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The year of 2010 promises to be one of accelerated and profound political transition. This year four of the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and mighty dwarf Pluto will all line up in challenging formation with each other. The outers are the agents of change and the 2010 angles are pushing harder for that. This is an expansion on last years, but still current opposition of Saturn and Uranus, and the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune with the asteroid Chiron. We'll start looking at the future by reflecting on how they affected the year just gone.

The Saturn Uranus face off pits the old and established against the new and innovative. It loudly proclaims Dylan's famous line - 'The Times They Are A' 'Changing'. On the very day it materialized Barack Obama was elected the first Afro-American President of the USA. In Japan, the ruling party were routed in the July election losing almost two thirds of their seats. It was only the second time they had ever been defeated and was the worst political defeat in modern Japanese history.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was controversially re-elected but supporters of defeated candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi disputed the results. The resulting street violence was the worst seen in Iran since the 1979 revolution. Authoritarian Afghanistan leader Hamad Karzia was re-elected after massive voter fraud and the resignation of the opposition party from a run off process. The Icelandic government and banking system collapsed in the wake of the global economic crisis. Saturn and Uranus were moving the goalposts.

The Saturn (earth) Uranus (eruption) connection with earthquakes continued at the end of September, with a massive 8.3 undersea quake creating a devastating tsunami that hit Samoa, and within twenty four hours of that Indonesia experienced a 7.6 earthquake that claimed over one thousand lives. Earthquakes and natural disasters may still dominate in 2010, as this cycle does not start to ease off until after August.


On the other hand the high hopes combination of the expansionary Jupiter, healing Chiron and idealistic Neptune saw more spiritual growth throughout the planet and at least a greater awareness of the  environmental challenges ahead. The socialistic planet Neptune meeting judicial Jupiter coincided worldwide with legislative economic rescue packages to prevent the global economy diving into deep Depression. Governments bought into ailing businesses to maintain social order. At the final pass of Jupiter and Neptune in December 2009 a new US health Act guaranteed health care for all. The inflationary effect of the Jupiter Neptune cycles may be a future inheritance.

The expansionary Jupiter linked with escapist Neptune has been linked with looking for a hero. To many Barack Obama was that Messiah, but the real Cinderella was Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle who went from dowdy Scottish spinster to overnight worldwide success. In reality it was a long night for Susan who's been at it since her teens. But the events of 2009 may seem mild in comparison of the political revolutions to come.


We are currently at the three quarter point of a Saturn/Pluto cycle that began in the last quarter of 1982. It has followed a definite pattern, and the pattern has been connected to Middle-East terrorism and the USA. Here are the key cycle points.

The conjunction commencement from 1982/83 witnessed the Lebanese militia kill hundreds of PLO refugees in southern Lebanon, sanctioned by the then Israel Defense Minister Ariel Sharon. What followed was violent reprisals against US Middle East involvement. It began with the April 1983 bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut, followed by the explosions at the Army headquarters at Beirut airport, and French military installations by October. Over three hundred lives were lost in the multiple attacks.

The Saturn Pluto cycle then moved to the square formation of 1993, which synched in with the first US homeland attack, as a massive truck bomb destroyed the basement of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in February.

The Saturn Pluto cycle opposition point, an aspect stressing polarity and difference, climaxed with the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks on New York, and the Pentagon, with thousands of lives lost. As a result President George Bush promised an all-out war on terror and defined countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Iraq as the axis of evil. Less than a month later the US had invaded Afghanistan were they remain to this day. Iraq was to follow.

The three-quarter stage was of Saturn and Pluto was reached beginning November 2009, and will continue to dominate through most of 2010. It will escalate the war in Afghanistan, but also increase the risk of terrorist reprisal attacks, just as we’ve seen in the past. The arrival of the cycle began with worst homeland military massacre at Fort Hood on November 5, and an attempted hijacking of a Detroit bound airbus precisely on the day the Sun came to join Pluto and square Saturn at Christmas.

