axis degrees. It achieved criticality on September 6 1974 with the Sun at 13 of Virgo and Jupiter opposite at 13 of Pisces, both squaring the nuclear axis degrees.

When the Sendai tsunami damaged the plant, Fukushima Reactor 3 would have experienced the Mars transit on its Jupiter in Pisces – appropriate for the surging sea. But at the end of 2013 steam was again photographed coming from Fukushima’s reactor 3, with the Japanese government now censoring information regarding this ongoing crisis.

The most active period ahead regarding nuclear news is May of 2015, when the planet of the sea Neptune squares the nuclear degree axis, along with a retrograde Mercury, with the Sun and Mars adding to the mix. By the end of the same year Saturn returns to the degree it occupied when Chernobyl exploded.

All of this may not evoke Godzilla or a Giant Squid, but it promises to be the next vital stage in the history of the nuclear story. For this week the final word belongs to Albert Einstein. "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."



The New Year began with a New Moon, conjunct destructive Pluto, squaring erratic Uranus and volatile Mars (the planet of storms and tempests) whilst opposing excessive Jupiter. It was a formula for a tumultuous opening to 2014.

Chaos reigned in the US and Canada as blizzards and snowstorms blanketed the northeast and brought traffic to a standstill, halting holiday flights and stranding millions. What a day for the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, to be sworn into office. If that were an indication of his future tenure – astrological theory would dictate that it is – then perhaps he needs a decent astrologer.

On the other side of the Atlantic wild tempests battered the coastal communities of England and Scotland. Storm surges and flood warnings created unprecedented conditions as residents raced to sandbag against further damage.


A building exploded in Minneapolis, on the Monday a train exploded in North Dakota causing mass evacuations. Even a giant rubber duck meant for New Years display exploded in Taiwan. In Manila two infants were accidentally shot and killed during riotous New Year celebrations. But what was happening on a terrestrial level was mirrored in the human condition and political developments.

In Bangladesh, where elections are scheduled for this Sunday, polling booths were torched, with the opposition pulling out of the contest. Over one hundred people have been killed in pre-election turmoil. Peace talks in the Sudan, where over one thousand have already died in the last fortnight, sadly broke down, with no sign of a ceasefire. In Iraq, Al Queda forces captured the western city of Fallujah.

Leading into the New Moon dual suicide bombings in Volgograd, Russia cast a cloud over the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. In Sydney, Australia a massive police presence cracked down on a surge of alcohol fueled violence. Meanwhile Egypt witnessed the deadliest clashes in two months as protestors were killed in Cairo, Alexandria, and the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.

This collective antagonism is a sign of the times. It’s the dark side of the insurgent Uranus Pluto square, currently ignited by the New Moon and impulsive and combative Mars. Certainly those in North America don’t need to chill out, but plenty others could well take this advice. But there is something else underpinning this uncontrolled energy. It’s an attempt to hold back essential change and it creates a time bomb effect.


One of the hardest problems humanity has with the past is learning from it. At the moment the Japanese Prime Minister is rewriting war history; doing a better job than Hollywood and with good reason. But it’s easier to learn from history, by recognizing and honoring the truth.

Underpinning the recent New Moon is a continuing Jupiter T-Square with Uranus and Pluto that began in August of last year. This occurs when Jupiter moves into retro motion and moves across the ongoing Uranus and Pluto square. The time frame is from August 2013 until the end of April 2014.

This enduring triple aspect has historical implications. It was evident throughout 1793 at the height of the French Revolution and also during 1648 ushering in the English Revolution. The victims of both periods were the respective Kings Louis XVI of France, along with consort Marie Antoinette and Charles I of England. They paid with their lives.


As the three planets lined up again in T-Square from August of 2013 and agitation followed. Islamic militants led an attack at a Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi killing 62 civilians. In Egypt a democratically elected President was deposed by the military. While western diplomats and media commentators seemed incongruously concerned with the semantics of whether it was actually a coup or not, hundred of Egyptians were being slaughtered.

But who would want to be a leader, or power broker in a country torn by division in such revolutionary times if history was any guide. Apart from the revolutions the last time, these two planets were in square when Stalinist secret police conducted midnight purges and the Nazi party eliminated all opposition. Military dictatorships were commonplace.

Perhaps that’s why we see the same thing happening today. North Koreas's Kim Jong-un was one who cut family ties, committing his uncle and mentor to a firing squad. In Pakistan former leader Pervez Musharraf, now on trial, must equally fear for his life. Mohammed Morsi has gone from becoming the first democratically elected leader of Egypt to a prison cell, with murder charges hanging over his head.

