World Predictions for 2003

by Ed Tamplin, written December 2002

I'm writing this on Christmas night, predicting a more complete article shortly after the festive period. As I write, a collective angst regards the current world situation and future. I expect 2004 to be more pivotal than the year we are now entering.

Events don't 'just happen'. They are the climax of accumulated energies, related to planetary cycles. 2003 stands on the shoulders of recent years.

In 2002, I concluded that the continuing Saturn/Pluto opposition would further exacerbate the Middle East standoff between Israel and Palestine. Despite the Western media's apparent blindfold, this is a microcosm of the larger division currently happening worldwide.

Historians must find it almost unbelievable that in the wake of September 11 2001, the Media failed to mention previous airline hi-jackings – significantly, four international flights were hi-jacked in one day during the 1970s. They were torched in the Jordanian desert by the militant Black September movement, Palestinian sympathisers concerned with the exact same problem that exists today in the Middle East.

The Israel chart still has to play out the violent Mars/Uranus connection that it has carried for the past two years. The first quarter of 2003 is crucial in this regard.

In the bigger picture, martial planet Mars is edging closer to Israel’s Ascendant, suggesting that militarisation of the country has a couple of years yet to peak. In the longer term, this is an impediment to peace, whether or not immediate accords are reached.

But immediate attention focuses on Iraq and the U.S. The Iraq Kingdom chart suggests unstable leadership, or sudden changes of plan at the top, courtesy of erratic Uranus opposing Iraq’s Sun beginning in February and again in October and November 2003. June is also a crucial month. However mark down February as the beginning. (See also USA v Iraq.)

Neptune, a planet normally linked to oil and chemicals, ties in with the Iraqi Mars over the next two years, giving credence to a fight over oil and possibly the use of chemical weaponry. There has been speculation that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein might adopt a ‘scorched earth’ policy, burning off oil fields in the event of American invasion. All are astrologically possible given the aspects

That the Iraqi chart has Mars and Neptune together in the 12th house of hidden agendas and covert operations, and that the U.S. chart also has a Mars/Neptune combination, lends more than a hint of inevitability to their confrontation.

The conjunction between Iraq's progressed Mars and progressed Saturn brings difficulty, obstruction, and impedance to military operations.

When the same aspect appeared in America’s chart in the late ’70s, the U.S. lost its foothold in Iran following the Shah’s overthrow and later faced humiliation as 52 nationals were held hostage for 444 days in Teheran. An attempted rescue mission went horribly wrong, ending in the fiery destruction of Delta Force helicopters in the Iranian Desert and leading to the loss of confidence and eventual election defeat of then President Jimmy Carter.

What followed was U.S. support for Iraq during the eight-year war with Iran. Some astrologers foresaw the mid '80s as a critical time of war for the U.S.A. Instead it produced Ronald Reagan and the largest military build-up in U.S. peacetime history.

The similarities in the horoscope of President George Bush Jnr and that of the U.S.A. are substantial. Bush's Uranus joins the U.S. Mars, and its Uranus squares his Mars. These two planets coincide with sudden violence.

Numerous other hookups illustrate the karmic ties between nation and leader. Bush was born two days away from Independence Day, suggesting further links with their respective Suns and birth charts.

Although 2004 should be a far more significant year in both charts, early 2003 (mid to late Feb, March and April) features enough Mars connections to light a bonfire. Uncertainty in the Middle East specifically affects oil prices. And for the U.S., problems remain economic. These problems escalate in the coming two years.

Still on U.S. matters, Vice-President Dick Cheney would do well to forget power politics and safeguard his health more, with such delicate health aspects in his 2003 chart. I expect that hopes of Cheney being George Bush's running mate in the next Presidential elections will be wide of the mark, given Cheney's aspects in the second half of 2003.

A word on eclipses. Eclipses leave an area of the sky sensitive to later planetary transits. In a sense, an eclipse may be likened to the preview trailer for a movie.

The nodal point is one of the more obvious transits over an eclipse. The Node is where the Sun and Moon cross each other's paths in relation to Earth - the middle factor that draws together the energy of the Sun and Moon. The nodal point contains and intercepts the eclipse.

The node tends to act as a homing device for activating the effect of the eclipse. For example, the recent Kuta Beach bombing in Bali occurred with a Solar Eclipse due on Australia's eighth house Venus. In a national chart, the 8th House governs death and foreign exchange, Venus represents pleasure, love and money. The most important total eclipse in Australia for more than 20 years, its area was a right over Australia and it fell close to the 12th degree of Sagittarius. The mean Nodal point actually crossed the 12th degree of Sagittarius on the day of the Bali bombing (October 12 2002).

Closer examination of Indonesia’s chart shows an obvious Mars return (ancient war god, planet of aggression and violence). The Mars return also linked to Saturn (ancient planet of death and destruction), forming an exact square.

Checking recent Balinese history reveals that when these planets lined up similarly in 1974, a jet airliner crashed on the island and more than 100 lives were lost.

That's investigative hindsight astrology, but it confirms the validity of potentially dangerous planetary cycles.

Applying the same logic, the solar eclipse of April 19 2004 will fall upon the Ascendant and square the Midheaven of Australia’s Federation chart. At the exact same time, the horoscope experiences a Saturn opposition. Australia's Saturn is joined to its Sun; both are linked to leadership and in the ninth house of international affairs they carry great national responsibility.

So looking to past examples of Saturn oppositions… The first Saturn opposition, in 1915/16, coincided with World War I and the sacrifices it exacted on the fledgling nation’s youth. Subsequently, then Prime Minister Billy Hughes’ zealous conscription drive led to eventual expulsion from his own Labor Party.

The next Saturn opposition was in 1944/45 - World War II, severe rationing, and the death of then Prime Minister John Curtin.

The most recent opposition in 1974/75, saw the dismissal of the democratically elected Whitlam government.

Each Saturn opposition has challenged Australia’s leadership, divided the populace, and coincided with difficult periods for the country. Here we have a predictive window into 2004 with real possibilities for leadership change and greater international responsibility. 2003 will act as a prelude.

Toward the end of 2003, East Timor may be again a hotspot.

Festivities prevail and I will update this article early in January. In the meantime thanks for your support have a great New Year.

Please check back here around week two of January.

Ed Tamplin - December 2002

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