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DEC 30


If you examine the first published horoscope of the USA of July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours LMT Philadelphia, the positioning of Pluto in the second house of earning capacity says it all. Pluto is the ancient Roman ruler of wealth, and the underground power behind the throne.

Pluto represents plutocrats. Analyzing the movement Pluto, against the backdrop of the United States horoscope, paints an accurate picture of the nation's fluctuating wealth and power.

Pluto first reached the nadir, or foundation, of the American horoscope in 1823. The base of the horoscope represents the home area of a national chart. On December 2, of the same year, the Monroe Doctrine became a defining act in US foreign policy.

The Monroe Doctrine established the national home, free from European incursion. It effectively divided the Old World of Europe from the New World of the Americas.


Pluto rose into the upper hemisphere of the USA chart transiting into the seventh house of international relations during the 1890's. This decade saw American ingenuity and invention begin to push to the forefront of world technology, and also involve the nation in its first imperial war against Spain.

Pluto's financial ramifications were equally evident with the 1895 bailing out of the U.S. Treasury, by plutocrats the Rothschilds and J.P. Morgan. The rescue package came via a $65 million gold loan to the United States government. Also the world’s primary financial index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was born on May 26, 1896.

But by February 15 1898 @ 21.40 hours, with Pluto still hovering at the US Descendant, the US Maine was bombed in Havana Harbour. It sank with the loss of 260 sailors lives. This act of state aggression would propel the USA into its first imperial war against Spain.

Interestingly when Pluto reversed this position during September 2001 the US were again attacked leading into war. The 1898 war saw the US increase its worldly reach, and wealth, annexing the Philippines, Guam and Cuba in the process.


During the first half of the last century, as Pluto rose through the US national horoscope toward the zenith, the country grew in economic power and military muscle. However, by the 1930’s Pluto was moving through the US eighth house of debt and taxation, approaching the commerce planet of Mercury, and about to oppose itself. That's when economic disaster struck.

The Roaring Twenties had concentrated enormous national wealth unevenly into the hands of a moneyed elite. This imbalance precipitated an economic and social meltdown. It came in the form of the very plutonic Great Depression.

Pluto is brutal in application. It is the planet of destruction and reconstruction. These years also brought reformation of the US tax system and overall financial philosophy. Not until Pluto began to leave the opposition with itself, following 1937, did the country begin to dig its way out of its plutonic black hole.


During the early 1960’s Pluto would square the international relating axis of the USA horoscope’s Ascendant/Descendant. This momentous transit would coincide with the greatest global threat since WWII. Such was the nuclear showdown between the USA and USSR, known as the Cuban Missile crisis.

Pluto, lord of death and destruction, had momentarily put the entire world on a fear footing. Each connection of Pluto, to one of the four angles of the US chart, would prove crucial regarding international relations. Pluto would move to the very top of the US horoscope by 1971. The economic ramifications were immediate.


On May 5 that year European banks stopped currency trading as the US dollar flooded the market threatening the Deutsche Mark. On the evening of August 15 1971 President Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods Agreement, a global economic arrangement from WWII, by taking the US dollar off the gold standard.

The move had enormous ramifications for international finance, as well as the national economy. Nixon would, in December of the same year, devalue the dollar for only the second time in history. He also imposed a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents. 1971 was the USA’s peak oil year for mainland production.

By February 22 1973, with Pluto still in close proximity to the US Midheaven, and squaring its Venus, Nixon would become the first US President to visit mainland China and defrost the Sino US relations. Who can tell what future ramifications that visit had toward China’s eventual capitalization.

On April 4 1973 the ribbon was cut to open the World Trade Center an archetypal symbol of US economic supremacy. But for Nixon, his own underground ‘plutonic’ activities would eventually see him resign in disgrace in the wake of Watergate.


Pluto’s square to itself marked the election of Ronald Reagan. His favor to the plutocrats was a policy of government deregulation, and record tax cuts. This led to the investment era of the 80’s and movies like “Wall St”, espousing ‘greed is good’ as a capitalist mantra.

Reagan's restructure revived a stagnnat economy and restored American power. But Reagan's policies also came at a cost as they eventually ran the US budget into deficit.

Pluto’s next soujourn in the US horoscope was across the Ascendant in 2001. As it did, it semisquared itself. The last time Pluto had moved across this axis, and simultaneously formed a hard angle to itself, coincided with the USA/Spanish War. This time war came via the destruction of the World Trade Towers, the archetypal symbol of American wealth.

The initial terrorist attack closed the NYSE for days. But the subsequent invasion of oil rich Iraq pushed the market index to new record levels. It wouldn’t last. Pluto’s entry into Capricorn would see it oppose the US value and expansion planets, of Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. The markets tanked, and the country plunged into deep recession.

Pluto’s opposition to Venus by March of 2009 effectively halved the Dow Jones Index from its 2007 highs. It also synched with the largest government stimulus package in world history. The US ran a record budget deficit.


Tax is a complex subject – even for an accountant. Each country has a different tax structure and direct comparisons can sometimes be misleading. But some things are outstanding. Of all the countries in the Organization of Economic C-operation and Development (OECD) only Chile and Mexico have lower individual tax rates than the USA.

Pluto is headed for an opposition with the USA’s Cancerian birth Sun by 2014 and an eventual return to its birth position. That, and the fact that the current Pluto is also being squared by the rebellious Uranus makes this a very challenging economic time ahead.

The US Congress is still in the hands of the plutocrats, presiding over an economic imbalance that threatens the country’s financial future. The opposition phase to the leadership Sun represents their indifference to any authority.

The lessons of the inequality of the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression, or the reduced tax rates, leading into the current global financial crisis, have not been acted upon. But if history is any guide, in times of national economic turmoil, tax hikes have been a necessary and unfortunate inevitability.

DEC 23


Up in the heavens an ominous planetary arrangement was perfecting. Each of the planets involved had nothing in common with the other, by astrological element or quality. They were not on speaking terms. Judical Jupiter was in Gemini’s mutable air, conservative Saturn was in Scorpio’s fixed water, and plutocrat Pluto in Capricorn’s cardinal earth.

Technicalities aside the unfolding Yod pattern produces a jarring event, a lack of compromise, or crisis point. Life’s direction actually becomes more obscure than before – albeit temporarily. Under these conditions US President Barack Obama, and Republican House Speaker John Boehner began their Mexican stand off on the country's fiscal future.

The fateful Yod was due to perfect on the 20th leading into the festivities of Christmas. At 8 pm that evening we learned how effectively it could play out. The Republican House Speaker John Boehner saw his compromise financial package rejected by his own party. There was no deal on the table for Christmas.

Boehner’s colleagues torpedoed a plan involving a tax rise on incomes over $1 million each year. The refusal to budge on tax increases meant that, like the Fool Card of the Tarot, Congress collectively had pushed a country already in a financial quandary, right to the precipice.

Sometimes repeating celestial phenomena (this planetary formation is a virtual recurrence of the middle of May 1989) plays out in amazingly similar terrestrial procedures. Back in 1989 the House Speaker, James Wright, was forced from office. It was the only time a Speaker of the House had ever resigned. On this portent alone, Boehner was facing a tough time.


Two years ago John Boehner, born November 17 1949, was riding high. His progressed Sun had come to success factor Jupiter and was culminating in a progressed New Moon on the triumphant planet of growth. Boehner was elected Speaker of the House and was moved to tears at his acceptance speech. There were no tears shed last Thursday.

Boehner’s future indications are uninviting. Currently solar arc directed Saturn sits on his negotiating Mercury, suggesting blockages, detours or concessions ahead. Solar arc directed Venus also opposes his birth Saturn implying his values and popularity challenged. Add to that the transit of Saturn through Scorpio and we may have another House Speaker, who either doesn’t see out the term, or is replaced by the next elections.


From now until January 19 the horoscope of the USA – July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours LMT Philadelphia, is under increased stress. At the moment the planets representing the national wealth and expansion, being Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, are fielding oppositions from the transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus right through to January 14, along with a square from the unpredictable Uranus.

Collectively this is throwing the economy into temporary chaos due to the uncertainty, around willful and non-co-operative Uranus. By mid January the commanding Sun, and negotiating Mercury will highlight the only natal opposition in the US horoscope. This is the opposition between the powerbroker Pluto in the US second house of money and earning capacity, and their birth Mercury in their eighth house of investment and taxation.

With the US progressed Moon also about to square the taxation based Mercury and the US progressed Sun also squaring their birth Uranus change cannot be avoided. The tax structure simply has to be overhauled. It would stand to reason that if what you have isn’t working – you have to fix it – resistance is useless. It may be a long protracted fight but as Jupiter the lawmaker departs the Yod soon temporary concessions can be made.

Jupiter will move forward by late January and then in mid March finish it’s interplay with conservative Saturn and powerplay Pluto. Meanwhile the President is steeling himself for another challenge. With aggressive Mars all over his chart (see last week's article) he is staring down the barrel of the influential gun lobby.


Like the legendary Paladin, Wayne LaPierre is a man who knows guns. He is the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, a political lobby of 4.3 million members. LaPierre is their traveling PR machine.

His latest statements blaming shooting violence on gun free zones and advocating guns and armed guards in schools is sure to attract further controversy. Columbine had an armed guard who exchanged shots with the killers there - it had no effect. Perhaps LaPierre is suggesting a battalion?

LaPierre, was born November 8 1948, with a forceful Scorpio Sun squaring intense Pluto, the planet of the underworld. His brotherhood Aquarian Moon locks in a formidable fixed T-Square formation.

When the Sun and Moon are square, the individual is highly motivated, yet their emotions can be at odds with will. In these fixed signs, LaPierre would have an inbuilt resistance to change, and his early family life probably reflected such intransigence.

LaPierre’s Sun is also sesquisquare willful Uranus, which highlights the the worldly axis Vernal Point. At large he would be seen as an activist, promoting freedom from restraint, and inhibitory regulation.

His planet of weaponry and warfare, Mars, is in unrestrained Sagittarius and in exact supportive trine to the power player of Pluto. Both are tied by degree to his steadfast Scorpio Sun.


LaPierre is an unrelenting gun crusader. He delivers a weekly podcast aligned to gun rights. He has authored four books “Guns, Crime, and Freedom”, “Shooting Straight: Telling the Truth About Guns in America”, “Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism”, “The Global War on Your Guns”, and just for good measure “The Essential Second Amendment Guide”.

When the Sandy Hook massacre occurred the National Rifle Association deactivated their Facebook page. But LaPierre is now going public with rearguard action. Fittingly this happens as the current Mercury, the communications and media planet comes to meet his militant Mars, and transiting Mars also comes to square his Mercury. It’s almost too fitting.

LaPierre’s wild west style answer to the Sandy Hook tragedy was that, ‘The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’ His philosophy has all the logic of buying more matches to put out a bushfire, but it's perfect fodder for the gun industry.

LaPierre proprosed a national database on those with mental health problems. Yet his organisation have blocked at very chance the possibility of a national gun register. They have also worked to dismantle Michigan's statewide pistol registry. Clearly they have an agenda which has nothing to do with public safety.

Expect to hear a lot more from Wayne LaPierre between the 15th and 18th of January when fiery Mars will activate his Sun/Moon/Pluto T-Square. LaPierre’s horoscope impacts appropriately on the USA horocope of July 4 1776 at 17.10 hours LMT Philadelphia.

Overlaying the two charts places his ‘gun’ planet Mars in Sagittarius right around the US Sagittarian Ascendant. As the rising sign represents the national identity and outlook this Mars placement is an appropriate match for the man who puts guns on the national agenda.

DEC 16


December 14 2012. In the evening twilight outside the White House a man shouts into a megaphone about changing the world in light of a massacre. The man on the inside can effect that change. As a nation is simultaneously mournful, reviled and incensed - the time has arrived.

It’s with great sadness that I begin this week’s column. My sympathies are with the victims and the families affected by the Sandy Hook school massacre. History will show that from 9.35 am on Friday Dec 14 2012, in the postcard like village of Newtown Connecticut, one man with a gun took twenty-six lives, including twenty innocent children aged between five and ten.

At the time the shooting began Mars, the planet of guns, bullets and war, was rising in the governmental sign of Capricorn. The public Moon was moving over Pluto, the planet of death, afterlife and the underworld – but also that of inevitable transformation. Here's the horoscope link.

At the scene rescue workers were crying. A tearful President addressed a nation in shock. A vigilant crowd outside the White House burned candles for the victims. Twenty eight lives were senselessly sacrificed - for what. In a school attack on the other side of the globe, not involving guns, everyone survived. There's a message in there somewhere.


President Barack Obama, born August 4 1961 @ 19.24 hours in Honolulu Hawaii. Right now he has Mars all over his horoscope. Why is that significant? Mars is the planet of war, and the weapons of war – Mars is the planet of guns.

Obama has solar arc directed Mars challengingly squaring his birth Sun. Obama has his secondary progressed Mars opposing his progressed Ascendant. He is intimately involved with all of those things represented by Mars.

He also makes dangerous and aggressive enemies. The current Mars in the skies trines Obama’s birth Mars. It cries out for decisive action.

These influences can be read in different ways. Mars may mean a more perilous time ahead. But if the planets have an evolutionary message, they read use it or lose it. This is also a leader’s chance to show some Martial courage and grit.

It’s not unusual that Obama would be dealing with real Mars issues – like mass shootings or even a gun lobby. The President now has Mars coming to meet his control and legislative planets of Saturn and Jupiter. A thoughtful and measured approach is called for.


The USA right to bear arms predates even the revolutionary war. It emanates from the English Bill Of Rights of December 16 1689, whereby King James could not disarm his Protestant subjects. The USA was then a British colony and the rights of Protestants bearing arms was part of colonial law.

On December the 15th 1791 the US Constitution adopted their own Bill Of Rights. The Second Amendment read, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

Is it curious astrological coincidence that virtually on the same December date of these government acts that a school shooting would put this act under public scrutiny? Could this ensure, against all odds, that there will be a legislative change, in the light of the Sandy Hooks Elementary School massacre.


The USA was formed at 17.10 hours on July 4 1776 in Philadelphia with the Independence Declaration. The US Mars is situated in the information sign of Gemini and school massacres are fairly common. Since the Columbine massacre the US have witnessed thirty-one school shootings, more than double that of the entire world.

In the USA horoscope Mars also squares covert and obfuscating Neptune. That is where the mythology of the gun has been interwoven into US culture and indelibly in its media and entertainment industry. The Sagittarian New Moon of December 13 was opposing the US Mars and squaring the Neptune, triggering a tragedy.

Barack Obama has his Mars semisquaring Neptune – and his Mars also falls on the USA Neptune. It’s that cosmic connection that brings Obama in as a major player.

On April 20 1999 in Littleton Colorado Mars was again squaring Neptune. From 11.21 a.m. Columbine High School became world famous when two crazed students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shot thirty three students, killing eleven and one teacher. Since that day the US gun lobby has faced increasing pressure from a concerned public about school shootings, and easy access to lethal weapons.


When the right to bear arms becomes more important than the right to life, real liberty is under threat. But that’s not what you’ll hear from the National Rifle Association, formed November 17 1871 in New York. They’ll tell you that it’s not the guns – it’s the people. Their motto is guns don’t kill - people do. Makes you wonder what guns are actually designed for then.

Since the Columbine High School massacre they’ve had a harder time explaining it all away. The National Rifle Association horoscope has a combination of Saturn, the planet of conservatism and apprehension, united to Mars. Much of the gun debate is based around fear, loss of liberty, and largely fueled by traditional connections to the distant past.

This week Pluto, the underworld planet of death and transformation moves around the National Rifle Association’s military Mars and the conservative Saturn. Pluto is also the agent of deep and cathartic change, and brings suppressed and hidden elements to the surface. The recent November Solar Eclipse was also close to the Sun of the National Rifle Association, so change is on the way.


The killer, Adam Lanza, was born April 22 1992 in Kingston, New Hampshire. He was an honors student at Newtown High School, and he came from a well-educated, respected family. Adam’s brother described him as having a personality disorder. He was rumored to suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome – both involve limited empathy with others.

His horoscope may offer some concrete clues, as this normally well-behaved individual, did not really develop close enduring friendships. Adam was said to be shy and withdrawn, living in his own world. That is classic Venus Neptune and the escapist tendency, which plays out powerfully in his birth chart horoscope, as they are in square. Adam also had Venus in square to unpredictable Uranus. This double influence suggests inconstancy within relationships.

Astrologically this is much more in keeping with the lack of empathy that he may have exhibited. Adam was also born with a Taurean Sun semisquare the more aggressive Mars. On the days before the shooting the anger planet of Mars was activating his Venus Uranus Neptune relationship axis.

There are other indications of difficulty with articulating emotions contained in his reserved Capricorn Moon in square to Mercury the communications planet from birth. Here the rational mind and emotional self can be finding themselves literally at cross-purposes. His Mercury is also forming a difficult angle to obsessive Pluto. Whilst this can help with studies, it also creates an intense mental focus.


At the time of the massacre Adams’s progressing Mars – being anger, aggression and competition, had come to meet Mercury, the plant of mind. Mercury also rules students and primary or elementary educational institutions. The combination of militant Mars to Mercury and also the Pluto intensified angry responses. This behavioral change may have been apparent even before the shootings.

Last week I wrote about a looming focused Yod affecting the horoscope of the USA. I wrote of Jupiter, the planet of justice, sitting at their Descendant and how such has coincided with increased military involvement and/or civil unrest in the past. The Yod forces one to recognize uncomfortable adjustment and deal with it through sacrifice.

If a civilized society cannot move on from its divisive and degenerative mistrust, fear, and paranoia that has almost half of all Americans owning a gun, then there is no need to worry about any apocalypse on December 21. In the USA – it will have already happened.



On Monday December 3 the ‘royal planet’ Jupiter, in the information sign of Gemini, was rising across London. The Sun, exactly opposite, shone directly on Jupiter, bestowing maximum brightness that evening onto the regal planet.

At 16.01 hours precisely a statement was issued from St James Palace: “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby.”

Jupiter had signaled the royal birth of the expectant father, Prince William, many years prior. It stood directly above London when he took his first breath at 9.03 pm on June 21 1982. Jupiter was also prominent in the Royal Wedding horoscope of April 29 2011 at 11.20 a.m. (BST) as the couple exchanged their vows. See the royal wedding horoscope here.

Jupiter was then joined to Mars, which ruled the fifth house of children, in the wedding horoscope. This was a positive indicator for children. The progressing Moon (maternal timer) would move across the Mars from May 23, coming to meet the Jupiter on July 6 2013.


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a Capricorn, born January 9 1982 in Reading, Berkshire. The book “William and Kate: a Royal Love Story”, mentions her as an afternoon birth, with the time unconfirmed.

However were it to be somewhere around the middle of the afternoon, say 3 pm, then it would show the life changing dwarf planet of Pluto appropriately moving into the seventh house of marriage during 2011.

An afternoon birth of between 2 and 4 pm would also tend to place three, and up to four planets in her fifth house of children. One of these is Saturn, a planet of maturity and acute responsibility.

At the completion of the Saturn cycle, around age twenty-nine, people often make important life-changing decisions. Kate was experiencing her Saturn return when she married.

Saturn is an important planet for the Duchess. It is the ruler of her sun-sign Capricorn, and was in a testing square to both the Sun and Moon when she was born. Kate was a Full Moon child, with the Moon in the motherly sign of Cancer.

Full Moon people find it hard to keep out of the spotlight. Her status mindful Capricorn Sun searches for a balance with her maternal Cancer Moon.


Also with Saturn in her house of children is Jupiter. Jupiter, the planet most associated with royalty, was in a testing square with loving Venus and mindful Mercury at her birth. This arrangement can spell a refined artistic taste, a sense of luxury and an advantageous marriage.

At the time that Kate was taken to hospital, restrictive Saturn was transiting across her Jupiter, and squaring her Mercury and Venus. Saturn tends to make hard work out of something, being a planet of labor in the truest sense. Saturn can place conditions around an issue. Saturn returns to meet the Jupiter again in the middle of 2013 when the royal birth would be expected.


Kate’s hospital stay was also clouded with unexpected controversy. Sydney radio hosts Mel Grieg and Michael Christian from 2Day-FM phoned the hospital, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

At approximately 5.30 am London time on Tuesday the 4th the presenters were put through to Middleton’s private nurse for an update on her condition. Deceptive Neptune was at the base of this hoax call horoscope. Mercury, the planet of communication was at the midpoint of the public Moon and covert Neptune.

The joke then tragically snowballed. At 9.35 a.m. GMT time Friday morning London police found the nurse who received the call dead in her apartment, a possible suicide. Suddenly the hosts five minutes of childish fame became worldwide shame. It was truly ‘black cloud’ Saturn stuff hanging over what should have been a joyous announcement.

The Royals, the radio station, and the unfortunate relatives of the deceased nurse may not be the only ones feeling 'out of sorts' at the moment. Across the globe there may be situations of uncomfortbale adjustment and sacrifice as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto align in a classic rare angle known as a focussed Yod.


The planetary “Yod” formation is an astrological aspect shaping, frequently referred to as the ‘Finger of Fate’. It features two planets connected to a third, which has nothing in common, by element, quality or gender with the original two.

Visually a Yod looks like an isosceles triangle or teepee tent, with the alien planet at the apex. Its effect is to throw situations off balance, usually through a hasty and often uncomfortable adjustment.

When clients experience this configuration their lives undergo periods of rapid re-alignment, and sudden alteration. On the worldly stage, Yod formations from slow moving outer planets are rare. But there is one forming now, which will be fully operational between December 17 – 22.


Jupiter moving through Gemini will form a Yod with fellow outers Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. To find this trio in a similar formation we have to star trek back to May 19 1989.

Back then Jupiter was again in Gemini and Saturn and Pluto reversed their positions in Scorpio and Capricorn. But as this has only happened once across the entire last century, it is worthwhile taking a look at.

The previous formation synched in with civil unrest, revolution and also high drama in Chinese, Soviet and US politics. On May 14 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev, facing restructure of his own country, became the first Soviet leader to visit China.

Gorbachev’s state welcome had to be transferred from Tainanmen Square as Chinese student protests were reaching a crescendo. Judicial Jupiter perfected this Yod formation with Saturn and Pluto, the planets of tradition and power, by May 19th. A new Moon would join the Jupiter by June 4 1989.

It was a period of tense stand off. The world watched as the New Moon focused on the Yod by June 4. The Chinese government gave the go-ahead for army tanks to roll through Beijing and soldiers fired upon the students, brutally crushing the protests.

As the current Yod comes to perfection Egypt has a rising tide of unrest following the revolution. But it may not be the only country to experience turbulence now coming to a head between governments and their populace.


On June 6 1989 under the same Yod, Jim Wright, the US Speaker of the House resigned. He had little choice due to a growing scandal and a House Committee investigation.

Years prior Wright’s chief aide, John Mack, had attacked a Pamela Small, slashing her throat and placing her in his car boot and going to a movie. Small survived to report the attack, and Mack was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars.

But Mack, who was inter-related to Jim Wright, wrote to him frequently. Mack was subsequently paroled, serving barely two years. He then went to work for Jim Wright on Capitol Hill. The light sentence smacked of possible interference.

The House Ethics Committee also investigated Jim Wright over nepotism involving his wife. On May 31 1989 he tendered his resignation, and by June 6 had been replaced as the House Speaker. He became the first Speaker of the House ever to resign the post.

As the fateful Yod comes to meet the US horoscope, judicial Jupiter will sit at the Descendant. Over the last century this position has coincided with increased US military involvement and civil unrest.

As Jupiter returns the current House Speaker, John Boehner, and President Barack Obama are locked in unyielding debate over US tax policy and financial allocations.

Jupiter was at this position during the market collapse of 1929/30 leading into the Great Depression. It makes it all the more important to learn the lessons of history, as the USA faces their current looming fiscal cliff. More next week.

DEC 02


Neptune is the mythological king of the seas. On April 5 2011 it moved into the oceanic sign Pisces. Less than a month before its entry Japan experienced one of the largest undersea earthquakes ever recorded. The damage from the resultant tsunami sent the country into recession. It ranked as the worst natural disaster to affect the land of the setting sun.

Neptune in Pisces has the world thinking more about chaotic weather patterns and rising sea levels. Science attributes the fast growing phenomena to fossil fuels creating a global sauna. The east coast of the USA experienced the Neptune effect on the eve of the Presidential election. The deluge of Hurricane Sandy caused widespread damage, and billions of dollars of property damage and displacement.

Ongoing tests on the melting polar cap have reinforced the need for urgent, decisive action. Yet enforcing change on governments and business, in times of economic woe, has become a difficult political issue. Most of the leading economies are dragging their feet on climate change, but instead are among the worst environmental polluters.

Neptune in Pisces will place the astrological focus on international issues connected to waterways and supplies, oil and gas energy sources, and the drug industry, both legal and illegal. These are all areas that Neptune governs. As Mexico battles to combat the riches of the drug barons, California struggles with future water supplies.

Geopolitically, Neptune in Pisces is having its effect already. The power shift in Libya had less to do with Mahmoud Gaddafi, than it had to do with Libya having a large slice of the world’s untapped oil. Europe and the USA will depend on this supply. The same can be said of the power struggles in oil rich Nigeria, and the Middle East overall.

The Palestinian owned natural gas supplies that lie immediately off the coast of Gaza could quickly solve the poverty problem that dogs the 1.7 million inhabitants of this tiny strip. Their government would dearly love to utilize this source of wealth. But they remain untapped for political reasons. This weeks United Nations developments may be a step toward changing that unfortunate situation.


Sixty-five years to the date that the UN approved partition plans for Palestine and Israel, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the United Nations for the Palestinian birth certificate. He finally got it.

At 4.49 p.m. Thursday the 29th of November 2012 the Palestinian nation achieved recognition as a non-member observer state within the United Nations. And when that recognition finally arrived – it was overwhelming. 138 nations voted for them, with only 9 against, and 41 abstaining. See horoscope here.

Out of those 9 objecting, some had populations not much bigger than the council precinct you live in. Take the Marshall Islands for example. They total sixty eight thousand people in all - equal to a decent football crowd. That’s less than 2% of the Palestine population, having a vote on their future. But the Marshall Islands is a United Nations full member 'voting' state.

The Marshall Islands is where the US did their nuclear testing after WWII. They exploded their largest ever hydrogen bomb, Castle Bravo, at Bikini Atoll. The Atomic Energy Commission once dubbed this area the most contaminated land in the world. Today the US conducts their Pacific missile tests here, and subsidize the existing population.

Nauru got to vote on Palestinian membership. Nauru is the second least populated country in the world. Nauru have a population of merely 9,300 people - an extremely small footy crowd. Those few voted on the future of 4 million, who for years have been lobbied out of the world political forum.

Israel and the USA vote as a block, and led the smaller coutries vote against Palestine. But on this issue the only lands with a population of more than a million that voted with the US and Israel were Canada, Czechoslovakia and Panama.

There is a clear message too that the other countries feel the 'US only' led peace process has failed. Perhaps it is now time for a co-alition of countries, or a collective effort, to get Israel and Palestine to the negotiating table.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard had intended following the US Israel vote. She was intent to over-rule her advisers, something she had always accused Kevin Rudd of. But faced with unrelenting opposition, and a humiliating Caucus defeat she was forced to reverse her decision.

The Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr and his party colleagues challenged Gillard on illegal Israeli settlements still being built on Palestinian land, in defiance of UN resolutions.

This, coupled with the fatalities of the Gaza flotilla raid is leading to the isolation of Israeli strong-arm policies and supporters. As conservatives in the US complain of a falling empire, blind allegiances only accelerate the slide.

How the geopolitical tide has irrevocably turned, and especially so since the hawkish Bin Netanyahu has become the Prime Minister of Israel. Israel's international ambassadors are being openly questioned by major western powers regarding Netanyahu's aggressive defiance of UN resolutions.


Critics label Palestine’s win as symbolic only – reasoning that it matters little. Which begs the question - if the US and Israel really thought that this was merely a symbolic gesture, then why did they fight tooth and nail to prevent it happening?

The answer may be that the Palestinians may now gain access to the International Criminal Court, where they can appeal illegal Israeli settlements, or apartheid treatment.

Meanwhile Israel has immediately announced plans for another 3,500 illegal West Bank settlements in defiance of the recent UN decision. Such moves only further illustrate the injustice of the entire situation.

The planet of justice is Jupiter, which rises in this UN acceptance horoscope. The Jupiter however is caught in a difficult yod between the wealth and power planet of Pluto, and the traditional status quo planet of Saturn. So achieving justice will still be quite a battle.

The original Palestine Independence chart of November 15 1988, at 01.38 am CET in Algiers, reflects the current success the country is enjoying on the world stage. Here the expansive and successful Jupiter is transiting around its recognition point of the Midheaven. See biwheel horoscope here.


The original 1947 plan of the United Nations was to allot the two peoples separate boundary’s, with the holy city of Jerusalem being administered by the United Nations. Sadly that never came to fruition. Constant clashes between the Arabs and Jews led to withdrawal of the British peacekeeping forces. There were several key events propelling this.

At 12.36 p.m. July 26 1946 Jewish terrorists bombed the King David Hotel leading to the death of 92 people. This also destroyed the British intelligence papers on the terrorist groups. On 3.30 pm on Saturday March 1 1947 the British Officers Club was also bombed by Jewish extremists taking seventeen British officers lives.

These acts, and public pressure from the British media all contributed to forcing the British peacekeepers out of Palestine and accelerated Israel’s independence.

Astrologers reading will be fascinated to see the symmetry between the bombing of the Hotel David and the birth chart of modern Israel of May 14 1948 @ 4 pm EET at Tel Aviv. See biwheel here.

The United Nations may have been largely ineffective in directly dealing with the political and religious differences of the Middle East. Yet they remain a force in mobilizing world opinion, and awareness is the primary mechanism of effective change.

Nov 25


The roots of the Hamas movement were planted after the Six Day War of June 1967. They grew through the Muslim Brotherhood and social work projects along the Gaza Strip.

Ironically, they were aided by Israel. Independent reporter Robert Fisk, the foremost Middle East correspondent, describes this intimately in his thousand plus pages study, ‘The Great War For Civilization’.

Israel aiding and abetting Hamas has been substantiated by US intelligence, and reinforced by Anthony H. Cordesman of the Center For Strategic and International Studies.

The connection was even the subject of a Congress Address by US politician and Presidential candidate Ron Paul, following the previous Gaza War of 2009. Paul likens it to the US support of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden coming back to haunt further down the track. Click on this link to hear Ron Paul’s Congress address.

Israel’s aid was for a dual purpose. Internal security supplied financial support to rival groups of Yassar Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization. They were working along the divide and conquer theory. The net result was Palestinians having fierce rivals as competing political factions.


The 1979 Iranian Revolution created a geopolitical shift in the Middle East, and encouraged Islamic fundamentalist movements. HAMAS first went public on December 14 1987, issuing a pamphlet at the beginning of the First Intifada.

The organisation was formed on the evening of the 9th, at a meeting involving their spirtual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The stellar patterning at this time placed the Sagittarian Sun joined with both traditional Saturn - the planet of land - and also rebellious Uranus.

The Hamas formation horoscope also has a deadly Mars Pluto combination in vengeful Scorpio. This lethal duo hook in with the Sun, Saturn and Uranus, for their official announcement, creating a strong insurgent combination. The formation took place on the day of the death of four Palestinian labourers near the checkpoint of the Green and Gaza.

Further, on August 18 1988 the newly formed militants issued an important covenant for Palestine, but this time founded on shari’a (Islamic) law.

Disillusioned that traditional diplomatic efforts had failed to secure sufficient progress on a homeland, Hamas adopted a more forceful approach. By September 28 1989 Israel had declared Hamas a terrorist group. The issuance of the 1988 covenant was an important development in the Hamas evolution and a chart erected for that act reveals why.


On August 18 1988 the fiery Leo Sun has a supportive trine from rebellious Uranus and also traditional Saturn. This dichotomy suggests that the ideals of Hamas receive support, from not only the insurgent factions, but also traditional Islamic sources. This gives them considerable resilience, and backing.

The first Zionist Conference of August 29 1897, which led to the creation of modern Israel, also had the planet of tradition and land, Saturn, with the more radical force of change in Uranus, just as both the Hamas charts display.

A defining feature of the Hamas Covenant horoscope is the testing cardinal T-Square involving a Venus in Cancer, squaring Mars in Aries, squaring Neptune in Capricorn. The Sun at 25 degrees of Leo also forms a hard aspect to this whole T-Square.

The complete formation reveals a celestial axis, from which it is possible to time significant events. The current revolutionary square of insurgent Uranus and destructive Pluto will be doing just that during May 2013. But back to the history...


On January 25 2006 Palestine held their first democratic legislative elections for ten years. Turnout for the elections was a promising three quarters of the population. The result came as a surprise for Israel and the USA. The Palestinians, following years of fruitless dead end negotiation, voted for Hamas above the ruling Fatah party by 74 seats to 45.

Hamas had run on a platform of change and reform. The reactions to the Hamas victory were that the USA, Israel, the European Union, western allies, and some Arab states immediately imposed sanctions on Palestine, suspending some essential foreign aid.

Despite faction fighting between Hamas and Fatah, and subversive western backing for Fatah, Hamas survived. Finally the two warring sides forged an agreement on April 27 2011, which was formally signed on May 4 2011 in Cairo.

This prompted an angry reaction from Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, stating "The Palestinian Authority must choose either peace with Israel or peace with Hamas. There is no possibility for peace with both…"


The horoscope of the Hamas election victory places the Sun and negotiating Mercury in the ‘universal brotherhood’ sign of Aquarius. However the Sun/Mercury union opposes Saturn – the planet of restriction, convention and tradition.

The Hamas government would feel opposed by the old guard globally. Soon after their victory, British intelligence, began counter measures to support and strengthen Fatah.

The election horoscope has a challenging fixed T-Square, with assertive Mars opposing Jupiter the lawgiver, and square the spiritual, but also sacrificial Neptune. There is more than a hint of the spiritual warrior, or martyr in this horoscope. The Mars position in determined Taurus also tells a story, especially when matched with the horoscope of Israel.


When compared with Israel’s horoscope of May 14 1948 @ 4 pm local time in Tel Aviv, the assertive Mars of Hamas joins the Israel Taurean Sun. Little wonder that they are aligned to combat. Also, whether by chance or fate, the Palestinian Autonomy chart of November 15 1988 00.40 GMT time Algiers, pits its Scorpio Sun almost exactly opposite the Israeli Taurus Sun.

The Israel and Palestine horoscopes, and also the Mars of the Hamas election victory have all been activated by the current eclipse cycle. This cycle is repeating a similar positioning that it occupied in 1947/48, 1966/67 and 1993/94. I described last week (and there is a link below all of this to that article), that each of these periods represented turning points in the Israel Palestine land issue – from UN partition, to Six-Day War to Oslo Agreement.

