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Introducing SIRIUS School of Astrology -
the astrology school for the serious astrologer.

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SIRIUS School of Astrology is a joint project by Edward Tamplin and Sherrynne Dalby.

Sirius evolved as a school for the astrology purist. Too often astrology students encounter what might be considered a Neptunian or very obtuse teaching approach regarding astrological terminology and practice. Rather than dealing with the essentials, some schools get lost in the ether. In short, it becomes more mythology than astrology.

We hope to take the 'mist out of the myth' and put the 'ology back into astrology'. We might encourage meditation in private - but during school hours we're all about education. And we consider real 'experiential astrology' is in the doing. So if you're a purist for astrology, then it could be time to get Sirius about your studies.

The experience ofthousands of hourly plus consultations and countless hours of researching and writing allows us to eliminate what doesn't work and refine what does. This school is the evolving product of practicing professionals.


Ed Tamplin is an internationally acclaimed astrologer specialising in mundane astrology. Ed has a client base that extends to Europe and the USA, where his works are frequently published. He is the past Vice-President the Sydney Astrological Research Society, and past Vice President of the Astrology Association of NSW. Ed's two-hour astrology segment, heard every Saturday night on 2GB's Steve Murphy Show, was Sydney's top rating radio program in its timeslot pulling one listener in four. Between consultations, he combines a busy writing schedule with public lectures and teaching at the Sirius School of Astrology.

Sherrynne Dalby (QA FAA, Prac Cert FAA) is past Vice President of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, the Association of Professional Astrologers (AUS) and Past President of the NSW Astrology Association. Sherrynne is an internationally published writer and has lectured extensively on a number of subjects throughout Australia. Sherrynne was a convenor of Sydney's Wisdom of the Ages International Astrology Conference of January 2002, and a featured speaker at the FAA International Conference at Melbourne in January 2004.

Whether you're learning for self-awareness or professional certification the Sirius School has a commitment to your education based on the following course structure.

Course Structure

We start from the source. You rediscover the wonders of the past and how the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians mastered the cycles of the sky, laying the foundations of a celestial science, further developed by the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks.

Sirius teaches the mechanics of the heavens - the astronomical components central to a thorough grounding in your study. Understand the night sky, Moon phases, planetary cycles and cross-cultural understanding of the starry constellations. It is the only school boasting nine professional grade telescopes.

Learn the underlying patterns behind the planets. Their meanings and their movement, their tension and resolutions coincident with the rhythm of biological life. See how planetary factors have harmonised with the rise and fall of whole civilisations, and refine this right down to our daily lives.

Understand why Carl Jung once dubbed astrology, 'the complete repository of man's psychological knowledge', by applying astrology to your own chart and those of your family, friends and intimate relationships. Awareness is the mechanism of choice and change.

The song says that some days are diamonds; some days are stone. What in the planetary cycles can help us understand that gems are often polished by friction? Learn to unravel and bless your challenges. It's a giant step on the road to self-mastery.

What brings two people together? The astrology of relationships can uncover relating patterns in your own chart and also those who join us on our journey. What part of us is our partner connecting to and vice-a-versa? What do we each seek in a meaningful relationship?

For everything there is a time. It's not enough to know where to plant the seed - but also when! Learn the timing of the heavenly cycles and the tides of our lives.

The age of technology has enabled astrology to reach new levels of investigation. Improved communications mean that leading astrologers can share the results of new research. The Sirius network can draw on field experts as required (local or overseas), to supplement the school curriculum.

What's the Cost - Where Do I Go? Materially it's only $90 for a full day, once a month, at either our Sydney base of Riverwood, or our mountain location of Springwood. Timewise? That is up to the dedication of each individual. You'll be given sufficient homework between lessons and each lesson will build on the previous. Astrology textbooks, written specifically for this school study course, are included in the above cost and no extra expenditure is required. No class will comprise over ten students assuring maximum attention. You have the thoroughness and objectivity of two teachers, not one.

How Long Does It Take? Generally students spend the first six months absorbing and mastering the basics, and beginning to 'read' the horoscope, advancing as they go on. It is expected at the completion of a year that a student can construct an accurate birthchart, (without the use of a computer), and give an ample description of the principle planetary energies operating within that chart.

The second year is devoted to more predictive techniques and advanced work such as relationship studies, family patterns, worldly analysis, and a deeper understanding of the personality. Advanced modules such as financial astrology plus horary and elective work, although addressed during the course are specialist subjects that will be covered in individual workshops, or final year. This school offers certification to practitioner level.

Have you ever looked at the heavens in wonder?

Then perhaps Sirius School of Astrology is what you've been looking for.

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