From July 11 2014 until August 11 2015 Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, will travel through the tropical sign of Leo. Jupiter in Leo has an undeniable connection with western incursions into Middle East nations, especially where oil and political manipulation is involved.

The king planet was moving through Leo when English geologist George Reynolds tapped a 75-foot gusher in the remote Persian desert sands at Masjed Soleyman during the pre-dawn hours of May 26 1908. It was the first significant oil discovery of the Middle East, and set the pattern for years to come.

The British government became the secret investor in the oil company and their interests became paramount in the subsequent remodelling of the Middle East following the WWI defeat of the Ottoman Empire. The Conferences of London (Feb 12-24 1920) and San Remo (April 19-26 1920) that created the new boundaries of the Middle East, took place with Jupiter in Leo. As they did, Jupiter was appropriately conjoined with the planet of oil – Neptune.

The British Foreign Secretary, Lord Curzon, summed up the colonial attitudes towards these countries. In the 1919 Anglo-Persian agreement he explains “why Persia should not be left to herself and allowed to rot into picturesque decay, the answer is…her geographical position, the magnitude of our interests in the country, and the future safety of our Eastern Empire.'

In what earmarked western attitudes to Middle East countries for generations to come, Curzon continued, “there is every reason to fear that she would be overrun by Bolshevik influence from the north. Lastly, we possess in the southwestern corner of Persia great assets in the shape of oil fields, which are worked for the British navy and which give us a commanding interest in that part of the world.”

It was during a much later circuit of Jupiter through Leo, beginning September 5 1978, before this pervasive western influence was exorcised from Persian soil. On September 8, Iranian troops killed 122 protestors in Teheran Square. This slaughter did nothing to prevent the Iranian Revolution – it ignited it. Jupiter is also the planet of religion, law and philosophy. Iran became, and remains today, a theocracy.


Not only Iran, but also another British mandate of the 1920’s – neighboring Iraq – strongly feels the influence of Jupiter in Leo. In what the non-believers may consider a cosmic coincidence, both US led invasions of Iraq, (Jan 15 1991 and March 19 2003) began with Jupiter in almost the same degrees of Leo. The second invasion deposed Saddam Hussein – Iraq’s self proclaimed ‘lion of Baghdad’. Hussein came to power originally on July 16 1979, as Jupiter was moving through Leo. It was a year of leadership change in both Iran and Iraq, and set the nations on a road to war.

Now, as Jupiter returns to Leo, Iraq is again experiencing a civil war and political crisis, which may well result in new subdivisions. In the original subdivision of 1920 a homeland was also promised to the Kurds. It has taken eight further revolutions of Jupiter through Leo for that to appear a genuine possibility. But when it comes to Middle East politics, Jupiter in Leo is a veritable celestial alarm clock for regime change.

General Abdul Nasser became the Egyptian President with Jupiter in Leo on June 23 1956. Nasser was a proponent of Pan Arabism, a unification and alliance of the countries of North Africa and Western Asia. The charismatic leader vowed the return of Palestine and on July 26 1956 nationalized the Suez Canal creating an international crisis.

One Jupiter Leo cycle later, on May 23 1967, Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, blockading the Red Sea coastline. Nasser’s actions were a precursor to the Six Day War, beginning June 4 1967. The brief war led to a decisive Israeli victory, increasing their landmass by one third. The war also created ongoing tensions, which remain unresolved today. But the imminent transit of Jupiter into Leo and the New Moon of July 27 is sure to spotlight such issues.


The famous Arab Riots of Jerusalem began from around 10.30 am on the morning of April 4 1920. They were as a result of self-determination being denied to the Palestinian people, as the British were playing two hands by also supporting the Zionist movement. During the riots, anti Zionist speeches were accompanied by shouts for independence. It is revealing to read the press statement of the British High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuels, immediately preceding the riots.

“They have assumed that Mahomedans and Christians will be placed under the government of a Jewish minority, and that the present possessors and cultivators of the soil will be disposed of their property. That the ownership of Mahomedan and Christian holy places will be affected and that the Jews will fill the administrative offices to the prejudice of others.” Samuels considered that the opposition to Zionism did not go deep, and did not take it seriously. Instead the riots were a potent sign of things to come.

In the same time frame the British ‘Black and Tan’ constabulary were dispatched to Northern Island to quell the Irish War of Independence. Years later the ongoing war would result in the assassination of Lord Mountbatten via an IRA bomb on August 27 1979 again with Jupiter in Leo. It’s not unusual that on 18 September 2014 neighboring Scotland will be staging an independence referendum.


Insurrection by the collective, feeling oppressed, has been a feature of Jupiter in Leo, extending to the USA. Prohibition was introduced with the judicial planet in this fiery sign, with catastrophic results. In the same year of 1920, over 4,000 suspected communists and anarchists were held without a trial following security raids across several cities in the US. When Jupiter was last in Leo in 2002 the Homeland Security Act was made law.

Between July 23 and 27 1967, street riots made downtown Detroit a battlefield. They began with the police raid of an unlicensed bar. The ensuing racially based riots claimed forty-three lives with hundreds more injured and two thousand buildings destroyed. On March 3 1991, with Jupiter again in Leo, amateur video captured LA police beating black motorist Rodney King.


Turkey is another nation who are strongly affected by Jupiter transiting through Leo. It was here for the Young Turk Revolution of July 3 1907. It returned when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on April 23 1920. The National Assembly horoscope will experience it’s Jupiter return on August 25 this year. On August 10 2014 Turkey will vote for a new President. Turkey’s Prime Minsiter Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who assumed office the last time Jupiter moved through Leo, on March 14 2003, is hoping to get the position. Erdogan has plans to rewrite the Turkish constitution.