The May 10 2013 Solar Eclipse represents the major crisis point, and we could also look at the midway date between the recent December solar eclipse and the upcoming May one, being the second week of February. Likely events include increasing outside mediation, and pressure for the disarmament of Hamas, as the May eclipse will be on the Hamas Mars.


The Lunar Eclipse, coming up this week on November 28th (Universal Time), falls a day before the UN General Assembly meets to discuss Palestine’s request for ‘observer nation’ status. Pushing this agenda is the elected President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah alignment. Abbas was born March 26 1935, with a pioneering Aries Sun, that now has the rebellious and strong willed Uranus passing right across it.

Abbas is likely to see his wish fulfilled with the vast majority of the 193 nations voting for Palestine. This morale boosting status support on the world stage is a first step to full recognition, which the USA at this stage would still veto. It may win Abbas some kudos, as the man who pushed it through.


The modern Israel was born May 14 1948 which places Mars in the last degree of Leo and conjunct the Royal Star of Regulus. The Israel Mars also squares their Taurean Sun suggesting military involvement, threats to the leader, or war are recurring national factors.

Afghanistan for example has the same Sun Mars square aspect, as does Nigeria, the Iraq Republic and Indonesian horoscopes. All of these countries have been subject to civil wars. The challenge of Israel is to channel this aggression toward positive outcomes.

The Prime Minister of Israel Bin Netanyahu (October 21 1949 around 9.30 am in Tel Aviv) also has a late Leo Mars that falls upon the Israel birth Mars. This links Netanyahu to the more aggressive political solutions. Netanyahu’s expansive Jupiter is at the base of the Israel horoscope, which is the home and heritage area. Beneficial expansion of the homeland would be the normal way to read this placement. Click here for the horocope of Netanyahu around the Israel horoscope.

Netanyahu has just entered his crescent Moon phase in his progressed horoscope – normally a time of gathering resources, building or consolidating on the New Moon initiatives. His New Moon occurred back in April 2009, only a month after his swearing in. However his progressed New Moon was also square progressed Mars the planet of direct action, and often war.

The planet most active for the year ahead in Netanyahu’s horoscope, is Mercury. This is the planet of communication, negotiation, ideas and contracts. It will be fielding the reformatory Uranus Pluto square for most of 2013. This is suggesting intense talks and outside pressure and the need to replace an old way of thinking. He will not be able to take anything for granted here.


Another player now in the picture is newly elected Egyptian Prime Minister, Mohamed Morsi. He has been praised for his efforts to secure a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, which took effect Wednesday November 21 from 9 pm local time. Meanwhile Morsi is facing agitation in his homeland, after extending his governmental powers.

Morsi was born August 20 1951 (time not verified) in Sanjaha, Egypt. His Leo Sun is conjunct the intense and focused Pluto. His negotiation skills may come via his communicative Mercury being with conciliatory Venus at birth. However, deep inside, Morsi is a revolutionary, as his Sun closely semisquares Uranus, a planet that prefers to run its own race.

Morsi’s late Leo Sun also aligns with both Israel’s Mars and Netanyahu’s Mars. So it’s doubtful that the current crisis will resolve easily, as this is not normally a peaceful combination long term. Plus the current astrological thread that ties all of this together (apart from the current eclipse cycle) is the Uranus Pluto square. That revolutionary combination will be affecting Morsi’s birth Sun in 2013, and again May looks to be the powerful month here.

This potent cycle will oversee many revolutionary movements as the insurgent Uranus squares off with the power broker Pluto. The current cycle was born in the late 60’s when civil rights and anti-war movements exploded across the globe.

Back then leaders like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela were considered radicals by the conservative forces. They are now revered as heroes. The Middle East cries out for such a strong leader in these turbulent times. They face the same challenges that these men did. How do you change generations of prejudice, wrongdoings, mistrust and division? That change is now called for, and a new generation is already propelling the wave.

Nov 18


On November 14, the day after a solar eclipse, Israel conducted a targeted assassination on the Hamas military leader, Ahmed Jabari, in the Gaza. This eclipse semisquare extreme Pluto in lethal Scorpio was deadlier than most.

It continued the eerie synchronization of this same eclipse cycle, dating back to 1947/48 with the United Nations partition of the Palestinian homeland, and the formation of modern Israel.

Solar eclipses are more than just a spectacular light show. The syzygy of the Earth, Sun and Moon during the time of total blackout acts like a reboot button re-energizing historical events connected with the last eclipses in the same area of the sky.

When the eclipse falls on a significant degree area in the horoscope of an individual, or a country, significant events happen for that person, or nation. There are numerous examples of eclipse degrees being re-ignited and coinciding with a recurrence of related happenings.


Take those solar eclipses that have occurred toward the end of Leo, where until recently the Persian Royal Star Regulus was positioned. They were there for the death of King George VI, and accession of Queen Elizabeth, for the murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten, or the tragic death of Princess Diana. The same eclipse cycle coincided with the removal of the Shah of Iran and the subsequent revolution.

The recent Solar Eclipse at 22 of Scorpio on November 13, and its opposite due May 10 2013, tie into Middle East history. They are especially relevant to Israel and Palestine. From October 21 this year Israel and the USA combined in their largest ever military operation. It was a prelude to what was about to follow, and politically expedient on the eve of the Israel and US elections. But the heavenly signals were part of a cycle that stretches back to the formation of modern Israel.


The Solar Eclipse fell at 22 degrees of Scorpio. This is opposite the Sun degree of modern Israel – born May 14 1948 @ 16.00 hours Tel Aviv. The lethal eclipse rests upon the Sun degree of the Palestinian Independence Proclamation horoscope of November 15 1988 00.40 hours GMT in Algiers. This independence proclamation, along with the name Palestine, was then accepted in the United Nations General Assembly by a vote of 104 states to 2 against. The dissenting duo being Israel and the USA.


The Solar Eclipses of November 13 2012 and May 10 2013 are a repetition of the degree areas highlighted on November 13 1993 and May 10 1994, again from November 12 1966 to May 9 1967 and further back to November 12 1947 to May 9 1948. Exploring the cosmic thread that connects all of them, beginning with November 1947 is like turning the pages on the history of Israel and Palestinian conflict.

On November 29 1947 the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine creating a bi-state solution to the post war influx of Jewish immigration into Palestine. This motion was passed on November 29 following the November 12 Scorpio solar eclipse. Six months later, at the opposing May 9 1948 Taurean solar eclipse, the nation of Israel was proclaimed at 4 pm May 14 in Tel Aviv.

The 1947 eclipse squared the traditional ‘black hat’ malefics Mars and Saturn, even if it did seem a good idea at the time to the unknowing. At the eclipse time reformative Pluto was rising across the Palestinian territories. By the May 1948 opposition eclipse Sun and Moon rose across the same Palestinian territory squaring Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto! We’re talking the same trio that featured prominently in the horoscopes of the medieval Crusades slaughter of Jerusalem on July 15 1099. The same trio returned when the city was reclaimed in 1187. And so it was in 1948 that the Israeli nation was born into war, and the declaration resulted in immediate Arab attacks, and the tragic ‘Nakba’ exodus of 700,000 Palestinian refugees of battle.


Nineteen years later at the next Scorpio solar eclipse, in similar degrees, the temperature was rising between the Israelis and Palestinians. The day before the November 12 1966 solar eclipse, a mine planted on the West Bank crossing killed three Israeli paratroopers. This eclipse was setting across Israel, and Syria. Syria began to offer weapons to rebels in neighboring Jordan, a nation that had not made peace with Israel since the 1948 hostilities.

In the six months to the second eclipse the situation worsened considerably. Within a week of the opposition May 9 1967 solar eclipse, Egypt’s President Nasser demanded the withdrawal of UN peacekeeping forces in the Sinai. War was imminent. But it would be Israel, with tacit support from the USA and Great Britain, who struck first with stunning success.

The ‘Six Day War’, fought from 7.45 am on June 5 onto 10 1967, within a month of the solar eclipse, was a land bonanza for the Jewish state. They expanded their territory by a third, taking control of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. To this day such areas remain disputed territory.

Israel’s victory was achieved via a massive pre-emptive air strike that totally obliterated the Egyptian air force, before they could get off the ground. The raid was planned two years in advance. To add to the surprise factor the Israel media around the world wrote that the troops had beenallowed the weekend off. The opposite was the case - they were readying for Monday's pre-emptive attack.


Fast forward to the eclipses of November 13 1993 and May 10 1994. In the mid September of 1993 US President Bill Clinton managed to achieve a diplomatic breakthrough, with the historic handshake of Israel Prime Minister Yatzik Rabin, and PLO leader Yassar Arafat on the lawn of the White House. The November eclipse was setting across Washington. The peace deal was known as the Oslo Accord.

But the peace talks were about to be tested right out. Brooklyn born Jewish extremist Baruch Goldstein’s terrorist attack on Palestinian Muslims worshipping in the Mosque of Abraham, in Hebron, on February 25 1994, killed 29 worshippers and wounded 125 others.

Goldstein, beaten to death after the massacre, became a hero to Jewish radicals, with over ten thousand making a pilgrimage to his monument. It has since been dismantled. The Israeli PM Rabin, after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, eventually paid for it with his life. Rabin was assassinated by the Jewish right wing orthodox, Yigal Amir.

A week prior to the opposing May 1994 solar eclipse the Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area, of 4 May followed the Oslo Accords. The details of Palestinian autonomy were established and signed at five minutes to twelve the same morning in Cairo. Israel also flagged a peace treaty with Jordan, which officially ended the state of war that had divided the countries since the same May eclipse of 1948.


The day after the November 13 2012 solar eclipse, Israel conducted a targeted assassination of the military leader of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari. This was part of a larger ground operation in retaliation to rocket attacks. Israel has since bombed the offices of the Gaza Prime Minister.

At writing twenty eight Palestinians have been killed and three Israelis. The unbalanced ten to one ratio is par for the course in conflict between the two combatants, over the last decade.

Strategic land possession and fanatical religious ideology, is at the root of the problem. Inflexible beliefs such as ‘biblical birthrights’ or the apartheid of ‘chosen ones’ attitudes can only generate division and separatism. They run contrary to the more humanistic concept that we are all created equal. Such separatist dogma underpinned ‘white supremacy’, and its discreditable history of land theft, and historical dispossession of indigenous populations.


There is a positive side to this same eclipse cycle, tied into the apartheid line. It played out as the Rainbow Revolution. Tracing back to May of 1948, the right wing National party took charge in South Africa. Later that year they informed the British Commonwealth that they would not suffer any outside interference to their affairs.

By the time of the next eclipse similar cycle in 1966/67 South Africa were under increasing international pressure to treat its citizens with greater equality. The United Nations declared March 21 as the "International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination", in memory of the victims of the racist Sharpeville Massacre.

The country was subjected to sporting boycotts, and increasing global pressure to drop its apartheid policies. The worldwide isolation of South Africa produced the desired results by the next eclipse cycle of Scorpio/Taurus 1993/94 in similar degrees. On May 10 1994 – the exact day of the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Nelson Mandela, a former freedom fighter and incarcerated terrorist, was sworn in as South Africa’s President.

Just over a year ago on October 31 2011 UNESCO voted overwhelmingly for Palestinian statehood by accepting them into the fold. The USA and Israel railed against this but were only able to convince a few diehards, Australia among them, to vote against the resolution. It carried by 107 votes to 14. The tide of world opinion is changing and no amount of military force will repel that change, just as it could not stem the tide in South Africa.

Nov 11


Forget about the bionic $6 million dollar man – Steve Austin has nothing on the $6 billion dollar US election. It was an expensive campaign train of surprises – but little new hope.

Who would have picked the svelte tongued Barack Obama being out debated by the wooden Mitt Romney. Such a turnabout suddenly made a race of it, and even had Romney temporarily pulling to the poll leads. Obama was experiencing restrictive Saturn squaring his normally inspiring Mercury Jupiter opposition.

Then Hurricane Sandy washed the rails from under the Romney train. If the challenger had a bad astro-aspect it was the square from the sea king Neptune to his Ascendant and so it proved in such a metaphorically correct manner. But the Neptune influence didn’t end at Romney – it also affected the overall media judgment and pop polls.

With newsmaker Mercury and confusing Neptune in square we could all take the press polling, and opinion, with a proverbial grain of salt. There were no hold ups as expected, and the final result was known well before midnight on Election Day. There were no recounts – there were no surprises. The bookies were as usual ‘right on the money’ and Obama, the hot favorite, won the race.

Yet Mitt Romney’s promising horoscope transits had delivered him the Republican leadership and provided him 48% of the US popular vote. Romney had never been so well known and supported throughout his entire life. But it wasn’t enough to wrest the king’s crown.


One technique that I have noted in a post election analysis is the lunation phase of the progressed Moon. Obama’s is currently at the Full Moon stage, where the lunar light shines stronger than any other. Romney’s was at the Balsamic closing phase, which suits moving on to greener pastures, and less public involvement than usual.

Progressed Balsamic Moons have coincided with a certain notoriety regarding US Presidents. William Harrison, famous for the longest inauguration address of over two hours in freezing rain, led to the shortest term of barely a month. Harrison died of pneumonia.

James Buchanan, reputedly the first gay US President, left the country deep in debt with the southern states seceding. Buchanan’s term ranks among the very worst of all. Richard Nixon came in under a Balsamic Moon in his progressed horoscope, and didn’t exactly leave with a medal.

To the contrary Obama was experiencing his Full Moon phase. More Presidents have been elected under this phase than any other – almost double the expected average. So perhaps there was some unexpected luck for Romney in missing the prize.

Post election I also looked at all the US Presidents, noting planets in signs and other astrological aspects, in order to look for a pattern. On planets in sign alone, Obama had the stronger birth horoscope, by a score of 30 to 22, which was fitting for the margin of his victory, if not in popular vote then certainly electoral college numbers.


Anyone who wins the Presidential election needs to be fielding prominent Saturn aspects to their birth Sun or Midheaven. Roosevelt had it right on his Sun as he assumed a twelve-year incumbency leading the USA through a Depression and WWII. His successor Harry S Truman had it moving toward his career house, and his solar arcing Midheaven (a measure of status) was squaring Saturn.

Dwight Eisenhower had Saturn moving across his Libran Sun and Moon when he assumed the highest office in the land. JFK had the ringed planet opposing his own Saturn and Midheaven. LBJ had Saturn squaring his Midheaven. Richard Nixon had it exactly squaring his Capricorn birth Sun. His replacement Gerald Ford had it in Cancer and moving to meet his Cancer Sun.

Democrat Jimmy Carter had Saturn moving through his tenth house of career, and Republican Ronald Reagan had it nearing his Midheaven, along with opportune Jupiter. George Bush Snr. had Saturn exactly quincuncx his Midheaven and Bill Clinton had Saturn both sesquisquare and then square his Midheaven for his two terms.

George W Bush was elevated to office with Saturn moving through his tenth house of recognition, and re-elected as it exactly squared his Midheaven, on his second Saturn return. Barack Obama gained office with Saturn trine his birth Saturn and conjunct his Scorpio Midheaven ruler Mars.

In the recently contested election Mitt Romney had Saturn squaring his Midheaven and it would have been moving away from this at the future Inauguration date. It was enough to put him right in the race. Barack Obama will have the Scorpio Saturn squaring his Leo Sun on Inauguration Day 2013. So Saturn was featured strongly in both the candidate’s charts with Obama’s aspect being the closest.


David Petraeus - born November 7 1952 in New York - has a horoscope fitting a military mastermind. His scheming Scorpio Sun is adroitly angled to its ruling planet - combative Mars. The war god is exalted in controlling Capricorn. In turn, Mars is supportively trining successful Jupiter. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are then inter-laced in a lucky formation dubbed a ‘Mystic Rectangle’ with the rapid fire planet Uranus.

People who have the rare Mystic Rectangle horoscope shaping often rise rapidly through the ranks. Barack Obama is one, who has this same formation around his communication and career indicators.

The age of sixty is usually a vital year, as the Mystic Rectangle shaping is based on the division of the sextile angle of sixty degrees. David Petraeus has just turned sixty. Ironically, for a CIA head, his sudden fall came about as a result of an FBI investigation into a security breach of his emails.


Patraeus' gmail account revealed an ongoing affair with his biographer, reserve army officer, Paula Broadwell. The general has been married for thirty-eight years. Understanding that he could be compromised by these revelations, he immediately offered his resignation to President Obama. Uranus was playing a central role in his sudden departure.

Although David Petraeus was born a Scorpio, his Sun has now progressed into Capricorn, and sits at 16 degrees of that sign, where it now directly opposes progressed Uranus in Cancer. The opposition aspect often energizes relationships, and Uranus would suggest sudden changes here.

Also Venus, the planet of love, is connected to Uranus via a testing sesquisquare (135 degree) aspect. These kind of planetary conditions could be expected where there are marital problems, or new relationships are forming. His birth Venus is also fielding a challenging square from solar arc directed Mars. This concentration of Venusian energy spells attraction and sensuality.


Retreat is the wise strategy for the general. Only five years ago the planets were working very much in his favor. In 2007 opportune Jupiter joined his Venus, and seniority Saturn moved to trine it, as Uranus formed a positive trine to his Sun. Patraeus was promoted to the rank of General. Time magazine had him as one of their runners-up for their Person of the Year.

Administrative Saturn then moved to trine his military Mars and Jupiter combination. He was promoted to direct the US Central Command by President George W. Bush.

Patraeus’ work, repairing the fractured relationships between Iraqi civilians and the US servicemen, was instrumental in his further rise through the ranks. When he left Iraq in 2008 the US Defense Secretary Robert Gates lavished on him, “history will regard you as one of our nation's greatest battle captains."

Following Iraq, Patraeus oversaw Afghanistan military operations, when the Obama administration stood down General Stanley McChrystal, over his unflattering remarks about them.

David Patraeus retired from the armed forces in August 2011. He had been appointed the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. That is until Venus and Mars proved that bedrooms can be more fatal than battlefields.

Nov 4


Astro-cartography, or astromapping is a growing form of astrological analysis. It is primarily used in relocational astrology, where a client seeks to improve their lifestyle, or employment prospects by moving. And it is a very ancient in concept, based on rising and setting stars.

Think of it this way! Haven’t you found that you’ve resonated with some places, yet simply abhor others. There may be no outstanding feature that you can name. But the place just does, or doesn’t, feel right. And it hardly matters how many times you go back to change the experience, it usually turns out the same. Who needs the holiday from hell – when we’re really chasing a paradise.

There’s another way of looking at it. Consider those people who can’t kick a goal in their hometown, but they relocate, and they’re an instant success. Life changes in an eyeblink. Out come the old axioms, such as ‘fortune favours the brave’, or ‘a prophet is never popular in his place of birth’, to describe this rebirthing. Astrology has an easier explanation.

Your horoscope does resonate better in some areas. Why? At the time of your birth, certain planets were stronger in specific locations. This is based on the ancient astrological truism that a planet is stronger if it is either rising, culminating, setting or directly underneath. These four points are referred to as the Cross of Matter, because they are the four points that do matter.


There are numerous examples to cite, depending on what you’re looking for. Venus, the planet of art and love was rising across central Japan at the time of John Lennon’s birth. He eventually married Tokyo born artist Yoko Ono, and they lived in New York. Yoko had Venus culminating over Lennon’s birthplace of London, and her Venus rose in New York, where she still maintains a residence.

But this week I’ll use astromapping for a vastly different purpose – to chart the birth of Hurricane Sandy and relocate it to New York and Jersey City – precisely at its birthtime. The results are eye-opening. The planets that come to the vital angles (the Cross of Matter) fittingly described the ominous energies of this stormfront, and the areas of maximum damage. Click here for the horoscope.


Hurricane Sandy was formed at 1500 hours UT, just south of Kingston, Jamaica, on October 22 2012. It happened right as the Sun was moving from the final degree of Libra into the transforming, and sometimes deadly, sign of Scorpio. The Sun was perfecting a supportive water trine to Neptune, king of the seas, in the oceanic sign of Pisces.

“Sandy” had a devastating effect, hitting Jamaica two days later, and also causing over fifty deaths in Haiti, which is still recovering from the toxic earthquake of 2010.

As the storm headed northwards, and toward the east coast of the USA, meteorologists realized that this was a massive disaster waiting to happen. The hurricane’s collision with a south moving front, and the tidal effect of a Full Moon would produce a superstorm, with a front eighteen hundred kilometers long.


The planet of temper and tempests is Mars. The word ‘mar’ is a derivative of the aggressive red planet Mars, renowned as the god of hostilities. Precipitation, on the other hand, is usually a Jupiter affair. The traditional ruler of Pisces does nothing by half measure. This massive swirling giant extols the principle of expansion and growth.

Relocating the birth of Hurricane Sandy to New York displays the turbulent Mars rising, and multiplying Jupiter opposite and setting. Jupiter, the sky god, was famous for hurling thunderbolts from the sky, but in Sandy’s case it came purely in the amount and the size of the deluge. It describes one big storm.

Directly underneath, on the relocated horoscope, was the planet of shock and surprise – electric Uranus. Uranus can be likened to the Tower hit by Lightning of the Tarot. And at the base of a chart it is affecting home conditions. Sudden shocks, or unexpected events that have the effect of rapid displacement are typical of Uranus at the nadir. As of writing there are still those without power, and many remain forced from their homes.

The deluge that hit Jersey City and New York has been well reported and damage estimated at over forty billion dollars. The human cost of course is much greater. The clean up continues, and people bind together. But has the hurricane actually changed the direction of the nation? What heavenly message is it bringing?


The celestial soothsayers of ancient Mesopotamia had more to their technical studies than planetary omens inscribed into clay tablets. They also took unusual terrestrial matters into consideration. A storm the size of Hurricane Sandy could have been the source of Great Flood legends. But it would also have been seen as a portent omen.

In the wake of the largest ever recorded Atlantic Hurricane, another question is being asked. Has the deluge turned the political tide? Have the terrestrial heavens squared up for the planetary advantage that seemed to be running Mitt Romney’s way? Are the weather gods delivering Barack Obama a lucky hand?


Challenger Mitt Romney has had the planet representing the king of the seas, Neptune, throwing a challenging square to his horoscope Ascendant. And as Neptune also rules film stars we first saw the decidedly odd Clint Eastwood empty chair act. More recently it was an out of key Meatloaf, an aging rock star, jumping on stage to ruin the show.

I've written enough on these elections already. You can find it all by clicking on this link. I personally wouldn't be putting any money on the outcome, despite analysing Romney's chart as the better. It's already made him world renowned, but Obama has the advantage of incumbency.

Meanwhile, Obama has difficult aspects around his progressed Mars, and mainstream Saturn. He will lose a lot of traditional support as a result of this. This is also why he has had to fight so much harder in this campaign than the last, and can be frustrated in his efforts.

The truth is that this winner could eventually be the loser, as the next Presidency seems destined for controversy and troubles. There is sufficient historical evidence, when combined with multiple planetary factors to suggest that the winner of this election will not see out the full term. Plus there is further change to affect the office of President, perhaps constitutionally, by 2014.


Leading into the election Obama holds an advantage of 237 assumed electoral votes to Romney's 206, barring major upsets. That means that he only has to secure half the number Romney requires, which is Obama is such a short odds favourite with the bookies.

Ohio is a critical power state. It birthed at 9.30 March 1 1803 at Chillicote, when the legislature first met, according to Marc Penfield's 'Horoscopes Of The Western Hemisphere'. That makes Ohio a Piscean state with a Gemini Moon.

Ohio's horoscope has many correlations with that of the USA. Ohio puts the 'Kingmaker' planet of Jupiter that is right on the administrative US Libran Midheaven and this identifies Ohio as a bellwhether election battleground.

Ohio also has its Sun coming to expansive and bountiful Jupiter, which bodes well for the state across the next couple of years. As Jupiter also rules judicial matters the election results may also be subject to legal challenges.

At the moment, Obama consistently leads in Ohio's private polling, which is why most political pundits already have him as the winner. Yet Romney's Piscean Sun, Mercury and Mars are not far from Ohio's Piscean Sun Pluto.

Florida too is a Piscean state, born March 3 1945 at a time between 10 or 11 at Tallahassee, according to the Florida State Historical Society. As the USA's current progressed Piscean Sun squares the shock factor planet Uranus - click here for the progressed horoscope - one cannot expect stability.

This is aptly mirrored in a closely divided electorate. What a monumental task the winner inherits in attempting to unite the nation, which seems bitterly polarised at this critical juncture of its history.

Oct 28


Hillary Clinton recently celebrated her sixty-fifth birthday. She was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26 1947, with the time generally accepted as close to 8 a.m. This comes via newspaper reports quoting her mother, and Clinton herself.

Hillary has an early Scorpio Sun in the twelfth house, often associated with sacrifice and/or behind the scenes activities. Hillary has been the political backbone, of husband President Bill Clinton, and in more recent years, President Barack Obama.


Clinton has the planet of Mercury (the emissary) rising. As Secretary of State she is the international ambassador for the USA. Mercury, in probing Scorpio, is attached to diplomatic Venus, and positioned on the group orientated Nodal axis. Mercury also squares the hard work trio of Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

The importance of Mercury is even more pronounced when examining the upcoming November 14 2012 (UT) solar eclipse. This eclipse will occur right on Clinton’s information planet Mercury and her Ascendant. Eclipses have a way of rapidly repositioning one’s status. The last time Hillary experienced a solar eclipse here was back in 1993 - and it did just that.

In 1993 Hillary Clinton was placed in charge of instituting a (ultimately ill-fated) national health plan, by President, Bill Clinton. She also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Living Legacy Award from the Women’s International Center for her contributions to women and children. The eclipse will highlight her prominence and place her to the forefront in the media.


Clinton also experienced the transit of Saturn across her Scorpio birth Sun two days before her birthday. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and accountability. This transit comes as the Secretary of State takes the heat off Obama and VP Joe Biden - over mixed messages emanating from the assassination of Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya. The political controversy has led to calls for her resignation, and conversely admiration of her loyalty.

Saturn transits have been crucial for Clinton. When it last moved across her Sun, way back in 1983, she was named Arkansas Woman of The Year. It was the time Bill Clinton appointed her to head his new Arkansas Education Standards Committee. Improving the Arkansas educational system is now recognized as a high spot of Bill Clinton’s governorship.


Hillary’s Saturn opposition to her Sun in 1998 coincided with her marriage crisis. Apologetic Bill was forced to fess up to an Oval office affair, with twenty two year old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. It brought a plethora of other women out of the woodwork, resulting in the President’s impeachment. Stoic Hillary patiently weathered the political and personal storm

At the dawn of a new millennium Clinton decided to move to New York and run for the Senate. Both Saturn and Jupiter passed over Clinton’s Descendant in May 2000. That very month her opponent, New York Mayor Rudy Guliani, withdrew from the Senate race with prostate cancer. Clinton comfortably defeated Republican replacement Rick Lazio, and entered the sphere of federal politics.


Saturn’s next major transit was across her status bearing Midheaven in 2008. The Democrats were certain to win the presidential election, and Hillary would have been the first female President of the USA. Instead she was entrenched in a battle royal with a young, ambitious, man in a hurry - Barack Obama.

It was a contest that threatened to divide the Democrats. Hillary’s dream ended on June 3 2008 – with 1640 pledged Democrats, against Obama’s 1763. Obama went on to become President, with the narrowly defeated Clinton’s support.

The new President eventually appointed Hillary his Secretary of State. Saturn still delivered its promise of responsibility and status, making her one of the most powerful women on the planet. Now Saturn returns to her Sun, and the solar eclipse returns to her Ascendant/Mercury in mid November.

The timing is auspicious. In May of 2011 Clinton announced she had no intention of serving in a second Obama term, and was looking forward to spending time with family. Obama recently concurred saying, ‘I suspect that it is time for her to spend a little bit more time with her family,” he said. “I could not be prouder of the work she has done."

Despite the winding up of these important cycles, Hillary Clinton was recently quoted as saying that ‘a lot of people have talked to me about staying’. This has fostered hopes of Hillary continuing a political career. The completion of both the Saturn to Sun cycle, and simultaneous synching with the Metonic (Moon phase) Cycle, makes this a landmark time for Hillary Clinton.

The author astrologer, Grant Lewi, ranked the area that Saturn is now headed as one of anonymity. This would fit with Hillary stepping back. Yet it’s perfectly understandable that she would like to leave her future in some doubt given the tightness of this election. For her to stay would simply mean that she has not given up the hopes of 2008.


Saturn, as the planet of administration, is frequently involved in the charts of future Presidents. Its position when the new President is sworn in can be illuminating in selecting election winners. The assumption of the ultimate position of accountability is the celestial stuff that administrative Saturn is made of.

F D Roosevelt, the longest serving President of the USA (four terms and twelve years) had Saturn “exactly conjunct his Sun” on his swearing in date of March 4 1933. He led the country during through the Great Depression and WWII and is widely revered as one of the greatest ever Presidents.

Harry Truman, who suddenly succeeded Roosevelt upon his death in office, had Saturn heading for his status bearing Midheaven and the eclipse cycle (north node) moving across it. Dwight Eisenhower, after Truman, had Saturn moving across his Libran Sun and Moon.

JFK, born with Saturn at the Midheaven, had Saturn opposing it when he won office. Lyndon Johnson had Saturn squaring his Midheaven and at his Descendant when he was sworn in on the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

Nixon had Saturn exactly squaring his Sun when he was sworn in. When Nixon resigned in disgrace Gerald Ford had Saturn coming to join his Cancerian Sun. Jimmy Carter had Saturn moving through his tenth house of career, and Ronald Reagan had it nearing his Midheaven when they took the Presidential Oath.

George Bush Snr had it exactly quincunx (150 degrees) his Midheaven and his son George W had it in his tenth career zone and semi-sextile his Midheaven. In between Bill Clinton has Saturn sesquisquare his Midheaven for his first term and squaring it for his second.

Barack Obama had Saturn moving into a beneficial aspect with his Midheaven in 2009, although it had not perfected when he was sworn in. However Saturn was supportively trining itself and right on his Midheaven ruling planet Mars. Interestingly Obama has no major Saturn aspect for the 2013 inauguration.

On swearing in date 2013 the challenger Mitt Romney will have Saturn squaring his Midheaven, Venus and birth Saturn. Romney will also have Uranus profitably sextiling (60 degrees) his Midheaven, and Jupiter trining it.

The Midheaven is calculated via the birth time. If Romney is born at 9.51 am, as widely published, it is little wonder he is polling so surprisingly well. On past evidence Saturn is well positioned to deliver Romney the ultimate responsibility.

Oct 21


Barack Obama was born on August 4 1961 at 19.24 hours in Honolulu Hawaii - of that we can be sure. The Republicans made such an issue over a birth certificate that astrologers worldwide got to witness it. Obama is a proud Leo Sun in the service orientated sixth house. Almost all his planets lie on the western side, or meaningful integration, side of his horoscope. It makes him a people’s person. Click here for horoscope.

Obama has a socially aware Aquarian Ascendant and a determined transforming Scorpio Midheaven, indicative of his worldly role. In 1993 the eclipse cycle moved across his Midheaven marking his early community involvement, leading to further political aspirations.

By 2002 into 2003, as the same eclipse cycle reversed, he was thrust into the national spotlight, following an inspiring speech about the upcoming Iraq War. From then he organized a Senate campaign committee and employed media manager David Axelrod. Obama was a man in a hurry. Now in 2012, as the eclipse cycle returns to his Midheaven, a cycle is being “completed” with him as President.


Astrology aside, Obama was a shoo-in to defeat Republican opponent John McCain in the election of 2008. McCain was caught up in the toxic backwash of George W Bush, and hamstrung by the inanity of his junior running mate Sarah Palin. Once Obama had secured the Democrat nomination, winning the Presidency was a formality.

Barack Obama also had ‘heavenly support’, coinciding with this high-water mark. It involved the kingmaker planet Jupiter, the deity of faith and expectation. Obama’s progressed Sun, a measure of his evolving success, supportively trined Jupiter. This is one of the most expansive astrological alignments of all. Obama was sworn in days after transiting Jupiter had passed over his own birth Jupiter position.


The Obama campaign was built on hope sometimes spelt with a ‘y’. True to Jupiter’s expansive nature, Barack’s social networking raised more financial backing than any previous campaign. He symbolically began his campaign in Springfield, Illinois, the home of Abraham Lincoln. It was a PR triumph. He was a people’s hero, a symbol of racial integration, and campaigner of messianic zeal.

When Barack Obama was sworn in, on January 20 2009 – the Sun and newsworthy Mercury were joined to the planet of optimism – Jupiter. He promised to change Washington – it was trumpeted as change you could believe in! But an astute astrologer, on further examining Obama’s horoscope would have seen his titanic task, and the future icebergs in the water. I wrote about this back in 2007 – it’s all on this site.


When Barack came into office, his opportunist planetary energy quickly disintegrated, unveiling the traditional malefic planets instead. Attack dog Mars and obstructionist Saturn came increasingly into play. They were accompanied by the power player of Pluto. Obama’s hope of bipartisan government evaporated, and promises remained unfulfilled.

Within days of the swearing in, Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay. It was a prison he frequently referred to as the inspiration of terrorist training camps. But when he received the Nobel Peace prize, it remained open – as it does today. To the world at large Guantanamo Bay makes a mockery of the Statue Of Liberty.

At 1.25 pm on February 17 2009, the newly elected President used ten pens to sign in the biggest financial rescue package in history. It didn’t emanate from his 'watch', but ever since the US debt has ballooned. Two years after winning the election the Democrats lost the Congress. Even so Obama weathered the storm better than most.

He has one distinct advantage over most US Presidents. The popularity planet of Venus sits right with the USA Venus in Cancer – and people like him. And just as the US revered Obama, he was also the hope of the western world. Even today the majority of western democracies support Barack Obama’s re-election. But in this contest, it is only the USA that matters.


His current campaign was announced on April 4 2011, with the Sun again conjunct successful Jupiter, and opposing the traditionalist, conservative Saturn. Nice juxtaposition! But the conjunction of fiery Mars to rebellious Uranus, marks this as a more explosive and aggressive campaign than before.

This time his popularity planet of Venus is getting a crucial workout, via a square from his progressed Sun. Also with cutthroat Mars progressing to his progressed seventh house of enemies, there is fierce competition on the block. The Obama horoscope of today is one of enmity rather than opportunity.

Obama’s forte is rhetoric, and he was widely favored to out-debate Mitt Romney. But Romney has surprised everyone by comprehensively defeating a dispirited President in the first of three encounters on October 3 from 9 pm in Denver Colorado. This happened as Mars, and the North Node (an eclipse indicator) moved across Obama's career point – the Midheaven. Was his authority finally being eclipsed?


The third debate, scheduled for October 22 at 9 p.m. in Bocan Raton, Florida will begin with martial Mars setting. This promises to deliver more fireworks. Warlike Mars is playing a dominant role around the President’s horoscope. It is also solar arcing to square his birth Sun. Utilizing Mars has to be the strategy, rather than becoming the victim of it.