Predicting precise danger dates is difficult when the actual aspect is in continuous operation. Suffice to say the latter period of March and the end of July beginning of August period, plus the middle of August looks precarious, along with late September and the middle of December. Understandably this can also play out on the world stage.


The irony of President Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize with a speech extolling the necessity of war was not lost on some. It was reflective of the martial planet Mars inordinately long stay in Obama’s sun-sign of Leo. Incredibly, exactly as he was making the speech, Mars had settled right upon his Descendant – which is the point in the horoscope corresponding to allies and enemies – the actual house of war. It's a sign of what's to come.

In 2010 Obama will deal with war more than usual. He will taste aggression and be compelled to be more forceful. The man who came to power with a political platform of bipartisan unity, and of people coming together for the common good of humanity, will witness escalating division around him. There will be attacks on his character and possibly even on his person. A lot of this is related to the current Mars cycle. The March period this year will ramp up military activities for the US, as Mars changes direction.

Obama's approval ratings began the year well, but have now slipped to slightly below 50% after his first year in office. Most of the disapproval relates to his handling of the economy and soft gloves on the banks and auto companies. US Presidential polls peak when they go to war. George Bush Snr's peaked before Desert Storm and George Bush Jnr hit his highest going into Afghanistan and again when he invaded Iraq. As US banks continued to shell out bonuses on taxpayers money Obama paid the price.


On October 17 last year Mars moved into Leo, a sign it would normally spend less then two months in. This time however Mars will not move out of Leo until June 7 2010. The reason for that is that it has reversed direction and backtracked through the Leo sign from December 19, and will move direct from March 11, finally exiting on June 7. To gauge the relevance of that is it to look at duplicate cycles, being when Mars went into Leo at around the same time of year, and did its reversal near the same degrees. That happened back in 1962/63 and even further to 1883/84.

Two days after Mars entered Leo in 1962 the Cuban missile crisis began, again on October on the 14th. It brought the world to the brink of a nuclear stand-off between the superpowers of the USA and the USSR, until Premier Nikita Kruschev ordered the dismantling of missiles in Cuba.

In 1883 the Siege of Khartoum began right on the reversal point of Mars at the beginning of the sign of Leo. This resulted in a decisive victory for the Mahdists over the British and the fall of Khartoum and General Gordon. This may be important when considering that Sudan has fought an ongoing civil war and the ancient city of Khartoum, at the bend of the Nile, is the capital. Their President, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, was born January 1 1944 and took power in a bloodless coup on June 30 1989, again when Mars was in Leo.

Last year the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir on five counts of crimes against humanity. He becomes the first sitting head of state to be cited by the ICC. This has prompted fierce criticism from Arab nations and the Islamic Conference citing double standards on the part of the ICC. Despite all this al-Bashir has turned Sudan into one of the world’s better performing economies. But the Mars return may have the Sudan in its sights with the Sudan elections due between April 5-10 this year.


The horoscope of Egypt is timed for 10 am on March 15 1922 in Cairo. This horoscope has Saturn in Libra - and beginning November 2009 Saturn re-entered Libra for the first time in close to thirty years. The last time it was here their current President, Hosni Mubarak, was sworn in upon the assassination of predecessor Anwar Sadat. Hosni Mubarak will be 82 this year, and there are rumors that he will not contest the next election, instead preparing his son Gamal to run as NDP leader.

Saturn in Libra corresponds to changes in Egyptian government and leadership. The founder of modern Egypt, Muhammad Ali, gained power on May 17 1805 with Saturn in Libra. Egypt gained independence from Britain under this phase in 1922, and again with Saturn in Libra became a Republic in 1953.

The planet of revolution Uranus is also moving right across the Egyptian birth Sun which often accompanies a sudden change of leader or direction. Egypt has been under martial law virtually since the former military officer Mubarak was sworn in. He claims it is to prevent Islamic extremists from destroying the Egyptian tourist industry. But Egypt may well be preparing for the time after Mubarak, and the one who will succeed him.

