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Last year I mentioned Pakistan’s President Musharraf as “one who is under increasing pressure in his homeland to contain rebellious opposition forces”. The following text is a more detailed excerpt from an article written November 14 and published in the Federation of Australian Astrologers Quarterly Magazine.

"Pakistan stands on the brink of civil breakdown. If this occurs it would present a severe threat to world stability. For predictive purposes, I recommend the 9.15 am August 14 1947, Pakistan horoscope of the swearing in of the Governor General. It shows transiting Pluto at the IC, with transiting Jupiter, Sun and Mercury to join these degrees of the Galactic Centre. Another significant horoscope is the swearing in of President Musharraf, which occurred on June 20 2001 at 4 pm, in Islamabad. That puts the Sun (the President) at late Gemini, which brings the quadruple Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto of mid to late December in opposition, and may represent further legal challenges to his right to rule.

Pakistan also has Mars in the first degree of Cancer (as does India) so they will feel the triple transit of Mars over this point. The Capricorn Ingress will throw further light on this firecracker Full Moon conjunct Mars, a recipe for social chaos. The catalyst for the political meltdown is the upcoming Pakistan national elections, now scheduled for before January 9 2008.

The elections prefaced the homecoming of twice previous Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, with a huge groundswell of public support. Bhutto’s return on October 18, after eight years in the wilderness, sparked an immediate car-bombing at her arrival parade, resulting in over 150 fatalities. Bhutto was born at the Cancer Ingress in Karachi (June 21 1953 no time ratified) with her Sun conjunct Mars. Thus she places this hazardous combination on Pakistan’s national Mars. Bhutto also places her natal Pluto exactly on the Pakistan birth Sun at 21Leo00. It’s a recipe for revolution."

Since then we've had the tragic assassination of Bhutto. Sometimes the signals are very clear. The war planet Mars was making a triple pass across the Mars of Pakistan, which was also conjoined to Benazir Bhutto’s birth Sun/Mars conjunction. Each time it did this Mars would also oppose Pluto, which ups the ante. The renowned German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin called this combination, “putting a gun to one’s head”.

First pass was on September 28 – On this day General Pervez Musharraf is cleared by the courts to stand for re-election, after a constitutional crisis.
Second pass was on December 31 – Four days before and with Mars in close proximity Benazir Bhutto leading candidate for Prime Minister is assassinated by a suicide bomber.
Third pass due on March 04 – The third turning point in the Pakistan leadership crisis. Mars does not only represent violence – it also represents the army or a military dictatorship. Three passes re-affirms this rule. But the authority of Musharraf has been eroded. As Neptune opposes the Pakistan Leo Sun all year, and Bhutto’s Pluto (death) landed right on it, it is her martyrdom that assures his own eventual fall.


Last year I pointed to the period between March and May as a good period for the stock market. The Dow Jones rose 1500 points, or a clear 15% in this time, and in Australia the All Ordinairres cleared 6,000 for the first time ever. But there is only so far that you can blow the balloon up.

Market volatility and the US sub-prime mortgage crisis has sparked deep financial concern for the world’s largest economy. The Dow Jones Index, which topped 14,000 points in mid-July, had dropped to 13,000 - a 7% tumble - by mid August. When it rose again to above 14,200 in mid-October, another correction by late November saw another 1,000 points wiped off the board.

The Euro which was worth 83 US cents when George W. Bush was elected was buying close to $1.50 at the end of 2007. Oil prices have been gradually going up, and despite record market peaks, most of the US population are living in substantial debt, with not a great deal of liquidity. A time of unprecedented market growth is coming to an end, although the full ramifications of that may not be evident until after the Presidential election in November.

The United States economy has regularly had an adverse reaction to the Moon’s North Node moving through Aquarius. This fact was first pointed out by financial astrologer Louise McWhirter, in her 1938 classic “Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting”. The research was later backed up by David Williams the astrological forecaster who wrote for Dell Horoscope who boasted an accuracy of around 75%, well above traditional market analysts. However the opposite applies when the North Node is in Leo. It was in Leo from October 1998 until April of 2000. During this time the index jumped phenomenally from 8,000 to almost 12,000 points. The Node entered Aquarius on December 19 2007, and will remain there until August 2009.