The zealousness of Jupiter masquerading as justice, combined with intransigent Uranus and the lethal reformer Pluto, is a power hungry combination. An over inflated sense of righteousness needs to be kept in perspective – but seldom is. Remember the 1930’s and the last Uranus Pluto square.

It was under such conditions that the cult of personality and a massive propaganda campaign propelled Adolf Hitler to hero status, when he was everything but. Since August of 2013 we have the conditions for the same situation developing. People worshipped as heros are anything but. For more on this and my take for next year check World Predictions 2014.

DEC 29


He was born on June 23 1912 at 2.15 am in Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, London. A blue plaque marks the birthplace. It simply says Alan Turing 1912 – 1954. Codebreaker and pioneer of computer science was born here. He was a man who would change the world, and arguably do more to save Great Britain from defeat during WWII than any one individual.

Genius is a rare commodity. It shows the ability to think outside the square. Originality is astrologically linked to Uranus, the planet often dubbed the Great Awakener. The brilliance of Einstein may be connected to a prominent Uranus as his focal planet, situated in the astrological house of the mind in his birth horoscope. Uranus was also alone and placed the very top of Alan Turing’s birth chart.

Individuals born with planets precisely on angles, tend to exhibit the quality of these planets powerfully in their lives. Two potent examples of this are Edward Snowden and Bob Dylan, born with Mercury the messenger rising and setting respectively, in the information sign of Gemini, which it rules. Dylan wrote and delivered message songs. Snowden revealed the most important message of all regarding global communication.


But it wasn’t only Uranus on one angle that played a pivotal role in Turing’s chart. He had fortunate Jupiter on another – it was setting at his birth. The condition of two planets on separate angles - rising, setting or culminating - is known under the ancient Greek term of ‘paranatellonta’, generally shortened to paran. A paran is one of the most powerful indicators in delineating a horoscope. Click here for his horoscope.

The guru planet Jupiter and the originality of Uranus incites an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It is the signature of technological breakthroughs and scientific invention. Alan Turing was born with the planetary gift for science and invention. His Uranus was also nicely aligned to logical Saturn, a planet statistically linked to research scientists, and those capable of carrying out painstaking mental work.

An early clue to Turing’s perseverance occurred on his first day at Sherborne high school, at age thirteen. It was during the 1926 General Strike in England. Undeterred, Turing rode his bicycle 97 kilometers to ensure he started on time. Throughout his life he would maintain his bike riding and fitness, often running marathon distances.

His school demeanor however did not adhere him to teachers, as his interest was science rather than a classical education. He gained first class honors in mathematics from Cambridge. As a teenager he understood the laws of Einstein before having fully read them.


By 1935/36 Turing’s progressed Sun had reached a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of invisible connections. Neptune is prominent in horoscopes of the birth of both the Internet and World Wide Web. By now Turing’s Ascendant had also progressed to the union of his expressive Sun and deep thinking Pluto, bringing him to scientific prominence.

On May 28 1936 Turing submitted a groundbreaking paper ‘On Computable Numbers’. This thesis laid the platform for the modern computer. He went on to receive his PhD from Princeton University in the June of 1938 with his status bearing Midheaven trine the approval planet of Venus.

By 1938 Turing was also studying cryptology and in the September of the same year started working for British intelligence as a code breaker. It was his brilliance in this field, especially during WWII, that would prove so vital to Great Britain’s national defense.


Polish scientists had deciphered the early German ‘Enigma’ codes and shared this breakthrough with the British. But as the codes changed and became increasingly complicated it was left to people like Turing, at the coalface of Britain’s top-secret “Ultra’ program to stay one step ahead.

He laid the blueprint for sophisticated codebreaking computers. This work was said to have shortened WWII by two years. In the words of wartime leader Winston Churchill, "It was thanks to Ultra that we won the war.”

Turing’s papers on deciphering the German Enigma code were so secret that they were not released until April of 2012. After the war, he continued his experimental work with artificial intelligence and further investigated the Fibonacci number sequence in the formation of plant species.

Despite Turing’s colossal contribution to the security of his homeland and the new advancing field of computers, it was a break in of his own home that led to his demise. On January 23 1952 Turing’s house was burgled by a 19-year-old unemployed man named Alan Murray.


During the police investigation Turing admitted to previously having had prior sexual relations with Murray. At this time Turing’s progressed Venus had come to join Mars, often the signature of a relationship. Both were convicted under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 of 'gross indecency'. Turing, rather than trying to defend himself, was openly honest about his sexual orientation.

While Murray was given a conditional discharge, Turing was found guilty and offered a year’s prison, or hormonal treatment for his ‘condition’. He took the latter and was rendered impotent. Turing’s security clearance was removed and cryptography work ceased. He was also barred from entering the USA. The man who had helped save Britain was now considered a security risk.


