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As we enter a New Year of 2009 we may be musing what a difference a year makes. Pluto into Capricorn and the Saturn Uranus opposition make these times of accelerated change. Many traditional institutions are crumbling, corporate takeovers are commonplace, and just like the rebellious 60's' the old is rapidly making way for the new.

That's because the dynamic duo of Saturn and Uranus are repeating their heavenly opposition of the mid-60's, and the 'establishment'; be they countries, companies, or individuals; must make way for a new order. Even the last Saturn and Uranus conjunction in 1988, saw the Soviet Union begins its program of economic restructuring (perestroika) with legislation initiated by Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. Today as these planets reach their opposition phase it is capitalism that is under threat.

Barack Obama, relatively unknown before the Democratic primaries has become the new hope of America. The global economy has been plunged into deep recession as a result of inherent corruption within the financial system. But some things remain the same, even if we want to change them - such as the deadly turmoil in the Middle-East. Unfortunately news headlines are 90% crisis, and that's what I'm writing about here. The troublespots, the timings and hopefully the solutions that are all part of the projected future in 2009.


The religious and ideological differences between India and Pakistan were on full display following the partition of the two countries prior to their 1947 independence from British rule. There were more fatalities during the resettling years than in the entire period of WWII. Boundaries have changed as a result of further wars since then, and the question is posed of will they change again? Or is the prospect of a border war between these nuclear nations too great a risk?

The original Islamization of the area now known as Pakistan began in 712 AD when Mohammad Bin Qasim's army conquered the area near present day Karachi. During 712 AD Saturn and Pluto both moved through the sign of Leo. The same two planets were exactly were together in Leo again when both India, and the newly partitioned country of Pakistan gained independence on the 14th and 15th of August 1947 respectively.

Saturn and Pluto have a cycle starting at the conjunction, then reaching opposition in the skies and in-between forming geometric squares. Analyzing the cycle with these alignments produces some interesting events.

1947 Saturn and Pluto conjunction – formation of modern Pakistan
1956 Saturn and Pluto squaring – Pakistan becomes a Republic
1965 Saturn and Pluto opposition – India and Pakistan go to war
1971 Pluto ingresses into Libra – India and Pakistan at war again, resulting in the creation of Bangla Desh
1973 Saturn and Pluto square - Pakistan Baloch Nationalist uprisings
1982 Saturn and Pluto conjunction – Pakistan President Chaudhry dies

The most recent opposition coincided with the September 11 terrorist attacks and Pakistan's leader General Musharraf linking with the USA against Al Quaeda and Taliban insurgents. In the latter period of 2009 Saturn and Pluto will again align in square formation, putting further pressure on the two countries.

Another prominent factor here is the movement of Pluto, the planet of deep regeneration, moving into Capricorn and opposite the Mars of both India and Pakistan's formation horoscopes. Mars is appropriately named after the Roman war god. As Pluto activated this Mars placement, and transiting Mars also came to join it in late December 2007, former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi.

Pluto’s previous cardinal entry into Libra, when it squared the same Mars, synched with the 1971 India-Pakistan conflict. The recent November 26 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks occurred during a New Moon joined to Mars. The carnage unfolded exactly on the day that Pluto entered Capricorn and directly opposed the Indian and Pakistan Mars birth placement. This years flashpoint periods where Mars and Pluto collide are around the end of April and the end of August.

The third clue is the Saturn-Uranus cycle, which is connected to rebellious uprising and the overthrow of the status quo. These two planets are now opposite in the skies for the first time since their 1964-67 opposition. In 1964 India began working toward a nuclear bomb eventually tested by May 18 1974. 1965 signaled the first major India Pakistan war. At the last Saturn-Uranus conjunction the President of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Arnold Raphel, were killed in a plane crash near Bhawalpur. It was also the year they elected their first female PM in Benazir Bhutto.

So to conclude, while inevitable conflict between these major powers may possibly be averted by United nations intervention, or diplomatic channels, it would seem obvious by planetary aspect and recent events that the tensions are building toward another crisis. And the April-May period along with August bears watching. Last year I wrote that President Musharraf would be replaced and this year Pakistan will be one of the main countries garnering 2009's political headlines.



As the old year fades the battle between Israel and Hamas rages across the Gaza strip with Israeli bombing raids leading to hundreds of Palestinian fatalities. This invasion began exactly on the day that Mars and Pluto came together overhead, but the real planets to examine for long term analysis are again the Saturn and Uranus in opposition throughout 2009.