That’s the first astro-clue, the second is that hard aspects between the outer planets generally signal downturn. For example, during the 1930’s Depression Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all in difficult aspect to each other at one stage. By the end of October 2008 both Saturn and Uranus will begin an opposition phase that continues until August 2010.

This same planetary opposition was coincident with the 1873 New York Stock Market collapse and closure for ten days, triggering a severe nationwide economic depression. Unregulated speculative credit was a root cause then, as it appears to be now. And when the outers of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all went into hard aspect by the end of 1875 unemployment rose to 14% of the labour force. This period is known as the Long Depression.

While the latter period of 2008 will bring the greatest difficulty this year, we are witnessing the beginning of a downward trend. Handbraking this is the positive Jupiter Saturn trine, which doesn’t leave until November 2008. And for that reason it could be more of a slow motion derailment to begin with. However by the end of 2009, and especially mid 2010 when Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all come within hard aspect to each other we may witness the very serious ramifications of blowing up the economy balloon too far and too fast. The volatile times to watch this year may be around March 7, July 8-11, the first week of November and second one of December.


Right at the end of 2007, in the final degrees of Sagittarius there was an important conjunction between union of Jupiter and Pluto. Most unusually it fell on the same spot in the heavens that an identical union of Saturn and Uranus occupied throughout 1988. Whenever you get a trigger point reactivated like that you have to take a step back in time and compare what was happening then, which can often give you a key to the next unfolding chapter. Let me qualify that by saying that these things don't HAVE to happen, but they provide an adequate framework of potential to judge what might.

For example it was in 1988 on December 2 that Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. As the Jupiter Pluto (often signifying international terrorism) returned to this position in December 2007 her life was taken.

The naval focres of the US and Iran went to battle in the Persian Gulf. That began when the USS Samuel B. Roberts struck an Iranian mine in the Persian Gulf. This led to the US launching Operation Praying Mantis, the largest American naval battle since the Midway. It was also the first surface-to-surface missile engagement in U.S. Navy history. This operation on April 18, 1988, involved the carrier USS Enterprise. And it’s the same Enterprise whose own launching horoscope (Sep 24 1960) will be activated this year.

Iran lost two warships and three armed speedboats. Things cooled off after that until July 03 1988 when the USS Vincennes took an Iranian commercial flight Airbus A300B2 out of the skies over the Strait of Hormuz, The incident occasioned the loss of 290 civilian lives, 66 of whom were children. Leter in the year, on December 21, a Pan Am jet was blown out of the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing a total of 270 people. Many analysts saw this as a square up from either Iran or Libya.

As Saturn and Uranus move to opposition by late October the match may well be lit for eventual confrontation between the US and Iran, or a significant Middle East naval or military operation. Perhaps the triple play of Mars into Cancer from March 4 may signify something, but it is the later year opposition that marks the real danger period. The US President George W. Bush also has progressed Mars coming to Jupiter in the same time period which makes October onward look seem the more volatile time window. As expected the Bush administration horoscope (originally January 20 2001 12.04 pm at Washington) suggests they will struggle this year and that's another reason the Democrats are looking good come November.

As Pluto moves into Capricorn it will also move to square the fixed star of Scheat renowned for marine disasters. There is plenty to signify war at sea, or terrorism involving travel – especially later in the year. Uranus is the planet of flight, and its opposition to Saturn may heighten international air incidents as it did here in 1988. Not all were intentional either. One of Germany’s worst air disasters occurred on August 28, when seventy five people were killed and another three hundred and forty six injured during an air show collsion that saw one plane hurtle into the crowd.

In January 1988 the Dow tumbled 140.58 points, or 6.85%. I don’t expect this to happen right away but you’d have to be getting jittery about the end of the year, given the additional evidence of the Node into Aquarius, and the Saturn to Uranus opposition. Around early March would be one time to watch, along with the last couple of days of that month. The 7th of July and surrounding dates, the same between the 3rd to 8th of September. Other times are the US election week and most of December also looks pretty volatile.


Back in 1988 Taiwan President Chiang Ching-kuo passed on, paving the way for Lee Teng-hui to become president. Rather than see this as leader replacing leader I see this more as an issue of mainland China and Taiwan reuniting, although this issue probably applies more to 2009. But the winds of change are blowing. Lastly on November 15 1988 the independent State of Palestine was proclaimed by a vote of 253 to 46 in Algiers. Negotiations this year hope to make that proclamation a reality. How serious the international community really are will be determined by the outcome.