On June 8 1954 Turing’s cleaner discovered him dead at his home. The official verdict was cyanide poisoning through eating a poisoned apple. Stories circulated of Turing’s fascination with the tale of Snow White and the wicked witch who dips an apple into poison. An inquest returned a finding of suicide.

The apple story is so attached to Turing’s death that Steven Jobs was even questioned as to whether it inspired him to name his own computer firm Apple, in honor of Alan Turing. Jobs claimed it was pure coincidence.

The astrological indications around Turing’s death (the sensitive Moon in hard aspect to Saturn and itself) support his feelings of isolation, even though stories abound that he handled it all with grace and just got on with his work. People don’t take their lives because they are happy. But with Jupiter passing over his Sun and Saturn also in trine, Turing may have seen suicide as a final ‘release’.


It’s been 60 years since Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, formed a trine back to judgmental Saturn in lethal Scorpio, as they did on the day back in 1954 when Alan Turing died. But now the two planets have returned to the same formation and in the same signs. It was the heavenly time for justice to be reviewed.

On Christmas Eve 2013, following the urging of prominent scientists, thousands of petitioned signatures and persistent public pressure, Alan Turing was granted a formal pardon from Queen Elizabeth. The man most Britons rate as one of the most important of all has been cleared by the ‘establishment’ that he protected so well.

Alan Turing was only 41 when he took his life. He was at his mid-life Uranus opposition point. Uranus – it’s the planet of eccentricity, genius and difference. It played a starring role in his uniquely gifted life, from Alpha to Omega.


This week the calendar will turn into 2014. It is rather a tumultuous welcome, one that I'd rather was much different. My advice, for the coming week, is to slow down, think twice, take it easy and don't get caught up in avoidable dramas.

On New Years Day the New Moon will unite with the intensity of Pluto as it also squares fiery Mars and departs from erratic Uranus. This volatile combination, which has been in force since just after Christmas, is one reason we may witness an increase in street violence, and a stepping up of bombings and rebellious uprisings, especially in countries already wracked with internal insurrection.

More now than ever the simple lesson of being 'kind to each other' needs to be recognized and respected, across the brief window of time, on the individual level. On the collective level - when expressed in the negative manifestation - this planetary indication is one of tempers frayed, gratuitous violence, or impetuous actions and needless accidents.

Best to avoid risky situations and dangerous locations until after the first week of January. Take your time, chill and steer clear of people with obvious 'issues'. In this way we can individually celebrate the positive potential of the coming year. Thanks for your support throughout this one. What follows is a brief synopsis of the year ahead for all signs.

DEC 22


“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ story of creation slightly differs from the biblical version, although the racial zealotry remains.

“Space,” says the Guide, “is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

To astronomers space is almost infinite. The current radius of the universe is estimated at 78 million ‘light’ years - a space walk to eternity. And according to science it’s been expanding ever since the Big Bang of nearly 14 billion years ago. So have telescopes and observatories.


On December 19 2013 at precisely 09 hours 12 minutes and 14 seconds universal time, the world’s most sophisticated space telescope departed the planet from its Kourou launch pad. Gaia, ESA's space observatory, is on a five-year mission to provide a 3D map of more than one billion stars. And that’s only 1% of the Milky Way.

Gaia is a far cry from the Sumerian stargazers atop the ziggurats of Ur in the 21st century BC. But it was they who initiated the study Professor Francesca Rochberg rightly dubbed as, ‘the longest continuous scientific experiment of all time’ – our relationship with the heavens.

Such was the skill developed by the ancient Babylonian astrologers that they could accurately calculate New Moons to within seconds, forecast the exact location of solar eclipses and laid the groundwork for a complete mythology and meaning of the sky.

Today, we take the time for granted. Yet it was these ancient pioneers who provided the circular clock face of twelve hours, and the measured the calendar of twelve months. Cycles of time corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs. And the ancient astrologers would have applauded the launch date of Gaia – possibly even selected it. Click here for the launch horoscope.


The launch of this modern observatory was not planned for December 19. It was originally scheduled to lift off in October. But fate stepped in. The date was changed due to the replacement of two transponders. When Gaia eventually blasted through earth’s stratosphere at the rescheduled December 19 from 9.12 am UT the Sun had moved to 27 of Sagittarius.

The 27th Sagittarian degree is the position of the Galactic Centre - the rotational pivot of the Milky Way. The Galactic Centre is a massive black hole surrounded by rich star fields birthing new worlds.

Is it uncanny astrological coincidence, or by intelligent design, that the machine designed to gather information on the origins of our existence is launched precisely on the day that the Sun comes to the horoscopic degree of the Galactic Center?