Saturn signifies the traditional and conservative status quo and Uranus is the seeker of independence and autonomy. The opposition aspect can relate to uprisings, and social restructures. If we look back to the 1964-67 period these two planets duplicated their current aspect.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization was formed in 1964 with the object of gaining a sovereign land for Palestinians. So it is natural that this issue would be revisited in a major manner during the current opposition. The Six-Day-War was fought just after these planets separated between Israel and Egypt in 1967 which led to the current geographical boundaries. It's also useful to analyze the modern Israel and Palestinian birthcharts. Plus at the last conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in 1988 the Palestinians officially declared independence.


Modern Israel was born at 4 pm on May 14 1948 at Tel Aviv. This places their Sun, representing the leader, at 23 degrees of Taurus. The Palestinian Liberation Organization, then led by Yassar Arafat, declared the Independence of Palestine at 00.40 hours on November 15 1988, with their birth Sun directly opposing at 23 of Scorpio. As their objectives, and their Sun's, are directly opposed it is easy to time the various confrontations by other planetary aspects made to these respective Sun placements.

For example in 2000 as Jupiter and Saturn joined together in Taurus at 23 degrees they ignited the Israel Sun, and opposed the Palestinian one. The intifada was back on by the end of the year. Since then the hard angles of the Jupiter Saturn cycle have timed further developments such as the US led Iraq invasion, and the Israel-Lebanon war. These two planets meet up again late January 2009 and will eventually come to an opposition point midway through 2010. The end of January which immediately follows the US Presidential Inauguration and closely precedes the Israel elections may offer crucial developments.

This year as Neptune moves through 23 degrees of Aquarius and squares both the Israel and Palestinian Sun there will be covert operations, losses and deceptions on both sides. The last time Neptune impacted on the Israel Sun was the year of the Six-Day-War, and Neptune's return points to the current situation escalating.

The horoscope of Egypt, March 15 1922 @ 10 am Cairo EET, must also be factored in as they receive the revolutionary Uranus moving right across their Sun which can suggest perhaps a revolt, or change of direction at the top. This is a most unpredictable time for Egypt, particularly as their progressed Sun also opposes Mars, again suggesting military involvement, or possibly even danger to the leader.

The horoscope of Syria is also very active across 2009 suggesting they will become more politically active in Middle East affairs. Syrian leader Bashar as-Assad may be willing to clearly show his hand in the balance of power of the Middle East.


In last years forecast I thought that tensions would increase between Iran and the US, which may begin as naval sorties, and have the danger of escalation. It played out early in 2008 with both sides pushing each others buttons in the Persian Gulf early in the year. Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been most forthcoming with his opposition to Zionism, Israel and US Middle East involvement. Iran presses on the road to nuclear power, adding to the political powder keg that the Middle East has become.


I'm loathe to use quotes from antiquated Nostradamus texts as they are open to numerous interpretations and used more for propaganda than enlightenment. But I was intrigued years ago by one in Centuries Book 9 Quatrain 73. In it he writes of two kings, one with a white and one with a blue turban. The one with the blue turban goes to France and the one with the white is eventually banished to the west. Nostradamus finishes by noting the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius.

That's exactly where those celestial bodies were placed when the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from France to lead the Iranian Revolution on February 01 1979. Meantime the former Shah had fled to the west. The relevance of the white and blue turbans may be via the Shah previously instituting major political reform code-named the 'White Revolution', aimed at democratizing Iran. As a result Ayatollah Khomeini had been exiled in France as a political dissident for instigating rebellion against these reforms.

The blue turbaned king, it was written, would reign for less than a revolution of Saturn, which averages around 30 years. The Iranian Revolution dates from 1979 and now is experiencing its Saturn return. In the same Book 9 Quatrain 55 the prophet talks about a war prepared in the west and mentions a triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in line with this.

Such triple conjunctions are not infrequent and usually occur in a series. They were prevalent in WWI, and again in WWII near the D-Day landing. I also did a fair bit of research in personal horoscopes on this triple conjunction and found it weighted enormously toward athletes, which probably describes the competitive nature of the Mercury, Mars and Jupiter together. This year the combination re-appears around the end of February which may be a time to keep an eye on the situation between the east and west - Israel and Iran. If they continue along the same roads some eventual confrontation would appear inevitable - although it may not be so immediate, and I've included this more out of interest.

