George W Bush & John Howard 2004/2005 ?

Those who have read my articles and comments throughout the year would have noted that despite planetary evidence to the contrary some leaders have survived and continue to rule apparently having defied the odds. Two outstanding examples are our own Prime Minister John Howard, now in a stronger position than at any other time, and US President George W. Bush, also enjoying greater power than before. But it is a matter of timing here.

In 2004 if we cast our mind back to April/May and with the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and increase in the Iraq bodycount George and the Republicans weren't looking too healthy. Neither for that matter was John Howard, as the overwhelming evidence became apparent that the country had been led into war on a false premise of 'weapons of mass destruction'.

But voters have short memories and planets also change daily. In saying that John Kerry had pretty good planets on Election Day. As it was, John, in his first tilt at the White House, got a higher vote than any other President in living memory. His planets suggested he would be popular, and he was overwhelmingly so - but he still lost. And George Bush with a higher return on a Saturn return made it for a second term. Mind you there are still some political 'experts' scratching their heads over the result.

Which brings us back to the question what constitutes winning a political contest? Do you really want the nice planets like Jupiter (opportunity) and Venus (popularity) suggesting popularity as in Kerry's case, or do you need the grunt of Saturn (authority) and Pluto (power) to lock in like Bush? My research shows the latter to be more effective. Let's face it, winning the race for what must be the toughest job in the country has its drawbacks. Anyone who has seen sitting Australian Prime Ministers remarkably accelerate the aging process would have to agree that perhaps the loser wins in real terms. Terms like life expectancy which isn't a bad pay-off.

As for the President's job - the mortality rate is that one in five die in office. If the bullets don't get you the pressure does. Because of these variable I've yet to find a foolproof method that picks elections every time - even though the chances are theoretically 50/50 with or without astrology. But most astrologers picked Kerry to get up in the US and a few thought Latham would prevail in Australia. I must add here that I thought Howard still had enough in the tank here, but was surprised at the margin of his win and for that matter John Kerry's defeat. And we should learn from that which we don't fully understand.

Before I leave this subject there is some charts that you can positively pick defeat or victory up with little analysis. Keating was one in 1996 who was earmarked for a hiding and the NSW Premier's Bob Carr's chart has shown him clearly winning at the last two polls. In these cases one of the contestants has had an abysmal chart for the election and the other one clearly a very positive one. So the selection of the winner, months or even years in advance could be easily made. But I'm talking about close calls. The most successful method seems to be the swearing in day and in the US this is known in advance. Bush has had the better aspects for January 20 2005, as he did back on January 20 2001.

So this leaves me with President Bush and John Howard still in office and yet surviving a some universal patterns that have regularly seen the leaders of Australia and the US change. It leads me to the obvious conclusion that either they have beaten fate or that sometime in the next year they will (for whatever reason) have to be replaced. You see certain planetary patterns are extremely powerful and enable us to make predictions that no matter how incredible they seem at the time eventually come to pass.

The ancient Chinese have a system based on five elements and twelve animal yearly signs that constitutes a 60-year renewable cycle. It roughly corresponds with the 60-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle. Briefly this states that every third conjunction of theses two behemoths of the solar system occurs at a similar section of the zodiac. Ancient predictive astrologers used these two time markers as the rulers of kings and nations fates. It's a simple approach but one that I kept in mind when Jupiter and Saturn came back to the place they held in 1939 at the first shot of World War Two.

It was March of 1999. There were war clouds over Yugoslavia and based upon that planetary evidence along with the political scenario one was able to forecast, months prior to the outbreak, war in Europe for the first time in 60 years. Another example is the surprise aerial attack on the USA at Pearl Harbour in December 1941. Add another 60-years cycle onto this and we have 2001 and the World Trade Towers attack. Australia first suffered homeland attack with the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Sixty years later the Bali bombing occurs again on our northern doorstep.

What I'm getting at here is recurrence cycles. History repeats for a very good reason when differences are not resolved. Planets can sometimes indicate timings. Which brings me back to John Howard and George Bush. No matter what your political persuasion (and one must put this to the side at the very first step in prediction) they are both strong men committed to a cause. John Howard for his age looks fit and healthy. It might be even said that the job hasn't aged him at the rate of some others. He regularly walks miles each morning wherever he can. He has an enormous energy rate and this has enabled him to hold onto power. John has a Sun/Pluto conjunction at the very start of Leo. It is angled to the athletic Mars and squares the spartan Saturn.

These are tough planets. He's a workaholic. But they're also planets that when configured with the Sun can mean heart problems, or be injurious to one's health. At the moment John has progressed Mars opposite his Sun and it is a very pernicious influence to have. Pushing oneself to the limit may be the agenda of these planets but we all know for high achievers this can have sudden and lethal side effects.

George Bush is President of the USA in one of its most difficult phases historically. He too has his Sun with Mars now and Mars coming to his Moon. But George faces a pattern that has threatened the USA for centuries. The position of President has a one in five mortality rate. And every time that the outer planets have amassed as they are now it has signaled the time of demise. 2005 is completes a 60year cycle reviving 1945 and the end of World War Two. So hopefully that will sit well for world peace. It wasn't as rewarding for the fine leaders of Australia nor the USA. So the outcome of this years elections could have us eventually wondering whether George and John really were the winners in the long run or that they would have been better off handing over the reins to the next in line.

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