At the minute of the launch, an appropriately out of bounds Mercury in Sagittarius was rising at the Guiana Space Centre location. From ancient times Mercury has been renowned as the transmitter of information, the emissary and scribe.

Gaia’s data archive will eventually exceed one million Gigabytes, equivalent to about 200,000 DVD’s. Sagittarius is the sign pertaining to distant travel, faith and higher knowledge. Think Sagittarius the Archer - forever aiming skyward.


At Kitty Hawk when Wilbur and Orville Wright defied gravity for the first mechanical flight of 10.30 am December 17 1903, both the Sun and Moon were in Sagittarius. Perhaps by divine coincidence the Sun was positioned at 25 degrees of Sagittarius aligned with Uranus the sky god and both were pointing at the Galactic Centre.

The airplane would usher in a new method of global transportation. It’s hard to imagine that 110 years later, virtually to the day, humanity would be set to explore the infinity of deep space to such an unprecedented degree. The eye of Gaia has a billion pixels. It can pick out a human hair at 1000-kilometer distance. As digital cameras go, it carries a billion dollar price tag.

“Make no mistake, we are at the dawn of revolutionizing our understanding of the history of the Milky Way.” were the words of Alvaro Giménez, ESA’s Director of Science and Robotic Exploration. The lift off occurred with the planet of rocketry, Mars and the planet of technology, Uranus, at the geocentric midpoint of the Sun and the Moon with expansive Jupiter. The ancients would surely marvel.

DEC 15


Gun violence in the USA is frequently connected with Mars being in aspect to the 22nd degree of Gemini position that it occupied in national birth horoscope of July 4 1776. The infamous Chicago St Valentine’s Day massacre, on the morning of February 14 1929, took place with Mars at 22 degrees of Gemini. It was a macabre reminder of the gun planet returning to home base. But it only needs to oppose or square this degree area to spell potential trouble.

The three shots of the most controversial assassination of the 20th century reigned down on US President John Kennedy with Mars at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, precisely opposite its Gemini birth position. Ironically Kennedy was one of eight US presidents who was a member of the powerful gun lobby – the National Rifle Association. But little has changed America’s ideological attitude towards guns since its founding days.

The oft quoted Second Amendment, adopted during the revolutionary war, stated “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It came into force on December 15 1791, with a Sun square Mars. The red planet was positioned at 22 degrees of Virgo, exactly square the USA’s 22 degrees of Gemini Mars. See chart here.

The most outspoken advocate for the right to bear arms was NRA talking head Charlton Heston, born October 4 1923, with Mars appropriately at 21 degrees of Virgo, and again square the US Mars . Ironically, the man now calling for greater gun control is President Barack Obama, born August 4 1961, with Mars also at 22 degrees of Virgo.

The shooting that questioned the whole right to bear arms ideology, in today's world, was the slaughter of 20 children and 6 school workers at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14 2012. It was the day before the anniversary of the Second Amendment. The Sun was positioned at 22 degrees of Sagittarius as in the Second Amendment horoscope and opposite the US Mars. More than any other shooting it brought a changing mood to the country.

All of which leads up to the latest school shooting. On Friday the 13th, again reflecting the same date, at 12.23 pm in Arapahoe High School, Colorado, a shooter wounded two students before killing himself. The Sun was at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, igniting this vital degree area.


On July 1 2013 Colorado’s new gun laws came into effect. They followed the deadly Sandy Hook school shootings and the prior July 2012 Aurora theatre massacre. The position of Mars for the start of these new gun laws was 22 degrees of Gemini. Yes, that’s right back to the exact position of Mars in the birth horoscope of the USA, with the Declaration of Independence. It's a sure sign that they will be significant in the national gun debate.

Colorado’s new gun legislation requires a universal background check, and the limiting of ammunition rounds. When the laws were instituted, Colorado gun and ammunition sales rocketed, and 54 of the 64 counties contended the laws violated the Second Amendment, threatening legal action. It’s a bitter divide for the state and country.

The US economy, and its global influence, is modeled on weaponry. In stark contrast to political fabrications of seeking and destroying weapons of mass destruction, they are instead the manufacturers. Where Rome's empire had its coliseum, promoting a culture of violence to the masses, the US has Hollywood. But perhaps it is no astrological coincidence that the centre of domestic gun debate lies in Colorado.


Colorado was the 38th state, admitted to the Union on August 1 1876. Local history reveals a time around noon, reported in Marc Penfield’s ‘Horoscopes Of The Western Hemisphere’. A chart drawn for Colorado’s admission shows a Leo Sun joined to Mars, the planet of guns, and Mercury the newsmaker.