I thought that from last year Syrian leader Bashar as-Assad may be willing to more clearly show his hand in the balance of power of the Middle East. Syria was famously part of George W Bush's axis of evil for their support of Hezzbollah, and anti-Israel stance. Upon the swearing in on new Israeli PM Ben Netanyahu Bashar said, "There is no escaping the fact that the day will come when we will free the Golan, through peace or through war", said in an interview.


At the core of the Middle East peace process is the Israel Palestine problem. It seems a never-ending tragedy, and onlookers must be frustrated at the empty rhetoric and endless peace processes that accompany this single issue. It has given rise to worldwide terrorism, rising Islamic fundamentalism and jihads. What was a festering wound shows signs of being a terminal cancer. To the Arab nations the West's apparent unconditional support of Israel undermines their faith and objectivity in the negotiation process. A lot of what has happened in this century has dovetailed with the current Jupiter Saturn cycle, which is about to reach its opposition point, indicating a culmination in 2010/11.

If we follow the cycle, and it's principal aspects from the inception we get a clear pattern of the crucial developments. In 2000 Israel PM Ehud Barak pulled Israeli soldiers from southern Lebanon and the peace process was revived at Camp David with PLO leader Yassar Arafat. The US sponsored talks ultimately broke down over the division of Jerusalem. By the end of the year the second intifada had commenced. 2000 was the beginning of the current Jupiter and Saturn cycle.

Right on the the semisquare of the cycle, October 2002, US Congress gave George W. Bush the go-ahead to invade Iraq and when the semisquare aspect recurred near the end of March 2003 he did. Iraq bordered Israel, and gave the Middle East a more substantial American military presence.

At the square at the end of June 2006, an Israeli soldier was captured at the Lebanon border igniting the Israel Hezzbollah war and Israel shelling Lebanon. It was a conflict that took over a thousand lives, mostly civilian, and was widely condemned.

The sesquisquare then coincided with the Gaza War with the Palestinian ruling Hamas finishing at the start of 2009, just prior to the Israel elections. All of that brings us to the opposition point of Jupiter and Saturn, due in late May 2010, and recurring in August and departing in late May 2011.

This affords an opportunity to reach some agreement, especially as the Obama administration, or at least Obama himself, has said he is willing to take on this challenge. History however, would suggest that the Israel Palestine conflict is far from over.

In last years predictions we looked at the possible Israel PM Ben Netanyahu's horoscope and his second Saturn return suggesting the assumption of greater responsibilities. Netanyahu also was experiencing a progressed New Moon - a once in 29 year cycle encouraging a fresh start. He became Prime Minister on this. However this New Moon was in square with the war planet Mars. Also Netanyahu was born near a New Moon which is admirable for focus and fanaticism, but not so good for objectivity and seeing the other person's viewpoint. So the signals are not looking so strong for peace.


In last years predictions I fielded the prospect of a border war between the two nuclear nations of India and Pakistan. The cycles that I based these two countries coming into combat have not yet passed and will continue into the second half of the year. This was the Saturn Pluto cycle which only began in November of 2009.

I am repeating the cycle analysis to emphasize this possibility.

1947 Saturn and Pluto conjunction – formation of modern Pakistan
1956 Saturn and Pluto squaring – Pakistan becomes a Republic
1965 Saturn and Pluto opposition – India and Pakistan go to war
1971 Pluto ingresses into Libra – India and Pakistan at war again, resulting in the creation of Bangla Desh
1973 Saturn and Pluto square - Pakistan Baloch Nationalist uprisings
1982 Saturn and Pluto conjunction – Pakistan President Chaudhry dies

What has happened so far is that it has virtually plunged Pakistan into a civil war, with thousands of lives lost in terrorist bombings over the past year. US incursions into the tribal north and along the Afghan border have also escalated tensions and displaced many thousands of people. Pakistan's instability has forced the boycott of sporting tours and led to the ambushing of the Sri Lankan cricket team. Pakistan faced bankruptcy at the end of 2008 and al-Zadari's government are dependent upon foreign aid to prevent the country collapsing.


