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2004 June Update

As promised at New Year I would be writing an update to the world predictions to both review and expand on some of the planetary forces at work in our world.

You may refer to the original article World Predictions 2004 and I will occasionally quote from this.

Quote - "Australia faces great challenges this year, related to neighbouring countries and international responsibilities. On the plus side there will be an emphasis on flight, aerospace technology and significant breakthroughs in this area."

The planetary energies currently unfolding, heralded events such as the opening of Essendon airport, plus other significant airline happenings in years past. This year witnessed the opening of a new air service in JetStar. Defence Minister Robert Hill unveiled a far-reaching agreement with the US to join their Star Wars missile defence plan.

Quote "In 2004 the United States re-enters a cycle that has inevitably brought disasters, from the torching of the White House and San Francisco earthquake to assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. They are definitely facing the prospect of another co-ordinated homeland attack, misfortune or maritime calamity. Time frames appear to be late April, early to mid June and late September to early October. They may be just as susceptible to a 'natural disaster'."

There are three time frames here, although the mid June one is very hostile to both the President and the country. Threats to national security, even in the form of attempted political assassinations are conceivable in June. The tremendous responsibility the Bush administration assumes in June regarding the reformation of Iraq and handing over of power must also be taken into account. But Pluto - Mars has always spelt disaster for the States, and I have gone into full detail on the past occurrences in an article Terrorism USA on this site.

Quote - "President George Bush's horoscope shows his progressed Sun, a measure of his evolving identity, reaching warlord Mars around the April/May period which could also coincide with an escalation of military operations. It will be a much harder year for the USA and Bush who will feel the accountability of it all by June. But it appears that they will need to flex their military strength yet again by the second quarter."

The reality of the planetary indications shows in US military fatalities reaching an all-time peak, of 135, in April 2004 . Fatalities were well above wartime rates. Militant Iraqi resistance and the unveiling of prisoner abuse at Abu-Ghraib made this a month of increased military operations. US forces were able to recapture lost territory. It's estimated that by the end of May Iraq had lost near 10,000 lives since the beginning of the war.

Quote "All this will come at a cost to the (US) economy, which still hasn't bottomed out for mine."

The war effort is now costing over $1,500 per annum for each US family.

Quote "Bush may have trouble holding onto power if Howard Dean's January 2005 aspects are anything to go by."

Howard Dean has dropped out of the Presidential race, which may not be such a bad thing for him. The dangerous planetary aspects currently surrounding this normally prestigious position may not be worth the sacrifice. Currently Bush, who once held the title as America's most popular leader, lags behind Democrat challenger John Kerry and I'll address these two and the upcoming US election a little later on in this article.

Quote "Australia re-enters a Saturn cycle that has culminated with the leader being deposed and/or defeated. They also have significant eclipses affecting the national horoscope that reinforces a change in the power base. It could well be that 2004 is the last year that John Howard occupies the leadership position although he currently shows no signs of relinquishing his role."

Recent polls show that the Australian public is now unconvinced that PM John Howard would stay another full term, despite his personal pledge. He also lags behind his opponent, Labor leader Mark Latham, in most preferred polls. Latham is a real threat to Howard and the age factor could count here. Latham has good aspects from late September onward. There is a full report on this in the article Australia Birth of a Nation.

Quote - "In a similar vein sudden health concerns that caused a scare for British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, may be more serious than first thought. Blair is another who may be forced to step down or lose support somehow. At the very least these three leaders face enormous problems this coming year."

History reveals a remarkable pattern for the three nations in the co-alition of the willing. It relates to the Saturn cycle of thirty years. Back in 1945 at the end of the Second World War England voted out their war hero Winston Churchill in a landslide. Australia lost PM John Curtin and the US President Roosevelt also died in office.

Under a Saturn cycle later in 1974/75, US President Richard Nixon resigned from office. Then British PM Edward Heath did the same, and in November 1975 Australian PM Gough Whitlam was dismissed from his post. On that evidence, as Saturn returns again, how go the current trio of George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard. Blair has lost considerable support due to the war in Iraq among his own party members. It remains to be seen whether he will continue as leader in the long term. August/September could present further tests.

Quote - "During 2004 the planet Neptune will tend to dissolve power starting with India and Pakistan. This places the leadership under great threat, state control will be difficult to maintain, and there will be an erosion of confidence in the administration."

The Prime Minister of India Shri Vajpayee was surprisingly unseated in the May 2004 elections and Dr Manmohan Singh became new leader after Mrs Ghandi refused the role. The victory has not unified the country and solidarity for India still seems a long way off. Pakistan is also a land divided.

Quote - "Another leader under great threat is President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. Karzia, was born on Christmas Eve of 1957 with a very violent chart. A New Moon on his birthday, coupled with other planetary conditions means he faces an increased risk of assassination, which would encourage more uprisings in Afghanistan."

Karzai remains in power so far.

Quote - "As for Iraq, although insurgencies will continue we may have seen the worst of the rebellion."

Insurgencies certainly continued and still will. It will take time with Iraq and the mooted 2006 withdrawal dates seem realistic enough. I have updated the Iraqi situation in another article, which gives much greater detail and prediction.

Quote - "Attention will switch to Saudi Arabia where there will be much pressure on the Royal Family to maintain order."

