The year 2006 promises to be one of significant changes in Middle-East politics, the beginnings of troop withdrawal from Iraq, major breakthroughs in aerospace technology, and a race to contain the avian flu virus. The major cycles impacting on the year ahead are a Jupiter/Uranus trine, effective early May and late August. The Saturn/Neptune opposition which will become effective from the end of August carrying through until late June 2007, and a Jupiter/Saturn square exact on both the 22nd of June and 25th of October. Here’s how I see them playing out.


Under similar planetary influences due by late August 2006, the US began troop withdrawals from Vietnam which augurs well for the beginnings of military cutbacks in Iraq by the second half of 2006, continuing through until mid-2007. By late August 2007 with Saturn coming to the Iraq Sun they would have assumed far greater responsibility for self-government. Iraq over the last two years have been under the same planetary influence that the US was during their own Civil War, but this influence is now on the wane.

US President, George Bush, is in the second year of his second term. Only after this year will he be clear of an astrological pattern that has witnessed US Presidents not completing their elected period of office. Readers of this site are already aware of my article on the fated Presidential Cycle. On May 10 2005 in Georgia, Armenian born activist Vladimir Arutyunyan threw a live hand grenade, which landed less than 25 yards from President Bush as he addressed a lunchtime crowd. It failed to explode. The would-be assassin was arrested two months later (See 2005 Predictions). The office of the world’s most powerful and closely guarded man is still under threat in 2006. The testing times for Bush are from the middle of June, and during August, September and October. Already the President’s popularity has plummetted on the back of the Iraqi war, a slowing economy and internal spying leaks.

Economically, one can expect market growth under the protective Jupiter/Uranus trine effective early May and late August. However the harder aspects of a Jupiter/Saturn square and the Saturn/Neptune opposition effective from the end of August, and late October may witness sharp corrections and an overall fall in stocks.


With Saturn having re-entered Leo, countries born under the same influence are most susceptible to leadership challenge. For a more definitive analysis please read my article Saturn in Leo. India/Pakistan and Israel/Palestine are the standouts. Pakistan’s co-operation during the October 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan was vital. However the Pakistan President, General Musharraf, isolated many hardline supporters with his unqualified US support, resulting in two attempts on his life. Musharraf is a Leo (August 11 1943) and with Saturn passing over his Sun by August 2006, and Neptune opposing it, there looks to be greater challenges to his authority than before.

Israel PM Ariel Sharon, with Uranus passing over his Sun, sufferred a sudden stroke as we entered the New Year. Israel elections are due late March. Popular leader, and former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is a prime candidate for re-election. As Saturn moves over the Israeli Moon at election time it’s probable that the Israeli’s will elect a conservative leader. Netanyahu’s Mars is conjunct the Israel Mars and if elected he will aggressively pursue his countries aims. The Israel chart looks far more militant from January 2007, but April may give a fair idea of the immediate future political directions. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (October 28 1956) has vowed to continue the development of nuclear technology agitating the west and Israel.

Egypt, for many years, has been led by President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, born May 4 1928. Both Mubarak’s personal horoscope and that of the Egyptian Kingdom formed March 15 1922, are under enough stress in 2006 to suggest that Egypt may become a terrorist troublespot, or that civil anarchy will be more of a problem than before. Bin Laden’s right hand man Ayman Al-Zawahiri, reputedly born June 19 1951, with his Gemini Sun conjunct Mars, and square Saturn has hardly what you would call a peaceful horoscope. Overlaid on Egyptain national horoscope it promises radical opposition. He is the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and the combination early this year looks deadlier than usual.


Much has been written about the possible outbreak of an avian bird flu and certainly such pandemics have appearred during the Saturn/Neptune cycle, and disappeared as the cycle dissipates, Spanish Influenza being one prime example. Looking at this time frame August 2006 until July 2007 would be the likely window of manifestation.

The Saturn/Neptune cycle has always been connected to a changing of the guard within the Royal family. It has presided over the death of Queen Victoria, the demise of King George V, the renunciation of King Edward, and also his passing. The current Queen, Elizabeth II, was crowned under the beginning of a Saturn/Neptune cycle. On that basis we should know of future accession plans during this same period August 2006 until July 2007.