In more own work with Israel and Palestine, and Middle-East turning points, I tend to focus more immediately on the Jupiter and Saturn cycle that I had mentioned previous noting the May conjunction of the 2000 - within days Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon. But later in the year as peace talks failed, and Ariel Sharon went to the Temple Mount the second Intifada erupted. The semisquare marked the US Iraq invasion, and the square timed the Israel/Lebanon war. The sesquisquare is re-activating late January. In part this may be coinciding with the current Gaza Strip offensive, and subsequent developments. But the most important aspects of the cycle are yet to come from May 2010.


The resignation of PM Olmert has led to Israelis going to the polls on February 10 this year. The foreign minister is Tzipi Livni, born July 08 1958 according to the Jewish Virtual Library biography. Tzipi's rise to power is linked with her progressed Sun now combining with Pluto, and the transiting Pluto simultaneously trining both. This is an extremely powerful planetary line up. It also indicates someone who at the moment would have an intense and ruthless focus toward her goals, and someone intent about bringing about deep and evolutionary change.

The return to prominence of Ehud Barak, as Labor leader, is perhaps not all that unusual. He was also the Prime Minister back in 2000, when the current Jupiter/Saturn cycle began. The Israeli elections are due February 10, two days prior to Barak's birthday. Jupiter moving over his Venus could show improved polling for Ehud's party, which has slipped into the background.

Benjamin Netanyahu has also returned to prominence synchrous with his second Saturn return. Saturn, indicative of administrative capabilities, is positioned in his career house - the house of honor and advancement. Netanyahu is also experiencing a progressed New Moon, which implies a brand new start. This New Moon will square Mars and that's a definite indication of a more warlike approach by the former PM, which would have definite ramifications on the Israel-Iran situation.


Last year I wrote that the time of unprecedented market growth was coming to an end. I noted that we are moving into a similar planetary pattern that marked the 1873 New York Stock market collapse and subsequent 'long recession', which lasted four years. Unregulated speculative credit was the cause then, as it is today.

In last years article the times when the economy would be on the slide were noted and corresponded with significant bank collapses, the federal bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the collapse of Lehman Bros etc. Now as Saturn and Uranus face off to each other, and Pluto is fully entrenched in Capricorn, plus Saturn moves to square Pluto by November this year, the reformation of a failing economic system becomes a global top priority. It hasn't bottomed out by a long way.

Some forecasters are suggesting that the Jupiter Neptune conjunction between May and July inclusive will create a more positive scenario but these two are more connected to spin than substance, or high hopes on scant evidence. The most difficult part of the coming year will be the final quarter, notably the mid September period and then from November onward. At this time Saturn and Pluto will move into square and directly impact on the USA Venus Jupiter conjunction further depressing the economy.

Saturn and Pluto did the same thing at the tail end of 1973 and their effect was immediate. The US slid rapidly into recession at that time which also marked the OPEC crisis. Recessions and depressions are coincident with outer planets being in simultaneous hard aspect to each other. The more in aspect - the deeper the recession. The Great Depression of the '30's had all the outer planets in hard aspect. I expect the bottom will be reached in 2010, and we'll get a fair idea of the depth from late 2009.

As Pluto moves into Capricorn it also opposes the US Venus. Each Pluto ingress into a cardinal sign has produced stock market calamities. Pluto’s 1825 Aries entry signaled the first modern stock market collapse, triggered by failed British investment into the Latin America. Pluto’s Cancer Ingress was synonymous with the New York Stock Exchange closing for four months in the wake of WW1, and the political and economic meltdown of Europe. The Libran Ingress oversaw the OPEC world oil crisis and a serious economic recession in the US. All of these ingresses have naturally impacted enormously on the US Venus Jupiter conjunction in early Cancer, and that happens this year.


Of extreme importance is Pluto's impact on the US Federal Reserve horoscope. The Federal Reserve Act came into force with President Woodrow Wilson’s signature at 18.02 on December 23 1913 with a 02Cap34 Sun opposed by Pluto at 00Can04, each squaring the 01Aries27 Midheaven.

Pluto’s Ingress back into Capricorn will power up this T-Square, ruthlessly reforming the US economy from the bottom up. Add to that the Saturn/Uranus opposition cycle which kicked in from November 2008 and is squaring the Federal Reserve’s Venus. My fear was that it would blow out the national debt to unsustainable levels.

