Jupiter in Cancer


From July 13 2001 until August 2002, the behemoth of the solar system Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer. Known as 'the greater benefic' by the ancients, Jupiter usually signifies luck and self-expansion. How will the Santa Claus of the zodiac reward you? And where are new opportunities appearing? Let's analyse the possibles and probables.

From July 13 (AEST) Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer in the tropical zodiac, where it will remain for slightly over a year. Jupiter will travel forward through the sign until November 4 when it will backtrack in the skies, resuming forward momentum on March 3 2002, eventually departing on August 2 2002.

'Style that endures' could be a trademark of this placement. Examine the timeless elegance of Coco Chanel, or the class of a Katherine Hepburn. Or James Bond, the sophisticated spy who became a legend, played by Sean Connery who matured like fine wine. James Dean was here but a short time, yet left an indelible impression on fashion trends and youth culture. The diverse but eccentric extravagance of Jimi Hendrix, Liberace, and Rudolph Valentino all left their flamboyant mark.

The two men who left the largest imprints on political history at the conclusion of the millennium were Soviet lawyer, come leader, come Nobel Peace Prizewinner Mikhael Gorbachev, who forever changed the face of Russia and the world. Equally influential was the inspirational South African Nobel Peace Prizewinner Nelson Mandela, who spent a quarter of a century as a political prisoner in his homeland only to be elected its leader after his release.

The modern France (under Napoleon) has Jupiter in Cancer as does the USA and Germany, (both in their first national Assembly in 1848 and Reunification of July 1990). All have been amongst the leading countries of the capitalist world, and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of money.

For all the signs Jupiter should provide new opportunities for self-expansion in different areas. Here's how they affect you over the next twelve months.

Aries: You'll be looking at expanding the foundations of your life. In the literal sense this can mean moving to a more spacious home, or renovating your existing accommodation. There may be benefits accrued through the home or relatives, or even additions to your family. Gains to your inner life tend to reflect upon your career and you are able to expand outwardly because of your inherent confidence and assistance. Utilize this time to add to your support base, and water the roots that support the tree.

Taurus: Jupiter will tend to break up any conditions of stagnation and replace them with variety and movement. You're encouraged to be more adaptable, communicative, and mobile in your immediate environment. Curiosity will motivate you to explore new subjects and interests and you're in for a real mental makeover. Occasionally it may seem like information overload as you learn new skills related to computers, self-expression and the art of communication.

Gemini: If money makes the world go round then you wouldn't mind giving it an extra spin, and with Jupiter firing your assets you may well do just that. Underpinning all the developments concerning money and assets are how you actually value yourself and your services. Rewards are available to you, but they don't exactly fall from the sky. Instead you are being asked to add to your assets and increase your resources. In order to advance you need some new tools and now is the time for acquiring them. Something that began as a hobby may begin to bear interest now and supplement your income. Consolidate on the new directions you took and the lessons you learnt as Jupiter traveled through your home sign over the last year.

Cancer: Having the royal planet visit your homestead should renew your self-confidence and provide ample opportunities for personal advancement. Education, travel, public performance and breaking new ground are all the domain of this favorable guest. Jupiter was also equated with money due to its expansive influence and being the ancient planet of bounty and abundance. If this all sounds like bliss, you have probably earned the right to claim a victory, but to move forward into the future you need to be willing to bet on yourself. Jupiter didn't become the biggest planet in the solar system by underestimating itself. Success and possible excess ahead.

Leo: The hidden forces are now more apparent to you. Your own unconscious mind is like the hidden part of the iceberg. It moves your world and yet it can sink even the mighty Titanic. That's why Socrates implored 'know thyself', but how many of us really do? Dreams, clairvoyance, telepathy and a sense of knowing will convince you that intuition is just as important as reason. Advantages lie in self-analysis, positive subliminal suggestions, visualization and meditation. You may encounter a friend or relative in need and your sense of charity and hospitality is enhanced. This is really a preparatory time and you are tilling the soil for a bumper crop twelve months from now.

Virgo: None of us are an island unto ourselves and Jupiter will reinforce that principle as humanity begins to surround you. Travelling through the house of dreams and ideals it will assist you to achieve some of those closest to your heart. However to do so you may need to share these ideals with others, as well as your achievements. Call it cosmic consciousness if you like but you will probably find that others will come to you, even in your times of need. It's also a period to get back to the people and principles you may have neglected due to your career demands or increased public responsibility.

Libra: The period between July of this year and the next can be one during which you take giant steps toward achieving your ambitions. Career opportunities are sure to appear, although taking them on may mean increasing your workload. Do not be too accommodating of yourself or others and everything should run to plan. You may travel, relocate or undertake further educational courses attached to your work. Even if you are not actively involved in the workforce, some sort of public recognition seems likely.

Scorpio: This is a year of adventure and you are being asked to captain your soul. The familiar world has grown old and stagnant and you need to navigate new and foreign waters. The old routines just don't work anymore and even if they did you wouldn't be true to yourself if you continued to walk the same path. Break the circle and take the chance on something new. Jupiter is on your side. Your potential is greater now than it was and you should be looking through the telescope rather than the microscope. Travel, further education, languages and cultural affairs are all possible avenues.

Sagittarius: You may finally get the material support that matters from others. There is a real bonding attached to Jupiter's current position. You are seeking a new support base. You'll find it easier now to implement the big changes to your life that you may have put off before through lack of providence, or whatever other reason. You can also delve more deeply into yourself and your relationships with others. Sex, death (in the metaphorical sense) and taxes no longer present a problem, but rather an opportunity.

Capricorn: Partnerships should substantially benefit your life whether through teaching you something that expands your outlook, or simply having benevolent benefactors around you. Of all the faces in the street, the people that you meet will be those who have a message of hope and humor. You're fast-tracking into the future due to those influences. It's a culture shock you should enjoy.

Aquarius: A primary belief of many religions is that the greatest among us is really the greatest servant. Now is the time for you to perfect a meaningful skill that allows you to become just that. You may find that an inherent talent needs refinement and yet should hold a key to your future. You're in a process of re-organization, categorizing the different compartments of your life, into patterns of priority. Work will be important, and may be related to health.

Pisces: For the young at heart this could mean romance or marriage. You feel more confident about being 'you' and that will reflect upon the people around you. The realization that life should be a pleasurable experience will help you work toward that goal. You're exploring your creative potential, and learning to play with life more. Older Pisceans may use this as a period of increased recreation, or time spent with children, which is only reinforcing the original message that you're still young at heart.

Ed Tamplin - June 2001

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