Colorado’s Mars is also united with Uranus, the volatile planet of the unexpected. Uranus is also the planet of fierce independence. This tight quadruple cluster, in the fiery sign Leo, has been activated every time Colorado has made headlines for deadly shootings. Click here for Colorado's chart.

The one that set the scene was the Ludlow massacre on April 20 1914. It was the most significant event of the Colorado Coalfield War. The Ludlow massacre is still recognized as the bloodiest labor conflict in US history, claiming between 69 and 199 lives, depending upon your reference source.

Ludlow became a lasting monument to labor’s struggle against corporate power. The shootings took place as Uranus, the planet of rebellion opposed Colorado’s Sun, Mars and Uranus. But who would have guessed that on the very same date, many years later, Colorado would again make the news for another mass shooting.


From 11.21 am on April 20 1999 Littleton, Colorado was splashed across the world news headlines. Two crazed students armed with semi-automatic handguns and a pump action shotgun, embarked on a shooting spree, killing twelve students and a teacher at the Columbine High School.

The grisly murders were the inspiration for Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’, revealing the dark political underbelly of the US gun lobby. As the Columbine carnage unfolded, transiting Mars – the planet of guns, was in a testing square to Colorado’s Sun/Mercury/Mars. Sacrificial Neptune was opposing the same lethal cluster. It was an eerie astral portent of a ground level reality.

On July 20 2012 Colorado literally shot back into the headlines. The Aurora theatre massacre, at the midnight screening of ‘The Dark Night Rises’ again ignited Colorado’s Sun, Mars cluster. The transiting Leo Moon and newsmaker Mercury were moving over it at 00.35 hours as it happened. Uranus, the planet of shock and awe was in an accommodating trine to Colorado’s Sun, Mercury and Mars. Even the transiting Mars and Jupiter were positioned sextile (60 degree angle exact) to Colorado’s Sun.

Eighty-two people were wounded – ten dying at the scene, and two later in hospital. Amazing to some, Colorado gun sales increased 43% in the week after the shooting. As fear multiplied so did the weapons. Fear is the familiar factor that fattens the coffers of the gun manufacturers, and the power of the gun lobby. And sadly, fear will continue to propagate a problem that seems to be benignly accepted as the norm.

The Friday the 13th school shooting was really a lucky escape. The assailant turned the weapon upon himself before injuring or killing any others. The truth is that since Sandy Hook there is a school shooting every two weeks in the US, they just don’t get reported as much. That's why the nation doesn’t have to look abroad for weapons of mass destruction. They are right in the home backyard. And with Mars coming back into a violent T- square formation with radical Uranus and deep brooding Pluto, they may be more prominently displayed.

But US President Barack Obama was born with his Sun on Colorado's Mars. He was born with his birth Mars right on the Mars of the Second Amendment. All of which means that he has a prominent role to play in American gun legislation. And as he was sworn in for his second term with the Moon squaring Mars, there is more to come on this one.


In my feature articile 'World Predictions 2013' I wrote about the rapid advances China would make in space technology. Here's an excerpt, but for the full article click here.

"There are two horoscopes applicable to modern China. The second is the Wuchang Uprising from approximately 8 pm on October 10 1911. The Chinese still celebrate this as Double Ten day, remembering the revolution that ended the Qing Dynasty.

The Wuchang Uprising chart last year experienced a progressed New Moon on techno whiz Uranus. This would suggest significant advances in electronic technology, energy plus flight and satellite expertise.

At 10.05 China time, on June 29, China’s space mission returned from a thirteen-day voyage, during which it docked with Tiangong 1, their first experimental space station. China, once lagging well behind the USA and USSR, is coming of age in the space race. 2013 will clearly evidence that."


On December 14 2013 at 9.11 pm Beijing time, China became the third country to effect a soft Moon landing. The was the landing of a lunar probe on the Moon in 37 years and consolidates China's long term plans for lunar exploration for energy sources. It is also confirmation of China's increasing development in satellite tracking and space technology. Click here for the horoscope and note the Moon right at the top.



Pluto symbolizes the power to transform. Pluto is the governor of the shadowlands of imprisoned souls and treasures, buried deep below the surface of visibility. Pluto is also the planet of emergent rebirth, in a more potent form, as a consequence of cathartic experience. Pluto embodies the principle that what doesn’t kill us, ultimately makes us stronger. Nelson Mandela’s life exemplified the transformational power of Pluto.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18 1918 at Mvezo, South Africa. He was born with Jupiter, the planet of justice, exalted in the caring sign of Cancer, united with regenerating Pluto. True to judicial Jupiter and reformative Pluto, Nelson was a lawyer, but one who would change the law. True to Pluto in homeland Cancer – he was a nationalist, but one who would transform his nation.