The more Obama looks like the Commander In Chief, the more his Mars aspects may confer some benefit. But overall, having the planet that actually mars, is probably something anyone would rather do without.

Barack Obama no longer has the progressed Sun trining hopeful Jupiter, nor does he have the popularity Venus meeting the group orientated Node. What he does have is the Presidency. Holding onto it will be much more difficult than his cakewalk victory of 2008. The planetary support is not as powerful.

The eclipse cycle that accompanied his entry into public works in 1993 is completing its path. Next week I look at a vital, but hidden player, in Hilary Clinton, and expand the world coverage overall.


Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani school student from the northwest frontier. She lived in the Swat Valley, where the Taliban forces have a dominating presence. Malala is a student activist, campaigning for women’s rights, and fighting against sectarian religious fundamentalism. She was born July 12 1997 (time unknown) in Mingaora, Pakistan.

The planet of fight and courage is Mars – the war god. Malala has Mars in the balance of justice scales of Libra. It’s very descriptive. She was born with a protective Cancer Sun in a difficult aspect to Saturn, the planet of control and discipline. Her communications planet, Mercury the messenger, is opposite Uranus, the planet of rebellion and independence.


From January 2009, when the Taliban banned 'all girl' schools in the area, Malala began to write about this oppression. Her blogs were eagerly taken up by the BBC, and later the New York Times and Toronto Star. From October 2011, following her nomination for the International Children’s Peace prize by Desmond Tutu, she became a local celebrity.

Her growing fame and influence saw her awarded Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace prize two months later. It also brought greater threats and opposition. Early in 2012 the government female secondary school in the valley was named in her honor.


On October 9 2012 Malala was shot twice in the head and once in the neck, after identifying herself to protect her classmates on a school bus. Remarkably she survived. The assassination attempt, and her fight for survival, has galvanized protests and freedom fighters across the globe. Her classmate defiantly wrote “Every girl in Swat is Malala. We will educate ourselves. We will win. They can't defeat us.”

Mars is not only the war planet, it is also the fighter – it represents weaponry, violence, accidents and surgery. Malala’s progressed Mars has reached nineteen degrees of Libra, where it exactly squares her birth Sun and opposes the controlling Saturn. Her horoscope ideally symbolizes the fight against tyranny, as well as the violence perpetrated upon her.

Malala is now a famous face across the world. She is recovering in Birmingham from her horrific injuries. This week, with the remarkable resilience of youth, Malala wrote and walked with assistance. Neptune (often connected with sacrifice, time out and hospitalization and drugs) now opposes her Mercury. It will take time.

In the next few years her progressed Sun will come to oppose Uranus – the freedom fighter planet. She has become a defining figure between past and future, freedom and oppression, education and ignorance. As we pray for her continued recovery, the legacies of her courage should never pass away.

Oct 14


The recent feisty televised debate between VP Joe Biden and Republican hopeful Paul Ryan, began with the war planet Mars setting in Danville, Kentucky. It finished with the planet of deep change, birth and death, Pluto setting. And fittingly so, as they discussed life and death abortion issues at the very end.

This week presents the heavyweights of Obama and Romney slugging it out in Round 2, as garrulous Jupiter in Gemini rises at 9 pm October 16 in New York. Jupiter was the planet, noted in statistical studies, that indicated politicians and actors. Get ready for a Shakespearean experience, high on rhetoric and promise, and light on reality and substance. Mitt Romney again appears to have excellent planetary support for this second debate.

With the US Presidential election a mere three weeks away, it’s time to revisit the viewpoints across the year from this site. My first column of 2012 concerned the then possible Republican nominee Mitt Romney. I thought his horoscope bode very well for the Presidential swearing in of January 2013.

I am using a horoscope of March 12 1947 at 9.51 am in Detroit, Michigan for Romney. The information was provided by the now deceased astrologer Frances McEvoy, reportedly given by Romney, and passed onto AstroDatabank. A time of 10 am, given by his father, and reported in the Boston Globe in an article dated June 24 2007, is also mentioned. I have elected to go with the former. The time is a vital factor in this analysis.


Romney’s horoscope shows an enhancement of positive planetary activity from October 2012, and through the first half of 2013. They encompass most of the major accepted predictive techniques from Solar Arc directions, secondary progressions, and eclipses, to the slower moving outer planets.

Whilst Romney’s encouraging astro-aspects would be consistent with someone thrust into the world spotlight, it must also lay a constructive platform for his presidential bid. For the more astrological minded here are the key points, based on his published morning birth time of 9.51 in Detroit, Michigan on March 12 1947.

Solar arc directed Saturn (responsibility) trine birth Midheaven (status).
Solar arc directed Midheaven trine birth Pluto (power – mass media)
Solar arc Pluto sesquisquare birth Ascendant
SP Moon conjunct SP Midheaven – signaling greater career focus
SP Mercury opposite Moon/Jupiter – success through communication
SP Moon will strengthen this last aspect in November.
SP Moon trine powerbroker birth Pluto during October.

Transiting Saturn squares itself, and his Midheaven and Venus across the election and swearing in period. For most this would be a very challenging aspect, however Romney has previously responded well to Saturn’s harder aspects – and I’ll describe them further below.

During January 2013 successful Jupiter will trine his status bearing Midheaven, and popularity planet Venus, aided by Uranus in a supportive sextile. Almost all of these planetary considerations are helpful.

The one negative, is a square of the indistinct and confusing Neptune to Romney’s Ascendant. This aspect may indicate uncertainty around personal relationships, or even deception. It seems outweighed by the positive ones.

The January Jupiter trine to Romney’s Midheaven/Venus is auspicious, especially when one examines his nomination win on May 29 this year, exactly as the Sun completed the same trine to the same point. Even the recent eclipses favor Romney.

Romney’s campaign was launched at 12.57 pm June 2 2011, as he took the microphone in Statham New Hampshire, following a rousing introduction from wife Anne. Hours earlier a Solar Eclipse activated his Air Grand Trine of Venus/Midheaven, Neptune and Ascendant.

Coincident with the May 2012 eclipse, he secured the Republican nomination. Another Solar Eclipse will feature on November 13 2012, within a week of the US election.


Romney’s career turning points have been linked to the Saturn (planet of administration and governance) cycle, a cycle that is now reaching another important milestone.

Romney’s Piscean Sun is aligned (by semisquare) to his status bearing Aquarian Midheaven. Saturn traditionally rules this Midheaven sign of ‘universal brotherhood’.
The ringed planet will therefore play a major career role.

Having the Sun and Saturn strongly configured confers a strong paternal influence. When Saturn first crossed Romney’s Midheaven, and entered his career house, his father George was sworn in as Governor of Michigan on New Year’s Day 1963.

Saturn has just entered Scorpio and thereby currently squares Romney’s Midheaven. During its last transit through Scorpio from 1983, he became the principle founder and manager of the financial services company Bain Capital – now valued at 66 billion USD. This points to Romney’s economic management playing a decisive role.

In 2005 during his second Saturn return, and as the planet of administration moved to the very base of his horoscope, Mitt Romney began to assume a more conservative political stance, aligning himself for a run to the White House.

Saturn has since been moving upward through his horoscope. The remarkable American astrologer Grant Lewi, (in a study involving US Presidents, published in Astrology For The Millions), noted the upward movement of Saturn in the horoscope as a significator of outward achievement. For Romney, it is crunch time.


It’s generally considered that for a Republican to gain office that the taking of Ohio is essential. Mitt Romney’s Midheaven and popularity planet Venus fall over the swing state. Venus on the Midheaven can be read as a strong positive, especially considering that his Moon and Jupiter also set in Ohio at birth. This consideration rests completely upon the accuracy of the birth time.


Voting began with the absentees from September 6 2012 from 8 am in the state of North Carolina. This could be considered the starting date of the 2012 election. Interesting to note that the national polls had each candidate dead heating with just under 48% each on September 6.

But there is more in this mystifying mix. On the official election date, November 6, a few minutes after 7 pm EST the information planet, Mercury, will turn retrograde and oppose imprecise Neptune.

Back on November 7 1876, with the USA emerging from its Long Recession, the election gave no clear result. For weeks after, both sides were claiming victory, although the incumbent, Republican Rutherford Hayes had lost the popular vote by a clear 3%. On Election Day the communication planet Mercury opposed hazy Neptune, and the surprise factor square of Uranus and Pluto was in operation, as the latter duo are now.

The Congressional commission gave Hayes twenty disputed electoral votes. He was eventually sworn in on March 3 1807 in a private ceremony, but the result was hotly disputed. Hayes mysterious victory remains one of the most controversial of US elections.

One Jupiter return later (the planet has a twelve year cycle) in 1888, Benjamin Harrison lost the popular vote but easily carried the Electoral College and won the presidency. As for Mercury it was slowing in its retro motion and inconjunct (a difficult position) with uncertain Neptune in the 1888 election.

The next President to lose the popular vote, yet take the election, was George W. Bush from November 7 2000. On that date Mercury was stationary, turning retro, and in square to covert Neptune. On each occasion the eventual winner has been a Republican. And each time Mercury has been badly angled to obfuscating Neptune.

Like the Rutherford Hayes – to Benjamin Harrison scenario, it is now twelve years, or one Jupiter return on from the George W. Bush controvery. Mercury will turn stationary on Election Day 2012. Mercury will be in opposition to the confusing and covert Neptune. All of this poses the very real doubt concerning a clear election result.

In Australia an election was called for a Mercury station and the leadership Sun opposing confusing Neptune. The result was no government until Mercury turned direct weeks later. Click here for a link to my predictions on that election.


Will Mitt Romney stage a come from behind miracle in a cliffhanger election, initially shrouded in doubt? Will Romney’s victory be largely dependent on changing circumstances - perhaps a sudden event that tips scales his way.

Romney achieved greater momentum following his first televised debate. Past victors JFK, and Ronald Reagan, also lagged in the polls before their first debates. JFK trailed by six percentage points and Reagan eight before the one-on-one national exposure reversed the trend.


There is another side to this election – that of SUPERPAC funding. A change to US legislation in January 2010 has made it easier for billionaires to buy elections. Already SUPERPAC funding has matched the candidates’ own spending this year. The legislative change took place during the longest solar eclipse of this millennium, in the government and corporation sign of Capricorn.

The decision by the courts to remove caps from funding took place as a Solar Eclipse in January highlighted, Pluto, planet of powerbrokers in the second house of money in the July 4 1776 horoscope of the USA.

The same eclipse exactly opposed Mercury, the planet of information and media. In a decision that may be described as democracy for a dollar the courts and corporations were moving the political goalposts.

The irony of all of this is that, whichever party wins, the USA, which prided itself on freedom of individual choice and opportunity, is now moving down the path of ‘big brother control’ by an elitist oligarchy that the majority has so long opposed.


I have no US political interest, and am writing from Sydney Australia. I am also swimming against the tide with my assessment of Romney’s chances. A learned panel of US astrologers at the recent United Astrology Conference in New Orleans unanimously forecast an Obama victory. My more favourable judgements are based on the accuracy of Romney's Mideaven and birth time.

Political contests are naturally a tricky business. A mistake in the reported birth time will tip the scales, especially when considering the vital Midheaven point. That is no cop out, but it is hugely advantagous to witness a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, which is timed to the minute and available on the Internet.

Polling is one thing, but has proven unreliable, along with the political pundits. The planets may speak in a more predictable pattern, and the real answer lies in the hands of the voter. Romney's horoscope has its plusses. Next week, we’ll take a look at Barack Obama.

Oct 6

The changing face of communication is evidenced by the diversity and growth of the Internet. The world wide web has awakened awareness culturally and politically.

Contrasting this are the difficulties faced by the mainstream press and commercial networks. Once a political mouthpiece for the traditional elite, today they are being held more answerable through the power of choice.

And even the mainstream announcers are being held more accountable for their words. Nowhere was this more evident than the recent case of Sydney's leading talkback host, Alan Jones.


Sydney radio announcer Alan Jones has certainly been all over the media during the last week. His cruel remark, regarding the recently deceased father of the Australian Prime Minister dying of shame, revealed an indefensible lack of sensitivity. Jones has been justly pilloried for it, yet most critics think it will have little effect on his radio ratings. They reason he has his ever-faithful tribe. But what does his horoscope suggest?

Jones was born in rural Queensland on April 13, although the given years vary between 1941 and 1943. Hard evidence seems to point more firmly to 1941. Entertainment reporter, Angela Bishop (a friend and also the daughter of Liberal Senator Bronwyn Bishop) described Jones as sixty-seven years of age in September 2008, when he returned to the airwaves after prostate surgery.

Chris Masters in his unauthorized, and highly controversial biography ‘Jonestown’, also came to the conclusion that the announcer was born in 1941. This would make Alan Jones an innovative and impulsive Aries, with his fiery Sun aligned with the planet of popularity Venus. Jones also has an intense and sometimes remorseless Scorpio Moon. Both his Sun and Moon ruled by aggressive Mars would explain his love of sport, and his self assertive, hands on approach.


But the planet espousing restraint, responsibility and accountability is represented by the restrictive rings of Saturn. Right now Jones has Saturn solar arcing in a testing square to his birth Sun. Saturn also indicates the tribal elders or those in positions of authority. During the last week Jones was found guilty by an administrative tribunal of inciting racial hatred via his remarks synching with the community divisive Cronulla Riots.

Jones solar arcing Sun is now in a challenging square to Mercury, the media and commercial planet. This comes as high profile sponsors pull out of his show en masse. While media commentators see him surviving the crisis, his radio station’s horoscope actually mirrors the impending loss. This may be more damaging, than most people expect.


2GB is one of the oldest broadcasting stations in Australia. Their first transmission began at 8 o’clock on Monday evening of the 23rd of August 1926. It was the time of a Full Moon. The GB call sign are the initials of philosopher and mathematician Giordano Bruno, burnt at stake as a heretic in his early forties during the Roman Inquisition of 1600. The station began as a spiritual broadcasting platform.

Bruno, whose genius and vision saw beyond the physical illusion, was convinced the earth revolved around the Sun. He also reasoned the stars were fellow suns. Bruno refuted the Creation Theory and the Last Judgment. He became a martyr for science and objective thinking. Bruno took to his grave his rejection of the traditional Catholic paradigm.


2GB was originally formed by the Theosophical Society, with the aim of spreading the word of theosophy. Its objectives were to encourage the study of comparative religions, and philosophies along universal, rather than sectarian, lines. Theosophists explored the unexplained and spiritual dimension of life. Although the station came under commercial ownership as early as the mid –30’s the society still broadcast its message up until 1975.

These days 2GB is the top rating AM station on the radio dial, with a predominantly right wing older audience. The station’s politics are an undisguised support arm for the Liberal Party. The call sign reference to Giordano Bruno, has succumbed to commerciality, but tough times may be on the horizon.


As nebulous Neptune opposed the 2GB birth Sun, the station lost considerable money in an ill-fated attempt to penetrate the Melbourne radio market. Melbourne Talk Radio debuted with Mercury, the communications planet in a dire position to Uranus (technology) and Saturn (administration). In fact the Mercury, Saturn Uranus combination is akin to saying goodbye. Additionally Venus, planet of values, was in hard aspect to Pluto, the ancient Roman money ruler.

MTR soaked up dollars and time, losing over six million in their first year. Melbourne listeners did not take to the caustic style of political ear bashing and the station's ratings floundered badly at around 2% of the audience. This was despite packaging their Sydney announcers along with high profile guests such as Andrew Bolt and Sam Newman. At 4.58 pm on March 2 2012 MTR was confined to the dustbin of reality.

Today the solar arc Sun of 2GB is squaring Neptune – an influence of confusion and loss. Abrasive Mars (yes it means to mar) is moving to join Venus – putting pressure on popularity, valuables and the bottom line. Meantime dissipating Neptune is reaching the structural management planet of Saturn.

Whether or not any of this has to do with Alan Jones, the station’s horoscope is fielding very difficult stellar patterns. One would imagine that there has to be some fall out, particularly among the female audience, to follow. Either way, economically, 2GB is in for a tough road ahead, increasingly so in 2013.

Over a decade ago now, 2UE, the leading Sydney station, had similar aspects. I remember clearly mentioning this to my radio host, Steve Murphy, that 2UE would lose its mantle. At the time that seemed impossible, such was the hold they had on the listening public.

Yet as a ‘cash for comment’ scandal eroded the credibility of their leading announcer, John Laws - and Alan Jones and Ray Hadley defected to 2GB - the market leaders became radio also rans. Mainstream media walks a tougher road today, and cannot afford to alienate audiences, and certainly not sponsors.

Sep 30

With the US Presidential election a little over a month away, President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu are finally playing ball on Iran. Netanyahu’s United Nation address indicated no plans to attack Iran prior to the November 6 poll. Is the political calendar deciding the fate of nations?


Ben Netanyahu was born October 21 1949. There are several times given for his birth, notably all morning, and varying between 9.30 am and 11.45. Such gives the Israeli PM both a Libran Sun and Moon. It also links him strongly to the national horoscope of the country he governs.

Modern Israel was born when David Ben Gurion proclaimed the new state, from 4 pm on May 14 1948. This gives a horoscope with the rising point to the east, or Ascendant, at 23 degrees of Libra.

Synchronistic with this position, Ben Gurion, who became their first Prime Minister, was born October 16 1886 – giving him a birth Sun also at 23 degrees of Libra. Simultaneously the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizman, was born with judicial Jupiter at 23 degrees of Libra.

Politicians who have a vital role to play in the fate of a nation, tend to have planetary placements that match the national horoscope. Note that Netanyahu’s Sun is 27 degrees of Libra, with his Libran Moon close by. Therefore Netanyahu’s Sun and Moon straddle the Israel Ascendant.

This year, while Saturn has been traveling through these same degrees of Libra, the hawkish PM has had to exercise uncustomary restraint concerning pre-emptive strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites. Saturn espouses caution and tends to put a handbrake on impulse.


Netanyahu has another vital and volatile military connection with the modern Israel horoscope. Mars, the red planet of war, is placed at 28 degrees of Leo. Netanyahu’s Mars is also positioned at 28 of Leo. It’s a point of interest that the late PLO leader Yassar Arafat, an adversary of Israel, had his Sun conjunct the Israel Mars.

The Israel Mars works well historically. For example, by late October 1956 the secondary progressed Israel horoscope had reached exact Full Moon status, with both the progressed Sun and Moon squaring progressed Mars.

On October 29 1956 Israel invaded Egypt to settle what has become known as the Suez crisis. Israel was supported by France and Great Britain. This followed the Egyptian President, Abdul Nasser, nationalizing the Suez Canal, a vital commercial shipping lane.

Nasser’s action was a retaliation for the US and Great Britain failing to honor an agreement to finance the Aswan Dam. France and Great Britain, with their oil supplies threatened, united with the Jewish state in a tripartite invasion.


When looking at pre-emptive strikes, the planet of the unexpected is Uranus. This gas giant also represents technology and aircraft. In the middle of 1967 the Israel progressed Mars had come to form a quintile angle with their Uranus. The progressed Moon also formed a quintile angle with the Mars and Uranus.

On June 5 Israel launched a pre-emptive air strike totally obliterating Egypt’s air force. This took out their ability to counter attack. Israel won an overwhelming victory in the decisive Six-Day War of 1967.


There were important transits affecting the Israel Moon for the battle. The Moon which signifies the homeland. The planet of Jupiter, representing opportunity and expansion, was moving over the national Moon in the June of ’67.

Saturn, a planet also connected to land was supportively trining the Israel Moon. Israel won the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula, considerably increasing their land holdings by one third, and emphasizing their strategic power in the Middle East.


Seven years later the Arab nations regrouped to launch their own counter in the Yom Kippur War, occurring between October 6 and 25 of 1973. This took place as the planet of pre-emptive strikes, Uranus, moved across the Israel Ascendant of 23 degrees Libra, and Jupiter this time opposed their Moon.

The Yom Kippur War was more successful for the Arab states, and led to the Camp David Accords. It also forced the resignation of Israel's Prime Minister Golda Meir.


The last time Israel targeted a nuclear site was June 7 1981 when a pre-emptive air strike took out the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq. It happened as Uranus, the flight and sudden surprise planet, squared the Israel Mars, and powerful Pluto crossed their 23-degree Libran Ascendant. Will they do this again?

Uranus was affecting their horoscope, around the May period in 2012. Tensions built, a war of words took place, but nothing eventuated. However Saturn was stationing on the Israel Ascendant. Responsible restraint was being called for from Washington - an election loomed.

Early next January both Saturn and Uranus are transiting in a quintile angle with the Israel Mars. Right now it’s Jupiter doing the same to the Mars. But there’s nothing substantial happening yet. And such aspects are not what would be considered outstanding indicators.


The solar eclipse of November 14, exactly opposes the Israel Taurus Sun, suggesting a new scenario may develop. The world has changed since the 80's. These days military strikes on hidden nuclear installations would prove much more difficult. War would destabilise international oil prices at a time when the global economy still stands at a precipice.

The last time that a Solar Eclipse opposed the Israel Sun positon was in the northern spring of 1993. At that time US President Bill Clinton hosted the Oslo Accord agreement featuring the famous handshake of Israel PM Yitzhak Rabin with PLO President Yasser Arafat.

Perhaps attention should be shifting back to the Palestinian situation, and away from Iran. If a workable compromise were to be achieved here, the hotbed of the Middle East would considerably cool. Israel would improve international relations. The US would look less biased. And Iran may find themselves isolated in the process. Either way the eclipse cycle is returning to change the playing field of Middle East politics.

Sep 23


The swearing in of a President marks the true beginning of the new administration. Theoretically it should be possible, from the inauguration horoscope alone, to forecast the future conditions of their tenure. A secondary consideration may be – does a second inauguration (in the case of consecutive terms) represent a new beginning?

For example President George W Bush was sworn in at 12.02 pm on January 20 2001 in Washington, with military Mars setting in vengeful Scorpio in the seventh house of allies and open enemies. Mars was in a testing square angle to newsworthy and communicative Mercury. Less than eight months later the September 11 attacks put the US on a war footing. Astute astrologers would have noted the Mars placement in this regard.


From the days of Thomas Jefferson, the inauguration ceremony was marked by a Presidential parade, leading to a traditional formal induction around midday. Not all the inauguration times are precisely known, however of those specifically recorded before 1974, the time seems to average around 12.30 pm, and since 1974 to within mere minutes of midday.

The date, however was changed. From Washington’s second inauguration of 1793, right through until 1933 inclusive, the ceremonial date was March 4. This date was trine the July 4 Independence holiday, and also trine the first Tuesday in November election date. The dates divided the year into an equilateral triangle, or astrological Grand Trine.

The current January 20 (excepting Sunday) swearing in date, now moves the Sun to the beginning degree of Aquarius. This article examines inaugurations in which the President does not complete a full term of office, searching for repetitive astrological patterns. There is one common recurring theme – the Moon seems to be in a difficult aspect to Mars.


William Harrison was sworn in on March 4 1841, on an unusually cold windy day. He chose to forgo a coat and hat for the ceremony, and gave the longest speech ever, comprising 8445 words and totaling one hour and forty-eight minutes. Harrison then served the shortest term - a mere thirty days.

He developed a severe chest infection by March 26, which many blamed on the marathon speech and his age. On April 4 at 12.30 am. Harrison became the first President to die in office. Harrison’s inauguration was marked by the Sun conjunct the surprise packet of Uranus and squaring excessive Jupiter, with Saturn in Capricorn precisely on the seventh house of allies and enemies at noon.

Orator Mercury was square the Ascendant and the public Moon squared infectious Mars to within three minutes of arc at noon. Harrison’s was one of the most challenging of all inauguration horoscopes.


Zachary Taylor was sworn in on a bitterly cold day on Monday March 5 1849. It snowed that evening. Remarkably the Moon was in the same Leo sign and close to the degree that it held for Harrison’s swearing in. This time it was closely opposite Mars with only 27 minutes of separation at noon.

Taylor took ill after a particularly hot day, during which he drank excessive water and ate multiple cucumbers. At ten’ o’clock on the morning of July 9 1850 he spoke his last words to his wife, asking her not to weep. Taylor died within the hour.

Keeping in mind that the early inaugurations were probably performed under a Cancer Ascendant, was the ruling lunar body proving a decisive influence?


Lincoln’s initial 1861 inauguration took place between 1.30 pm and 2 pm, as outgoing James Buchanan was held up, still signing bills at noon. The Moon was sesquisquare Mars, and the Sun square Uranus, having departed from the opposition to Saturn. This was an extremely difficult swearing in horoscope.

The Civil war erupted the month after. Lincoln survived the war to be voted in for a second term. Had he disproved the theory of the Moon Mars? If he had, it was’t about to last.

Lincoln was sworn again on March 4 1865. The Vice President, Andrew Johnson was intoxicated at the ceremony having his coat tails pulled to shorten his speech. The Gemini Moon was in the twelfth house, but this time conjunct Mars to less than a degree.

Lincoln was not so lucky. He was shot at 10.25 on the evening of April 14 1865 and died at 7.22 am the next day.

On the question of which inauguration represents the President’s tenure? Both featured a Moon in hard aspect to Mars. Lincoln’s overall presidency was marked by the greatest mass slaughter if US history, and his eventual assassination.


Snow prevented a large turnout the swearing in of James Garfield, at noon on March 4 1881. The Moon was again closely square volatile Mars and also in an approaching conjunction with Neptune. The Sun opposed surprise packet Uranus, and was also steamships Saturn.

All the classic indicators were in place for Garfield’s shortened term. The Moon was with Mars, the Sun opposite Uranus, and so it was. At 9.30 a.m. on July 2 Garfield was shot twice, the second bullet lodged behind his pancreas. He survived eleven weeks before finally succumbing at 10.35 pm on September 19 the same year. Garfield had served just over six months, but much of it incapacitated.


William McKinley’s was first sworn in March 4 1897, with the Sun square both Neptune and Pluto, and the Moon in a departing square from Mars. McKinley was to make a second term however. The second term repeated the Moon Mars hard aspect, bringing it even closer.

The Sun for McKinley’s inauguration was posited between shock factor Uranus and Pluto and closely square to both. Shady Neptune lay near the Ascendant. On September 6 at 4.07 pm McKinley was shot twice in the abdomen by an assassin who disguised the gun within a handkerchief. Despite an immediate operation, at 2.15 am on Saturday September 14, McKinley passed on.

The fateful inauguration horoscopes were now revealing obvious patterns, and Mars was prevalent in all with the Moon. Usually the Sun was extremely challenged too. This then had been a feature of five presidential deaths in a mere sixty years. Would the pattern continue further into the 20th century?


The answer was soon to be found in the inauguration horoscope of Warren Harding. By this time historians were looking for patterns and many analysts had noticed this appeared to be largely (but not all) at twenty years intervals. But what was the swearing in chart about to reveal?

When Harding took the oath of office around midday on March 4 1921. The Moon was yet again configured with Mars, this time squaring it to within three degrees. The Sun was opposing Jupiter to within the degree and also in conjunct Neptune. Shock factor Uranus was at the Midheaven at noon.

At 7.25 pm on August 2 1923, a good two and a half years into his term, Harding died mysteriously after being ill for a week. The cause was given as apoplexy, stroke or heart attack.

Harding’s personal surgeon disagreed. Speculation of food poisoning also surrounded Harding’s death, as his widow refused an autopsy. The Moon Mars was forever appearring in the astro-portrait.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt was to become the longest serving President in US history, ruling for an unprecedented twelve-year span. During this time he would change the inauguration date, bringing it from March 4 to January 20, from the 1937 election onwards. He was initially sworn in at 1.07 pm on March 4 1933, the last at this traditional date.

The Sun was opposite all three plaets, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. The Moon was in square with the Sun and Mars. Roosevelt completed his term. However, like Lincoln, he would also eventually die in office without completing a term, albeit twelve years later.

Roosevelt was sworn in for the last time on January 20 1945. If Mars was the culprit then it was right at the Midheaven at noon, and opposing Saturn whilst squaring Neptune. Mars was also in a fateful yod with both Uranus and Pluto. But the Moon, in Aries and ruled by Mars, and even at the direct midpoint of Mars and Pluto, was not directly in aspect with it.

Nevertheless, Roosevelt suffered a stroke passing away at 3.35 pm on April 12 at Warm Springs Georgia. Although every President initially sworn in under a Moon Mars hard aspect had eventually not completed a term – Roosevelt had survived a whole Jupiter cycle in the Oval Office.


The US administration changes automatically at noon, according to the Constitution, but John Fitzgerald Kennedy was sworn in at 12.51 pm on January 20 1961. This placed Aquarian Mercury right at the Midheaven, (both being trine to Kennedy’s Gemini Sun) and in square to Neptune. Kennedy’s succinct, but dazzling address, was ranked as one of the best ever.

The Moon, semisquare the Midheaven and sesquisquare the Neptune, is in an approaching square to Mars. The leadership Sun aspects Mars via the inconjunct. The Midheaven is also inconjunct Pluto. Kennedy was shot and killed during a motrocade through Dallas at 12.30 pm on November 22 1963.


In seven of eight of the swearing in horoscopes of unnaturally shortened presidencies, the Moon is configured in hard aspect to Mars. The possible time variance, even in the untimed inaugurations, will not negate the aspect, as the Moon could not have moved far enough away.

What is the likelihood of so many Moon Mars aspects recurring? Allowing the maximum eight degrees (either approaching and/or departing) for a conjunction, opposition and square, and two and a half for the semisquare or sesquisquare, the Moon has a (.23’) one in four chance of being in aspect to Mars in any given horoscope.

This suggests that two of the eight should have Moon in hard aspect to Mars. Instead we find seven of eight swearing in horoscopes with the Moon and Mars aligned, leading to uncompleted tenures.


Of course such a small sample may be insignificant. One would hope that is the case. The transfer of power to the new US administration will be from noon January 20 2013. The Moon will be positioned then at around 20 degrees of Taurus closely square Mars at 20 degrees of Aquarius.

There is perhaps a fortuitous catch to 2013. The actual swearing in ceremony will take place the next day, as the 20th is a Sunday. Otherwise, if fate has its way, the 2012 election may be the one in which the winner is really the loser.

Sep 16


The mocking film 'Innocence of Islam' lampooning the Prophet Mohammad, has created an uproar across the Middle East and North Africa. The film is a catalyst for umpteen underlying tensions between the emerging Arab youth, and western political and cultural influence.

Astrologically, the insurgent energy flowing from the Uranus Pluto square will inevitably erupt on the more politically unstable stages, such as Libya and Egypt. But this is much more that the byproduct of the current Uranus Pluto square. The horoscope of the Birth Of Islam is also being influenced by the planet Neptune, a planet which happens to rule film.


According to Nicholas Campion’s authoritative ‘World Horoscopes’, the first day of the Islamic calendar corresponded to sunset of July 16 Old Style Calendar in 622 AD. Even allowing for alternative dates offered, the 622 AD year is universally accepted as heralding the birth of Islam.

Islam arrived at a time when the planet of revolution, Uranus, had made contact with the planet of spirit in Neptune. Uranus and Neptune unite every 172 years. These pivotal conjunctions inevitably point to poignant moments in the history of religion.

Three cycles prior to Islam’s birth, the union of the two distant gas giants synched with the formation of the Catholic Church in 110 AD. This was the official beginning of organized Christianity.

The persecution of the Knights Templar by King Phillip of France, in 1307, occurred under a Uranus Neptune conjunction in the deadly sign of Scorpio. The following 1479 conjunction led to the expulsion of the Islamic Moors from Spain (under Ferdinand and Isabella's rule), and morphed into the Spanish Inquisition.

Uranus and Neptune were again at work for the beheading of King Charles of England (who had married a Catholic) and the Glorious Revolution of 1648/49 under the Puritan Protestant Roundheads.

During the next 1820’s conjunction Joseph Smith had his first visions and revelations that led to the rise of the Latter Day Saints movement, and ushered in a new wave of Christian fundamentalism. Christian Science was another belief to flourish.

The most recent Uranus and Neptune conjunction in the early to mid 1990’s was in the sign of Capricorn. It was opposite the the Cancerian degrees of the Catholic Church formation way back in 110 AD.

This 1990's saw a rise in radical religious fundamentalism throughout the Arab world, filtering down into Asia. It marked a greater East/West division. This was triggered by the US led Desert Storm invasion of Iraq in January 1991, and ended with the Taliban governing Afghanistan, and the anti-western fatwas of Saudi born revolutionary Osama bin Laden.


Today ethereal Neptune (a planet that also rules film and imagery) has moved into Pisces, and is directly opposing the position that it held at the formation of Islam from 622 AD.

Additionally the secondary progressed Islam Sun is now in a volatile formation with the progressed Mars – the planet of war. The progressed Pluto, a planet of focused intensity has perfected it’s challenging square to the birth Sun of Islam.

Such planetary developments may well describe the increased activities, and unfolding tensions, occurring within Islamic countries. They may also contribute to the rise of movements such as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

But what of the current vehemence against the USA – the archetype of western capitalism and culture? While this was initially sparked by a Neptunian film, ‘The Innocence of Islam’, there are also ramifications in the horoscope of the USA of the ongoing turbulence.


The Independence Day birthchart of the USA, dated July 4 1776, at 17.10 hours LMT Philadelphia, places Neptune in Virgo in square to militant Mar in Gemini. All around the world from Khartoum to Cairo to Chennai, India, US Embassy’s are now the targets of protests and attacks.

Today there will be a New Moon at 23 degrees of Virgo – it will fall right on the USA Neptune and square the Mars. Earlier this year the military planet Mars stationed in transit on the US Neptune and squared itself. This happened as the US contemplated an invasion of Iran, and pondered the possibility of an Israeli pre-emptive strike on the nuclear facilities of their arch enemy.

On September 11, eleven years on, at 10 pm in the north Libyan oil port of town of Benghazi, the US Embassy came under fire. Rocket launchers and heavy artillery meant the compound's security was rapidly breached.

It all began as the transiting Mars culminated above Washington. Meantime the USA’s progressed Moon is conjunct the war planet, being progressed Mars. In a well co-coordinated attack the US Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, along with three other US compatriots.


Today the USA’s progressed Sun is also square progressed Uranus. The activation of Uranus has not only coincided with unpredictable events, but has also been associated with war.

The USA’s first Uranus return commenced at the onset of their Civil War – its second Uranus return occasioned the D-Day of Europe. The commandeering Sun in hard aspect to Uranus has also synched with US Presidents suddenly and surprisngly leaving office.

Although the USA is stepping up security, this should not result in war. This is not a Uranus return, nor even Uranus in hard aspect to itself. The last time that happened was 2003, culminating with the invasion of Iraq.

If anything the current progressed Sun to Uranus has more to do with sudden and unexpected events around the Commander in Chief over the next year. The US-Islamic crisis should pass, but the Presidential position may not be so clear-cut.

The offending film, ‘Innocence if Islam’, was produced by right wing evangelicals, with the intention to destabilize a post-Mubarak Egypt and agitating the US presidential elections.

