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What makes the headlines is usually what we don't want to hear. And as we head into another year of the 21st millennium the perpetual human struggles remain environmental change, terrorism, cultural genocide and finite energy supplies. The major planetary cycles influencing matters are the continuing opposition between Saturn and Neptune exact on February 28 and June 25. A Jupiter Saturn trine inflating the markets on March 16 and May 05. And lastly a Jupiter/Uranus triple-square on January 22, May 10 and October 9, accelerating technological breakthroughs. So it's not all bad news. But here's how I view the crisis points, and subsequent headlines, over the next twelve months.


North Korea’s nuclear capability further raises the mercury on relations with the US and Japan. On October 9 at 05:00:07 UT, 41N18 129E08 near Kilchu, North Korea, under intense world scrutiny, the DPKR tested a nuclear weapon. The international reaction was widespread condemnation, resulting in sanctions being placed on North Korea by the United Nations. There are several considerations in making further projections.

On September 9 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was declared in the North, with Kim II-Sung (father of current leader Kim Jong II) as head of state. This date is now celebrated as North Korea’s Independence Day and a solar chart can be set for that occasion. Equally important, is the solar chart of the Chairman of the DPKR, known to followers as the Chosen One.

Kim Jong II (according to Encyclopedia Brittanica) was born February 16 1941 in the village of Vyatskoye, where his father served during WWII. This places his natal Mars at 28-29 Sagittarius, closely squaring Neptune at 27 Virgo. Additionally his birth Mercury would rest at 13 of Pisces. This makes for an interesting 2007, as transiting Uranus moves over the Mercury, indicating even greater independence of thought, concerns with emergent technology, and rebellious ideology. Jupiter, joining in late January, indicates some gainful breakthroughs in discussions and ideas.

Simultaneously, transiting Pluto will cross the Mars and square the Neptune, suggesting that further cloak and dagger nuclear development will ensue. Kim’s birth Mars, at the Uranus/Pluto direct midpoint, lends additional aggressive fanaticism. Kim’s progressed horoscope, with the Sun currently in square to Pluto. Projecting the progressed DPKR’s Sun from the 1948 September 9 inception chart, brings it into an approaching square with Pluto also. These repetitive patterns point to a real power play ahead.


One of the major characteristics of the dominant Saturn/Neptune opposition is the fall of autocratic leaders and antiquated social orders. Leo is the royal sign, and Saturn the lord of karma. The opposition has marked the establishment of the Glorious English Republic of 1649, the French First Republic of 1792, and this particular cycle began back in 1989 with perestroika and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Not only was former Iraq President Saddam Hussein executed as 2006 drew to a close, but earlier in the year Serbian strong man Slobodan Milosevic passed away of a heart attack. On the western front the crusading US President George Bush lost his grip on US politics being routed in both houses of Congress and Senate at the November US elections. US Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld resigned his post in the aftermath of the Iraq debacle. The longtime leader of Cuba Fidel Castro is succumbing to father time and illness. British PM Tony Blair whose popularity meter reads like a thermometer in Iceland has agreed to make way for a new Labour leader, avoiding a vote of no confidence by his own party.

Only Australian PM John Howard remains unaffected. But that too looks likely to change with a new opposition leader Kevin Rudd swaying public opinion back toward Labor. The new Labor leader has a very impressive horoscope peaking in December 2007. Rudd has some challenges come March but presuming John Howard staves off an election until after the APEC Summitt Conference, Rudd’s elevation looks a strong chance.

John Howard was born with a Sun/Pluto conjunction in the beginning degrees of Leo. The entry of Pluto in the fellow fire sign of Sagittarius supplied his horoscope with a real power surge. Coupled with Uranus, the planet of sudden change also entering Aquarius and opposing his Sun, Howard was swiftly elevated to national leadership. Whilst Pluto has continued through Sagittarius the PM has weathered many political storms. But at the beginning of 2008 Pluto enters Capricorn. This is a totally different energy - one of letting go the power - and for that reason I can't envision him remaining in the top position too much longer.

The APEC Summitt is due to take place in Sydney September 8 - 9, bringing together the world's most powerful leaders. Security will be intense to avert a terrorist attack but it must be remembered that most acts of terrorism seem to be reserved for an unsuspecting public where security measures are not so watertight. Australia has now successfully hosted the Commonwealth and Olympic Games under such conditions. The late August and early September period, before the conference looks the most testing. Equally though for the PM John Howard, as might be expected under such pressure.

Australia will continue to struggle with its island neighbours in 2007. The Fiji crisis still has further chapters and look toward May/June for more developments here. Indonesia remains an uneasy alliance and the Schapelle Corby saga will is far from over. I expect she will be moved from her present location, and although the early indications seem difficult, there may be fresh hope later in the year with the prisoner exchange legislation.


The last Saturn/Neptune opposition saw the US bogged down in Vietnam, homeland protests eroding public morale and a President way out of touch with his country. It's the same play, different players as President George Bush fumbles his way through an exit stategy on Iraq. If history continues to repeat the cycle we will see an escalation as we did in Vietnam. America launched its largest bombing raids shortly before withdrawal in the early 70's and already George Bush has proposed increasing troop numbers to quell the chaos that Iraq has descended into. The political pattern back then led to a pacifiist President in Democrat Jimmy Carter, lessening Middle East influence and eventual troubles with Iran. Are we seeing a repeat of the same?