Last July writing my ‘Eye In The Sky’ column for the Federation of Australian Astrologers I posed the question “Will the Reserve Run Out Of Reserve?” I envisioned the people paying the piper in the wake of a major budgetary blowout, and unsustainable levels of debt, amidst bank collapses. Sadly within months that had became the reality. As a result the faith in governance and free market capitalism, by the American populace - indeed the world - has dropped to all time low. The question being - are we selling our inheritance to tomorrow? The real answer will be in passing new laws that demand greater transparency that would prevent such a credit crisis recurring in the future. But for now the damage has been done.


Industries, companies and countries very much affected this year will have birthdates near or on March 21, June 22, September 23, and December 23. For example the US Federal Reserve was instituted on December 23 1913, in Australia the ABC Learning Centers first traded on the ASX on March 21 2000.

But for a more thorough analysis the incorporation and first trade horoscopes of individual companies would have to be closely examined. To illustrate this, Ford Motors was incorporated on June 06 1908 in Detroit. The incorporation horoscope shows the Sun at 24 Gemini opposed by Uranus at 23 Sagittarius and Jupiter at 22 Pisces - normally a fortunate combination. However as the Saturn Uranus opposition came to 22 degrees of Virgo and Pisces creating a Grand Cross formation (not so fortunate) they were in deep trouble and looking for a government bailout. General Motors were formed September 16 1908. Their Sun is at 23 Virgo squaring Pluto at 26 Gemini, and so they too are right in the firing line to receive the reformative energies of the Saturn Uranus opposition.


The last time Pluto ingressed into Capricorn the Royal Proclamation of King George II was imposing direct taxes on the colonies. The US Revolution has been partly attributable to dissatisfaction with these restrictive taxes. How ironic that one complete Pluto revolution later the actual government of the USA has decided to raid the US Federal Reserve to the tune of $750 billion to prop up the current 'financial aristocracy'. The lack of transparency in this bail out plans brings to mind the Benjamin Franklin quote of ‘taxation without representation’. Again if we look back to 1763 we see the Pontiac rebellion a mass uprising of the Indian tribes concerned at the loss of their tribal territory. Now it’s the average American whose home is threatened to protect bank interests. Forgive the pun that this may be drawing a long bow, but the comparisons are not that unusual.


In the article Pluto in Capricorn I questioned whether we were looking at an eventual Asian dominance due to the enormous social transformations that this transit brings. It was under the same auspices that Marco Polo opened the silk road trade route to China.

The modern Chinese horoscope is timed for 3.15 p.m. in Beijing on October 01 1949. This horoscope will field the January 26 (AEST) Solar Eclipse right on it's Ascendant/Moon. There is no doubt that the worldwide economic malaise will also produce a slowdown in Chinese export sales, but China's massive population will somewhat cushion the impact.

A progressed conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in this horoscope from 2006-2007 produced tremendous capital growth. This aspect will recur in the longer time frame of 2016. So China's growth is still written into the future, even allowing for some hiccups on the way. It is useful to examine the global GDP of the last two millennia and find that for the vast majority the economic engines of the planet have come via China and India. The Industrial Revolution, which occurred at the last sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn, signaled the rise of the British Empire and also the formation of the USA. Now the wheel has turned a full circle.


On November 04 2008 around 11 p.m. the US partied wildly, clearing their collective social conscience, as Barack Obama became the first elected black President of the USA. It was exact to the day that the planet of revolution, Uranus, opposed mainstream conservative Saturn in the skies - something that didn’t go unnoticed to astrologers.

The last Saturn opposition to Uranus stretched from 1964 to 1967 and set the scene for a new social order. Human rights activists Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks became symbols of an emerging black equality. And as the planets returned to the same perspective, Barack Obama became the manifestation of that dream.

“Change” was the catchword of Obama’s campaign. Pluto’s Capricorn sojourn, which has accompanied some of societies greatest social changes arrived on time to empower the process. Before he had served a day in office Obama was elevated superman status by a nation searching desperately for a hero.


Obama will be sworn in on January 20 2009 at approximately 12 p.m. in Washington DC. A horoscope drawn for the moment is one indication of his Presidency. For example at George W. Bush’s initial 2001 inauguration the war planet Mars was setting over New York. It was also rising over the Philippines where the September 11 New York terrorist plot was hatched - and Bali the scene of a horrific terrorist bombing the day after Congress approved Bush’s military invasion of Iraq.

