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SCORPIO Horoscope

February 2019 ...

The New Moon of the 4th (5th in Oz) is spotlighting your inner world, your private life, often associated with domestic life and family connections – or those you consider your 'family'. The changes you can be effecting here are those ground you, reinforcing feelings of attachment and bolstering your emotional security. Ideally you're establishing, or consolidating, your home base. You realise that we're you're going in the world can depend on where you're coming from.

Fast learning Mercury moves into your house of entertainments and creative self-expression from the 10th. Looks like you'll be extra innovative across the next two months, and grabbing the opportunities to indulge your pleasures. This is also the area of your solar chart that governs birth, which is the ultimate act of creativity. It's also encouraging your uniqueness and ability to create something from your inner wellspring. Any talents should be nurtured here as Mercury doubles down for the next two months.

Also in your spontaneous fifth house, lies highly imaginative Neptune. It's a planet that often gets a bad wrap due to its escapism and distorted realities. But that's precisely how expressive art functions. A painting is much more expressive than a picture. Plus Neptune is favourably angled to your sign. You virtually have a poetic licence now to be subjective where your own talents and romantic leanings are involved.

The Full Moon of the 19th (20th in Oz) has a very human connection for you – as in 'more of them'. Occurring in your house of friends, associates and associations it is putting you in touch with the larger community. The period around here may coincide with some catch ups or social occasions and increased group activities. Take these opportunities, should they present, as your relationship aspects around this time are very promising.

Alluring Venus moves into your third house of communication from the 4th onward. This is a sweet talking 'words of love' combination, where the honey trap beats the vinegar one any day. As Venus reflects your values and what you love, there can be a passion for knowledge or love of learning emphasised. Perhaps its time to pursue a favourite interest or program. This transit is advantageous for relationships and popularity on social networks.

The Water Moon best reflects your emotional highs (AEDT) from midday on the 6th and throughout the 7th and 8th, the 16th until the wee hours of the 19th and from the 24th until the morning of the 26th.

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