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This is the third in a series of articles I have written on Iraq since 2002. In April 2003, as the war neared its end I wrote, "it was never going to be short and sharp as some 'experts' had predicted. A weakened Iraq was bound to be defeated soundly but reconstruction and control of the country is another matter altogether. And a matter of enormous difficulty." These statements, that seem so evident now, differed markedly from the spin delivered by US President George Bush, and British PM Tony Blair. They were going in to save the world from biological doomsday, victory would be short and sweet, and the Iraqi people would be joyous in their liberation. Wiser thoughts have since prevailed.

In the same article, the astrological indications portrayed Saddam as, "currently contained, restricted and under severe hardship courtesy of the planet Saturn. This influence culminates in June and July for Hussein when he may well be captured, or held accountable if he is to survive at all. Either way he would face great hardship at this time." In hindsight his hardship was the assassination of both sons in a shoot-out with US troops on July 22 at Mosul. The photographed corpses made gruesome world headlines. Hussein was himself captured before the year was out on December 13.

In the article 2004 World Predictions I noted that the April/May period could coincide with President Bush sanctioning an escalation of military operations and that the accountability of it all will fall in June. Following what appeared to be calmer months, Iraq exploded in April 2004 with rebel uprisings in Fallujah, Al-Najaf and throughout Baghdad sparked by Muqtada al-Sadr, a charismatic cleric, and irresponsibility on the part of the military. The US were forced to go in hard and while their own military fatalities peaked at 135 for the month, the Iraqi figure was naturally greater. World scandal broke concerning Iraqi prisoner abuse at the now infamous Abu Ghraib prison. On May 17 Izzadine Saleem the head of the Iraq Governing Council was assassinated via a car bomb.

This article is written as we enter June. I expect June to be extremely dangerous for America right across the month. President George Bush also has hazardous stars in this middle part of June. Mark it red alert for the USA, especially 9th to 14th as they push on toward a June 30 deadline for Iraq.

As the horoscope of Iraq approaches its first Uranus return, insurgent uprisings throughout the country fuel real fears of civil war. The unruly planet Uranus was synchronistically discovered at a time of uprisings and rebellions, ranging from the US War of Independence to the French Revolution. Americas first Uranus return saw that country erupt into a bloody civil war. The conflict claimed more fatalities (620,000) than any other conflict the US has been involved in before or since.

Examination of the Uranus cycle yields unique insights into Iraq's colourful history. The Uranus orbit of the Sun takes approximately 84 years, although you can subdivide this into 4 quarters to produce measurable turning points occurring approximately 21 years apart.

Applying this model to 'modern Iraq' would then take us from the formation in 1921 to the war years of 1941/42. During this time the royal family fled the country. Additionally Iraq declared war on Britain, were defeated within a month, and an interim pro-British government was formed and later replaced by a new national cabinet. Call it shades of what we are witnessing now. Iraq then became a vital supply depot to the Allies during the remaining war years.

On February 8 1963, as Uranus reached the halfway mark in its cycle, Iraqi leader General Kassim was overthrown by rebel officers from the Ba'ath party and assassinated the following day. The Ba'athists gained control culminating with Saddam Hussein's eventual ascension to power.

At the three-quarter period of the Uranus orbit, November 1984, the United States stepped in. They suddenly resumed diplomatic relations with Iraq as the country began a massive military build up on the back of western credit and weaponry. Now in 2004, as we approach the June 30 deadline of Iraqi self-government, Uranus looms forward returning to the position it occupied when the modern Iraq was formed on August 23 1921.

Revolution is in the air and in the streets of Iraq. As volatile Mars came to join Iraq's Uranus on August 19 2003, the UN representative to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, was assassinated in a callous suicide bombing. On May 17 this year, head of the interim governing council Izzadine Saleem became another victim. There have been countless others. The death toll for Iraq as a result of the war and aftermath is an estimated ten thousand plus, mostly civilians. Until Uranus completes its cycle there will be continuing violence and unrest, of the like we witness on the nightly news.

June 30 2004 is the proposed date for the handover of power to the new Iraqi Governing Council. But with Uranus currently sitting near the Descendant of the Iraqi chart, the country projects chaotic civil unrest and unpredictability to the world. Despite the new government, this anarchy is increasingly emphasized in mid July, when covert attacks may increase. Also during mid August, as Mars moves across the natal Sun (leaders) and to the Ascendant, the assassination risk is high. Then on September 14, a New Moon joins with Mars highlighting Iraq's Jupiter. This may also invoke religious uprisings and concentrated attacks. The other hotspots appear very late in November, leading into December. Despite these perilous indications, warring conditions should ease, given time.

The other major player here is Neptune. Neptune travels at half the speed of Uranus. So in 1963 as Uranus reached its halfway mark, coinciding with the Ba'ath party's takeover, Neptune was squaring itself. In 2004 as Uranus nears it's conclusion, Neptune arrives at the halfway mark. In effect, we have a reinforcement of disintegrating energies. It's also the most important power shift since 1963.

Neptune is a planet connected to covert activities, espionage, deception and ironically oil and chemicals. Neptune has been active in the chart since 2003 and would have been one of the astrological components for the pretext of the declaration of war on Iraq. Neptune is there for the remainder of 2004, but especially active around mid July and late November to early December. The sacrificial suicide bombings, disrupted oil supplies and operations of secrecy and concealment are certainly of the Neptune ilk.

This ancient culture at the cradle of civilisation, steeped in tradition and religious overtones, is still wrestling with western custom and capitalisation. Iraq will move onward from this current bedlam. There is much to demonstrate the power structure, laws and constitution undergoing irrevocable change during 2005. After June 2005, following another uprising in May, the difficult planetary conditions abate and we may see a more settled land. The upside of Uranus is that it does modernise a country, even if via revolution. If we use the US as a prime example their Civil War did eventually produce the mechanisation that propelled them to become the world's leading trading nation. But even the world's superpower and their President will feel the responsibility of the Iraq offensive notably during June.

The USA is a country that consumes more oil per year than Russia, China, Japan, Germany, England and France combined. They have many reasons to be in Iraq. It is as vital now as it was in World War Two. But their presence is certain to escalate tensions in Saudi Arabia as the Middle East power struggle continues.

Ed Tamplin - June 3 2004

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