At 11.38 a.m.(GMT+8), May 27 2005, as Mercury, the messenger and planet most aligned to news and information, rose to it's highest position in the skies directly above Denpasar Court Bali, the judge's verdict came down on 27 year old Australian tourist, Schapelle Corby. It wouldn't be good! Astrologically, Mercury sat with Algol, considered the most malefic star in the skies. The Greeks linked Algol to the severed head of Medusa. The last time a news story broke in Australia, with Mercury and Algol together, it was 1.30 p.m. April 28 1996. They were above Port Arthur Tasmania. Thirty-six lives were extinguished by the crazed gunman Martin Bryant.

The courtroom cameras snapped. So did Corby's relatives. Public outrage was unleashed as Schapelle was pronounced guilty of trafficking narcotics (4.1 kilos of marijuana), and sentenced to a twenty year gaol term. Back home in Australia the news was being simultaneously broadcast throughout shopping malls, pubs, clubs, homes and even schools. The trial had captured the nation. It reminded many of the media frenzy of 1982, when Lindy Chamberlain was sentenced to life for murdering her daughter Azaria, who had instead been taken by a dingo, at a campsite bordering Uluru.


Baby Azaria was born with her Moon on Algol. Her body was never recovered. As the planetoid Chiron dubbed by astrologers as 'the wounded healer' came to Algol (with four planets Saturn/Pluto and Mars/Neptune forming a fateful yod formation with it) Azaria's mother Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of the murder. It was the most controversial homicide case in Australian history, and the verdict polarised public opinion. Years later, with the discovery of the child's matinee jacket at the foot of Uluru, Lindy was exonerated, and compensated. There was some kind of healing! But will there be with Schapelle?


Schapelle Corby was born July 10 1977, just before midday in Brisbane. This places a Cancerian Sun right at the top of the chart, and eight of the planets above her Libran Ascendant which describes an extroverted, yet caring family person. Both her Sun (father) and Moon (mother) were difficultly aspected, and as suggested here the parents separated. The Moon, chiefly representative of early home life, was directly opposite Uranus (disruptive, intermittent), inconjunct Pluto (extremist, urgency), and conjunct Chiron (vulnerability, wound). But Cancer is a loyal sign of the home, and as her Sun sat atop her horoscope, so too her highest aim was for family and children of her own.

To this end she married aged 20, in June 1998, as the transiting Uranus reached it's first square to both itself and the Moon. It led to a relocation to a different (Uranus) home (Moon), and culture in Japan. At the time her Secondary Progressed Sun/Midheaven union had reached an exact square to both Uranus and the Moon. It's the difference that attracts with all that Uranian energy, but as so often happens with this planet, it wasn't to last.

By year 2000 when her progressed Descendant (meaning ally or adversary) had reached Mars (aggression, competition) the marriage was well and truly over after blazing rows. Schapelle's horoscope shows 27 degrees of Libra rising, with Mercury the planet of communication forming a difficult square with it. One of the problems of the marriage was the culture shock and language barrier that Schapelle experienced, despite having mastered the basics of Japanese.


Bali was an island that Corby visited four times. With Jupiter the planet of self-expansion connected to her ninth house of distant lands and foreign cultures, her classroom was the world. She was no stay-at-home Cancer, although her last visit was to ground her for a possible twenty years.

Whenever there is confusion, a difficulty to get at the facts, or possible covert operations, Neptune is the planet astrologers go looking for. For Schapelle, this planet appears in her second house of movable possessions. It can signify confusion and loss attached to assets. Neptune is also the planet most aligned to drugs, along with escapism and travel.

When Schapelle was born, at 11.55 am July 10 1977 in Brisbane Australia, Neptune was positioned directly across Denpasar. Bali became a holiday resort that she regularly enjoyed. She loved the sand and surf, and the beaches of Bali are for Australians, one of South East Asia's most popular tourist attractions. During October 2004, as her progressed Mars reached her Midheaven in Bali and an exact opposition to progressed Neptune, something was about to give.


Storm clouds were brewing. At the same time Saturn, the planet of rules, regulations, and confinements, was also squaring her Ascendant. Additionally there were two eclipses due in October, both of which would impact on Corby's horoscope. The solar eclipse, of 21 degrees Libra, would fall upon her nodal axis, and form a challenging square aspect to her Sun and Midheaven (status). The nodal axis is often designated to 'fated connections'. The following lunar eclipse would highlight her Moon/Uranus opposition, presaging another change within family and home. The planets story was played out right on time. Passing through airport customs just after the plane landed at 2.30 p.m. October 8 2004, she was arrested in possession of 4.1 kilograms of marijuana stashed in her boogie board bag.

