World Predictions for 2002

by Ed Tamplin, written January 2002

The herald of 2002 was the most subdued of New Year's I have witnessed. The collective spirit is one of caution rather than celebration. It's as if the collective humanity knows the problems before us that must be confronted. Here's how I see the challenging events before us over the coming twelve months. But firstly an historical perspective.

The ruling planetary cycle since August last year has been the Saturn/Pluto opposition. There is a close connection between this cycle and the capture and loss of Jerusalem during the Crusades, as well as the beginning of America as an international power (the annexation of the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii etc) that accompanied the Spanish/American war of 1898. Interestingly that war began after a terrorist attack on an American warship in Havana Harbor which took the lives of over 260 sailors. The same period saw the rise of Zionism and the beginnings of the modern State of Israel. At the time Saturn and Pluto were "exactly reversed to their current positions". So it's no surprise that America finds itself the victim of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers, that their power is again evident and that the fight for Jerusalem is resumed. (Hear the prediction of the start of the Afghanistan war on this site - Download sound file). This year will see further developments on both themes, the American/Israeli connection and occupation of Arab lands.

The Israeli/Palestinian situation shows no sign of abating, but instead increased signs of escalating with sudden violence a marked feature of the Israeli chart in 2002. (see further articles on Israel/Palestine - The Future on this site) Lightning strikes will be common. The Philippines will also be a source of greater political unrest.

The passing of Uranus over sensitive points on the American chart usually coincided with periods of war and so 2002 would seem to mirror the continuation of the war on terrorism and the need for troop deployment to some of the world's hot spots. We shouldn't have to wait long to see this occur. Virtually from mid-January on the American chart is red hot. The June solar eclipse will also fall on the US Mars further highlighting military involvement. The propaganda machine will be in full throttle. George Bush's chart is also predisposed to action, war and violence as progressed Mars runs square to his Sun.

The reactivation of the original Hiroshima chart will mean that the power of nuclear arsenals and weapons of mass destruction will have to be addressed. The second quarter, between April and June looks to be the most testing in the world sense. India and Pakistan will need to be closely monitored. The chart of the Indian Prime Minister Shri Vajpayee is very volatile and unpredictable. He will act independently and quickly. Coupled with the unstable Pakistan national chart this is a recipe for international disaster unless greater powers can control their differences. (See my article on Pakistanon this site)

The Western economic cycles are still in downturn and the following 12 months should see a continuation of tightening markets. It will finally be accepted that we are in recession and that the recession will last for some time yet. It will take that acceptance, rather than Pollyanna denial, before anything will be achieved in restructuring economies toward recovery mode. This may not be immediately evident though as some businessman and politicians firmly have their heads in the sand and believe that confidence is the only key to market expansion. But as history has so often shown, a market based on confidence alone is a trickster that collapses on the common people, whilst others skim the cream off the top.

Shrinking economies and job cuts will mean that one is wise to hold on to what you have where you can. Hard work and perseverance are the real keys to the Saturn/Pluto opposition rather than counting on luck. The power planet of Pluto in the dogmatic sign of Sagittarius has also made religious fanaticism a tragic reality, and Saturn in Gemini has put the cleaners through the communications, local flight and computer industries. Greater control of the Internet and the communications industry following on from last year will be a feature of this. On the local front the period around May will mean restructures with our national economy and a former popular Australian Labor PM will be back in the headlines

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