There have been two major terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. On Saturday morning May 29, alleged Al-Queda operatives stormed a Khobar petroleum compound, taking hostages, resulting in at least twenty fatalities. Foreign nationals were later advised to leave the country. It was the second attack in the month on a petroleum company, repeating the killing of five foreign nationals on May 1. The year before, again in May, multiple car bombs took the lives of thirty-four people. Please refer to the article on Saudi Arabia already on this site written in 2003 nominating these time frames. Saudi Arabia remains a world hotspot, as the political instability and oil supply sabotage in Iraq, places greater demand on Saudi oil stores. There is further pressure on the Saudi royals in the last quarter of the year.

Quote - "The nuclear threats of North Korea may well be addressed around April.".

North Korean President Kim Jong did travel to China in April and the nuclear issue was certainly on the agenda. North Korea ended up in the news on April 22 for one of the worst rail disasters of all time. A goods train carrying volatile chemicals exploded near the border destroying several thousand homes, injuring thirteen hundred people and killing at least one hundred and sixty one.

As we approach the middle of the year, the US is firmly in the spotlight as the date for Iraq self-government June 30 draws nigh. This is also a crucial time for the US, as I have mentioned both the President and the country are under very difficult energies in June. It's similar to September 11, and although the country is much better prepared for such an attack, they may well have to pull out all stops on a major situation before the year is out. The planets would suggest mid June, around the 9th to 14th but sometimes astrology works like a coiled spring. For example the tragedy of September 11 was expected around two months earlier, astrologically speaking. That was around the time the US and Israel walked out on a United Nations conference on racism in South Africa. It could well have been the match that lit the bonfire of September.

Certainly the US chart mirrored violent energies on September 11, with Pluto on their Ascendant and Saturn on the Descendant, while Mars and the Node squared the Midheaven. Meanwhile planet of the unexpected, Uranus, was crossing the US progressed Descendant. It's easy to point this out in hindsight, but such a combination is a recipe for disaster. And while on disasters no one likes to predict them, even though this article isn't exactly a barrel of laughs. But the way the world is at the moment, it helps to be prepared.

A word on the Presidential elections. John Kerry imposes the aggressive martial energy on the US horoscope. Kerry, born with Mars and Uranus together, brings both to align with America's Uranus. This planet has been so often associated with war or assassinations. Consider that the Civil War began with America's Uranus returning to its birthplace position for the first time, the second return proclaimed D-Day.

Kerry's self-sufficient Moon/Saturn combination, falls right on America's Mars. Kerry would like to organise the military, like a real disciplinarian. Being born under a Full Moon is a guarantee of objectivity and usually publicity too. His Sagittarian Sun and Ascendant projects natural optimism, but it is realistically tempered via its opposition to the Moon and Saturn. Kerry places Neptune on the Midheaven of the United States. Therefore he may come across as a very charismatic character, but will he deliver his promises? The difficulty with this placement lies is bringing things to fruition.

Kerry's rise to power has also cost him dearly. As Pluto moved across his Ascendant and birth Sun he lost those close to him and also was operated on for cancer. In true Plutonian terms he has literally risen from the ashes to become a Presidential front-runner leading into the 2004 elections. On the day of the showdown, November 2, Kerry will have the beneficial combination of Venus and Jupiter passing his Midheaven and in his career house. Pluto will still be in the vicinity of his Sun, and the transiting Nodes will move across his Venus. It's a popular arrangement, enough for him to give the biggest race of his life a real shake.

Incumbent George W. Bush has to survive a Saturn return to win a second term. It's a case of either kudos for a job well done or the past returning to haunt. Bush does have some difficult aspects on the day. Mars opposes his career related Midheaven. The Sun, which squares Neptune on Election Day, is also squaring his Mercury/Pluto union.

On George's progressed chart his Midheaven is in line with Uranus and transiting Pluto comes to oppose his progressed Midheaven. This too supports a sudden change of career. These are the sorts of aspects that propose an overthrow of the existing order. They may serve you well if you are re-structuring your life. But they'd be more productive for someone hoping to secure a surprise win, rather than maintain the status quo, which of course George hopes to do.

The Athens Olympics is being conducted against a backdrop of heightened security threats. The Olympics is returning to the scene of its origins thousands of years ago. The modern Olympics had their rebirth on Greece's national day March 25 in 1896. The official starting time was 3.30 p.m. The original horoscope for the Olympics shows the star formation Pleiades so important to ancient cultures from the Mayans to the Chinese directly overhead. In the 1896 horoscope the nodes of the Moon are rising and they refer to associations and teamwork. Nothing brings the world together as one more than the spirit of the Olympic Games. The important part is not the winning or losing but simply taking part. And yet political differences have prevented nations from doing that.

Challenges to the Olympic chart during mid July may throw a cloud over proceedings. Ominously, Mars falls upon the Ascendant of the original Olympic chart on the opening day of August 13, as Uranus sits on the Descendant. But let's keep in mind that the Olympics is all about explosive competition and that even the Sydney Games had aggressive energies, yet was among the friendliest of games. The Greek Games also feature a progressed combination of Sun and Venus. Hopefully it can be the real unifying factor for a more positive focus on 2004.

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