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PISCES Horoscope

June 2019 ...


Welcome to June 2019, a month bound to put you more in touch with your immediate surrounds, neighbours and inspire through short trips, courses or workshops.

The New Moon, of the 5th, supports your need for mental stimulation, encourages your learning and adoption of a new skill or mindset. Breakthroughs June come through meetings or conversations which provide fresh information.

June is an opportune month for deal making, or even renegotiation, based on changing conditions or fresh evidence. Media can be playing a larger role, either through direct involvement or the purchase of new apps or hardware. Siblings, or neighbours, can also be playing a more important role.

The Sun and regenerative Pluto are forming a powerful trine, around the 14th, from your house of communication, messages and information to your solar house of friends, group involvement and humanitarian causes. The implications are pretty obvious here. There's increased energy around getting the message across and the 'common collective'.

If you're politically orientated this can be a very active month. Whatever, you're identifying more with ideas and ideologies, including yours, and understanding the power of one can change the thoughts of the many. Also great for group learning. Venus adds the the pleasures of the experience from the 15th.

The Full Moon of the 19th is splendidly angled you your sign. It has an educational slant and a beginner's luck feel. It suits moving out of your normal haunts and habits, toward extending your interests much farther afield. Naturally, these few days suit travel, and that includes work related relocations.

You should find it much easier to assimilate with foreign cultures and new growth areas. It is important to maintain an openness and positive attitude to take full advantage of this lunation. It can change your worldview.

Toward the very end of June , it June be wiser to adopt a more cautious approach. It's important to spot the shysters, as Mercury squares obfuscating Neptune and then opposes overblown Jupiter, on the 30th and 31st respectively.

It June not affect all of Pisces, but best to be sure if your birthday falls anywhere between March 10 to 14. Double check your communications, seek an alternative opinion or delay important agreements or dealing if in the slightest doubt.

The Water Moon best reflects your feelings (AEST) until the evening of the 1st, from the evening of the 8th until near midnight of the 10th, from the evening of the 17th until just prior to midday on the 19th and from the late afternoon of the 26th until the pre-dawn of the 29th.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope, look at your longer term prospects or organize a personal consultation with astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly June horoscopes are based on the general Pisces sun sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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