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Libra literally means a weighing up of matters. Even commercial transaction, the symbol for the pound weight, lb, is an abbreviation of Libra. Astrologically Libra represents the midpoint of the zodiac, effectively dividing it in two. At it’s best Libra represents a symmetrical equilibrium, and at its worst division and faction. The greater truth is that the zodiac is but one, but the dichotomy of difference can also deliver delusions that divide people.

This year from October 30, until October 5 2012 (with a brief hiatus between April 7 and 21 July 2010) the controlling administrative planet of Saturn will be heading through the balance scales of Libra. Saturn represents the sagacity of wisdom that can’t be acquired, it has to be lived. Saturn delivers cold objective judgement born of experience, and is the senior judge in Libra’s court. Saturns substance helps us to recognize and repair situations of imbalance, by harking back to life’s basic essentials. The reality checks of Saturn, individually and collectively, guide us toward a new sense of values as we collectively rewrite the Libran Book of Law.


Historically Saturn in Libra has a particular relevance for the USA. It marked the signing of the Declaration of Independence of July 4 1776. The widely accepted Sibley birth horoscope of the USA, timed for 5.10 p.m. Philadelphia LMT, shows Saturn occupying the administrative tenth house, and placing a challenging square to the leadership Cancerian Sun. Saturn returning to Libra inevitably brings greater tests to the acting President.

Following the birth of the new nation, on Saturn’s first return to Libra, the Louisiana Purchase officially came into effect. Acquiring all the land west of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains, (over two million square kilometers), effectively doubled the size of the country at the bargain basement cost of only 3 cents per acre.

In financial terms Saturn represents land and agriculture along with traditional blue chip stocks. Its sojourn through Libra may return realistic real-estate valuations, although not without some pain along the way. Saturn’s testing square to Pluto, the deity of wealth, from November this year until February of next year, and recurring again in mid August 2010, points to the leveling out periods.


Following their geographic expansion, the subsequent Saturn in Libra cycle, of the mid 1830’s, brought an act that would have great ramifications on future US politics - the English abolition of slavery. President Andrew Jackson was also embroiled in a massive battle with the National Bank. He believed that ‘moneyed men’ were holding the country to ransom and dismantled the bank charter. On January 30 1835 an assassination attempt, the first on a US President, was made on Jackson. Despite the assassin having two derringers, (they both miraculously jammed) Jackson lived to tell the tale. He went on to become the first and only US President to pay off the national debt.

Direct attacks against the leader are not uncommon to Saturn in Libra. Its last visit marked the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, and previous to that both Warren Harding and Abraham Lincoln were killed in office. For when Saturn returned to Libra in 1862 the US was embroiled in a Civil War that remains to this day their most deadly conflict. Lincoln signed the mancipation Proclamation, following England’s lead in the abolition of slavery, exactly one Saturn cycle after the Mother country.

Today President Obama faces the great challenge of reviving the American economic powerhouse, which was unbalanced by systemic corruption. The US is amassing huge debt. Jackson’s answer was to dismantle the powers of the Fed as it was then - today the opposite applies – and yet there are plenty who would legislate to weaken its powers. Jackson’s own ‘wisdom born of experience’ told him that government bureaucracy needed a revolving door model, to prevent nepotism and profiteering. Barack Obama’s mandate was also to change Washington, and not have Washington change him. Their backgrounds could hardly have been more different, but their challenges echo a familiar theme.


That tradition is ready to be changed is written in the cosmic blueprint of 2010. Saturn’s turbulent ride, as it enters Libra, involves encountering the revolutionary Uranus again in July of next year. It also faces off with judicial Jupiter in August, and wrestles with reformative Pluto from November until February of next year, moving on finally in mid August. Of all the imbalances to be addressed the greatest political divide is in the Middle East.

Saturn hooked in with both Jupiter and Pluto when last in Libra and they marked dramatic events in the Middle East. Following a Lebanese militia slaughter of PLO refugees and activists sanctioned by Israeli defense minister Ariel Sharon in Beirut, the US became a target for revenge. The US embassy was bombed followed by the US Army compound at Beirut airport, resulting in troop ithdrawals. The start of this dovetailed with the beginning of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, two planets that connect to both territory and control.

Advancing this cycle to its first square of 1993 saw the initial bombing of the World Trade Towers, and the opposition phase marked the homeland terrorist attacks of September 11 2001. The recurring motif is aggression against the US, which is directly connected to their Middle East involvement and unwavering support for Israeli. Counterbalancing this is the US plan is to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq right by the final Saturn Pluto square of August 2010.


Henry Kissinger (born with Saturn in Libra) once said that “You can't make war in the Middle East without Egypt and you can't make peace without Syria.” Egypt, like the US, is particularly sensitive to Saturn in Libra.

The founder of modern Egypt Muhammad Ali gained power on May 17 1805 with Saturn in Libra. Egypt gained independence from Britain under this phase in 1922, and again with Saturn in Libra became a Republic in 1953. Their present leader Hosni Mubarak was sworn in on Saturn’s last visit to Libra, following the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. This new cycle could well indicate a power struggle in Egypt throwing up a greater challenge to Mubarak’s iron-fisted rule. Assassination attempts were front page news on Saturn’s last entry into Libra, from John Lennon to Pope Paul II, even to the fictional Dallas oil baron J. R. Ewing.


Concluding the Iran-Iraq War began precisely on the ingress of Saturn into Libra back on September 22 1980. Today as the US implements its Iraq exit strategy, the challenge of Iran re-appears, this time with a nuclear backdrop. The last time Saturn moved through Libra Israel carried out a daring raid on the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq, and the Iranian President was deposed. Are we looking at history repeating with Iran?

All these questions will be answered as Saturn moves through Libra, exiting in April 2012. Libran countries, such as modern China, will also restructure their global involvement leaning toward greater self-sufficiency. The current Chinese constitution was adopted when Saturn last moved through Libra.

Each of us will weigh up a new set of values, coincident with a change in world balance. And for readers born in the early 50’s, or early 80’s, when Saturn was moving through this sign, restructure may be your byword during the next two years. But it will inevitably represent judgement born of experience, and decisions made with longevity in mind. That's Saturn, and that's Libra.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin
10 - 10 2009

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