Mariah Carey - Cry for Help

Mariah Carey is the most successful recording artist of the '90s. She has sold more recordings in America than anyone else except Elvis and the Beatles, with her first 5 singles all number one hits. Her public life is one of immense success but her current situation is one of personal dilemma. The breaking news across the media networks at the start of August is that Mariah, who had been admitted to hospital a week earlier is under psychiatric care having suffered a mental and physical breakdown.

The illness indicator in astrology is a connection between Neptune and Saturn. Neptune signifies dissolution, a lack of definition or weakness. Saturn is associated with temporary blockages, depression and feelings of restraint. Together these energies may manifest through illness to the body or mind. Between the 17th and 25th of July transiting Neptune came to exactly square Mariah's Saturn. As a result of a 911 call by her distraught mother at precisely 10.19 p.m. on the 25th she was hospitalized.

Mariah is a strong individual. At birth her autonomous Aries Sun was opposed in the heavens by the planet of individualism Uranus. This configuration guaranteed a need for freedom within relationships coupled with a certain amount of unpredictability where others were concerned. This year that freewheeling independent Sun gradually moved to meet controlling Saturn. It's a bit like the irresistable force coming to meet the immovable object. Trying to unite these disparate energies is a job for the 'horse whisperer'. Internal conflicts are created that can lead to separations as the structure of life is shaken by this temporal earthquake.

Physical and nervous exhaustion constituting a breakdown doesn't happen overnight. It is the result of a longer exposure to stress and a lack of respite or awareness of the insidious problem. Neptune first squared her Saturn in March 2001 and by May Saturn had also opposed her Neptune. The square and the opposition are aspects that cry out for resolution often through crisis mode. Mariah was aware that something was wrong. Just prior to her hospitalization she had left two messages on her website complaining of tiredness and needing to take time out. There were reports back in May that she had physically fought on the set with her co-star.

Mariah may have then felt trapped into contractual arrangements with no foreseeable solution and the astrological clock was also about to go into alarm mode. It was time for a change. Unable to externalize this change Mariah internalized it and her body did the rest. She injured herself during an explosive rage that cried out for a break.

My assumption is that of necessity Mariah will take an extended six-month intermission from her rigorous professional schedule. Following that time the transiting Neptune and the progressing Sun will have passed the limitations of Saturn. And that's precisely what Mariah would have learnt - a lesson of definition and restraint. She will have grown in the spiritual sense through her personal trials and tribulations.

Ed Tamplin - August 2 2001

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