The Saturn/Pluto Opposition
How it affects You

Well it's June 2002, we've just completed the Saturn/Pluto opposition worldwide and many things have shifted for all of us. We no longer view the world as the same place it was 12 months ago. A sobering reality surrounds many people's lives. There have been immense changes to the status quo, and established institutions from the Catholic Church to superpowers like the USA.

Coping with Saturn and Pluto usually means doing more with less. And we've had to accept that the boom times, as we entered the 21st century (with technology stocks and the Dow Jones soaring off the graph), have declined and leveled as the exaggerated hopes of the year 2000's Jupiter/Pluto opposition are replaced by the cold hard fact of Saturn/Pluto.

Highlighting the end of the Saturn/Pluto opposition was the June 11 Solar Eclipse in Gemini together with Saturn. An eclipse is like a snapshot lit by flash bulb. It captures a moment in time - a clear vision of what could be.

Eclipses are not just about when the lights go out, they are also about turning the light on within yourself. What are some of the real positives to emerge from our new understandings?

Aries: Are you learning to replace old outmoded thought patterns with new ideas? Are you communicating with more integrity than before? Has your world view grown as a result of the things you've learnt about yourself and your surroundings? Are you assimilating other cultures, beliefs, and philosophies into your own knowledge of how you operate in the wider scheme of things? So the changes are taking place, hopefully easily and naturally, on the mental level and they will eventually filter into your way of life.

Taurus: It's nice to have initiative, but you also need resources to complete your reality. Great ideas remain unknown until they're put into action. There must be a hundred good ideas lying dormant for any single one that came to fruition. So your challenge is to prove whether or not your initiatives are practical. Part of that test means resolving the question of whether they will serve you in the future. Will they add to your bank balance? Or will they improve you as a person? Consider your plans carefully and in the light of just how practical they are. And also do you have the resources you need to make them real?

Gemini: I mentioned in my introduction that an eclipse is like turning the light on as well as off. A major part of your life has run its course. It's called saying goodbye to yesterday. You can live there if you want but you won't find much life in it. I have another way of putting that - would you put old vegetables in your soup? Not if you're a person of taste. If you're ever going to move into the future with two feet instead of one dragging the other, it is now. The advice of the cosmos is to do just that, whatever your plans.

Cancer: The cycle of the last year likely brought concealed or secret things to the surface. Possibly there are some issues you'd rather not deal with. But covering things up only empowers them. Release them instead. That means letting go of hidden failure scripts, discovering the concealed or secret part of your personal iceberg. Understanding your subconscious motivations can be the key to your self-discovery now. So if you seem surprised by events not turning out the way you expect them, there may be good reasons for it. Understanding yourself will put you on track. Your self-undoing could be the light at the end of the tunnel that you've been waiting for.

Leo: Having paid your dues to society over the last few years in terms of career and status, you're probably looking to indulge a few of your cherished dreams now. It pays to never lose touch with your ideals and to keep associations with people who foster and nurture them along. Pretty much that's the Leo challenge now, to keep on track and cultivate or renew the friendships that help propel you further along your path. Superficial conversation and company are not your cup of tea right now, but true friendship and working as a true team member are all welcome. A positive response to this will take you far.

Virgo: Unlike Leo, you are actually in the stages of establishing your position in the world. You're mixing with the big shots, or playing with the professionals. Your aims and ambitions may undergo several changes of course, as you determine exactly where your place in the world should be. Even if you're not vocationally minded, your position may change as a result of surrounding circumstances, and you could feel more open to the influence of the world around you. Exercising your executive powers, or simply taking advantage of your environment may mean upsetting the applecart for some, but it sometimes has to be done to be true to yourself.

Libra: The answers are sometimes found in your own backyard. There's a wealth of knowledge available to you and it lies within your network of friends, family, and local organisations. The question is, are you actively networking so you can take advantage of of this? Join the library, use the Internet, and benefit yourself from this Information Age. These are the challenges that will make you grow. Local TAFE course, weekend workshops, and getting involved with neighbourhood groups are in season now for you.

Scorpio: The legend of Scorpio as the Phoenix rising from the ashes implies that it is the fate of all Scorpios to transform entirely at some time in their lives. The Saturn/Pluto opposition and the recent June 2002 Solar Eclipse echoes this theme of a snake shedding its skin. Your value system is changing and it's especially noticeable with values you do or don't share with others. This can bring you to a fork in the road. One of you must change, or the situation must change, for you to move ahead, otherwise you simply choose a different situation. I call it a 'garage sale on life'. What will you hold on to and what will be sacrificed?

Sagittarius: Sometimes we are not sure who is running our lives. You assume that YOU are, of course, but the influence other people can have over us can catapult us to the heights or plunge us to the depths. This is your season for finding out, and also assimilating some of what other people think. Relationships are the arena of challenge for you. You can end up at the altar, or in the courtroom. It's all a test of how well you negotiate relationships. At some moment in this period it will be necessary for you to reclaim your spirit, but also to see clearly the other person's point of view.

Capricorn: You can take your health for granted, or you can recreate it. De-stressing, redesigning your workspace and even your body, are all high priority now. You may have a free-floating anxiety that everything is not right – a kind of perfectionist dissatisfaction. Use that thinking to clean up your act regarding diet, fitness, and how you go about accomplishing tasks. You're establishing a routine for your working life, and setting priorities. You will certainly realise by the end of this year that it helps to be prepared.

Aquarius: When you're done with the things that have to be done, when the job is completed, or the matter is finalised, it's time to put your feet up. You can breathe easily at last and use your new found freedom to do things you actually want to do. Recreation and creativity live in this space. And so does Aquarius now. It's time to put your self-expression to the test, time to be creative, to fly, and find out how far those wings will take you. Put more of the YOU into what you do – whatever your activities. And look at the lighter side of life. Imagination is your ally.

Pisces: Like your opposite, Virgo, you are experiencing changes to the main directions of your life. Career or home could be the focus or possibly even both. You may have seen this coming for some time, that things just won't remain the same forever. They never do. But now this affects Pisces. This mostly applies to Pisceans born in the first half of the sign, especially around the middle, such as early March. The challenge is to take charge of matters and to realise that the buck stops with you. Once you've assumed responsibility, you have done your best. Nothing else counts as far as your input goes.

Ed Tamplin - June 2002

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