It debuted on YouTube on July 1 exactly as the transiting Sun opposed volcanic Pluto and squared insurgent Uranus in the skies. These two planets were coincident with the mass protest movements of the sixties. And now as they recreate their precise square again, the protesters are out in force.

Sep 9


This week as the messenger Mercury squares off with exaggerated Jupiter, hyperbole is almost unavoidable. Believe what you hear, at your own risk.

Or you might use the current analytical Virgo emphasis to cut through larger-than-life overstatement. You won’t only be getting it from politicians; it can be part of the office vernacular.

Ever notice how many Facebook friends are advising you on how to vote lately ? Why? The same parties trot out the same promises every year, but still some people get all excited about it. Ordinary human beings are temporarily transformed into messiahs. But the euphoria wears off after the voting. It’s all Jupiter stuff.

I am making the observation because the US Republican and Democratic Conventions have concluded, with more of the same. Romney’s promised economic fix, and Obama’s ongoing charismatic hope. Both bigger than Ben Hur – all promising a return to greatness. Meantime the return most people are worried about is their tax one…or perhaps simply their job.

Both parties maximize the fear factor, of the adversary changing the American way of life forever. Truth is the American way of life could do with some changes. But whether Obama or Romney, or the political system they operate under, will ever provide them, is another point altogether. So as newsworthy Mercury, and eternally optimistic Jupiter square, there will be little let up on the exaggeration.

The biggest loser was Clint Eastwood. That was a case of, next time please send the orangutan. In fact amongst such partisan gatherings, a swinging monkey would be entertaining relief. One thing Mercury and Jupiter can provide is over the top humor. This should be a bumper week for comedians and politicians alike.


Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for the Presidency for a second term. It happened officially at 10.26.30 pm on September 6 2012 at Charlotte NC. This horoscope has the striking feature of Venus at the very base of the chart.

Venus is the sweet talking planet of grace and popularity. Venus is also in theatrical Leo and at the midpoint of the successful Sun and Jupiter combination. Obama’s speech was made as the Sun and Mercury squared Jupiter – the planet of hope.

Obama has a recurring relationship with Jupiter. He was sworn in as the 44th President on his fourth Jupiter return. His 2009 inauguration speech was made with the Sun, cerebral Mercury and optimistic Jupiter all combined.


During the 50’s and 60’s, the husband and wife team of Francoise and Michel Gauquelin statistically studied thousands of timed horoscopes. They found those with Jupiter rising, or culminating at birth, at way above average levels in the political field.

This tended to reinforce the ancient Babylonian belief of Jupiter’s abundance and success. It’s from the Roman god of Jupiter we draw the words judicial, and justice. Our politicians are the people who draft our laws.


Mitt Romney accepted his party nomination for Presidency at 10.36 pm August 30 2012. Steady Taurus was rising with managerial Capricorn at the Midheaven. The strange duo of warrior Mars and nice guy Venus were on the angles.

Again Venus was at the very base of this chart. In Romney’s case Venus was moving to square Saturn, tying it to his more conservative approach. This would certainly suit cutting costs and paring down the budget blowouts. Romney’s acceptance was at a polarizing Full Moon, which also may guarantee him adequate publicity.

The factual Mercury opposing the hazy Neptune suggests he needs to clarify strategies carefully with his team. Misunderstanding can be rife with data based Mercury in opposition to Neptune. Martial Mars is setting in never say die Scorpio at Romney’s acceptance time, showing the combative nature of this contest.

Over the next few weeks I will analyse each contestant's horoscope more closely on this election. But on the evidence that I have uncovered from studying inuaguration horoscopes, this could very well be the election that the loser, is really the winner. More on that next week.

Sep 2


In the world obsessed by celebrity culture, it’s always worth invoking celluloid heroes for some political clout. Politics had utilized the Hollywood factor well before Ronald Reagan became headline act at the Oval Office. Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, was famous for singing JFK’s praises, at least until brother Bob began his anti-mafia crusade.

The Hollywood factor was definitely a part of the Kennedy charisma – all the way to Marilyn Monroe. But when Frank realized that ‘his way’ was a different one to Kennedy’s, then ‘Love and Marriage’ changed to ‘Strangers In The Night’.

Child star Shirley Temple made an aborted attempt to go from Kansas to Washington, but did become an international ambassador. The public image factor was tailor made for Arnold Schwarznegger who governed California for eight years. Even George W. Bush could have easily handed over his watch to Sylvester Stallone – both born July 6 1946 – but elected to play the Rambo role himself.


Little wonder then that no-nonsense Clint Eastwood, who has made frequent forays into politics, got to play a starring role at the Republican nomination campaign. Clint has been a Republican since he first voted for Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. Now sixty years later (think the sextile if you know your astrology) he becomes a keynote speaker at the Republican Convention.

Clint had figured an act. He opted for an empty chair, supposedly with Barack Obama in it, as a stage prop. But this one didn’t exactly go according to plan. Clint’s planned five-minute monologue instead became a twelve-minute ramble. The reaction was at best mixed, and at worst confused. So what in his horoscope brought him back to the limelight, and in such an unusual manner?


Clint Eastwood, was born May 31 @ 5.35 pm in San Francisco, according to AstroDatabank. This information was taken from his birth certificate. Eastwood has a horoscope appropriate to acting, the arts and music, all of which he loves. The most elevated planet in his chart is Neptune conjunct his public positioning Midheaven.

The blue gas giant is associated with surreal imagery, charisma and the X-factor. Actors such Matt Damon, Stacey Keach, Robert Wagner, Richard Harris or Gene Kelly have an Neptune Midheaven identical placement, along with singers such as Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, or super model Naomi Campbell.

Clint also has Mars, the macho planet of aggression, in a supportive trine to his profession bearing Midheaven. When you combine the image-maker Neptune with aggressive Mars you end up with the action hero type.

By 1958, as powerbroker Pluto began trining his the trio of his Midheaven, Neptune and Mars, Clint got his big breakthrough. From here his horoscope really came alive. Not only Pluto, but also the charismatic Neptune, was moving to trine his popularity planet of Venus. His solar arc directed horoscope was also fully supportive of a meteoric career rise.

Eastwood was cast as cowboy Rowdy Yates in the top rating TV western ‘Rawhide’. These were the days of cowboy heroes and the six feet four, strong silent Eastwood, was likened to Gary Cooper. By the mid-60’s Neptune had reached his brooding Scoprio Ascendant, and television fame led to a series of successful spaghetti westerns beginning with a ‘Fistful Of Dollars’.


The turning point was to come as the control planet Pluto solar arced to his achievement orientated Midheaven. Eastwood gained artistic control over the movie ‘Play Misty For Me’. Even the title reeks of Neptune symbols, and Neptune complied by solar arc trining his creative Gemini Sun.

During the early 70’s, as the warrior planet Mars (it represents weaponry and guns) solar arced to join his Sun, arguably his most memorable character was born. This was the loose cannon detective Dirty Harry. Powerful and deadly Pluto was now supportively trining Clint’s birth Sun. And his career was peaking.


Popular individuals usually have strong links with their country’s horoscope. In Eastwood’s case his own patriotic Cancerian Venus, the planet of attraction, is matched to the USA (July 4 1776) Venus, and also the US largesse of Jupiter. His Gemini Sun sits at the US Descendant, and with the planet of individuality in Uranus. Clint’s successful Jupiter is right on the US Mars – back to the gun toting action hero - and square the US Neptune. All good for film.


But just as his career highs have coincided with successful planetary aspects, Clint’s current appearance was a victim of extremely bad astrological timing. It wasn’t simply astrological – it was plain illogical! But with the progressing Sun now at Eastwood’s Midheaven, a sudden return to the limelight was probably unavoidable.

The current square of Uranus and Pluto are together negatively impacting on Eastwood’s popularity planet of Venus. This suggests sudden swings in approval or recognition, and even relationships in general. His progressing Venus is also moving to oppose the more erratic and unpredictable Uranus.

Transiting Mars was now opposing his birth Mars invoking opposition, or possible anger. And Neptune, the planet of his charismatic appeal, is now opposing itself.

As the good book says, there is a time for everything under the sun. This was not a good time to be making political speeches. It might have been fine for Romney – but not so good for Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. When Clint parodied Dirty Harry with 'make my day', the day he was making was sadly one he will want to forget.

Aug 26


It was nearing Christmas in New York. A young autograph hunter had secured a special gift earlier that evening, the signature of his boyhood idol. He had been a reasonably bright child, with an IQ just above 120. But many LSD trips and heroin use had messed with his teenage brain. He eventually cleaned up his act becoming a reborn Christian, working with World Vision. He was even commended for his counseling work with children.

Then an early adult relationship went off the rails. Depression led to a failed suicide attempt. The vacuum cleaner hose melted on the exhaust pipe. He found himself in a mental health clinic, where by chance he found eventual employment. By age twenty-three he’d embarked on a round the world expedition, and got hitched to a Japanese/American nurse on June 2 1979. The following year however, thoughts of hopelessness and suicide returned.

He left for New York, angry and disappointed. The singer James Taylor remembers encountering him at the 72nd street subway station. ‘The guy had sort of pinned me to the wall and was glistening with maniacal sweat and talking some freak speak about what he was going to do and his stuff with how John was interested, and he was going to get in touch with John Lennon.” The next day the young man did.


On December 8 1980 Mark David Chapman waited outside the Dakota building in New York. He met John Lennon’s son Sean and shook his hand calling him a beautiful boy, just like his father’s famous song. At 5 pm he was photographed with Lennon, admiring his idol signing an autograph. At 10.50 pm that night he called on John Lennon again. This time he coldly fired four bullets into his body.

In seconds Chapman was world famous as the man who killed John Lennon. In his pocket a battered copy of the iconic teenage rebellion book ‘Catcher In The Rye’. The controversial book, banned in many high schools during his teenage years was said to be Chapman’s inspiration. It was released on July 16 1951 as Mars, the planet of war and weaponry, came to meet rebellious Uranus, both squaring dreamy and delusional Neptune.


Mark David Chapman was born May 10 1955 @ 7.30 pm in Fort Worth, Texas. His Taurean Sun is opposed by regulatory and authoritarian Saturn and squared by the deep and cathartic Pluto. This combination can often be hard working but emotionless in expression. His father (the Sun) embodied those qualities. Chapman also had a Capricorn Moon, in a difficult formation with the Sun and Saturn suggesting an emotionally removed upbringing.

Chapman is said to have lived in fear of a physically abusive and distant father. He ran away from home in his mid teens and developed a drug habit to escape from his austere reality. Psychedelic Beatles posters covered his walls, when according to Lennon, they were ‘more popular than Jesus’. The Beatles were role models of a generation.


Lennon’s off the cuff remark was barely noticed in the UK home of its origin. But in the fanatical bible belt of the American Deep South it stirred a religious frenzy. Radio stations banned the British group, and organized bonfires, urging teenagers to torch Beatles records. Lennon’s remarks, taken completely out of context, saw religious fundamentalism rear its exceedingly ugly and dangerous head.

Chapman was born with brooding Scorpio rising, and its modern ruler, intense Pluto, in a challenging close square to his very public Ascendant. Pluto is the planet of transformation and rebirth. Chapman would become a born again Christian. When that happened his teenage angst and idols would battle with his emerging adult Puritanism.

John Lennon became Mark Chapman’s Salman Rushdie. And when the longhaired peace activist sang, “Imagine there’s no heaven”, or “nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too,” the young fan’s divided mind probably began reaching for the trigger. Chapman was to fleetingly become, the most famous assassin the world.


The placement of Chapman’s Mars is of particular interest, when compared with the July 4 1776 horoscope of the United States. Chapman’s Gemini Mars is within a degree of the Mars of the USA.

Martin Luther King also had his Mars in the same place, and he is one of the most famous victims of assassination. Mars represents weaponry and acts of violence.

Oliver North - remember the notorious guns sales to Iran under the Reagan administration - was another with this precise Mars placement.

And then there is David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) the .44 caliber shooter who terrorized New York, claiming eight lives. So clearly this Gemini Mars position is tied to US gun culture.


I remember that December day very clearly. I was doing my first radio-announcing shift. Part of my duties included taking a networked news cross. The breaking bulletin was the assassination of John Lennon. It was my introduction to the immediacy of radio. But what was going on in Mark Chapman’s mind then - at least from the astro angle?

Chapman’s forceful Scorpio Ascendant had the planet of the unexpected and rebellious – Uranus – moving across it. This aspect is where eccentricities come to the surface. The person strives as never before to stand out as an individual within the system, often by a marked ‘difference’.

Chapman’s horoscope had progressed exactly to the Full Moon stage. This phase usually brings one increasingly into the spotlight, but will also accentuate the divided self, or stress polarity and difference.

Ideally it offers bridges to be crossed, but can also manifest as the separative schism. People tend to see things more in terms of black and white, rather than subtle shades of gray.

Chapman’s birth Mars was also experiencing considerable activation from the potentially delusional Neptune. His progressing Mars was also under high developmental tension via a powerful generational combination of Jupiter and Saturn.

All this would test his self-assertion, invoking the competitive and aggressive side of the individual. Still, there are plenty of choices in being assertive. Chapman chose the finality option.

He’ll never forget that night. Neither will Yoko Ono, who cradled Lennon in his dying final minutes. Jupiter and Saturn were together in Libra – they fell right on her Ascendant. Violent Mars was at the family orientated base of her horoscope with the Moon that evening.

Chapman became eligible for parole in 2000. It’s now 2012. Last week the parole board dismissed his seventh appeal. The Catcher in the Rye remained caught.


The shock killing of peace icon John Lennon began a series of assassination attempts that characterized the following year. Within months John Hinckley fired six bullets in a foiled assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan. Hinckley, who said he did it to impress actress Jodie Foster, was declared insane and remains incarcerated.

Pope John Paul remarkably survived an assassination attempt by a Turkish right wing extremist Mehmet Ali Agca. The Pope was struck four times but eventually recovered, publicly forgiving his would be assassin. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was not so lucky, being killed by one of his own military.

Does one action precipitate others? It’s a question psychologists often pose. The horoscope of Jerome Salinger, the reclusive author of Catcher in The Rye - shows a propensity for a persecution complex. The best selling book, written from the perspective of a 17-year-old rebellious teenager, struck a raw nerve with disassociated youth.

Catcher In The Rye was a profound statement coming from deep within Salinger’s own psyche. It had a dangerous effect on the fertile mind of Mark David Chapman. But so did the LSD experiments of John Lennon, and the torment of his own childhood.

All of our actions can influence others. But the critical decision points ultimately rest with the individual.

Aug 19

Julian Assange is an enigma. He has captured worldwide attention and his situation is archetypal of the individual against the state. It’s something that current revolutionary Uranus Pluto square will continue to accentuate as cult figures emerge.

Opinion on the man himself is divided. He projects a mystique of ‘unknowing’ and a certain sense of doubt. Is Assange really guilty of an indictable offense, or is he being set up by the powers that be? Why should he be treated any different? But he seems to be.

Why are the prosecutors so anxious to get him to Sweden when a simple video hook up could provide answers to their questions? Is the Big Brother USA out to get him for exposing their human rights abuses, and sensitive diplomatic cables? Astrologically we’d have to say – it’s all very Neptunian.

Neptune is the planet of obfuscation. It's the Holy Grail planet of which legends are made, and where reality evaporates into mystique and magic. Julian Assange, born with Neptune rising, finds himself at the heart of it - an international icon. Meanwhile, Bradley Manning, the man accused of leaking confidential US military material lies in solitary confinement. This week’s astro commentary takes a look at the whole situation.


Assange burst upon the world stage as the man behind Wikileaks. It was a whistleblower website with the charter espousing open governance, whilst leaking classified material. And it is an obvious threat to dominant big brother states like Russia and the USA.

Wikileaks published the largest military leak in US history. Der Speigel, the Guardian, and New York Times published much of the findings. They were to quote “unanimous in their belief that there is a justified public interest in the material”. It exposed the hypocritical dark side of foreign diplomacy, the military cover-ups and ongoing deception fed to a naïve public.

Wikileaks exposed what the wise already suspected. That the Taliban had support from sections of the Pakistan army, or that the US were fabricating figures on civilian fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan. We already knew that the wars were resource based and had little recourse to national security. But whether we knew it or not - it was not the done thing to publish the inner revelations. Assange was achieving pop star status doing it.


As a teenager Assange had a reputation as a clued-up hacker. It led to him being arrested on multiple hacking charges, including one involving the Pentagon. Assange escaped a lengthy jail sentence due to his vagabond childhood. He is rumored to have attended over thirty schools.

He later turned his talents to establishing one of Australia’s first Internet providers in the early 90’s, and pursued software design and programming.

It was during these years that he also became fascinated in the data gathering of government agencies and sought to reverse the process by making some of that information more accessible to the public.

The wikileaks domain name was registered October 4 2006. It all makes astro-sense when examining Assange’s horoscope of July 3 1971 at 3 pm., as published in his autobiography and available at AstroDatabank.


The 3 pm time click here for the horoscope meant the planet of covert activity, Neptune, lay right at the surface of his birth horoscope. Neptune is a planet well connected to the Internet, due to its infinite and ethereal qualities. Neptune is prominent in the August 6 1991 horoscope of the World Wide Web, where it is joined to the technology and electronics planet, Uranus.

Neptune also has the ability to create the charismatic figure, where ambiguity outweighs actuality. Those with Neptune rising seem to project an aura based on assumption rather than fact. Flamboyant rock star Alice Cooper is a fine example, or smooth operator Bill Clinton.

Having Neptune at the Ascendant can also mean painting your own picture on reality, like the grand Impressionist Renoir, or composing it, like Paul McCartney. It can suggest an idealized perception. Assange also has the planet of justice, Jupiter, rising at birth. Jupiter’s expansive qualities may exaggerate his messianic Neptune.


A defining aspect in Julian’s horoscope is his Cancer Sun squaring the planet of independence, individuality and rebellion in Uranus. The square can often present challenges of the square peg in round hole type. The intransigence of Uranus creates a stubborn resistance against change from the outside. But Uranus aspects can also accompany a certain genius, or love of technology and computers.

Assange’s Saturn, a planet associated with difficulty, and even fear, is connected to his relationship area and opposing his Neptune. Saturn’s role as a teacher is to take us through the harsher lessons of life, where practicality becomes essential. He would naturally have fewer, but loyal associations. It may further pit him against the mainstream. He, and those associated with him, have learnt the value of discrimination via experience.


Saturn on the seventh relationship cusp of a horoscope can be a sign of restriction through others. He may reject closer relationship for the responsibility it entails. The solar eclipses of November 2011 and May 2012 have further highlighted any such restrictions. They fell on the Neptune first and from mid May 2012 on the Saturn. Eventually he sought refuge in the Ecuador Embassy London.

Saturn began to navigate his career sector from October 4 2006, when the domain name wikileaks.org was registered. The launch chart of wikileaks.org, also has a close Saturn Neptune opposition. It is fitting that he should become involved at the precise time that the heavens mirrored the defining planetary formation prominent at his own birth.

On December 7 2010 at 9.30 am Assange was arrested in London, all as his secondary progressed Midheaven came to the powers that be Pluto. Also transiting Saturn formed a significant aspect to his own Saturn on the relationship seventh house on the day.

Today as Julian Assange remains holed up in the Ecuador Embassy in London his horoscope reflects the ongoing drama. His progressed Sun has reached the very public Midheaven, thrusting him further into the limelight.

Solar arcing Saturn has come to aspect judicial Jupiter brickwalling his legal pleas. Transiting Neptune, which can connect with concealment and sacrifice, is squaring his environmental Ascendant, and itself. It will do so all year.

Is he in any danger? Big brother Pluto will oppose his Cancerian Sun next year, and jack in the box Uranus will square it. Solar arcing Neptune will also oppose his Sun. Late January and early February 2013 indicate major changes, which may mean facing the music. A home change is certainly on the cards, even should it stretch further into next year. This fight has a long way to escalate yet. In the interim another man already lies incarcerated.


It may be a somber symbol of the new world that the US President Barack Obama has prosecuted more informants than all the previous Presidents combined. It may also surprise to find that as the leader of the free world, the USA has by far the largest incarceration rate in the world – at over seven times the rate of European countries.

Despite having only 5% of the planet’s populace, the US boasts a quarter of the world’s prisoners. Privatizing the prison system is on the rise, and economic rationalisation dictates occupancy rates must be met. The US prison percentage per head of population has quadrupled since the 1980 days of privatization.

One of the most controversial inmates is US military prisoners Private Bradley Manning’s. Manning is the alleged source of the largest military leak of US military history. How he could be allowed access to such information in the first place beggars belief, but that’s another story.


Bradley Manning, born December 17 1987 is an outspoken Sagittarian, with his Sun connected to rebellious Uranus, and also conscientious Saturn. It’s the mark of a loner in some ways, and he had trouble fitting in.

He also has a trigger temper Mars Pluto coupled with an intense Scorpio Moon. Manning’s planets are tightly bunched indicating a focused personality. The errant planet, aside from the bunch, is judicial Jupiter.

Manning’s father was a naval intelligence analyst. As a child Manning did display signs of his Mars Pluto volcanic temper and had behavioral problems connected to his Sun/Uranus highly independent manner. Acquaintances use the word unique, and independent is constantly stressed. He was an intelligent outcast – largely of his own quirkiness.

In 2007 Manning, in search of a more disciplined life and education, joined the army. By January 8 2010, stuck in an environment that he considered unfriendly, his rebellion surfaced, and he began leaking information to wikileaks. Much of the information exhibited human rights abuses, bribery, corruption and fraud. They opened a massive credibility schism between what is reported and what is actually happening.

Manning’s behavior had started to markedly deteriorate, as a result of a broken relationship and his own personal dissatisfaction as his progressing relating Venus squared disillusioned Neptune.

At 1.41 May 21 2010 he began a secret communication with another hacker that would lead to his eventual arrest five days later. By now big brother Pluto was impacting Manning’s Sun ruler Jupiter – the planet of law.

Manning’s evolving horoscope reveals his progressing Sun squaring judicial Jupiter in 2013. The solar arcing Jupiter also opposes his military Mars, as judgmental Saturn comes to aspect his own Jupiter. Even the transiting Jupiter will oppose the prisoner’s Sun by mid 2013.

This emphasis on the judicial process in 2013 suggests that the Obama administration will try and postpone Manning’s trial until the election is done and dusted. And Manning too will mirror the Uranus Pluto principle of individual against Big Brother.

August 12


As the race for the White House 2012 moves toward the home straight, Republican nominee Mitt Romney has finally selected his tag team partner in ‘America’s Comeback Team”.

Paul Ryan was born January 29 1970 in Janesville, Wisconsin. The time of 2.37 a.m. has been supplied by astrologer Patrick Watson, citing Wisconsin State Vital Records Office. Paul Ryan is an Aquarian Sun linked to the popularity planet of Venus, with both joined to his third house of communication.

He was a young political speechwriter before running for Congress at only twenty-eight years of age. Political speechwriting involves mastering the art of spin, and Paul Ryan’s horoscope excels.

Nebulous Neptune, the elusive shape shifter was exactly rising at his birth. Ryan naturally knows how to project image, he can be the political chameleon. Bill Clinton was another who was born with Neptune at the Ascendant, and we all knew that Bill could never lie!

Ryan’s tenuous Sagittarian Neptune is angled to his communicative but rather conservative Capricorn Mercury. Tiger Woods has the exact same aspect and combination in the same signs. It is a common aspect in the charts of singers from Luciano Pavarotti, to Judy Garland, Johnny Mathis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Famous actors such as Sir Laurence Olivier, Robert Taylor, Jamie Lee Curtis, Olivia De Havilland all have Mercury in a departing semisquare to Neptune. I guess this isn’t saying a lot for politics, but it sure is great for image.

The all-pervasive quality of Neptune rising has a positive. It played out in investigative journalist Bob Woodward’s chart with the expose of Watergate. So whichever way you look at it Paul Ryan should be able to play the media off a break. He will have a large section of it, onside.

Just ask Rupert Murdoch. USA Today quotes the media baron as saying "Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice."

It was Murdoch’s Wall St Journal strongly advising Romney to select Ryan as the running mate. Newscorp then started publishing stories that he had been selected, before any announcement. It’s something the Murdoch press are famous for – political influence.


In 1992 Paul Ryan graduated from Miami University with a BA in economics and political science. He is the Wall St candidate favored by the big end of town. Ironically Ryan is also famous for his austerity budget - keeping tax cuts for the rich and cutting social services. His task will be to convince Middle America that he is not really Mr. One-Per-Cent.

Ryan’s charter will be one of attack on the incumbent President Barack Obama. Ryan can say what Republican candidate Mitt Romney cannot. Ryan’s youth counters Romney’s age, and Ryan’s headline grabbing, balances Romney’s blandness.


Ryan was born with Saturn angled in an active aspect (sesquisquare) to his career indicator Midheaven. It has been an important planet historically for the Ryan family.

His great grandfather and grandfather both died of heart attacks around their second Saturn returns in their late fifties. His own father died of the same in his mid fifties.

Heart problems may have been congenital. But they are also more common to the A-type personality of the super achiever. Such may be another reason that Paul Ryan is a fitness fanatic.

His father’s early death meant that Ryan was a recipient of social welfare from sixteen to eighteen. It’s something his political opponents are sure to bring up in light of his own planned welfare cuts. Saturn is also the planet of tradition and conservatism.

Ryan’s career zone (the astrological tenth house) has the ancient Roman ruler of money, Pluto, prominent. It’s the chart of a reformer.

Also impacting here is the surprise packet and original Uranus. He is one of the youngest candidates to enter a Presidential race. It's all happening at his Uranus opposition, when the pace of life accelerates markedly.


In 1998 as lightning fast Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, moved across Ryan’s birth Sun, he was elected to the House of Representatives. But Uranus is nicely placed in his career house, in a close trine to his birth Sun and Venus.

Ryan had not even reached his Saturn return, which perfected during his second year in office. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and maturity, and significant career moves are implemented during Saturn periods.

By 2010 as his progressed Ascendant moved into his second house of finance, Ryan began to achieve political prominence with his budgetary plans. The Republicans also gained control of the House.

The Solar Eclipse opposite Ryan’s Ascendant in May 2012 would have pushed him further to prominence. As the North Node moves to meet that eclipse degree and his Ascendant with Neptune, he is the chosen one.

Opportunistic Jupiter is now in Gemini and has been casting a fortunate trine angle back to Ryan’s Sun/Venus from late July. It repeats this in December 2012 and again in March 2013. But that alone may not be sufficient as the challenge arrives through imprecise Neptune in square to Ryan’s Ascendant.

The hard angle from Neptune suggests misunderstandings. Perhaps Romney and Ryan will send conflicting signals. Ryan’s progressing Moon will enter his partnership house from October 2012, and exacerbate the hazy Neptune influence.

There is another angle to consider. Neptune is the planet most aligned to hospitals, social policies and spiritual concerns. Is Neptune squaring Ryan’s horoscope suggesting that he will also have to surmount religious opposition, as well as a backlash against his austere social reform?

How he handles these issues could decide the Presidency. Ryan, like Sarah Palin before him, could well derail the Republican campaign. He is nowhere near as foot in mouth, and at least educated. But with a confusing Neptune square, a positive Uranus opposition, but a testing Saturn one, the spin-doctors will have to be working overtime. And they will be.


Barack Obama had successful Jupiter at his Midheaven in his recent Solar Return or birthday horoscope. That may account for his rise in the polls, which has him a clear favourite. However this week the Mars Saturn combination are impacting adversley on Obama's progressed horosope. They indicate the likelihood of greater attacks on the President.

Obama also has progressed Mars (the war planet) affecting his house of relationships. The mid to late August through to mid September represent quite a challenge. All this comes as the Democrat convention looms. Meantime the Romney/Ryan combination will be hard at work to reverse the Republican polling.


Sadly politicians on either side of the fence are simply that - politicans. These days they rank with used car salesmen on the rank of trust. George Dubya is a noticeble absentee from the Republicans campaign trail.

None of them really change the systemic corruption a great deal. That's been obvious in the washup of financial criminality that has ruined millions of lives and and bankrupted nations. But you won't find any of those suits in Guantanamo Bay. The election reality boils down to - the choice of the lesser evil.


This week both Venus and Mercury reach maximum elongation, or zodiacal degrees away from the Sun and we also have a New Moon in Leo. To see how it all affects your sun sign read a little further below on this page.



Every Olympics produces new sporting heroes, who reset the performance bar and return home national heroes. Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen is now one of them. She won dual gold in the women’s 200 and 400 individual medley events, shaving a second off the world record in the latter.

Ye’s record-breaking performances have been questioned by the US executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, John Leonard, as being ‘suspicious’ and ‘unbelievable’. He added, "Any time someone has looked like superwoman in the history of our sport they have later been found guilty of doping."

Those thoughts hung on Ye’s final lap of her 400-meter event. She swum it a fifth of a second faster than the corresponding male winner, Ryan Lochte. But unlike Shiwen, Lochte was comfortably in front on his final leg, and actually was 23 seconds faster than the Chinese competitor over the whole distance.

Arne Ljungqvist, head of the International Olympic Committee’s anti-doping program, has stoutly defended Ye Shiwen. The silver medal winner, Australian Alicia Coutts, also praised her.


Coming from athletic parents, Ye trains regularly in Australia. She was noticed as a child for her particularly large hands and feet giving a perfect build for swimming. Ian Thorpe defended the fast growing teenager. He pointed out that he’d improved his own personal best times by several seconds at a similar age. What does her horoscope say?

Yi Shewin was born March 1 1996 in Hangzhou, China. At first glance she has the horoscope of a champion competitor. Her energetic Sun is positioned precisely with the physical and aggressive Mars – a perfect amalgamation for athletic competition. The Sun and Mars are together in watery Pisces – sign of the fish. At her birth both the Sun and Mars were nicely angled to Jupiter, a planet of largesse and success.

Currently Jupiter is moving through Gemini and exactly squaring her Piscean Sun Mars. The combination of Mars and Jupiter equate to successful actions. These planets are found positioned strongly in the charts of military generals as well as champion athletes. Champion sprinter Usain Bolt is but one.


He’s been called the greatest swimmer of all time. The real life aqua-man Michael Phelps was born June 30 1985 in Towson, Maryland. At his birth the hearty Sun was joined to action orientated Mars. Again we see the planetary combination of the competitive athlete.

In Phelps’s case the Sun Mars is posited in the water sign of Cancer, and at the midpoint of Jupiter and Uranus – a highly successful combination. Phelps success has been phenomenal. He has been a consistent gold medal winner taking out six at his Athens Olympics debut in 2004.

He won an incredible eight gold at Beijing four years later. At the London Olympics he has added another four, bringing his gold tally to eighteen, and overall medal tally to twenty-two.

Phelps was bound for further glory in mid-2012, as both Uranus by square and Pluto by opposition aligned to aspect to his eight degree Cancer Sun. Add to that Mars now in Libra squaring Phelps birth Mars and Mercury now stationary at the beginning of Leo, right on his birth Mercury for the London Olympics period.

Mercury is the planet of news and media. Phelps will be viral as one of the front-page pin up stars of the Games. If he ever wanted to write his own biography, this would be the ideal time to start. Mercury is also the planet of commercial enterprise and contractual agreements.


One of the true superstars of swimming was irascible Australian legend Dawn Fraser. Her name came from the rising Sun on her birthdate of September 4 1937 in Balmain, Sydney. The time would have been around 6.10 am or shortly thereafter.

Similar to Phelps, Dawn has her Sun angled with the extraordinarily successful combination of Jupiter and Uranus. She was a gold medallist in the same Olympic event three times – the 100 meters freestyle. Only three Olympians have managed the Triple Crown.

Such was Fraser’s supremacy that she held the 100 meters freestyle record for fifteen years. She also was the first woman to swim the sub minute 100 meters.

Fraser’s horoscope backs up the swimming and athletic indications shown by Ye Shiwen and Michael Phelps. In Fraser’s case her workhorse Virgo Sun is connected to the king of the seas planet, Neptune. But her Virgo Sun is angled in a close square to fiery Mars in athletic Sagittarius. That, in combination with her super successful Sun, Jupiter and Uranus Grand Trine put Dawn Fraser in the all time swimming hall of fame.


Before I leave the astro-pool (as against gene pool), perhaps it’s worthwhile to mention the original Tarzan - Johnny Weissmuller. Before he became famous for swinging through the jungle with his trusty friend Cheeta, Weissmuller was an unrivalled Olympic swim champion.

Weismuller was never defeated and set sixty-seven world records. Those early times may seem slow by today’s standards. But in 1950 he was selected as the greatest swimmer of the first half of the 20th Century, by the Associated Press.

He was born June 2 1904 @ 6.30 pm in Winber PA, with a close conjunction of Sun again with Mars, this time in Gemini. Both were also closely aligned with indefatigable Pluto, making Weissmuller the competitor par excellence.


The effect of Mars on the fields of athletic competition, or even in the fields of war has been statistically proven via the scientific testing of Michel Gauquelin. The famous French psychologist and statistician, with a childhood interest in astrology, combined with wife Françoise to conduct statistical analysis on thousands of horoscopes.

His exhaustive study uncovered Mars rising or culminating directly above at birth, as even more important than aspects to the Sun. These tests were replicated showing an undeniable bias toward the ancient theories of astrology. One of the more important findings was that the more aggressive the athlete the stronger the Mars bias.

Week July 29


The horoscope of the London Olympics was timed for July 27 @ 20.12 BST London, when a Red Arrow aerial show, and the sound of the world’s largest harmonically tuned bell rang out around the world.

As it resonated the zodiacal degree ascending across London, was 22 degrees of traditionalist Capricorn. The United Kingdom is a Capricorn country, and (perhaps coincidentally) the Queen has the same degree of Capricorn rising at her birth.

Magically the astrological houses of Her Majesty's horoscope, born April 21 1926 @ 2.40 am in London, were an exact match for the opening of the London Olympics. And the Moon, moving through Scorpio, had come to the very top of the Queen’s chart – her very public Midheaven. The timing could not have been better.

The setting Sun, in the royal sign of Leo, was united with media Mercury and royalty was destined to be very much part of the proceedings. The Sun was also aligned in an accommodating angle to shock factor Uranus in innovative Aries.

The stunning surprise was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth becoming a James Bond girl supposedly parachuting into the cavernous Olympic stadium to open proceedings. The Queen’s comical spoof went viral.

It was the brainchild of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ director, Danny Boyle, the Games artistic maestro. In a classic understatement Boyle said that, “The Queen made herself more accessible than ever before.”

The 2012 Olympics should be an event that QEII delights in. At the moment a Venus Saturn trine links in with her own Jupiter and Mars. Mars is athleticism and competition, and the royal planet Jupiter also represents joviality. But it wasn't always going to be so humorous.


The breathtaking Games opening went of without a hitch, despite an ongoing attempt led by Israel, with the backing of the USA and Germany to politicize the opening of the event.