2008 is an election year in the US and the major candidates are gearing up for the first Tuesday in November leading into January 20 2009 when the next President will be sworn into office. At the time of writing Democrat candidate Barack Obama is surging in popularity, on the back of support from such influential people such as Oprah Winfrey. Fellow Democrat Hilary Clinton is working hard to contain Obama’s appeal. The leading Republican candidate at this time is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. So let’s analyse this trio.

Rudy Giuliani, born May 24 1944 in New York (no time) has a Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus. He likes to do it his unique way, and his Uranus placement matches the USA’s birth Uranus exact. This is the planet of surprises, and has figured prominently in America’s war charts. It’s probably appropriate that the mayor who presided over 911 should have such a placement. He also has an explosive Mars Pluto union in the fiery sign of Leo, which certainly makes Giuliani one tough hombre. But Giuliani’s progressed Sun, although heading for a union with power planet Pluto, doesn’t quite make the grade in time for mine.

Charismatic Barack Obama, the senator from Illinois, represents a new direction for the US, and would become the first Afro-American president in the nations history. Born August 04 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii (time unknown), he is by far the youngest candidate and increasing in popularity and support. It is easy to see why. Obama’s Venus the planet of affection and attraction joins the US birth Venus almost exactly. Yet Obama’s Leo Sun squares Neptune a planet known more for glamour and spin than genuine substance.

Throughout the year ahead Obama’s Mercury, indicative of his speech, writings and communication joins combative and forthright Mars. He will go for the jugular, and his progressed Venus will join the North Node of fruitful associations and popularity. Additionally Uranus opposes his Mars, and he has a Mars return close to his birthday. Such a martial influence and aggressive approach, may also bring threats to Obama, especially around the August period. That plus Pluto opposing Obama’s Venus tend to make me think it could be too big an ask.

Having relaible birth-times would help enormously in this analysis, but on the available evidence I think Hilary Clinton is the heavens choice. Obama’s candidacy declaration - it was announced on February 10 2007 - also pits the Sun opposing Saturn and with Neptune, suggesting he may battle to secure the mainstream support and conservative vote.

Hilary Clinton was the early favourite, although at the time of writing she struggles now to maintain this position. She is hoping to rewrite history by being the first female president of the USA. Clinton according to AstroDatabank was Chicago born, at 8 pm on October 26 1947. She’ll need all that Scorpio resolve to combat an ominous Pluto opposing her Ascendant and squaring her Moon all year. This timed horoscope also places Saturn at the very base of the chart in a workaholic period. As with most presidential candidates the real challenge is in getting there.

Clinton’s Scorpio Sun and Venus compliments the birth Sun, Venus and Jupiter of the USA. Hilary also has some strong positives in her progressed Jupiter now moving to form an opportunistic trine to her birth Mars and Pluto, plus her directed Jupiter squaring her Sun by Inauguration day January 20 2009.

Looking further progressed Venus also squarings her Scorpio Sun around election time and with her progressed Sun now in Capricorn she’ll feel the Pluto power conjunction in years to come. Jupiter comes across her progressed Venus come swearing in date, so she could fulfil the potential promise of becoming the first female President of the USA.

Hilary Clinton has many tie ups with the 5.10 pm Sibley USA horoscope of July 4 1776, not the least of which is her Moon at the base of that chart. I think Clinton will get some real power players behind her on the road to becoming President. The national USA horoscope is also due for its own progressed Full Moon, close to Inauguration Day, and the Moon’s positioning further compliments Clinton’s progressed horoscope. Obviously verified timed charts would make this a lot clearer but going with available evidence and the fact that Saturn is now in Virgo should get her over the line. The last time Saturn (administrators) was in Virgo (females) Margaret Thatcher became the first female British PM.


Many astrologers have been adamant that Prince Charles will never become king of England. A large section of the British contingent prefers Harry, despite William being born with the royal planet Jupiter immediately above his birthplace. The prevailing opinion of experts, non-astrological as well, is that the current Queen will never abdicate. And even she has confirmed that her marriage to the throne is until death do us part. Normally that would be the end of Charles royal aspirations! But is it so cut and dried for 2008?