Indonesian law comes down like a guillotine on drug culture. Corby was suddenly facing the death penalty! And it was now that anomalies became evident. Australians reasoned, even if found guilty, how could Corby die? Especially when a Muslim cleric, convicted following the Bali bombings (in which over 200 people were callously murdered), received a mere two-year prison sentence. In the world of international diplomacy this was looking more like the opening Pandora's box than the severed head of Medusa. The trial would become an international incident, highlighting stark differences between the Indonesian and Australian judicial systems. And just when people were about to move on from the 2002 carnage. Corby was the unwilling catalyst.


Her horoscope for the trial wasn't looking good. The planet of justice and hope, Jupiter, was in a testing square to her birth Sun, from January through to late August 2005. The transiting Neptune was opposing her natal Saturn, until January 2006. The opposition is an aspect generally played out in a relationship situation. It describes a differing viewpoint, begging for both recognition and reconciliation. If Saturn represents stability, and structure; Neptune is eroding it here. Authorities (Saturn) can well believe you're living in the world of delusion (Neptune), or could even be doing so themselves. Her one saving grace seemed to be her Venus line, which for her birth-time was above Jakarta. There may be hope through diplomatic channels - given time.


The key to this is patience. If her birth-time is accurate, which it looks to be (credit to Australian astrologer Nancy Dunn), then Schapelle has yet to be free of the conjunction of her progressed Sun (identity, vitality) to the limitations of Saturn (confinement, obstruction). It does not ease until the second half of 2007. It's during that year that the planet of sudden liberation, Uranus, will by transit form an opportunistic trine to her birth Sun/Midheaven. Additionally the planet of affections, Venus, will favourably trine Uranus by progression. Added testimony are the travel planets, Jupiter and Neptune, aligning with each other strongly suggesting that she will travel again. Next time with a more fortunate outcome! But there is still the hurdle of time. But then Lindy Chamberlain endured three years behind bars. Her release was an unexpected surprise ending, not unlike her conviction. Schapelle, if she can tough it out, may experience the same.

On the international level, using my personally researched Australian First Settlement chart of January 26 1788 at 5.23 am Sydney we are about to experience a progressed Sun to progressed Saturn opposition by August 2005. During the same month transiting Saturn will oppose our own Sun. By September the progressed Ascendant will be opposing natal Pluto. Initially I looked at this as a changing of the guard at our leadership level (new PM). But it may mean more than that. It may coincide with a national incident of great proportion.

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The event chart - an electional analysis.

The verdict was announced at 11.38 a.m. (GMT+8) at Bali Courthouse. The event chart of the judgement should hold some clues as to the outcome. In the oldest remaining astrological textbook, Astronomica by the Roman poet Manilius, he assigns the Midheaven to rule law and justice in the courts. England's modern Merlin William Lilly following the tradition prescribes the 10th house to rule judgement and judges. Here we have Mercury (a media circus surrounds the court) conjunct Algol and three judges who have yet to acquit a defendant.

The prosecution, is identified by the Ascendant and Ascendant ruler the Sun. The Ascendant ruler the Sun is in Gemini and the tenth house (emphasizing a public prosecution covered extensively by the media). The chief judge had already conducted press interviews broadcast through the Australian media. The Sun is disposited by Mercury which conjunct the Midheaven is of course with Algol. This is not good for the defendant. The judge and the prosecution are as one. The Sun is in an approaching trine to the natural ruler of justice, Jupiter, indicating further judicial support for the prosecution case.

The seventh house; it's ruler and planets therein represents the defendant. With Mars and Uranus in the seventh it's clear that they try will act independently, perhaps erratically. Mars present implies anger and aggressive pursuit of their aims. Mars rules weaponry and the prosecution argued for the death sentence by firing squad against this defendant. At the commencement of the trial on January 27 Mars was conjunct Pluto. The Descendant conjunct Neptune also alludes to a general weakness in the defenses execution, inability to get at the facts, or duped by dishonesty. The Descendant is in trine to Venus and sextile Pluto. And although the defendant may be popular with the masses, the strength in this chart is obvious. It lies with the prosecution.

The ruler of the defendant's Aquarian Descendant, Saturn, falls in the prosecution's twelfth of imprisonment. The natural indicator of female persons, the Moon, is also opposite this Saturn. The Moon is blocked, inhibited, and removed, trying to exercise emotional control. Corby's best chance is to appeal for Presidential clemency, or work through diplomatic channels, despite any initial misgivings or setbacks. As mentioned in the main body of text, her Venus line (favours, affection etc) runs directly over Jakarta. The key may lie with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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