The Olympic President Jacques Rogge staunchly resisted the idea and the British PM David Cameron also stood firm. The happy result was a spectacular opening of startling pageantry.


For the artistic director, Danny Boyle, born Oct 20 1965, the Games opener was a career high water mark. Unrestricted imagination is one of Danny’s planetary gifts.

He was born with an artistic Libran Sun, connected to the inspirational dreamer Neptune. Both are dynamically aspected to Mars, in the sensitive and visionary sign of Pisces. Boyle was the man for the moment.

As the real hard work got under way, two years ago, Saturn, the planet of structure and accountability was directing to Danny’s Sun. Saturn will often bring trials and tribulations, like the diamond polished through friction.

Boyle admitted that the ceremony was personally dedicated to his father, who died eighteen months prior. If there was a tinge of sadness to the perfect production, it was that his dad could not be there to share it. Danny’s father was an Olympics fanatic.

Saturn spent the first three months of 2012 traveling across Boyle’s Libran birth Sun placement. These times were marked by the rigorous detail and private rehearsals – all moving toward perfection.

Saturn will again pass across Danny’s birth Sun in September, when his cycle of meticulous planning and accountability will be complete, and the games an outstanding memory.


At 12.18 a.m. July 28 (BST) the Queen announced the Games officially open and the Olympic flame was lit at 12.24 am. A quarter of an hour later the legendary songwriter Paul McCartney took the stage and the crowd broke into a sing-along to the classic 60’s hit ‘Hey Jude’.

McCartney is a British icon of the highest order. The Beatles were the most famous British act of the 20th century, and the best selling band in history. As the remaining half of the Beatles songwriting team – his partner John Lennon fell victim to the US gun culture – McCartney has remained a British resident.

McCartney's astrological aspects made the moment interesting for the astro-analyst. For it was on July 29 and 30 1968 that the Beatles recorded their biggest selling hit. ‘Hey Jude’ was about to celebrate another birthday. And McCartney was clearly moved as he sang the opening verse.

Paul McCartney’s horoscope (born June 18 1942 @ 2 pm in Liverpool England), was dynamically alive. The planet of senior support and tradition, Saturn was fortunately (and exactly) trining his status bearing Midheaven.

Venus, the planet of popularity, art and entertainment sat on his Midheaven – atop his chart. Yes – it was a big gig – even for a Beatle. Over 80,000 joined the chorus. Olympics 2012 was under way.

Week July 22

It was in the planets that last week was going to be an explosive one. The potentially violent T-Square of warlike Mars, with unpredictable Uranus and deadly Pluto lit the astro-fuse, from the 15th through to the 20th.

I quoted the classic textbook ‘Combination of Stellar Influences', describing the prevailing trends as, "‘fanaticism, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation".

On Thursday July 19, with the aspect exact, three hundred and two people were killed in the bloodiest day of the escalating Syrian civil war. This followed the targeted assassination of the Syrian defense minister. In Bulgaria another suicide bomber, blew up a bus containing seven Israeli tourists, and closed Burgas airport.

In Europe mass protests rocked the streets of eighty Spanish cities, threatening scenes of things to come. The Australian press concentrated on the unprovoked Kings Cross murder of teenager Thomas Kelly. And the latest news filtering from Iraq is that sectarian violence has left over one hundred dead. But the mainstream press largely ignore Iraq these days.

But it was on a dark night in Aurora, Colorado, that the most extraordinary violence erupted. A movie theatre became the place where reality and unreality merged with macabre and murderous intent.


It was the midnight premiere of the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Half an hour into the action a six foot three gunman appears on screen during a shoot out sequence. His hair is dyed red, he wears a gasmask, and is completely covered in battle gear black. He throws two gas grenades into the crowd and begins spraying bullets around the packed theatre, and garishly stalking the aisles. This is for real – it’s an act of terror!

Seventy people are injured, and twelve of them killed, in a chaotic blur of brutality. At 00.39 July 20, Denver police begin to field incoming emergency calls. When they arrive the attacker flees the theatre, but they find him in the carpark. He is still armed and wearing a bulletproof vest. But he surrenders, confessing to be ‘the Joker’.

James Eagan Holmes is a white male, with no police record aside from a parking ticket. Born December 13 1987, he’s a neuro-science student having trouble with his studies. The press profiles him as, ‘silent loner, a bit strange, weird guy, socially off’. Then there are the contradictory descriptions of, ‘shy well mannered kid’ but who ‘loved all the villains in the superhero stuff’.

From May 2012 Holmes had been purchasing weapons and dropping off his studies. Sometime around 00.35 hours on July 20 he lived out the villain.


Holmes Sagittarian Sun is linked together with the serious reserved Saturn, and the rebellious, shock factor Uranus. They are well aligned to Jupiter in the fire sign of Aries. Half his planets are in fire signs. But that’s not as revealing or significant as his Mars Pluto combination in brooding Scorpio.

The potential for suppressed and focused anger, even coldness and removal lies in the aggressive Mars with intense Pluto. The Mars Pluto union is also in a difficult aspect (a semi-square) with unpredictable Uranus.

This means that once one is triggered the other follows. Last week we had a T-Square of Mars Uranus Pluto in the heavens. They synchronized with violence across the globe. Holmes has the same irritable planets hard angled in his own personal horoscope.

Note - Another prospective birthdate was circulated via a dating site of Dec 10 1987. If correct this would actually strengthen the volatile Mars Pluto to Uranus aspect. Dec 13 of course, was the one given by police.

As ‘The Dark Night Rises’ premiered the moody Moon and Mercury blend together in Leo and together square Holmes’s Mars Pluto - they also trigger his wild card Uranus.

On the evidence of his horoscope he should have begun to show a few of these violent tendencies even up to a year or two before. Time will tell, as further evidence comes to light. But last week the aggressive Mars, Uranus, Pluto squared in the skies, and fell upon his dreamlike Neptune, planet of film and fantasy. It manifested as a recipe for a shooting in a theatre.


Colorado was the 38th state admitted to the Union on August 1 1876. A horoscope for that day shows the Leo Sun joined to Mars, the planet of guns, and Mercury the newsmaker. The Sun/Mercury/Mars are all square Neptune, planet of secrecy, subterfuge and sacrifice. The Sun, Mercury and Mars can easily be interpreted as equating to newsworthy hostility.

Colorado’s Mars is also united with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. This tight quadruple cluster, in the fire sign Leo, has been active each time Colorado has made headlines for hostility.

The most notable was the Ludlow massacre on April 20 1914. It was the significant event of the Colorado Coalfield War. Such is still recognized as the bloodiest labor conflict in US history, taking between 69 and 199 lives, depending upon the reference sources.

Ludlow became a lasting monument to labor’s struggle against corporate power. This event took place as Uranus, the planet of freedom moved through the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius, opposing Colorado’s Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus. Who would have guessed that on the very same day many years later Colorado would again make the news for the Columbine massacre.


From 11.21 on April 20 1999 Littleton, Colorado was splashed across the world news headlines. Two crazed students armed with semi-automatic handguns and a pump action shotgun, embarked on a shooting spree killing twelve students and a teacher at the Columbine High School.

The grisly murders became the inspiration for Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’ documentary revealing the dark political underbelly of the US gun lobby. As the Columbine carnage took place, transiting Mars – the planet of guns, was in a testing square to Colorado’s Sun/Mercury/Mars. Sacrificial Neptune was opposing the same deadly cluster. It was an eerie astral reflection of ground level reality.

The Denver massacre ignited the same Sun, Mars cluster into action. The Leo Moon and Mercury were moving over it on July 20, as it happened. Uranus, the planet of shock and awe was in a accommodating trine to Colorado’s Sun, Mercury and Mars. Even the transiting Mars and Jupiter were each in a supportive sextile (60 degree angle exact) to Colorado’s Sun. And so it goes.


There’s a political catch. Barack Obama’s Leo Sun pitches right in the center of this Colorado cluster. On July 15, Mercury - the planet of communication, ideas and thought processes - stationed on Obama’s Leo Sun degree. In an election year, where swinging votes are vital, will the President make a new call on semi-automatic weapons. Aren’t they designed for warzones - not city streets?

The powerful US gun lobby is already mounting rearguard action. They’re talking up exploitation of a tragedy. They’re trotting out all the usual lines that cars kill more people. It’s the same old – same old. They are not the victims. As Bob Dylan so aptly lamented, ‘the answer is blowing in the wind’.

Colorado – the host state of the Columbine High School massacre, now has an Aurora theatre sequel. Is the blame purely on social misfits, or is it really the society that arms them? You’ll never stop the crazies - you can only limit their carnage.


The Batman Dark Knight movies, directed by Christopher Nolan, with Christian Bale as Batman, has a common astrological thread. Each of the three movie releases coincides with the hostile Mars in a testing relationship with the deep and brooding Pluto, the planet of death and destruction. It is all rather fitting with the dark and sinister feel of the trilogy.

The star, Christian Bale, born January 30 1974 has his Aquarian Sun square antagonistic Mars, and trine powerful Pluto. The director, Christopher Nolan, was born with his Leo Sun joined to Mars, and the war planet semisquare Pluto. When the recent massacre took place the Moon and Mercury were moving across Nolan’s Sun Mars union.

The trilogy’s somber overtones were evidenced with brilliant young actor Heath Ledger dying from a toxic overdose during the editing of The Dark Knight on January 22 2008. On that Full Moon afternoon (Ledger died between 1 pm and 2.45 pm) warlike Mars was opposing the deep and dark Pluto. It was rumored that he was consumed by the role of the insane Joker.


The most constructive message came from the Internet posts of one of the victims, Jessica Ghawl. Jessica had escaped from another shooting rampage, at 6.23 pm June 2 at the Eaton Mall, Toronto. That gunman had taken two lives and wounded six others. The event caused her to reflect on her own life.

She posted, “I say all the time that every moment we have to live our life is a blessing. So often I have found myself taking it for granted. Every hug from a family member. Every laugh we share with friends. Even the times of solitude are all blessings. Every second of every day is a gift.”

Jessica was not so lucky the second time around. However she truly discovered the appreciation of life before her death. Her thoughts are poignant message for every single one of us. Jessica’s evocative positivity will survive the events of even our darkest nights.

Week July 15


On July 19, as Spanish unions enact nationwide strikes in response to government spending cuts, a volatile T-Square will form in the heavens. The reformatory duo of Uranus and Pluto will be joined by inflammatory Mars.

This trio have been described in the textbook ‘Combination of Stellar Influences' as, "‘fanaticism, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation". Foreboding thoughts, even allowing that this well researched study was written during WWII.

The Uranus Pluto square has historic correlations with the land of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1820 the Liberal Triennium was a revolutionary movement led against King Ferdinand that led to a new government. The revolt was led by General Rafael del Riego and resulted in a three-year progressive government with eyes on a republic.

Europe rejected the possibility of a republican Spain, at the Congress of Verona in December 1822. France was chosen to lead a Quintuple Alliance to restore the monarchy. The armies of France, England, and the Netherlands marched on the Spanish capital of Madrid. On 7 November 1823 Rafael del Riego was hanged at La Cebada Square in Madrid. The Liberal Triennium was over.


The last Uranus Pluto square, toward the end of the Great Depression, corresponded with the Asturia miners strikes. They were in protest to a powerful right-wing movement wthin the government ranks. The violent outbreaks began on a T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto from October 4 1934. The bloody confrontation between the miners and General Franco’s army left thousands dead. It laid the foundation for the ongoing Spanish Civil War.


Spain has been the scene of ongoing division since the beginning of the "15M" protest movements of May 15 2011. Millions have joined the marches springing from public dissatisfaction that they are not being represented by either one of the central political parties.

Last week's mass marches were not broadcast by mainstream media. The media blackout is an ominous sign of the disconnect between the people and the press. A media that is dependent upon the commercial hand that feeds them.

The situation shows no sign of easing, with growing austerity measures inflaming the rage. The Spanish populace, with a soaring unemployment rate of around 25% face increased taxes and further service cuts.

Meanwhile, European loans are fed to a banking system responsible for the global meltdown in the first place. As protestors risk arrest, bankers remain immune to the justice system. It is these kind of obvious anomalies that fuel growing anger, not only in sunny Spain, but also worldwide.


Spain is a country that I made a centerpiece of my conference presentations ‘Times To Come – Mundane Musings’ for the Federation of Australian Astrologers Melbourne Conference. If you would like to obtain a full recording of this lecture which is click here for the link or call 03 8415-0315. It is priced at only $16 for the hour plus lecture.

Spain’s new Prime Minister was born March 27 1955 in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. This gives him an Aries Sun position configured in a challenging relationship with both conservative Saturn and aggressive Mars. With the insurrectionist Uranus now in retro motion it will move back across his Sun as the protests grow.


The horoscope of a unified Spain dates back to merging of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. This happened upon the death of John of Aragon on January 19 1479. The kingdom of Aragon passed into the hands of his son Ferdinand, who was already married to Isabella of Castile. They duly became joint sovereigns over a united Spain.

Today the progressed Mars from the 1479 Spain unification horoscope has reached insurgent Uranus. As that happens the socialist Neptune is transiting square to the Neptune Uranus of the original chart. Whichever way you look at it, these multiple astrological signals now put Spain in the political spotlight more than ever.

Week July 8


The collective scientific community called CERN, formed September 29 1954, is an acronym for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. CERN has produced many great technical breakthroughs, not the least of which is the World Wide Web.

The planetary cycle of scientific innovation is the Jupiter Uranus combination. These planets were together when Armstrong first walked upon the Moon, just as they were when Charles Lindbergh first flew the Atlantic. They were together when Johannes Kepler published the laws of planetary motion, and when Galileo made first use of the telescope. They were together when CERN was born.


There was excited expectation when CERN scheduled an important announcement for 9 am (EET) July 4. Team leader Joe Incandela began addressing the Geneva assembly at two minutes past the hour. Among the audience was Professor Peter Ware Higgs. Now 83, Higgs was the man who envisioned and wore the name of the so-called Higgs boson ‘God particle’.

For nigh on fifty years this elusive bit had been the missing link in the standard model of particle physics. The Higgs boson contained the key to mass, without which there would be no universe, as we know it. If the Higgs boson were proved not to exist, it would call for a complete rewriting of the scientific textbook.


In their search for the ‘Holy Grail’ of sub atomic particles, the scientific community engineered a twenty-seven kilometer atomic speedway. They called it the Large Hadron Collider.

This $10 billion dollar sophisticated machine, housed hundreds of meters underground, was designed to produce conditions similar the hypothetical Big Bang. It would simulate the very start of the universe, over 13 billion years ago, smashing colliding protons at the virtual speed of light.

On September 10 2008, with the Sun in analytical Virgo, and positioned with exacting Saturn, the Large Hadron Collider began. The exact time given by New Scientist reporter Valerie Jameson was 9.30 am, also reported by John Cartwright of physicsworld.

It completed its first circuit less than an hour later at 10.24 and 30 seconds European Daylight Savings Time, according to Cartwright. New Scientist wrote 10.25 a.m. The CERN press release however reported a time of 10.28 a.m.

There was a lot of hysterical anxiety among the conspiracy theorists about the giant Collider’s operation. Some thought it would actually explode the planet. But Earth survived, at least physically. It was their economy that melted down within the week.

The Collider, after an inauspicious inauguration, was set for important maintenance, and rescheduled for more intensive operation from 2010.

2010 was the year that Jupiter and Uranus, the planetary combination of scientific breakthrough would reappear together in the heavens. Astrologically it was a more fitting time to find the mysterious ‘God particle’, a term much maligned by the scientific community. And not without good reason.

The Higgs boson was no religious object. It was the subatomic particle that acted like an attracting agent for all others, enabling mass. It has been described as the thread that binds the universe. But the stocking that holds the black pudding has remained the Holy Grail of physics. Which brings us back to 9.02 a.m. (EET) July 4 2012.


At 9.02 a.m. Mercury, the messenger and planet of fast breaking news, was forming an exact supportive triangle to Uranus, the planet of innovation and technical discovery. Both were also in trine to the North Node, the indicator of eclipses, and a significator of collective involvement. In this case a group of scientists were spreading the word.

Pleasing Venus and successful Jupiter were in the sign of information, Gemini, and both were forming a sextile (another supportive angle) to the informing Mercury and the technological Uranus. It was the day of a revelatory Full Moon in corporate Capricorn. The Moon was just passing the same zodiacal degree of when the Large Hadron Collider began operation.

There was rejoicing and applause after the presentation at 9.50 a.m. Even the aging Professor Higgs wiped a tear from his eye. Five minutes later the director general of CERN Rolf Dieter Heuer echoed, "As a layman, I would say that I think we have it. Do you agree?" The scientists were sure they had found the next step on their journey of discovery.


The Large Hadron Collider became a reality shortly after the Jupiter Uranus conjunction of 1997 and construction work commenced the following year. Although it began operating in 2008 it was shut down for repairs and maintenance, firing up again in 2010 as Jupiter and Uranus came together again for the first time since 1997.

The announcement of the apparent Higgs boson discovery took place as Jupiter was forming its first major aspect (the sextile) since the 2010/2011 conjunctions. The next major aspect between this dynamic duo of discovery will be the testing square, beginning August 2013 and climaxing April 2014. Further advances are sure to be announced around these dates.


Professor Peter Ware Higgs was born May 29 1929 on Newcastle on Tyne in the UK. His Gemini Sun is now experiencing the transit of the popularity planet Venus (which has moved across three times due to a retro period) and about to feel the union of the success factor, Jupiter.

Professor Higgs is also due for the once in a lifetime Uranus return. It will occur in 2013. Uranus is the planet defining our exceptionality, and also aligned with original ideas, technology and science. Uranus will describe the independent path you walk and what individual contribution you make.

In October 1964 a much younger Higgs was walking in the rustic Cairngorms National Park, Britain’s highest mountain range and forest area. Back then he was experiencing his second Jupiter return. That’s the moment when the prophetic planet of visionary ideas returns to its birthplace position in the horoscope. In the orient Jupiter is known as ‘Guru’.

Professor Higgs, is a scientist with great imagination, courtesy of his futuristic Jupiter in square to Neptune, the planet of inspired vision. On that October day the planet of form and structure, Saturn, had come to join the mix, combining practicality with intuitive insight. The Higgs boson theory was born.


The mid 60’s also featured a once in 127-year planetary alignment of groundbreaking Uranus with reformative Pluto. It changed not only our worldview, but also our scientific paradigms. The space race was central to our evolving understanding. Higgs was a visionary of this revolutionary generation.

Today as Uranus reaches the exact square to Pluto, re-igniting the breakthrough ideas, our understanding of life will again change. There will be dissolution of old structures and forms, just as there was in the transformative sixties. Technology will be at the forefront of lifestyle change. The missing link is already rewriting the book, and Peter Higgs is one of the main chapters.

July 01


While the rest of the world concerned themselves with the Syrian internal war, and Katie Holme’s taking her life off cruise control, China achieved a technological first. At 10.05 China time, on June 29 their space mission successfully landed in Mongolia. It was returning from a thirteen-day voyage, during which it docked with Tiangong 1, their first experimental space station.

Tiangong 1, or Heavenly Palace, was originally fired into space on September 29 2011 at 21.16 China time from the Jiquan Launch Center. This time gives a powerful horoscope with a Leo Mars (fireworks, rockets) at the base and squared by the Scorpio Moon and successful Jupiter in Taurus.

It also features a Sun/Mercury Libran conjunction square powerful Pluto and opposite technological Uranus. Today as the Uranus Pluto square reaches perfection China have taken it to a further stage. It was under the Uranus Pluto cycle conjunction of the mid 60's that the US and then USSR were focussed on the space race.

The space station experienced its first orbital docking from the unmanned Shenzhou 8 on November 2 in 2011. The first manned effort was hailed as a triumphant mission, with the televised raft touching down in Outer Mongolia. The recent maneuver was accomplished with three astronauts, including China’s first female.

This technological achievement makes China only the third country, after the USA and Russia, to achieve successful space dockings involving speeds of thousands of kilometers per hour.

It displays the advancing space race mastery of the country that initially gave birth to gunpowder, rockets, and manned flight. Back in 559 AD Yuan Huangtou of Ye, son of the Emperor, conducted the first manned flight in a large glider. The aim is to have a fully manned space station by 2020.


I use another China horoscope, in combination with the commonly accepted People’s Republic chart of October 1 1949 at 3.15 pm Beijing. It is the horoscope of the Wuchang Uprising timed for 8 pm China time on the 10th of October 1911. This was this people’s revolution that preceded, and inspired Mao Zedong’s revolutionary mission for China, leading onto the People’s Republic. The Wuchang Uprising led to the replacement of the Qin dynasty, and the end of millennia of dynastic rule for China.


The Wuchang Uprising horoscope, like the Republic, has a Libran Sun, which has now progressed to Capricorn and been moving across Uranus, the planet of flight and technology.

For example, when the Wright Bros first flew a heavier than air machine into the air at Kitty Hawk, at 10.30 am on December 17 1903, the Sagittarian Sun was conjunct Uranus, and it was coming up to a New Moon. The planet was discovered not long before the Montgolfier Bros invented their hot air balloon, marking the beginning of air transport.


The Wuchang Uprising horoscope is also coming to a progressed New Moon on Uranus, which further emphasizes the importance of this moment to the Chinese nation. It would suggest that the country is on the verge of major technological innovations, and may even have further connections to electricity generation and power sources additionally.

The 1949 People’s Republic horoscope also shows the current success of China. Progressing their horoscope to today reveals their progressing Midheaven, a measure of status and recognition, has arrived at the conjunction with successful growth planet Jupiter.

It is not unusual to see these two pivotal horoscopes, depicting the foundation of modern China, to reflect so accurately their current advances.


What a difference a couple of years and a Uranus return make. After all Uranus is the lightning quick planet of sudden reversal and autonomy. So it was for the Muslim Brotherhood, formed March 23 1928 by six Islamic railway workers and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna.

The horoscope of the Muslim Brotherhood , click here to see, shows the leadership Sun, and revolutionary Uranus, in initiatory Aries, along with the planet of faith, religion and expansion in Jupiter.

In 2011 both Jupiter and Uranus came back to Aries. It was the first time they had done this together since 1928. With this happening in the heavens the banned Brotherhood movement experienced the radical change to their homeland.

Increasing agitation had eaten away at the power base of President Hosni Mubarak. The people’s protests grew in their intensity until Mubarak was overthrown. Suddenly, as Uranus came to the exact position it occupied at their inception, the banned Brotherhood was allowed to run candidates in a new election. They dominated the polls.

Last week saw the confirmation of a Muslim Brotherhood President for Egypt. Mohammed Mursi was sworn in as the new leader, at noon on June 30. It was under the tight T-Square of a patriotic Cancer Sun opposed to powerful Pluto and square to the more radical Uranus?

Does the testing square to Uranus imply an ongoing struggle for rulership? This isn’t an easy astro-signature, but for the Brotherhood, Uranus has so far played its role to perfection.


Last week I thought that the market volatility would peak from Thursday afternoon. That happened as the Dow hit its weekly low of 12457 at just after 2.20 pm. The reversal then sent it through the roof rising over 120 points in the next hour. Friday followed suit, opening high and closing at 12880, rising over 2% with the NASDAQ performing even better.

I mentioned that this might come on the back of some radical political agitation. The European leaders diverted rescue funds, directly to their troubled banks on the day. That temporarily bounced the markets, but may lead to civil unrest further down the track, in countries like Spain for example.

In reality the Dow’s late week rally simply recovered what it had lost the week before. Uncertainty still clouds Europe. The most active trading swing day this week looks to be the Wednesday July 4, also a Full Moon day. The fickle nature of investment has been swinging with the Moon phases of late.

The Full Moon of April 7 preceded a big dip, as did May 6. The last Full Moon of June 4 represented the Dow low for the year. Although it has been mostly up since, it did reverse downward at the last New Moon on the 20th. So midweek will be interesting to watch for some fluctuating ‘lunacy’ in the financial markets.

June 24


The horoscope of a unified Spain dates back to merging of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. This happened upon the death of John of Aragon on January 19 1479. The kingdom of Aragon passed into the hands of his son Ferdinand, who was already married to Isabella of Castile. They duly became joint sovereigns over a united Spain.

The predominant astrological cycle taking place at the time, was a rare conjunction of Uranus and Neptune. It's a once in 172 year phenomena. The two gas giants were positioned in the opening degrees of the sign of Sagittarius. The Uranus Neptune duo have signified enormous social change via religion for centuries past.


In 110 AD, under a Uranus Neptune conjunction in Cancer, the Catholic Church was formed. In 622 AD, with Uranus and Neptune together in Virgo, a major new religion unfolded as Mohammed fled Mecca for Medina. This event known as Hejira is celebrated as the birth of the Islam.

The 965 meeting of Uranus and Neptune saw the Christianization and creation of the Polish state, under Mieszko the First. The 1307 Uranus and Neptune conjunction marked the year King Phillip of France outlawed the Knights Templar creating eventual division in Christendom.

The 1479 coronation of Ferdinand, and the unification of Spain shortly after, preceded the infamous Spanish Inquisition. Ferdinand and Isabelle also expunged the Muslim influence from Granada, after almost 700 years of Moorish rule. This is interesting from the astrological perspective, as the Spanish Sagittarian combination of Uranus and Neptune was in a challenging square to the Virgo one of 622 AD, when Islam was formed.


The last Uranus Neptune union took place in the early 1990’s, the time of the first Gulf War, and rise of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, featuring a retaliatory Islamic fundamentalism opposing western influence.

This is also fascinating from the planetary perspective. The 1993 Capricorn meeting was exactly opposite the 110 AD Cancer conjunction that signalled the formation of the Catholic Church. So what has this to do with Spain? Plenty!


If you take the January 19 1479 horoscope, and progress it to 2004 you will find fiery Mars coming to join the Neptune of the original horoscope. This was the year of the Madrid train bombings on March 11, three days prior to a general election. This act, attributed to al-Qaeda operatives was the worst terrorist attack in Europe.

Today the progressed Mars from the 1479 Spain unification horoscope has reached insurgent Uranus. As it does Spanish banks reel under a real estate slump. Spanish unemployment tops 20%, and is even higher within the younger demographic.

As a result of their economic woes the country has been granted access to more than one hundred billion Euros. Most of this is expected to go straight to the banks, rather than increase the considerable sovereign debt.

As this decision was reached Jupiter moved into Gemini and Neptune has entered Pisces, both planets square to Spain’s original Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Neptune are known as an inflationary combination. It was under the most recent Jupiter Neptune conjunction in 2009 that the USA signed off on their $700 billion bailout package. The Jupiter Neptune square becomes exact this week, as does another prominent square, that of Uranus and Pluto.


If you’ve been reading these columns over the last few years you’d be aware that the Uranus Pluto square has been predominant with the 1819 financial crisis in the US, along with the 1873 Long Recession and Great Depression years of the 1930s. This was also the cycle in place when the Austrian Creditanstalt crashed on May 11 1931, resulting in a global financial crisis, on top of the US market crash.

But Uranus and Pluto squares have also played a large part in modern Spanish history. The ongoing 1823 square accompanied the Liberal Triennium, an uprising that was only put down with foreign intervention via Britain, France and the Netherlands. The ongoing square of the 1930’s accompanied the violent Asturia’s Miner’s Strike, the overture to the Spanish Civil War.


History doesn’t have to repeat itself so precisely with the planetary cycles, but it certainly leans toward a greater divide between the government and the people ahead. Especially when the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, born on March 27 1955, now has the rebellious planet Uranus crossing his Aries birth Sun.

So when you read about the effects of the Uranus Pluto square rearranging the geopolitical chessboard, there are certain countries right in the firing line. If past history is any guide – Spain is one, and we’re only seeing the start of it now. How much humanity learns from history is another question altogether.


Prior to last week, addressing the stock markets I wrote, “ the Greek crisis would be an ongoing one. I don’t see any immediate solution as a result of the elections. This week's markets look especially volatile with a convergence of planets on the 19th and 20th probably trending some extra large ripples...New York opening time Wednesday the 20th especially would be one to watch here.”

The Dow fell 3% in from its Tuesday the 19th high of 12897, to close out Thursday the 21st at 12571. The Reuters headlines of the 20th read, “Asian shares struggle, commodities down as Fed disappoints”. The Australian All Ords also dropped 100 points, over 2% of the index, from the 20th.

The politically reformative aspect of Uranus and Pluto in square, is being highlighted by the Moon Wednesday morning June 27, New York time. The Sun will join the mix Friday, which may see some radical political agitation as well.

Add to that the value planet of Venus being tied into a difficult angle with contracting Saturn, later Wednesday and early Thursday makes for further market wobbles. I expect the midday and afternoon of Thursday the 28th to be the most volatile here.

June 17


The Euro is the next most traded world currency after the US dollar. The fiscal entity that is the Eurozone can also be considered a financial powerhouse to rival the USA. However the Euro does not yet wield the hegemony that the US dollar does in worldwide markets, or the oil rich Middle East.

The inception of the Euro from one minute past midnight January 1 1999 and its first trade horoscope of January 4 1999 at 04.02 hours set for Munich (where it was televised live) are the astro templates for the currency’s rise and fall. Perhaps not surprisingly the first trade horoscope places the Sun position at 13 degrees of Capricorn, directly opposite the USA Independence horoscopes (July 4 1776) Sun of 13 Cancer.

Both entities were formed for financial reasons. The fledgling American colonies had issues with British taxes, territorial expansion, and the famous 1772 Somersett case that outlawed slavery in England and Wales. Fiscal and political independence from the mother country solved all of those problems. Self-governance was imperative to expedite US economic growth, and territorial expansion.

The Eurozone was initially a fiscal union, attempting to eventually force a political one, on its member states. It also enabled Europe to mount a serious trading rival to the USA, and further the progress of globalization. Geopolitical trading blocs are now commonplace, in Asia and Latin America.

Back to the Euro and the USA. On April 20 2014 an astrological Grand Cross will form in the heavens. Uranus in Aries will square Jupiter in Cancer, in turn squaring Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This period will coincide with new financial laws enacted and have enormous implications on the USA, Eurozone and worldwide economics.


The relative strength of the Euro to the USD has fluctuated over time. It was launched at $1.17 USD but later that year had plummeted to below $0.86 USD. After the October 1999 bottom it gradually rose back until around the time that the USA invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein had abandoned the US dollar and was trading Iraqi oil in Euros. By the end of August 2003 the Euro had fallen back to $1.10 USD.

Many of the Euro fluctuations have synched with US political turning points. For example the Abu Ghraib prison abuse debacle, an enormous setback for the military superpower’s PR, saw the Euro surge in 2004 to end the year at $1.36 USD. It was the highest figure to date, at the time. However it nose-dived after a successful US military surge through 2005 losing 12% until rallying in December of that year.

The Euro went on a two year rise from February of 2006 hitting new heights from April 2008 (note oil prices did the same here), and topping out at $1.60 in the July of that year just prior to the global financial crisis. The Euro then nosedived amidst financial panic, but uncertainty in the US, amidst massive bailout plans, led to resurgence to end the year at $1.45 USD.


Starting February 2006 expansive Jupiter stationed on the Ascendant of the Euro First Trade horoscope, beginning a steady rise and continuing throughout the year. Powerful Pluto, the ancient Roman ruler of wealth, was also crossing the trading Mercury of the Euro chart throughout 2006 and also 2007. The positive effect of the Pluto was supplemented by Mercury’s supportive angle to the rock solid Saturn.

By late 2007, the growth planet Jupiter would also reach the Euro’s Mercury placement. During 2008 Jupiter would hit the Sun in the Euro horoscope.

While that was occurring, fast acting Uranus linked to the birth of the Euro Jupiter. This is one of the best aspects possible and the Euro reached its highest exchange rate of $1.60 USD. When this aspect occurred again on March 8 of 2009, the Euro would again climb sharply.

In between time the GFC hit hard, and the Euro did crash back from late July of 2008, not long after Saturn had hit the Midheaven of the Euro chart. More relevantly Venus (planet of attraction and values) had formed a challenging progressed conjunction with the fluctuating Uranus.


2012 has proved a difficult year for the Euro and troubled times seem to lie ahead. The progressed Sun of the Euro first trade horoscope is now involved in a testing square with contracting and restructuring Saturn. The progressing Moon comes to exacerbate this from early July.

The Greek elections are taking place as I write, and I have been long writing in this column that the Greek crisis would be an ongoing one. I don’t see any immediate solution as a result of the elections.

This weeks markets look especially volatile with a convergence of planets on the 19th and 20th probably trending some extra large ripples as a result of the Greek elections. New York opening time on Wednesday the 20th especially would be one to watch here. Whatever happens in Greece I feel will not be a final answer, as there is still a deep divide within the population.

I did hope to write a little more on Spain this week, but will postpone it until next week. Below is a transcript of a short educational video for students of the Sirius School. It is particularly relevant to last weeks judicial findings adding a finality on Australia's most infamous trial. If you want to watch the video version click here.


In C.S. Thompson’s translation of the ancient cuneiform texts of the astrologers of Nineveh, there is a telling reference to the Moon coming to Saturn. It mentions that when this occurs in the heavens that men will speak the truth.

Modern astrologers recognize the veracity of Saturn. The beautifully ringed gas giant is known as the ‘reality planet’. In the individual’s life, significant Saturn transits coincide with moments of sobering self-discovery. Hard realities are finally confronted and addressed. But sometimes this takes time – and Saturn’s supplementary name is Chronos, the god of time.


On October 29 1982 Saturn was positioned late in Libra – the symbol being the courthouse scales of justice. But on that day the planets were not so favorably positioned. They were all gathered within a small band measuring 66 degrees of a 360-degree zodiac.

When such a one sided bunching of planets takes place in the heavens, the same bias is reflected on planet earth. Twas the day that Lindy Chamberlain was found guilty of murdering her daughter, Azaria, in the remote Australian outback.

It was the famous dingo trial, immortalized in book and film. It was the story of a two month old baby, either stolen from an outback tent in the jaws of a wild native dog, or secretly murdered by her own mother. Meryl Streep received an Academy Award nomination for playing the mother. The real mom - Lindy Chamberlain - got a life sentence.


The Chamberlain saga had held the Australian public’s attention for well over a year. A section of the sensationalist press, eager for headlines with a difference, pilloried the Chamberlains. The murdered child’s name, Azaria, was said to be a biblical reference to sacrifice. It actually meant ‘God’s blessing’. The Chamberlain’s, both Seventh Day Adventists, were portrayed as cultist and cold. Much was made of Lindy’s reluctance to cry (with typical Saturn control) during the trial.

This was the Chamberlain’s second trial. They were found innocent at the initial coronal inquiry of January 1981. But at the start of 1981 Saturn had been with the planet of justice – Jupiter - both in the sign of balance Libra. And the planets were spread across 120 degrees rather than a severely condensed 66-degree cluster.

Saturn had moved from its union with judicial Jupiter in 1981, to the dark planet of death, confinement and the underworld, Pluto, on the Friday of October 29 1982. And Lindy Chamberlain was condemned to life imprisonment for the murder of her daughter Azaria.

