Terrorism Hits Spain

The mirror date in the calendar to September 11 is March 11. It's 7.39 am.

Peak hour rush in central Madrid. At Atocha station terrorist bombs planted on packed carriages explode. In the horror that follows, three other trains are blown apart taking over 200 lives and injuring 1,500 others.

The coincidences to the World Trade Towers disaster are chilling. But instead of four planes, it's four trains. It even occurred 911 days after September 11 2001. Why Spain? Can astrology provide any clues to the undercurrents of the Madrid massacre?

Spain has a long and colorful history dating from the Paleolithic cave art of Altamira. The horoscope of modern Spain starts with the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella (the Catholic) of Castille on October 19 1469 . The kingdom began on January 19 1479 when Ferdinand inherited the crown, upon the death of Juan II. The current successor to the throne Prince Felipe (b Jan 30 1968) has an amazing tie-in with this original birthchart of Spain.

The horoscope is symbolically set for noon, with the sign of the Bull rising. However research from the late Charles Harvey suggests a 7 am time for the passing of the King.

Historically this works well. For example, during the Spanish/American war begun on April 25 1898, the progressed Sun (monarchy, leadership) moved to oppose powerful Pluto (irresistible force). This conflict was a disaster for Spain who lost colonies and trade, not to mention the human carnage of war. From July 17 1936 Spain was torn asunder by a Civil War, which lasted until April 3 1939. During this period the progressed Mars (planet of war) was exactly square the birth Mars. Again from March 11 to 17th this year the progressed Moon came exactly to a conjunction with Mars.

There is an outstanding feature of the Spanish chart. The combination of Uranus and Neptune are in the opening degrees of Sagittarius. This union conjures up visions of Don Quixote fighting windmills.

Uranus represents rebellion and revolution. Neptune can signify missplaced idealism. The progressed Mars (aggression) has now reached an exact conjunction to Uranus/Neptune activating their negative potential. You can look at Uranus/Neptune as the religious fanatic, or you could look at it as the technology of a cell phone (Uranus) igniting a chemical agent (Neptune). The Mars spark is "how" the energy is conveyed. This is the spiritual warrior.

Traditionally the conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune tie in with new (Uranus) social (Neptune) orders. The union of 623 AD (early Virgo) was concurrent with the birth of Islam. Ironically this occurred opposite Pisces, the sign mostly tagged to Christianity. Less than a century after this by 711AD as Uranus and Neptune reached their opposition point, Spain fell to Moslem rule.

The conjunction in the beginning degrees of Sagittarius of 1479 squared the original Virgo placement of Islam's birth, and prefaced the resurgence of Catholic dominance. It was less than a year before, November 1 1478, that Pope Sixtus IV signed the papal bull instigating the Spanish Inquisition. Therefore today as progressed Mars ignites this same area the implication is that religious differences will again erupt. Astrologers reading this article will find no suprise that the birth of Islam and the Inquisition featured Uranus/Neptune conjunctions in exact oppositions to Jupiter (belief systems - religious law).

Currently transiting Uranus is squaring the Mars/Uranus/Neptune combination. The sociological correspondences for this are violent people, freedom fighters and revolutionaries. Similar trends are additionally reflected in the current monarchy chart. They are potentially active around late April and September 2004.

This chart reverberates the anger and agitation of the people, along with sudden crackdowns by government. It's consistent with confusion and also of forces challenging the leadership. 2005, toward the second half, presents a similar pattern. Interestingly at this time the reign of King Juan Carlos (22 Nov 1975 12:45 p.m. Madrid) will also be experiencing it's Saturn return. Spain faces another period of challenging change ahead possibly marred by violence. We can only hope there is no repeat of what happened on March 11 - a day when a stunned Spain was left counting the toll of terrorism.

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