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Is George Bush Rambo?

An exposé on Astro Twins 
by Ed Tamplin


For some the question answers itself. Sylvester Stallone is one of President George W. Bush’s favourite two actors. The other is martial arts exponent Chuck Norris. And many may say that is a fitting analogy of George’s approach to world politics. But did you know that ‘Rambo’ Stallone, and George Dubya were born on the same day, in the same year. Stallone on July 6 1946 New York born at 19.20 EDT, and Bush July 6 1946 at 07.26 in New Haven CT EDT. Differing times, locations, and environment would decree that their lives played out on unique stages. But astrologically they’d have plenty in common. Plus with their Cancerian birth Suns aligned closely to America’s birth of July 4 Independence Day, they certainly identify powerfully with the USA.


The horoscopes of both Sly and George concentrate the entire planetary spectrum to within a highly focussed, subjective bundle pattern, converging within a 120 degrees radius. With all the planets packed into a compressed area of the skies, great focus and application is promised. The challenge of this one-sided arrangement being that it can also flame prejudice, fanaticism and a lack of objective awareness.

Differing birth times for each, means the rising sign (Ascendant) will also change. George Dubya’s Ascendant is the stately Leo, and he was born into political royalty. His grandfather Prescott Bush was a United States Senator for Connecticut, and a Wall Street banker. His father was to become President of the USA. George’s Leo Ascendant is ruled by the Sun, which he has in the protective and patriotic sign of Cancer. The Sun also signifies the male lineage.

In George’s case his father’s horoscope places power planet Pluto right on the Cancerian Sun. Grandfather Prescott places aggressive Mars. Prescott was a field artillery captain in World War One; George Herbert flew numerous missions in World War Two and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Stallone had the adventurous sign of Sagittarius rising. The opportunity planet Jupiter rules here, and is at the peak of the horoscope with the very public Moon. He was born to be noticed. Jupiter, a potential success indicator, is the planet of self-growth and justice. Stallone’s grandfather was the highest-ranking circuit court judge in Washington, whose passion for bodybuilding and friendship with the legendary muscleman Charles Atlas, certainly influenced Sly’s career. Mother Jacqueline, herself a Sagittarian, also operated a thriving gymnasium called ‘Barbella’s’. Here the influence of the maternal line is obvious.

As a young man, born with a speech impediment and facial nerve damage, Stallone was ridiculed at school. He had been enrolled in eleven of them by his teenage years. With family life a battlefield, and his parents divorcing when he was eleven, Sly escaped into a world of comic books and super-heroes. A positive turning point, by age fifteen, saw him living back with mum, doing weights and enrolled in an institution for emotionally challenged students. He also began appearing in school plays, (secondary progressed Sun conjunct secondary progressed Saturn, plus transiting Saturn opposite natal Sun) in an obvious sign of the discipline of things to come.


George Bush Snr moved eleven times during the first six years of his marriage. And seeing that he was married in December 1944, and George Jnr was born eighteen months after, he made his entry through a virtual revolving door. At fifteen he endured the same Saturnian progressions and transits as Stallone. Recalling that Stallone had fled his father to reside with his mother, for the young Bush it spelt George Snr covertly working for the CIA. These public responsibilities would ensure, that discipline was left to mother Barbara.

Bush also displayed a rebellious youth. Classmates have likened him to John Belushi’s character in ‘Animal House”. By his twenties he was arrested for theft and vandalism at college. Bush’s bundle-pattern lies chiefly in the internally focussed first quadrant. With Mars semisquaring his Ic, and Saturn squaring it, plus Pluto at the Ascendant, he too experienced father issues. But the repressed twelfth house Sun manifested them unconsciously. From his teenage years, he began regularly drinking and doing occasional drugs. George became his own self-undoing.


The Saturn return period of age twenty nine to thirty years, proved a definite turning point for both men. This planet of maturation and social definition, so prominent at fifteen, when it also spelt separation of the father, was now competing its cycle of self-determination. On March 24 1975, Stallone sat transfixed as he watched underdog Chuck Wepner go the distance with boxing legend Muhammed Ali. It mirrored his own inner struggle, inspiring him to write the script for the first Rocky film. Incredibly focussed, he did it over the next three days.

The Rocky myth is rated number four on the list of all time inspirational films. It depicts the transformation of a perennial loser, but potential winner, facing his final moment of truth. When the script was approved, Stallone was down to his last hundred dollars. “Rocky” took out the Best Picture Oscar and proved the foundation upon which Stallone by 1977 had become the most bankable star in Hollywood. Today a multimillionaire, he reflects, "I really am a manifestation of my own fantasy."

