The Case of the Velvet Claws

Jupiter in Libra


The zodiacal sign of Libra, analogous with judgement and equality, was originally created from the Scorpion's claws, fixed stars alpha and beta. Together they symbolise the scales of justice. The actual planet representing justice was Jupiter, regarded by the sages as the ruling imperial magistrate. Everyday words such as judiciary and judgement are derivatives of Jupiter. So it figures that when Jupiter appears in Libra, as it does approximately once in every twelve years, matters of equality, balance and liberty assume greater importance.

It was so on September 22 1862 when Abraham Lincoln first issued his famous Emancipation Proclamation granting freedom to slaves. Equality was again stressed on October 28 1886 when the Statue of Liberty, sacred to this principle, was dedicated in New York Harbor. Even the United Nations, representing international law, was formed on October 24 1945 with Jupiter in Libra symbolically setting on the western horizon. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has Jupiter in Libra along with nuclear activist Karen Silkwood, and although it's not a common Presidential signature George Washington found his Jupiter in Libra impossible to ignore.

But astrology works on multi-levels and sometimes in an enchanting manner. Born in the same Jupiter period as the Statue of Liberty's dedication was Erle Stanley Gardner. Gardner, an attorney, became the most prolific author of his time, penning over one hundred novels topping the million mark. They were based on personal court experiences. In 1933, with Jupiter in Libra; he introduced his alter-ego, exultant attorney Perry Mason. The book title, which would have done the ancients proud, was 'The Case of the Velvet Claws'. At 7.30 p.m., on the evening September 21 1957 the CBS network unveiled Perry Mason as their inaugural law drama series. With Jupiter (success) yet again in Libra (scales of justice) Perry never really lost a case in a nine year run

But Jupiter isn't only about social justice; it's about exuberance and popularity, and Libra embraces art and pleasure. Whilst the precise Jupiter in Virgo produced a prolific list of female tennis greats, in the more artistic sign of Libra it pumps out the popstars. From legendary Judy Garland to daughter Liza Minnelli, Cher, Bette Middler, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Madonna, the list goes on. With the guys the softer folksy type were more predominant, such as Don McLean, Donovan, Jimmy Rodgers and Leonard Cohen.

Partnerships are bound to hit the headlines just as they did when a naked John and Yoko publicly invited everyone to join them in a 'love in', as Jupiter found Libra. Currently the sacred law (Jupiter) of marriage (Libra) is being challenged by gay rights activists, and the once deadlocked wedlock of Royal Prince Charles and long-time lover Camilla sees the church (Jupiter) waiving prior objections.

International law courts are adjudicating on deposed leaders like Saddam Hussein, while simultaneous investigations probe POW rights. The fight for international justice is making the world more painfully aware of its obvious division. Can Jupiter in Libra manifest the spirit of world equality? Will a visionary leader cast national interest aside, and work for the betterment of humanity? We'd have to say that George Bush and Osama bin Laden could be making better use of their Jupiter in Libra. What is the real relevance of the United Nations? These are the types of questions Jupiter will ask. On a more personal level, what persoanl growth opportunities does Jupiter in Libra (25th Sep 2004 - 26th Oct 2005) open up for you.


Jupiter in your partnership house implies meeting your guru. The truth is nobody is that smart, (except for you of course), but you can learn some valuable lessons from intimate encounters if you open up to others. The mere fact that you have Jupiter opposing your sign implies a realignment of your philosophies, especially where relationships are concerned. But if you think you see Buddha on the road, hand him your Rubik cube, and tell him you'll pick it up on the way back.


Sometimes life is like dancing. It's not what you do but the way that you do it that counts. The lesson taken in over the next year is one of successful organisation. Overlooking details can lead to you tripping up. Twinkle toes Fred Astaire used to put an eight-hour day into some of those 'effortless' routines. You too are learning it's all in the preparation. Diligence in the face of obligations will bring its own rewards. Health and nutrition are appropriate avenues to explore now.


