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SCORPIO Horoscope

April 2019 ...

The New Moon, of the 5th, is ideally one of adjustments. The fix is on! Examine those areas of your life that are, or have become, out of balance and synch. Where are you doing too much, or too little. What areas are overly demanding with little return. When have you been overdoing something, to the point where it could become injurious to your health. It's time to hit the correctional reset button, while you still can. And it's time for a new organisational plan.

Jupiter, the planet with the Midas touch, has been transiting your zone of material benefits since early last November. This is generally a time when you can become increasingly ambitious to add to your resource base and may accompany fresh financial opportunities. As it is also the planet of 'joy' expenditure can concentrate on the same, especially if it also involves travel or educational pursuits. Jupiter moves into retrograde motion from the 11th and remains so until August 11. It may accompany a time of reflection where you better prioritise your spending. If starting a business here, don't be deterred by the backward cycle, specially around the 14th when the Sun moves into an accommodating trine.

The Full Moon, of the 19th, can be synching with the final preparation. It's like going out on a first date. You're more aware of how you look, how you might be received by a possible partner, conscious of personal judgement from either side. Another metaphor may be a lawyer, carefully preparing their case prior to court. This lunation is giving you the opportunity to prepare for contingencies, especially where others may be providing the surprise.

Loving Venus will move into the health and daily routine sector of your solar chart from the 21st. This transit is about valuing your health, avoiding over-indulgence and making adjustments around habitual behaviour. It's also suggesting that you can actually derive a lot of pleasure and positive feedback through your efforts. In terms of day to day activities and also regular duties, across the following few weeks, Venus is taking the approach of a labor of love rather than onerous obligation. For the artistically minded it can represent putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece. Great for crafts and detailed work.

Pluto, from the 25th, and Saturn, from the 30th, are moving retrograde and affecting the communications and commuting side areas of life for you. Use it to review your ISP providers, communication systems and associated electronic media. If you're encountering any difficulties during study courses, now might be the time for a temporary deferment or negotiating for more time to get it right. Going over things for a second time can help.

The Water Moon best reflects your feelings (AEST) from the 2nd until the early afternoon of the 4th, from the early afternoon of the 11th until the late afternoon of the 13th, from the late evening of the 19th until the wee wee hours of the 21st and from the morning of the 29th onward.

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