Stallone also laments that, “Tough guys today are getting their hair done at Hollywood hairdressers. Whatever happened to having a beer and scratching your privates?" And that’s partly what George W. was doing with the early years of his life. But by his Saturn return he was awarded his Masters in Business from Harvard Business School, and quit using illegal drugs. In a further wake up call George was also arrested for drink driving and lost his driver’s license on September 04 1976, by the time Saturn lobbed on his Ascendant.


George Bush’s life took a further U-turn in 1985, when he began studying the Bible. Reportedly by July 1986, he had renounced drinking altogether. For both men their progressed Suns came to conjoin natal Venus, and progressed Venus also came to natal Neptune. Venus periods frequently oversee an image makeover, consistent with addressing matters of self-esteem, love and acceptance. Neptune is the planet most aligned with the higher realms of religion, fantasy and elevated imagination. While George swapped spirits for a spiritual awakening, Stallone’s conversion was in morphing into a new celluloid all American hero in John J. Rambo.

The Rambo character was a returned Vietnam vet with a chip on both shoulders. With Stallone’s progressed success factor, progressed Jupiter, now exactly joining his very public Moon the second Rambo film succeeded beyond belief. Only in the USA could a President actually acclaim the fictional Rambo as a genuine symbol of the US Army. But fellow actor Ronald Reagan did just that, and Rambo First Blood Part II became the second most successful film worldwide of 1985. Stallone was confirmed as the top box office draw of the year.


One of Sly’s quotables is, "I'm a very physical person. People don't credit me with much of a brain, so why should I disillusion them?" George Dubya, the President of the USA, daren’t be so direct. In George’s own words, judges of his intellect have "misunderestimated" him. Yet despite both men publicly portrayed as dummies, George Bush has made some of the most powerful speeches of any President, and Stallone has penned constant box-office winners. Mass media influence comes courtesy of their forceful and driven Mercury/Pluto conjunctions. George's grandfather, Prescott, had the same aspect inhis horoscope.

A striking similarity in Bush and Stallone, is the powerful, insurmountable father figure. George Bush senior topped the class, and was a celebrated college athlete, and decorated war hero. He went onto become head of the CIA and President of the USA, and a multi-millionaire businessman. A key to Stallone’s paternal perception is the fact that he actually modelled Rambo on the emotional intensity of his own dad. His father was also pre-occupied with business, and hypercritical of his son. Both fathers were missing in action, their lives centred on their own success. And both sons have set out to prove to the world that they too are genuine macho-men.

Bush and Stallone’s lives, real or imagined, have been built on battle and division. The world is seen in binary projections of black and white, good and evil scripts. Psychologically they resonate to the authoritarian personality, and politically to the extreme right wing. Each man reflects on the outside the internal battle raging within.

Stallone, as he reflects, was probably a creation of his own fantasies. But like George his family played a vital role in his success. In the Freudian superego terminology, the world has accepted them primarily as warriors. Mythical Supermen - striking for what they believe to be truth justice and the American way. Neither may have particularly wanted the part, but it stuck. And there were obvious payoffs at the end of the line.


The Guinness Book of Records notes that Rambo III set a record for film violence with 221 aggressive acts of brutality and over 108 deaths. As a so-called vehicle for ‘entertainment’ it has been also widely criticised as fostering a growing culture of violence. The film pales in comparison to George’s aggressive international policies in Iraq. With warlike progressed Mars joining their Jupiter in 2008 both will again play Rambo, for the last time. But one in real life!

In February 2007, with chemically inclined Neptune opposing his Venus, Stallone was detained and charged at Sydney airport with illegally importing banned body-building substances into Australia. Stallone allegedly told reporters the whole affair was a "misunderstanding" and "totally hot air”. But this hot air balloon really did get busted though, later admitting to the offences and issuing an apology via his lawyer.

The identical Neptune opposition aspect has deflated George’s Venus amidst a plummetting popularity rating of below 30% and a disapproval one above 60%. It makes him the most unpopular President since Richard Nixon was impeached. George Bush has survived planetary conditions that have regularly removed Presidents from office. Despite his party defeated now in the houses of Congress and Senate, documentaries playing on his indiscretions, and even portraying his demise – Bush clings on.

There will be many challenges to surmount, as early to mid September 2007, and especially mid October, these difficult planetary conditions return. They’re active again from the start of 2008, with the climax of Saturn’s limitation on Bush arriving by mid September of the same year.

Assuming his Presidency can endure the constant heavenly backlash, he will have every chance of surpassing Nixon’s record low popularity rating. And yet surprisingly Stallone may benefit via his differing birth time, with the planets delivering some modicum of success, late this year or early next. But look forward to a radical change of image from the one-dimensional hero roles. Possibly both are finally getting the message that the Rambo approach is far more likely to divide and destroy the world, rather than save it.

© EdTamplin 2007

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