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We are entering one of the most astrologically active periods that we will witness for the whole century. Get set for a seat shaking ride. Not until the beginning of 2080 do we have so many outer planets in dynamic aspect to each other. This is a time of great shifts, witnessed through the earth itself via climate change and increasing earthquakes, to social and economic reformation throughout Europe and the USA. There are political power swings accompanying the financial pendulum. Moving investor debt sideways to sovereign debt is a gamble that could destabilize national unity in some countries, and still have market repercussions. The action may be well under way by the June 26 Grand Cross lunar eclipse, and appears to climax during August, certainly where the USA is concerned. This column is about making sense of that change.


When iconoclastic Uranus enters trailblazing Aries from May 28 2010, insurrection is the ruling metaphor. The radical blue planet in the initiating sign of the Ram adds impulse to innovation. Life moves at an accelerated pace during a reformation of technology, mixed with some political revolution and social turbulence. We may already be travelling on a fast flowing river of change, but from mid 2010 we are about to plunge into the raging rapids.

That may also be related to the fact that each time Uranus enters uranus in ariesAries it forms a conjunction with Jupiter. Uranus has an 84-year cycle and Jupiter a 12-year cycle. Mathematically 12 goes into 84 seven times. So every seventh Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will trigger a repeat set regressing through the same sign.

The current Aries connection dates back to the conjunction of May 25 1264. That month at the Battle of Lewes, pitting the barons against King Henry III, rebel leader Simon D’Montfort defeated the royal army. This led to the first elected parliament of England the following year. His image stands in the US House of Representatives as a symbol of democracy. So individual rights and freedom against centralised government will provide a core theme in the coming seven years, just as they have whenever Uranus and Aries have teamed up.


Even before it’s discovery the defiant qualities of Uranus were taking effect back in the 1760’s. Bacons rebellion, a time when the rich and poor, white and black, joined forces against the government and the native Americans alike, was a match of unrestrained Arian bravado and Uranian insurrection.

pontiacA British security tax to fund fortresses to withstand Indian raids was the catalyst. It led to rebel-rouser Nathaniel Bacon a wealthy Virginia planter taking a stand. The result - Bacon’s fractious fanatics burnt the settlement of Jamestown to the ground, and slaughtered innocent tribes in their blind fury.

The oppressed Indians also amassed under the great leader Pontiac. Pontiac’s successful rebellion forced changes to British Indian policy, forcing the creation of the Royal Proclamation Act of 1763, restricting westward settlement. This was a cornerstone of American Revolution.

Meanwhile in Russia unruly mobs had captured the Kremlin, and even the Chinese Qing Dynasty had to suppress an independence movement in what modern day Taiwan. On the technological front Uranus in Aries was about to change our world, as James Watts was given the job of repairing a steam engine. Improving the original design, he created a vastly superior mechanism that gave rise to the Industrial Revolution. Pluto was also moving through Capricorn, a point to keep in mind as both outer planets repeat this formation for the next three years.


Uranus returned for the trailblazing mid 1840’s, when gold rushes saw men uproot family, job, and country in search of instant riches. New cities sprung up overnight to accommodate the changing demographics. What started in California, quickly spread through to Alaska, and as far as Australia. Throughout Europe a series of political revolutions rocked France, Germany, Denmark and Hungary. And perhaps the most radical change of all came from the chance Paris meeting of Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, and the subsequent publication of ‘The Communist Manifesto’, with Uranus in Aries.

The USA fulfilled their perceived ‘Manifest Destiny’ westward ho with the annexation of Texas. Manifest Destiny’ referred to a common belief of Anglo-Saxon supremacy, and the conviction that the US would extend coast to coast. The expansion was full throttle during the US-Mexican Wars. China erupted into all consuming Civil War in what is remembered as the Taiping Rebellion. This uprising (years later glorified by Mao Zedong), lasted a full fifteen years claiming twenty million lives and also covered the period of the US Civil War.

The techno wizardry of Uranus was still at work with the first electrical telegram transmitted by Samuel Morse from Washington, D.C. to a Baltimore railroad in Maryland, reading "What hath God wrought". Well may he ask!


Uranus was back for the roaring twenties when mass production of automobiles, radios and consumer goods quickened the pace of life, and created the industrial giant of the USA. Telephone lines connected New York to London in an instant. Pioneer aviators like Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic changing the face of transport and trade forever. Talkies and television made virtual reality an actuality, and a bubble of business activity all led to a Great Depression that reformed world economies. Can you see the relevance today?

Political change again swept Europe as Adolph Hitler was appointed German Chancellor and the Nazi party rose to power. Whilst the defiant protests of Mahatma Ghandi were gathering strength for Indian independence, across the border Mao Zedong was proclaiming the Chinese Soviet Republic fuelling another Chinese revolution.


So raging rapids is a reasonable description of the ‘quickening’ that civilisation now stands on the precipice of. This is a cycle of innovative scientific achievement and technological advancement. We are now at the frontier of the digital age, TV has gone 3D, and we look out on a new dawn of interplanetary space exploration. Mankind’s manifest destiny has widened its travel itinerary. The nuclear spectre has also loomed closer, with advancing technology spreading beyond the major powers.

The seeds of European revolt are being sown and, coupled with economic uncertainty, will lead to a series of greater uprisings, rebellions and insurgencies, fuelled by charismatic national leaders. Conglomerates such as the EU, United Nations, G20 may splinter somewhat. Governments who adopt draconian philosophies will instead incite grass roots revolution. The impulse of the Ram mixed with the erratic individualism of Uranus is a formula for pre-emptive actions. This may make climate control a difficult (even if essential) agenda due to the entrepreneurial and defiant nature of Uranus in Aries.


A rare multiple planetary cycle will herald the Uranus Aries Ingress. It is a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in exact opposition to Saturn – something that hasn’t occurred since 1692 - the year of the infamous Salem witch trials. If history be our guide it shows the inherent danger of extremist religious fanaticism, government crackdowns on civil liberties, and ‘witchhunts’ that may stem from the middle period of 2010. This may be in relation to a terrorist act, or a mass media fear campaign.

1692 was also the year of a massive earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Jamaican capital of Port Royal. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that in the year of the multi-cycles return nearby Haiti became the scene of one of the deadliest of all earthquakes claiming over 230,000 lives and leaving over one million homeless. But the current earthquake potential is synchronistic with the shifting and volcanic political landscape.

Rapid re-alignments are typical when Uranus takes center stage. And each individual can harness the same kind of energy, by acknowledging their unique contribution to the planet at such times. That contribution may be more important now than it ever was, if we are to make good use and good sense of the new order we are ultimately all part of.


© Ed Tamplin - May 2010

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