As Neptune rules social idealism and the utopian dream, whilst Saturn corresponds more to control and capital, their cycle has witnessed important changes in social structure. It signalled the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, as well as the fall of the Berlin Wall, ‘Perastroika’, and tragically the Tianamen Square massacre. Authoritarian rule and suppression of the masses are the catalyst for social revolutions. Even the First Republic of France was established under a Saturn/Neptune opposition. So what we will see from the middle of 2006 onward is a rebalancing of the people and the rulers. Leaders who have served their nations well have little concern, but those who have used the people as a pawn for their own ambitions will tend to pay dearly.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin with the intense energy of Pluto on his Mars now, is liable to thinking ‘might is right’. France will address some of their social ills in the light of last year’s riots. China have always found that this cycle introduces challenge and will also need to address human rights issues as well as a deteriorating relationship with Japan in the lead-up to the Bejing Olympics.


The Australian Federation horoscope (New Years Day 1901) features a tight conjunction of the two planets most aligned to communication and education (Mercury and Jupiter) at 26 and 27 degrees of Sagittarius. It may be no surprise then to note that Australia’s most successful publisher the late Kerry Packer had his Sun placement within a degree of this conjunction. Or that Australia’s most successful overseas publisher, Rupert Murdoch, has his Moon also within the degree and thereby alongside Packer’s Sun.

During 2005, and continuing in 2006, the cathartic planet of Pluto moved across these degrees. What did we witness? Murdoch’s son, and heir to the empire Lachlan quit Newscorp, and walked away from the family business. David Gyngell, Packer’s godson quit Channel Nine, and before the year was out Kerry Packer, Australia’s richest man, had died at his home. With Pluto still here we will see massive media shake-ups, starting with the government easing the cross-media ownership and foreign investment laws.

James Packer, the new head of PBL, is a Virgo with four planets in that sign. That makes him very much the analyst, and number cruncher. This is in stark contrast to his father Kerry, and grandfather Sir Frank, who were both entrepreneurial Sagittarians. Like the symbols of their sign they took chances, loved horses, and needed a media mouthpiece. For Sir Frank it was the newspaper Daily Telegraph, and for Kerry Channel Nine. That’s not so obvious with James. Look for sudden changes possibly toward the end of the financial year, but definitely in the first half of next year involving James’ business interests and partnerships.


Australia’s first terrorist suspect crackdown was made under the Grand Cross of November 8 2005. Between January 13-20, and March 10-14, and late December there are similar energies suggesting further activities concerned with national safety and terrorist concerns. No doubt PM Howard would want to clear the decks for a peaceful Commonwealth Games in 2006. They begin mid-March, which is also a month of considerable activity in this country, but hopefully some of those volatile energies can be played out in the heat of competition during the Games.

As for John Howard’s own future, he has proven the great survivor of Australian politics. Our Australian First Settlement horoscope has a New Moon in July, and we should know of Howard’s intentions by then. The New Moon implies fresh beginnings, but without John’s accurate time it can be taking a stab in the dark.


Across 2005 British PM Blair had to contend with Neptune squaring his Sun and eroding his dominance thereby. He would have suffered a crisis of confidence despite any outward show of unity. With England still deeply divided over the Iraq war, Prime Minister Tony Blair won an historic third term in the first week of May, albeit with the lowest party share of the vote (36%) in electoral history. He suffered his first parliamentary defeat, beaten on a 90-day bill allowing police to hold, without charging, suspected terrorists. The detention period was shortened by parliament to 28 days. On November 9 the day of his defeat there was a Grand Cross in the skies, all falling on Blair’s Taurean Sun.

But it’s in the area of personal relationship that he faces his biggest tests across 2006, especially June/July, having alienated some close ones.


The First Flight horoscope of the Wright Bros (Dec 17 1903) had Pluto square it in 1969 as Neil Armstrong walked upon the Moon. This year Pluto re-activates this chart and we can look toward some momentous breakthroughs in flight technology, aerospace engineering and perhaps even private space travel. ‘Beam me up Scotty’ could be closer than we think. The downside is a possible increase in attempted hijackings, despite tighter airport security.

Finally the Saturn/Neptune cycle promises greater control over Neptunian concerns such as water conservation, the oil and petroleum industries and pharmaceutical products.

Rumours ran hot as we entered 2006 that actress Nicole Kidman would remarry. Positive aspects to her Venus would tend to support that conclusion sometimes this year, and also that 2006 could be one of her best.

Personally I want to thank you for your continued support and I wish you and your loved ones all the best for a great 2006.

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