Ancient astrologers, and the stargazers of the Orient, used a 60-year recurrence cycle related to the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. To give you an idea of this repetition look back to 1939 when the first shot was fired in the Second World War. In March of 1999 both Jupiter and Saturn returned to the positions they held at that time and Europe tasted war for the first time in sixty years as NATO warplanes bombed Yugoslavia. I used that cycle to make this prediction months before on the Sydney radio show at 2GB.

Another example might be the 1941 suicide air-attack that demolished the US naval fleet at Pearl Harbour. Sixty years later in 2001 suicide pilots destroyed the World Trade Centre and severely damage the Pentagon. In 1942 188 Japanese warplanes, out of the blue, rained death and destruction on Darwin. In 2002 88 Australians lost their lives in the terrorist bombings on the nearby island of Bali. Will 2005 emulate 1945 in any way and what can we expect from it if it does?

Although 1945 saw an end to the hostilities of World War Two, it also introduced the power of the atom bomb and the spectre of nuclear war. Australia and the US lost their leaders, and the World Bank was established, along with the United Nations. Feeding off that platform would see a restructuring of the international monetary system, along with the United Nations. The authority and accountability of both will come under review. There may be massive changes.

It's impossible to imagine John Howard stepping aside after his convincing win in last years poll, which has seen him now become our second longest serving Prime Minister behind his boyhood idol, Sir Robert Menzies. Yet he still does have many difficult planetary aspects, which support the theme that honest John may not see out his term. As early as March he faces strong opposition and we will know the outcome to these challenges before August. John Howard's birth-time is speculative which makes predicting for him risky business. Perhaps this could manifest as a health threat if not political opposition.

The Australian political scene activates in March/April. From this time the planet of sudden and rebellious individuality Uranus will land on Mark Latham's birth Sun. It will tend to make him more of the wild-card than the smooth Venus makeover we witnessed last year. Expect sudden change around Mr. Latham, in the months of April, August and January of 2006 when this planet is at its strongest. Uranus wasn't so friendly to his former leader Simon Crean, who was abruptly removed from office. To give you an idea of how the planet works when it hits the Sun for leaders try Viktor Yushchenko, (Feb 23 1954 at 9.30 BAT) the opposition leader in the Ukraine. He lost a disputed election, refused to submit, won a re-run of it a month later and ended up leader of the Ukraine.

On the other side of the political fence the Labor Party faithful should soon know whether Kim Beazley will either draw his sword at ten paces, or retire into the distance . It's make or break time for Kim as early as March/April of 2005 and his time frames coincide with those mentioned above for Latham.

The position of the US leader is certainly under threat at least from this 60-year cycle. In 1945 Franklin Roosevelt passed on in office and 60 years earlier in 1865 Lincoln was assassinated. I have a whole article devoted to the phenomena of Presidential assassinations, which I link to the cycle of planet Neptune. It is extremely active in 2005 and again leading into April and continuing until late July is a volatile time window.

We have two Solar Eclipses in 2004. The first occurring on April 9 at 20 degrees of Aries will land on the US Civil War Sun and the Iraq Kingdom Moon. It's probably not so unusual that they should be together as the war has divided the US down the centre and Iraq seems to be in the midst of their own civil war. The Iraq Kingdom chart (April 23 1921 at 6 a.m. BGT) has been an excellent guide to the war situation, displacement of Hussein and current civil unrest. The chart is about to undergo its first Uranus return. When the US experienced their first Uranus return the Civil War began, on their second they launched the D-Day raid. The situation in Iraq looks far from over, and further from peace, on that evidence alone.

The path of the second Solar Eclipse at 10 Libra on October 3 will fall directly over Tripoli, Libya and North Africa. It will rise in the Indian Ocean and westward into Kenya, up through the Sudan, before hitting Libya. Madrid also falls directly in the eclipse path. At the time of the eclipse the Sun and Moon will also be above the co-ordinates of Rome.

The second half of 2005 may see some power shuffles in states like Egypt, (the Eclipse falls on the Sun of the Mubarak swearing in chart), and also some of the aforementioned countries. The Vatican City horoscope (June 7 1929 at 11 a.m. CET) shows signs of change in 2005. Pope John Paul has done a remarkable but degenerating health may finally force him to stand aside in favour of a stronger replacement.

The Royal Marriage - will it ever happen? Prince Charles married in 1981 as Jupiter reached the very base of his horoscope, where he has the romantic and dreamy combination of Venus and Neptune abiding. Jupiter came back at the end of 1992 as the tabloids revealed the marriage was in name only and Charles was in fact with Camilla. Well the third time proves it. Charles' status is about to change again. Now looking at Queen Elizabeth's chart there are possible health concerns, primarily around July, and she is heading for a New Moon early in 2006. That means a winding up of affairs and finalisation as the Moon drifts through its balsamic stage. Many years ago I wrote that if the Queen didn't step down and Charles didn't marry that we would have to wait until 2005/06 for it to happen. The time is upon us now. Look initially to March and also July, August for further developments.

On the subject of romance Australian super-athlete Ian Thorpe (Oct 13 1982 at 10.52 a.m. AEST) who is still under the rapture of Venus with his progressed Sun has even better romantic angles for the year ahead. Notwithstanding something will rattle Thorpedo early in the year when he may be outspoken on some issues. But in the coming years he should become one of Australia's richest, as well as beloved national icons.

Forty years ago PM Robert Menzies imperiously committed Australia to a war in Vietnam at a sumptuous banquet at the Australia Club in London. Parliament would be told later. He had committed troops by two months earlier on April 29 1965, as the heavens displayed a triple conjunction of combative Mars, with Uranus and Pluto. Between April and August of this year, that war chart will re-activate as the moving Uranus oppose it. May looks the volatile window here for Australian troops or issues in relation to national defense.

And what of Michael Jackson, who with Neptune opposing Venus, may feel that his fortune is rapidly dwindling. Without a time on Michael, it is like taking a stab in the twilight, but on available evidence you'd have to say that apart from his tough money aspects and perhaps some loss of popularity due the court charges involved he should come out of it okay.

More to come......stay tuned.

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