In contrast the Presidential January 20 2009 Inauguration should be a mass media event of great hope and oratory. It aptly shows the confidence and futuristic optimism of the people as the Sun (leader), Mercury (speech and ideas) and Jupiter (justice and expansion) combine to form a triple conjunction in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. It also places the Moon in the final degree of Scorpio. Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, was born with his Sun,Venus and Midheaven all in the final degrees of Scorpio – Hillary Clinton is also a Scorpio. The national USA horoscope is also due for its own progressed Full Moon, close to Inauguration Day adding to the tremendous focus on this event.


In last years 2008 election forecast I wrote, ‘some outcomes seem obvious. One is that the US will break with tradition, as Saturn the planet of status quo is opposed by Uranus the iconoclast, on election day. That can only mean Obama - first Afro American President, or Clinton first female in the chair. Obama's chart begins very promising early in the first quarter of 2008, with his progressed Sun trining the expansive and opportunistic Jupiter. But Barack Obama's horoscope shows great difficulty in 2009 suggesting he cannot fulfil this early promise or he inherits some real problems.’

Those real problems are only too obvious now, and the pressure on the incoming US President is enormous. He inherits a US annual budget deficit of more than $1 trillion for several years, a housing market in deepening decline, and possible double-digit unemployment.

Obama’s progressed aspects mirror the arduous road ahead. They pitch four planets Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in difficult aspect to each other. They describe someone under tremendous mental strain, facing what seem insurmountable tasks, and working overtime to rectify the problems. It is not only America that are depending on Obama, the rest of the world are hanging off his economic solutions.

Aware that any attempt to harm the new leader could plunge the country into social chaos, the President is surrounded by watertight security. Astrologically this is an absolute necessity too. Last year I wrote about security threats surrounding Obama in August and it was during that month that a redneck plot was foiled to assassinate him at the Democratic convention. Like fellow US icons Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and JFK his own Mars Neptune is hooked in with the USA's July 4 1776 birthdate Mars Neptune square. This cloak and dagger aspect also adequately describes the covert and shadowy political influence of the gun lobby in US policymaking.

Security threats can play out in strange ways. George W. was guarded closer than Fort Knox, but when his horoscope flashed danger signals there was an abortive grenade attempt on his life in Georgia, and a highly controversial real-life documentary 'Death Of A President' debuted. But the closest George came to real danger was when he evaded a reporters flying shoe - something that has become a YouTube most watched.


Michelle Obama’s chart is an interesting one to consider in light of its own dynamics. She was born January 17 1964 (time unknown) in Chicago. At the moment her SP Sun opposes SP Pluto, and SP Mars opposes natal Uranus. It certainly reflects the change that power politics has made to her primary relationship. For someone who was addicted to the Brady Bunch as a child - family life will be much different from here on in. Daughter Sasha, reportedly born June 10 2001, possibly shows the impact most of all.

The strain on Obama’s family is highly evident also by studying his own chart where the transformative Pluto moves to oppose Venus throughout 2009. But Venus also is a planet also connected to money and it's the financial crisis that Obama has made top political priority. His role will be to literally transform the economy.

There are some crucial times for Barack ahead and time frames to match. They begin the week after his inauguration ceremony, also late March, mid to late April and especially late June, are all challenging periods for the new light on the hill. We can hardly expect his horoscope to be much different considering what he's walking into. I thought Hillary Clinton's looked the better toward the end of the year and favored her because of that. Her planets continue to improve throughout the year suggesting she ably handles the Secretary of State position.

Obama, the USA and Israel all have their Venus united in early Cancer. This, along with the fact that the Israel Pluto is right on Obama's Leo Sun can draw him further into the vortex. Pluto's opposition to all of these Venus placements toward the end of 2009 further affecting the US economy will also impact on Israel. This also suggests power shifts in the Middle East increasingly evident through 2010.


The planet attributed to terra firma earth and rocks is traditionally Saturn. The antithesis of Saturn is extemporaneous Uranus, renowned for rapid and unforeseen changes to structural elements. The opposition of these two antagonists often accompanies increased earthquake activity. A research project that I did on major earthquakes also revealed that the mutable degree area that Saturn and Uranus are currently traversing is frequently involved.

The New Moon at the end of January 2009 sparks this combination off, and that particular New Moon will also concentrate the Saturn Uranus in two specific areas, that of Indonesia and the West Coast of South America. The Full Moon of the 11th with a closer approach to earth that will tend to increase the gravitational forces on the earth's tectonic plates as will the August period. So I'm expecting more than the usual earthquake activity in 2009. Additionally trouble with flight can be the case when Saturn (restrictions) faces off the Uranus (technology and flight).


