Saturn in Gemini


As planets go, Saturn doesn't get too many wraps. It frequently brings the more testing moments to our lives and asks us to dig a little bit deeper into that well of self-sufficiency. In the long term Saturn can be quite helpful in the manner of a stern and disciplinary father. But in the short term, it is usually the vaccination shot we'd rather avoid.

Where Saturn falls in our birth horoscope is usually where we feel fearful and indecisive. Yet it is through attacking this apprehension that we develop our strengths - strengths that never leave us. Overcoming fear is understanding Saturn.

On April 21 2001 Saturn moved into a new sign of Gemini and changed its filter of expression. Saturn is always the planet of stark realities and limitations and Gemini represents communications, commuting and conveyance of information. Saturn motivates by blockages and restrictions - it is the internal and external critic. By addressing initial difficulties in these Gemini areas long term improvements may result.

Keeping in mind that Saturn will motivate by being the internal and external critic here are some of the possibilities and probabilities. Communication companies may feel the restrictions of government legislation. Initial transport problems, delays and/or strikes are on the cards, though regulatory bodies will ensure an overall correction to the industry. Newspapers, reporters and broadcasters will be more accountable for their words. Conferences may encounter protester resistance; international dialogue will be of an increasingly serious nature or hindered by dogmatic attitudes. There may be a slowdown in the computer industry and more control exercised over the Internet. In short all of those area of life of a Gemini description will undergo a reconstruction of sorts.

In an individual's horoscope Saturn in Gemini also brings ideas and concepts to a structured form. Orson Welles who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the critical expose of a media mogul - Citizen Kane, had this placement. Welles was also responsible for scaring the hell out of Americans with his realistic radio drama 'War of the Worlds' which led to changes in the broadcasting act. Producer George Lucas pioneered both the 'Star Wars' and 'Raider's Of The Lost Ark' series. A Gemini Saturn is mental discipline exemplified in world chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer who won his first title at fourteen. However the earthier side of Saturn in Gemini can be seen in the sleazy publications of Larry Flynt or writings of Madame Xaviera Hollander.

Gemini also deals with the nervous system, arms and hands. Sigmund Freud was the pioneer analyst of the workings of the human mind. Kung-fu expert Bruce Lee trained his hands to perfection as did boxing icons Joe Louis and Joe Frazier. Legendary rock guitarists Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Paul McCartney were others.

Famous Australians who combined the Saturn work ethic in a Gemini manner are Dick Smith who made a fortune form selling communications equipment has a or Mike Willessee, who went from Canberra's youngest political correspondent to forming his own media empire.

But whether or not you have Saturn in Gemini at birth it will affect you differently over the next couple of years. Firstly remember this - where Saturn is headed Jupiter has been. So it's possible that you may have had a tremendous amount of recent success or run of luck in a certain areas of your life. Rather than depending on such luck continuing, hedge your bets and consolidate in the appropriate areas. If you're prudent you can build on that. For most of us it will be a time of reducing recent excesses and living by law and limitations rather than on a wing and a prayer. The following definitions are written for your Sunsign, but if you're aware of your Ascendant (the sign rising in the East at your birth) they will equally apply.

Aries have Saturn redefining their communications and commuting. Keep the car in good service, make sure you back up valuable computer work and be clear and honest with your speech. You may even find that you lose contact with some people but that will pass in time. Any difficulty in communication is really asking you to be more precise or do your homework. A good time to put your head down and study.

Taurus need to do a bit of a spring clean with their assets. Throw out that which is irrelevant to your future; get rid of the belongings that are holding you back from living. Conversely stock up the resources that you do need to establish a better future. Like Scorpio you'll need to budget wisely and have a sound financial plan underfoot. What you get now you will have to earn.

Geminis need to realise that Saturn is the planet that tends to increase personal responsibility, self-sufficiency and workload. If you've done your homework then you will pass the Saturn test. However if you've been avoiding taking responsibility for some elements of your life Saturn will find you out. Sometimes you learn more by loss than gain, but true commitment is rewarded.

Cancers have two years to clean up their act, get rid of the past where it holds them back and this may sound strange but make friends with themselves. Learn to forgive, let go and conquer irrational fears. You need to learn to clear your mind of responsibilities once you walk off the job and structure relaxation time.

Leos will find their responsibility increase in a group sense. They may find themselves on committees or accepting extra accountability where other people are concerned. For example Leo schoolteachers or sports coaches will have extra work on their plate. On the positive note you may get to be captain of the team, or the one that people turn to for organisation.

Virgos can expect Saturn to impact upon their career more directly. For some that will mean leaving a position that is unfulfilling and moving on to something more relevant. For others it will bring a high water mark in career matters. Either way your public life and/or family responsibility will demand more of you.

Librans have Saturn in their solar house of travel and higher studies. There may be opportunities to take on something long-term that will impact upon your future, but it won't be easy. Make it something that you really have a talent for, at times you'll be burning the midnight lamp. Travel is likely to have business or work overtones and may be of necessity rather than simply pleasure.

Scorpios find Saturn in their eighth house, which firstly screams to get your credit card under control. Try to secure your debts as Saturn is uncompromising where money is concerned. You may find finances a little tighter and need to be thoroughly organized with budget strategies. Don't count on others for help. Instead start saving rather than spending. You may lose someone or something that you depended on which is a call for self-sufficiency.

Sagittarians have Saturn in their seventh house of long term partnerships affecting all one-on-one dealings between equals. You won't tolerate shortcomings in your partners with this influence and the feeling is likely to be mutual. Saturn is commitment so it may mean marriage but those falling short of the mark will be eliminated, however so kindly, from your life. Be careful not to be too critical of others or you will keep yourself at arms length from intimacy.

Capricorns will find Saturn affecting their work routines and health. You may become somewhat of a perfectionist with Saturn here. You really need to be organized, formatted and have a definite game plan. The ad lib approach is sure to bring problems. Healthwise your sins will find you out now but if you adopt the same discipline to your body (the temple of the soul) you can rebuild yourself on a physical level.

Aquarians are another sign ruled by Saturn. Over the next two years it is affecting their creativity, self-expression and children. Expect more responsibility in all of these areas. You may have to cultivate controlled spontaneity. Discipline with children and courses in self-expression should benefit. Saturn is fine for structured self-expression - such as writing a book.

Pisces find that Saturn is affecting their immediate family and home, their sense of security and emotional life. You'll feel a greater sense of duty toward the family, sometimes without immediate or apparent reward. You need to do now is to consolidate and build on what you have rather than try and over-expand. If you feel a sense of loss then it's time to start over again.

For all signs Saturn will ask you to do more with less in some area of your life. It is probably an area you have had more than your share of luck with lately. This is simply balancing the scales. Learn to face you fears and build your self-esteem through patiently dealing with your challenges. Remember it only takes a drip of water to wear away the stone through constant application.

Edward Tamplin
April 21 2001


Prolific astrological writers and researchers Robert Hand, Frances Sakoian, Doris Doane, Mark Penfield and Alan Oken all had this placement.

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