Early in October last year the Prince met with the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. As a result it was declared that both Charles and Camilla would accompany the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, to the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kampala, Uganda. His elevation was an insurance against the failing health of his father, and the fact that the octogenarian Queen, Britains oldest ever monarch, is finding official duties increasingly demanding. Interesting advances in the Prince’s horoscope supports his status elevation.

The royal planet is Jupiter, and Charles’ has his positioned opposite Uranus, a position heralding sudden developments when activated. In 2007 his progressing Venus, usually denoting wider public acceptance, arrived at this Jupiter position. Later in the year both the transiting Jupiter and Pluto also joined the fray, signalling a power surge. Further evidence is the exact square of his progressed Jupiter to his Midheaven, the indicator of status and position. An expansion of duties would be a natural consequence.

In both February, chiefly between August to October of 2008, the transiting Jupiter will station on his progressed Jupiter. You really have to wonder whether through circumstance or planning Charles will not have to assume a more ‘kingly’ role from then. Are the planets planning what the pundits have deemed impossible – for Charles to be King of England after such a long wait! Going by his horoscope alone points to changes within the halls of royalty.

If Charles were to finally become King, then Prince William would also have to undergo a natural transition to become the new heir. Currently the Prince’s secondary progressed Sun squares his Pluto, and sextiles his natal Venus. And with progressed Venus at the midpoint of this sextile, and fast approaching his Descendant (opposite Neptune too) it places a tremendous focus on his relationship life.

This aspect was coined the ‘boomerang’ by astrologer Joan McEvers. And usually the opposition planet (in this case Venus) settles or unites the issue. Let’s hope Prince William’s boomerang doesn’t come back. Kate Middleton may be too good a target to miss. I thought the Prince could marry, although I lent more toward 2009. But this and the transiting Pluto opposite his birth Sun throughout 2008/9 all point to an identity makeover.

We can speculate interminably about this accession issue. The critical factor remains the Queen herself, who has already stated her position. Yet in 2008 Queen Elizabeth will be experiencing here third lunar return and her first Neptune opposition. The Queen’s coronation took place close to her first lunar return, but it’s the Neptune opposition that seems to matter most here, being that it moves across her career ruler, Mars and also will eventually square her Saturn. All of these planets were active when she first became Queen. The August Solar Eclipse also approaches her birth Moon. I think we saw the beginning of changes last year and this year we see the acceleration of them. Health factors may be the real deciding issue.


At the exact Sagittarian Full Moon at 10.05 pm November 24 2007 in Brisbane Kevin Rudd became Australia's 26th Prime Minister. The astrological signals were pointing to this before he even attained the opposition leadership, and I had written on this prior to Rudd toppling Beazley. Also readers of last years World Predictions 2007 may recall my writing of Howard's exit from politics and Rudd's elevation.

"The new Labor leader has a very impressive horoscope peaking in December 2007. Rudd has some challenges come March but presuming John Howard staves off an election until after the APEC Summitt Conference, Rudd’s elevation looks a strong chance".

That was born out with Rudd eventually sworn in as the new Australian Prime Minsiter by December 03 2007. But what of this year?

I think Rudd will enjoy a honeymoon year, with his big tests arriving in 2010. Again his office have not supplied a birth time and so we have to be content with the date only. Nevertheless the early signals are for considerable travel. That of course would leave deputy Julia Gillard holding the reins at home, which again suits the Saturn in Virgo influence of women holding power positions.

The Federal Government will look seriously at overhauling education and health. The August period looks the most demanding this year. They will strongly encourage overseas investment, and even though the Australia economy seems to have a buffer compared the the American one, they will begin to feel signs of sliding markets later in the year. Oil prices will drive up the inflation rate, but that is not confined to Australia.


As I write this there are rumours that Nicole Kidman is pregnant. Commenting on Nicole's relationship with Keith last year I wrote.

"Lot’s of healing needed here and judging by Keith Urban’s chart and his astrological obvious ‘unpredictability around relationships’ this looks an extremely rocky one. Decisive times look to be March and the last quarter of 2007. There have been rumours that Nicole definitely wants to bear a child. This is not so out of the question although 2008 onward seems the more likely time frame. But with Keith?"

On this relationship I don't mind being wrong, as I'm one who believes that although leopards don't change their spots, humans certainly do. If such rumours are true then its congratulations to one of Australia's favourite couples.

May you all give birth to happinness in the year to come. Thanks for your continued support and I wish you everything you would yourself for the year ahead.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin
December 30 2007

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