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GEMINI Horoscope

February 2019 ....

The majority of planets are concentrated in the western, or relationship orientated, sector of your solar chart. They stress associations with an objective outlook, co-operation and mutual goals. That's why other people factor importantly into your life at this point. Here's how.

The New Moon of the 4th (5th in Oz) is providing a big picture perspective for you. It's very much future orientated and may also accompany a burgeoning opportunity. This is ideal for advancing your natural abilities through branching out in new and, as yet, unexplored directions. It also suits returning to unfinished studies and plans, that were interrupted when 'life got in the way'. Important now to have faith in yourself and the activities that help you grow.

Mercury, your ruling planet, reaches the apex of your solar chart from the 10th and is spending the next two months in that area representing your highest aspiration. Get set for a re-evaluation of your worldly role, or status corresponding with this time frame. The planet aligned with intellect and thought processes may have you doing a rethink of your position. A timely reminder that its never never too late to change course or re-educate yourself as it heads retrograde from March 6.

Mercenary Mercury is also the classical commerce planet, as it's informative nature covers advertising and sales transactions. Mercury's square to generous Jupiter, your solar partnership ruler, can bring favours through others in career related matters, on or about the 23rd.

The Full Moon of the 19th (20th in Oz) can be drawing your attention closer to home. A time to pay greater attention to any developing family dynamics and working toward furthering strong bonds. This Super-Moon may have a connection with the past for you, bringing people or memories back into the picture.

There may be a sense of stability attached here, or warm and comforting emotional connection. It can pay to dwell on such outcomes around this lunation. Although the month ahead will focus on where you're going to, for these few days it pays to concentrate on where you're coming from.

Values planet Venus is heading into your house of other people's assets and resources from the 4th onward. This follows its earlier transit through your partnership zone from January. It's important wherever securing outside support is concerned. Under these auspices would come sponsorship, getting the heads up where loans, trades and deal making is concerned. Venus, being a natural benefic can help in these matters.It can also be that partners, business or personal, are undergoing large scale changes in these areas.

This area of your solar chart usually symbolises the other person in any kind of trade. Over the past year frugal Saturn has been one of the main players. It's motto is 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'. Saturn drives the hard bargain, although quite often a fair one too. Congenial Venus can be a welcome change here and may soften the Saturn theme, albeit temporarily. The period around the 18th holds the key. Pluto is also adding to the mix and its message is not to get in over your head around the 23rd.

The Air Moon harmonises your heart and head wonderfully (AEDT) from just prior to midnight on the 3rd until the morning of the 5th, from the evening of the 13th until the 16th and throughout the 22nd and 23rd.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope, or organise a personal consultation, or look at your long term prospects with astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly February horoscopes are based on the general Gemini sun sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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