The global meltdown has not frozen over yet, as the failure of Dubai to service its debt in November 2009 exemplified. Countries like Greece, Spain, Mexico and Pakistan are also struggling with sovereign debt. The danger of a monetary meltdown is the breakdown of the civil structure, revolution and war. This is why the same governments who twiddled their thumbs at a vital Copenhagen climate conference wasted no time acting decisively when money was at stake. It seems the earths needs can be put on hold, as long as the economy is functioning okay.


It was Harvard economics Professor John Kenneth Galbraith who wrote the now famous quote, “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” Yet it was astrological cycles that predicted the global economic crisis and the same astrological theory indicates we’re not out of the woods yet. 2009 was a year of stimulus packages and government intervention. To prevent political revolution the global economy adopted what Martin Luther King called “socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor”. For the majority of 2009 the growth planet of Jupiter was attached to the socialistic Neptune. It even resulted in the US possibly gaining a universal health system on the last conjunction at Christmas Eve. The stimulus packages and the Jupiter Neptune cycle exceeded my expectations, although the other outer planets still seemed to put the handbrake on progress at appropriate times.


Jupiter and Neptune were together through May, June and July – although the market rise had begun in March. By that time the markets had hit rock bottom. But on June 14 I wrote in my weekly summation, “The pattern is now becoming very clear. The gains from March seemed to plateau by the first week of May when the Dow topped 8,400. The last month has seen sure and steady improvement of just below 5% up on that figure. If that rate of steady increase were to continue then in three months from now the Dow would top 10,000 and hats would be flying. There’s no reason with the current Jupiter and Neptune conjunction, and the current separation of the Saturn Uranus opposition why the next two months cannot see the markets move to the 9,600 mark…The same goes for the AUSD.”

Exactly three months later on September 14 the Dow had reached 9,626 and by mid October would top 10,000. The Aussie dollar rose to over 90 cents US. Since then Saturn Uranus recurred and the bull market slowed. The rise over over 3,000 points from March to mid October, has only added 600 points gain in the last two and a half months. For mine that’s partly because of a very important cycle, the Saturn Pluto waning square in early cardinal degrees kicking in.

The last time the US experienced the Saturn Pluto waning square in these same degrees, which impacts on their leadership position, was back in September 1973 through to June 1974. It coincided with the Yom Kippur War, leading to an Arab oil embargo, OPEC doubled the price of crude leading to spiraling fuel costs. The US VP Spiro Agnew resigned over criminal charges and the Watergate scandal forced President Nixon out of office. Economically this was an extremely painful period where US unemployment peaked at 12.38% along with high inflation.

The events of 1973/74 are a worst case scenario that can manifest under a Saturn/Pluto signature, although they do reflect the current employment problems undermining economic recovery in 2010. But we have to take other planetary alignments into consideration when evaluating an economic forecast.

One of the chief cycles is that of the two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn in opposition. This commences in May 2010 and they are not fully separating until April 2011. This adds a great deal of market volatility to the May to September period ahead – but especially through mid August when planetary multi cycles coincide. And they do that along with a conjunction of Venus and Mars.


It’s my finding that the Venus/Mars cycle can often signal dramatic market fluctuations. On October 27 1997 a Venus/Mars conjunction, along with an Asian crash, suspended trading on the Dow for the day. In a study of Dow drops I found Venus and Mars appearing way above average in Libra. In the first half of September 2008 they met in Libra, joined to the commercial trading planet of Mercury. It was on that evidence that I thought that the period of September 6 to 14 2008 would rock the markets, leading the USA into a long recession. The recession estimate was based on slower moving replaying their alignments of the US long recession during the 1870’s.

Venus and Mars will together return to Libra in August 2010. The month of August is critical almost from the onset. Venus and Mars will join between the 17th and 21st. It comes at a time when other outers such as both the Jupiter Saturn, and the Saturn Uranus oppositions will all be in full swing. This Venus and Mars will join the USA administration planet and square the birth Sun of the US July 4 1776 horoscope. It presents a great challenge to the leader. The events around this period could well lead to another stock market collapse.


