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ARIES Horoscope

February 2019 ...

The New Moon of the 4th (5th in Oz) highlights areas of collective involvement for you across February. This supports new beginnings wherever team efforts and group involvement are concerned. A very positive influence. It helps you ride the 'universal wave', and form new bonds or friendships wherever common interests are concerned. Creative company can feature as new or old playmates appear on the scene.

From the 10th Mercury's movement into your solar twelfth enhances your dream world and psychic senses. Pay attention to those inner messages, hunches and it pays to keep a dream diary, as this is potentially an important period for spiritual development.

Mercury is spending an extra long period here, and won't reach Aries until April 17. During this time it will make three conjunctions to ethereal Neptune on February 19, March 25 and April 2. The reason for this is the winged messenger retracing its heavenly steps from March 6 and not heading direct until March 28.

During this reflective time you may be tying up a lot of loose ends and bringing something to conclusion. There can be delays or behind the scenes negotiating involved. If you need time to mull it over - take it. Don't be in any hurry about contracts or financial transactions. As the saying goes - the secret is in the fine print.

The Full Moon of the 19th (20th in Oz) can bring changes to the routine and areas of your life that were once taken for granted. It has a work ethic feel about it, although a lot of what you do may be in preparation for something, or be behind the scenes.

Be willing to make the slight adjustments and compromise for the sake of better balancing situations. It's also vital to remedy underlying concerns, particularly where they affect your health. Know when to 'let it be' and give yourself adequate rest breaks.

Since the very first week of February, Venus, the planet of association and popularity has been riding high and atop your solar chart. It's your natural relationship ruler and this time its functioning through public and professional associations, even authority figures. It can accompany developing workplace relationships, increasing acceptance or pleasures if you work directly with the public.

For the less ambitious it can play out in other ways. The important times are the the unions of Venus with senior Saturn on the 18th and game changing Pluto on the 23rd. Something may be building to a climax here, either on the professional front, or involving a parental figure.

The Fire Moon warms your emotional connections (AEDT) until the mid-morning of the 1st, from the 9th until midday of the 11th, throughout the 18th and 19th inclusive and from the morning of the 26th until the late afternoon of the 28th.

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Your free monthly February horoscopes are based on the general Aries sun or rising sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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