The island nation of Indonesia gained independence on December 27 1949 @ 09.22 GMT, when Queen Juliana of the Netherlands signed the transfer of power. This volatile horoscope shows the Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus all in a Grand Square of early cardinal degrees. As Pluto moves into Capricorn and Saturn into Libra later in the year they will impact on this Grand Cross producing great difficulty and probable uprisings in Indonesia.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was born on the 9th of September 1949 (time unknown) in Pacitan, Indonesia. His Virgo Sun is widely conjunct Saturn, but the ringed planet has now progressed to be right on his natal Sun. Add to that the transiting Saturn, to join both you have a double dose of the planet dubbed a first class malefic. What this depicts is the enormous responsibility Yudhoyono will carry in 2009 for starters. Dynamic aspects caused by multiple transits to the birth Sun would mark dangerous time frames, as early April, and the beginning of June 2009.


Last year the almost cobwebbed Prince Charles became the longest 'king-in-waiting' in British history courtesy of his mother's strong family genes and resistance to abdication while fit for duty. That being the case his horoscope showed more signs of royalty than ever before from 2008, and produced an elevation in status and acceptance. For the first time ever the Prince was perceived by the public as the preferred monarch, ahead of popular son William and the aging Queen. And rumors allegedly leaked from the palace (later strenuously denied) that the Queen had actually agreed to retire at 87, guaranteeing the Prince will eventually fulfill his Methuselah apprenticeship. Charles was increasingly involved in royal duties and the Queen even commented on what a good king he will make. With health concerns surrounding Prince Phillip, Charles will continue toward greater prominence, and his wait will not be five years.

Still waiting for a royal engagement though is Kate Middleton. However the man known as 'Billy the Fish' has so far evaded capture and always maintained he would not marry until he was at least 28, maybe 30. However Prince William's horoscope, born June 21 1982 @ 21.03 BST, is very active in the relationship department during 2009. This is the year both the secondary progressed Moon and Venus reach his partnership house during  late May, early June. It makes for an interesting spring and summer regarding his long-term relationship plans, and I'm confident we'll have an answer by then. In the greater scheme of things the Prince's progressed Venus will also reach his birth Sun by age 28-29 so marriage would seem highly probable. Might it be that the Prince has an astrologer?


One of the themes of Saturn in Virgo is that of women coming to prominence and power in western politics. It marked Mary Astor as the first female in the House of Commons and later Margaret Thatcher as first British PM. Last year we also witnessed Tzipi Livni suddenly become acting Israel leader, and Hillary Clinton jump from New York Senator to presumptive US Secretary of State. In Australia Quenton Bryce, was appointed first female Governor-General from September 2008, and for much of the year Julia Gillard, the first female Deputy Prime Minister was also the acting PM. This was due to Kevin Rudd's strong travel indications, noted last year and also prevalent in 2009.

Kevin Rudd's popularity polling has reflected a superb honeymoon year. His 2007 election election victory decimated the Liberal opposition, who have made little headway since amidst their own leadership battles. And it was widely assumed Labor's win had guaranteed it two full terms of government.

In 2009 Labor faces a more difficult year, and this is reflected in Kevin Rudd's alignments during the second half of 2009 and especially around the final quarter. This leads into a more positive time for prominent Liberal politicians Malcolm Turnbull and surprisingly Peter Costello in 2010. Costello's disappointment was all to obvious during 2006-2007 as Neptune opposed his Sun indicating he felt deception and subterfuge around him more than usual. Should he choose to remain he has similar aspects that propelled him to prominence in the late 90's.


One of the real standouts of Pluto through Capricorn is the technological progress made via travel and exploration. This cycle accounted for the Viking travels, Marco Polo's adventure, Magellan encircling the globe, Cortez entering Montezuma's kingdom, and Captain Cooks south sea discoveries. The exploration of space will become one of the more positive headlines over the next few years. We will make great advances in our understanding of the universe and private space travel will become a reality. May you walk with the stars in 2009.

Thanks for your continued support and I wish you everything you would yourself for the year ahead.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin
December 31 2008

Edited New Years Day

Horoscopes utilising 'The Book of World Horoscopes' by Nicholas Campion - published by The Wessex Astrologer.

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