Crucial eyewitness evidence was overlooked. Supposed scientific testimony, later proven to be mistaken, proved crucial and damning. The prosecution, backed by a baying public – this is Pluto mass media stuff, dredging up all the subterranean hidden issues of other - had delivered a travesty of justice. Lindy Chamberlain – just two weeks short of delivering her 4th child, was now under government lock and key.

Saturn would eventually move from its conjunction in the dark lands of Pluto and the salivating jaws of the Cerberus the multitheaded canine guarding the Gates of the Underworld, to a union with the surprising and freedom orientated Uranus by January of 1988.


Suddenly Azaria’s matinee jacket was discovered at the foot of Ayers Rock. This time the real evidence backed the Chamberlain’s. And Lindy after a Royal Commission was released from custody again on the conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in September of 1988.

But justice had not been fully served. Lindy was awarded compensation for her unreasonable confinement – but she wanted the real cause for death to be established.

Perhaps ironically on June 12 ( a day after Azaria’s birth anniversary) 2012 it was. Finally the death certificate of Azaria Chamberlain, which really means ‘blessed of God’’ read death by dingo attack. Saturn – lord of time – was back in Libra to where it had been on October 1982 – but this time the Libran scales of justice were fairly balanced. Some things take time – but Saturn eventually delivers the truth.

Finally Lindy Chamberlain was born with Saturn and Pluto together, along with Mars the planet of wild animals and ferocious beasts…but the beasts that devoured the Chamberlains were the beasts of bias, prejudice and ignorance. Instead Saturn in Libra should deliver the wisdom of Solomon – at least this time wisdom finally prevailed.

June 10


Sometimes astrological aspects are just too close to the mark. Last week, as the media orientated Gemini Sun came to square combative Mars, one Greek televised political debate got way out of hand.

The explosive violence was symptomatic of political debate worldwide, which has polarized populations, and divided nations. This is typical of the radical and revolutionary energy of the Uranus Pluto square.

The same hard-edged aspect, during the Great Depression years coincided with the build up of Nazi Germany, and the divisions that preceded the Spanish Civil War. In the face of economic hardship, contraction and nationalism become predominant political themes. The current meltdown has been the biggest challenge yet to the political and economic concept of globalization.


Ilias Kasidiaris, the none too subtle spokesperson for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn movement, let his fists do the talking, when words failed him. It was party punch with a difference, and aimed at a woman. And it was more Golden Gloves than Golden Dawn.

It began when the subject of an alleged 2007 criminal charge, involving Kasidiaris, was angrily raised. He responded by throwing a glass of water over the heated left wing accuser, Rena Dourou from the Syriza party.

Things escalated dramatically when Liana Kanelli, from the communist party, stood up to protest Ilias’s aggressive action. The young right-winger threw three punches at Kanelli and promptly left the studio. The Greek political divide went Internet viral. Kasidiaris now has an arrest warrant, after providing one of the most animated moments of televised political debate.


Ilias Kasidiaris, born November 29 1980 is no shrinking violet. He is an outspoken Sagittarian, with combative Mars in governing Capricorn and squaring Jupiter and Saturn. But it is the condensed shape of his horoscope that is the real giveaway.

All of the planets are clustered within 120 degrees, leaving two thirds of the horoscope vacant. This is known as a bundle pattern and can correspond to a narrow, one-sided outlook on life. The positive upside is a great focus, and like all horoscopic signals a lot depends upon the attitude and evolution of the individual.

But this year Ilias's progressed Sun has reached his pugnacious Mars and the results are none too obvious. It's a classic case of Sun-Mars aggressive warrior, and also a good example of secondary progressions working to the max. Also the planets on the day added to the mix.

The Sun may have been squaring warlike Mars on the day of the punch-up, but is symptomatic of the intense division the European economic mire has created. The protagonist’s party – the far right Golden Dawn - have gained some support with a ban on immigration and opposition to the EU loans. And yet the Golden Dawn and the EU have a fascinating connection.


The Golden Dawn was formed on November 1 1993. On that same day the Maastricht Treaty, the most defining moment in bonding a European economic alliance was enacted. And very soon the Golden Dawn, will play a national role in finding whether the core ideas of Maastricht will survive. Both the Maastricht Treaty and the Golden Dawn have all the planets in the focused, but less objective 120 degree spacing.

Greece is one of several nations to have entered the European Union on January 1. The significance of that date is that it occupies the zodiacal position of ten degrees of Capricorn. This is precisely where the reformative square of Uranus and Pluto are headed this year and across 2013.

The actual Greek entry date was January 1 1981. It placed the Capricorn Sun with mercenary Mercury, and yet square the planets of law (Jupiter) and order (Saturn) in litigating Libra. As the Uranus square to Pluto nears exactness, tensions bubble over. Although most Greeks would like to remain within the union, the challenging planetary aspects are making this a real litmus test.

Last year as Uranus loomed close to the square to Pluto the European crisis dominated the news. And the USA joined in with a fierce partisan Congressional debate that almost had the world’s largest economy going into default. Instead it led to a lower credit rating.

Uranus and Pluto will now hasten the solution after years of kicking the can further down the road. But division will precede unity in many countries. It is not confined to Greece. More on Spain next week.

May 27


The Egyptian delta is one of the cradles of civilization, but modern Egypt has its political roots planted firmly in the 20th century. Egyptian independence from British rule was granted on March 14 1922, and the Egyptian Kingdom horoscope is timed for 10 am the following day in Cairo.

Both horoscopes have the planets of law (Jupiter) and order (Saturn) in the sign of Libra, along with the public Moon. History has born out the importance of the Libran connection. Every time the structure planet of Saturn has moved through Libra, and therefore passed over itself Jupiter and the Moon, regime changes have taken place.

The first time brought General Nasser's Egyptian Republic on June 18 1953. The next saw the beginning of the Mubarak regime, following the assassination of Anwar Sadat on October 6 1981. Now as Saturn moves through Libra again the Egyptian revolution continues.

With every revolution comes a counter-revolution as the conservative forces, and outside influences fight back. Also the rebellious attitude of the people quells, having achieved some objectives, and looks for a balanced solution.

Mubarak, the symbol of western influence is gone, but now two other planets Uranus and Pluto promise to continue the revolution. This reformative duo lay in the early degrees of Aries and Capricorn respectively. Positioned as such, they impact upon the birth Saturn and birth Pluto of the Egyptian Kingdom horoscope.

Uranus and Pluto will continue to rile against the establishment in Egypt. Each Egyptian revolution has been stifled by western military or money from the 1950’s Suez crisis onward. A true revolution would mean that all the political agreements with western backed Israel are virtually off the table.


The two prime candidates for presidency are Mohammed Morsi from the Egyptian Brotherhood and Ahmed Shafiq, who was the original replacement for Mubarak after serving under him. Morsi held a slight lead, and now Shafiq, seeking to distance himself from Mubarak has effusively praised the revolution, promising no return to the old ways.

I have long forecast in this column the rise of the Egyptian Brotherhood, based on the original birthchart of the movement of March 23 1928. The ongoing conjunction in 2010/2011 of rebellious Uranus with religious Jupiter favored the Islamic based party. Their influence is already assured, having dominated the parliamentary elections in February this year.

However there are many secularists who fear rule a President aligned with the Islamic brotherhood, and the west certainly prefer Ahmed Shafiq. With the stage set for the June run off it will be interesting to watch Egypt across the next fortnight. An increase in street violence, uprisings or attacks June well decide the fate of the candidates.

Egypt has come to their Pluto opposition, and it is time for the power to fully change hands. If so the revolution would truly have taken place – anything less would feed an ongoing powder keg of discontent and social unrest.


Over the last four years economic forecasting and reports have overtaken the media. Apart from some celebrity meltdowns we’ve heard more about the Federal Reserve, IMF, Dow Jones, Eurozone, and bond prices than ever before. And since it all began – nothing has really changed. Check the Dow Jones now.

The Dow Jones in late 2008, before the global meltdown was at around 12,500, exactly where it is today. And every May it has had a sizable dip, although it did recover in 2009. This year the bottom in May came on the 18th at 12369. We continue to hear estimates and opinions, most of which prove hopelessly wrong.

So it’s with that in mind that I want to present this astrology graph, which utilizes the planetary connections for stock movements. Click here to view. It accurately picks the dip with a convergence of planets. It’s more a measure of human confidence, and political instability, but it all affects economically. The astrology graph notes the aspecting planets coming together to match the economic reality.


In Australia the State Of Origin rugby league battle took place in a Melbourne coliseum, easily topping the television ratings. In the proudly trumpeted ‘state against state, mate against mate’ football civil war, Queensland triumphed over NSW. In a best of three annual contest Queensland are looking at a seven year mastery.

Things were getting so desperate two years back that the Sydney Morning Herald rang me for my astrological opinion. Here’s a link to that story. Two years on and little has changed.


One of the fascinating facts concerning State of Origin football is that the two superstars of the Queensland team were both born on the same day, and in the same year – June 18 1983. They are athletic astro-twins. They also play for the same club team in the National Rugby League - the Melbourne Storm.

Cameron Smith is the captain of the Storm, plus his state of Queensland and Australia. Smith has won all the major footballing awards including the Golden Boot international player of the year in 2007, and State of Origin Player of the Year in 2011. He is regarded as arguably the most valuable player in the game.

Billy Slater took the 2008 Golden Boot international player of the year, and won the best NRL player award for the 2011 season. ‘Billy the Kid’ is rated the best fullback of all time, by many astute football journalists and judges. Together this dynamic duo have dominated in all areas of the game, with a wonderful competitive instinct and guile.


Both Slater and Smith have a Gemini Sun positioned closely alongside the athlete planet of Mars. The fiery red planet was long renowned as the ‘god of war’. It represents the spirit of competition, aggression and self-assertion in the individual. The famous Gauquelin scientific statistical tests backed that up from the 60’s. The results appeared in ‘Psychology Today’ as well as a number of other publications.

Both player’s Sun Mars in Gemini is supported by a trine (a fortunate 120 degree angle) to focused and intense Pluto and dedicated hard working Saturn. Add to this the cerebral Mercury is placed strongly in its home sign of Gemini and opposite ingenious and fast reflexive Uranus plus successful and confident Jupiter.

Yet both have also worn an enormous disappointment in their sporting lives. When the Melbourne Storm was found to have breached salary cap regulations, at the end of 2009, the entire team were stripped from the 2007 and 2009 premierships. They were also disqualified from accruing points in the 2010 competition.

Disappointment and dissolution can often be connected to the planet Neptune. And despite the excellent indicators across their respective horoscopes, the astro-twins Gemini Sun was in close opposition to Neptune at their birth.

The only other occasion that a team has been penalized so heavily for salary cap breaches was in 2002. Back then the Canterbury Bulldogs were stripped of all their competition points. At the time Neptune was opposing the Sun of their then coach Steve Folkes.

May 20

As the G8 meet at Camp David, European shares hit their worst levels since December. European leaders are also at loggerheads. Worries that Greece will abandon the EU are high on the agenda.

In the light of current events please review what was written in this column, initially from June 26 last year. Astrological techniques often succeed where political and economic analysis fails. The bracketed text appeared back on June 26 2011, but is just as relevant today.


"Greece became an effective member of the European Union from midnight January 1 1981. A horoscope drawn for this moment features a tight Sun/Mercury in corporate Capricorn but in a challenging square to the law and order duo of Jupiter and Saturn.

The horoscope also has a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. The relevance of this is that Venus represents values and Neptune tends to dissipate wealth in such a combination.

Whether Greece will stay in the European Union long term is the vital question. Back in 2009 as the extravagant duo Jupiter and Neptune together formed a tough aspect to the Sun Mercury position of Greek's initial admittance, they plunged into recession. More loans followed which exacerbated the situation.

For the short-term, Eurozone unity and Greek austerity strategies were the perceived solution. However in years to come, and especially 2013, the revolutionary grouping of Uranus and Pluto will move across the Sun Mercury representing the original agreement. Further restructure is inevitable."


"On June 19 2000 Greece was admitted into the Economic and Monetary Union by the European Council. This horoscope, when cast for midnight Athens, has rebellious Uranus rising and controlling Pluto at the Midheaven.

It’s a good way of saying that Greece are going to be a wild card in the pack. Progress this horoscope from June 2011 and we have a Sun Mars conjunction in Cancer, descriptive of violent reaction of the populace against their leaders.”


Clearly the astrological portents were that it was going to get worse before it got better. Now it is popularly phrased that Greece, the birthplace of democracy, has become the battleground for the modern version. Economic rationalization is the buzz. Commerce has become our ‘raison de vivre’. Philosophical considerations aside, where is all of this leading?


Greece, an Aries nation regularly celebrate their independence from Ottoman rule on March 25, following their 1821 revolution. This horoscope has particular relevance as it represents a breaking away from an empire. The European Union may be likened to an empire.

Greece is feeling the insurrectionist Uranus energy in early Aries. Already Greece has been the theatre of conflict between European banks and national sovereignty. The Greek populace, much removed from their mainstream politicians due to imposed austerity measures, are providing a litmus test of people power.

The Uranus influence is one of self-will, rebellion and independence. In warlike Aries it takes on a more belligerent, fast acting and erratic approach. As Uranus gravitated around the leadership Sun position of the Greek national horoscope, the government was dissolved.

The May 6 elections had failed to deliver a conclusive result, with new elections due June 17 and Greek parliament reformed by 11 am GMT on June 28. But the June 17 elections may also not produce any long-term stability.

On that day the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, all in Gemini, will square Neptune in Pisces. The indication is a lot of ideas, talk and emotion. But Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs suggesting changeability rather then firm direction.

The June 28 2012 new Greek parliament horoscope places the Sun in opposition to powerbroker Pluto. This shows that outside forces may try and manipulate the leadership, and a strong potential of revolution. In this horoscope the leadership Sun locks in exactly to the reformative Uranus Pluto square, indicative of major upheaval and reform.


Over the last two centuries every ‘square aspect’ from Uranus to Pluto, without exception, has dealt with major economic restructuring. Pluto represents the big money players, the corporate conglomerates. Uranus is more about individual freedoms and rights. These two in testing formation, which they currently are, suggest a collapse of the old order of things, and a rebuilding anew.

In the July August of 2011 both planets came to within a degree and a half of the precise square. This close approach provided early indication of how the aspect would play out in the future. Recall in July 2011 the US Congress was locked in a paralyzing stand-off on fiscal policy. Now fast track to today, because the Uranus Pluto square will be exact in June. Already the G8 have differing opinions on how to manage this crisis.


An examination of the previous Uranus Pluto squares over the last two centuries produces a clear message. The approaching square of 1820 came in the midst of the USA’s first economic crash – the ‘Panic of 1819’. The eventual collapse led to fresh financial regulations for future US economic development.

The departing Uranus Pluto square of 1876-1877 came on the end of the Long Depression of 1873-1877, featuring multiple railroad and bank failures. Again this crash followed a boom period.

The approaching Uranus Pluto square of 1932 through to 1934 was synonymous with the Great Depression, the worst financial calamity of modern history. That period also featured the Uranus Pluto square perfecting, as new rules and regulations were eventually instituted, that ultimately paved a path out.


The actual Eurozone came about via the Treaty of Amsterdam, which was signed on October 2 1997. The Amsterdam Treaty Sun is at 9 Libra and obviously this is square the 10 Capricorn of the Euro for example. What we will witness from 2012 onward is the enormous impact the Uranus Pluto square will have on these various agreements. It prefaces a total restructuring of the Eurozone.


One man who did actually become even richer, as the world wallowed in financial mire, was Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. Although his company’s first trading day produced a flat result, he is now worth over $20 billion. Zuckerberg was born May 14 1984, in White Plains New York.

His horoscope is a see-saw pattern, meaning half the planets in one half of the sky, and half in the other, with clear lines of demarcation between. This is a classic ‘relationship’ orientated shaping, supported by his birth Moon, which was at approaching full phase. His accumulating Taurean Sun, opposed by a vengeful Scorpio Mars, implies one who is both highly competitive and attracts strong enemies. He simply thrives on competition.

His Taurean Venus, powerful in its home sign, is also nicely supported by expansive Jupiter, and opposed by taciturn Saturn. Although Zuckerberg can be self-judgmental, he also has enormous faith in his abilities. Having the two benefics of Venus and Jupiter in harmony, from the earthy material signs of Taurus and corporate Capricorn, is a positive financial signature.

Why is he so successful, particularly in 2012? For starters the predictive Solar Return, or his 2012 birthday chart, places his Sun exactly with Jupiter – indicative of superb fortune and growth. Zuckerberg’s birthday horoscope also has a stationary Venus in the information sign of Gemini nicely supported by a strong and balanced Libran Saturn.

In May we have also had a SuperMoon in Full phase. It occurred in Scorpio, Mark's birth moon sign. And lastly the current stationary Venus in Gemini is mighty close to Zuckerberg’s progressed Sun. Not a bad marriage indicator. It all adds up to a bumper year for the creator of the world’s largest meeting place – Facebook.


MAY 06


It’s one of the largest growing industries in the western world. The bookshelves are full of self-help tomes. What began with titles like ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking’, or ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’, has become a money-spinner for the self-help gurus now proliferating the media. They profit from other's support and exacting effort.

One in twenty five books on the shelves are somehow connected to the self-improvement industry. It’s something that Wikipedia describes as “a postmodern cultural phenomenon in the late twentieth century.” The reasons given have been many. Politically it may be a spin off from a more competitive capitalist driven society.

Many self-help books equate material abundance and financial success with life fulfillment. It’s almost a reverse of the old spirituality that decried such material end gains. But not all stick to this philosophy. Many of the books preach simple home truths, albeit often behind typically immodest titles such as ‘Awaken The Giant Within’.

The gurus, like Anthony Robbins, communicate sophisticated success strategies, analogous to NLP discoveries, or behavioural psychology techniques. You may be surprised to know that there is now an ‘Idiot’s Guide To Self-Esteem’. And yes, it probably does come in a brown paper bag.

This successful series also publishes idiot guides to self-assertion, conquering fear and anxiety, and even one for ‘getting things done’. The latter involves, at some time, putting down the book. Which brings me to this week's astro-analysis.

While I’m all for promoting potential and whatever it takes to do that, sometimes matters can get a bit out of hand. In the case of self-help guru and boot camp dominator James Arthur Ray, that’s exactly what happened.


James Arthur Ray was born on November 22 1957. He has the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn all in Sagittarius. If there is a fault to a Sagittarian overload, it can become the ‘know-all’. The disparaging kind that refuse to acknowledge information from others.

Those that irritatingly insist on telling it like it is – to their own satisfaction. The fire and brimstone preacher with the sensitivity of a brick. But while some of my astrology savvy readers may be chortling, remember I am emphasizing a negative quality here.

Ray’s father was a preacher. Not unusual, as the Sun and Saturn in a horoscope can indicate the father, and Sagittarius is likened to the teacher preacher. Yet while his father’s ambitions were frugally ‘Satinesque’, son James gravitated toward more manna from heaven.

James Arthur could not reconcile the paucity of childhood, and thought the Lord should reward effort more substantially. It led to his first book. ‘The Science Of Success’ followed later by the best seller, ‘Harmonic Wealth’.

Ray’s visionary Sagittarian Sun was positioned in square to Pluto, the ancient Roman money ruler. Pluto is also the planet of deep transformation, and Ray devoted his life to both.

Ray followed the self-made man philosophies drawn from disparate sources, wildly succeeding as a motivational speaker. He was endorsed by Oprah and appeared on Larry King. He swore by the ‘Law Of Attraction’ and ran ‘spiritual’ retreats and vision quests.

Ray’s methodology often consisted of pushing people to their limits, and sometimes past them. He played on the walk on hot coals and break the board gimmickry, sometimes with unfortunate results.


A New Jersey attendee broke her hand instead of the board, sustaining multiple fractures after being encouraged not to give in. Another man pierced his eyebrow deeply with an arrow shaft during a ‘Spiritual Warrior’ exercise.

Colleen Conway was at a James Ray International seminar in July 2009, where attendees were encouraged to dress as homeless people. When Colleen subsequently suicided, jumping from the Horton Plaza in San Diego, she bore no ID.

Finally James Arthur Ray’s spiritual adventures hit the rock of reality in the Arizona desert on October 8 2009. Here at the ‘Angel Valley Retreat Centre’ as a direct result of another ‘spiritual warrior’ excursion three people died.

Another eighteen were hospitalized suffering from either dehydration, kidney failure or breathing difficulties. And the survivors had paid up to $10,000 for the near death experience.

Attendees were left in the desert overnight with just a sleeping bag, although for an extra $250 a Peruvian poncho could be purchased. They then underwent a fasting before entering a sweat lodge supposedly based on native American tribal lore.

Instead of self-empowerment, hospitalization followed for many, as Ray pushed them past their human limits. The Latoka Nation has since criticized the Angel Valley Retreat Center as a desecration of their tradition.


But the Law Of Attraction would come to haunt Ray. A week after the fatalities the the Yavapai County sheriff's office were reclassifying the deaths of James Shore and Kirby Brown as homicide. By the end of the month participants were issuing lawsuits. They ranged from inadequate supervision, lack of medical support, and insufficient warnings of the dangers involved.

What made Ray go so ‘over the top’ in October 2009? His progressed Sun was in square to the guru planet Jupiter. It was delivering a potent message – Jupiter’s success can be undermined by its excess. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter. It’s a planet with vision, but not so dedicated to the finer details. The square was urging restraint, and Ray knew little of that.

Additionally the warrior planet is Mars. In Ray’s progressed chart his Mars was meeting the brick wall of reality, that is Saturn. This conjunction aspect will handbrake your progress unless your actions are well planned and you take full responsibility for them. All of this was news to James Arthur.

Lastly Ray’s Saturn, his discipline planet, was also fielding a challenging aspect from progressing Jupiter, the planet of justice. This duo refer to the law both in spirit, Jupiter, and tradition, Saturn. As the progressed Mars hit the Saturn, it also activated the Jupiter. Also, as his progressing Sun was also squaring Jupiter, the law would have to act.


By May 2011 Ray was facing charges of manslaughter. The trial took over a month and drew on thirty-four witnesses. Finally on November 18 2011 Ray was sentenced to two years in prison. The spiritual warrior – progressing Mars – had come to meet mercenary Mercury. Through all of this he continued to run business as usual. But there is a time when enough is enough

If there is a message in any of these experiences it is that people are who they are. Change is always within logical limitation. No technique will make an apple turn to an orange overnight.

Ray’s hunger for success, and zealous belief in his own righteousness, are a lesson in humility. And humility is a much-underrated quality in achieving success. True success for many has little to do with outward recognition and riches, and everything to do with inner peace and harmony.


This week begins with a Full Moon in Scorpio reflecting the Taurean Sun’s rays. It’s technically a SuperMoon, a phrase meaning that it’s one of the closer approaches of the Moon (356,955 kilometers) during the annual soli-lunar cycle. This week also features a Sun Jupiter conjunction. Ambitious plans are getting the go ahead. How do they affect your sun sign? Read on…



He is becoming the human headline. He has been dubbed Australia’s Charlie Sheen. He is Matthew Newton, the Australian actor who is already making waves in the USA. In showbiz they say any publicity is good publicity. But that theory is about to get a real workout.

Matthew Newton’s public behavior has been well documented since October 16 2006, when he was arrested for assaulting then girlfriend and actress Brooke Satchwell.

Plenty of reasons have been proffered. There were initial rumors that illicit drug use had sent him over the edge. Matthew Newton has publicly stated drugs were never a problem. His parents talk of a teenage rage. Matthew claims it’s an ongoing illness. He’s not alone here.


His lawyer claims he is bipolar, with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The same lawyer presented a celebrity psychiatrist for Newton’s first assault trial. The medico stated he was rehabilitated, and would be unlikely to re-offend. It resulted in no conviction being recorded. The hired hands did an excellent job.

Newton was originally charged with four offenses, but after some negotiation ended up just facing one of common assault. Newton was duly found guilty of the lone assault charge. But then legal eagle Chris Murphy swooped, with an appeal to have the conviction order overturned.

The importance of that appeal and all criminal charges being quashed meant that the actor was free to work overseas. Evidence was tendered to the court that Matthew had been under the care of a psychiatrist for six years prior. He also received seventeen extraordinary references attesting to his character. The conviction was quashed.


Six years further down the track, actresses Brooke Satchwell, model Rachel Taylor, along with cab driver Mohsen Khayami can all attest to Newton’s propensity to violence. At 4.59 a.m. May 17 at the Marriott Hotel, a Miami hotel clerk became the latest victim.

It was Newton’s second arrest this month since landing in Florida, essentially to resurrect his career. He was also forcibly evicted from a bar a week before, spending the night in a lock up. He faces court on May 11, and at worst could find himself behind bars this time.

There’s little doubt that his psychotic episodes have resulted not only in harm to others but also plenty of self-harm. In terms of his public life and career, Newton has gone from dizzying heights to a virtual outcast.


Matthew Newton was born on January 22 1977 @ 3.37 pm in Melbourne, according to Australian cosmobiologist Elva Howson. His independent Aquarian Sun is angled to both Venus and Neptune, a combination that leans toward artistic appreciation and expression. The aesthetics of Venus and the glamour and imagery of Neptune make film an ideal medium.

These two planets also incline a certain idealism in relationships, and are associated with escapism. The negative side of which can be recreational drug use. Some famous celebrities who have had this Venus Neptune square in their horoscope include the late Whitney Houston and Stevie Nicks for example.

Matthew has displayed the talent and the sensitivity that the Venus Neptune square aligned with his Sun would suggest. But in real life Newton is infamous for more explosive outbursts.


Mars Pluto is the alignment associated with extreme violence. Matthew was born with these planets in a challenging square. His father Bert, has them together. Often we see this 'planetary hereditary' duplicate through family trees.

Cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin described the negative side when he christened this duo as force and brutality. And Matthew has the same aspect evident in the horoscopes of people who made a living out of brutality, like Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee.

The curio of art imitating life may be when the Venus Neptune had Newton playing glamorous television roles. But they were also in Mars Pluto style crime shows such as 'Underbelly'.

People who know him well would see both sides of his character. But certainly someone who was a sensitive and artistic Venus Neptune, and then an explosive Mars Pluto could seem Jekyll and Hyde bipolar to most.


The condition of the Moon at birth will tell a lot about early psycholgical conditioning. Newton's Pisces Moon is atop his horoscope. The Moon can represent the public and also the family. Matthew has come from a very public family. Father, Bert, and mother Patti have forged successful showbiz careers. They were the perfect TV couple. But there can also be a certain 'unreality' about a Pisces Moon.


During May 2012 the planet of aggression, Mars, stationed in the heavens at 4 degrees of Virgo. It would oppose Newton's Pisces Moon and remain at the very base of his chart. This is a rare occurence for Mars at this degree. But for Newton it may involve prolonged emotional agitation.

As this occurred Neptune, the planet of unreality, and sometimes alcohol and or drugs, would be reaching the zenith - exactly opposed to Mars. It resulted in two incidents of arrest, both involving aggressive behaviour.


In all of Newton's 'episodes' certain planets seem to play a role. The volatile Mars Pluto square (via progressed Venus) was active back in 2006 when he assaulted his partner Brooke Satchwell.

In 2010 his progressed Mars - we're talking god of war here - was in square to unstable Uranus when he attacked Rachel Taylor. Plus his progressed Midheaven was opposing his Mars. This would have been his most explosive time.

As I write this today his progressed Midheaven is squaring Mars. And his solar arc Mars is squaring Jupiter and his Ascendant. The problem will eventually dissipate.


My feel is that Newton will have to be properly assessed, and properly treated for his ongoing psychological problems. And here we come to Mercury, the plant of mind, reason and communication.

At the moment deep and cathartic Pluto sits right on Matthew's Capricorn Mercury.This is certainly the obsessive compulsive style aspect. Simultaneously it is being squared by Uranus. Together they speak of the collapse of the old order of things and the construction of the new.

This is no easy time for sure. It will involve greater soul searching than he has ever experienced. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that the Mars aspects will eventually dissipate. Sometimes a breakdown can be a good thing if it leads to better places. And we all hope that is the case.


Matthew’s father Bert Newton, was born July 23 1938 @ 9 am in Melbourne. His stellar Australian showbiz career began on June 10 1952 voicing radio copy. Since then he has collected almost every major showbiz accolade, and has been awarded an MBE and AM. Newton’s teamwork with the King of TV Graham Kennedy, and later US born host and singer Don Lane became legendary.

Bert’s horoscope shows a concentrated and volatile trio of a Cancerian Sun, with energetic Mars and fixated Pluto. This is hidden in Bert’s twelfth house of privacy. It gives him enormous energy reserves and the potential for an explosive temper if not channeled constructively. Bert acknowledges he is a workaholic and even at 73 has no retirement plans. He protects and values his private life.

Publicly the audience sees his theatrical Leo rising with communicative Mercury right on the Ascendant and jovial Jupiter opposing. Bert is renowned for his quick and spontaneous one-liners. He is at home with an audience, a consummate communicator. He has a media driven Gemini Midheaven and his very public Moon is in the same sign.


Bert Newton’s Sun/Mars/Pluto is exactly on Matthew Newton’s Saturn and directly opposed to Matthew's birth Sun. This opposition would place a developmental tension in the father son relationship, despite what may be said to the contrary.

Matthew Newton’s talents were recognized early in the piece and he certainly had the right contacts. But there is still the struggle for individuality, something he achieved by moving into the acting field.

It’s not the purpose of this brief column to go further into the father son dynamics. But woven into the fabric of these two horoscopes is a psychological story worth unraveling for Matthew Newton’s sake.

Father son relationships make for compelling relationship studies. The presidential Bush family being an excellent case in point. George W’s Cancerian Sun had his father’s imposing and controlling Pluto right on it. Go back another generation to grandfather Prescott Bush. Here we find granpa puts the warrior planet Mars right on George W’s Sun. And didn't we see that play out in time.

To wrap up, Matthew Newton has judicial Jupiter moving across his Taurean Ascendant in May, just as it was opposing the same point in 2007 when he originally fronted the courts for his first assault charge. But perhaps it’s outside the legal world where this man's real battle now lies.

April 22


The French Presidential election commences this weekend from April 22. It holds great ramifications, not only for the future of France, but the whole of the Eurozone, and even the USA. The new French government will administrate as the revolutionary Uranus and reformative Pluto come to square in the heavens from mid year.

We are entering a time of political reformation, with individual rights and national identities being the catalyst. In times of such accelerated change, the status quo have trouble holding power. This would already seem to be evident with the more authoritarian right wing government of President Nikolas Sarkozy, seemingly on the way out.

The French unemployment rate matches that of the USA. French debt is 90% of gross domestic product. Their AAA bond rate has disappeared. And not one of the leaders present from the 2008 global financial crisis has yet survived the next election. Sarkozy, born January 28 1955 at 10 pm in Paris hopes to be the first.

His 10 p.m. birth time seems rounded to the hour, and so the angles have to be accepted on trust. If they are precise then solar arc directed Neptune now opposes his Midheaven effectively sealing his fate. His secondary progressions, of popularity planet Venus opposing mass media Pluto is not a welcome sign. Nor is progressed Mars running aground on a difficult Saturn – a sign of frustrated actions.

Sarkozy’s most promising astrological dynamic is the progressing Venus moving toward Mercury, and nicely trining his Midheaven and therefore career ruler. It may suggest that whatever the outcome he lands on his feet with a substantially rewarding position. Sarkozy’s horoscope has a lot of 'get out clauses' in its fortunate alignments.


The Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande, was born August 12 1954 barely ten minutes into the day at Rouen, France. His horoscope shows the intellectual and communicative sign of Gemini ascending at birth. The Ascendant acts as one’s window to the world. Hollande has authored a significant number of books and academic works.

Mercury, the messenger, and the ruling planet of his Ascendant, is also the most angular planet in his horoscope, lying right at the base. It shows education and communication to be paramount to his life. As a politician he would strongly support these areas of national development.

Hollande’s Leo Sun is positioned with deep and focused Pluto, showing a person unafraid of transformative change, personally and professionally. This committed Sun Pluto conjunction, in the fixed leadership sign of Leo, provides an inner toughness and solidarity. The Sun’s dominance is backed by a practical and administrative Capricorn Moon.


Francois' Sun Pluto also contacts the planet of revolution, Uranus, in the horoscope of the first French Republic of September 21 1792. This gives him an important historical connection with the national psyche.

It is not the only contact, as his own Venus mirrors the Republic’s Venus and Sun, linking national aesthetics and ideals to his own. There are numerous other planetary links, indicating that he would be a man of change for the nation.

One of the most important areas of Hollande’s horoscope is the union of expansive Jupiter with fast acting Uranus. It’s that area of his chart that has been most active and effective of late. The Ascendant in one’s chart progresses through the years mirroring different circumstances in life. Currently Hollande’s progressed Ascendant is meeting with both fortunate Jupiter and fast acting Uranus.

This combination is known as the ‘thank the lord’ position. It represents sudden breakthroughs and resolutions. If Hollande’s ten minutes after midnight birth time is entirely accurate, he looks to the next President of France. And it has all come about in the most surprising Uranian way.


The former leading candidate, fellow socialist, Dominic Strauss-Khan, was sensationally arrested on rape charges whilst boarding a plane to leave New York. The controversy surrounding Strauss-Khan then head of the IMF, effectively ended his presidential hopes.

Strauss Khan had earlier proposed a new world currency, by pooling several leading currencies, to replace the dominance of the US dollar. As the charges against Khan were subsequently dismissed the strange series of events seemed nicely ‘coincidental’ and advantageous to his opponent Nikolas Sarkozy, a staunch US ally.

All of it inadvertently left the way open for Francois Hollande to step up to the plate. His 'sudden breakthrough' had arrived. In the ensuing days, as the transiting Uranus also sits at his progressed Midheaven, we will see if he can take it all the way. With his horoscope the Presidential position looks a distinct probability.


On April 19 Australia lost a musical icon with the death of Greg Ham flautist and saxophone player for the distinctly Australian pop group ‘Men At Work’. Ham was born September 27 1953 in Melbourne, Victoria. He had the Sun and three other planets, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune, all positioned in Libra.

As Saturn has moved through Libra over the last two years life hasn’t been easy for him. Ham was also experiencing his second Saturn return, a significant astrological milestone. But on the completion of its first revolution he was propelled to superstar status with international number one hits.

On October 30 1982 the single ‘Who Can It Be Now’ reached number one on the US Billboard Top 100, after previously topping the Australian and overseas charts. Men At Work were the latest 'thing', and heading for even greater success. Following Australia’s victory in the prestigious America’s Cup of 1983, the land down under was suddenly on the radar in the US.

Men At Work’s single ‘Down Under’ did even better. It made number one on the US, UK and Australian NZ charts, and throughout Europe. Although the song’s success rested upon the original sound and popularity of the group and the distinctly Australian lyrics, some mercenary minded individuals later developed other ideas.


