Saturn In Leo

Gazing mysteriously over Giza, the inscrutable Egyptian sphinx is descriptive of the ancients’ link between royalty and the king of beasts. From Assyrian days, the ceremonial lion hunt held special importance for the king. By slaying the wild creature, the king affirmed his power over nature and asserted his sovereignty as the reigning shepherd of his flock. Early writings depict a tradition, dating back to the mythology of planet/god Ninurta (or Saturn), as the original hunting deity. Leo is emblematic of both lions and kings, and from July 16 2005 until September 2 2007 Saturn will return to this area of the zodiac, as the leaders face their test.

Historical fact shows that neither kings nor kingdoms fare well with Saturn in Leo. Saturn, is the boundary marker of the planets, and is involved with re-arranging national borders and usurping existing empires. It was there for the Bolshevik revolution, and the sacking of the Tsar’s palace in 1917. It foreshadowed the reshuffling of national frontiers across Europe and the Middle East, following the Great War.

Saturn retuned to Leo at the end of the Second World War. This was perhaps a more important time, in light of today, as it ties in with an important 60-year geo-political cycle involving both Saturn and Jupiter. The Sun set on the British Raj, India assumed independence, and the nation Pakistan was created. Korea was split into North and South, and Germany East and West. Nationalist China came into being, as Japan replaced their Emperor. Israel was born from Palestine’s division. These nations and their leaders are most open to change and restructure over the next two years, and we can already see the eventuating signs.

In a personal horoscope Saturn in Leo portends powerful leadership potential, with karmic overtones. Such was the case for Nelson Mandela, whose twenty-seven year imprisonment, for civil rights protests, propelled him along destiny’s road. It eventually led to the leadership of his country, and social equality for his people. Conversely Adolf Hitler’s obsession with centralizing power at the expense of other’s freedom, led to the destruction of himself and his homeland.

The time of judgement is now upon many leaders. Saturn’s sojourn through the domestic home sign of Cancer has coincided with public privations and family sacrifices. The repercussions of this will be felt with increased support for leaders who have fairly represented their subjects, and an abrupt fall for those who haven’t. A Conan the Barbarian approach will be a fast-train to failure.

As Saturn exits Cancer it has also overseen a general decline in property value, and increased family debt, which will reflect upon speculative confidence. Leo is a sign of speculation, whereas Saturn hedges bets. Expect contracting markets, and possibly a fall in the gold standard from the middle of 2006 onward as Saturn faces its tougher aspects.

At least as important as a planet’s sign placement is it’s fellow planetary connections. Saturn’s main association in Leo will be via an opposition to Neptune from August 31 2006 lasting until June 25 2007. This is a classic ‘face off’ of idealism versus practicality, religion versus the establishment, greenies and governments.

Neptune is socialism and the common collective. Saturn represents capitalism and control of a different order. The current cycle began with the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall. It is also integral to China’s modern history prefacing the Boxer rebellion, Japanese invasion and Tiananmen Square tragedy. A worldwide gap between the right and left political wings will need to be bridged. Authoritarian administrations will feel this the most.

The opposition aspect has not only spelt a changing of the guard for world leaders, but pointedly the British Royals. The death of Victoria, demise of George, the renunciation of Edward, and the passing of Edward are prime examples. In this light, Prince Charles’ succession intentions, should surely become evident from mid 2006.

The medical axis of Saturn and Neptune has long been linked to pandemics such as the Asian flu. The medical world will work overtime to combat such threats along with the omnipresent bio-terror risk. And Neptune of course rules oil and the sea. The limitations of an oil-based economy are becoming increasingly evident, and stricter controls in this domain as well as over seaways, water supplies and rationing seem a matter of course. Positively, the US withdrew from Vietnam at the last opposition, Nixon signed the Moscow pact, and became the first US leader to visit China. What this means for US relations with Iraq and Taiwan remains to be seen.

Here’s the lowdown on Saturn’s leonine filter for all the signs utilizing appropriate Sun-Sign examples also born with Saturn in Leo.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries:Behind innovative Arian, Charles Chaplin’s comedic genius was inventive planning and structure. Scenes, too difficult or dangerous to enact, were filmed in reverse and replayed normally creating a carefully constructed optical illusion. Saturn in Leo, for Aries, is asking for such structured expression. Tonight-show host David Letterman’s off the cuff remarks are often read ‘straight from the heart’. This is all about serious fun, the crafted masterwork. Your inspiration begs for form. It’s perfect for putting pen to paper, learning the lines of a play, or finally taking a recreational pursuit seriously. Your fear of rejection should ensure you get it right. The wrong thing would be to do nothing. Increased responsibilities around children and matters of the heart call for a disciplined commitment. Top

Taurus: Mother country and fatherland are words that connect our internal image of home with nurturance. Saturn brings responsibility and decision concerning personal security, home and family. This requires putting down personal anchors, starting with the place you call home. Materially it can prompt you to invest in real-estate, or undertake renovations, all with the purpose of creating your own comfort zone. On an emotional level it is identification with a core group that spells family, and sanctuary to you. Initially you may be prompted by feeling of want in these areas. But don’t take homeland security and control as earnestly as fellowTaurean Adolf Hitler. Think of it more as establishing, or re-establishing your roots in the setting of your choice. Top

Gemini:It was the structured thinking of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, that enabled him to piece together a jigsaw of disparate clues, forming a cohesive whole, and leading to a logical conclusion. That’s the sort of mental discipline that you are looking at now. Like Holme’s Gemini creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you are being asked to systematize your thinking, cut through to the essentials and throw out the red herrings. It’s elementary isn’t it? This calls for being your word. Saying less, yet meaning more, and listening only to the facts. Your disciplined mind favors formalized study, gathering data, dealing with contractual matters, and long term planning. As we are spotlighting both communication and commuting here, it is just as important to keep the car in service, as it is to back up vital computer work. Top

