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ARIES Horoscope

July 2018 ...

Mercury's movement into Leo can be the vital spark that brings one of your natural talents to light. The planet of intellect and ideas is spending much longer than usual transiting through the most innovative area of your solar chart. Trust yourself here.

Answers come from within and through using your own ingenuity. The next two months represents a productive learning curve too, but what you are taking in is truly meant to evoke or enhance a natural ability. It's combining the planet of mind and thought processes in the domain of giving birth to something, uniquely yours.

The Solar Eclipse of the 13th radiates through your house of home and hearth. Is it picking the time to make desired changes to your living space. Or does it re-affirm that you've found your home base. Eclipses allow a refocus and this one turns your attention inward, toward the personal pillars, the family supports, or at least those you consider cast from the same mould.

This solar eclipse is an important one as it falls opposite Pluto, which is situated in the most elevated area of your solar chart. Here it represents public involvement or authority figures and how large scale changes may impact on your own living conditions. It can be where you figuratively fight city hall on something. If it is purely focussed on property then it may accompany a major renovation or rezoning.

The key to balancing this eclipse is in factoring in the larger environmental changes with your own. If you are looking at any kind of relocation, it may also be associated with a change of career. It pays to keep in mind the situations that parallel any home change at this point. In the case of older Arians it may even involve reviewing retirement and a whole lifestyle revision.

The Lunar Eclipse of the 27th combines with your ruling planet Mars, now backtracking through your house of group involvement, friendship and team related activities. The eclipse angles favourably to your sign and can motivate you into more collective involvement. It's very encourgaing for sporting associations or even 'direct action' groups aligned with positive social change.

The Fire Moon ignites your passions best (AEST) from the early afternoon of the 5th until the late evening of the 7th, from the pre-dawn hours of the 14th to the same of the 16th and from the evening of the 22nd until the morning of the 25th.

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Your free monthly July horoscopes are based on the general Aries sun or rising sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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