George W Bush & the Neptune Factor?

Planetary Cyles & Assassinations of the Presidents of the USA


One of the lynchpins of predictive astrology is the recurrence cycles of planets. Simply put, when planets return to certain areas of the sky they correspond to conditions akin on planet earth. This dates way back to when Chaldean magis spied the skies from temple towers, in search of the fates of Kings and Caliphs. Transferring this to todays political scene would place the spotlight on the world's most powerful post; that of the President of the United States. Whether a President will reign supreme or be eclipsed is a question most astrologers, and political commentators would like to know.

The American Presidency has a high mortality rate that would deter most life insurance brokers. One if five die in office. And the event seems to occur with some regularity. Enough to give astrologers reason to examine it for planetary significance. Much has been written about this but the research is miniscule in comparison with what is a truly principal event. In looking for an initial pattern America's leading astrologer of the 19th century Dr L. Broughton linked presidential death in office to the Jupiter/Saturn alignments in the earth signs. When these two planetary heavyweights come together every twenty years, they usually occupy the same element (fire, earth, air or water) for a whole two hundred and forty years. Therefore when Ronald Reagan survived the assassin's bullet in March of 1981 most astrologers attributed this to the fact that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurred in the air sign of Libra. Reagan's life, and Broughton's theory, were spared.

Allowing for an eerie ring of truth regarding Broughton's hypothesis, determining the volatile time window eludes most astrologers. The Presidents in question had been sworn in at the cycles commencement, but often died well into it - and in Roosevelt's case, nearly five years. A more accurate astrological timing measure will be required for any useful predictive application of danger to the leader. I'd like to put my head on the proverbial predictive chopping block with a new line of thought.

I found three initial constants in the death of US Presidents. The first was a connection with a planet barely used in Broughton's time, the distant gas giant Neptune. Singularly the Neptune factor is the greatest planetary influence concurrent with Presidential demise. In six out of eight cases of a President dying in office, Neptune was forming a hard aspect to the same point. The odds of this happening exceeded three thousand to one. In fact every time Neptune has been in the middle degrees, 16 to 17, of a fixed sign a President HAS died in office. Neptune moves into this sensitive area in between March and July of 2005, in January of 2006 and then makes a return in late August and not departing until December.

William Harrison died April 4 1841 Neptune 16Aquarius30

James Garfield died September 19 1881 Neptune 15Taurus58

Warren Harding died August 2 1923 Neptune 16Leo40

John F. Kennedy died November 22 1963 Neptune 15Scorpio55

If we are to use the Sibley chart for the USA (July 4 1776 @ 5.10 p.m.) this whole finding may make some sense. The Midheaven of this chart is the second degree of Libra. Astrologically the Midheaven represents the leader and administration. Each time a planet reached the middle degrees of a fixed sign it would automatically form a hard aspect to this Libran Midheaven. The widest orb for any of these aspects was for F.D. Roosevelt who suddenly died of a brain hemorrhage when Neptune had moved three degrees past the conjunction to the Midheaven.

While the recurrence of Neptune is interesting, planets do not work in isolation, but rather as an orchestration of energies. The next planet in from Neptune is Uranus. It's the 'jack in the box' of startle and surprise. It could be associated with sudden death, or assassination. Uranus exhibited a definite pattern. It was mostly in mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, at the ratio of seven out of eight times, during a Presidential death in office. Remarkable enough, even with such a small sample, but more notable was the degree areas occupied. For Presidents Garfield and Kennedy, both gunned down, Uranus returned to the within the same degree of the 360 degree zodiac, and was in exact aspect to this degree for the deaths of both McKinley and Roosevelt. Uranus returns to these degrees between April 2005 until the end of July 2005. It will revisit in 2006.

James Garfield shot July 2 1881 Uranus 10Virgo33

William McKinley shot Sep 6 1901 Uranus 12Sagittarius59

F.D. Roosevelt died April 12 1945 Uranus 10Gemini24

John F. Kennedy died November 22 1963 Uranus 9Virgo49

In the case of Ronald Reagan, who survived the assassination attempt on his life, neither Neptune, nor Uranus were anywhere in this vicinity.

The last planet considered in this brief synopsis is Saturn - for the ancients the harbinger of death. In six out of eight cases Saturn was in a cardinal sign for the death of a President. That is not unusual as in the horoscope of the USA the birth Sun is in the cardinal sign of Cancer, and in hard aspect to Saturn itself. Any appearance of Saturn in a fellow cardinal sign would simply re-activate the pattern.

In all the cases of a death in office the 'wild card' apart from the Saturn connection, seemed to be Zachary Taylor who passed away on July 9 1850. His death, occurring mysteriously during a locked Congress, occurred on a New Moon. The New Moon however fell close to the Sun in national horoscope of the USA. This year therea New Moon squaring Mars that falls across the Sun in the American horoscope. It also falls on George Bush's birthday.

While ethical considerations preclude drawing any further conclusions, the times of maximum danger for a President are as early as April 2005, mid May, and the middle of June 2005. It is not until halfway through July that this energy eases. But there also seems to be a conglomeration of factors coincident to April again, and August-September of 2006. These factors may be merely coincidental and it may be folly to believe that the stars dictate the precise fate of the kings today. But we may be even greater fools to be ignorant to their influence altogether. In astrology it may truly be said that prevention is greater than a cure.

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