Cancer: Saturn in your house of values, links rewards to endurance and persistence. It is learning that sometimes we must go without life’s luxuries in order to discover what is truly lasting. Whether you are climbing a real mountain, like Sir Edmund Hillary, or a personal one like fellow CancerianNelson Mandela, you may adopt a minimalist and ascetic approach, as your focus narrows toward the main goal. Money is important. But only as far as gathering real resources toward you. Hopefully you have dug the well on some lasting endeavor over the last two years, when Saturn traveled through your home sign. This is a period of consolidation. Whatever you take on board must pass the test of reliability first. Top

Leo: As Saturn is the archetypal builder, ruling form and structure, boundary and limitation, you are resetting these on a personal level. It doesn’t mean that you remodel your physical entity, as Leo Arnold Schwarzenegger did so successfully, but you’re certainly reshaping your personal world. New beginnings for you now, entail greater responsibility than before. Your growing self-sufficiency can result in offers of positions exercising executive authority. Relationships are likely to involve fewer but more dedicated company. Saturn’s joint rulership of both your work and partnership houses, may involve you in a committed alliance, working toward a common purpose. Saturn doesn’t loom any closer or more powerfully than when it is in your sign and if you’re turning 29/30 or 58/59 this is a landmark time. Top

Virgo:Any free-floating anxieties are shining a light on your unconscious. You may now face hidden fears and deal with them. Horror and suspense author, Stephen King, channeled this placement into a rewarding creative expression. Jungian astrologer and author, Liz Greene,(Virgo Like King), is another who illuminates our hidden motivations, melding both modern and ancient methodology. Saturn is all about dealing with the past. This may be a forgotten or repressed past, and something that you’d be best to let go of. Any fear of ‘release’ will call for a new understanding. There may be some sort of ‘healing’ issues around you, or increased involvement with places of seclusion and retreat. Spiritual cleansing and karmic culmination ultimately lead to a rebirth.   Top

Libra:Saturn’s energy is connected to the common collective. You may be asked to bear responsibility, or take a leadership role, within a group environment. It’s a time of sharing ideals and dreams, and making them manifest for others, as well as yourself. You may identify with a holistic movement, like Libran inspirational healer and author Deepak Chopra. You may go on a search to experience the oneness and totality of life. Your success will depend to a large degree on teamwork and integration. The antithesis of this was demagogue cult leader, Luc Jouret, whose Solar Temple Order tragically self-destructed in a frenzy of murders and suicides. Instead, you can be a bedrock of reliability, and a grounding influence on those around you, as they are on you. Top

Scorpio:Saturn activates the public face of your solarscope, that which connects your life direction inexorably toward the masses. This is a time of riding the universal wave toward greater outreach. Walter Cronkite, was the public face of world events every weeknight as CBS newscaster, for over twenty years. Billy Graham, became the identifying symbol of worldwide Christianity. Both were Scorpios with a Leo Saturn and their messages were broadcast near and far. Your responsibilities are becoming of a universal, rather than personal, concern. You may find a more meaningful role via your profession, or be inspired to play your part more on a worldly stage. Eminence and recognition rely on how well your public face matches your real one. Top

Sagittarius:As you send another arrow skyward from your trusty bow, Saturn asks, ‘how high can you fly?’ Practical dreaming is the key. Your potential plans need solid support, basic formwork, and a reality testing, before they can really soar with the eagles. It’s all about direction. Sagittarian, Stephen Spielberg, the most successful director/producer in film history, was a master of putting form to ideas. Beethoven did the same with sound. This classical genius battled deafness by thirty (his first Saturn return) but went on to compose his greatest masterpieces through his knowledge of musical form. Undertake higher studies that unlock your dormant potential, and be willing to burn that midnight oil. Top

Capricorn:For you Saturn is in a critical phase. It’s the home of sex, death and taxes. In a roundabout way, to get something you have to give something up. It is clearly not a case of having your cake and eating it too. Core value differences are more likely to surface, and liability can become a joint affair. Agreements and alliances are tested in the material sense. If Saturn means accountability, then you’re answerable now for other’s values and valuables. Play the cards right and you could wind up like Capricorn, Conrad Hilton, who turned a $5,000 dollar investment into an international hotel chain. It’s a matter of giving people what they want, before they return the favor and more. Top

Aquarius:Saturn, the traditional ruler of the significant others in your life, gazes across from the opposite side of the zodiac. It implies bridges to be crossed. But first they must be built. There is a call for practicality and objectivity in dealing with others. Accepting differences, whilst working toward unity, were qualities displayed by the Belgian Jesuit Father Pierre-Jean de Smet. A true Aquarian, he was once the most active missionary in the western world. The Sioux called him ‘Black Robe’, his word was trust personified, and it is said that with his death the Indians lost their best friend. Alliances and agreements loom large in your life now. They have to be balanced. Commitment or absolution is called for. A time to examine whether you’ve built on rock, or drifting sands, where close relationships are concerned. Top

Pisces:Prolific writer Mickey Spillane’s belief was that the ultimate test of a good author is sales. It’s a fitting thought for the imaginative Piscean, who sold over 140 million books. Consistency creates professionals, and no-one will realize that as much as you now. A conscientious working attitude is required. Think of the pianist who can play the tune backwards with eyes closed. It’s all about mastering the patterns, with constancy creating efficiency. Consider the way you do things, rather than concentrating on the end result. A tendency to be too critical, or perfection seeking, can cause you to self-reflect. It’s important to progress one step at a time. You will create the rhythm that eventually drives the treadmill on automatic. Top

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