Nicole Kidman - Keith Urban?

Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes?

Prince William - Kate Middleton?

2006 was the year of the Hollywood marriage and bust up. During the year the Hollywood’s once most famous couple both remarried. This time last year I wrote, “Rumours ran hot as we entered 2006 that actress Nicole Kidman would remarry. Positive aspects to her Venus would tend to support that conclusion sometimes this year, and also that 2006 could be one of her best.”

Well Venus did its work. In January Nicole was presented with Australia’s highest civilian award the Order of Australia for her charity work and support of the arts. On the 25th of June she married Keith Urban and by the end of the year was Hollywood’s highest earning actress. As for the future, her career success looks set to continue and she will be besieged by work.

But relationships are an entirely different matter. Lot’s of healing needed here and judging by Keith Urban’s chart and his astrological obvious ‘unpredictability around relationships’ this looks an extremely rocky one. Decisive times look to be March and the last quarter of 2007. There have been rumours that Nicole definitely wants to bear a child. This is not so out of the question although 2008 onward seems the more likely time frame. But with Keith?

The Hollywood style engagement atop the Eiffel Tower, and marriage at the Odescalchi castle, near Rome was subtle enough for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The supporting cast included Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and his wife Jada, Jim Carrey, and Richard Gere, with Andrea Bocelli serenading. A far cry from his Christmas Eve wedding to Nicole Kidman in 1990 when only ten guests were present. Tom’s is another marriage under question.

When Uranus opposed his Venus in 2000/01 he separated from Nicole Kidman. Now as Neptune reaches the same position Tom marries Katie Holmes. Scientology obviously operates along different lines from astrology as this one would be considered a ‘no brainer’. Uranus to Venus is a sudden change to the relationship, which it was with Kidman. But Neptune to Venus is classic as the dream lover, glamour/illusion/delusion contact. That’s why it’s usually better to wait until the aspect passes before formalising the match. Three years will tell the story

And so to Prince William and Kate Middleton? Is the Prince about to announce his engagement? Although it has been constantly denied his horoscope does show signs of important relationship restructures. For starters, the Prince will project himself far more powerfully over the coming year. In the past he has been content to play a background role, but now will seek to take charge of his destiny in a major way. As for romance the Prince also has the Venus/Neptune 'love dreams' aspect surrounding him. This can also accompany some personal disappointment or loss, though it doesn't have to be attached to girlfriend Kate. The Prince's intentions should be known by April. But it is the end of this year that promises the greatest change to Prince William's status. This powerful period of change will answer plenty of questions regarding accession, and long term life direction. The prince is not destined to be alone, as his chart favors marriage - additionally 2009 is an important family year.



The Saturn/Neptune opposition is a repeating motif in Jewish history. It was there at the destruction of the Second Temple, which occurred during the reign of Emperor Titus in 70 AD, and inspired the legend of the suicide fortress that was Masada. It was on this mountain rock that modern Israeli army recruits took their oath of allegiance.

Saturn/Neptune has presided over the Arab wars, officially beginning April 15 1936 in rebellion against the western establishment of modern Israel. It was there when on September 13 1970 when four international jet airliners were hijacked by the PLO Black September, to protest the dispossessed Palestinians. We can safely assume that Saturn/Neptune will take the Arab/Israeli wars up to the next level.

Last year I commented how the Israel horoscope looked to be growng increasingly militant. And so it proved with the Lebanese invasion. If anything this year looks even more aggressive, and the last quarter of the year should bear this out. The chart of the Iranian PM Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also tends toward increasing resistance in the same time frame.

Jupiter's entry in Sagittarius along with Pluto already present in the sign of religion, philosophy and law will do little to calm the ideological differences between east and west. It is not only the Israel/Arab schism of the Middle East that will grabheadlines. One who is under increasing pressure in his homeland to contain rebellious opposition forces is Pakistan's President Musharraf.


The conservation, restructuring, and rationing and control (Saturn) of water (Neptune) is one obvious manifestation of the Saturn Neptune cycle. But taking a lead through the last opposition it ended with oil shortages and rising prices at the petrol pump. As the planets first moved into this aspect in July 2006, the barrel prices rose appreciably, then as the aspect separated prices stabilised and extra supplies were released. Such luxuries may be short-lived if history is anything to go by.

Instability in the Middle-East, and the failure of the costly Iraq invasion, coupled with the return of this aspect could easily suggest a further oil supply problem. It’s important to note that the real shortages occurred after the opposition rather than during it. This points to the fact that the political situations preceded the price rises. But 2007 should be a litmus test and point to new directions in energy management for the western world.

Saturn Neptune can also point to damage via water due to environmental factors such as mudslides (Saturn is earth and Neptune erosion) or pollution. The March solar eclipse squares Pluto and as the 'dwarf planet' moves toward Capricorn the likelihood of a major maritime incident increases. This is precisely because the fixed star of Scheat, synonmous with maritime accidents is now precessing toward the beginning degrees of the tropical zodiac.


