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My earlier article on the USA Iraq war written back at the start of October 2002 discussed the battle potential of George W. Bush's horoscope, especially when placed alongside the chart of the USA. It was noted that two planets, Mars (ancient god of war) and Uranus (the sudden and unpredictable thunderbolt), were linked in both the President’s and his country’s horoscopes.
Because of that link, it was possible to predict, with reasonable accuracy when pivotal events should occur.

My opinion then, was that February 15 to 19, 2003, appeared to be the most volatile dates for the start of conflict. It has since been revealed by USA Today reporter Dave Moniz that "in January, the Administration delayed the window for starting any war from mid-February to early March. It wanted more time to get key forces to the region".

On March 26, 2003, Associated Press’s Scott Lindlaw wrote: "Bush has not traveled within the United States since February 20, a period in which he oversaw final preparations for battle and also a last-ditch effort to win UN backing for the war." But such last minute diplomatic efforts were in vain.

The bombing began at 5:33am Baghdad time, March 20,2003, although Sydney Morning Herald reporter Paul McGeough claimed the first loud bang woke him at 5:25am.

So what will become of this Operation Iraqi Freedom or Occupation? For starters, it is obvious when examining the Iraqi Kingdom chart, that its leader would suddenly be deposed as Uranus, the planet of rapid change, came over the Sun and Mercury of Iraq’s original horoscope when the nation formed at 6:00am, August 23 1921.

Uranus doesn't leave in a hurry, leading to a conclusion that any type of leadership would be sporadic and erratic. Uranus is the planet of revolution and rebellion, so we might expect such conditions to prevail in Iraq until the departure of the planet toward the very end of 2003.

Uranus is also a planet especially significant to the USA. Perhaps more potent is the fact that at the very moment the USA Declaration of Independence was completed in 1776 and the US became a country in its own right, Pluto, the planet of annihilation and reconstruction, rose directly above Baghdad. At the time the first missile landed at 5:33am, March 20 2003, it was back there again.

The most widely accepted chart for Iaqi Prresident Saddam Hussein (8:55am, April 28 1937 at Tikrit) shows him to be currently contained, restricted, and under severe hardship, courtesy of the planet Saturn. This influence culminates in June and July for Hussein, when he may well be captured, or held accountable, if he is to survive at all. Either way, he faces great hardship at this time.

If his chart's morning birthtime is anywhere near correct, it looks to be curtains for Saddam Hussein.
George W Bush had bountiful Jupiter adding strength to his war campaign and driving his popularity up in mid-February 2003. Jupiter returns in late April and early May 2003. With the exaggerated self-expansive influence of judicial Jupiter, it's going to be difficult for the President to be humble. The mega-planet also returns in 2004, to spend almost two months on his Mars. It's not over yet for the burning Bush.

In 2004, George W’s progressed Sun (where his soul is at) will come to join the fighter planet Mars. George will wear a huge amount of responsibility after this. While Mars and Jupiter can often mean successful actions, in the long term, there may be some regret and certainly heaps of responsibilty.

Saturn is the schoolmaster of life. eanest, diligent approaches will be rewarded. Anything short of that leaves you carrying the bag.

Enormous difficulties are revealed in the Iraq national chart as the traditional malefic planets, Mars and Saturn conspire together from March 2003 virtually until August 2004, coming exact in November 2003.

Together Mars and Saturn can produce harmful and destructive energies, so they’ve been associated with great disasters and hardships. There seems no easy way for the Iraqis with these planets ruling the skies.

Saturn hampering combative Mars would tend to indicate military defeat. Mars indicates martial matters, Saturn brings the loss. One useful spin is the concentration of energy that may produce something positive in re-structuring Iraq’s government and rebuilding the country. The process of recovery seems long and drawn out.

There are three pivotal astrological dates for Iraqi politics. One is the formation of the Kingdom on August 23 1921. Another is October 3 1932, the date of Iraq’s full independence, timed at 1:30pm Baghdad time by astrologer/historian Nick Campion. And lastly, July 14 1958, the chart of the Republican coup of announced at 7:00am Baghdad time.

Examining these horoscope points indicates that it will take the rest of this year and most of next, to restabilise the battered country.

It was never going to be a brief battle, as some 'experts' had predicted.

The chance of a country of 22 million defending itself against the might and power of the US military arsenal was never in doubt. A weakened Iraq was bound to be soundly defeated. But reconstruction and control of the country is another matter altogether. And a matter of enormous difficulty.

Ed Tamplin - April 2003

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