Your personal playpen gets bigger as Jupiter expands your recreational activities and creativity. It's twelve months of being a kid again. Is the world really applauding or is it simply your imagination? Yes, they do love you, but it's important not to stand too much in front of the mirror. Other people are the best judges of your spontaneous self-expression. A time to take chances? Certainly! How much you risk is your call. Remember the punters axiom, 'money lost, nothing lost - confidence lost, everything lost'. It's not completely true but the idea is sound.


Jupiter provides the confidence or opportunities the restore balance and equilibrium to your home and family circumstances. This is all about living in comfort. If you feel cramped and restricted in your current circumstances you'll seek to improve them. And that applies on a physical or emotional level. Bigger isn't necessarily better but the chances arrive to make it so. You're also in a more generous position to resolve family issues as Jupiter encourages domestic justice.


Get ready to network some new connections as Jupiter encourages contacts. Your love of change and variety should see you breaking patterns of stagnation and instead welcome fresh information. Your curiosity can lead to new subjects being broached, increased study and condensed courses. Short trips are reflective of your restless nature or be information based. This is a great time for breaking the bars of your mindset. Your tolerance toward divergent opinions allows you to see both sides of an issue.


Your far reaching plans and enthusiastic initiatives are seeking a sponsor. Do you have the resources to carry them forward, and/or are you being rewarded for your current efforts. It's important to put a value on ideas now. You can be gathering the wood to light the fire so to speak. Jupiter is in your counting house, making it easier to put your hands on the things that you desire. Take only what you truly value and watch for wastefulness, as there can be a tendency to squander.


Does having the royal planet in your sign make you king or queen of your surrounds, or are you simply acting imperiously? Could be a little of both as opportunities for self-realization appear, almost without asking. There should be plenty of chances to display your skills over the next twelve months. The rewards will be proportionate to what you give, and you now have the confidence to give plenty. Developing your quality of leadership can truly propel you to become captain of your ship.


Your intuition can be your guide. You may feel a greater desire for seclusion, a love of solitude. This is impelling you on an inward journey. Answers come from sleeping on the question. The karmic law of you get what you give out is working for you. Time to cultivate true altruism and start giving. Even those things that normally bring you undone can be your great teachers, if you look beyond indulgence and toward the root cause.


Unity is strength as Jupiter aligns you with the like-minded. An idealistic year ahead as your hopes and dreams plug in with those on a similar wavelength. Associations offer mutual benefits. Your sense of social morality is also firing up and you may connect to a cause like the true Sagittarian preaching justice to the masses. Sharing your knowledge brings genuine benefits as you realise that you're learning every bit as much as you are teaching.


Be conscious of your goal. It's about keeping your eye on the target. Your ambition is your reward center. The only things that can bring you undone are overblown plans or a grossly inflated ego. Opportunity comes via stepping up to the mark. Professional breakthroughs may involve travel, teaching or study. In effect you're learning through the role that you play in the world. And for those who simply aren't into status or profession, it's time to take the reins amongst your family or peers.


When Marco Polo traveled across cultural boundaries he opened peoples eyes to new and hitherto unknown potentials. Our assumed limitations are often the result of a failure to explore our environment and ourselves. Imagine you have just been given a travel ticket to your future. It's 'rosy' talk but true for you now. Whilst Jupiter incites your temple of faith, your dreams become your lifescript. But only acting them out will determine whether you ever qualify for a starring role.


When the old astrology texts wrote about death and inheritance they were describing the area where your Jupiter resides now. No need to go for the heart pills though, or hire a lawyer for that matter. This is really a case of reaping what you sow. And you could be in for a bumper crop, or more realistically you may get an overpay here. What it boils down to are benefits through involvement with other people's resources. They have what you want and they're more than willing to give it. This is not to encourage a materialistic outlook, but rather to cultivate a greater sense of sharing and belonging.


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