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Earth Fixed
I persevere
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2, 6, 7
Light blue, green, turquoise
Emerald, Lapis Lazuli

TAURUS   Horoscope

December 2018 ...

The New Moon of the 7th in your solar house of shared values, debts and legacies is about balancing off something with someone. Ideally concerns getting your fair share of the pie and at best scoring the deal where everyone's a winner.

It may also have you checking your credit account and deciding just what is affordable and what is a no go. Financial arrangements can be high on the agenda wherever you are balancing how your own values, resources etc tie in with those around you.

Your financial ruler is Mercury, which has been heading backwards through the heavens since mid-November. This all ends after the 7th as it begins to lurch forward again and you may see a turn around in financial matters, or begin to find better solutions from that date onward.

If you are in a rental share situation or somehow intimately involved with the monetary affairs of another, or even business partnership, you should find solutions from this time.

The Cancer Full Moon of the 23rd has a real networking feel about it. It can find you hearing from different people or diverse friends. You too can be putting the feelers out here during this time of greater connectivity and conversation.

A mentally stimulating period when new ideas or information can shape some real mental shifts and change of attitude. Something is freeing you up from a rut and encouraging you to be more active and out there. A change is as good as a holiday now, and may even accompany one, so take advantage of the connections.

The Earth Moon nurtures your emotional well-being (AEDT) on the first, from the late evening of the 8th until the mid-morning of the 11th, from the evening of the 18th and throughout the 19th and 20th and from the pre-dawn hours of the 27th until the dawn of the 29th.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope, or organise a personal consultation, or look at your long term prospects with astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly December horoscopes are based on the general Taurus sun sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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