The crisis began via a TV music trivia show, when ABC host Adam Hills asked panelists to ''Name the nursery rhyme this riff has been based on, as well as the man playing it''. Guest Jay Laga'aia, answered the 1934 Australian children's song ‘Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree’.

Hill had unwittingly set the copyright wheels in motion. Ironically the original writer of the 1934 song, Marion Sinclair, had not sought to make money from her creation. It was initially given freely. The new copyright owners Larrikin records took ‘Men At Work’ and their record company to court claiming the flute riff from 'Down Under' as their own.

Saturn is the planet of harsh judgment - the brick of reality. The flute riff, only a small part of the song, bore semblance to part of Sinclair's song, acquired by Larrikin for $6100 many years after ‘Down Under’ topped the charts. Ham had Saturn lurking around his creative Libran Sun.

Larrikin were ludicrously looking at between 40-60% of the songs proceeds. The Federal Court also found enough similarity in the flute riff to award in Larrikin’s favour. However it reduced the royalty amount to a more realistic 5%.

But for such a gigantic hit, covered around the world, that figure would prove imposing. It left Ham a shattered man, who detested being remembered for the court case, not the song. It also forced him out of his large house to a more modest dwelling.


Fellow band member and chief songwriter, Colin Hay, now touring the USA, recently paid tribute to Ham breaking down several times doing the interview, "He was dearly loved and was a man with a golden heart, he was one of the great ones."

Colin Hay was born June 29 1953 at 10.20 a.m. in Kilwinning Scotland. His horoscope mirrors both his enormous success and his recent loss. At his birth place and time, the most elevated planet was Venus. It was placed in the musical sign of Taurus, sitting exactly above on his very public Midheaven. The world knew Colin Hay for his artistic talents.

Hay also has a sensitive but forceful Sun and Mars combination in loyal Cancer. Right now as Pluto, the planet of life and death transformation opposes his Sun/Mars, and Uranus the planet of surprise squares it, he is experiencing the sudden loss of a dear friend. Hay also has his progressed Moon in hard aspect to Pluto and his progressed Midheaven on the surprise planet Uranus.

Like many fellow musicians, Hay criticized the appalling opportunism that shadowed his great mate, prior to his untimely death. Greg Ham will be far better remembered for his achievements and character. He was an integral part of 'Men At Work', the last Australian pop group to top both the US Billboard album and singles charts at the same time.

Although suspicious circunmstances have been ruled out, mystery still surrounds Ham's sudden demise at home. It happened April 19 as deceptive Neptune in Pisces squared his progressed Sun in Sagittarius, and quincunxed his natal one in Libra. Such would suggest a heart attack brought on by either congenital weakness or perhaps prior substance abuse.

April 15


Friday the 13th is unlucky for some. Try the North Korean military. At 7.39 a.m. Pyongyang time, a few minutes after the launch, their $800 million dollar satellite rocket disintegrated. Certainly it was a massive cracker night for the impoverished nation, after inviting a large contingent of journalists to witness the launch. So what were the astrological indicators?

Mars is the planet of rockets, weapons and fireworks. At the moment Mars is in the sign of Virgo, and the country of North Korea was formed in September 1948 making it a Virgo nation. That means that the rebel country will be creating waves in typical Mars machismo fashion.

The trouble is that Mars is currently stationary in the skies. It has been drifting backwards through Virgo, and is now changing direction forward. That means that it spends a couple of days virtually stationary, as in going virtually nowhere. So unless the other planets are supporting it’s not so great for Mars, or for military activities. All of which includes rocket or missile launches.

To add to that Mars is opposite planet Neptune, the ruler of the seas. Neptune has a dissipating factor on Mars, and it’s very symbolic that a rocket would fall harmlessly into the Yellow Sea. Harmless that is, except for the fact that it was over $800 million dollars virtually down the drain. In a country whose massive military spending is estimated at over 20% of their gross national product that is still a lot of money.


The biggest military budget by far is that of the USA, cutting just under $700 billion. That is six times the next highest of China, with just over $100 billion. The military industrial complex of the US is so dominant that you can combine China, France, UK, Russia, Japan and Germany and they still wouldn’t amount to half the US martial expenditure.

The major spenders relative to their budgets are the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia 11%, Oman 9%, United Arab Emirates 7%, and Israel and Jordan at 6%.

North Korea ranks well above them all in those percentage terms and is also the most militarized country. It posseses the fourth largest army in the world. Around one in five of all males are engaged in military services.

These military beginnings came from the the political and ideological differences between the USA and USSR. The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea celebrate September 9 1948 as the day of their formal declaration. Nick Campion’s scholarly ‘World Horoscopes’ book also gives the 11th as being the official date.

Either way the Virgo Sun is in a hard aspect to military Mars positioned in vengeful and intense Scorpio. The September 9 1948 horoscope for the country sees the 2013 progressions with Mars conjunct the more expansive and successful Jupiter.

Also the messenger Mercury progresses to Mars increasing the rebel rhetoric. But this will be at the cost of social services. It may also attract economic sanctions as Venus also progresses to square the dissipating Neptune.

The final prognosis on all of this is that North Korea will continue with weapons development programs at the expense of their national budget. That's nothing new but the extent of it seems to be increasing over the next couple of years.


On April 13 last week, Bob Brown, foundation member and leader of the Australian Greens decided to hang up his political ambitions. Brown, the first openly gay member of Australian Parliament, has generally been a radical in the conservative Australian political scene. Yet he has been effective in standing up for his causes and the Greens commanded 13% of the primary vote in the last Australian national election.

Brown, was born in Oberon NSW on December 27 1944 at 14.20 hours. This gives him an authoritative Capricorn Sun, but in opposition to the regimented traditionalist planet of Saturn. Brown has been no stranger in taking on authorities, initially as an environmental protestor in the successful 'Save The Franklin River' campaign, preventing a major damn construction.


One of his most memorable moments was being ejected from Parliament house for interjecting in the address from US President George Bush. Brown was a vocal opponent of Australian military involvement in Iraq. His communication planet Mercury is aligned with fiery Mars in outspoken Sagittarius giving him a forceful voice to back his ideas.

Brown, originally a medical doctor, began with the environmentally based United Australia in 1972. In 1976 he held a week long fast on the top of Mt Wellington, Tasmania, against the docking of the nuclear powered warship the USS Enterprise. He then progressed to leading the Australian Greens by 1996 as a member of the Senate.


Brown has an earthy Taurean Ascendant which helps explain his love of nature. His Capricorn Sun (also earth) squares Neptune, indicative of one who may have a charitable nature. Indeed Brown has donated a 38 acre property to Bush Heritage Australia. He was gave over $100,000 of his own money to assist the release of Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan held captive in Somalia for 462 days.

The central feature of Bob Brown's horoscope is a dynamic T-Square pattern between his Capricorn Sun and Cancer Saturn, each squared by the Libran Neptune. Of late Pluto, the planet of major transformation has been moving across Brown’s Capricorn Sun. So something was brewing re changing his public role with that alone.

However from April the surprise packet Uranus in Aries has joined the picture, creating a cardinal Grand Cross pattern and fast tracking Bob’s retirement.

The combination of Uranus and Pluto are akin to pulling down one structure and replacing it with another. Apply that to Bob’s political career and you get the picture. Bob has done it all right on time with the appropriate planets.

April 8

The Dream That Became Reality

“She was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men…Unsinkable, indestructible, she carried as few boats as would satisfy the laws” It was an April night so chilly that all the passengers had retired within, under a star speckled sky. These were prophetic lines about a doomed ocean liner.

Eerily they go on, “…ahead on either hand could be seen through the fog a field of ice which rose to a hundred feet high in her track. The music in the theatre ceased, and among the babel of shouts and cries, and the deafening noise of steel scraping and crashing over ice…”. The mightiest ship afloat, the Titan, had hit an iceberg and was doomed to sink in the freezing waters of the north Atlantic.

Morgan Robertson’s visionary story ‘Futility – The Wreck Of The Titan’ was published in 1898. That was fourteen years before the real Titanic, the world greatest luxury liner, tragically fulfilled the prophecy on its maiden voyage. The similarity between the two boats in size and design was uncanny.

Robertson claimed to be psychic, and have an astral writing partner. In the same book he had written another story about a war between the USA and Japan and a radiation bomb.


Robertson wasn’t the only psychic attached to the legend of the mysterious Titanic. On board when it sank beneath the icy waters was writer and spiritualist William Stead. He was also well known philanthropist who had a large public following. But Stead had foreseen his own death from drowning.

In March of 1886, he published an article titled, "How the Mail Steamer Went Down in Mid-Atlantic, by a Survivor”. It describes a collision of two ships with a great loss of life because of insufficient lifeboats. Stead thought enough to write after the story, "This is exactly what might take place and will take place if liners are sent to sea short of boats".


Later in the Christmas of 1892 Stead wrote another piece, this time about a White Star luxury liner called the ‘Majestic’. White Star were the owners of the Titanic. In Stead’s second story two spirits from a former shipwreck appear to a clairvoyant passenger.

They bear a ghostly warning to avoid dangerous Atlantic ice fields ahead. In Stead’s story the captain follows the advice. But little was William to know that he would eventually be aboard the most famous liner ever to sink at sea.


There are a lot of reasons for the loss of life on the Titanic. The lack of, and misuse of lifeboats was one of the principle ones. Scientists are now pointing to celestial influences. In the preceding winter the Sun and Moon both reached their closest distance to earth together virtually at the same time, an extremely rare occurrence.

This gravitational pull occurred at a Full Moon, which exerts a far greater effect on the tides. The theory goes that this may help explain the unusual amount of icebergs prevalent as far south as the shipping lanes the year that the Titanic sank.


Sherrynne Dalby, who has done enormous statistical research on the Titanic since the early 90’s, also noted the constant influence of the fixed star Scheat. This malevolent star, which lay near the end of watery Pisces, was renowned astrologically for maritime disasters. Here's a link to some of her work.

Its recurring influence is in the laying of the keel, sea trials, maiden voyage, and sinking. Scheat even shows up when James Ballard miraculously discovered the Titanic shortly after midnight on September 1 1985. Sherrynne also compiled a list of over fifteen hundred passenger's birth dates noting the planetary differences between those who survived and those who didn't.

On April 14 1912, on a clear moonless the Titanic hit an iceberg at 23.40. It would lead to the ship foundering two and half hours later at 02.20 am. This was the tragic completion of a celebrated maiden voyage begun exactly at noon, on April 10 from the docks of Southampton England.


The Titanic sailed on a day that the pioneering Arian Sun was coming to meet the eclipse axis, known as the Moon’s Nodes. The Sun was also in a difficult square to the ruler of the seas Neptune. This was no auspicious sailing horoscope at all. Even the Midheaven of the sailing horoscope lay at the accident-prone Mars Uranus midpoint.

For every person that survived the Titanic another two died. The chief factor was not the iceberg, but the appalling lack of lifeboats, and the way they were deployed. Human error, ego, class discrimination and bad planning were the major factors above any of nature's causes.

One hundred years after Morgan’s prophetic book, Titanic the movie cleaned up the 1998 Academy Awards . It broke the billion-dollar mark for producer and director James Cameron. Until his successful Jupiter return twelve years later, and Avatar, Titanic was the highest grossing film of all time. It is now being re-released in 3-D.


The 2012 DJIA figures have been impressive, rising from around 12400 at the start of the year to a high of 13264 on April 2. It was an increase of seven per cent. But the March 23 New Moon fell on the reversal planet of Uranus, as trading Mercury was also heading backwards.

Although the New Moon occurred during a week that the Dow fell 200 points, the figures bounced back.Leading into the Full Moon of April 6 however the Dow suffered its biggest one day fall.

There are astrological correspondences to that. Firstly the Full Moon generally delivers the promise of a New Moon. Additionally the planet of values Venus, had come to square volatile Mars and both would begin to connect with dissipating Neptune.

Neptune is the king of confusion – the spook planet. It aligns with irrational exuberance plus panic and fear. Venus came into play with Mars and Neptune and the Moon also came into play by the opening of the 3rd. Thus began the tumble dropping almost 250 points within the next twenty-four hours opening of the 3rd to 4th. Since then the market has been flat.

The New moon of the 23rd occurred a week after the IMF signed off on a second Greek bailout package. The recent Wall St fall coincided with the fear that the Spanish economy may not recover, and that the solutions could be as problematic as the actual problem.

The Venus Mars Neptune squares will dissipate, although the market may not recover as confidently for a little while yet. The sombre European outlook is kicking in, and mid April features an oppostion between the Sun and contracting Saturn.


April 1


Pluto is the planet governing the underworld. It is the planet of birth-death-reincarnation, meaning total transformation. The far flung icy rock circling the Sun on the edges of the distant Kuiper belt Pluto represents the almost inaccessible inner self.

It deals with suppressed core issues. Pluto unmasks our deepest fears and taboo. Its penetrating depth holds the key to true metamorphosis. And it did for mountaineer Lincoln Hall.

At 8.53 am on the morning of May 26 2006 8,600 meters up the highest mountain on earth, climber Myles Osborne, nearing the peak, witnessed a miracle.

"Sitting to our left, about two feet from a 10,000 foot drop, was a man. Not dead, not sleeping, but sitting cross legged, in the process of changing his shirt. He had his down suit unzipped to the waist, his arms out of the sleeves, was wearing no hat, no gloves, no sunglasses, had no oxygen mask, regulator, ice axe, oxygen, no sleeping bag, no mattress, no food nor water bottle.

'I imagine you're surprised to see me here', he said. Now, this was a moment of total disbelief to us all. Here was a gentleman, apparently lucid, who had spent the night without oxygen at 8600m, without proper equipment and barely clothed. And ALIVE."


It was the Australian climber, Lincoln Hall, drifting between lucidity and hallucination, suffering from brain edema, a swelling associated with altitude sickness. Twenty-two years before, he had got to within a few hundred meters of the top when sickness overcame him. This time he’d made it, but at the apparent cost of his life.

His body had gone into shut down, with no sign of pulse, and no reaction to external stimulus. In the death zone the body draws blood from the extremities. It concentrates circulation purely toward the vital organs making frostbite inevitable for starters. His party was ordered to abandon any further rescue attempt and head back to base, with all survival gear.

Lincoln recalls awakening into a pitch-blackness and dreaming of being clothed in a gray cloak. He understood this to be the cloak of death. A Buddhist, aware of the eightfold process of death, he realized that he had experienced the first two stages. He envisaged the cloak as a death wrapping. He was in the process of removing the cloak when spotted by the advancing climbers.

In fact he was removing his 'real' clothing. For in the final stages of life the blood flows back to the extremities like a surge and the individual experiences a hot flush. Lincoln was experiencing this overheat when spotted by the climbing party.

What followed was a miraculous rescue by a team of sherpas. This was only possible as Lincoln, having regained consciousness, was able to walk. By the time he had reached base camp, lucidity was returning, and he was able to speak to make phone contact with his wife. Lincoln Hall was also meeting and cheating Pluto, the lord of the underworld.


Hall was born December 19 1955 in Canberra. His love of climbing began at a young age and his mountaineering achievements, including the Everest summit were many. He was awarded the Australian Geographic Society's Lifetime of Adventure award, an Order of Australia, and was a founding member of the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

Lincoln’s horoscope shows an athletic and adventurous Sagittarian Sun, well configured with expansive Jupiter and obsessive Pluto. He frequently spoke of this love of the ‘intensity’ (a Pluto adjective) of the mountain climb. That day on May 26, when he was found miraculously alive after descending to the underworld, Hall had deep and dark Pluto sitting right on the degree of his Sagittarian Sun.


At 11.45 pm on March 20 this year Lincoln finally did slip into that final netherland. He did so not on a mountain, but quietly and in the company of close companions. Hall died of mesothelioma apparently contracted innocently from his youth playing in a cubby house containing asbestos fibers. This time Pluto had been moving across his Mercury, associated with the nervous system and lungs.

Hall’s progressed Mercury had also come to join Uranus and Neptune, a combination cosmobioligist Reinhold Ebertin dubbed, ‘loss of consciousness’. Hall was only fifty-six, but proved it’s the quality of your days, not the quantity that counts. His Buddhist teachings had led him to believe and inadvertently prove that there is indeed life after death.


Collectively we remain in the transiting lunar cycle of a rebellious New Moon. It occurred March 23 as the Sun, Moon, and Mercury aligned with the revolutionary planet Uranus in the initiatory sign of Aries.

It has already brought some political surprises. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, also formed on March 23 1928, have reversed their promise not to run a presidential candidate. The Brotherhood, who succeeded more than any other party in last year's Egyptian elections are becoming increasingly unpopular with the ruling Egyptian army.

In Burma elections take place April 1 which finally allows revolutionary leader, Khin Maung Swe, popularly called the Nelson Mandela of Burma, a people's vote. Khin Mau will front the National Democratic Force, in an election that the world closely watches.

Since the rebellious New Moon Spaniards have taken to the streets to protest government austerity measures. With an unemployment rate of twenty three per cent the population is at breaking point plus also facing cost of living increases.

The Spanish riots occur as Pluto (9 degrees Capricorn) returns to the same degree it occupied during the massive Spanish riots of 1766, which also occurred on March 23. But I feel that these and other European riots will coincide with the economic difficulties and European insurrection often accompanied by the closing Uranus Pluto square now active.


At the Federation of Australian Astrologer’s biennial conference, held this January in Melbourne, I gave a presentation entitled “Times To Come – 2012”. Much of this was centered on the historical effects of the Uranus Pluto closing square, which reaches exactness from June to September this year, and is ongoing over the next three years. Spain and the US and European economies were central subject material.

A studied analysis of the Uranus and Pluto planetary phenomenon corresponds with repeated financial crisis. Such was the case back in 1819 when the USA experienced its first ever money melt down following the Napoleonic Wars. Uranus, then in Sagittarius was forming an approaching and closing square to Pluto in Pisces.

US exporters had greatly benefited from the decimated European farmlands of the war. Coincident with this business boom, banks were lending more capital and taking greater risks. The financial meltdown of 1819 was the bust to this boom. Europe recovered and US trade slowed as its debt ballooned. Meanwhile in Spain a political upheaval was taking place.


The Liberal Triennium (1820–1823) was a Spanish Revolution led by General Rafael Riego. Essentially the military uprising wanted to create a republic. However King Ferdinand VII agreed to the revolutionary’s liberal demands. But the revolt was put down by the military intervention of the crowned heads of Europe, Britain, France, Netherlands and Austria on January 22 1823.

At the next Uranus Pluto closing square of 1876, monarchists and republicans were at it again with the Third Calista War, which closely followed the Restoration period. The closing square of 1932-34 witnessed the beginnings of Spain’s political division of the 1930’s, with the election of a right wing government and leftist uprisings.

The Asturia’s miners strike led to full-scale revolution from the evening of October 4 1934. The government’s armed response saw three thousand miners killed, with ten times that amount taken prisoner. The uprising was eventually quashed but this sparked further hostilities leading Spain down the road of civil war.

SPAIN 2012

As a result of the global economic crisis Spain now has an unemployment rate of twenty three per cent. Spain is now ruled by a conservative government under the People’s Party leader Mariano Rajoy Brey.

Spain’s new Prime Minister was born March 27 1955 in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. This gives him a Sun position at six degrees of Aries and configured in a challenging relationship with both conservative Saturn and aggressive Mars.

Mariano Rajoy Brey assumed office on December 21 last year, as powerbroker Pluto squared his Sun. It’s no surprise that he would virtually spend his birthday watching riots across the major cities of his home country as Uranus the planet of rebellion and insurrection now crosses his Sun.

It’s also no surprise that the Uranus Pluto square, historically linked with political revolution in Spain, and now reaching exactness should signal the increasing social unrest.

As all this unfolds the monetary crisis is said to be under control. Yet it was under the same Uranus Pluto closing square of the early 1930’s that the central European bank collapsed.

It’s not doomsday stuff. It doesn’t say that Spain will go down the same road it once did, or that the Eurozone will collapse. But the challenge is to learn from the past, as the planets re-align. And it’s something that humanity has a real problem mastering.



Robert Bales was born June 30 1973 in Norwood, Ohio. His horoscope shows a patriot Cancer Sun in a motivating square to the aggressive war planet Mars in the martial sign of Aries. The Sun also squares intense and obsessive Pluto. The Mars Pluto axis was one that the German cosmobiolgist Reinhold Ebertin referred to as occasioning ‘superhuman force and brutality’.

Ebertin goes further, describing a sociological correspondence of people disabled in war. He also portrays those who like to use force or compulsion at every occasion. Such are the kind of descriptions that would define both war heroes and war villains. But there was nothing heroic about what Sgt Bales is facing a military court over.


The Mars Pluto axis is one for the aggressive competitors. Boxing great Muhammad Ali, who made hostility an art form, had his Mars exactly square Pluto with his Capricorn Sun also involved. The Mars Pluto square is in the horoscope of Albert De Salvo – otherwise known as the ‘Boston Strangler’, the French serial killer Henri Landru, and the ‘Monster of Florence’ Pedro Pacciani.

General Patton was another who had the Mars Pluto in square. Was he born a warrior? Patton thought so. The general believed in reincarnation, and that he was descended from a line of warriors. Patton, according to Patton, was previously a Roman legionnaire, a Scottish Highlander, and even fought under Napoleon. When touring a Roman amphitheater he swore he could "smell the sweat of Caesar's legions."


Robert Bales was an accomplished sportsman in his youth. And up until the Kandahar massacre he was a decorated soldier. Despite this, he was overlooked for further promotion. Information now seeping forth about his personal life exposes incidents of anger management counseling following assault on a female, drunken encounters with the law, and financial fraud.

The latter, involving the savings of an elderly couple, came just before he rapidly changed career paths and joined the army. Bales was also under economic stress just before the April 11 killing spree. His family home near Tacoma, had been placed on the market. Sometimes it just takes the right, or should I say wrong environmental conditions, to bring out the worst.

At sometime around 2.30 am on April 11, on duty in the Kandahar district, he is accused of a crazed killing spree that left seventeen Afghans, including nine children dead, and others seriously wounded. Some of the bodies were burnt. This shocking incident, on the back of the NATO Koran burning debacle, has cast a sinister shadow over US Afghan relations.

The bleak personal situation, a fourth tour of duty, and alcohol are the terrestrial combination that potentially forced Bales over the edge. But the planetary evidence would rest on rebellious Uranus and extreme Pluto arriving now to fire up his already volatile Sun Mars Pluto birth combination.


Ebertin’s description of Uranus and Pluto to Mars is apt. He writes, “Fantacism, an act of violence, the mania of destruction…the stage of bending or breaking”. These explosive planets are not about to go way. But there’s little danger Bales presents behind the walls of Fort Leavenworth military prison.

The damage to the US Afghan mission is enormous. Afghanis wanted him tried in their own country. Kuwait refused to hold him. Had it happened to western civilians, the press would have called him a crazed terrorist, and demanded the death sentence.

Experts of military law suggest Bales will plead insanity. They point to the fact that although President Reagan did amend the law to allow a President to virtually sign the death warrant of a soldier, proving the case will be difficult. It requires witnesses, DNA, and uncontaminated evidence. Bales may be lucky that the US got to him first. But the damage is done.


It was 18.13 April 17 2012. For just over an hour time would stand still for a young international soccer player. An FA Cup match would be sensationally abandoned. And doctors would administer fifteen separate shocks using a defibrillator. All in a desperate attempt to engage the heart of Fabrice Muamba.

In sensational circumstances the Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during the FA Cup quarter-final against Tottenham Hotspur. Muamba, was taken by ambulance to hospital, where doctors continued trying to revive him. At 19.31 the same night his heart started beating again. Miraculously he is now alive, joking and recovering, despite having been ‘dead’ for seventy-eight minutes.

Muamba is one of England’s top soccer players, representing the U’21’s national side thirty three times. He is an Aries sun sign, born April 6 1988 in Kinshasa, Zaire. At first there looks nothing abnormal in his horoscope to suggest such a bizarre occurrence. Except that he has Mercury positioned at the start of Aries and in a testing square to Uranus the planet of shock and awe, and also Saturn. Mercury is the nervous system.


Mercury and Uranus together suggest sudden surprising (Uranus) news (Mercury). Here we have the planet of the reporter connected to the planet of the unusual or fantastic.

At 16.13 on April 17 Mercury and Uranus united in the skies. As they did they also hovered over Fabrice Muamba’s birth Mercury, which as I mentioned was already square Uranus anyway. And the young soccer player became the source of a fantastic story.

It’s not the whole picture. Astrologically the Sun is attributed to the heart. And the Sun in our horoscope progresses slowly forward at around one degree per year of life. This year for Muamba, his Sun is opposed to Pluto the planet of death and rebirth.

Pluto is the great transformer. The event has no doubt totally changed Fabrice’s life, even allowing for the fact that doctors anticipate a full recovery.

Deaths in soccer matches are not as uncommon as thought. Italian Renato Curi has the Perugia home stadium named after him following his fatal heart attack playing against Juventus on October 30 1977. Renato, born September 20 1953, had his progressing Sun joining potentially debilitating Neptune, and squaring the surprise packet Uranus when this happened.

There are cases of players heading a ball only to collapse into fatal coma. Or the extraordinary instance where Erik Jongbloed, son of the Dutch national keeper, was struck by lightning as his father watched. The same happened to Tony Allden of Highgate United on Feb 25 1967. Fabrice Muamba is one of the lucky survivors, alive to tell a bizzare tale with a fortunate ending.

March 18


On Thursday March 22 a significant New Moon will appear in the heavens. It will be joined to newsworthy Mercury and defiant Uranus. And it will mark the beginning of the new astrological year, known technically as the Aries Ingress and Equinox. It stamps the rebellious Uranian emblem indelibly into year 2012.

Countries such as Pakistan, who celebrate the birth of their Republic the following day, will feel this destabilization more than most. It was at 7.05 local time on Friday March 23 1956 that the Republic was born. The erratic New Moon arrives as their Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announced he would rather be jailed than to bow to the Pakistan Supreme Court order that he request Switzerland to re-examine graft cases against President Al-Zadari.

The Uranian flavor strongly suggests defiance and changes at the very top levels of Pakistan government. It also comes at a time when NATO supply routes to Afghanistan remain closed, with a reported 5000 oil tankers lying idle. This impasse follows the accidental killing of 24 Pakistani’s by US drones. U.S. officials while expressing sincere regrets for the loss of Pakistani lives, have issued no formal apology.


It’s not the only problem facing the military engagement in Afghanistan. The incineration of Koran copies at Agram airbase by US military personnel, and the slaughter of sixteen Afghan civilians by a battle fatigued US soldier, has run Afghan Prime Minster Hamad Karzai out of patience.

Karzai, born December 24 1957 (time unknown) has the upcoming independent New Moon Uranus in a testing angle to his own birth Sun and communications planet of Mercury. He subsequently ordered US soldiers from Afghan villages.

Karzai issued a further statement declaring, "Afghanistan is right now ready to completely take all security responsibilities, so we demand a speedy transition and the handover of responsibility to the Afghans."

The original withdrawal window was year 2014, and such seems inevitable. The bombing and invasion of Afghanistan began (following the 911 attacks), on October 7 2001 at 9.05 pm Kabul time. This horoscope will have Uranus moving in opposition to the Sun in early 2014.

Already t he invasion horoscope currently has tenuous Neptune moving across the Midheaven, obscuring the leadership and objectives of the mission. These objectives seem in disarray and disappointment if Neptune is any guide.

The reality brick of Saturn, is also moving across the negotiating Mercury of the 2001 Afghan invasion horoscope. This suggests a serious rethink of strategies and communications regarding the whole initiative.

Australian deployment to Afghanistan was announced from Canberra at 10.15 am on October 7 2002. This horoscope currently reveals somber Saturn dimming the Sun suggesting the Australian leadership will come under increasing scrutiny regarding their justification of this war between May and July of this year.


Also affected by the New Moon energies is the Eurozone. Greece, who celebrate their independence from Ottoman rule on March 25 are another country that may feel the insurrectionist Uranus energy. Already Greece has been a battleground for the war between European banks and national sovereignty. The Greek populace, already far removed from their representatives due to imposed austerity measures, may provide the real test case of people power.


Julian Assange Wikileaks posed a very relevant question to the world of journalism. “How is it that a team of five people has managed to release to the public more suppressed information, at that level, than the rest of the world press combined?”

Whatever side of the freedom of information debate you take, it’s obvious that the truth for some is too hot to handle. Suppressive or corrupt governments and administrators stand to lose most from the revelations of Wikileaks.

Assange writes in his ‘Unauthorized Autobiography’ that he was born at 3 p.m. in Basel Hospital Townsville, Australia on July 3 1971. Being a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon it is water heavy. He feels strongly and acts on those feelings. This is his horoscope link.

The horoscope has strong Scorpionic undertones with a loaded twelfth house – the house of secrets. Rising in the east at his birth was Neptune, the ethereal shape shifter, and the deity that walks through walls. Neptune’s covertness makes it the ideal undercover agent. It also endows him with a certain public perception charisma.

On his seventh house – the house of relationship – is Saturn. Saturn, the tribal elder planet, implies responsibilities and restrictions through others. The voice of the establishment is firmly against Assange here. And Saturn’s close opposition to the clandestine Neptune plays out right across his (Ascendant/Decendant) relationship life.


At the very base of Assange’s chart is the agitating warrior planet Mars. Underneath he is a fighter. Mars in Aquarius denotes the freedom fighter for the larger collective. Assange really is about letting the majority know what the minority is up to. And his rebellious attitude is fuelled by a close challenging square between his expressive Sun and the insurrectionist Uranus.

Sun square Uranus individuals have their own inimitable take on existence. The eminent philosopher and writer Emmanuel Swedenborg was one who challenged religious thought postulating that heaven and hell were living states of mind, not places we went to after death. Galelei Galileo was imprisoned by the Catholic Church, for sticking to his scientific truths. Oliver Stone’s alternative approach led to controversial classics, ‘The Fourth Of July’, ‘JFK’, ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘Platoon’.

Governments who operate at a covert level diplomatically have been the most highly critical of Assange’s revelations. The Prime Minister of his homeland, Julia Gillard, branded the leaks ‘an illegal act’ and her government discussed possible treason charges being laid against the whistleblower. They were humiliated to be advised by their own Federal Police that Assange had broken no Australian laws.

But the establishment acted quickly on Assange. Economic sanctions were imposed. US companies such as MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and other financial institutions withheld contributions to Wikileaks. Assange poignantly sends them up in this video clip.


US Republican Senator Ron Paul made the telling point that the 1971 publication of the Pentagon Papers by the New York Times did not lead to imprisonment for the investigative journalist Daniel Ellsberg. In fact they were inserted into the Congressional records, and Ellsberg is now widely respected for his revelations of government lies and cover up. Ron Paul aptly quoted the words of Thomas Jefferson, ‘Let the eyes of vigilance never be closed.’ This links to a video clip of his speech.


Right wing extremists like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have virtually called for the assassination of Assange. Julian too believes that the US is out to get him. But the question of government and corporate transparency will be a major issue as revolutionary Uranus squares off with controlling and underworld Pluto in mid 2012 and over the next three years.

All of this seems destined to propel Assange to folk hero and/or martyr status. It happens as the Uranus Pluto square links in with his Cancerian Sun. It also happens as sacrificial Neptune squares itself, his Saturn and his Ascendant. And so we may never know the complete truth surround the mysterious Australian cyber spy.


Do we really want to be limited to the omnipresent celebrity pulp fiction of mainstream media? Do we trust a media, sustained only by commercial interests, to be objective in reporting on these same commercial interests? Can we rely on the truth coming out of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan on the evidence we have seen thus far? Or do we look for a more independent, albeit often anarchic, approach.

March 11


Sunday March 11 will represent the first anniversary of one of the worst three earthquakes of the last hundred years. The magnitude 9 undersea fracture off the coast of Sendai Japan, created monster waves that peaked at just under 50 feet in some areas, completely devastating the nearby countryside.

There were just under 16,000 confirmed deaths with thousands more missing, and a combined loss of $235 billion, making the Japanese quake the most expensive national disaster in history.

The energy expended by the quake would have powered a city the size of Los Angeles for a whole year. It moved Honshu, Japans largest island, 2.4 meters east and shifted the earth’s axis in the process.


The Sendai eruption, occurred only a fortnight after a catastrophic earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both were wedged between two SuperMoons, a term describing the Moon’s closest approach to earth, coinciding with either Full or New moons.

This year’s SuperMoons (coined by the US astrologer Richard Nolle) will occur with the Full Moons of April 6, May 6, and June 4 respectively, along with the New Moons of November 13 and December 13.

New and Full Moons, due to their additional gravitational pull, impart an extra strain on the earth’s tectonic plates. This makes them ideal candidates for chaotic conditions like earthquakes.

When it came to the Japanese quake, apart from the tales of human courage and determination to rebuild, it is hard to imagine anything positive to arise out of such a tragedy. But humanity’s awareness around the viability of nuclear power may have been the the accidental ecological godsend.


Not long after the quake hit the shores of nothern Japan, the nearby Fukushima reactors began to melt down under the water pressure. At 15.36 (JT) on March 12 2011, there was an explosion in Reactor 1 at the Fukushima power plant.

The government set up an exclusion zone of twenty kilometers around the plant, as panic of a meltdown gripped the nation. Although not as bad as Chernobyl, traces of increased radiation have been detected in the vegetable chain up to 200 klms from the nuclear plant.


The construction dates of the four reactors tells its own story. They are

1 – July 25 1967 – operational March 26 1971
2 – June 9 1969 – operational July 18 1974
3 – December 28 1970 – operational March 27 1976
4 – February 12 1973 – operational October 12 1978

Without wading through laborious detail, it was not at all surprising to find that the construction on the first reactor also began on a day that the Sun squared explosive Mars within the degree – and that deadly Pluto was linked in with the Mars by aspect as well. By solar arcing such a horoscope to guage future prospects, it would become very explosive around 44-46 years later – ditto 2011.

Reactor two began with the Sun square eruptive Pluto. In March 2011 fiery Mars was activating that as well. Reactor 3 began with its Capricorn Sun square Pluto – and reformative transiting Pluto moved across it’s Sun during the meltdown. And reactor 4 was built with Mars square Pluto and had both Uranus and Pluto activating that square. Fukushima became a defining moment in the history of Japanese nuclear power generation.


An examination of momentous nuclear events reveals a patterning of regular planets involved. They are Mars, Uranus and Pluto. The combination of this trio represents superhuman force, linked to technology. Uranus is particularly evident.

When the Hiroshima bomb was launched on August 6 1945 Mars and Uranus were together directly above Hiroshima and the Sun just moving past Pluto.

When at 4.30 am on December 2 1957 the first nuclear power station began supplying electricity to the USA from Shippingport, Pennsylvania, Uranus was directly above on the Midheaven, and water king Neptune rising.

When Chernobyl began to melt down at 1.23 am on April 26 1986 Uranus was rising at that exact Ukrainian location and in a difficult geometric aspect to the Sun and Pluto.