Astrological economic forecasters consider the cycle of these two leviathans as the main economic indicators. Basically the expansionist qualities of Jupiter are running headlong into the contracting wall of Saturn. The opposition aspect has been present in the lead up to recessions in 1873 and 1893 for example, and the Jupiter Saturn opposition was operational in 1930/31 in the heart of the Great Depression. Back then they were attached to Pluto, which is also the case in 2010.

But not every Jupiter and Saturn opposition has proved so catastrophic. In studying each opposition of the last century (they are recurrent every 20 years) it becomes obvious that a market may still increase under this aspect. The growth however is always slowed. And so overall one would have to class a Jupiter Saturn opposition as having a depressing economic effect.

Here's the results of that research on the Dow at the start and finish of each cycle.

November   18 1910  Index 85

October      19 1911  Index 77

July           27 1930  Index 241

June          11 1931  Index 137

April          10 1951  Index 251

February     21 1952  Index 260

December     30 1969 Index 795

October       17 1971  Index 822

September    11 1989  Index 2704

May            17 1991 Index 2887

Even when a rise is evident the Jupiter Saturn opposition shows virtually nil growth. The conclusion being that from May 2010 until April 2011 finances may struggle, under the opposing energies of our solar systems two biggest planets.


The rise and fall of the Dow may have taken forecasters by surprise but there is certain geometry of price and time that beautifully encapsulates the whole process. Roughly the theory goes that any high is capable of falling to a halfway point before it will begin to rise up again. And when it does that it rises halfway again from the low marker and in approximately half the time it took to fall. Rarely has it worked so well as in the recent collapse and rally, and especially on the Dow and the ASX, which closely followed.

In October 2007 the DJIA topped above 14,000 - suggesting it could dump back to 7000. In fact it moved to below 7000 in March of 2009 almost eighteen months after the high. This then became a time to buy back into the markets. Following the above theory there should be a resistance to further fall and the markets should rebound to around 10,500 (or half again of the 7,000 low) in approximately half the time - around nine months. And that's pretty much exactly as it played out.

If the market stays at a bull market then there could be another rise although this one would be limited somewhat to around 12,250. There could also be a corrective fall to 8750. And we might expect them by mid May. This is a very simplistic approach though. The planetary cycles are saying that the fluctuations are not behind us. Jupiter and Saturn have a bearish influence from May and the Saturn Pluto brings uncertainty through political instability and war. Add to that the Nodal cycle is still in a negative pattern and the evidence is still one of market volatility.


Despite the global economic crisis China still outperformed most world economies. They have now grown to rival Japan and if they can continue this expansion will match the US by 2020 on some estimates. The progressed conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the Chinese horoscope from 2006-2007 produced enormous business success. This aspect will recur in 2016.

China's growth is nothing new for the historian. A study of past economic cycles will show them at or near the top of world economies right up until the military and technological dominance of the British Empire. China is now the banker of the US and holds tremendous reserves of foreign currencies. Australian economic stability is heavily reliant upon commodity exports to China.

What China's horoscope (October 1 1949 @ 3.15 p.m. Beijing) shows is the possibility of more protectionist policies and greater state control than before. As disciplined and regulatory Saturn moves across the Libra Chinese Sun in their eighth house of foreign trade and fiscal policy we may see China playing it much safer which could lead to some trade conflicts.

The longer term future shows the Chinese leadership undergoing major restructure in 2012 and further points to the technological development taking place in the near future. The horoscope of Taiwan (December 25 1947 @ midnight in Taipei) is also one open to considerable structural change in 2010.


Whilst the planet of stability and terra firma, Saturn, stays opposed to groundbreaking Uranus increased earthquakes are an astrological probability. We saw it happen last year with the tsunami of Western Samoa and the earthquake of Indonesia within 24 hours. This year the Saturn Uranus oppositions occur late April and July but from the August period the two antagonists will move apart.