Australia experienced an abnormal number of public deaths during the final quarter of last year losing Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, in a tragic marine accident. Days later racing ace and fellow Piscean, Peter Brock, slammed his car into a tree. Olympic athlete Peter Norman, celebrated writer Colin Theile, youthful actress Belinda Emmett followed. Astrology may help unravel this unfortunate sequence.

The Australian Settlement Horoscope (Jan 26 1788 at 05.23 LMT Sydney constructed from First Fleet diary entries) features an eighth house Virgo Moon. The classical eighth house designations are the taboo subjects of death, sex, and taxes. The Moon also governs foreign investment and big business. Further interest rate rises would be no surprise, nor foreign takeovers as transiting Uranus moves through Pisces opposing our national Moon. The opposition does not move on until midway through 2007. Which suggests we will witness more of the same?

During the last Uranus to Moon opposition an Australian legend poet Henry Lawson, dubbed the epitome of Australian consciousness, was the first writer to be granted a State Funeral. Thousands lined the streets in a dual outpouring of emotion and respect on September 4 1922. Lawson embodied the spirit of the bush. In a different way so did the wildlife warrior Steve Irwin, who died on September 4, a Uranus cycle later.

Australia lost heroic pioneer aviator Sir Ross Smith in a plane crash in 1922. He too was given a state funeral. Smith, along with brother Keith, had three years previously piloted a Vickers from London to Darwin in just under 28 days and been knighted for his efforts. It was a pilot error and a mechanical fatality. Shades of daredevil racing legend Peter Brock’s tragic misjudgement.

Uranus opposite the Moon reminds us of our own mortality along with the preciousness of life. It hovered stationary direct within the degree of its first opposition to our Moon on June 10 1838, marking the infamous Myall Creek massacre. The perpetrators were subsequently brought to justice and hung for their slaughter of 28 indigenous and defenceless Australians.

Does the conjunction work similarly? At 10 am on November 11 1880, Ned Kelly reputedly uttered those famous words, ‘such is life’ from a scaffold at Old Melbourne Gaol. As he did, Uranus reached within three minutes of exact conjunction to the eighth house Moon, with the transiting Moon opposite. Ned also uttered the grim promise to his presiding judge, Sir Redmond Barry, that he’d see him where he was going and coincidentally Sir Redmond died within twelve days. Uranus remains around Australia’s Moon over the first quarter of 2007.


Australian astrologer Bert Joy confirmed the first ABC broadcast began with the chiming of the Sydney GPO bells at 8 pm on July 1 1932, preceding PM Joseph Lyons inaugural address. This horoscope has an 18 Aquarius 35 Ascendant and a Midheaven of 12 Scorpio 56. Current head, Mark Scott, was appointed by the Board on May 22 2006. The dynamic factors evident at the appointment date shed further light on the inevitable reconstruction charter of the ABC. Old Aunty is experiencing a complete makeover during the next two years. The revolution will occur both in the technological sense, incorporating changes in digital media equipment, as well as management and programming structure. In a real sense the ABC mirrors the whole of the Australian communications industry, not matter how big the fish. As mentioned in the 2006 outlook media in Australia will never be the same. The day of the corporate takeover has not finished by a long shot. The same factor impacts upon our transport systems which would account for the Qantas takeover. But other modes of transport, featuring roads and tunnels, look to be undergoing major restructure with the Sydney Underground horoscope and others affected virtually from mid January onward.


The Australian Open kicks off the tennis Grand Slams and this is one tournament where local hero Lleyton Hewitt can show real signs of a form revival. To do so he will have to complete a total form reversal as Hewitt's mantle has slipped from a former number one down to a ranking of twenty. But Jupiter and Uranus are surprise packet planets when together and if he can concentrate and channel his renowned 'aggro' in the right direction he's a hope.

One who has mastered that is Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting. Power planet Pluto over his birth Sun has seen Ponting at his dominating best. Pluto still has the rest of 2007 before it leaves and this isn't Ponting's last record summer by a long shot. Fellow great Shane Warne, although announcing his retirement, looks to be on the verge of a new media career as Mercury the planet of communication comes to success factor Jupiter. It's great for contracts, coaching and travel. But rumours of Shane and Simone reuniting permanently may be hoping high...time will tell.


The seasonal world charts repeat a pattern combining storm and tempest planet Mars along with expansive Jupiter over Japan and down through the Australian east coast for the March quarter. As well as increasing the likelihood of storm activity it can also increase instability in earthquake prone areas (such as Japan) and it mirrors that activity on the other side of the world across Icleand. What makes this energy more important is that it is a duplication of the same Jupiter/Mars pattern that occurred in the Capricorn Ingress December 22 2006. The late December to April period looks the time window on this. The same planets rise over the borders of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, putting further pressure on the tenuous political situation, as well as the land, in early 2007.


I hope the more fortunate winds of fate blow your way for 2007. Thanks for your continued support and I wish you everything you would yourself for the year ahead.

Copyright © Ed Tamplin
January 13 2007

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