The two planets that stood at the zenith of his horoscope, defined the public life of the man. The other was Mars the fighter, placed in the balance sign of Libra – the scales of law – rising at his birth. Mars rising depicted his love of boxing, a sport he successfully embraced in his youth, and his athletic appearance. More importantly, Mandela was a fighter for equality, the highest Libran realization. Click here for the horoscope which I have timed at 10.41 am


In what might have been a message from the heavens, Mandela was born the day after the repressive Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and his family, were executed in the course of the Russian Revolution. The seeds of that revolt were sown with Tsar’s Imperial guard’s slaughtering of hundreds of unarmed protestors, on a day notoriously named Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Mandela’s legacy was also earmarked by an infamous massacre of hundreds of black South African apartheid protestors. It occurred outside the Sharpeville Police station at 1 pm on March 21 1960, killing 69 and injuring over 180. These days, it is commemorated as a national holiday in honour of human rights. The Sharpeville massacre led to the immediate banning of the Mandela led African National Congress Party.

The ANC had originally formed on January 8 1912, to give a voice to black farmers forced from their rural lifestyle under iniquitous colonial laws, to work as cheap labor for the dominant mining industry. On May 26 1948, white South Africans elected an apartheid government. It was from this oppressive political cauldron that Mandela, and his numerous supporters, achieved a truly Plutonic regeneration.


Nelson Mandela was of royal lineage. His great grandfather was Ngubengcuka, the king of the Thembu people. His father was counselor to the tribal Thembu king. When Nelson was nine his father died of lung disease, something that would eventually claim his own life at the grand age of ninety-five. He was adopted by the acting regent of the Thembu people. It assured him a fine eduction. But upon manhood left the tribe to walk his own path. In 1942 as his worldly Midheaven met his core issue Cancerian Sun, Mandela joined the ANC.

In the 1950’s, with Mandela at the helm, the ANC quintupled its membership from 20,000 to over 100,000. During this period, Uranus, the planet of independence and freedom would move across Nelson’s public orientated Midheaven and square his courageous Mars in his first house of pro-active self direction.

On June 22 1952 he was first arrested, and briefly imprisoned, after addressing a rally of 10,000 people. On this day a transiting New Moon joined Mandela’s Jupiter on his very public Midheaven. Popular Venus had progressed to his birth Sun, as the people embraced his message. Saturn, the planet of personal accountability and commitment, had just transited to his Ascendant. Incarceration was to become his calling card.

The tyrannical South African government was cracking down. As with most elitist societies, any thought of sharing the fruits of labor is reflexively denounced as a treacherous plot, and its perpetrators outlawed. With jackboot surety, Mandela was again jailed on July 30 1952 - this time under the Suppression of Communism Act.

In August 1953 he became a partner in the only black African law firm in Johannesburg. But their office was soon removed under residential relocation rules. Following the further demolition of Sophiatown, an all black suburb of Johannesburg, Mandela’s patient resolve would eventually turn toward armed resistance. Yet as his political commitment grew his personal life suffered.

By 1955/56, with progressed Venus coming to dissolving Neptune and his progressed Ascendant moving to square independent Uranus, his first marriage irretrievably broke down. Rebellious Uranus was also moving across his birth Sun. Mandela would go on to wed fellow revolutionary Winnie, who proved a loyal partner.


On December 5 1956, Mandela, now with his progressing Ascendant still squaring radical Uranus, was arrested for crimes of ‘high treason’ against the state. Although granted bail a fortnight later, the government pursued the charges. Meantime, Mandela continued with his apartheid mission.

On March 30 1960, barely a week after the Sharpeville massacre, he was again impounded, along with other party officials. The government enacted emergency laws and banned the ANC. But temporary relief was to follow. As the progressed Moon came to his beneficial Venus in the ninth house of law on March 1961, Mandela’s high treason charges were overturned. Victory was sweet – although short-lived.

By July 1962 Mandela’s Midheaven had reached the conjunction with containing Saturn. On August 5 he was again arrested for inciting workers to strike and leaving the country without permission. While still serving sentence, on June 12 1964, he was found guilty of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government. Mandela was given a life sentence. His prolonged incarceration would sound the death knell to apartheid.


A person's sense of home, early life and emotional connection can be defined by their Moon placement. In Nelson's case his Scorpio Moon is configured by hard aspect to Jupiter/Pluto and all the vital angles. See his cosmo dial here. This axis times important home moves by the mid-forties. And that is certainly how it played out.