The result of the Fukushima meltdown has led to Japan moving toward renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and away from nuclear power sources.

In August 2011 the Japanese government gave the green light to subsidizing alternative energy research and sources. Is this the silver lining in the atomic cloud.

There are reports of Japan planning to build up to 80 floating wind turbines near Fukushima over the next eight years. Only two of fifty-four reactors remain in operation. Germany is following suit.

If these major economies can replace nuclear power generation with alternative renewable sources they will lower the cost of these technologies. As a result nuclear power may become even less cost effective. And the world a safer place.


One of the information shifts of the Internet is the emergence of social media and its ability to capture the minds of the masses. The 'Britain’s Got Talent' programmers have previously made great use of that, along with leading recording companies.

Ex mobile phone salesman Paul Potts rendition of Puccini’s "Nessun dorma” loaded June 10 2007 became an Internet sensation now racking up close to 90 million YouTube hits.

On April 11 2009 Susan Boyle singing ‘I Dream A Dream’ did the same becoming an Internet sensation. But the greatest video act is Justin Beiber with over 715 million views for his Baby video uploaded February 19 2010.

Beiber, who has utilised the medium better than anyone, was launched with a Venus Jupiter (successful art) conjunction in diffusive Pisces in a supportive sextile to mass media Pluto. In fact all the successful Internet posts exhibit positive planetary alignments.


Last week the film ‘Kony 2012’ captured over 60 million viewers on the Internet platforms of YouTube and Vimeo. But this was no pop performance. It carried a disturbing social message about Ugandan massacres.

What made this one different was that it targeted children – in both film content, and its YouTube platform. It also directly asked for donations. And it was close to 30 minutes long. But it worked.

In a few short days film maker Joseph Russell had succeeded in making the evasive Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony, the most hated man on the planet. However Russell's movement has also been accused of not distributing funds equitably, and being a brainwashing tool for further US intervention into a foreign country.

The film cleverly and subliminally uses images of Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden, and concentrates on atrocities committed on children. As such the 'Kony 2012' is highly emotive. It makes no secret of influencing celebrities and politicians in its cause of bringing Kony to justice.

Russell originally returned from filming the conflicts in northern Uganda, debuting his findings on June 22 2004. Since then he has targeted schools and the youth of the USA, in spreading the message. As for rebel militia leader Joseph Kony, head honcho of the Lord’s Resistance Army, he has been a target of the US since September 11 2001.

‘Kony- 2012’ has received enormous, if often unquestioning financial support from millions. It has also engendered criticism from security advisers and some Ugandan commentators. While Internet users have picked up on the message, other damning videos such as 'Phony 2012' have appearred.

So why has 'Kony 2012' succeeded? The answer is easy enough. The cause is a heart tugger, the film maker even uses his own infant son, and it has specifically targeted the celebs. When Oprah starts to Twitter people take note. But there are also plenty of planetary factors at play.


On Monday evening March 5 when armchair activism went viral, Mercury, the planet of the newsworthy subject, had moved into entrepreneurial Aries and was joined to electronic and shock factor Uranus.

Mercury and Uranus represent electronic communcition and computers. Meantime pervasive Neptune, in the dispersing and sacrificial sign of Pisces was favourably receiving the combined energies of popular Venus and mainstream Saturn.

The Moon, a fluctuating barometer of the public mood was originally in the demonstrative sign of Leo, and moving toward fullness. The Full Moon would form across the victim savoir axis of Pisces and Virgo. Like most internet sensations, the posting had the appropriate timing. And the not for profit 'Invisible Children' movement is considerably richer for it.

March 3


This week Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu will visit Washington and meet with US President Barack Obama. Hot on the agenda will be Iran, and their nuclear developments. The US, and now Eurozone, have imposed economic sanctions on Iran. The US have also pressured China and India to join in crippling the Iranian economy. Further Netanyahu’s government have hinted at pre-emptive military strikes.

Iran are exploiting the elephant in the room hypocrisy of Israel’s own weapons of mass destruction, and powering ahead with their nuclear program. Meantime other gulf states, including the oil rich Saudi Arabia, have also expressed interest in developing nuclear power. But the prospect of escalating nuclear technology in such a hotbed of political instability, is a recipe for impending disaster.


During a press briefing in May of 2008, the former US President and Nobel Peace prizewinner, Jimmy Carter, claimed that Israel had about 150 nuclear warheads. In the same interview Carter claimed "One of the greatest human rights crimes on earth is the starvation and imprisonment of 1.6m Palestinians." This is a core issue of Middle East instability, and gradual global isolation of Israel.

Netanyahu, whose own brother was killed by terrorists, is considered one of Israel’s most hawkish of leaders. He has resisted the Oslo Accord. He has presided over illegal Israeli settlements, and the subjugation of Palestinians, in defiance of United Nations condemnation.

This has also tested the relationship with President Obama, despite public displays of diplomacy. At the 2011 G20 meeting Obama is reported replying to the French President Nikolas Sarkozy’s criticism of Netanyahu with "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day."

Ben Netanyahu was born October 21 1949, with his Sun and Moon in Libra. Although Libra is known as a sign of negotiation and relation, having the Sun and Moon close together gives a one pointed approach. His Sun is also favorably aligned with the war planet Mars. And not so favorably positioned to the excess of Jupiter.

More importantly Netanyahu’s last progressed New Moon, (dating from April 2009) was square the combative powderkeg planet Mars. And that is about to be ignited. The US is Israel's greatest supporter - brothers in "arms" in the literal sense. Obama is walking a diplomatic tightrope between another Middle East conflict and his 2012 presidential aspirations.


Obama is aware that military conflict with Iran could disrupt oil supplies from the Gulf, and throw the world economy into disarray, just as the US shows signs of financial rebound. This could also do irreparable harm to his Presidential campaign. But this week’s talks will take place as the Sun moves through Pisces and opposes war planet Mars.

Mars at the moment is spending an exceedingly long time in Virgo, where Obama’s own Mars is situated, and where Netanyahu’s progressed Mars was situated. In plain language this means they are inadvertently, and possibly even unwillingly, united in taking action. Obama would prefer the US has the call. Netanyahu is playing his ace card of pre-emptive Israeli action to force the President’s hand.


Obama’s next Mars return is mid June – Netanyahu’s progressed Mars is activated again in late June. Even the birth horoscope of Israel sees the ‘brick of reality’ Saturn moving across their Ascendant in June, with the revolutionary Uranus Pluto square impacting on their birth Sun. Whatever comes of the upcoming talks, the month of June looks a volatile one for Israel the USA and Iran.


Showing all the assurance of a used car salesman, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has now wheeled out former NSW Premier Bob Carr as the new Australian foreign affairs minister. Carr will replace the outgoing Kevin Rudd, soundly defeated in last Monday’s Labor leadership spill.

Julia’s resounding 71-31 popularity among the Labor caucus reversed the overwhelming public preference of Rudd over Gillard. But Labor is now in damage control, and Bob Carr is seen as a potential savior.

Last week’s caucus result was never in doubt as the concerted factional forces cornered Rudd and his supporters. In last week’s article I illustrated why the planets favored Julia, and she would live to fight another day. Astrology can be surprisingly simple, and always works best when it is. But here is the detail.

Her own popularity planet of Venus – it’s also the ruler of her eleventh house of friends - was receiving a supportive trine from, not only the powerbroker Pluto, but also the success planet Jupiter. At 10 am last Monday the Taurean Moon was moving in to join the Jupiter and reinforce this stellar success pattern for the Australian PM. It was her moment in the sun. Simple as!

If Julia’s mother’s comment of noon was actually correct regarding her birth time, (there are several rectified charts on the net) then her progressed Midheaven – a signature of her professional standing – would have reached progressed Venus. And that same progressed Venus is nicely angled to prevailing Pluto. And so it goes – but what of Carr?


Bob Carr was born September 28 1947 in Sydney. The long time President of the Sydney Astrological Research Society, Val Dowling, rang his home to enquire about his time. Bob said he didn’t know precisely, and thought it was 12.30 in the morning. He then co-operatively passed on his mother Phyllis’ home phone number.

The answer given by Bob’s mother was ten to one in the morning. When quizzed as to why she could be so accurate, Bob’s mother replied, ‘Because he was my first, and a mother never forgets her first.’

I have supplied this explanation because there is also a time circulating the net of 11.32 p.m. for Bob Carr. This time, which I also had on my database, dates back twenty years, and I believe that it was from a rectification. So to his chart.

Bob’s Ascendant is history-loving Cancer, and Bob’s expertise is the US Civil War. The USA (July 4 1776) is a Cancerian country, and Bob has close ties there.

Bob has a Libran Sun in the third house of communications. He was originally a journalist for the ABC and esteemed Bulletin magazine. Bob also worked as an education officer. Information planet Mercury, also in Libra, lies at the base of his horoscope.

Venus and Neptune together complete a quadruple Libran horoscope. They also illustrate his love of the arts. Bob’s empathetic Piscean Moon (also indicative of public face) nicely trines the fellow water sign Cancerian Ascendant. It connects him with the public.


On April 4 1995 as his progressed Midheaven, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter formed significant aspects in his progressing horoscope, Bob Carr was elevated to Premier. By the August 3 2005 date of his shock resignation, he had become the longest continually serving NSW premier. At that time his progressed Moon was opposing sacrificial and secretive Neptune.

Most political pundits expected Carr to enter Federal politics immediately. But Bob made a strange, yet prophetic, comment at his press conference. He said that would be a matter for when the planets align. He has been in the political background for over six years. Come Friday March 2 2012 the planets spoke.

Bob being propelled into Federal politics was shock factor stuff. He was the wild card in the deck of the Labor party. How were the planets aligned in Bob’s own horoscope?

His progressing Midheaven – the part that describes your public role – had come to join ‘bolt from the blue’ Uranus. His progressing Sun – now in the travel and cultural sign of Sagittarius – had come to meet successful Jupiter.

Bob is set to become a new Labor senator on the shock resignation of Senator Mark Arbib. He has been appointed as the new foreign minister on the sudden resignation Kevin Rudd. One must ask the question – did Bob’s third house curiosity read up on astrology after Val Dowling’s birth time request. Or does he just intuitively know when the planets are aligned?

February 27

Monday morning February 27 presents the inevitable showdown between Australian PM Julia Gillard and the man she is accused of politically assassinating, Kevin Rudd. With circumstances heavily weighted in Gillard’s favor, the public will again be left out of the equation. But this is not the end of Labor’s woes, there are more acts and bad actors in the political soap opera to follow. And the planets will inevitably unmask their roles.


Former Prime Minister John Howard was the best example of a leader knifed more than once by his own colleagues, and coming back from the wilderness. He jokingly referred to himself as Lazarus with a triple bypass. Howard wised up, patiently becoming Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister.

Rudd, born September 21 1957 in Nambour, (see Rudd article) is a vastly different proposition. His impatient Sun Mars jackknifed him headlong into a premature leadership challenge. It was ably assisted by a carefully orchestrated smear campaign from the Gillard ministry – all who fear a reshuffle. The faceless factions, garishly came out of the shadows, much like poison oozing from a boil.

Rudd was remorselessly hammered for his personal shortcomings. But revealing that Kevin is an angry man is like saying the weather is cold in Antarctica. Rudd is an aggressive Sun/Mars conjunction in critical Virgo. He goes for the jugular, is impatient, a workaholic, and has a withering tongue. All sufficient to alienate some colleagues.

Under a PR hammering at the ungodly hour of 1.20 am on Wednesday February 22 in Washington, with the warrior planet Mars directly above, Rudd announced his resignation as Foreign Affairs Minister. The battle had begun. Rudd had pre-empted his own sacking.

10 a.m. Thursday at Adelaide, with reformative Pluto ominously on the Midheaven, Gillard called for a party spill. Pluto is the planet of dredging up the buried secrets and it certainly did. Pluto is also the boots and all lord of destruction and reformation.

Rudd returned from Washington and took his time accepting the challenge. At 1.42 pm Friday the 24th of February in Brisbane, rebellious Uranus was exactly above on the Midheaven and about to be met by the public Moon. The planet of surprise and turn arounds is one that will haunt Gillard in 2012 as it opposes her Libran Sun. Rudd had some surprises up his sleeve, and they will appear on Monday.

At 3 pm Gillard responded with a withering attack on Rudd, and a fiery defense of her own character and achievements. But as she did her own Sun was at the nadir, or bottom of the horoscope of the moment. The speech featured a new and repetitive media catchphrase. It was a repeat after me, “I am the person who gets things done!” Not surprisingly it showed an unusually angry and stressed Gillard determined to push her case to the public.


Throughout this ugly confrontation, those with eyes of future leadership, play their cards closer to the chest. Bill Shorten born May 12 1967 sports a media conscious Sun/Mercury amalgamation in patient Taurus. It lies opposite clandestine Neptune in potentially devious Scorpio. While staying publicly loyal to Gillard, Bill also kept his sword in its sheath on Rudd. Shorten, courtesy of a current progressed Sun over affectionate Venus, is playing the perfect diplomat.

Rudd also has an attention grabbing and potentially egotistical Leo Moon - Howard had his Sun and 'Lazarus like Pluto' in the expressive Leo sign. Leo dramatics are the perfect fit for political theatre. Rudd is lavishing the ‘Kevin Rudd Show’ as his progressing Moon returns to its Leo birth position. But in this Greek tragedy the odds seem stacked insurmountably against him. A valiant people’s hero falling on his sword, and hoping the wound won’t be mortal.

This is not the end of the Gillard’s challenges, and she instinctively knows the sword of Damocles dangles precariously. The reason is simple. It shows in poll after poll. The public simply will not wear Julia Gillard. They never have. But the Labor party powerbrokers will.

Even in her honeymoon period, the Gillard government was formed via independent support, not at the polling booth. It was masterful negotiating, and showed her at her best. But despite denials, if politicians didn’t worry about polls we would never have snap elections. Truth is - politicians live and die via polls.


By the start of 2012 Julia achieved the dubious honor of becoming the most unpopular Prime Minister in Australian history. Her public approval rating had dipped to a disastrous 33%. It came on the back of classic quotes, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” something she’s now championing. Her “Now you will see the real Julia Gillard”, revealed the ice thin veneer of political reality. A monotony of crafted political catchphrases flowed from the PR machine, each alienating her more than the last.

Julia Gillard, was born September 1961 in Barry Wales, at a time her mother recalls as noon - all other times are rectified from that. Julia’s horoscope (click here for chart) is strong in mutability, meaning changeability. Her Moon is in dualistic Gemini in the seventh house of alliances. Her Sun lies in the balance – but two edged - sign of Libra. Can you see the pattern developing? A superb networker! Her skill is in negotiation, conciliation and compromise; her weakness in constancy.

In recent days Julia has boasted that she never once publicly undermined her Prime Minister prior to the eventual Labor coup. She thought it showed admirable character not to publicly denounce him until the last moment. All of which had certainly given Rudd a false sense of security.

Julia also has a ‘life is a battlefield’ stealthy Scorpio Ascendant. Her communicative Mercury joined to combative Mars suits aggressive debate. She gives as good as she gets, and more often than not, better. That tenacity combined with her Libra/Gemini flexibility has helped Julia to the very top of the tree in the predominantly alpha male world of political power.


Julia has utilised her Libran duplicity to adroitly ascend the political ladder. She was originally elected deputy opposition leader to Kim Beazley. But she deserted Beazley to join the Kevin Rudd bandwagon, when it offered better electoral prospects.

Beazley reflected, "I had some very loyal supporters for which I'm grateful when I was opposition leader. And I also had some very effective people who were not so supportive. And she's one of them."

By mid 2010 Kevin Rudd was about to experience a Beazley. Whilst daily denying that she would ever challenge him for the top job, Gillard was secretly complicit in a backroom party coup, personally handing to her Labor colleagues copies of secret internal polling designed to undermine his leadership. The coup became the only time in Labor’s history that a first term Prime Minister was overthrown, without facing the polls.

Politicians may be short on honesty but show me one short on ambition. Unfortunately Gillard’s tenure has revealed the backroom dealings of the Labor machine more than any other PM. It has detracted from the government’s achievements. Some cohorts would make Frank Sintara look like a choirboy. And it’s not something that sits well with the general populace. All of which has set Labor on a road to nowhere.


Some say simply being a woman is the primary reason for her opposition. But her airy Sun and Moon, whilst strong on communication, also lack emotional connection. More importantly her horoscope is a thorny match with the Australian Federation horoscope of January 1 1901 at 1.36 pm Sydney. This chart set for the swearing in of the first Federal government ministry is a revealing barometer for Australian Prime Ministers.

Long lasting PM’s, like marathon man Robert Menzies (19 years in the job) or Howard (ruled for over a decade), have horoscopes that merge easily with the Australian Federal horoscope. In contrast controversial Gough Whitlam, removed from office before an election by the Governor General, do not align so well. Whitlam’s Cancerian Sun Saturn directly opposed the Australian Federations Capricorn Sun Saturn.

The most revered Labor Prime Minister, wartime leader John Curtin, has his Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Capricorn – a perfect fit. The first Australian Prime Minister Edmund Barton was a Capricorn. Paul Keating was another.

But the most popular sun sign of all for Australian Prime Ministers is the fellow earth sign of Virgo. Here we find Chifley, Scullin, Fisher, Lyons, Gorton and Rudd – six of twenty-three PM’s. Throw in the Taurean Malcolm Fraser – and the earth signs comprise almost half of Australian leaders. It’s way beyond chance factor.

In stark contrast Gillard is an airy Libran, whose Sun is in a testy square to the Capricorn Sun Saturn of the Australian government horoscope. The only other Labor Prime Minister with a Libran Sun was the deeply divisive Billy Hughes.

Originally a hero of the workers, Hughes duplicity eventually split the Labor party. Hughes crossed the floor merging with the Liberal Party. On the 50th anniversary of Hughes parliamentary career one tribute described him as a man "who sat in every Parliament since Federation – and every party too".


These thoughts are not written in retrospect. In my World Predictions 2012 article I forecast when and why Gillard would face these challenges. My concern for her tenure rested upon several astro specifics. The obvious one was the unpredictable and unreliable Uranus opposing her Libra Sun, exact by April 2012 and returning exact in September. If truly born at noon it would now be impacting on her progressed Ascendant.

Secondly her progressed Venus, planet of popularity, was coming to meet dissolving Neptune. Thirdly her progressed communications planet Mercury is also moving to meet her progressed Neptune. This murky combination of potential political spin – Mercury and Neptune is the real storyteller aspect - will work against her. If people don’t believe Julia now, they will believe her even less tomorrow. She may also be let down by her own allies further down the track.

Fourthly, the reality planet of Saturn squares her birth Saturn. This tests the foundation of her leadership, and by mid April it will be exact. All of which means that attacks can come from all sides - rapidly and out of the blue. A Prime Minister on toast? When one considers that the Gillard government rules only with the consent of independents, it paints an ominous picture of ongoing instability.


Gillard does have the power planet Pluto well aligned to her own Venus. She may well have enough support to survive an initial onslaught. But the pressure surprisingly mounts. By April the war drums will beat again and mid July they will peak again. I will add to this in the coming weeks.

Despite the outcome, history will still record Julia Gillard as Australia's first female Prime Minister. But now the leadership Sun is gradually moving away from the feminine Moon in the Australian Settlement horoscope, (January 26 1788 @ 5.23 am Sydney) representing the people.

There are many who see this simply as one man’s blind ambition to take what he feels was unjustly taken way from him. There are many who see Kevin Rudd as the real bad apple in the Labor barrel. But when it comes to polling the Australian public, he is seen as one of the few digestible fruits amongst a load of rotten apples, and still by far the preferred PM from either side of politics.

Australians have always believed in a fair go, and a 33% rating for the PM shows that in twenty months she hasn’t been able to regain their trust. She is a parody of in her own words, 'a good government that has lost its way.'

With her difficult planets it will take a negotiation of miracle proportions to change that scenario. As in the days of Nebucahdnezzar - the writing is on the wall…it is certainly in the sky later this year.

February 19


On the 1st of February 1979 millions of Iranian citizens descended on Teheran airport to witness the return of their political messiah, Ayatollah Khomeini. The religious and political leader, was returning home from a fifteen year exile. It was a homecoming, witnessed by millions of his countrymen. And all part of a shock revolution, before a transfixed world press.

According to Nicholas Campion’s World Horoscopes reference manual, the moment Khomeini touched down on home soil was 09.33 hours. The horoscope drawn for this time captures the tension and emotion of the moment. It has an self-determining Aries Ascendant with the Moon (representing the public) rising, and also in the sign of the warrior. Click here to see the horoscope of Iran.

The significance of this today, is that Uranus, the planet of rebellion and independence, is now in Aries. And on March 22 this year there will be a New Moon at 2 degrees of Aries, near the rising point of the Iranian chart. It will occur with the planet of not only revolution, but also technology, in Uranus along with newsworthy Mercury. These four celestial bodies coincide at a time that Iran’s own advancing technology is under scrutiny by the west.


The Iranian Revolution was one of the defining political events of the 20th century. The Shah of Iran, who had ruled for over 38 years, was overthrown by his own people.

The root cause was his allegiance with western oil interests, and his support for a U.S. and UK backed coup d'état against Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh in 1953. In December of 1978 more than 10% of the country’s population marched in protest against the Shah. It was people power at work.

On January 16 1979 the Shah flew out of Iran, never to return. The incoming Ayatollah’s nationalistic address stressed eliminating foreign influence, and what he called fifty years of corruption. Under the Ayatollah - a devout religious leader - Iran became the first theocracy of the Middle East. Their opposition to the US, who were termed the Great Satan, immediately escalated.


At the end of October 1979 the Shah sought asylum and medical treatment in the USA. Within days protesting Iranian students had raided the US Embassy in Teheran holding 52 Americans hostage from the early morning of November 4.

The students demanded the return of the Shah to face trial in his homeland. The stand off with the most powerful country in the world was to last 444 days. The US applied economic sanctions, froze Iranian assets and ceased oil imports.

President Carter negotiated a solution, which involved the US freeing up Iranian assets. The hostage's release was timed to take place shortly after the swearing in of the new Republican President Ronald Reagan. But the diplomatic breakdown between Iran and the US has been ongoing. It led to the US supporting Saddam Hussein in the 1980-88 Iraq Iran War.


At the time the Iranians seized the hostages the revolutionary Uranus and warlike Mars were impacting on the Ascendant of the Iranian Revolution horoscope. Uranus is about to make an even stronger impact on this chart during 2012.

It is not only the New Moon of March 22, but also earlier in the month around the 7th, and from May 26 to June 6. These dates have greater volatility when compared with the Iranian horoscope.

Iran, who were encouraged to go nuclear under the western backed Shah, are now forbidden to tread that path. And already rumors are rife that Israel will make a pre-emptive strike on Iran, if the US does not act. The consequences are enormous. Apart from fracturing national alliances, the oil supply chain would be placed under enormous pressure.


One thing does appear very likely. Iran does look to be undergoing considerable political change within the next twelve months. That is evident from the rebellious combination of Uranus and Pluto affecting the very public Moon in the Iranian Revolution horoscope. This effect is even stronger in the second half of the year.

The other horoscope used for modern Iran is the founding of the Islamic Republic. This came into effect at 3 pm in the afternoon of April 1 1979, as a result of Ayatollah Khomeini’s political restructuring. The leadership Sun in this horoscope is also in combatant Aries. It also will feel the effects of the reformative Uranus Pluto cycle across 2013.

The nature of Uranus and Pluto is the collapse of an old order and the establishment of a new. It accompanies a greater need for independence and freedom.

Iran are certainly the rebels to the establishment, and the Uranus Pluto duo strongly suggest that their technology is fast advancing. They also hint that they could even have rebellious elements within their home land. And that something has to give within the time limits mentioned above.


On Sunday morning February 19 at 9.58 am, seventy years after the tragedy, Australians commenced their first official national memorial of the bombing of Darwin. Previously it has been a local event only. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott attended the opening. This will now become a national day of observance.

The commemoration comes on the heels of a military build up in the South China seas that will by 2017 see 2500 US marines stationed in Darwin. The Australian horoscope (January 26 1788 @ 5.23 am Sydney) reflected the invasion of the Japanese on February 19 1942 with deadly Pluto reaching the seventh house of war.

The prolonged air attack by 242 Japanese warplanes took between 250 and 320 lives and flattened Australia's northernmost capital. US and Australian warships were sunk and Darwin's airfields destroyed. Most of the military were deployed further south and the city sufferred sixty more bombing raids over the course of WWII.

It was during these years that the US entered the battles of the Pacific and forged a military alliance with Australia. Powerful Pluto also represented the US coalition. It may be no coincidence that the commander of the US forces in the Pacific, General Douglas Macarthur, was born on January 26 – Australia Day.


Darwin was bombed from 9.598 am on February the 19th 1942. It was first homeland attack of World War Two. This commemoration coincides with a military build up and greater expenditure on military and air defense.

This inevitability of that build up is shown via the connection of the planet of flight and technology, Uranus, and also that of powerful Pluto with the war planet, Mars, in the Australian horoscope.

The commemoration of the bombing of Darwin also cements the Australia/US military alliance. Its announcement came during a November visit by US President Barack Obama to Australian shores to announce the US marines being stationed permanently on Australian soil.

The horoscopes of the USA and Australia exhibit a strong military connection. The Cancerian Sun of the USA (July 4 1776) falls on the Mars of the Australian horoscope (January 26 1788). The Aquarian Australian Sun is also angled in sesuisquare the US Mars. In both charts there is a connection between the leader, the Sun, and the planet of war, Mars.

The commemoration of the bombing of Darwin allows Australia to reflect on an event that was previously largely overlooked. Its timing also gives support the governments of the USA and Australia to the military build up, and increaed expenditure in the South China seas, that will grow significantly in 2013.

Feb 12 2012


Last weeks Full Moon in Leo, fell on Whitney Houston's birth Sun. It held the promise of greater publicity. As it did the Aquarian Sun and newsworthy Mercury came to her Saturn. But this weekend's headline was one of disbelief. At the premature age of forty eight superstar Whitney Houston has died.

As a vocalist her lineage was impeccable, being the daughter of Cissy Houston, the cousin Dionne Warwick and the goddaughter of Aretha Franklin. Wikipedia describes her as the most ‘awarded singer of all time’. She won numerous Grammy’s and Billboard awards, and racked up over 170 million singles and album sales.

During the mid 80’s and early 90’s Whitney’s career soared with hits such as ‘How Will I Know’, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’ from the popular film "The Bodyguard". Professionally she could do no wrong. Her gospel trained vocals belted out soul after soul hit, but inside her real soul was deeply troubled.

Houston's much publicized abusive relationship with rapper Bobby Brown led her down a path of drugs and desperation. At the peak of her career her personal appearances only confirmed what the pop magazines were printing. Houston fought a long battle with cocaine, her relationship and her fame. In the end it was a battle that destroyed her image and her voice.


Whitney Houston (Newark, NJ August 9 1963 at 20.55 hours) was born with her creative Leo Sun in close opposition to Saturn. Click here for her horoscope. This aspect may bring trials and tribulations through others. Coupled with an eighth house Neptune also squaring her Sun, it also manifested in health concerns. The Saturn Neptune axis is well documented as the ‘health axis’ particularly in the studies of cosmobiology.

Whitney was born with Saturn and Neptune in a challenging angle to her Sun. In a health sense the Sun represents one’s vitality, and has connections with the heart. Whitney’s Sun lay in the sixth house of her horoscope, the house governing physical health. Whitney was also born with Saturn in retrograde motion, so the longer she lived, the closer Saturn progressed to perfecting that opposition to her Sun. At her death it had become exact.

She also had a close square between Venus the ruler of her eighth house of death with watery Neptune positioned in her eighth house. This also opened the possibility of escapism and recreational drug abuse.


Whitney also had her artistic Venus positioned in expressive Leo. Venus was positioned in a close square to Neptune. This aspect is connected with extraordinary musical ability. Singers such as Tina Turner, Madonna and Stevie Nicks are just three who have Venus in square to imaginative Neptune. All have experienced troubles with partners and/or drugs.

During the mid 80’s Whitney’s progressing Sun joined with loving Venus as her career skyrocketed. The Sun and Venus progresing across the vocal Mercury and mass media Pluto, also coincided with phenomenal financial success. The outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were also favorably aligning with her Sun and Venus as she signed the richest contracts in recording history.

The cause of Whitney’s Houston’s untimely death is yet to be released. Born with sensitive and impressionable Pisces rising, and the planet of legends Neptune, now heading into that sign, mystery may still surround her passing.

Its shock suddenness can be aligned to Uranus now opposing her progressed Libran Sun. It’s tragedy is decribed by progressed Saturn now exactly opposing her birth Sun. Whatever the coroner’s report, the once extraordinary voice of Whitney Houston will ring out hauntingly for decades. And her story will frequently be told.


As western countries close their embassies in Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fights a growing revolution within his own homeland. Driving the revolution is the memory of a brutal crackdown. Just as the deadly rebellion against former Libyan leader Mahmoud Ghaddafi took a prison slaughter many years before as inspiration, so the al-Assad family is haunted by the shadow of the Hama massacre.


The Hama massacre occurred during the command of Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad - the strong-arm ruler of the Ba-athist Party. At 2 a.m. on February 3 in the rebel city of Hama, his army discovered the hideout of the rebel local command.

What followed was a ferocious battle, with the rebel town of Hama turning against the Syrian army. The president, faced with an Islamic insurgency, inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood movement, ordered a massive crackdown. It eventually became known as the Hama massacre.

In the days after the uprising, al-Assad’s crack troops combed through the city eliminating all opposition. The besiegement of Hama lasted the entire February of 1982. At its end the respected independent political correspondent Richard Fisk numbered the dead at around 20,000. It established the tenure of al-Assad’s iron fisted rule, and crushed all opposition to his government.


The horoscope of the Hama massacre depicts the rebel planet Uranus rising opposite the public Moon. In the normally mediating sign of Libra sits the war planet Mars, with control planets Saturn and Pluto.

This triple combination (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) has featured in scores of human catastrophes from the Crusaders taking and losing Jerusalem in the Middle Ages to the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks. What is significant now is that today represents the ‘Saturn return’ of the Hama massacre.


A Saturn return period is an important milestone. A perfect example of a Saturn return cycle is the Berlin Wall. The wall was erected in 1961, with the control planet Saturn in the governance sign of Capricorn. Its purpose was to separate the capitalistic West from the Communist East.

Yet the wall proved deeply unpopular, dividing as it did the once great German city, and its populace. At the Saturn return period of 1989 the wall came tumbling down with the collapse of the Eastern Bloc across Europe.

Another example of a Saturn return period concerns the World Trade Centre in New York. The Twin Towers were opened with Saturn in the sign of the twins, Gemini, on April 4 1973. As Saturn returned to the middle degrees of Gemini on September 11 2001 two passenger jets were flown into the Towers, causing the annihilation of both. This time Saturn had returned with destructive Pluto in exact opposition.


For Syria the Hama massacre is a dark period in the national history, and the rule of the al-Assad family. And in the thirty-year period that has followed a lot of things have changed. For starters, the Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as the strongest force of the resurgent Arab Spring. They have risen to the most powerful political entity in Egypt for example.

Secondly a youth rebellion sweeping through Arab lands has challenged autocracies from Tunisia to Yemen, over the last year. In the firing line are established family dynasties such as that of Bashar al-Assad. On July 1 last year hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Hama to remember the massacre and protest against the government.


The protests were further fuelled by the US and French ambassadors standing by the dissidents, encouraging a certain civil war. This forced the Syrian army’s hand and many civilians were killed in the suppression of the uprising. Since then the west along with supporting Arab nations have supplied weapons to the rebel forces.

Is it coincidence that a day after the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the Hama massacres another would take place in Syria? This time it was the city of Homs. And it came on the heels of Russia and China vetoing UN moves to force President Bashar al-Assad to stand down and declare a new election. But he may have little choice.


Saturn will not go away. At the moment it is moving back through the heavens and will return close to the place it held at the Hama massacre during June and July. The Saturn cycle is a powerful one, as evidenced with another Arab leader, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, being ousted on the Saturn return of taking office. Bashar al-Assad now treads the same path, in a battle that looks to have further international consequences.


Jan 08 2012


Over the next few weeks I wish to preview the US presidential race of 2012. The USA has had four Piscean Presidents, beginning with George Washington, and also including James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland. Republican front-runner Mitt Romney is aiming to be the fifth, in what promises to be a year of political surprises ahead.

Mitt Romney is a Pisces. He was born March 12 1947 at 10 am in the motor town of Detroit, according to a public notice posted by his father George. In choosing a political career, Romney has followed the footsteps of his dad, a former Governor of Michigan.

The rounded 10 am time seems reasonable, especially when taking a life-changing event into consideration. On June 16 1968 a car shot a bend and careered into the Citroen Romney was driving near Bazas, France. One of his passengers was killed and Mitt was badly injured. He was initially assumed dead. The brush with death forced a fast maturation for the twenty one year old.

The accident occurred as transiting Pluto, ruler of the underworld and a planet of mortality, closely opposed his birth Sun. But also a quadruple combination of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars also threw a testing square to Romney’s Sun, whilst surprise packet Uranus was in its opposition phase to the Sun as well. And for the more advanced astrologers reading this, the quadruple combination above sat on the solar arc directed Ascendant.


His political career took off by January 2003 when he was installed as the Governor of Massachusetts. On the morn of 13th February 2007 he announced candidacy for the 2008 presidential race, subsequently losing to John McCain. Romney revived his presidential hopes on June 2 2011. He is now widely regarded as the favorite for Republican Party nomination for the November 2012 Presidential election.

Romney’s overall public acceptance may be measured by popular Venus positioned atop his horoscope in the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius. The same Venus is aligned with idealistic Neptune, and both are well positioned with his communicative Gemini Ascendant and North Node. The Neptune emphasis may help explain his evangelical background. The probing Scorpio Moon sitting with philosophical Jupiter would also lean toward a religious upbringing.


The 10 am time, although probably reasonably accurate, also sounds like a rounded figure. So we have to be a little cautious with forecasts. However in the positive sense he does have the solar arc directed Midheaven closing on a productive trine to powerbroker Pluto toward the years end. It doesn’t fully complete the aspect however until the last quarter of 2013. But it is still a plus.

The secondary progressed Moon also angles nicely to the Midheaven and Pluto during September and October. The transiting planets do not add too much to the picture peaking somewhat in mid-July, which could represent a successful polling period. In fact the year of 2013 looks much more promising than 2012 in the career sense.

On January 20 2013 at midday in Washington, the traditional swearing in time, Romney’s transits are much better. Expansive Jupiter is at his Ascendant and nicely trine the Midheaven along with Uranus moving into an improved position with the status bearing Midheaven.

I would prefer these planets a little closer. But with an earlier time of birth they would be, and then he would not be out of the race. I'll be updating this as more information comes to hand.


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