So as Jupiter again transverses the royal sign of Leo, heads of state are again bound to change. The announcement of a new caliphate on the eve of Jupiter’s ingress into Leo is consistent with the historical record of this planet affecting major change in the Middle East. And forced inequality of the Palestinians again comes into focus as it has so many times before. If there is a time to right the wrongs it is now. The justice of Jupiter has waited far too long to arrive. For an upbeat take on Jupiter in Leo for you, please check your solar scopes below.


Aries - Jupiter is gracing your solar house of self-expression supporting creativity to the max. The joy of Jupiter, in your house of fun, says time to really start living it up. If romance has been a missing ingredient, the year ahead advises following your heart. Let your inner child throw off the shackles of self-doubt. You only live once. If your heaven is to be brought down to earth it's by living in the moment and allowing your inner light to shine forth. Jupiter is revealing your hidden talents and taking them to the public.

Taurus - Feeling boxed in? Time for a more expansive outlook! Is your family environment encouraging, or stifling, your life path? Jupiter enlightens you on the domestic front and also assists shoring up your security in some way. If you're not happy where you are you may seek to move to bigger more supportive surrounds. The year ahead is generally a positive time for real estate investment for Taurus, providing you stay within reasonable limits. Finding a genuine comfort zone is top priority and the force is with you to succeed.

Gemini - Life is a learning experience. What classes will you be taking to improve your skill base? Jupiter is about to propel you onto the information superhighway. Learning equates to enjoyment in this optimistic Jupiter phase. You’re building confidence through improving your communication abilities and intellectual understanding. Take advantage of fresh opportunities to network with new and interesting contacts. Develop your sense of local community. You could be changing your resume, qualifications and even transport across the year ahead.

Cancer - You've had some incredible insights during the past year. New potentials, partners and/or futuristic ideas emerged. You may have enjoyed a growing recognition in your field, found increasing support, or learnt something that will prove invaluable further down the road. The benefactor planet, Jupiter, is now empowering your money zone. It's time to turn that expertise and vision toward practical purposes. Gathering the resources that you need for the journey ahead is top priority. Financial opportunities are beckoning. Build and consolidate.

Leo - It’s time to take of the training wheels, readying for your test run. Personal development coach Jupiter is putting life on fast-forward. Past sacrifices are due for reward. The year ahead advises, broaden your outlook, act on dormant potential, and begin taking chances on immediate desires. No longer tramp a treadmill existence or deny yourself the right to those jupiteresque joys of living. The growth planet’s enlightened vision provides the ignition that cuts through the darkness. The reward factor of Jupiter may play out in just proportion to your own self-belief.

Virgo - Within the depths of our unconscious mind is a shining light just waiting for our arrival. Socrates knew it when he wrote that knowing oneself is the key to all knowledge. Unraveling our hidden failure scripts makes a friend of ourselves. The deep lesson for Virgo lies with the journey of the spirit. Positive subliminal suggestions, turning what were once fears into new strengths – that’s your Jupiter jewel. Even dreams have a deeper message, so try sleeping with a pen under the pillow.

Libra - You’ve been truly learning on, and because of, the job. The year ahead sees positive co-operation within a more collective framework. You function successfully with a sense of teamwork. Unity is strength. You’re about to encounter new playmates, and dedicate increasing time to those who share the ideals you hold closest to your heart. Opportunity arrives through friendship and attachment. There's a hint of some of cherished wishes manifesting over the next year via these positive networks.

Scorpio - Opportunistic Jupiter is now navigating the most public area of your solar chart. The year ahead can present an appealing promotion or location to a new area that offers greater scope or influence than before. Travel may be involved, possibly at someone else's expense. Some useful advice! Work may come thick and fast. Beware the overload factor in feast or famine times. Authority figures are more accommodating and recognise your greater potential. Status and career are in for a boost.

Sagittarius - Once upon a time sailors kept to familiar waters fearing that if they sailed too close to the edge of their world, they would fall off. Magellan convinced them they wouldn’t. Neil Armstrong put it beyond all doubt. This year New Horizons will photograph far distant Pluto. It’s also easy, and advantageous, for you to set your sights on a distant target – to take the first step on pilgrimage or project that you once never dared too. You're not sailing off the edge at all - simply exploring alien territory. Travel, ambitious plans, study and creative ventures may well be part of this.

Capricorn - Jupiter is navigating the astrozone that ancient astrologers dubbed legacies and inheritances. In a way it’s the karma of your investments - the affluence or influence of the company you keep. It is also a time of giving up some of our long cherished beliefs, simply because they are outdated and wrong for you now. And you'll find it easier and enlightening to do that. So chuck the ballast overboard and take on some new perspectives embodied by the immediate people you’re associating with.

Aquarius - Jupiter is radiating through your house of influential others. It’s introducing some ‘larger than life’ characters into your life story. When the 'Guru' planet is involved, they may appear as teachers, advisors or mentors. It’s always a good idea to pay extra attention to your partner now, as the message is likely to be advantageous. The ‘greater benefic’ can be attracting those who have a positive effect, even if for their infectious enthusiasm alone. Legal affairs, foreign influence and traveling partners are all increased possibilities.

Pisces - If you do what you love, then your life will be an ongoing love affair. Jupiter is encouraging a productive move in that direction. It’s about finding meaning in the mundane and pleasure through the simple things. Jupiter’s educational bias promotes a greater awareness around your health, nutrition and fitness. In fact anything you do of a repetitious nature is now subject to the Jupiter reward factor. Small steps can lead to major changes providing you’re persistent. You truly can change the habits of a lifetime with one single decision.


Ed Tamplin July 12 2014

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