From 1962, when Mandela was first imprisoned, until his eventual release on February 11 1990, the progressed Moon would travel from his tenth house Jupiter Pluto conjunction and back again. He would spend over 27 years, one entire progressed Moon cycle of the zodiac, in jail. But his indomitable spirit prevailed. Even the bribery of personal freedom would not deter Mandela from his cause, which he vowed to die for if necessary.

The longer Mandela remained silenced the louder his supporters, around the world, sang his song. Against the rising tide of global opinion, the unjust apartheid regime began to crumble.


It was left to President Frederik Willem de Klerk, born March 18 1936, in Johannesburg to pardon Mandela, legalize the ANC and further eliminate apartheid from South African society. Pluto again played a role. F. W. de Klerke’s transformational Pluto sat precisely on Mandela’s Sun. This powerful duo would later share the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for their role in the rainbow revolution.

1993-94 marked the height of Mandela’s political eminence. Pluto now moving through Scorpio was opportunely trining his Cancerian Sun in his tenth house of command – progressed Venus had moved into a supportive sextile with the same Sun. On May 10 1994 at 12.18 pm (a day of a Solar Eclipse) he was sworn in as the first black President of South Africa. Four hundred years of minority white rule was finally over.

At 8.50 pm December 5 2013, in Johannesburg South Africa, Pluto sank beneath the western horizon. Nelson Mandela took his final breath. Minutes later joyous Jupiter rose. The life of the father of South Africa was already being celebrated. At the same time the film of Mandela's life, 'The Long Walk To Freedom' was premiering to future kings in London. Nelson Mandela truly was a man born to rule – he did that with honour. He gave his country new meaning. He gave humanity new hope.

DEC 01


Last week's column addressed the global consequences of the ongoing Uranus and Pluto square. Analyzed was the lesser-used heliocentric square occurring on November 24. The thrust of the article discussed how the period of the heliocentric square will often produce the leading global players, and set the scene for the crucial world events. A dramatic event took place less than 24 hours after the article was posted.

At 4.30 am November 24 2013 in Geneva - Switzerland, the US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany signed a six-month nuclear containment deal with Iran. The new deal required Iran to freeze their nuclear development program, in exchange for more economic co-operation from the world powers. This historic paper theoretically buys time, allowing UN inspectors vital access into Iran’s uranium enrichments plants. Click here for the chart.

The Sagittarian Sun of the temporary truce is semisquare the vallue planet of Venus square to nebulous Neptune, the planet of oil. China, which in September became the world's largest oil importer, along with India and Japan have welcomed the deal. The world oil price has already slid, also aiding US and EU trade and economic recovery. Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil supplier, is not so happy. And is Sun/Venus/Neptune a dream of peace, rather than a reality?

The horoscope of the moment has 24 degrees of the diplomatic sign Libra rising at the Ascendant, and the brilliant fixed star Spica attached. The classical astrologers considered this eclipsing binary star a great benefic influence. Coincidentally, the modern state of Israel was also formed with Spica rising at a Libran Ascendant.

The Geneva agreement has a particular relevance to the horoscope of US President Obama. The Sun was at his status bearing Midheaven, and the Moon moving across his Sun the every moment it was signed. The consensus has been hailed as the most important diplomatic breakthrough for the USA and Iran since the 1979 Revolution.

But it’s not all so peaceful. Mars was also placed right on Obama’s Mars, and square the Mars of the USA horoscope on November 24 in Geneva. It is bound to create homeland opposition and put him in the firing line. Already the sparks are flying. Saudi Arabia, traditional enemies of Iran, have denounced the deal. But the most vehement critic is Israel’s Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu labeling it ‘an historic mistake’. Click here for Obama's chart with the agreement.

Prefacing this agreement on September 30, at the United Nations in New York, Netanyahu made his feelings clear, proclaiming ‘If Israel is forced to stand alone – Israel will stand alone'. But would Israel risk a pre-emptive attack on Iran without international backing? This week’s column looks closely into the horoscope of their leader.


Bin Netanyahu was born in Jerusalem on the morning of October 21 1949. From my work on his horoscope the time of 10.18 am seems the best fit, considering the principle events of his life. Click here for his chart.

Netanyahu is a leader whose horoscope interlocks very closely with the country he governs. It is not surprising that he was the first Israeli Prime Minister actually born in the modern state. He was also the youngest when elected, and has held this post more than once.

Despite his close connection with the horoscope of his homeland, most of Netanyahu’s education took place in the USA. He lived in Philadelphia between ages 7 and 9, and also 14 to 18. Netanyahu later returned to the USA to further his education in business management and architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He interspersed this period serving with the IDF in the Six-Day War of 1967, and also the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

He was born with the Sun and Moon conjunct in Libra, which well describes his focused objectives. The Sun is tightly (within the degree) sextile to martial Mars in fiery Leo. The same trio link neatly to the chart of modern Israel, which came into being on May 14 1948 @ 1600 hours in Tel Aviv. Netanyahu’s Sun and Moon sit at Israel’s Ascendant, as did the Sun of their first Prime Minister David ben Gurion. Netanyahu’s Mars is also conjunct Israel’s Mars. Click here for the two horoscopes.