Over the next few years countries who have planets at the start of cardinal signs will be undergoing the greatest changes and social upheavals. One of these is Indonesia that gained independence on December 27 1949 @ 09.22 GMT, when Queen Juliana of the Netherlands signed the transfer of power. The Indonesian horoscope displays the Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus all in a Grand Square of early cardinal degrees. Now that Pluto is resident in Capricorn and Saturn moves into Libra through 2010/11 Indonesia could be subject to greater political unrest and rebellious extremism.


The Australian PM Kevin Rudd has bowled along famously with approval rates well above 60% and Australia being one of the best-performed countries economically, even avoiding a predicted recession. Australia still rides on the back of Chinese expansion and a commodities boom that for the moment anyway, shows little signs of ending. But there were challenges looming for Rudd from the moment Saturn, a planet famed for blockages and restraints landed on his mover and shaker Sun/Mars conjunction in late Virgo.

All of a sudden the Oceanic Viking sailed into his life, housing an international refugee crisis in October that simply wouldn’t go away. Rudd received little co-operation on this, and even less on a proposed emissions trading scheme that later died in the Senate. The Copenhagen Climate Conference fizzled out to be a collapsing compromise. And Rudd’s impenetrable popularity ratings showed temporary signs of vulnerability. He even appeared on a nationally televised cricket match to urge Australian males to curb their excessive drinking habits as the abstemious Saturn gave little relief.

Will Rudd become more responsible and probably controlling, yet dip out in popularity as Saturn moves across his Sun again from late April through to early July. Will he labor (no pun intended) on making the hard decisions? Have we seen the end of the populist Rudd? His horoscope suggests the job gets harder, and may even impact on his health. Saturn Sun aspects are known for depleting energy, rather than supplying it.

Does that leave the door ajar for the new Liberal leader in Tony Abbott? The enthusiastic Abbott, London born on November 4 1957,is an intense Scorpio with a fiery Aries Moon – both signs classically ruled by the combative Mars. The athletic Abbott has tried his hands at boxing, and seems to carry that fighting attitude. 2010 is a workaholic year for the new leader as the late January, early February period exemplifies. A federal election is due next year and Abbott would be hoping it is called for early March, when he has his best prospects courtesy of a Jupiter trine to his birth Sun. But for Rudd the September period close to his own birthday of September 21 would provide the best result.


It would hardly seem right to let a column go without a comment on Prince William. His horoscope reveals he was born June 21 1982 @ 21.03 BST. In 2009 both the secondary progressed Moon and Venus reached his partnership house during  late May, early June. So it would seem reasonable that he took his first official holiday with Kate Middleton booking in under the name of Mr & Mrs Smith - and that he took it in June to celebrate his 27th birthday. The Prince's progressed Venus is inching closer to his Sun. He also approaches a progressed New Moon and a conjunction of his Midheaven to the sudden change planet Uranus - but all that happens in the middle of 2011. We know a status change is around the corner with all of that to come, but it's also true that the Royals never give anything away until everything is totally under control.


One of the most positive planetary cycles is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, evident early June, mid September and at the very start of 2011. This cycle is linked to ingenious breakthroughs, technological invention and flight. It was in operation when Lindbergh first crossed the Atlantic, and when the first talking picture the Jazz Singer was shown, and even when Armstrong walked on the Moon. In fact the aspect was exact to the day of June 20 1969. Dolly the cloned sheep was unveiled to the world under the same auspices. This combination allows for a rapid unfolding of very newsworthy events.

Jupiter and Uranus should witness some amazing scientific discoveries. A cure for some forms of cancer could well be among them considering the ongoing cell research. The computer world is one beneficiary of this cycle along with all areas of electronics, including the electric car. And with the large halidron collider working again we may be one step closer to knowing where we came from and when. This is also a cycle that relates to nuclear technology and if there's ever been a time that security may be threatened by nuclear conflict it could well be 2010.

Thanks for your continued support and I wish you everything you would yourself for the year ahead.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin
December 30 2009


Horoscopes utilising 'The Book of World Horoscopes' by Nicholas Campion - published by The Wessex Astrologer.

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