I'm writing this a few hours before we enter a New Year with fresh hope and new resolutions. It would be nice to say that the year ahead holds little challenge and that everyone will live happily ever-after. Realistically though the collective history of mankind has been one of conflict. Evolution is not without its growth pains. National borders are forged from human struggle and history is a chronology of war more than peace.

I have always thought that 2003 was just a precursor for the more important developments of this year. We enter 2004 under difficult skies. The traditional malefic planets of Mars and Saturn are strong at the turn of the year and the upgraded alert on terrorist activity is well justified by the planets. Australia and England are two countries whose birth Sun falls into the danger area around the New Year period. Australia faces great challenges this year, related to neighbouring countries and international responsibilities. On the plus side there will be an emphasis on flight and aerospace technology with significant breakthroughs in this area.

In 2004 the United States re-enters a cycle that has inevitably brought disasters, from the torching of the White House, sinking of the General Slocum and San Francisco earthquake to assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. On that evidence alone they are definitely candidates for another co-ordinated homeland attack, calamity or natural disaster. Time frames appear to be late April, early to mid June and late September to early October.

President George Bush's horoscope shows his progressed Sun, a measure of his evolving identity, reaching warlord Mars around the April/May period which could also coincide with an escalation of military operations. It will be a much harder year for the USA and the President who will feel the accountability their actions by June. All this will come at a cost to the economy, which still hasn't bottomed out for mine. Bush may have trouble holding onto power if Howard Dean's January 2005 aspects are anything to go by. There is a lot of sudden change and totally unexpected events around the electioneering September/October period in America, which we'll examine in more detail as the year progresses.

Australia re-enters a Saturn cycle that has culminated with the leader being deposed and/or defeated. They also have significant eclipses affecting the national horoscope that reinforces a change at the top. It could well be that 2004 is the last year that John Howard occupies the leadership position although he currently shows no signs of relinquishing his role. If the Prime Minister were to call an early election, he could be looking around April. Definitely there is a step up in the activity of the Australian horoscope about this time. Overseas responsibilities may increase and this could also be in connection with the US. The Australian government may use the homeland security threat as a ploy to introduce citizen ID cards.

Sudden health concerns that caused a scare for British Prime Minister, Tony Blair in October 2003, may be more serious than first thought. The relationship sector of his chart is under strain in 2004. Blair is another who may be forced to step down or lose support somehow. At the very least these three leaders face enormous problems this coming year.

The divisions of India/Pakistan and Israel/Palestine were each formed under Saturn/Pluto conjunctions. This combination can signify the brutal oppression common in police states, or when martial law is imposed. There is a constant battle for control and the occupants of these lands are bitterly divided and antagonistic to each other. During 2004 the planet Neptune will oppose this Saturn/Pluto union and tend to dissolve power starting with India and Pakistan. This places the leadership under great threat, state control will be difficult to maintain, and there will be an erosion of confidence in the administration. The same combination of planets has been common to pandemics and chemical or biological disasters.

Whilst it would be inadvisable to accept a lift in General Musharraf's car, one leader coming under great threat is President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. Karzai, was born on Christmas Eve of 1957 with a very violent chart. A New Moon on his birthday, coupled with other planetary conditions means he faces an increased risk of assassination, which would encourage more uprisings in Afghanistan.

As for Iraq, although insurgencies will continue we may have seen the worst of the rebellion. Attention will switch to Saudi Arabia where there will be much pressure on the Royal Family to maintain order. The British Royals (Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles) have a lot of Mars energy around them where accidents or operations are not uncommon. Another one who appears more danger to himself than anything else is entertainer Michael Jackson. He certainly has a lot of violent energy around him.

The Philippines also looks to be a hot-spot with national elections due. The Philippines has long been considered a terrorist sanctuary and rebel Islamic leader Abu Sayyaf will continue to challenge the establishment. The situation may call for US intervention. The Solar Eclipse of April 19 2004 falls on the birthday of Zimbabwe. Already they have been 'eclipsed' out of the Commonwealth, but there may be changes at the top as the year progresses. Perhaps President Mugabe isn't as safe as he thinks. The authority of the United Nations was undermined in 2003 as the USA, Great Britain and Australia broke ranks with the UN majority and invaded Iraq. This authority will again be severely challenged toward the end of 2004.

The Iraq situation has played out as the planets suggested. A US led invasion of Iraq in the first quarter of the year destabilized the leadership of the country and captured former President Saddam Hussein before the year was out. However control of the war torn country produced more 'peacetime deaths' than 'combat fatalities'. The red herrings were the mysterious weapons of mass destruction that remain a secret.

The nuclear threats of North Korea may well be addressed around April, as this is certainly a year when the whole world must come together on this issue of nuclear weaponry and missile technology.

There will be frequent updates during the year, where I will address individual issues independently. In the meantime, I want to thank you all personally for your tremendous support throughout 2003. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

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