Mars, the planet of war, would play an integral role in Netanyahu’s life. Mars solar arced to his Midheaven in July 1976, and the progressed Mars squared his Ascendant. This year was to change his life forever. His elder brother Yonatan was killed in the daring counter terrorist raid, Operation Entebbe. He was the only Israeli casualty.

This much-celebrated rescue, released over one hundred Jewish hostages held by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine from Entebbe Airport Uganda. It also cemented Netanyahu’s attitude around Israel/Palestinian relations. The commemoration of Operation Entebbe, for Netanyahu, is a stark reminder of sacrifice for his homeland.


Netanyahu’s horoscope conforms to a what the astute US astrologer Marc Edmund Jones defined as a ‘Bowl’ Pattern. This is where all the planets occupy only one half of the signs, leaving the rest blank. The life lesson of the bowl pattern is in seeing both sides of an issue.

Famous ‘bowls’ were Abraham Lincoln who presided over a divided USA during the Civil War. Even the chart of the first shot of the US Civil War on April 12 1861 conforms to a bowl pattern. Oliver Cromwell was another born into the ‘Bowl’, who governed a divided England. North and South Korea were created under this same pattern. I think you get the idea.

In further dissecting the bowl pattern, the significant planet is the one moving clockwise toward the empty space. In Netanyahu’s case this planet is intransigent Uranus, the rebel with, or without, a cause. Uranus is famous for playing by its own rules. It can signify a highly original, even ingenious approach, or the inflexible eccentric. Either way a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude is not uncommon. Uranus squares Netanyahu’s Mercury, it colors his thinking.


Netanyahu’s rise and fall and rise again, have coincided closely with his 30-year lunar cycle. By the time his horoscope had progressed to its New Moon phase in 1979 Bin had formed an anti-terror institute named after his late brother. Through this organization he had held a number of international conferences on the subject of global terrorism.

Midway through his first quarter progressed Moon phase, during 1988, Netanyahu joined the Likud party. By his progressed Full Moon phase, on the 18th of June 1996, he has succeeded to Prime Minister of Israel. This shock win had been preceded by a number of suicide bombings, which weakened the authority of his opponent Simon Peres.

If Netanyahu’s rise was rapid, his fall was equally fast. Following a vote of no confidence in the government, he was soundly defeated in May 1999. He left office under a cloud of corruption charges, marriage scandals, and a stalling peace process. But he would rise again.

As his horoscope suggested, Netanyahu returned as Prime Minister of Israel for a second time, at 11.20 pm on March 31 2009. He was only a fortnight away from his latest progressed New Moon. This was a telling New moon. It was square his progressed Mars. The martial planet was about to feature strongly as Netanyahu was to adopt a more militaristic approach second time around.

All of which marks Mars extended transit through Libra, (from December until late July next year), extra important for Netanyahu, Israel and the Middle East. Why? Because during the latter part of February and early March, the red planet will station on Netanyahu’s Libran Sun, and throughout May it will station on his Mercury. Remember, Mars is the warrior.

Across 2014 Netanyahu’s progressed Sun will form an opposition to intransigent Uranus, and sesquisquare obsessive Pluto. This combination will deliver the most testing time of Netanyahu’s tenure. He is being pressured to change himself and yet these are the signals of the revolutionary. Netanyahu has modeled his entire political career on the defense of Israel. The less they are threatened, the less his political relevance.

The Iranian nuclear deal - now known as P5+1 - is testimony that global economics and trade override national politics from Washington, Beijing, Mumbai to Teheran. But Netanyahu has made it clear that nuclear power in Iran, in any form, is a no go. His commitment to that end, along with the deep resentment of Saudi Arabia, are the catalysts of future crisis. February of 2014, and the April 22 Grand Cross activating Israel's Mars and the USA's leadership Sun highlight the times of such challenges.



If you've always wanted to learn astrology from the ground up, or are keen to resume studies, the Sirius astrology school will be back on track during February. Click on this link for details.

Finally, if you're still getting that old zodiac debate throw at you have a read of this. I'll be leaving the link here for a while for the open minded, as good ammunition to direct at the more closed craniums.



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Sirius School of Astrology

Sirius School of Astrology offers comprehensive astrological education in all facets of Astrology. Students can learn for personal improvement or attain professional qualification.





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Children's Astrology

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